Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 31, 1966 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 31, 1966
Page 2
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5—ALGONA (Iowa) ADVANCE MONDAY, JAN 31, 1966 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••A "INK in my VEINS" BY MARIAN INMAN •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••a* Shades of the past. How many times the size of the new trimline telephone were the old wall phones. My little beauty in a soft shade of pink to match my bedroom decor hangs right beside my bed. If I should need to call the children because of illness, I do not even need to make the effort to.turn on a light. Just reach for my trimline and the lighted dial is there to help trie and the weight is as nothing in the palm of one's hand. Not that I am waiting to be sick or that I have waited for I have used my trimline and recline on my bed like a teenager, as I talk. Telephones have come a long way and Northwestern Bell goes right on researching so who knows what they'll come up with next I madt and gave lor Christmas gifts, 42 of the lovely egg shell fantasies and now I am making some for Easter and birthday gifts. My good friend Charlotte Habeger gave me three duck eggs which is a right size for some .of the shadow boxes and also gave me four soft brown colored hen eggs in their natural state. If you. have not seen'these fantasies you can't know how exquisite they really are: Come to see me some time. I enjoy company. Well, give me a ring for I do go a great deal, school, etc., but I'll welcome you when we make a date. I wish I had had Margaret Durant's beautiful poem to share with you during the Christmas season, but I am sure she sent it to her friends for a Christmas qift and it was especially for them. However perhaps another year she will allow us to use it. The age old Christmas story told so beautifully in her talented way. Margaret, I appreciate the privilege of reading it and having a copy for my own. Thank you 'again. I still have quite a list of new year letters to write but I keep at it and enjoy every one I write. This is one of my\ resolutions and I hope I do not let myself down. Mrs. E. C. McMahon loaned me a book. "The Romance With A Lady in White and Blue,' written by the Mclntosh family of Luverne, Minnesota. It is a delightful journal of interesting events and of people they met on their round the world trip in 1963. Father, Mother and daughter each have . a part, collaborating with exerpts from their column, 'Chaff written on this journey and the many other travels they have made: They write of homey everyday things, not even pretending to be "experts" on any country or any situation. It is interesting reading, fun to open the book just anywhere - and get enthralled in the delightful stories they tell and their special manner of telling them. I hope that I meet this family some time. When you are reading this column, I'll be on my way tp PCS Moines for the executive ;board meeting of the Iowa Tuberculosis Association and also a meeting of the organization and Structure committee of .this group who are giving themselves a good look with the aim to improve themselves to give better service more efficiently. I worked some on my Lincoln Penny collection this week. Went through some 700 pennies that I have set aside until I had time to look them over. This is an interesting hob; by and I plan to get my grandson, godson, Thomas Inman interested in this for his birthday in April.. ! ,';;'; Before: yffu;change jobs •'or tqwns,;-tb bette^ yourjgondir. tipn,; suppose you try changing mental attitude, habits and associates, then go to work, and work harder than you have ever \vprked before. If these changes fail to bring about the de- gire'S' results, you may be sure that you would have been a failure in any other town, and at any other job you might have" tackled. - , "Do as best you can. that which you are supposed to" . do, and soon you will havn something better to do." '. . . : It is really astonishing the amount of will-power some .men possess. They can stand there an'd say that' they could quit smoking if they wanted to do so, then light another eigar- .'ette demonstrating their remarkable will-power over the quitting idea. '.,".'•'. On the anniversary of the launching of the first U. S. ' satellite, January 31, 1956, Space Age youngsters may wish to read some of the numerous books about space. Ask your librarian to suggest some of the many books on this subject. Visit your library, make friend with your librarian. She is a very special and interesting friend to know. These cold winter evenings are times for families to read, to play and to pray together. Don't waste a precious moment of this special time of your life when your family are all under the home roof. Love and live and laugh together. Houses are made of brick and stone, homes are made of love alone. RENTZ SHOWER [ Dianna Rentz was given a miscellaneous shower ^Vednes- day evening at St. Luke's Lutheran church, Fairville,,'With 65 present. \ Hostesses were Mesdamles Bill Hannover, Lucinda Bieirstedt, Erwin Bruhn, Alfred BruBn, Ed Bruhn, Henry Bruhn, Ed \Tietz, Erwin Ruhnke, Fred Frinki Leonard Pompe, Hilbert Bier&tedt, Roger Wagener, Lucille Rrink, Delbert Geitzenauer,. Kenneth. Bollinger, James Bierstedti H. W. Wehrspann, Donald Fritter- es, Dale Hannover, Larry Ram* us, Miss Inez Hannover. | Mrs. Larry Ramus announced the program. Inez Hannover, Susan Rentz and Mrs. Larry tjla- mus opened the gifts. Inez Hannover had the guest' book. | Dianna Rentz will be married to Duane Hannover, February 13, at First Presbyterian Church, AJgona. I ENTERTAIN HUSBANDS Members of Xi Xi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi entertained heir husbands at a dinner par- y last Saturday at Charlie's. 'he next regular meeting is to be February 1 at the home of an Anderson. . SEWING CLUB , Ruth Meehlhause entertained ter sewing club Wednesday evening. HONORED AT DETROIT Mrs. Merilyn M. Boekelman was honored as a top field dis- ributor of Beauty Counselors :ncorporated at the company's conference recently at the Stater-Hilton Hotel in Detroit, Mich. She was a guest of the company for the 4-day meeting, and was presented with an en- jraved gold heart commemorating the event. COUNCIL WILL MEET The Diocesan Council of Catholic Women will meet at St. Cecelia Hall this Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. The programs of the Council will be discussed. Msgr. P. P. Gearen and Mrs. Ervin Ulses, Burt, Northeast Deanery president, will preside. Mrs. Louis Nitchals, parish representative, will conduct the meeting. Other officers are Mrs. Julius Winkel, organization and development, Mrs. Joe Bradley, charities, Mrs. Lawrence GLsch, rural life, Alice Condon, youth, Mrs. Elizabeth Degan, spiritual development, Mrs. Earl Elbert, Christian doctrine, Mrs. Imelda Engesser, public relations. AUXILIARY MEET Kossuth County Units of the Legion Auxiliary will hold their quarterly meeting Tuesday, ; Feh. 8, 2 p.m. at the Methodist church in Fenton. Mrs. Louis L. Miller, Denison, the 8th District President, will be a guest Kenosha, Wis. hut this was a regular meeting. He said it Was possible the local strike! Would be discussed at the meeting. He, made no further Comment. Crapser... (Continued from Page 1) shirts or pajamas. THERE IS one doctor for a population of 300,000 people in the five districts of the. province of Kien Phong. Tuberculosis is quite prevelant. If a child lives through the first year his chan ces of survival are good. A small percentage of the children have an opportunity for. education beyond the fifth, or 'sixth grade. School is held for half a day under crowded conditions. Attendance is not compulsory so there is no need for a truancy officer. War has become a way of life as there has been some for 20 years. The French were driven out in 1954 and the current conflict started in earnest in 1961. Their wants and needs are like ours and the majority want to be left alone. They want their own home, a small piece of ground on which to grow rice and raise a pig and some chickens, and space for their children who average five to a family. i The next assignment for Major Crapser is in Attchofage, Alaska with the Hercules Missile Air Defense System. He will drive to Ft. Richardson with his wife and four daughters up the Alcati Highway next month. They will take their personal effects, pots, pans, linens, etc. to furnished government quarters. MAJOR CRAPSER received the Vietnamese Medal of Honor 1st Class and the Combat Infantry Badge before he left there. He has been recommended for the R. S. Army Bronze Star. Many Algonans have had the opportunity to hear of his ex periences. He has shown pic tures and spoken to the Shrine Rotary, and Kiwanis clubs. Wednesday, February 2, he will speak before the student body at AHS:at 12:30 p.m. There is limited space in the auditorium balcony for any of the public who wish to attend. Council hears interest in apartment house The city council met Wednes- the project will be completed— ** . . , .::--,... .W^^-^A -^L *^*<--j- *J!M^«r*»*t to Atrirlnnf- day night and heard the first readittg of the proposed amendments to the parking ordinance. John voice Tielebein appeared Objection to the an to no IN COLLEGE OPERA Wichita, Kan. — Richard N. Becker, son of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Becker, Algona, will play the part of Theseus in. the Wichita State University's production of Benjamin Britten's opera "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Feb. 10, 11, 17, 18. parking on Main street. The amendments will be read three times before they are adopted. Leon E. Martin appeared before the council concerning sanitary sewer at the corner of West Kennedy and South Hall for a proposed apartment house. Mr. Braun inquired about the closing of streets between the Garrigan high school and railroad property which divides his property. He was referred to the planning and zoning commis sion. They authorized purchase of 1,000 ton of chips from a ,Hum boldt firm for the seal coating on roads and agreed to obtain gravel from Robert Deal at 18c a yard as in the past. The council entered into a contract with Maasdam Tree Service to trim dead wood out of elm trees. This has been in progress for several years and this year no Dutch Elm disease is evident yet. The council voted that the city attorney make recommendation to the planning and zoning commission to continue the study plan of the city for which the federal government pays two- thirds and the city one-third of the cost of engineers for the planning of future zoning, road use, etc. Fire Chief Elbert gave a 1965 fire report. Mr. Elbert review^ the specifications for a new emergency truck. The council authorized him to get bids for the truck and submit them at-the next regular meeting. HoWard Smith talked about the curb and gutter program and was .advised to meet with the planning and zoning commission when the plans were ready. 30TH ANNIVERSARY Swea City — An open house will be held for Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Schaeffer in observance of their 30th wedding anniversary on Sunday, Feb. 6 at Spirit Lake from 2 until 5 p.m. , ,•. , (Continued from Page 1) recommendation was 'made by government mediator Louis Towers, who met with the employ^ ees and management all day last Tuesday. > Peter Popp, business.' repre* senative of the union from Des Moines, is still working,' with the local strikers and would prob- aply set up any future meeting with the company, j KEN PEIRCE, president of Weidenhoff's, simply said "no comment" to any of the union wage statements. / He said there was a meeting Friday of the Board of Directors of the parent Snap-On Tools at FINANCIAL REPORT OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA Aliened Value « of January 1, 19< . Property - r^'f^^OO Personal Property — (-" '9910800 Railroad Property m . „ .„ „ ___„__-.. ^-- jgg'^glgp Total, 1. Real 2 3. rtuiiiuuu n uijci if T ~ 4. Telephone, Telegraph and Express Companies j— 5. Utilities, Including Tvansmission Lines and Pipe Lines T . i ' . _ J___$6,864,658.00 Total - _j 2,327,319.00 ~L"a~n"dT"wlfh~in~~Cor~pWe Lifnlts_ _23,797.00 in Auqust.1,.1964 1- OF THE CITY OF VALGONA. FOR YEAR ENDING DECEMBER 31, 1965 _ January 1, 1965 through December 31, 1965 R t C TA*X P T * OFFICE : NON- REVENUE REVENUE REVENUE 1. General Government oo'Io-Mn 2. Street •- 21'n?o ,c 3 Public Safety - 7b,ooy.l3 4. Sanitation ". ?0,889 o .23 5. Municipal Enterprises 745.23 . 6 Recreation -- ' lD,o/y.JJ 1. Debt Service (Except Utilities) 45,064.76 8. Trust and Agency (Except Utilities) 9. Sewer Rental 10. Emergency (Except Utilities) -11. Road Use Tax 12. Parking Meters 24,823.34 1,719.05 6,661.44 2,887.37 4,708.43 6,623.94 i 328.45 483.08 31,321.88 255.00 51,717.75' 13,824.IT 1 41,176.00 ATTENTION FARMERS! AND FAMILIES 2,000.00 TOTAL 29,618.3: 71,318.55 82,520.59 23,776.60 35,417.14 24,203.27 45,393,21, 1,228.31 31,321.88 255.00 51,717.75 13,824.17 USE ADVANCE WANT ADS News In Depth Reporter Joe Riley WITH BACKGROUND OF THE BIG STORIES EVERY SUNDAY al A.M.-IO A.M.-12 NOON-MS P.M.I GRAND TOTAL RECEIPTS 222,064.89 Total Transfers fx'P"! N D I T U SALARIES AND .WAGES 1. General Government . 2. Street 3. Public Safety 4. Sanitation 5. Municipal Enterprises ,,-„-,-, ai 6. Recreation 11,077.84 ' 7. Debt Service (Except Utilities) 8. Trust and Aaency (Except Utilities) ,„ 9. Sewer Rental - - 10,880.38 10. Emergency (Except Utilities) .. 11. Road Use Tax ,-,, 12. Parking Meters 8,970.31 145,353.90 43,176.00 RES I CAPITAL OUTLAY 514.00 4,229.87 18,700.6.4 10,232.75 3,218.17 7,197.16 906,45 16,982.71 2,001.60 OTHER EXPEND. 11,883.23 43,207.07 11,906.45 5,148.97 15,717.14 7,719.74 51,884.50 900.00 15,280.93 2,000.00 30,540.60 2,387.19 410,594.79 43,176,00 TOTAL 26,012.67 84,515.91 79,523.22 19,712.38 32,650.00 25,994.74 51,884.50 900.00 27,067.76 2,000.00 47,523.31 13,359.10 14858442 63,983.35 198,575.82 411,143.59 . Tot-. Transfers ... ^ ^^ •'. City or Town Clerk's (Do Not liKfud* Utllitiei) . < . Balance on Hand —' January 1, 1965 1000*1 -7c (Not . including Securities $20,000.00) - $ 189,061.75 Total Receipts for Year Ending December 31, 1965 -- T — - iSS'??!,.. Total to Account for 5 597,656.54 total Expenditures for Year Ending December 31, 1965 $ 409,143.59 Add — Warrants Outstanding • January 1, 1965 - ,,I'x??'it Total !-- $ 416,412.7b Deduct ^- Warrants Outstanding „„-„„.. December 31, 1965 -- 9,220.94 Total Deduction from Total to Account for S 407,191.76 Balance on Hand — December 31, 1965 % '?S |4 ,Si'?,! Add Securities held by Treasurer 20,000.00 ON K L G A Radio FARM SUPPLY'S AlWation Day , ^ "'j' ' "" ••" - ~ - -if •• Saturday, February 5 TOTAL - - - S 210,464. Less Deposit in Transit » 2.495.VC Treasurer's Balance ....- $ 207,968.88 REPORT OF MUNICIPAL INDEBTEDNESS Dcc«mb«r 31, 19*5 (Do Not Include Utilitits) General Bonds 5 326,000.00 Pledge Orders and Revenue Bonds - 102,000.00 Grand Total ._.- $ 428,000.00 VALUATION Of PROPIBTV SUBJECT TO TAXATION ON AWSSMENT OF J4MMIWV 1, 19«4 Class of Property: Real Property - - $5,462,496.00 Personal Property - 1,149,434.00 Railroad Property .- 22,108.00 Telephone. Telegraph and Express Companies 65,172.00 Utilities, Including Transmission Lines and Pipe Lines 165,448.00 Total Total Except Monies and Credits $6,864,658.00 Monies and Credits 2,327,319.00 Total Valuation of All Property REPORT OF UTILITIES Light Plant RECEIPTS: Sale of Water, Electricity, or Gas $488,094.26 Other Receipts 15,478.02 Total Receipts, 1965 $503,572.28 EXPENDITURES: Salaries and Wages: Office „--$ 16,848.00 Operation . 78,143.11 Outlay — New Improvements: New Equipment $ 58,660.64 Extensions 3,076.43 Other Outlay Investments 75,000.00 Other Expenditures: Operating and Maintenance $200,413.74 Other _ 26,0*9.89 Transfers -- 32,959.30 -$9,191,977.00 Water Works $ 88,084.47 9,591.31 $ 97,675.78 $ 7,788.00 15,287.47 $ 3,588.78 16,353.04 15,217.76 5,224.56 8,216.70 Total Expenditures 1965 ......... ____ $491,151.11 REP0*T OF u A , '*fSK I Balance on Hand — Jgnuary 1, 1965 _________________________ Total Receipts for Year Ending December 31, 1965 ___________ Total to Account for , ------------------- , __________ Total Expenditures for Yeor Enclino, December 31, 1965 ....... Add — Warrants Outstanding January 1, 1965 _______________ Deduct — Wwrants Outst«jeli.og December 31, 19,65 .- _______ Total Deductions from Total TO Account for __________ Balance on Hand — December 31. 1965 ----------- ________ RESERVES fOR SIMIOMG FUMOS December 31, 19*} Other „ , . Purposes 2. Securities a. Government Bonds _-, ----------------------- $100,800.00 e. Other ------------ ..... ____________________ 75,000.00 71,676.31 .$ 111,633.54 - 601,248.06 -$ 712,881.60 -$ 562,827.42 26.863.WS &6.408.4T -$ S33.282.8/ .$ 179,596.73 Total $ 100,800.00 75,000.00 Total Publikhed in tat Alcana Kp**utb County Adv«nc*/-Al8<wer $ 17580000 r J-XWftty 3V 'MM Ham Sandwiches and Coffee FROM 8 A.M. TO 5 P.M. Many, Many Premium Prizes ELECTRIC SAW WRENCH SET STEAM IRON AUTOMATIC TOASTERS FRYING PAN MIX MASTER ^ Pop for the Kiddies Stop For Your Free Gift Door Prizes We are looking forward to seeing you this Saturday! KLEIN'S FARM SUPPLY Wtft Ilitf Street

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