Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 31, 1966 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 31, 1966
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State Iowa City, Coffai . Memo to basketball M* script machine A pretends he's perts: Why don't you keep count to see if Iowa girls toss a bigger % of free throws than the boys? * . .Political wiiards at our coffee Klatch surmise Evashov- ski shouldn't run for Lieut. Oov. until AFTER he schedules an Iowa game with Iowa State. . . . The next tall apartment house on DM's Grand avenue will have its swimming pool on the roof. "The AOVANCI - the paper with the GROCERY ids" writing to the divine creature who inspires him. I'd offer 20 or 25 books bonus for such a typewriter, get the masterpiece finis Alqona KofiUlth County *"^™™"™™"eT •••..-: ' '• '."" '^ - Entered as second class matter, Dec. 1, 1908, at Algona, Iowa, 50511 postoffica under Act of Congress March 8, 1879 VOL. 64—NO. 9 MONDAY, JAN. 31,1966 - ALGONA, IOWA — 6 PAGES IN 1 SECTION v ance {ust to hod. An Iowa gov't. man is using the same typewriter he got in 1952, without repairs. (Actually, there are no repair parts available for it.) This frugal "bureaucrat" says he keeps the machine running with hokum, magic & patriotism. * * * When I go on the air again, whether radio or TV, I shall devote one of my early pro- irams to a tribute to Iowa's who grams 10,000 pretty waitresses help make life tolerable for travelers. I might even interview a pretty one now A then on the air about how to get your ham A eggs done exactly right. Yes, I admire the new Reader's Digest almanac; it's a lulu, & I paid $1.85 for it gladly. Yet you can imagine my surprise upon seeing Drake University listed therein as a privately controlled Catholic school. I can't remember ever seeing the Bishop on the campus. * * * PERILS OF TV Ironing's painless with TV So —I ironed heavy Handed. It's NOT painless you'll agree: Vfhile watching 1 got branded. —GRACE McFARLAND Lake Park, Iowa * * * ... I notice at DM's high schools it's always the pretty girls who get elected to school offices. (Or the winners happen to be pretty?) No end in sight for strike MAJOR CRAPSER HOME Tells of life, in our war in Viot Nam Alas, a young Grinned "— Imogene lures shark to cave" My favorite mermaid Imogene wiggles here, about to swim into an underwater cavern with her favorite seahorse. Is that a shark trailing them? Or is it a friendly dolphin? Incidentally, my BW doesn't cook swordfish steak nearly so often since a globe-trotter (Roy Utter) told us most "swordfish" steak is shark-steak, from 600 kinds of sharks. * « * Memo to Iowa hostesses: Sonya & Bll Egness's New Yfjar party at Story City with Scandinavian smorgasbord was a triumph. And the guest Ust was almost as distinguished: Brains &'beatify from Iowa State, DM and surrounding farms a?idl towns. Her party was probably the equal o/ any New Year party on Park Avenue, Lake Shore Drive or the hills of Frisco, if you'll collegian thinks I hate all modern art as "anarchistic absurdity." Nope, Steve Brooks; I like it when it's good. . . . I've begun a collection of footloose friends pictured on camels with the Sphinx & pyra mids in the background. ... Is there is, or is there ain't, any solution? Seek it lovingly. Garrigan plans "Music Man" Feb. 17-21 Meredith Willson's master piece, "The Music Man", has been selected by the Garrigan High School music departmen for presentation in the Garrigan Gymnasium on Feb. 17, 20 an" 21. Director Many faulty license plates | According to Rosella Voigt, county treasurer, Kossuth is having the same problems .with defective '66 auto license plates as the rest of the State. Extra help has been needed Jo check the plates before (they are issued. Luckily, this year .they are encased back- to-back in plastic envelopes so mistakes can be detected readily. Many of the plates are out of numerical order in the boxes in which they are packed. One plate may belong to Kossuth County and the other to another. There are many missing numbers, not out of sequence, just left out. Some plates have a figure which is not readable and others have a figure which has almost fallen out of the plate. Unlike some other counties, Kossuth has an adequate supply of the new licenses for all automobiles registered in the county. The Des Moines Register reported Gov. Hughes will meet with the Board of Control of State Institutions as more faulty plates had been issued than in any previous year. By Erma Lea Deim One of the more popular after-dinner speakers in Algona the past month has been Major Charles Crapser, pictured above, who returned to his home in Algona Jan. 1 after a year in Viet Nam. John Sterba is • as- jorgive name. the euphonious nick- I'm jinxed by tea kettles; I've punctured three in the last few days. I fill 'em up, sit down at my typewriter to wait for my pot of tea, get lost in "thought", & presto, the kettle is dry with a hole in the bottom. And now 1 can't find an expert solderer. Maybe I'd better wait for one to go past next spring ringing a bell. * '.•• >i> My favorite Xmas gift of this season from anybody to anybody: By Dr. Jim Kelsey to Lawyer Bill Wilmer A his Connie, who took their 3 small daughters to Mexico for the holidays. The gift: A complete medical kit equal to any ailment or emergency on such a trip; even the far-fetched ones like crocodiles & poison arrows e\ tummy ache. sisted by Sister Mary Ignatius, PBVM, and Sister Mary Virginia Marie, PBVM, and has selected many of the major parts. Portraying Harold Hill will be Robert Nichols, while Marian Paroo will be played by Victoria McGuire. Understudies will be John Hamilton and Connie Bormann. The remainder of the cast includes Dennis Besch, Florence McGuire, John Hamilton, Steven Walker, Mary Jo Becker, Michael Lickteig, Ronald Kohlhaas, Thomas Fuchsen, William Obrecht and Kenneth Fuchsen. Two local men injured Thursday in Minneapolis crash Two Algona Peer and Dale men, Corwin Kleingartner He has been staying with his wife and four daughters during this span. They remained in Algona while he was in Viet Nam and will accompany him to Alaska next month. "Chuck" is the son of Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Crapser of Algona and is a graduate of Algona high school, where he excelled as an athlete. He is shown upon his arrival n Cao Lanh, Viet Nam, located 5 miles west of Saigon along he Mekong River in the heart )f the Mekong Delta. rainy from July to December and dry from January through: June. To protect their clothing from mildew the military closets were heated. Everyone used mosquito nets but they weren't as bad as we think of them in a tropical country. Malaria was not a serious medical problem in this part of the country. Travel by the two officers was by jeep on a limited road net, but primarily by foot or sa mpa n which -is a flat-bottomed wedge shaped skiff and sometimes motorized. The sampan was used in the canals, rice paddies, or along the Mekong River which was the Interna tional waterway into Cambodia Although in command of 'the troops involved in fighting, Ihe Major was not there to fight strictly advise. Sometimes his advice was no used until several months late Gold wave grips Kossuth county j A cold wave gripped Kossuth county over the weekend, sending' temperatures to the lowest readings of the winter. It got down to -19 early Friday morning and the "high" for Friday was a frosty -10 and this was x the coldest day in many, many years. Temperatures plunged to -26 early Saturday. Hand is broken in fall here Fred Gronbach, 62, broke a jone in his hand and injured a lip in a fall at the sewage treat ment plant Wednesday morn ing at eleven o'clock. He was standing on the narrow rim o the trickling filter chipping ice from the top when he fell eigh into-the'cement channe which is four feet wide. Mr Gronbach was able to get ou of the channel without aid anc didn't gp to St. Ann hospita until evening. His hand is i a cast and x-rays showed no emester at chool was week. A total of 59 were listed on the Gold Honor Roll and 45 Garrigan honor roll given, first semester The honor roll for the first Garrigan announced high this broken bones in his hip. Friday he' was able to be out of bed a short while. He expected to be hospitalized a few days move. "—the mystery protest march" This is an era of protests, & I doubt that all the marchers know much about what they're protesting. Young cititens who saw a sort of a snaky column of people reaching from 8th street to 9th on Locust thought it was a protest march against Ithe weather or something & were about to join. Then they discovered it was • line waiting to see the Bond movie at the Galaxie. (Longest movie lineup in DM history.) * * * I nominate for an Oskar or a Pulsifier Prize the young handyman at the Bambino cafe who saw a customer trying to find a phone number in the dim, romantic light. In a jiffy he ran up with a big flashlight & aimed it at the fine print. The churlish customer didn't even tip him, but acte4 kinda grateful. # * * A struggling young novelist begged me to lend him a script typewriter. Alas I didn't have one. He says he can't finish his novel unless he writes on a were injured Thursday nigh when their car was struck b; a carfull of youths in a 1931 Ford in downtown Minneapolis They were treated at a Min neapolis hospital and releasec Kleingartner had two stitche taken in his head and Peer ha chest injuries and bruises. Mrs. Peer drove to Minneapolis Friday morning to pick up the men. Kleingartner's 1961 Comet was a total loss in the crash. The pair, manager and assistant manager of the Cargill Inc. slant here, were in Minneapolis or a Tonnage Award night by Nutrena Feeds at the Thunderbird Motel. They left Thursday morning and were going to return Friday anyway. Kleingartner was back to He was adviser to the district hief, Captain Xuan, top man n the district. In fact, the whole country is currently controlled the military. A district is comparable to our county, this larticular one had a population of 79,000 people in an area a little smaller than Kossuth ounty. Kossuth population is about 25,000. Captain Xuan's command engulfed the social, government, economic and military aspects of the district. which could be frustrating t say the least. He carried ammo and a weapon for his own defense or in the event the situation called for his participation. About half of the time his meals were eaten in the U.S. Army compound and the rest of the time he ate and liked the Vietnamese food. The basic food is rice and a variety of meat— chicken, ducks, pork and very little beef. Much -of the food is seasoned with hot peppers and Two initiated into fraternity on the Silver Honor Roll. GOLD HONOR ROLL Freshmen — Mary Becker, Shirley Becker, Timothy Boekelman, Rebecca Bormann, La Vonne Dorweiler, Darrell Lentsch, Margaret Lickteig, Anne Loebach, Betty McGuire, Mary Kay Miller, Mark Muehe, Ruth Neppl, Norman Schneider, Pamela Simons and Judy Venteicher. Sophomores — Bonita Dahlhauser, Mary Ann Eischeh, Ronald Gilbride, ' Howard Kayser, Timothy Molacek and- Patricia Scherer. Juniors — Judith Bergcr, Judith Bcsch, Rebecca Black, Kathleen Boudewyns, Ruth Casel, Kathleen Crawford, Dwight ilbridc, Frances Goecke, Esher Hildman, Jean Kayser, Joan Kohlhaas, Lynette Lappe, 'atricia McGuire, Janette Miler, Richard Muller, Susan Nelon, Nora Nurre, Carol Otis, Kathleen Plathe, Mary Beth Sterba and Janet Zittritsch. Seniors — Mary Jo Becker, :arol Besch, Kathryn Besch, John Bradley, Mary Bray, Lin- Kramer, Kevin Lynch, Michael McEnroe, John McGuire, Diana Muller, Jean Nauholz, Paul Nelson, Mary Reding, Valeria Schenck, Lynn Studer and Stephen Wingert. Sophomores — Diane Arndorfer, Ronald Besch, Sandra Elbert, Kenneth Fuohsen and Linda Nitchals. Juniors — Michaela Elbert, Gary Erdman, Jeanne Ewen, Rebecca Hilbert, Cyrilla Kellner, Phyllis Lichter, Rebecca Lickteig, Leonard Loebach, Michael Employees ask 19% increase in pay for'66 The biggest labor strike to ever hit Algona neared the end of its first week today with no solution in sight. An estimated 190 employees of Weidenhoff Corp. went on strike last Wednesday and since then, there have been no meetings between employees and the management of. the Algona plant. . Average payroll per week at the plant during 1965 was $23,080. A total of 97 of the 109 union members of the plant met Wednesday afternoon at their regular headquarters, the Izaak Walton rooms. Members of the union committee reported to the members the results of their discussions with the Weidenhoff management that morning at the Johnson House. After discussion, another vote was taken and it ended 93-4 in favor of continuing the strike, according to Ken Holcomb, of Whittemorc, one of the members of the union committee. CHIEF BASIS for the strike is Nitchals, Karen Otis, Robert Schmitt, John Studer and Steven Walker. Seniors — Jane Arndorfer, Unda Dodds, Eldon Erpelding, Kenneth Erpelding, Ronald Kohlhaas, James Sclultz, Robert Smith and Janice Wagner. Captain Xuan was a 31 year old Vietnamese who was a graduate of Dalat Military Academy in 1952—an Academy comparable to West Point. Neither man had any formal language schooling in the other's tongue but were able to understand or be understood if they talked slowly. Often, they resorted to the dictionary or the drawing of pictures. During the last six months of the Major's stay there they did have an interpreter. ALTHOUGH Major Crapser is an artillery officer half of his time was spent advising infantry type military operations. The other half was spent with the civilian problems. Their cooked on a stove known Japanese as hibachi. type They work Saturday but Peer was | laws in most respects are quite still recovering and would not be back on the job until Monday. John Van Hise, 83, Whittemore, dies Friday Whittemore — John Van Hise, 83, long-time Whittemore resident, died Friday evening at St. Ann's hospital. He had been in ill health for some time. Services will be Tuesday at 9:30 a.m., St. Michael's, Whittemore, with Fr. Fransco officiating. Burial will be in the parish cemetery, with Hyink funeral home in charge of arrangements. Pallbearers are: John Mosbach, Joe Loebach, James Geelan, Herman Vaudt, Robert Gengler and Syl vester EJhert. imilar to ours. However, crime no problem and the mode of travel is by foot, bicycles or notor bike with two wheeled carriage. . .no traffic problems dther. The Captain could either accept or reject any of the Maor's suggestions as he was only an advisor. He saw all of the horrors and atrocities of the war and the normal terrorists attacks. The system of outposts were similar to those of the U.S. in the nineteenth century and were defended much in the same manner as the early settlers did against the Indians. His experience was educational and one he is glad to have behind him. He left a very good friend there, Captain Xuan. The people accepted him very well and were most hospitable. The average temperature is 85 degrees with two seasons, had very strong French coffee, tea, or lemonade made from limes to drink. Water is taken from the canals for all uses and processed for drinking by adding alum to the water in a large urn to set tie the sediment. Fruit is plen tiful as bananas, oranges, grapefruit and coconut are grown iri the country. The only milk available is powdered or sweet thick canned which is similar to evaporated milk and shipped in from Saigon. THE NATIVES sit on the floor beside a low table and ea with chop sticks. Crapser was adept in their use as he had used them previously. There is no problem with snakes in the tropical countrj although there were a numbe of varieties of them. The nat Lves ate python. They pen up big field rats and feed them rice, either to be marketed o eaten. Major Crapser enjoye this meat as it reminded him o boiled or fried squirrel. Homes were basically thatch ed roof and bamboo on stilts for safety during the rainy season. The floors were of wood. Vietnamese military barracks were constructed in a similar manner and the men sleep in hammocks or on wooden beds. Clothing worn by the peasant women were baggy pants and a long Chinese type top which is slit to the waist in either black or white. The children wear pajamas, as we think of them. However, some of the men, depending on their status, wore western style slacks and (Continued on Page 2) Richard Bierle, Lone Rock, and Gary Youngwirth, LuVerne, were initialed into the Alpha Chapter ot Phi Theta Pi, International Honorary Business Fra ternity. They are students at the American Institute of Busi ess in Des Moines. Superior cholarship, leadership, person lity, and character are re uiremcnts for election. Paints are Mrs. Alice Bierle and ilr. and virth. Mrs. Elmer Young Percival wins boat, motor da Buschcr, Patricia Cink, Steven Eischen, Michelle Erpelding, Nancy Fox, Shirley Heimer, Marilyn Kellner, Maureen Lentsch, Sharon Ludwig, Janet McGuire, Stephen Schullcr and Margaret Studer. SILVER HONOR ROLL Freshmen Gerald Besch, Nancy Courtney, Patricia Dahlhauser, Annette Frankl, Jean Goetz, Mary Hamilton, Ronald Clayton Percival, owner of Percival Motors, was winner of a 14-foot boat and a 50- horsepower outboard motor last week at the Chrysler Corporation convention in Miami, Florida. The value he placed on two used cars determined the winner of the guessing contest. Mr. and Mrs. Percival left by plane on Jan. 14 and returned yesterday (Sunday). They drove a '66 Dodge Charger back. COLD FIRE CALL the difference in. hourly wages for a 3-year contract. "We only want a living wage," he told the Advance. ''And we are interested in making this wage in a 40- hour week rather than working overtime•- to jnake it," Holcomb said the average wage at the plant is $1.77 per hour with a low of $1.48 arid a high of $2.11 per hour. "There are very few employees making over $1.90 per hour at Weidenhoff." he added. He said'the state average for manufacturing workers in Iowa in 1964 was $2.78 per hour. Holcomb said the union had requested a 19% wage increase for the first year of a 3-year contract and a 3.2% for the second and third years. WEIDENHOFF, in their contract offering, promised an lie per hour wage increase the first year, a 9c increase the second year and a 7c increase the third year, or a total of 27c per hour Heinen, Dean Kollasch, Gordon insulation. Firemen answered a call at 10:52 a.m. Saturday morning at the Faber Construction Co., on Highway 18, Algona. The fire was confined to the pump room and the only damage was to the increase over the three-year span. He said the government recommended a 3.2% increase for each of the three years of the new contract. Presumably, this (Continued on page 2) Pickets stay on "job" PICKETS CONTINUED "around-the-clock" duty at the gates of the Weidenhoff Corp. plant here last weekend. Above, they are stopping a car occupied by two salesmen, requesting them not to do business with the company last weekend. The car did not. enter and left. Strikers shown above are, left, to right, Don Schmitt, Bob Haag, Bill Wermers and Sid Ellefjon. Inset shows the heated trailer located just across the highway from the plant entrance, where pickets can warm up and gft hot coffee and food. With temperatures below zero almost ey* ery hour since the strike began, it is a welcome addition. -b

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