Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1966 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1966
Page 13
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Buys two homes in livermore Livermore — Mrs. Grace V. Anderson has bought the Ace Bofdwell house in tHe northeast part of town recently occupied by the Ethrington family. She plans to do extensive remodeling before moving into it later this spring or early summer. Mrs. Anderson has also purchased the Lentch house in the north part of town which Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kelly occupied for many years, and it has been rented by James and Pete Reil ly, who will be moving into it soon. Mr. and Mrt. !vtr«M Andtr- en and family spent the weekend in Minneapolis where they visited in the Robert Moore and Geraldine Andersen home, sis- ers of Mr. Andersen. Tom McKtitna wat taken to he infirmary at Friendship Haven in Ft. Dodge last Thursday. Mrs. McKenna spent the week' end in the home of their son John and family in Ft. Dodge. Mr. and Mn. Blmtr Orenbach lave returned home from their trip to Kansas. Visitors in the homo of Mrs. Frank Sprong Sunday after- noon were her grandson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hughes and family. Mr. Hughes had just received his discharge from the air force base at Bis- worth, So. Dak. and they were enroute to St. Louis, Mo. to visit his mother. They will make their future home in Tacoma, Washington, home town of Mrs. Hughes. Mr. and Mr». Gut Bootalis left by car for Phoenix, Ariz. Tuesday where they plan to spend the rest of the winter. Recent visitor* in the Don Clark home were their son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Nickolas lark of Clinton, Okla. Mrs. Jlark is the former Janice Hines and they were married at the tome of her mother, Mrs. Opal Hines at Clinton on January 22. Mr. Clark, Airmail 2C» is sta* tioned at the Sherman air force base at Clinton and is a gfadu* ate of the Twin Rivers high school. They returned to Okla- loma last week, traveling by )US. Notice of Special Election ENTERTAIN HUSBANDS Members of the Neighbor hood Card club entertainec their husbands at a 7 o'clocl dinner and an evening of cards at Kropf's Cafe in Bode Thurs day evening. Those winning prizes were Mrs. Henry Groh, high, Mrs. Allan Foth, 2nd high and Mrs. Bill Davis travel tor the ladies. For the men, Henry Groh won high, Julius Becker, 2nd high and Bill Erpelding travel. Tiiose present were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Groh, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Erpelding, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Roathler, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gjerstad, Mr. and Mrs. Allan Foth and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Davis. TWIN GIRLS Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hintz received word of the birth oi twin girls on Thursday, Feb. to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ramus of LuVerne at the Britt hospital. Mr. Ramus is a nephew oi Mrs. Hintz. Mrs. Hintz is also a twin. NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION Notice Is hereby given that a special election will be held In the Town of Lu Verne, Iowa on the 1st day of March 1966 for the purpose of submitting to the legal and qualified electors of said town, to be voted upon by them, the question of whether the following public measure shall be adopted: "Shall the following nonexclusive franchise Ordinance No. 65, passed by the Town Council of LuVerne, Iowa on the 20th day of January 1966, be adopted?" ORDINANCE NO. 41 FRANCHISE FOR GAS DISTRIBUTION AN ORDINANCE GRANTING UNTO <JORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO.. VN IOWA CORPORATION. WITH ITS RINCIPAL PLACE OF • BUSINESS AT ERRY, IOWA, ITS SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, THE FRANCHISE AND RIGHT OR A PERIOD OF TWENTY-FIVE YEARS 25) YEARS TO ERECT. CONSTRUCT, RECONSTRUCT, MAINTAIN AND OPERATE NATURAL AND/OR ARTIFICIAL GAS DISTRIBUTING SYSTEM FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF NATURAL AND/OR AR- "IFICIAL GAS IN THE TOWN OF LU VERNE, IOWA, CONSISTING OF ALL UCH EQUIPMENT, MACHINERY, PIPES IXTURES, TANKS AND OTHER APPURTENANCES AS MAY BE NECESSARY OR USEFUL FOR SUCH DISTRIBUTING SYS TEM, AND TO USE AND OCCUPY THE STREETS, AVENUES, ALLEYS, BRIDGES AND OTHER PUBLIC PLACES OF SAID TOWN WITH GAS MAINS, PIPES, PIPE LINE CONDUITS AND OTHER NECESSARY OR USEFUL APPLIANCES OR EQUIPMENT FOR THE SALE AND/OR DISTRIBUTION OF SUCH GAS IN AND TO SAID TOWN OF LUVERNE, IOWA AND THE INHABI TANTS THEREOF, AND OTHERS, AND TO SELL, TRANSMIT AND DISTRIBUTE SUCH GAS TO THE TOWN AND ITS INHABI TANTS, OR OTHERS, WITHIN OR WITH OUT THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF TH TOWN OF LUVERNE, IOWA FOR LIGHT HEAT, POWER, FUEL, COOKING AND FOR ALL OTHER PURPOSES, AND PRE SCRIBING THE TERMS AND CONDITION OF THE GRANT AND THE PENALTY FO In order to effect the rights granted ereunder the grantee is authorized to make all necessary excavations in the treets, avenues, alleys and other lane nd public places of said Town of Lu 'erne, Iowa, but the same shall b» dorv ith the least possible interference with r inconvenience to the public Individual* r public property; and the grante hall, in all cases, restore all streets lleys, and public places, and all pave ments and excavations, to their orlgina ondition; and in laying mains and pipes INJURES BACK Mrs. Harvey Morey has been under a doctor's care for the past week for an injured back which was hurt when her car struck some ice and slid into the ditch. THE VIOLATION OF SAME, AND RE IN CON 'stem. Section III. he grantee shall conform to enable regulations prescribed all by the 104TH GRANDCHILD Mrs. Frank Sprong received word last week of the birth of her 104th great grandchild, a daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sprong of Independence, Mo. A GOOD SUPPLY OF . . Valentines AND Lydia Darrah Candy MARCIA'S "The Friendly Store" LIVERMORE own to prevent injury to the pavement, treets, avenues, alleys and public pla- es, and grantee shall not unnecessarily nterfere with, injure or change any pavement, water pipes, drains or sewers of aid town, eliher public or private. The grantor agrees that after the grantee's distribution system has been constructed, he grantor will not interfere with the ocation of said distribution system without reimbursing the grantee for cost of uch interference or relocation. Section IV. The grants herein contained are upon the express condition that the grantee shall be liable for all damages caused 3y the negligence or mismanagement of grantee, its agents or employees, in the construction and maintenance of said dii tribution system, and it shall protect said Town of LuVerne, Iowa from anv and all liability therefrom. Section V. That the grantee, in addition to saving the Town of LuVerne, Iowa harmless from any and all claims which may be made against the town by reason of or on account of the construction, maintenance or operation of the plant, distributing system, and other construction erected and maintained under or by virtue of this Franchise, shall defend any sui' brought against the town on accoun thereof at its sole cost and expense, one should any judgment be rendered agains' the town as a result of said suit o suits, the grantee hereby agrees to pa\ said judgment, and the record of the judgment against said town in such sui shall be conclusive evidence to entitli said town to recover the amount there of from said grantee. Section VI. That if the grantee fails to perform any of the conditions, requirements, du ties or obligations herein provided to b performed, by .said grantee, the tow may cause to be served upon the gran tee a written notice in the manner pro vided for serving original notices in civ actions, which notice shall specify th particular conditions, duties, obligations or requirements which it is claimed th grantee has failed to perform, and the grantee shall not perform such con ditions, requirements, duties or oblige tions specified in said notice within thii ty (30) days after the date of the sei vice of said notice, upon a proper show- ice" Co its successors and assigns, a I ing made by the town before a court onexclusive Right and Franchise for a of competent jurisdiction, the_ court, at eriod of twenty-five (25) years from nd after the date of passage, approval PEALING ALL ORDINANCES FLICT THEREWITH. WHEREAS, North Central Public Sei vice Co. has requested a Franchise t arrange for the distribution of nature and/or artificial gas in the Town of LuVorne, Iowa and said corporation is desirous of arranging for such distribution of gas; and, WHEREAS, it is deemed to be to the best interest of the Town of LuVerne, Iowa that arrangements be made for such distribution of gas and that North Central Public Service a Franchise therefor. Co. be granted NOW]''THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Town Council of the Towi> of LuVerne, Iowa: Section I. That the Town of LuVerne, Iowa htre- y grants unto North Central Public ier- ,nd publication of this ordinance, to rcct, construct, reconstruct, maintain nd operate within said Town of Lu 'erne, Iowa, a natural and/ artificial las distributing system, together with ill appurtenances, pipes, machinery, anks and appliances necessary or use- ul thereto, for the distribution of na- ural and/or artificial gas for the pur- _,,„„ of ,: setling,-^.4i»tfil»W.ti.na apd; >*Mpp,ly- ng such gas to the Town and the m- labitants thereof, and others, together with the Right and Franchise to use and occupy the streets, avenues, alleys, bridges and other public places of said Town, as now laid out or hereafter extended, with its gas mains, pipes, pipe ines, distributing lines, conduits and other appliances and appurtenances necessary or useful for the purpose of mainlining and operating such gas distributing system within the Town of LuVerne, Iowa, and the Right and Franchise of selling, distributing, and supplying said Town, and inhabitants thereof, and others, within and without the corporate limits of said Town, with such gas for light, fuel, power, cooking and other purposes, subject to the terms and conditions of this ordinance, as herein set fprth, and repealing all ordinances in conflict therewith. Stction II. Grantee shall construct, maintain and operate or otherwise provide o modern and adequate natural and/or artificial gas distributing system for the furnishing, sale ana/or distribution of such gas in the Town of LuVerne, Iowa as soon as a supply of gas is available, anc said system shall have adequate capacity to furnish the reasonable requirements oi said town and its inhabitants with gas as may be required to furnish adequate service within the said town. The grantee shall not be required to extend the distribution system for customers until the grantee is able to obtain sufficient gas for such extension and until the grantee has been assured that it will have such additional customers under contract tc use its product as will assure the gran tee a reasonable return on its cost fo any such extension' of the distribution its discretion, may order or refuse to order the performance of such requirements, or may grant a forfeiture of all the rights of the grantee. Section VII. That all the provisions of this ordinance shall apply to the successors ond assigns of the grantee with the same force and effect as they do the grantee itself. Section VIII. fj Thfafall ordinances, or, iparts' of'ordi- nances, insofar as they are in direct con- lict herewith, are hereby repealed. Section IX. This ordinance shall take effect upon s acceptance in writing by the grantee, iled with the Town Clerk within thirty 30) days from its approval by a majority )f the electors of the Town of LuVerne, owa voting thereon at a general or spe- ial election as provided by law. Section X. The grantee shall pay all expenses ncurred in the preparation and publica- ion of this ordinance and the grantee ,hall pay the costs incurred in holding he election to submit this ordinance to •he legal electors for their approval a: provided by law. Section XI. Whenever the term "grantee" is usec lerein it shall be taken to mean anc nclude North Central Public Service Co. its successors and assigns. PASSED, ADOPTED AND APPROVED b'. the Town Council of the Town of Lu Verne, Iowa, on the 20th day of Janu ary A. D., 1966. James Mallory, Mayor Attest: H. G. Trauger, Town Clerk POLLING PLACE The polling place for said electio shall be at the. Town Hall and the pol will be opened at 8:00 o'clock a.m. o the forenoon and will be closed at 8:0 o'clock p.m. of the evening of said da Caller, in th« homt of Mri. Maggie Sehrieber Thursday afternoon were Mrs. Lester Smith, i Mrs. Lela Heiter and Mrs. Marold Frederick. Mrs. Henry Moiuon went to the Ed Henderson home in Humboldt Wednesday to stay with the family while Mrs. Henderson was a surgical patient in the Lutheran hospital in Ft. Dodge. The Neighborhood Card club met at the home of Mrs. BUI Davis Tuesday afternoon. A 2 o'clock luncheon was served and at cards Mrs. Henry Groh received high prize, Mrs. Harold Roethler low and Mrs. Harold jerstad, travel. The "Sutz-Ut" card club met t the home of Mrs. Henry Monon Tuesday afternoon. There were three tables of cards in •lay and high prize was won by vlrs. Louise Gronbach, seconc u'gh by Mrs. Jack Vaughn and ;he door prize by Mrs. Grace V. Anderson. Lunch was served >y the hostess. __Mr. and Mrs. Howard N. Bis chen, who were married Jan 17, are now living in one of the apartments over the Stai Bank. Mr. Eischen is employed at the Logue Texaco oil station Judy Garmon, who attend college at Iowa City spent th semester break in the home o her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Garmon. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Carlson and Mrs. Jessamine Miller attended School of Instruction for Eastern Star at Renwick Tuesday evening. Mrs. Clara Shilts of Algona was the instructor. The Twentieth Century club met at the home of Mrs. Karl Baessler Tuesday afternoon. The President, Mrs. John Olson conducted the business meeting. The hostess gave the Religious Thought and the music was the National Anthem. The lesson DOMINO LEAGUE W L Ymerican Legion 60 28 >awyer's 56 32 <.0. Hardware 56 32 Andersen Motors __ 49 39 Dick's ^^r.wr-.dS -,,,43,, 'own Tavern "_'1'..1__ 43 45 ivermore Oil Co. __ 43 45 -ivermore St. Bank _ 37 51 Vlike's Service Gar. 35 53 Schmidt's 16 72 'Reapportionment—Shall the Courts or People Decide?" was given by Margaret Devine. Lunch was served. Sunday afternoon visitors in the Henry Monson home were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thul and family of LuVerne, "Chick' Monson, Kermit Knutson and Mr. and Mrs. Milton Bergum. Evening visitors were the Ed Henderson family of Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kelly are now nicely settled in their new home on South main street hav- ig done considerable remodel- ng before moving iti. The build ig was formerly used by Dr teardsley as his office. Terri Barton, daughter ol /Ir. and Mrs. Howard Barton, las her arm in a cast as a re- ult of a fall at school which broke her arm. Nick Besch, who has been a Wesley Viola Studtr *«* Mrs. Jack Uckteig had guests Saturday for their son Ronnie's 7th birthday. The Geo. Seabergs spent February 5-6 in Burlington at their son David's. Mesdames Joe Skow, 11 a.m. — Worship Service. Sermon, "Is He For Everyone?" Wednesday, Poll. 16 9:30 a.m. — Bible Study. Thursday, Feb. 17 7:30 p.m. — MVF meeting and Senior Choir. Livermoro Presbyterian Seaberg, Robert Bolenus nedioal patient at the Mercy lospital in Ft. Dodge for two yeeks is now staying in the Johnson Rest home in Ft. Dodge. The Ladies Aid of the Luth an church met in the Fellow- hip Hall Thursday afternoon for their February meeting. Pastor Stock gave the scripture and prayer and Mrs. Raymond Graaf conducted the business meeting. Mrs. Fred Hintz gave the lesson which was on Women, of the Bible, choosing Abigail. About 30 members and one guest, Mrs. Eldon Monson, were present. Lunch was served by Geo and Lester °Blain went to Algona. Monday to a meeting of Farm Bureau women. Mrs. Bolenus gave a lesson on safety. Sandy Ackerson had her 14th birthday Feb. 5 and her sister Susan had her 13th birthday the same day. They are daughters of the Everett Ackersons. Debbie and Denny Ackerson will be 9 years old April 14. Church News.... LuVerne Evangelical United Brethren Rev. Ralph S. lltndman LuVerne Thursday, Feb. 10 The Comrades Class wil -, , . . T | meet at the parsonage. Mr. and the hostesses, Mrs. James Lemp- Mrg H Naffziger will pre \f r\ n *-> rl TVfl'vtr* T"\*-V»1 ^"*/Al1l V\C . - - •* m m • ' ke and Mrs. Don Collins. Swea Eagle Mrs. Kenneth Brones Attest: James Mallory, Mayor of Town of LuVerne, Iowa. th H. G. Trauger, Town Clerk of the Town of LuVerne, Iowa. Published in the Algona Kossut County Advance, Algona, lowc Jan. 27, Feb. 3, 10 and 17, 1966 High Individual Series N. Bormann 56; )utoh Armstrong _ 54£ Ivan Frederiksen 53 High Individual Game N. Bormann 22 Glen Hawkins - 21 Francis Erpelding 203 High Team Series Andersen Motors 2500 The Ed Frerichs have a boy orn Jan. 24 at the hospital at Istherville. Randall Edwin, weighed 5 pounds and 11 ounces. le has a sister, Rhonda, 5. Grandparents are Mrs. Hazel Baldvin, Ayrshire, and Fred Frerichs, Le Sueur, Minn. The Ormal Guinns were recent guests of her brother, the Junior Keslers, Estherville, for birthdays of Brian and Boyd. Marine Sgt. Larry Tennyson spent two weeks with his par ents, the Julius Tennysons. He is being transferred from South Carolina to California. Caryl Larson and her Mem Pat Troplin, Illinois, came las Tuesday from St. Olaf collegi at Northfield for a semeste: break at the home of Caryl' parents, the Harvey C. Larsons i The, Richard .Lootta wece?i Sun day guests at Darrel Bishop's. Thursday after school Mrs Arthur W. Larson had as guests for Debby's 8th birthday Clarice Ellis, Marna Brones, Wendy Johanson, Sonja Jorgensen, Rhonda Montgomery, Joleen Swanson, Denise Graham, Linda Champion, Karen Kelly, Charlene Peterson, Susan Berggren and Valerie Jones. Marjorie Lee Tobin came Thursday from Sioux City for icr semester break from Mor- ent the lesson. Mrs. Marie laass is in charge of entertain ment. Sunday, Feb. 13 10 a.m. — Church School. 11 a.m. — Morning Worship World Service Day. The ladie of the Women's Society o World Service are in charge. Guest speaker is Roger Engstrom from Renwick. 7:30 p.m. — Bible Study. Livermore Wednesday, Feb. 9 The United Presbyterian Wo- ALOONA (low.) THURSDAY, Fll< 0, 1**, • • • •-"men will meet fct; the Hl*ft Clark home. Mrs/Harold Do* er is the hoste$§, Mrs. •«*•** mine Miller will lefd tite l«rt« from Concern, Sunday, Feb. 13 9:45 a.m. — Mottling Wof* ship. 4 . 10:45 a.m. — Church School, Monday, Feb. 14 7.30 p.m. — The Polish Council of Trinity Larger ish will meet at Livermore. Burt Methodist Re«. Merlin Doviei 6urt Thursday, Feb. 10 Sub-district pastor's meeting, Titonka. Sunday, Feb. 13 9 a.m. — Worship Service. Sermon topic, "Is He For Everyone?" 10 a.m. — Sunday School. 7:30 p.m. — Merry Mixers. Tuesday, Feb. 15 9:30 a.m. — Bible Study Group. Wednesday, Feb. 16 Circles of the WSCS at the usual times. ,7,:30,p.m, Education. Commission- on Sawyer's 2352 American Legion 2346 High Team Game Andersen Motors 868 Andersen Motors 837 Sawyer's 827 Electricity Makes A World Of Difference NATIONAL ELECTRICAL L 32 33 41 46 49 61 TOP SIX BOWLING W K.C. 56 Pete's Garage 55 Pioneer 47 Smith Lumber 42 Vote's Place 39 Livermore Lanes 27 High Individual Game Damon Centgraf 236 Ervin Mertz 23" Orville Wagner 223 High Team Series K.C. 2452 Pete's Garage 2445 Smith Lumber 2343 High Team Game ete's Garage 911 C. 890 vermore Lanes 818 Harners, Rudy High Individual Series i Manager and Mrs. Jerry Wil- rville Wagner 581 i liam of the Farmers elevator at- amon Centgraf 565: tended the convention at Des carence Meyers 549 Moines last weekend. So what's wrong with cave living? Npthing... if you're the Stone Age type. But face it man, you're in the Space Age now. Gone are the days of rubbing, two sticks together to make a lire, Electricity has brought about tremendous changes since then. With just i flick of a switch, cave living can turn into care-free living. You'll be ajmazed at th* wonders of self-cleaning ovens r frost-free refrigerators, color TV. Come on all you rugged cavemen, git back, relax and enjoy life ... WVB SSTTSU ®JCTRICALWT. Iowa Public Service fat Company ningside. Children of Mrs. Joe Preston and her sister, Nina Traub, honored her Sunday with dinner at the Cardinal Cafe at Estherville and were guests at the Marvin Boevers' for the afternoon. It was her birthday. Gary Gray had a tonsillecto my at the hospital at Estherville Friday and was a patient there until Sunday. The Walter Dawsons were Sunday guests of their son, the Wallace Dawsons. The Harold Carrs were Sun day guests at 0. B. Koons', La kota. The Mike Christs wein other guests. The Lyle Westfalls were Sun day guests at Ed French's. Mrs. Hazel Baldwin, Ayrshire is staying for a few weeks her daughter, the Ed Frerichs to help care for her new grand son. The Cecil Thoresons, George Petersons and Good Hope Methodist Rev. Merlin Dovics Lone Rock Thursday, Feb. 10 Sub-district Pastor's Meeting 'itonka. 7:30 p.m. — Choir Practice Sunday, Feb. 13 10 a.m. — Sunday School. We'll never invent a substitute for the "Voice with a Smile" This Northwestern Bell electronic switching equipment can handle thousands of telephone calls faster by far than human hands can move or human brains can think. But we always remember that machines alone can't bring you the friendliness, the helpfulness and courtesy, the human understanding good telephone service demands ... That's why, behind all the remarkable equipment designed to speed your calls, the "Voice with a Smile" is always there when you want her. NORTHWESTERN BELL What would happen if everybody caughtjOJds_88 SwingJFeyetl LOANS 1 2 3 $50 $5,000 For Shopping - Winter Needs To Consolidate Debts - Any Purpose Payment Plans to Suit Your Income. LOANS MADE ANYWHERE PHONE — WRITE — STOP IN TODAY TORONADO-INSPIHEU DtlTA H HOLIDAY SEOAM Mass happiness. You may not be immune to OIJs S,S Swine Fever (lew folks are). But that's okay. Your OIJ> DcaU-r has a woiiJi-rt'ul n.-w cure: A K.^Ut Action Old. 8S! And the choice of prescription i» your,: tl«.ini iv:» Delta h> . . . ai/ion-packed new Dynamic . . . low-priced Ji.-iM.ir. All K.vUr pjw.-red ... M Old> ,tvled ... and »ll priced to make «aiiin« for sprm* J.mnri^hi UMlh,,r.K. K-el your temperature rUin B .' That's Swini; K-scr. Quuk! Head tor v.-ur OU--iiobtle Dealer's . . . open your mouth and ,av "yeah:" LOOK TO OJ.DS rOR THE NEW'! ghl-ol-M U 0101 «.l*M.".!'«'i"j" ;";'.' •xr.'.,.:* «S ^tl'.r-tn, ^ , . r * OLDS 88 !» tLl'I.NU fill COL'N fRVI Open Fridays 'Til 8:30 P. M. — Closed Saturdays American Acceptance Corp. 112 No. Moore Phone: 295-3507 our FRONT ...in a Jlot&( Action Car! S OLD B M C3 BILE-H MCAI ww '» " »*m i« »«io* «... »« «ou* tee**- *"' «»•»*« OCMWOWU flUAwn MALM tourl DAU'S GARAGE, 12* $. IMP $t, AIQONA

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