The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1938
Page 5
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MONDAY, MARCH '!, 1038 BIA'TIIEVILLIC (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVB i'^u m&ii BUfodm »n a j-jjii 1 * .; Mas' imalia CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Uiiily rate per line for consecu- h-c Insertions: One time per line ,.., Two times per line per day . ..0£c I) loom furnished HiJiirlmcnt, 110 \V. Ash. ^irs. Doshn Mick. 5-ck-O o nce Together, Well (urnishcd apartment. Hot water heal. Garage. Telephones. I!17 and 071. O-rt-tl'i Male MeJji Wanted Cromwells Transplant ' " "~: ~ • ••-• - I luilii'n Pnr>mtiit I irerc con- M v rne<l, Ojlly 000,000 working dnyj> wore lost llnit year, as compared v.|lh 102.230.IXXI working d»ys lost FOWLER YOU8 CO Modern 3 room aimtintiit. Newly Three times pel- line- per (lay ' '. '.oiic i rfccornl«l. Unfurnished. Corner Six limes per lino per day ....05c Main ami 2iu . AIM hnsiness bml.l- l l(i Kroger Store. Phone 7(il. 3-i'k-U Mliilinnni charge 50c Ads ordered for Hircc or Six limes per lino per day ....05c MonlU rate per line ......... GOu t"R "cxl Cauls ot Thanks ...... 50c & 75u! Simon, Ph six mid stopped before expiration will be charged lor the num- ei~ of times llic add appeared and xljtistmcnt of bill niude. All classified Advertising eopy Mibiuiltcd by persons icMiliu^ outside of the city iniift be accompanied by cash, n.ale.1 may be easily computed from above tabK Advertising ordered for irregular insertions lakes the one time rate. No responsibility will be laken for more than one incorrect, insertion of any classified (id. Business Directory Furnished house. Mrs. (J. A.'Taut. Call 12B-J, or Mr>. ii-ek-9 •>, :< room unfurnished :\\n 02! E. cherry. Inquire .it 516 So. Via:;Ulln or Morse ami K 2-ck-O Comfortable bedroom. 207 Reasonable rale:;. DUPLEX—:f & 4 room fiimls! npartiiiniUi. Private bath. 1 .', i 260. 2tJ-ck-tt Comfortable bedroom, iii.'t, Cull 10;', 1U17 HARRY BAILEY'S "Good Food at Good Prices All Kinds 9c;i Kood Krcsh Crappie CiKilfettus'2 for ^5c HARRY KAILKY'S Holland, Mo. I'hoiK's S-K-i & S7S Comfortable beilroom man. rhune 277-J. W. Main. tor Bcntlc- Call at 023 Niecly furnislud Ijcdroour;. Steam heal. Convenient lo lialli. Call MO. . 15-ck-3-J5 Coal Nicely furnished slcamhcalcd Iwil- rooin. 003 W. Main, call G42. nmfortablc bedroom adlolnlnf! bath. Gentleman only. 713 W. lain, phone 80S-W. 7-ck-tf tic comfortable bedroom. Call Mrs. Q. H. Stcrnborg, 081. 120? lolly. 2B-ck-2-26 ioocl llocriiiK and lumber cheap. ,lrs. Henry ricidman. 10-pk-3-10 My Coal Is Black Hut 1 Treat You White, LOCAL HAULING John Buchanan lllydicrillc, Ark. I'lionc 107 Radio Service UXl'ERT RADIO SERVIC1 Complete Line Of PARTS, TUBES, B'TERU* Hardaway AppHantc Co. uUNiiY ^YiiK^•^:n, Main A; 5lh rhoiie ' Batteries MAN I'ci 1 CoJU-c Hunt'. 1 . Up lo $'l r i| hist \\vek. AuUiinublli 1 ijlvrii as conn:. Write AlV.orl Mill:;, ,|is)I Mi'iin-i nllt, Cineimiiili. O. We Mipply ovcrytliinii, Ciiod itiU 1 -. 1 No sf'llin^. N(t I'^pi. 1 ! Icuci f,!:'ry Meri'lLinilfsi' Mart. HnJ iV.ll'.vaill.-rv, Wl::cf»li.!ln. !i-i>\;-> Ksbv Clucks mimic nATcinru;. Mmiiyn l!::U'!u'iy. Hlylbi'viJli-, Arl:., IJ.W. Gl North. I'lioiii' "i\'l Class Etitii'c Coconut Grove HUNOliUI.U (Ul')--\Vlien Doris Duke Cromwell vviinled a ca:o!HH ^I'ove^lor Ihe bncli yard ol her new fSOU.PCa beach home here, she \v,illli-:l il ipilekly, iind *lie ;;<A II. It lake:; voMinit tree:: Icni. Ion': NUU.. lo ^i'0\v and Mr;;, (,'rcmwell did jiw! care to watt Hint long, Su Uobcil C, Thompson, her l»ndse;i|)i; invlillcd. sulved the jaolih'ia for her. He puii'luiscil a lair slued co.' move near Ihe heart ul Mir city ami had It tr.uis- pbulrd irei! by tree to the Croni- v.,'ll estate sonu. 1 ?l\ jinle:; n\vjy. Tlie cusl ot Hie lriiii<-|;liintliiu was ili<! most Uiliain, so far DRUGGIST Main & hi I'honc HI ACETYLENE , WELDING AT BEST PRICES yrar 1034 l in Oi^it S /\ V H 'I!.' 1 Toil nl Your Fitmilure. With CJhiKi All i:iv:i;:iis rill ft. llnished, CAI.t, US Hl>llii'iiiii. I'ilnt A \vull|i:<|icr «» I'luiiir «'.'u in ti. 2nd Wamocl ;'li':u Si'\vi;il men with CMI'-;. •.vant win-!:. A;:ply al filll W 1 i ; to ;i inn. -i ],!; ; I- if hi Kccds, All Vnrlflli's. (J;ils, Soybeans. Lcspcde/it. Atl'iilln, Any Quunlliy. Wholesale .* ftclail \V. 0. I! 1W VMS n. li.l!. KI, lllylhevlllc Ark. ?ARM LOANS I50D Kurt Ur Ark:ins:is und !. l.ou-rst 'lairs—lowrsl eipc"«> Alsn clly \iropeitlci DON H. KASSEKMAN llionua iJiiul Co. Olllec I'. O. Hox' 4VO, phono 537, Burke Hardware lixtnres for sale. Box "B", Courier News. M-ck-3-14 Hay—Soybeans—Oats Ri-cd Corn—Milch Cows And Tractor Work. Sec W. \j. Tale, Ai'iiiorcl, Ark. Complete 10 volume set, of Slari- dani I'.cfercncc Books with loos' lest binder. Call 230 or 702. 15-fa-fr. Completely shattered Is the nccord whlel) mailed the nicclm;; Iw- twecn Heichr.fuchrcr Adolf Hitler of Germany ami Aiuhony l-'.dcn of Britain when Ihc above pictuiv was ti'.kcn in Berlin in IWi. Now Eden. yoiilliCnl British forcipn secretary, has resigned l;:'Ciiii:;i- !>i". sovernment refused to ialtei :i linn slnnd iisjainst HitU'r'.s iwciil Niul moves. The German chancellor, who Had barely fini.siu'il a liclli!;- ercnt speech to Ihc Reichstag when Ellen cjnil, ciHait:; tiie H:>,|;;JKI- lion a^j a major diplonudic victory in hi-; drivi? for a £ic;jU'i' Girmuuy. AV $2 WKKKI|Y kiu| Small l)(»wii I 1SNJOY A HUNK CMBVIU) Auto Radio CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & Sate, ilbra font All (urcjitml svllli Itsn dlscomlorl. s nuil coiiiHllons nf nrrvoui llnienin nml skin ennccrei Irealcd und nt our ellnte. r>n nviln DRS. NIES & MIES (Xlenpiitlilc rhyslclani rhnno OH uijtiicviiit, Ark. ONIA' yilKVIlOl.irr Olh!i-s J'lHl Biiarnntced Selcct-O-Matlo Tun- ni;, I'ush n billion and then yam' Million. Come In Today! ijce and llenr Uilii rifiisnlliili new mdlo, You too will w» one on yonr ear. Auto & Household Radios Repaired TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. I \\;lll|llt I'lioni; Drs. Wert $ Werl OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' stor* "WE MAKE 'KM SEE" I'liwie (40 J.C. EVANS Box C01 J3lythevllle, Ark, District Manager N TKUST ajwiisoj'ed Dy , llnmlUon DcjxKjItor.'i Corp. Hubert Utley^s Service Station and Cafe • ll l,r;Hlin ff llrnuds <)f (leer, WliKkcy, Wine, Gins » Ami Curdhilg DKMXR IN — Hay — & — co '1'AX S |ik. 2!i« or 51.15 per t'artujr: 24 Hour Service ll.n'. Gl, I'liohc 11 Holland, Hu Now lAcaUU at 101 NoitU fitconj ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU * IION EDWARDS, Propriety C«leol»lors—Rtpalrlnp—Vo rts^l Uti bonj ll uiakcn ot ItcbiilU Typewriters, Adding Mncblnfi »n( Ciiiciilntors—Iti'pairiuK—I'ults—itJDI/ons Cedm- 1'osts, I'l '=c eacli. Jen" M Jones. III. 1, Smitlivilh', Ark. Room and Board Strain heated room with board 803 W. Ash, phouc 151. 12ck3-l' Nicely furnlsljcd rooms. Board desired. KioiK C02. 112 E. Cher iv. ;' 26-tk-3-2 ALI.KY OOP Snnhhctj I.. SEftVICE J. Ben Clune I'liohc U al Tom Jackson's Personal Leather folder with 2 keys. Owner can have same by paying cosl of this an. '.°OP- AfZAPSCALLIOWTOLD-AM' PLEASE TELL U5 \ 1H EM DAM&ED IF SHE ABOUT YEE CU\SH DIDW'T UP AM' MAKE WITH THIS HERE /ME ASSISTANT • LOUT/ A DICTATOR,.' _J Kirby's Tasteless Contains More Qnfnlnr--Morc Iron Ihe Recommended Treatiuflflt 'or MALARIA!, CHILLS and FEVER 6WAM1 1 FEVEU — AC.1JE FEVE« At ftll Klrty Drug Btorei Black leather key holder containing one key. Owner can same by paying cost of tills ad.' Courier News. THAT OWES ME ALL KIMD& \ OF AUTHORITY- AM' Vj/HADVA ) TMIMK--1 CAM FIX ALL AAV J FRIEWD5 UP WITH SWELL POLITICAL JOBS/ Metal key ring with 13 keys. near High School: Own have same by paying cost of this ad. Master Sculptor Answer to I'rcvious I'uzzlc \ r HORIZONTAL ,1,6 Pictured : French _, sculptor.'^ lOMorindin dye. • 11 Measure. ; 12 Cotton fabric. 13 Hawaiian bird • 15 Folding bed. 117 Artlessncss. •10 To sin. 20 One who inherits.' 21 Handles. ,22 Halt. 23 Exists. . .. .10 Heron. 24 Bowing tool.' 43 NeiUlcr . '^S,! tree. « Citizen's drcs, . 26 Ungainly. - (military •IX, Go on (music) term). !U Tennis stroke.-!5Ko. 32 Half an cm. "16 To devour. .33 Ell. ' 48 Card same.- 34 Automaton. 50 .Child. 3G Mineral 51 Transposed. Kuring. 52 Distant. '37 Myself. 53 Constellation. 38 To border on. 55 Myself. 39 Shred of 56 Deficient m • waste silk. quantity. 57 One of his famous statues, "Ago of ." VERTICAL 1 Bitter herbs. 2 To depart. 3 Pitcher. 4 Dress ; fastener.' 1 5 Suit makcr.^ 6'Soaks flax. 7 Unit. i « V. T. HAML1N 1 : COIV CAM BE A BIG CABIMET OFFICER, OOOLA A 61G SHOT OF SOME KIMD-AM'- VNHAD'/A 5AV.EH? WAS5A MATTER.? WHERE HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES XOOO W\<bU ,t iWWtb VOO I 10 He rose (vom ' poverty to great arlislic 14111s wo'rk\_ : shows unusual BY ROY CRANK. WASH TUHBS A.SVI CHAW6E A.IJD 5TAP.TS OUT THE DOOR. YOU OUST AREMT TO CWl.OR.EM, THAT'S KWA.SVI CHAW6ES HIS CLOTHES W U5.SEM 1 IF TH16 I THIMX. yOU'R.E TOO •SEVJERE, ROXIE. THE IDE/X OF DEMYIWG CHILDR£W THE USE OF- THEIR OWU WWc'. IT VNM, V JUtJIOR! VOU K1AUGWTV BCW! JUST ' WOW I THAT VCD CtllLOE.EM WIU, TAKE WUR. BA.T t\ BUCKET I ^^ID CA.UAMO GO ; i 6COD HE WHAT WOW? V OUTBIDS TO PLAY. , I'MA6tXCHELOR.! I'D DRWHER. l-'KICCKLES AND HIS I''U1ENPS THAT B'SiSY MAS A MOTHER • BUT Hov/ } SOMEWHERE •' 1XL BUD HER or COURSE i V/OM'T XJDWAP IT, It.L STRIKE AT n I-IURT.-5 JO AT ^l. 1 -'','_'"'!-. /IMS r-oiwr,—t-w OUT- SMARTED BY A YOLI MUMSKULL I'LL HAVE EAU YOU'LL \ BABY TAkEM AV/AY FROM HIM ..... I. KIDU ....... / LEGALLY lYoUWG COOK IS HIGH IF IT T4.KES AYEAR....ORTV.E REST op MY UFE! - 1 DO, I'LL HELL H=cc A "EW SQUIRT V/HO MAkE A WOMKE^ OUT OF M AT EVERY TURM / BAH .'.' - AMD IF - . SCUTTLE ; RETURM3, WHAT BAD MOV/...BIDI(JS THE CREST, AMD HAT'S WHEN BUMPS HURT BADLY .' TV)iK:C-& MOT SO OOOD FOR MR. 22 Sore incrustation?25 Coin slit. • 27 Scheme. 29 Vinegars: 3U Vagrant. 32 Synopsis. 34 To Vavc. 35 Knol on tree. , 3(i Easily molded. ;i!) Cliaos. •1 1 Railway. 42 Drop ol eye fluid, •14 Finch. . •I! Part of a circle. •I'jRoxving.tooI. 8 To accomplish 52 Musical note.. 0 Mason's rule. 54 Form of "a."

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