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Club met wit Zilla Hick Wed pesday, February 4, a good crowd pres and all sure did enjoy the afternoon. Next meeting will be Mrs Carl Hick, Wednesday afternoon, February 18. Mr. and (Mrs. Glenn Arrowood anc and Mrs.

yron Dclaney took din- Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs Davis. Mrs. Ora West called on Mrs. Alex Vance Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. L. Maine and son, Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler from Des Moines, called on Mr.

and Mrs. John Meilike, Saturday evening. Zilla Hick spent Thursday with Mrs Anna Cottrell in Mitchellville. Mr. and Mrs.

Jack Hoye and son Jean, from Esmond, South Dakota, Mrs. Roy Druce and daughter, Velda, and Mrs. Ora Salter, from Car- South Dakota, Mrs. H. Hick, Walter and Otho, took dinner with Mr.

and Mrs. Alex Vance Wednesday. 25 friends and neighbors went i'n and surprised Ernest Pearson Saturday evening; it being his birthday anniversary. Every one spent an enjoyable evening. Mrs.

Delmar Cresap and baby spent Wednesday evening with Mrs. Donald' Hanson and baby and Mrs. Ohas. Davis. Mrs.

H. Hick, Walter and Otho, Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. George Digby. Dorothy and! Gretchen Iseminger, Kay Murphy Harris Hauge, called on Mr.

and Mrs. John Iseminger afternoon. Myrtle Haines from Des Moines, from Saturday until Monday with her mother Mrs. H. HSck.

B. BOWSHEE STATION Mrs. Smith called on Mrs. C. Burkant Thursday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. James Hollett called the Groom home Tuseday. Mrs. T.

F. Guth is in Boone oaring 1 for her sister wiho has been very sick, tut is some improved now. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fousit, Mrs.

(Edwards, took Sunday dinner iwith Mrs. Hays. Mr. and iMrs. E.

O. Darling of VMelpiii -called at the Orson Bowsher home Monday. Mr. Melntire is on a business trip to Denver. Mrs.

McGarr of Des Moirtes spent few days with Mrs. M. V. Hays. Mrs.

Bradshaw, James Christensen, Mildred and Dale Anderson of Des The P. T. A. will meet Friday Feb. ruary 13.

The ladies will give a play, entitled "Not a Man in the House'." Characters are: Aunt Belinda Rider-Mrs. Vandehaar. Lucy H. G. Wilson.

Mrs. Maria Carl Hick Hick. Meilike. Virginia Clark and Mary will sing. Everyone is welcome.

BABBITT DISTRICT The play given at the Babbitt School house Friday night by the ladies was quite a success. Now the men are going to give a play and one of two will be chosen as the best one. Everybody come and see who wins. Callers at the Richardson home Sunday afternoon: Mr. and Mrs.

Al Stadter, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur and daughter, Lila May, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stader and son.

Also Mr. E. A. Riehardson of Des IMoines, and Mr. S.

A. Richardson of Grimes. Mr. and Mrs. W.

P. Woods and Mr. ind Mrs. Guy Woods spent Saturday night and Sunday in Tracey, Iowa. Mr.

and iMrs. Earl West and daughter, spent Sunday afternoon at the Richardson home. Miss Mildred Cole brought Miss Mary Oglvie of Des Moiines put- to jlay at the Babbitt School house'. Mrs. Ernest Gardner is on the sick ist.

Mrs. Van Ginkle and Mrs. Barr, spent Thursday with Mrs. Barr's laughter, Mrs. Tom Hudson.

Miss Viola Fuhs. visited Miss Mar- Sprague Sunday afternoon. Miss Anno Mae Fulton left Des loines Tuesday afternoon for Nebras- ca to spend a week or'more with 'her ousin. Jimmie Fulton accidentally fell and Droke his arm at the wrist. Miss Viola Fuhs called on MissBer- idice Czizek Sunday afternoon.

BORN- RISING SUN -To Mr. and Mrs. ALTOONA HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTS "BITTER-SWEET ANNE" by Estellc Mcrrymorc John. Clark IN THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH Thursday Evening, Feb. 12, 8 o'clock CHARACTERS Princess Diane (Bitter Sweet, Anne) Virginia Porter Papa Jules (Chosen leader of the people) Mclvin Olson Zcta (Daughter of Papa Jules and friend of Anne) Ok'cl Porter Captain Koger Lee (of American Aviation) John Coan Hubert (Jk'trothccl to Zetn) Harold Barton Molly (An Irish maid) Mary Hammer Noel (Helper on the Jules' farm) Basil Smith Duchcssu De.

Grasse Pearl Ilaxen Duke De Grasse 4- Hubert SmitlT Stefan (A friend of Pap.a Jules) Lewis Heller Mama Jules (Wife of Papa Jules) Anna Heller General Zoxo (of his Majesty's Army) llobert Chubbie Queen of Dreams Nadine Henry Chorus of Peasants, Villagers and Pirates A. II. S. Glee Club ACT I. SCENE I.

In Papa. Jules' Garden SCENE II. (Dream) 200 years the time of old King Gus, the Pirate. SCENE III. (Dream) result if Princess Diane refuses to give her people their freedom.

on a Midsummer day. ACT II. SCENE: Papa Jules' Garden. of same day. MISS By Permission of the Publishers, The Raymond A.

Hoffman, Company, of Chicago. Ernest Moines, were callers at Bows'her home Sunday. Orson Mr. and Mrs. Roe Thornburg of Indianola were visitors Tlhornburg's Monday.

at Mrs. Ida: Mrs. Orson Bowsher is helping care for Mrs. C. Burkart who has been very sick but is some improved.

Clarence Thornburg and family took Sunday dinner with Mrs. Ida Thornburg. Mrs. Bell Niekles and Mrs. Nellie Hodson of Inclianola were Sunday visitors at the John Groom home.

Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Thornburg were a't the C. B. Burkart home last HICK SCHOOL NOTES The 2nd and 3rd grades are making a large poster depicting the life of Washington andl his men at Valley Porge.

Arlene Breton was unable to attend school one day last week because of illness. The 7ith and 8th grades are studying the Classic, "Evangeline" by Henry W. Longfellow. Grades 4 and 5 are making product maps during their study of the United States. jooding, a daughter, Tuesday, Febuary 3.

Mother and daughter get- ing along fine. Mr. Mrs. Lee Brady and son, pent Sunday after church at the H. Murrow home.

Mrs. Ella Fail-child and 1 Mrs. John ohnson spent last Tuesday at the 'en West home. Emory Shera and family, and rfrs. Doyle Anderson and Virgil An- crson, spent-Sunday evening at the Irons home.

The Aid met last Thursday all day Mrs. Charley Traw. Quite a ood number were present and much work accomplished. All are sorry to hear of Esta Weaver being ill the past few days. All hope she will be back to normal health soon.

The Aid will meet with Mrs. Arthur Knox all day February 19. Lets have a large attendance. Several from our community attended Capitol Hill church last week. We had 114 at Sunday school Sunday and 108 the Sunday before.

Lets have more than that next Sunday. Everyone itry and be there. The mornling offering totaled $18.00 with the offering later in the day it amount eel to over $22 which was sent-to the south for relief work. Many thanks to all who contributed to the fund to help the needy. Mrs.

Ella Fail-child helped 1 with the house work at the J. D. Freeman home in Des Moines the last week, as Mrs. Freeman been ill. Mr.

and Mrs. G. F. Van Horn and Gene Ellis motored Winterset, Sunday where they spent the day at the home of Will Johnson and family. Several from pur 'community attended the short course at Ames last week.

Among them were Mr. and Mrs. F. Van Horn and 1 Mr. and Mrs.

Frank Person. All are very sorry to hear that Ed Roach has been quite ill the past week The play at Rising Sun and entertainment was pretty well attended 1 MEETINGS AT METHODIST CHURCH START SUNDAY K. M. SIHPMAN Some -one writes, "There is something in religious faith' which can puit a meaning into the inexplicable and find a joy in the 'intolerable." That s.urc- ly means that religion is something whioh we all greatly need. Every one knows that life contains much that is evil and painful, if there is something that can help us in those hard circumstances and even enable us to make of them something beautiful, we all want Religion helps us to do live 'greatly.

There is no more alluring experience than that of Nothing else opens up such possibilities. To know something about it from experience and to have the opportunity of telling others of it is a source of expanding delight. The meetings to be held at the Methodist church beginning February 15 'have as their object the making of religion more real for all of Everyone is invited to attend as regularly as possible. i Lots make the crowd larger next Tues day evening as the P. T.

A. will give a play to raise funds for tho purpose of payting on their piano purchased lately. 0. W. Ellis made a trip to Bondurant Monday for Jim Johnson, hauling 1 him some oats.

Mr. Wesley Freel was among those who called at ithe John Johnson home Monday. Mrs. B. F.

West boarded a few of the telephone linemen this week a they are working on the lines. Mrs. Lawrence Anderson is (improving- enougli, so she is able to do some of her work and be up quite a bit- Mr, and Mrs. Doyle Anderson called at ithe Lester Irons ihoine Monday evening. forget to come-to church Sunday, as Rev.

Carter will be there with two good sermons. Quite a nurriber of children took examinations at the different schools in the neighborhood last Friday. R. P. Shivers andl family and Raymond Shivers and family, spent Sunday after church the home of 1'Yank Person and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Lacey have mov- to Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs.

M. E. Smith from Des Moines, spent Saturday at the N. W. iSmith home.

Mr. Clinkenbcard who has been quite poorly is improving some at this writing. Mrs. Chas. Stonier spent the week end with Mrs.

H. Reich. MUD CREEK NEWS Wm. Blake and crew, 'baled straw on the Elliott farm near Mitchellville Monday, Mr: and Mrs. Eugene Breton's baby pneumonia.

Mr. and Mrs. George Bailey, Lois and Wlilbur, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bailey and children of Mitchellville, visited with Mr.

and Mrs. C. A. Bailey Sunday. Mr.

and Mrs. Lloyd Thomas and family Elkhart, and Mr. Geo. Tomlinson ajid Howard of north of Bondurant, v'isiitetl with the Fred Hurst Family, Sunday afternoon. Mrs.J.

C. Mason called at the Clifford Plummer home Tuesday to see the new lady. ENTERPRISE SCHOOL DIST. Mrs. Ed Holtz and Mrs.

H. Davis visited Thursday with Mrs. Harold Wilson while the Phillip's sale, men attended the Mr. Glenn Shepherd has been on the sick list. Mr.

and Mrs. M. J. Blesz had supper with Mr. and Mrs.

H. Davis-itnd the evening, Wednesday. ipent Mrs, Poortinga's father from Monroe is visiting at her home. Mr. and Mrs.

H. E. Davis visited in Des Moines Sunday. Bernard Bence returned to school Monday after a weeks -absence on account of the chicken-pox. Mrs.

Will Wilson, v'asited Thursday with Mrs. Niswander, of Altoona. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Pope were called to Stoutland, Missouri, Saturday on account of tho death of 'her mother, Mrs.

Wm. Deben-y who had been for several months. Mrs. Wilson visited with daughter, Mrs. Stapp, lin Des Moines Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Blink, of Nevada, visited their daughter, Mrs Bence Thursday. WEST SCHOOL DISTRICT Mr.

and Mrs. J. W. McConnell entertained, Mr. and Mrs.

Brand of Des Moines, Sunday. Mrs. Ohrismaiy John and Billy of Chicago are visitiing her sister, Mrs. John Lacey and 1 husband. Mrs.

Hudson Smith is ort the side Mrs, Shumaker from Chicago, is visiting at the home of Jier--mother Mrs. Margaret' Davis. Little Avanell MsGonnell who has sick the past two weeks is improv ing. Mr, Reich who was on the sick list is able to be around again. list.

MAKING LIGHT OF THE TIMES By E. L. Meyer Robert Quillen, editor of The Fountain' Inn (S. lot of fun by writing a hundred per cent truthful account of the wedd'ing of a young coupie in his home town. After stating the names of the groom and blushing bride and the place of their wedding, Mr.

Quillen wrote: "The groom is a popular young bum who ihasn't done a lick of "work since he got slipped in ithe middle of hiis junior year in college. He manages to dress well and keeps a supply of spending money because his dad is a soft-hearted fool who takes up his bad checks instead of letting him go to jail where he The bride is a skinny, fast little idiot, who has been kissed. and handled by every boy in town since she was 12 years old. She paints- like a iSioux Indian and drinks corn liquor when she is out riding in her dad's car at night. She doesn't know how to cook or keep house.

The house was newly plastered for the wedding and the exterior painted, thus appropriately carrying out the decorative for the- groom was newly plastered and the bride newly painted. The grooms pants were held vm by pale green In addition his jag he carried a bunch of keys and his usual look of imbecilty. The young people will make their home with the brides means they will sponge on the old man until he dies and then she will itake iin washing. Postscript by editor: This may be the of the Tribune, but'my life ambition has been to write up one wedding and tell the truth. Now that is done death can have no sting," Mr.

Quillen has set a dangerous precedent. Other editors may obey that instinct and we shall 'have honest news stories like the following: Erasmus Quimbly, millionaire manufacturer of stuffed owls, died yesterday to the immense Gratification everybody concerned. Mr. Quimbly succumbed after a lingering illness, during which 'his relatives, summoned' to 'his bedside, prayed for a ra-jid turn for the Mr. Quimbly was well for hjin public philanthropy, having donated six boxes to the Spring Avenue Baptist church to be used for poor fund collections, ftesi- nts of this city ret-all Mi-.

Quimbly's phenomenal rise -to he made his initial fortune by selling- shirts. It was discovered by increasing the size "of the buttonholes and removing six inches from the shirt tails. Mr. Quimbly saved enough cloth tc. go into the tent and awniiw business.

The plot was discovered, Mr. Quimbly was arrested, but the news never leaked out 'because Mr. QviimbJy owned an interest paper. Civic leaders today uniWi in -of the E'tuft'eJ owl magnate: I can say about Mr. declared Moses Scatterjoy of the Hu- "iiane society, "is that I never caught im giraffe." Funi'ial sW- lcsf be held tomorrow, pjet-ede'l a mihlic jubilation meeting' at th- town hall." "Bickerboy and Snod'grass, the well known and popular in hhoes, coffins, molasses and women's announce their sensational going out of busincss i sale.

Old customers of bhe firm will hail this annual event with joy. Mr. Snodgrass announce that his entire high-grade stock goods will go on sale after it is thor oughly diluted with a carload of tras' which he purchased at two cents on the dollar at a bankruptcy sale in Knlamazoo." "Five hundred bored people heard tiresome program yesterday at the Woman's Forum. Mrs. Tinkortoi Yoops, who opened the twake, was especially wretched.

She has a voice like a rusty pump, and it is frightfu to watch a society leader weighing 210 pounds singing For the Wing; of a Dove." When Mrs. Yoops starts her third song, "Sing Me To someone in the back of the room got up and began singing, but she didn't go to sleep and everybody was mad as hops. Mrs. Mauretania Plecps followed with a dramatic reading from King Uobert of Sicily, accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Olivia Oyl.

Mrs. Plecps has been torturing'audiences in these parts for 10 years with King Robert, and a movement is on foot to obtain a restraining injunction under tho 'public nuisance ordinance. Last on the program was Mrs. Jeems Wihortle- buck, who read a paper on The Culture of the Ancient Pyloxerities, with Special References to Swedenborg- ianism. Mrs.

Whortlebuck's reading voice has timber. About as much as a toothpick. Forty-nine times while leading she stufl'ed her soiled handkerchief into her right sleeve and then took it out and put it into her left sleeve. When she had 1 finished iher reading there was a dramatic silence punctuated only by a salvo of enthusiastic snores." (PN W. C.

T. U. NOTES Dan Turner in his Inaugural The prohibition law is the subject of much discussion. Many pronounce it a failure whose memories do not go back to the days -when legalized sale of liquor by common consent was held directly responsible for broken homes, poverty and crime. It is unnecessary for me to enter linto a d'efense of hiibition in tho presence of representatives sworn to support the constitution of the United States and: the state of Iowa, representatives in a commonmealth where dry sentiment has heen in the ascendency for over fifty years.

I wish Oiowever, briefly to analyze propaganda set forth that can have'rib' efl'ect except to encourage lawlessness and breed crime. Prohibition was placed in the constitution of the United States by an amendment that was ratified by 4G of the 48 states of ithe union. It is a fundamental law of the land. Neither congress nor a state' legi'sature can legalize 'the manufacture, sale or transportation of intoxicating liquors for beverage purposes. A law contemplating nullification would be declared' by the courts as unconstitutional and void.

CENTENNIAL CHURCH Centennial was delig'hted Sunday morning with a fine attendance and five baptisms. We planned ito all attend in a body at Altoona next Sunday evening and the following Wednesday evening. Everbody is invited to go along with us. Each Sunday is Church School for all grades at 10:00 a. m.

Worship Sei-vicu and Pi-caching regularly at 11:00 a. m. The Methodist Episcopal Church Ernest B. Stewart, Pastor Unified Morning Service a Epworth League 0:30 p. m.

Evening Worship 7:30 p. m. Our Ladies' Aid society is meeting this Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Frank Barton. All our young people are expected' to join in the good time planned for the Valentine party which is be at the Qhurch basement Saturday evening at eight o'clqck.

Sunday morning our World Service committee give the following interesting-program for us: IMae Kurtzweil; Owens; Mrs. Howard: iJartun; Mifists Virginia Clark and Mary Shultiae; Youth Building the Church today and Utter; Sunday 1 School Orchestra; Our Work for people under the and J. C. Thompson; Christinn Soldiers; I 'hear people talking, the last few- weeks, about some Special meetings to be held in our community for thfj short period of two weeks. I wonder ivhat I can do to Jiolp? I know! I can arrange my work for that short a ilime so that I can attend regularly.

W'hat more'can I do? I can viuit my neighbors and invite them to attend to. Is there anything else I can do Oh, yes, there is, I can use the privilege that is mine to enter fully into the spirit of the meeting ithe 'very first rtig'ht and continue helping my little bit unti'-l very closing night and then will be able to rejoice in the fact that I have had a part in an enterprise that helped my friends, my entire, community, -and that aged myself to live bolter. Brother Shipman will bo with us next Sunday evening at 7:30. Assui-a us now that we can count on to be there too, Because of tho School Berwick Ftore Burns The Berwick general store was completely destroyed by fire Tuesday evening when fire of unknown origin started about 8 o'clock and burned rapidly. It is supposed a spark on the roof started the fire as the flames were first discovered there.

Frank Dunkle, proprietor was in Bondurant at the time and the clerk had closed the store about 20 minutes before the fire was discovered. Some sf goods and fixtures were saved, jut it was mostly all including the building destroyed. The alarm was giiven and the Al- Fire Truck called but as the niilding was a frame structure it was turned ito the ground before the truck arrived. Mr. Dunkle estimates his oss at about which is partly covered by insurance.

Mr. Dunkle has opened a temporary store in a residence building and is to serve the public. Mr. and Mrs. John Newell and mother, of Shellrock, spent the week nd at the home of Mr.

and Mrs Jim ewell. Callers at the A. H. Spragiic home were: Mr. Mrs.

Mrs. D. M. Fuhs and daugh- er Viola and Mrs. 'Milliard 1 Broyles, II of Des Moines.

Miss Flora Cervi has been on tho ick list for the past week. Mrs. Jim Newel! attended a lunch- on in Des Moines, Thursday. Mrs. Ilo Mendenhall and children, punt Sunday afternoon at the home- Frank Justice.

Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Elliott and Mrs.

aura Silver called on Mis. A. W. llliott, Sunday afternoon Miss, Margaret Sprain returned to er homo Thursday, after being in the pspital for an operation of appendi- itis. She is getting along nicely.

and Mrs. John Parmenter and called 1 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. nenillia iSunday. Mrs, Lucille Wechter of Harper, is pending a couple of weeks with her arents, Mr.

and Mrs. Frank Justice. Mr. and 'Mrs. Henry Peterson and on of Des Moines, spent Sunday with er parents, Mr.

and Mrs. Oscar Anerson. Mr. and Ted- Diehl and family ook Sunday dinner at the ihome tfr. and Mrs.

D. G. Whed'e. Mr. and Mrs.

Billie Dunkle and fam- of Bondurant, took Sunday dinner the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank! 'unkle. Mr. and Mrs.

Billie Dunkle nd family are moving to New Hamp- Wednesday. iMrs. C. C. Thornburg and Mrs.

Laura Silver called on Mrs. Vander- linrfen Monday afternoon, The Congregational Ladies Aid will meet at the home of Mrs. Jim Farrell Thursday. Miss Lois Thornburg called on Margaret Sprague Monday afternoon. Declamatory contest, (which is to immediately follow at our church Monday evening) lit is necessary to begiin the service Monday evening at 7:00.

There will be no admission charge to the contest, that will follow We are glad to make Ithis arrangement in co-operation with our school. Let's worship together Sunday. CHURCH OF CHRIST School Morning Christiap '30 Evening With the beautiful weather which we have been- having, our services are showing a steady increase in attendance, both -'in the Sunday School, church and young people's society. Nearly thirty young people were in the Endeavor Sunday evening. But why not -be "All-weather" Christians and be in your place in the service no matter what the weather? Miner, who is supplying, is giv- ng us some inspiring- song service and sermons each Sund'ay Morning and evening He has requested the orchestra to be on the job at ithe evening- services, and their part sure- puts "pep" and action into the service.

Conic to Sunday School, -good classes, good itcacheib, good singing, good and join in, Tho morning worship period at 11 o'clock is our communion and family service, with the Junior church for the little folks. Everyone welcome and all members should be there. The Woman's -Missionary Society meet at ithe J. C. Mason home Thursday afternoon.

A large delegation of -the Loyal Comrades Class with their teacher, Mrs. Harvey West attended the Revival meeting at the QapiJtol Hill Church of Christ Tuesday evening 1 of last week. The Loyal. Comrades Class enjoyed a party at the home of Alton Becker Friday evening- January 23. NOTICE must insist thai items ie mailed so ae to be in the jfferal4 office by Tuesday mornings-.

Some of our news did reach uutjl Oay this week, whM necC3s.itate4 vui- twg-out of it, as canjaot all pur at tfte last nunutc. t- 'Mo- 1 ri.

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