Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 7, 1966 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 7, 1966
Page 2
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2— ALGONA 0«r«J ADVANCE MOMOAY, PCS, 7, *•**#»••*•••«••••••••••••««•*•«**•*«««••*«•*••••• "INK in my VEINS" BY MAftJAK INMAM •****•*•••*••••*•*••••••••••••*••**•**••••••*••«• ValeniUfje's Day. A fa&itey *>.*r fee y/vng in heart, a ttf&A&y ifeat is romantic, gz/ srA &ntirzsmV2l, Ijs'.-tt zrA ?1V f/ms Sfid menwrtet belong S// si, it ss * tifr«? Iv r^T^-.r/er the jxwpte we \</ve, U is 2 harbinger «/i fprlng, fa 'hi* v,*^i:'j r^'i! I have a <SefjgJjtf«J tetter fro&s liarps.'ie -'Sirs. Aft Pen^i! qf , Bwrl, mother <^ fwr. Her r»e;irsorse? from a cedar ?h«*>.t fit into Valentine &s? and I share the/n 7.-; 4 J* 5-09, y «atiar ehwt •* one of my provdstf p0u#*.ti»n«, ai Jf %»n¥ "m«»«y I earned f ««fiirxj covntry tchoif, I 1)75 to S1I5 a m&nth at that ftm«, and I did my i*r»M«f wwfc «!*«, S«*n0 fh« gfofett of fw«fve children, '•red H»e chetf wltti a quiff to be tors it wouldn't b* f*r»fch*d. Maturalfy I had tomeon* in mind when J my hop* eh**f, , H to put away the summer cloth**, sixteen years later J remember things out of my past. First, here is my gold colored formal my mother made for the Junior 1 ^ofe H plain In niy Junior year, and in rny Senior r, Mother adde/i-sOme gold sequins. With ««eh a large fam- we couldn't have anything too elaborate, but rrr/ mother is at j&eyring that She made many of our clothes. Donations are made by Burl Legion women B«rf — The Legion and Aaat- iiary SJM* Feb, 1. In Jfoe Le0«J3 ' sSesses w-ere Ova and Siary 'Sf&PXi, The •voted 81* to tfee Arraer- * scantsm propel. ;a{*d to gh'e me; mrmstte in the National Child i Welfare Memorial fund at Val- Iky Forge, Pa. Jf embers sent a iget y/eil card to Cefia Scott at | St. Ann hospital. The serving ? meeting T.131 be Feb. 9 at Gene- 1 vSftvs Graham's. The ccujnty A»- Ixiliar/ meeting v.ill be in Fen;ion Feb. 8. The 8th district the speaker. The ; Sowsts and Ess*»«rsiag -wer? Wlford Rood and Mrs. Dojtfld Pflibsen, TMs *zp3^Ssoa T«i!i coosst ofOniSSe Rood. She Leo KinseShs. d^piays af!id pto|ecl«,." ining OtewitS, Orrea Olswd*. T. a« rv TrunMaUL daa^ater oOL Bossaags. Dr. P. QuaHys, TYontenlL H fee DeSrBon^al HaieoSis. Arfiss KiaSefcs. at Ffau's Be20tyraiB*. (i atel Kie»rte OppedbM$. Noftoaa setftber. PMM|K in Algifea, S^^edteraoa. board • Hsif 'SJ?Hfflf^sifiaMe»atsetid- in Sioaz City. 3frs. W. F. Giidner, 5!ason Q- SL Oiaf LoSfaeraa Church Qr- ds for February are f T. isras a ssest Feb. 3 at Dr. J. Feteaary 16. Gleaners. Fireside G. Oapsaddle's, Mrs. GOdner is Rown at 2:30. Mis. Allan Olson the former Radael Clapsaddle. ^and Sirs. Orlando Grefeiad, hos- Mrs. 'Jatnes Ctnistsnseo bad a^tesses: Yoong iSatroos. church coffee Feb. I at her home lot * at 2:30. J&s. \ T eraoa Alexander, those who assisted the day of ! hostess. Februarr 17. Ruth Orthe funeraL |de at Mrs. Ted KinseOrs. 2i30. , >. odd L&fson, ftoatesw*. Febfu ary 21, -,_-, -.. room. 8 p.nl, M». soa, ifft. tUchaM mkkSfi, Jesses. Mrs. Bill Erickson, and Lilliaii ttaatvedt, St. Paul, were recent visitors at Garwin Sor-| lien's aud Magnus SofUen's. Lester Delving, Osage, vvas a viator Monday with his uncle, the TTior Selvigs. The Hafotd Ber'gs and Eftiesl Bergs visited ifl Garner last week. Mrs. Mollie Berg at the Prai- ,-ie View Home in Garner, will Alter Guild. Fireade room, 2:30,»have her 88th birthday Feb. 12. Her address is Prairie tfomc, Apt. 3, Garner. Mrs. Glen Jenson sftent Feb r frith her father Frank cki> laddie- at West View Retirement Home in Briit. Mrs. Jenson took hifn A cake for his 90th birthday that day. Mr. Clapsaddle is active and in good health. Cloverleaf Unit Auxiliary met in the Legiori Building Feb. 1 Union serrioes wiB be held I SSrs. Maance Larson. co4ioste£s: i rie View Home in Garner, Feb. 2S at th€ Burt Presbyteriaa ~" = " *"— =J - - "~ """ — v " o6 * k "- 41 " 1 -" p " ifor the World Day of Jfrs, Kiddi Croker and Mrs. t)6n "Atire, county president, gave reports of the JBd-Wintef Conference in Des Moines. Mrs. Auffe also told of the county meeting in Renwick. Hostesses wefd Mrs. Lillian Longseth, Mrs. Roberta Engel and Bette Olson. * The Alvin Baumgards visited Jan. 31 fair Fort Dodge at Jerry ^Gubbels'. 3fas. Cubbies is the! •; former Siarjorie Baumgard. 1 In 8ie attendance contest of ............. „ ._ ^^,.. .,«., DAN ;? N ? S ' h Hf band f 5f drde members at W5.C5.. Auxiliary will lend^be hospital form 5 -? fa / aa ^ lm f n - £ u g* meetings sWrtey Qrde had 75J _- -^-_ rf , * 4^>w> j-i* Ia«^f^-fx^ «*^ x* IkE ^"e 1 f ^. »U a a •_ w»j» •« *T»* _» ^>^« •»• ^^•« * chair and crutches, .-e Spry. I/ i* my vary »p«ejal wadding drett. It too. wasn't the matt beautiful wadding dr**f, «xceot to me of course. It rained to hard the ovaning we were married, I had to cover iWyt*lf with a b*dspr«ad to go to the church. It had be*n such a nice day until I wa* all dratted. 7f«re are »om« »v/e<jt little dree«e» telonging to Diane, one it the one «he had her picture taken'in, the ix a young lady of fifteen and in high school. How je flies. This little white dress i* the one Marilyn was bao Here are some of the pinafores she wore when <jt played the f*art of Helen Keller in the fifth grade play. $ow sh,e is in Junior high, ; ;GOOD WILL TRUCK r»y countries beg to at to the handi- who will tell you where nay take your material for j kins attended the kup when the Goodwill Round Table at ruck is here Starch 8. U f^el^N^p we brought Dale home from the hotpifal in. He j*i big boy of nine now and very inferetted in football, beseball, fithing, etc, I^arry l« the youngest of our family. lie is four and is going to Sunday School. Next year he will be going to school, There are many things of his also in my cedar chest. I remember how happy Dale was to have a baby brother. And of course my husband has a few shirts/ etc. in my cedar chest of memories. There are sixteen years of different memories locked up in my hope chest and also it has a few scratches now. I am sure each of you have a lot of memories as you open your cedar chest also/' In her letter, Marjorie goes on to mention the most wonderful treasure chest, a treasure that belongs to each of us if v/e but open its door. This treasure chant is our public library, and Marjorie says, "With the ever present TV reading isn't being dona as it was before. She mentions several, AH My Love,- by Penny 'fief ore, the story Of actor Don Def ore's daughter Penny who gave up a very comfortable life to work in an orphanage in Korea, This is a true story, A Letter to Jirnmy. by Henry Viscardi It is a book of hope and encouragement to the crippled and disabled. It trys to ansv/«r the questions, Will the v/orld want me?, Will it accept me? Mr, Viseardi him««lf wax born with no legs. He founded Abilities, Inc., a busi- fif;m concern made up entirely of severely disabled people." , Speaking of .racial problems there is the *tory, To Kill A Mockingbird. Gates Of Splendor, by Betty Elliot is Ibout the five missionaries who were killed by the Auccas. If any of you happened to hear Frank Drown at the Burt Presbyterian enure last fall, he made mention of this story. She mentions. The Triumph of The Seeing Eye, A Letter to Debbie and others and goes on to say, "As I read over my list I K4;(i m/wt of them are true stories. Usually the things you read in the papers are about killings, robberies, scandals and the !ike,;but there are a lot of good people in this country of Marjorie says she usually tries to read to her young- boy every day. She says he enjoys hearinq the same stor- o-ier and over. She encourages us to visit our libraries, treasure 'chests for books for entertainment and for , and fo remember that books make wonderful gifts eecadon and a gift of books to our library at a me- for a friend is a lasting and worthwhile memorial. Fortnightly Club will meet 'eb. 11 with Mrs. W; W. Boett- :her. The Legion Auxiliary sewing meeting, will be held Wednes- lay afternoon Feb. 9 at Mrs. 0. and Mrs, G. WJfhe Ethel CSrde 63. Inez Circle Stillman. has been named man-lgi. an< i the Xon C5rcle 20. The ager of the truck trailer refri-f losers were to treat the winners. Deration sales department of Quarterly Conference -win be the Trajie Co. at LaCrosse. He held March 27. Rev. Ralph IQt- J conditioning and refrigeration 5 w ill be a "-pot luck dinner at ; sales. Both are graduates of ? noon at Good Hope church and 1 .ilowa State and he has a bache-.;conference at 1:30 plm.. and the] , lor's degree in chemical engin- ] conference^ at Bmt- - Methodist j e three sons.church at 3:30 p.m. ] have lived at LaCrosse since I H, E. Rachut Sr. is in Califor- ] His parents j nia visitiibg his daughters Stella ! Und Sheik and'fainilies> ' ' j "vt^^A~v^L\ Eastern Star will meet Feb. ? R '£f rd ,&!3 in ihe HalL Th4 annual school 1 of instruction will be March 12.! Past Matrons ehib will meet \ Feb.'' 10. Hostesses are Mary 1 Andrews and Ruby Hinck- You can dry anything, anytime, in a new all-weather gas clothes dryer. You can toss a pair of sneakers in a gas clothes dryer and have them back on busy feet in no time. A gas dryer's fast It's also gentle, it dries with an even blanket Boy Scout; Algona last week. James Laev returiied to ^ ^ - ^ '•'< jl *•*'*•«. ^ •• •* •••^^B «.*^>.«^ i A &***^«» forma Monday, He came to at-j] ey RoU call is a tribute to tend the funeral of his —-*• aunt, Jfrs. H. 0. Bueil. Kossuth Auxiliar>' Fenton Feb. 3. S rea ^! Lincoln'or Washington, The \ program is by Erma Pratt and be at ] Beth Miller. I Merry Mixers club will serve Feb. 7 thru Feb. 13 is Boy',a chili or .vegetable soup sup- i. Graham's. |Scout Week. Scouts and Cub)per. pie and coffee, starting at Chairman of the Heart Drive, I Scouts will wear uniforms to i 5 p.m. at the Methodist church Mrs. Jarnes Fries, and workers j school Feb. 3 and to church I Feb. 9. will have a coffee at the Cunningham Cafe at 9:30 a.m. Feb. 8. Study class on the Book of Act* will be conducted by Rev. M. C, Davies at 9 a.m. Feb. 8 at the Methodist church. U and I Circle will meet Feb. 8 at the Cunningham Tea Room. Roll call is payment, of dues. The extension lesson Ls by Mrs. Russell Patterson. Birthday Circle will meet Feb. 10 at Mrs. Lawrence Doege's. Starting Feb. 9 the Burt Public Library will be open Wednesday and Saturdays 2:30 to ftfrs. John Spear, Mrs. Ray Devine, Mrs. Howard Redemski, the Dean MclJravys, Harley Bode Sunday, Feb. 13. Dr. and Mrs. R. J. DundasJ ••••••••••• •• Santa Ana, Calif., Mrs. James Jones (Sharon), San Jose, Calif., and the Merle Heetlands (Bet ty), Fresno, Calif., attended the j By Mrs. Roland M. Olson funeral for Dale Dundas. j ^^^^^^^^^^^^ The Wm. Vaskes will move i •••••••••••••••••••••••• to St. Louis, Mo., where he will, A Farm Bureau meeting will be employed by an aircraft cor- be held at Erlirtg Olson's Febru- poration. They live in the house !ary 10 at 2 o'clock. Mrs. Noron the Ervin Ulses farm north! man Rolland will show movies of Burt. lof her recent European trip. All A Scout Exposition for 1966 j women in the Delana and Wa- will be held for the public aticousta area are welcome, the Algona high school to bej Board members of the Bode announced later. Scouts in Burt'state Bank, and employees had will sell tickets arul, the Burt! a dinner in the Imperial cafe scoM<#r,w-UI,fec«aKev5Q,f>er*ei4 |of 1 , i PeH.' J l for"- Rr^HKnute' ppfpeflahl ticket sales. The theme .this j who Ls leaving the employ of year is "Break through with ac-jthe bank and will be working tion in Scouting." It involves-for REC in Humboldt. Attend- of warmth that makes even the most delicate things softer, fluffier See your local gas company or gas appliance dealer. Gas makes the big difference. (Costs less, too.) See Our NORGE Clothes Dryers On Display! NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO. "Complete LP and Natural Gas Service" 5-2484 ALGONA thank you for sharing your memories and wftJ* o*. We hope you viHit us again through this W#y old friends seek you out arid new friends prove , sws/J all life's good things gravitate to you." Five at Birt gel afl "*'i" happened to the little old white-haired grand- </«rtf*ry*ar? Only her hairdresser knows. (San Chronicle). They were Douglas Black and Jane Harslou, seniors; Kathleen Patterson, freshman; Marilyn Cherland, eighth grade and Kevin Fraser, seventh grade. Vive Burt students plaee on the "A" honor r(M l<ft ti& \Jsrm ju«t ending, Need Printing? AT THE ADVANCE P '*'. /; ^. ••'.! i ' f ''t on to LET BLOCK -=_ FIGURE YOUR INCOME TAX Man/ "'"•• w» can »av» lh» ay«ray« iuxpoyvr more than 1 (ha Una 11 coit of our t«rvle». Briny your tax problsmi to VI- You'll lav* Iliim, worry and often rnonoyl Don't d«lay. St-w Block today. •OTH FIDfRAL AND STATI LIFE Wf gvaionlft eccura't prtppiolion of tvtry lax iclurn. If w» mek» «ny f(rof| IkQl (9(1 you any ptnally or inl«c»il, W« will pay lh» pfnolly or 1'iltnil. Larg«>t Ta« Service with Over 1000 Offices 108 North Moort ALGONA, IOWA Otyi — 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. — PHONE 295-7031 NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY, ,™»W«H!TOWW«*^ Ip^JVWJWMfJWMM^^ What's New with Allis- Chalmers, Joe? YOU CAN FIND OUT WEDNESDAY. FEB. 9 " CORN SOYBEAN CLINIC VFW Hall • Algona • Free Lunch at Noon • 940 a.m. to 3:00 p.nt % I s/ I 1 !!• i I !« iS STOP IN! *.',* »! SEE ITI "Great Corn/Bean Clinic! Next stop— Allis-Chalmers!'' 7W ORE AT NEW Al.U8-CHAUUW*9 Nfftjirot y$q'ri;nf|r J ,,.,, . - -,_ ^-^ if'. << 'j^'|H{gJff.Wt'yt| > ' thet'? Busing a'hwk 9*f «!)p|^'«)«Wif^ from Allii-ehelmers that cfojii mort y^k vyith, IfM tff^rl thin ,_ ,„ „,.„ we've ever seen, Come to'thmK of i> you'll find it well'wbithfypurlwHili'^l iel visit ju$t to $ee the new Qnt.Ninfiy^t^i.in^YjpiM'JjJt filial VSR A '; to V tractor LINDE LEMENT CO. Swta City 'Your Swea City A(lii«ObaliMn DwUr" (•we Here's where you get into com/bean systems farming! As many of you will see and hear at the Corn/ Bean Clinic, Allis-Chalmers is leading the way with the modern equipment you'll want and need to put your own crop program into effect. From seedbed preparation all the way through haiv vest—narrow-row oy regular —we can help you with the tools to make your plan pay off. Come on in and talk systems farming with us!

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