Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on September 29, 1982 · Page 24
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 24

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 29, 1982
Page 24
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Br! 'BLIC Wednesday, September 29, 1982 O The Arizona Republic Ell O KTVK (ABC) O KPHO (Ind.) Q KAET (PBS) KOOL (CBS) D KPNX (NBC) "KNXV (Ind) D KPAZ (Ind.-UHF) Q) KTVW (Spanish)(UHF) FINAL T W Radio Daytime 03 Mrv Griffin Debbie Allen, Gene Anthony Ray, lori Singer. (0 700 dub "TV" in movie lutings signifies that the movie was made for television. 5:00 O The Rifleman Meditation 9 Lester Sumroll 5:05 (Q Pvblic Affairs 5:15 03 Farm and Ronch 5:30 O College Classes 03 Captain Kangaroo CD Hal Lindsay 03 Earfy Today 5:45 QAM. Weather 5:55 RFD 12 6:00 O ABC News Q Great Space Coaster O Sesame Street Morning ' News , Q) One-Way Game 6:30 , O Sergeant Preston CD Joy 't ,r,e Morning 7:00 CI Good Morning America O Wallace and Ladmo O Humanities Arts Today Jim Baltics 7:30 O Lilias, Yoga and You Q Praise 8:00 0 Tom & Jerry O Sesame Street IS TODAY THE 700 GUIS Brings YmSUITUULU: mgttiTDOsaaoM 8:30 O Open House D Hoy Mismo 9 00 O Richard Simmons O Movie "The Man Who Wouldn't Talk to Kids" (1973, drama) Peter . Boyle, Scott Jocoby. O Electric Company $25,000 Pyramid Here's Lucy 9:30 O Ryan's Hope . O Mister Rogers Child's Play Mary Tyler Moore Financial News CD News 10:00 O All My Children O Sesame Street Price Is Right Doctors CD Get in Shape Q) Mundo Latino 10:30 0 Donahue Columnist-writer Taki Theodor-ocopulos defends his recent article titled "Americon Women Make lousy lovers," comments on how the women's movement has affected male and female sexuality, and reveals his definition of what makes a woman sexy. Search for Tomorrow Q) Jimmy Swaggart 11:00 O One Life to Live O 3-2-1 Contact Young and Restless Days of Our lives ED I Choose Life Q) B Chave 11:30 0 News O Beyond Words CD Kenneth Hagin (B Enrique Polrvox 12:00 O General Hospital 0 Dick Van Dyke O Gardening for Fun News Bonanxa CD TreasuresDarkness CD Carrcscolendos 12:30 0 Andy Griffith O Dick Cavett As the World Turns Wheel of Fortune CD Calling Dr. Whitaker Movie "Kermesse" 1:00 O Edge of Night 0 Hogan's Heroes O Masterpiece Theatre Another World Movie "San Francisco International'' (1970, drama, TV) PemeH Roberts, Van Johnson, David Hartman. Pilot's wife it held hostage in a plot to steal money from a cargo plane. CD Wanda Jackson 1:30 O Family Feud Capitol 0 I Love Lucy CD Lester Sumrall 2:00 O Love Boat 0 Big Valley O Mister Rogers Guiding Light Fantasy CD Praise 2:30 Q Sesame Street CE) Infamia 3:00 O Little House 0 Bugs Bunny & Friends Tattletales People's Court Incredible Hulk Q) Andrea Celeste 3:30 0 Pink Panther 0 Electric Company Tic Tac Dough Mary Tyler Moore 4:00 OWKRP 0 Scooby Doo 0 Villa Alegre Joker's Wild Weeklong fall fashion preview continues. Hour Magazine McHale's Navy CD News Por Amor 4:30 O More Real People 0 Gilligan's Island 0 This Old House News Leave It to Beaver CD Captain Andy 5:00 0 News 0 Brady Bunch 0 Doctor Who One Day at a Time CD Practice Makes Perfect ffiXetu 5:30 O ABC News 0 Happy Days Again 0 Doctor in the House CBS News NBC News Maude CD Heritage Singers EB Extranos Caminos del Amor Evening Prime-Time Cable Television 6:00 0 News 0 Loverne & Shirley The girls trick Richie and Potsie (of "Happy Days") into escorting them to a dance. O Business Report Saturday Night Desi Amaz Jr. CD Friedman & Friends B Noticiero Nocional 6:30 0 PM Magazine Olympic swimming. 3 PM HAGAZWE U of H'$ Sync Swimming To tin Olympics! 0MASH Someone in the camp is feeding negative reports about Col. Potter to the inspector general. 0 Horizon Family Feud Entertainment Tonight CD Armageddon B Derecho de Nacer 7:00 O Tales of the Gold Monkey Corky is shanghaied as part of a plot to enslave a tribe. A0V 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 HE0 teteryexlW (BfawlK ON mWhwilAmlOq (BlItowweDwrgI ESPN DcvBCue:USAn.Se6M SporfcCerrrer WniwmrorjmCtesk ACTS MoknjoSosi ArfeUAtMeto Poets tWritw Stgn-Off flM 0H)UversondLiors(6J0) MMohow Doe Hot Mem in Teors SHOW HanfcdiP) It Bod (BrtoS tiwwwieUe USA Sports Probe Sports legends Bicydmg Baseball WGN taM(U)) Itevs Owst'ttogeb. (H) The Tourist W0t 6oM(5) tUrttU Mayors taWsPbce rhrtaifrrfrO You faked for h fWeno WTtS News tWnlAfarrroirl los Angeles FILM The Movie Channel Show SHOW Showtime (M) Movie 3 Road To Adventm! "THE GOLD MONKEY" 0 Charlie's Angels O MacNeilUhrer Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Evan fails rodeo tryouts, and Ford is too shy to ask a girl for a date. ov- Karen Valentine, Undo Purl. 0 Hawaii Five-O An undercover agent from the mainland helps McGorrett. 0 War Requiem More than 300 musicians perform in this plea for peace. Movie "life of the Party: The Story of Beatrice" (1982, dramo,. TV) Carol Burnett, lloyd Bridges, Gail Strickland. Dramatization about the woman who founded the first Los Angeles recovery house for female alcoholics. Ouincy Season premiere. Quincy teams up with a mental-health department psychiatrist to prove a gang member shot o small girl. 10 LOVE, DRAMA, RODEO ACTKm, DAMCIM' 7 BRIDESMEW!! 10 LIFE OF THE PARTY CAROL BURNETT IN ELECTRffYINC DRAMA Focts of Life Season premiere. Jo loses her scholarship. Real People More highlights from the train trip. Pay TV (8 hrs.) CD Praise 24 Moras 7:30 Q Crises Kid A 10-year-old has a crippling skin disease. 8:00 O Movie "Money on the Side" (1982. drama, TV) Jamie lee Curtis, 12 JO THROWN OUT OF SCHOOL? FACTS OF UFEI SEASON PREMI CD Trampa Para Un 8:30 Family Ties Etyse and Steven go away for the weekend and leave Alex in charge. 12 ALEX A 13-YR-OLD "FATHER"? FAMILY TIES! HIT COMEDY! 9:00 O Bob Newhart 12 CAN QUINCY NAIL A TEENAGE HIT-MAN? SEASON PREMIERE! 9:30 0 News . 0 River in the Desert Carabina de Ambrosia 10:00 0 CD News O Barney Miller O Twilight Zone Vanessa 10:15 CD Religious 10:30 O ABC Nightline O Soap 0 Doctor Who Archie Bunker Tonight CD Ufo-a-Now Mundo Latino 11:00 O Love Boat O Benny Hill O Dick Cavett Climb That Mountain 11:05 Movie "Blume in love" (1973. drama) George Segal, Susan Anspoch, Kris Kristofferson, Marsha Mason. 11:30 0 Odd Couple O Horizon Madame's Place Praise 12:00 "The Klansman" (1974 drama) lee Marvin, Richard Burton. O MacNeilLehrer Late Night 12:10 0 Bamaby Jones 1:00 NBC News 1:15 Untouchables 1:20 NewsNight (1 hr., 40 mins.) 2:00 0 News News Network 2:30 O News 2:45 Religious 3:00 O Untouchables Perry Mason How Can I live? 3:30 Joy in the Morning 4:00 0 All in the Family News RADIO AM KOY (550) Adult contemporary KTAR (620) News talk KMEO (740).... Beautiful music KVVA (860) Spanish KJJJ (910) Country KARZ (960) Popular KXEG (1010) ...Gospel KUKO (1060) ...Dance music KRDS (1 190) ...Contemporary Christian KFLR (1230).. KHEP (1280) KZZPO310) KLFFO360).. KSUNO400). KOPA (1440) KPHXO480). KDJQO510) K AS A (1640) KNIXO580) . ..Religious ..Religious ..Rock Big band .Newstalk ..Rock ..Spanish .Rock .Religious .Country FM KMCR (91 5)... JarrNPR KJJJ (92.3) Country KDKB (93 3) ... Rock KOOL (94 5). ...Oldies KOYT (95.5) ....Beautiful music KMEO (96 9) ...Easy listening KUPD (97 9) ... Album rock KKLT (98 7) Adult contemporary KNNN (99 9) ....Spanish " f KIKO (100.3) ...Adult KOPA (100.7). Rock KHEP (101.5).. Classical KNIX( 102 5). ...Country KZZP(104 7) . Rock KWAO (106.3) Big band KSTM (107.1). .Album rock KMLE (107.9) ..Gospel FEATURES 625 Willard Scott on KOY 5:25 a.m. Paul Harvey on KTAR 6:30 a.m.. a.m., 12:30 p.m., 3:20 p m. and 5:35 p.m. Jane Pauley on KOY 7 a.m. Charles Osgood on KARZ 8:30 a.m. and 12:25 p.m. Jack Anderson on KTAR 8:55 p.m. Dan Rather on KARZ 6:30 p.m. The Swinging Years on KLFF 7 p m. Howard Cosell on KTAR 7:30 p.m. Larry King Show on KTAR 10:05 p.m. HIGHLIGHTS Pro baseball California at Kansas City on KWAO 5:15 p.m. Oakland at Texas on KSUN 7:10 p.m. (tape delay). Cincinnati at Los Angeles on KTAR 7:30 p.m. Chauncey to reacquire AM radio station KARZ Tom Chauncey may be selling K00L-TV (Channel 10), but the longtime Phoenix broadcaster isn't about to abandon the industry that made him a favorite son in the halls of CBS. In fact, he is expanding his radio holdings from one to two stations. In a surprise announcement from company management Tuesday morning, it was revealed that Chauncey is purchasing the AM radio station he sold to Stauffer Communications for $2 million more than three years ago. Pending Federal Communications Commission approval, KARZ (960 AM) radio will revert to Chauncey's control possibly by the end of the year. However, it is uncertain whether the station will take back the longstanding KOOL radio call letters. Chauncey, as part of the Channel 10 sale agreement worked out with Gulf United Corp., is retaining ownership of K00L-FM (94.5 on the dial) radio. KARZ is affiliated with the CBS Radio Network; K00L-FM is linked with CBS RADI0RADI0 young-adult network. Chauncey was out of town Tuesday attending the Radio-Television News Directors Association convention in Las Vegas, Nev., but K00L-FM manager Bill Smith confirmed the deal, apparently struck during a Friday morning meeting between Chauncey and Stauffer representatives. "The rumor is true," Smith said. "He negotiated with them to purchase KARZ." The purchase price was not disclosed. KARZ manager Al Lobeck, while deferring confirmation of the sale to corporate management, said, "If he says he's going to do it, I'm sure he will." Stauffer officials could not be reached for comment. Stauffer, which acquired the contemporary station in May 1979, has had little luck in making KARZ a factor in the marketplace, despite spending what competitors generally agree have been hundreds of thousands of dollars in promotion and research. "Stauffer probably has decided to pull' out of the Phoenix market," Lobeck said. "They have not had the most glorious of success." Bud Wilkinson TelevisionRadio The station had its worst ratings performance in the last three years during the 12-week spring Arbitron rating period, when it garnered a 1.5 percent share of total audience, which ranked it 19th in the market. Stauffer reportedly has had the station on the auction block for the last couple of weeks. As for why Stauffer never managed to make a dent in the market, Lobeck pointed to "the years of KOOL heritage" and the fact changes were made. KARZ first signed on in June 1947 as KOOL. "I think when our company first purchased it, there was a lack of management expertise, which caused them to fix something that wasn't broken," said Lobeck, referring to format tinkering and research that eventually led the station into a music format that combined country and contemporary music under a logo of K-960 radio. Smith said it is premature to talk about any possible format, personnel or call-letter changes in the offing for KARZ. Regarding any on-air impact the purchase might have on oldies outlet K00L-FM, he said, "I don't think it will have an effect at all. Our (25- to 35-year-old) target audience has remained steady. We're very healthy." D LOCAL LINE Channel 12 reporter John Hudgens has been hired as news director of KTVE-TV, the NBC affiliate in Monroe, La., where he will also work as 6 and 10 p.m. anchor on the weekday newscasts . . . KOPA-FM news chief Jeff Michaels is headed for Boston and a news job at rock outlet WROR-FM ... Greg Schulte of KJJJ and KJJJ-FM is jumping back to KTAR after a two-year absence to handle sports reporting and other chores. .isuu us n'vjgii iiagipi;ai!gmMjii.f4ii wie, oir Carol Burnett TV highlights By Bonnie Baker Republic Staff Money on the Side 8 p.m. Q. Susan Flannery, Karen Valentine, Jamie Lee Curtis and Linda Purl star in a television movie about suburban housewives who turn to prostitution in order to pay family bills. The movie will carry a "parental discretion is advised" warning because of the subject matter. The Ufe of the Party: The Story of Beatrice 8 p.m. . Carol Burnett stars in the title role of a television movie based on the life of Beatrice Jorgensen, who founded a halfway house in Los Angeles for alcoholic women. Co-stars are Lloyd Bridges and Marian Mercer. Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley has proclaimed today "Friendly House Day" in Ms. Jorgensen's honor. Cable-TV baseball Chicago Cubs vs. New York Mets, 4:30 p.m. on WGN; Atlanta Braves vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, 7:35 p.m. on WTBS. CBS romance with royalty wins Nielsen-race crown Associated Press LOS ANGELES The CBS movie Royal Romance of Charles and Diana topped the television ratings last week, giving CBS the victory over ABC in the duel over dramatizing Britain's royal wedding. ABC hastily scheduled its version, Charles and Diana, a few days ahead of the CBS movie in an apparent bid for higher ratings. But the ABC movie placed No. 28 for the week of Sept. 19 and the CBS movie finished first for the week of Sept. 26. Two series premieres made the top 10 last week. NBC's Knight Rider tied for fifth place with the season premiere of CBS' One Day at a Time, and CBS' Gloria, an offshoot of All in the Family, placed eighth. The period was not the official network premiere week, but the networks began some shows anyway with "previews" or introductory movies. CBS won the week with a rating of 17.6. ABC was second in the ratings compiled by the A.C. Nielsen Co. with 15.8, and NBC was third with 14.4. The networks say this means 17.6 percent of the nation's homes with TV were tuned to CBS during an average prime-time minute. Two other premieres made the top 20. ABC's Tales of the Gold Monkey finished in 12th place, and a preview of CBS Bring 'em Back Alive finished 20th. Here are the top 10 shows: Royal Romance of Charles and Diana, CBS; 60 Minutes, CBS; Trapper John, M.D., CBS; The Jeffersons, CBS; One Day at a Time, CBS and Knight Rider, NBC, tie; WKRP in Cincinnati, CBS; Gloria, CBS; Hart to Hart, ABC; and Too Close for Comfort, ABC. DHiETTE CHAIRS RECOVERED 5 BO 'ft9 OVERSTOCK I BOOK SALE! SATURDAY ONLY - OCT. 2, 9:30-5PM REG. SALE 50C-60C 15 1 75c-95 25 1.25-1.50.... 35 1.75-1.95 50 2.25-2.50 60 A FAMILY BOOKSTORE Paper Back Book Exchanqe 7402 North Slit Aw.. Giendale I Today on EWm Pat McMahon & Preston Westmoreland 9Nsed health eld? JtafOf Maricopa Health Plan yU has options. I ataSt 10 11 12 Arc you dtsptoowf? Find help adjusting to a new lite Is your water sale? Learn more about what you're drinking. KTAR NEWS er-Ed PMMps Sports .Tom DHIon 1 2 3 PAUL HARVEY News Aokt Insurance scams. Ask about your medical insurance. If you're artistic... Maricopa Tech has something tor you Try tax shelters. Money expert Wally Butterworth tells how 258-8431 Rm CHAIR CO. 1001 N. Black Canyon nP pit rwsfjt fswTi .ra.T'fcTaiijsraaiiiE 1D 5:00 MEDITATION 5:05 PUBLIC AFFAIRS 5:15 FARM & RANCH 5:30 CAPTAIN KANGAROO 6:00 CBS NEWSKURTIS. SAWYER 8:00 THE MERVSHOW- Debbie Allen, Gene Anthony Ray, Lori Singer 9:00 THE $25,000 PYRAMID 9:30 CHILD'S PLAY 10:00 PRICE IS RIGHT 11:00 YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS 12:00 KOOL NEWS HOON, WOLFMAN 12:30 AS THE WORLD TURNS 1:30 CAPITOL 2:00 THE GUIDING LIGHT 3:00 TATTLETALES 3:30 TIC TAC DOUGH 4:00 JOKER'S WILD 4:30 KOOL NEWS CLOSE. WEST 5:30 CBS EVENING NEWSRATHER 6:00 KOOL NEWS CLOSE, WEST 6:30 FAMILY FEUD 7:00 SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS 8:00 THE CBS WEDNEDAY NIGHT MOVIES -PREMIERE MOVIE - "Ufe of the Party: The Story of Beatrice" - starring Carol Burnett. 10:00 KOOL NEWS 10 PMCIOSE.WEST 10:30 ARCHIE BUNKER'S PLACE 11. -05 THE CBS LATE MOVIE -"Blume in love" 1:20 KOOL NEWSNIGHT HUGHES 3:00 PERRY MASON 4:00 KOOL LATE NEWS 4:30 CHRISTOPHER CLOSEUP KOOL a CBS affiliate v v.

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