Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on November 12, 1984 · Page 25
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 25

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, November 12, 1984
Page 25
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mi mmoNS ., .io. i Jay, November 12, 1981 The Arizona Republic Television Local Network Pay Cable T! ! 3ITYK 5KPK0 I 8IIET i10KT9 iaim 21KUZ tt2KTVW I 61 Wl . 2 KJU I 4im I 6 HIT I 7 IK I owa I 11 UU I 13 ton I " aoMOtw -towttw -- mtvom qswetw wtwaiu 'wratin nufwon ravTOao mBtwoen K mew mr& mnam mnacm venom muxsm aswow GAM ABC Newt ' Cisco Kid Cotlege Classes Morning New Lester Sumrall AM Video Music Business firm Weather CNN News Jimmy Swaggart 700 Club Uornrg 1 LfAM , 35 Space Coaster Richard Roberts m U 39 Patricia Snei NBC News NBCNews Cotteflc Classes Morning Stretch ABC News j U 30 7 AM Good Morning Wallace I Today Inspector 7 TocSay . Today CNN News Good Morning Flintstones 17 ' , 30 Americ Ladmo Vortron Joy Jimmy Swaggart I 30 Yoga f You Jimmy Swaggart America Tom i Jerry f I 30 0 AM Woodpecker Sesame Street Body language Plastic Man Chavo ft AM Sesame Street 700Club GiHigan's Island Price Is Right i ft AM , 39 Brady Bunch ) Money BuBwinkle Gospel BiP Eduardo I O 30 SJ Muppets f - 41 30 0 AM Edge ol Night Love Boat Rainbow rg) $25.000 Pyramid Wheel ol Fortune 700 Club Praise-rThon ; 0 Wheel ot Fortune Wheel ol Fortune Mister Rogers ; Divorce Court OS Sundowners Donahue ft AM 30 Loving Mister Rogers Press Luck , Scrabble HoyMismo J 30 Scrabble Scrabble Electric Co. Morning Stretch Family Feud . 3 30 HI AM Ryan's Hope Cookin'wRrta Sesame Street Price Is Right Love Connection 4fAM Video Music Password Password Sesame Street Cooking Ryan's Hope 125,000 Pyramid 4 ft AM 1 U 30 Trivia Trap Donahue () Rituals Search IW 30 Autrey Jones Search Tic Tac Dough ) Film Feature Loving Press Your Luckl I U 30 nAM Family Feud ASSET Youngand DaysofOur Paling Game H Days of Our DaysotOur ASSET Film Feature All My Children Young and j 4 AM 30 Ne News Restless Lives NewtywedGame ' ' 30 Lives Lives Ajice INN News Restless fl I -30 NOON All My Children Dick Van Dyke News News Batman QuePasaUSA? NOON Workout News High Country One Lite To Live Streets ol San As the World r NOON :30PM AndyGritlith AsiheWortd Sale ot Century Carol Burnett rjfiLas J3f Sale ol Century Sale of Century CNN News Francisco Turns 1330 PM 1PM One Life to Live I Love Lucy Yoga t You Turns Another World Perry Mason Leandras 1 Another Work) Another World The Spokesman oa The Citadel General Hospital (H) The Killers Guiding Light i PM , 30 Hogan's Heroes Electric Co. Capitol ' 38 Do II Yourself f B 30 2 PM General Hospital LaverneShirley Mister Rogers Guiding Light Santa Barbara Hilbitlies ? OPM Video Music Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Sprockets Edge ol Night Body Language I OfM , fl 30 GiHigan's Island Sesame Street Fal Abert El Amor 30 JoeCohn Jeopardy Newlywed Game I 30 3 PM TheWaltons Tom & Jerry g) Divorce Court Dallas Flintstones Guadalupe f SPM Workout Love Connection OH) Patterns Hawaii Fwe-0 HeManMasters Hour Magazine - lfM j 38 Superlriends 3-2-1 g) Tic Tac Dough Cartoons s M 30 , Jeannie Money Misler Rogers G.I. Joe J 30 4 PM Barnaby Jones ScoobyDoo Wildlile Deal Hour Magazine He-ManMasters Praise a-Thon Una Cttispa de : JlPM HeManMasters Dukes ol Sesame Street Love Boat Brady Bunch People's Court PM , W MorUMindy WW I: G.I. Diary Jeopardy Beaver Amor , 30 I ScoobyDoo Harzard jjj Jeftersons News r 30 5 PM News Dukes ol Business Report News News Good Times AmaHa Batista : CPM Bewitched News 3-2-1 ffi) Rawhide News News C PM , 30 ABC News Hazzard Best ol Gleason CBS News NBC News One Day LaFiera f 9 30 j NBC News NBC News Electric Co. ABC News Utile House C8SNews ; V 30 6 PM News Happy Days MacNeilLehrer News News Mary Tyler Nolicias ft PM Video Music News News Business Report News Larry Smith Company '- ftPM , 30 Name That Tune M'A'S'H NewsHour Wheel ol Fortune People's Court Thai's Incredible SIN News U 30 Misty Rutler M'A'S'H Enlertainment Arizona Alice WKRP Benson V 30 7 PM Football: Los Jeflersons (H) Double Scarecrow TV Bloopers 0M) Friendly Leonela 7"! TV Bloopers TV Bloopers MacNeilLehrer m The Roaring Football: Los Dallas Scarecrow & - WFM , 30 Angeles Raiders Alice Indemnity Mrs. King Persuasion , 30 j NewsHour Twenties Angeles Raiders Mrs. King . I 30 OPM vs. Seattle Love Boat KaleiAllie qvd Victims lor CosasCosados fl" 0 Victims for m Victims for Wonderworks vs. Seattle m A Woman of Kate & Allte ftPM , 30, Seahawks Newhart Victims Mjjeres . " 30 I Victims Victims Seahawks Substance (Part Newhart ' w 30 9 PM Bob Newhart Gold From the CagneyiLacey Malelicio ftPM Heritage: Jews Country Music lot 3) Cagneyllacey ftPM . .30 News Deep Grandes Series , 30 (E) News V 30 4 ft PM News Barney Miller Heritage: Jews News News AllFamily 111' Video Music News News James Michener Perry Mason News SCTV News 1ft'M " 30 ABC Nightline Taxi 132 Entertainment Tonight Twilight Zone 24 Horas jNy .30 Tonight Tonight Specials Call to Glory Twilight Zone Soap .1 If 30 1 PM Gyifty SCW LateNight Simon i Simon Mannix A 4 PM The Brain CNN News o Run Silent, Simon 4 Simon 4 PM . ' 30 WKRP ao Mother, Jugs America Finn 8 Friends ; 30 Counlry Music Bizarre ABC Nightline Run Deep p, I; 30 MIDNIGHT (M) Caravans and Speed McMillan & Wrle Late Night INN News MIDNIGHT LateNight LateNight M Maybe I'll McMillan & Wife MIDNIGHT 130 AM (12:10) 1130 AM Come Home in (12:10) , 12:30 AM I AM CNN News - AM Bonanza News the Spring INN News - f AM : 30 News CBSNightwatch " ' 30 News - 1 30 2 AM Saturday Night O O JO News , 30 1 L 30 3 AM Maverick I Choose Life OAM 30 S$ J 30 : O 30' 4 AM Get Smart AM 4 AM , Real People Life of Christ - 30 , . 30 5AM Lone Ranger Lester Sumrall CAM , College Classes ; CAM , gpj College Classes I I CBS News I NBC News I I Together in Love I 30 1 College Classes 1 CBS News O30 Channel 33 enters competition with 6 p.m. daily newscast Spanish-language KTVW-TV (Channel 33) will take a giant step toward news parity with the market's English-language stations today when it shifts its local newscast from a late-night time slot to 6 p.m. weekdays. "This is only the beginning. We are not going to be second-class to anyone anymore," said general manager Jose Cancela, who took over the SIN affiliate in late June and immediately set about raising the station's news image by early 1985. Cancela is two months ahead of schedule in shifting the newscast to a more-competitive time period, where it will air against Eyewitness News on KTVK-TV (Channel 3), NewsCenter 10 on KTSP-TV (Channel 10) and Action News on KPNX-TV (Channel 12). However, unlike the other news entries, Noticias 33 will not be a half-hour newscast, at least not until January. "We just don't have the personnel," Cancela said Friday, explaining that the newscast will likely run 15 to 20 minutes. "Once we get into '85, we'll go to the full half-hour," he said. Filling the gap between the end of Noticias 33 and the bottom of the hour will be "best of excerpts from that morning's Mundo Latino, SIN's answer to ABC's Good Morning America. Bud Wilkinson Republic Columnist Channel 33 has presented a 10-minute news update at 10:30 p.m. weekdays. Cancela said the decision to abruptly change the time and expand the newscast was made because he was "sick and tired of seeing it so late at night. . . . We just were not getting enough viewers (because of the hour)." The station hopes that the new time for Noticias 33, anchored by news director Enrique Bulnes and with Mario Gonzalez providing sports, will make it easier for viewers to see the station's news product as well as bolster the news department's presence in the community. By January, Cancela said, the station will have added seven people to its news department and be able to meet the competition. "It's been kind of quick," Cancela said about the decision to move to 6 p.m. "Everything's moving faster than I expected." To accommodate Noticias 33, KTVW-TV will drop the 6 p.m. repeat performance of the situation comedy El Chavo. 24 Horas, which has started at 10:40 p.m., will now air at 10:30 p.m. (Word of the programming change came after Sunday's edition of the Television digest had gone to press. Its listings do not reflect the switch.) It's now official. Dewey Hopper joins KTSP-TV (Channel 10) today as entertainment reporter and movie critic in the CBS affiliate's news department. Hopper, who spent a decade providing the weather at Channel 12 before being replaced 11 months ago by Pat Finn, is expected to present his first film review on the 5 p.m. edition of NewsCenter 10. "We're all signed up. He's with us," Channel 10 news chief Bill Miller said Friday, reporting that Hopper signed a contract with the station Thursday evening. Friday's column noted Hopper was on the verge of signing. The trade publication Electronic Media polled some of the nation's television columnists last week, asking them to name the 15 best and 10 worst programs currently on the tube. The tabulated responses from these most diligent couch potatoes will be printed in an upcoming issue. For the record, my selections, in no particular order, were: Best - Cheers, The Cosby Show, Night Court, Hill Street Blues and Highway to Heaven, all NBC; 60 Minutes, Cagney & Lacey, Pryor's Place and Kate & Allie, all CBS; Frontline, PBS; Not Necessarily the News, HBO; Paper Chase, Showtime; Portrait of America, WTBS-TV; Freeman Reports, CNN; and Entertainment Tonight, syndicated. Worst - V and Hot Pursuit, NBC; Cover Up, ER and The Dukes of Hazzard, CBS; Glitter and Hawaiian Heat, ABC; Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, People's Court and Love Connection, all syndicated. Just missing the best list were Magnum, P.I. on CBS, the upcoming PBS miniseries Jewel in the Crown and (call me a sucker for a sob story) Finder of Lost Loves on ABC. Barely avoiding the list of losers was every show produced by Sandy Frank and Chuck Barris (yes, The Gong Show is still available on cable) and anything starring Richard Simmons. Longtime CBS correspondent and an chor Morton Dean has turned in his resignation and will move Jan. 7 to an anchor seat alongside Pat Harper on the nationally distributed INN newscast, which appears at midnight weekdays on KNXV-TV (Channel 15). . KPOL-TV (Channel 40) isn't the only-new TV station in Tucson faced with a delay in getting on the air. KDTU-TV (Channel 18) is likewise hampered by construction problems, and general manager Bob Nordmeyer nows says it will be Dec. 31 before the independent station gets on. The station had planned for a late November launch. KPOL-TV, which was supposed to bow a week ago, now hopes to be on late this month. 3 00 P-M AOV - 10 DIVORCE COURT REAL-LIFE DRAMA!! GO PM. AOV 12 A Woman fights back on VICTIMS FOR VICTIMS Movie WTBS I WGN ESPN I USA I TNN I CNN I HBO I SHO I I LIFE I TMC I SPN j NICK I A&E I CBN I DIS I HTN I mmmmmm ftnuf ' Sports - - Vwitty Hmliwfc Urn HwwIoiOffkt SlwwliiM titomt tm Owant) Vprigly Mutelwlnw rtsrjlhwimm Vwitty Owner Holm Theolw Nl 6 AM Bewitched Bozo Business Times Cartoon Express Sign On Daybreak Soldiers in Hiding Gallagher a AM 80's Woman mi Echoes ol a Music Channel B C2H50H Private Eye fjAM 30 I Love Lucy ' Wagoner (6:20) m V 30 Baby Knows Summer (5:30) Special Feeling Great O SO 7 AM (M)ACouniess Sports Center Calliope Nashville Now Daywatch m Run, "1AM It Figures Pmwheel Oscar Dobie Gillis Morning, Mickey 1AM 30 From Hong Kong Hillbillies (M) Dot and the Rebecca, Run I 30 Simmons CM) The Sign of Remembered Bachelor Father Mousercise I 38 8 AM TheWaltons Auto Racing: Candid Camera Bunny ft AM Health Four Richard Roberts (7:15) 700 Club Morning, Mickey QAM 30 Can-Am and Homemaker New Country Thanksgiving O 30 Cooking Painlers Mousercise O 30 9 AM TheCailins The Big Valley Portuguese Sonya Fandango m Slroker Ace D Best Friends QAM Videolashion Prophecy Great Donald Duck QAM ? Fjmily Grand Prix Be a Star f 30 Sewing m Hit and Run Showdown Expectations Anolher Lile Pooh Corner iiW 30 A AM Perry Mason Family Football: CM) Polo' Gold 1-40 Paradise Take Two AM Health Styles Success The Citadel Pal Boone, USA You I Me, Kid "qAM y 30 Clemsonvs. Pickin' IU 30 Swaggart Animal World III 30 14 AM cm) Sybil, Pari 1 News Virginia Tech Yesteryear OB Waltz Across cm) The Actress f 4 AM Over Easy Focal Point Gumshoe: Ben Casey (M) A King in ' 4AM ' 30 Porter Wagoner Texas 1 I 30 Housekeeping m The Cookoul Chinese New York I I 30 NOON Rhoda Alive 4 Well 1-40 Paradise News Day NOON Magazine Outsiders Crafts Special Two's Company Chef s NOON tMO fM Andy Griffith Pistol Dancin' .30 PM Cooking New Zealand Black Beauty Kelly Monleith I Married Joan M?:30PM 1PM Battle Jeannie Football: Headlight City Be a Star Jukebox (m) WarGames 4 PM Videolashion Baby, It's Lassie Yes, Minister 700 Club w Spirit ol the 4 PM 30 HeckleJeckle Bugs Bunny Missouri vs. Fandango (M) Countdown a) I 30 Sewing You Looking Easl Belle Summer Wine Wind I 30 2 PM Flintstones Superlriends Oklahoma Stale Camera Nashville Now to Looking Glass t PM 80's Woman Chinese Can't Do That Stage: Cold Block Busters 0M) Alice in ft PM 30 Ministers Scooby Doo Gong Show m, 30i Over Easy Insight Dangermouse Storage Face Music Wonderland . ,30 3 PM Brady Bunch Healhclifl Flying Nun Newswatch OMOnthe OH) Best Friends ftPM Health Styles (M) The Return ol Ski TV EyeGreat Tic Tac Dough tM Ride a Wild ftPM 30 Beaver Good Times Gidget New Counlry Waterfront W 30i Frank James Scuba World Powerhouse Card Sharks Pony ; 3 ,30 4 PM Lucy Show One Day Cartoon Express Pickin' jPM Simmons Telephone NICK Rocks Hot Potato (M) Snoopy. il'M JO Carol Burnett Jeflersons Sports Look Porter Wagoner Showbiz H 30 H Figures Auction Mr. Wizard At the Met Rifleman Come Home , 30 5 PM GomerPyle Barney Miller Sports Center Radio 1990 1-40 Paradise Moneyline (M) Dot and the Thanksgiving PM Mother's Day o Hit and Run Music Can't Do That By Design Here Come the Pooh Corner r PM 30 Andy Griffith Benson NFL Moments Dragnel Dancin' Crossfire Bunny rjffi Run, ; 0 36 80's Woman Microwave Dangermouse Brides Mickey Mouse , O 30 6 PM m Giant American Hero Match-Up gyp Fraternity Be a Star Primenews Rebecca, Run QPM Housekeeping Outdoor News Nanny Cisco Kid Donald Duck rjyj) My Fair Lady QPM 30 NFL Stars Row Fandango 0M) Stroke Ace V 30 Weigh! Gun Dog Rin-Tin Tin i W 30 7 I'M Lifestyles of Rich Superbouts of Nashville Now Freeman Reports acMaxDugan PM Health Styles CM) The Sign of Looking East Gumshoe: 700 Club Animal World PM 30 and Famous the 80's Returns I 30 I Four Discover Chinese Epcot Magazine 'ui 30 8 PM News Drag Racing Cover Story News QPM jGoodSex Australia Onedin Line (M)The fl' i 30 Seeing Stars New Counlry FraggleRock f O 30 Nature Color Boones Castaway . O 30 9 PM WKRP Olympiad Tennis: Benson & Be a Star Moneyline o Waltz Across Broadway: Q PM New You a The Markdown Paperback Bill Cosby Cowboy New England Q PM i 30 Love Boat Sports Center Hedges Men's Yesteryear Sports Tonight Texas Master Harold U 30 i Working Mom Outsiders Market Interior Design Groucho Mouslerpiece m 30 QPM M A Distant Sports Look Finals NashviUe Now NewsNighl and Ihe Boys 1ft PM Health Styles Richard Roberts Nanny Burns t Allen w Wonder Man rjflThe fJflPM III 30 Trumpet (10:10) m Walking Tall Football: 0M WarGames IU 30 03 The Wicked Love That Bob Conqueror IU 30 1-fPM Final Chapter Missouri vs. Crossfire m On Ihe i PM Good Sex Lady Outdoors Gumshoe: I Married Joan i 4 PM M 30 Oklahoma State New Counlry NewsNighl Waterfront 1 I 30 Nature OD The Stranger Chinese Dobie Gillie I 30 MIDNIGHT Offstage Update .MIDNIGHT Stretch Onedin Line Bachelor Father cm) Dreamboat 0M) Brian's Song MIDNIGHT JM0AM rjfi The Thief Yesteryear Sports ; pvp Confessions 12:30 AM j Adventure (M) Star 60 Blondie 0M 1AM (12:40) INN News Arm Wrestling Freeman Reports m Countdown olaPop 4 AM Digest Paperback 700 Club 4 AM y 30 ZaneGrey to Looking Glass Performer I 30 forward chj 13th Man Interior Design Beaver ; I 30 2 AM Ral Patrol (M Quiet Sports Center gup Take Care ol News Overnight m Uncommon ft AM World Report mMonly : ftAM 30 World Please. Murder Karale My Utile Girl 0M) Rumble Fish Valor 30 Coping Python's Lite of Ross Bagley ; . L 30 3 M Mass Crossfire ft AM Health Brian (2:15) Music Channel ft AM , 30 Swaagart Cartoon Moneyline V 30 .Adventure Anolher Life 30 4 AM CNN News Circus Business Times Biznel Daybreak Jukebox (4:15) (MjMaxDugan ij AM Stretch (M Return ol Swaggart -ilAM , FunTime Faith 20 Swaggart Returns t 30 It Figures Frank James Romper Room ;;M 30 5AM First Report Cartoon Express PTL Club Independence CAM ! World Report (3:50) Black BeauTy Superbook , CAM , 30 1 Jeannie I Muppets Day (4:50) 9 30 Qver Easy 1 (Mi Outsiders 1 Lassie 1 I Flying House : O 38 Radio AM KOV (550) Adult contemporary KTAR (620) Newtalk KUET (7 tO) Big Band KMEO (740) Easy listening KVVA (S60) Spanish KJJJ (910) Country KOOL (060) Eaay liatenlng KXEO(1010)Ooapel KUKO (1060) Dance mualc KROS (1190) Christian KFLR (1230) Christian KHEP (1280) Inspiration KUP (1310) Rock KLFF (1360) Big Band KOPA (1440) Rock KPHX (1480) Spanish KDJO (1610) Rock K ASA (1640) Religious KNIX (1560) Country FM KMCR (81 6) Jan NPR KJJJ (02.3) Country KDKB (03 3) Rock KOOL (04.6) Oldiea KOVT (05.6) Beautiful mualc KMEO (06.0) Easy listening KUPO (07.0) Abum rock KKLT (08 7) Contemporary KLZI (00 O) Contemporary KIKO (100.3) Adutl KOPA (100.7) Rock KHEP (10t 5) Classics' KNIX (102.6) Country KZZP (104.7) Rock KMZK (106.3) Oldiee K8TM (107.4) Abum Rock KMLC (107 O) Ooapel For detailed program information, refer to The Republic's Sunday Television digest. ia aa ee o aa

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