Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1966 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1966
Page 8
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•••••••••••••••••••••ft* •-ALOONA (lew*) ADVANCt THURSDAY, FCi. 3, MM, WHY IS IT our hates make more impression on our subconscious state than do our likes? Must be some kind of a perverse way of getting the old Ihinktank steamed up. Anyway that What's My One hasn't been the same since the Old Goat could snort a bit at Dorothy Kilgallen. Just doesn't seem to be anyone to take her place. It's difficult to dislike Arlene Francis or Bennett Cerf though there are some who do. And the guest stars are on only a night and it takes a bit of time to really get going on a personality. * * * , JEEPERS! It is certainly tenwthing to see—that award of the golden globes the other night. The globes weren't the interesting part—what was eye-popping was the way the stars dressed (women stars— silly—men don't wear dres- sesl) The Old Goat was mighty nervous several times that something would give way •nd there'd be a lot of star for the star gazers to gaze •t. Oh well, maybe the men in their monkeysuits did look ridiculous, but they certainly were not living as dangerously as the gals. Wow! * * * ED SULLIVAN is going to break his arm if he continues to pat himself on his back all the time, or else he has a rubber elbow. He got almost maud lin in introducing a Green Beret performer the other night and sounded as if Ed himself was wearing the green bonnet and leading the charge up San Juan hill. His kowtowing to celebrities in the audience is a joke to everyone but the honored person for whom Ed whoops it up with a "let's hear it for good old fatso". It's no TV secret that most are planted in the audience and are just there long enough to get introduced and they hike to the nearest bistro to take a bit of tonic after the ordeal. * * * IT MUST BE OBSERVED that Micky Rooney is certainly snakebit as far as his women are concerned. Mickey has gone through as many fortunes as he has marriages, but this last sad affair topped •II of his troubles. It's kind of sickening to have such things going on in the world, •nd Micky deserves some sympathy. 1 * * * A FRENCH DESIGNER has come up with what he calls the nude woman look, and by golly, if the resporters are right he danged near gets the job done. Seems these new sheath tight deals are molded to the woman. That means she can't wear any unmentionables under them—hence the nude woman is only a few stitches away from disaster. Frankly the poor dears look just awful but if some French guy says that's style they'll wear it if it kills them. Probably no one but the practical Old Goat would wonder how they keep their stockings up? Or do they wear them? Judging from TV actresses and singers in the tight deals there isn't a shadow of a doubt they don't wear a durned thing. And they can't sing for sour apples either. So there! * * * THE OLD GOAT has come up with an original idea—at least it's original to the Old Goat and he has durned few ideas. Anyway the Old Goat thinks these movie and other actresses keep their maiden names because they're changing husbands so often it would be confusing. Imagine that Miss Yick makes a picture tnd before it's released she's Mill Yack, and by the time she's recognized as Miss Yick iht'i Miss Yuck. That kind of makes sense doesn't it? And it selves the problem of keeping track of who is married to whom at the moment. FER GOSH SAKfS why do ifee newspapers and magazines picture these exercises with girls who don't need it? Why not have some fat old dame do the twists and stuff. And by the same token why do the fashion shows feature slwn models showing the -gowns to a of fat old dajnes who wear them? fen't it silly! Susan Nitchals engaged MR. AND MRS. Louis W. Nitchals, Algona, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Susan, and Anthony G. Coloff, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Petroff, Mason City. Miss Nitchals is a graduate of Garrigan high school and St. Joseph Mercy school of nursing, Mason City. Mr. Coloff graduated from Mason City high school, Mason City junior college, and attended the state university of Iowa. BIRTHDAY SUNDAY Scott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Umbrel, of Spencer, will be three years old Feb. 6 and a family dinner will be given in his honor at ,the home of his parents. In attendance will be the grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Dahlhauser, and Mr. and Mrs. Archie Umbrel Sr. of Ayrshire, the great grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Muckey, Mrs. Anna Umbrel of Ruthven, and Mrs. Carl Dahlhauser. The anniversary is observed each year and pictures taken. WOMEN'S CLUB MEETS The Plum Creek Women's club met Wednesday, Jan. 26, with Mrs. Delores Bode assisted by Lorraine Campney and Leola Gardner. Inspiration was by Donna Broesder. Twenty-five mem. bers answered roll call "Our New Foods." The lesson "Look at Convenient Foods" was by Phyllis Kuhn and Joyce Keith. The next meeting will be with Marjorie Mawdsley. CRAPSER REUNION A Crapser family reunion was held last week Sunday at Mr. and Mrs, Russell Crapser's at Waterloo. Present were the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Crapser, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Mains, Major and Mrs. Charles Crapser, Mr. and Mrs, Richard Walker, of Chesterton, Ind., and the respective families. 'Chosen For Action." Chairman and co-chairman are Mrs. Max Bartholomew and Mrs. Everett Barr. Irving ton By Mae McLean •••••••••••••••••••••••*> The Clyde Dudleys drove to Omaha last week Monday morning to meet Mrs. Dudley's brother, L. A. DeSart, Las Vegas, Nev. They stopped at Lake City and picked up two other brothers, George and Harold DeSart. Clyde stopped off at home at City, visited Mr. Robison'8 sister, Mrs. Hazel Sabin, here Monday. Mrs. ft. 0. Davis returned home last week after two weeks at the daughter, the Dick Fellins, Emmetsburg. Mrs. Da* vis took care of the son Joe while Mrs. Fellin was in the hospital. The new son's name is Richard Dail, and was born Jan. 17. . Group plans an Old-Fashioned "Bean Supper" The Kossuth County Historical Society is about to renew an old custom which was traditional in early Algona, and so will hold a Bean Supper on Washington's Birthday, the traditional date. It will be served at the Algona VFW Hall from 5 to 7:30 on Tuesday, Feb. 22. There will be entertainment throughout the serving time. It is hoped that the present generation will be interested enough to support the project which, in the early days, was one of the social highlights of Algona's winter season. Originally planned by the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) there are many mentions made in old time Algona newspapers of the event. Back' in 1886, the Feb. 22 meal was served in the County Court House and 500 to 600 people were fed a bountiful supper. Various local groups furnished music and among speakers were Mayor Call and Harvey Ingham. The proceeds, well over $100, went to 'relieve families of needy soldiers. Again in 1897, the meal served at the Courthouse was well patronized with tickets selling for 35 cents to adults and 25 cents for children. Among speakers were long deceased Dr. Sheets, J. B. Jones, the Rev. Barnard and Geo. E. Clark. The next year, it is reported, no meal was served, and so there "was a small crowd for the Washington's Birthday celebration; •< In 1890 the WRC, (Womens 1 Relief Corps) an auxiliary of GAR, took over the project serving at the Court House, which seems to have been the only place large enough, and achieved a huge success, with many diners coming from neigh- borning towns. The newspapers report speeches galore and music by several local groups. And the profit from the meal, about $80, was to be used to pay off the mortgage on a Civil War veteran's widow's home. Vblgt, Salary ^...^^^^^ 1«|,W WilleVi Salary ^.iJi.'.-i----- 15.00 la. State flank, Wholding M5-32 Trust ^.Agency, PensiCh .... 4.49 Rickleft-Gwrari/ Insurance 14.12 Directory Service, Receipts .._ 27.50 NW Bell, Telephone ii .—— ,22.85 RlekllrW,, In*.. .Premium .-._-- 2,773.00 Algohd Fir* Dept., Services ... 444.00 BoTia'nnbn Insurance, Premium _ 499.84 lANlf At IOH Gade, Salary ... i - $87.55 Courtney, Salary ..—,--• 102.98 la. State Bank, Wholding 7.00 NW Bell,. Telephone .... 10.50 Wallace & Holland. Eng. Fees 352.40 Loing's Plbg., - Services ..—^ 10.34 Utt Electric, Service -i_~~- 4.00 Bohanpon Insurance,, Premium 9.00 SIWIR RINTAl Gronbach, Salary -- $ 150.04 O. L. Bohannor, Boldrldge, Salary-,- * Bakken, Labor la. State Bank, wnoiaing —Bohannon Insurance, Premium PARKING MITIR Groen, Salary * Nouholz, Salary ----- r la. State Bank, Wholding Trust 8. Agency, Pension ' Algona Postmaster, Envelopes Published in the Algona County Advance, Algona, February 3, 1966. 26161 22.00 118.30 11.85 15.00 371.66 101.14 11.68 16.88 7.60 97.25 197.03 52.46 30.60 2.34 62.40 Kossuth Iowa, Married at Britt FIRST BAPTIST WOMEN Women of the First Baptist church are meeting Thursday afternoon. Hostesses will be Mrs. Paul Richardson, Mrs. Leonard Maasdam, and Mrs. Don Puffer. CHURCH GROUP MEETING The Congregational Fellowship meets Thursday, Feb. 3 for a one o'clock luncheon. Mrs. Lowell Smith is in charge of the program. PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN Women of the First Presbyterian church will meet Thursday, Feb. 3 for a one o'clock dessert luncheon. Galbraith and the others continued on to Elk River, Minn., for the funeral of a brother-in- law, Wilbur Gregg, 56. Mr. Gregg had suffered from a bad heart for sometime and recently lost consciousness while at work. Doctors decided to open the chest cavity and found a portion of the aorta enlarged to twice the size of a baseball. Mr. Gregg lived 36 hours after the surgery. Mr. Gregg and a daughter, Mrs. Dennis Doege, who attended her father's funeral, will stop off at the Dudleys this week Thursday enroute to the Doege home, Nashville, Tenn., where Mrs. Gregg will spend the remainder of the winter. Suzanne Dudley, student at Westmar college, Le Mars, spenl the semester break Monday to Sunday with her parents the Clyde Dudleys, Galbraith. Joe Lage, Diamond City, Ark called his mother, Mrs. Blanche Lage here Sunday and told of the unseasonable cold last week which broke water pipes and caused much discomfort there. Attending the grain dealers convention in Des Moines last week from this area were the Bernard Capesiuses, Raymond Harigs, Edward Arends, and Richard Mawdsley. Guests at Ardain Eastman's, Algona, last week Tuesday evening for Deanna's birthday were the Kenneth Potters, Ger- AT CLUB MEETING Mrs. Jess Dugan went to Burt Tuesday to attend her bridge club meeting at Mrs. Bertha Elvidge's. BRIDGE CLUB HOSTESS Mrs. Pearl Potter is entertaining her bridge club Thursday evening. HELP AT TRAVELOGUE Cub Scouts number, Pack 29, distributed programs at the Kiwanis Travelogue Wednesday evening. CARD TOURNAMENT The Country Club card tournament will begin Monday, Feb. 7 following a seven o'clock dinner at the club. WSCS MEETING TODAY The Methodist WSCS meets on Thursday.Feb. 3 clock luncheon. for a one o'- Thc lesson is MR. AND MRS. Robert Lynne Haag were married Saturday, Jan. 15, in a candlelight service at the Evangelical Free church in Britt. Mrs. Haag is the former Marcella Elaine Bird, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bird, Britt. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Haag, Algona. Photo by Poundstone. —Thursday thru Saturday "Zebra In The Kitchen" . at 7:30 p.m. only "Gunfighters At Casa Grande" 9:10 only —Both features shown Saturday matinee at 1:30 —Sunday "Boeing Boeing" ,1:30 -3:25.5:25 -7.25 -9:25 —Monday thru Wednesday "Boeing Boeing" 7:15-9:15 aid, Colemans, and Jim. Judy Coleman Mrs. Margaret Kent, Algona, received word Monday from her daughter Margaret, Washington, D.C., reporting 21 inches of snow there. All methods of transportation were virtually at a stand still and most people were not expected to get to work. Margaret is employed with the Acacia Life Insurance Co. there. Visitors at Herman Becker's Sunday were the Richard Farrells, Sioux City, and Gary Ludwigs and Shane. The Farrells visited Saturday with Richard's parents, the Vernis Farrells, Emmetsburg. Harold Colwell, who recently spent a week hospitalized in Iowa City, returned home January 21 and has returned to his work with the Welp Co., Baa- croft. He is scheduled to return to Iowa City in three weeks. The August llobisons, Swea By 1907 the annual observance took place in the old Armory which stood in the block where the. Algona' Theater now is located. Since the aging members of GAR and WRC were no longer to carry on, it was then decided to turn the management of the affair over to the Sons of Veterans organization. So in 1908 that was done and $130.00 was cleared at the annual Bean Supper where Dr. Morse, Judge Coyle, T. P. Harrington, and Rev. Torbett were speakers. In 1909, it was reported that the tables were filled twice; the food excellent, and program good with Col. Spencer and Mrs. D. H. Goeders among the speakers. In 1910 very bad weather kept the crowd down but again the papers report good food, a fine social time, and on the program, a reading by Dot Carlon (Mrs, D. P. Smith), music by Camilla Wilson and a chorus of girls. In 1912, the meal was served at the Woodman Hall, but later seems to have been discontinued. Now in 1966, it is the hope of the Historical Society to renew an old tradition, not only for Algonians, but county-wide, and it is hoped that many of the younger people who do not remember the annual Bean suppers will become interested. Mrs. Wayne Keith is chairman of the food committee and the menu will consist of: Baked Beans, Boston Brown Bread (like Mother used to make), baked Ham, Cabbage salad, rolls, butter, jam, Lady Washington cake, coffee, and milk. Fred Plumb will look after the dining room and tables; Stewart McFadden will arrange for entertainment; and Dr. L. R. Potter is in charge of advance ticket sales. They will be sold for $1.25 for adults and 75 cents for children under 12. Many will assist who live in various parts of the county to make this a real Community affair with people of all ages participating in a traditional celebration of Washington's Birthday, and the Historical Society is hoping that many will be interested enough to support their efforts. PROBATES IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY N THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF RENA L. BUELL, Deceased. Probate No. 8865 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF RENA L. BUELL, Deceased: You are hereby notified that on the 31st day of January, 1966, the last will and testament of Rena L. Buell, deceased, bearing date of the 8th day of April, 1960, and codicils attached thereto dated Sept. I, 1961, Jan, 10, 1962, Sept. 10, 1962, Nov. 20, 1962. Mar. 12, 1963, Dec. 2, 1963, Mar. 6, 1964, Nov. 2, 1964, Apr. 16, 1965 and Sept. 28, 1965 was admitted to probate in the above named court and that H. W. Miller was appointed executor of said estate. Notice is further given that any action to set aside said will must be brought in the district court of said county within one year from the date of the second publication of this notice, or thereafter be forever barred. Notice is further given that all persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having claims against said estate shall file them with the clerk of the above named districr court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance; and unless so filed within six months from the seconc publication of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) such claim shal thereafter be forever barred. Dated this 31st day of January, 1966 H. W. Miller Executor of said Estate Algona, Iowa Address H. W. Miller Attorney for said Executor Algona, Iowa Address Date of second publication 10th day of February, 1966. Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa February 3 and 10, 1966. is section 701 of the Federal Housing Act of 1954 as amended, provides federal appropriations for the purpose of assisting local governments in solving planning problems. Projects 'are financed by 2/3 federal and 1/3 local funds. ' Approved to extend the agreement with Robert Deal to supply the city with gravel. Approved to extend the agreement with Algona Tree Service to trim the dead wood out of Elm trees that are on city property. Authorized the purchase of approx. 1000 tons of chips from the Humboldt quarry to be stockpiled at Algona. Moved and seconded the meeting adj. D. A. Smith, City Clerk APPROPRIATING RESOLUTION NO. 1142 January 26, 1966 GENERAL Finn, Salary $ 135.00 Smith, Salary 237.43 Sands, Salary 134.29 la. State Bank, Wholding 63.70 Directpry Service, Blue Prints -_ 9.00 W.. Finn, Expenses 49.25 NW Bell, Telephone 26.20 Bohannon Insurance, Premium 292.66 STREET Burris, Salary $ 171.89 Burtis, Salary 151.50 Frambach, Salary 141.60 Helmers, Salary 141.64 Lashbrook, Salary 47.89 Pergandc, Salary 189.66 Skilling, Labor 29.39 Wibbon, Salary 137.23 la. State Bank, Wholding 88.70 Ricklefs-Geelan, Insurance 7.06 NW Bell, Telephone 21.30 Sieg Company, Parts Cleaner _ 236.00 Sunray DX, Supplies 32.28 Jnited Bldrs., Supplies .88 Wallance & Holland, Eng. Fees 852.60 ;hemco Co., Polish 22.08 Bohannon Insurance, Premium 326.08 ROAD USE TAX co Machine, Parts $ 3.55 Laing's Plbg., Service & Controls 110.50 ""ederson-Sells, Repairs 1.13 iieg Co., Repairs 2.16 PUBLIC SAFETY ioekelman, Salary $ 225.97 iulten, Salary 173.79 Serdes, Salary 155.56 Hutchison, Salary 172.77 Advertitt in thf Adv«ne« « ttrgiit PAID circuUtionl COUNCIL MINUTES orgenson, Salary 1 84.90 ___________ . lasmussen, Salary _________ J64.76 Elbert, Salary _____________ ._ 33.78 THURS, Thra SAT. SAT. MATINEE AT 1:30 ALGONA 2 BIG FIRST RUN FEATURES SOMEONE'S GOT A ZOO * *** •••**•, an elephant In and a PLUS SECOND THRILLING HITI Gunfighters of Casa Grande CINEMASCOPE and METROCOLOt SUNDAY Thra WEDNESDAY, Feb. 6-9 The Big Comedy off Nineteen- THEATRE COLOR DANY SAMM. -CHRISTlrV^.SCHMIDTMER -SUZANNA LEIGH. THELMA BITTER COUNCIL MINUTES The city council met Jan. 26, 1966 at a regular meeting with Mayor Finn and the following council members: Muckey, Andreasen, Elbert, Miller and Peirce. Absent: Cook. Minutes of last meeting were approved. L. Bohannon of Bohannon Ins. Service explained to the council the increase premium cost of the cities Fire Ins. policy. H. Smith of Wallace and Holland Engr. firm met with the council to discuss a curb and gutter project. The council authorized Mr. Smith to meet with the Planning and Zoning Comm. to further discuss on a curb and gutter project. Leon Martin came before the council concerning sanitary sewer extension to make sewer line available at the corner of Kennedy and Hall streets. This was referred to Mr. Smith of Wallace and Holland for study. Mr. Tielebein, 114 S. Main came before the council concerning no parking on Main street. No action was taken at this time. Ray Braun of Algona came before the council for information on closing streets across his property in the northeast part of the city. Mr. Braun was referred to the Planning and Zoning Comm. Fire Chief gave a report on the activities of the fire department for 1965 and he was authorized to send out for bids on a new emergency truck. Proposed Ord. 449 entitled "Ordinance amending ordinance No. 413, the municipal code, by prohibiting parking in an area bounded by McGregor, Ridgley, North and Phillips streets between 2:00 A.M. and 6:00 A.M. and prohibiting parking on Main street at any time, and providing penalties for the violation thereof" was given the first reading. Authorized the City Attorney to send g letter to the Planning Zoning Comm. recjinnmendjoa to the Planning and Zon- ing'Comm.-fhot they investigate tho 701 Urban Plannina Assistance Project. This B As seen in MODERN BRIDE The eleggnt look in crisp imported rayon organza over taffetq frosted with a bodice of 3-D Venise lace. Fashionable cotillion silhoyette sweeps to a chapel train. "Algona's Fashion Center For Women and Girls" *

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