The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1934
Page 3
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.WRDNRSUAY, .JANUARY SI, lfl:M SEEK «. S. HELP .VTIIF.VIL ew Doalfimght for^oiing. Viclimifrf •I'-- (•'' 1 ''ul'UIKIi NKWS of i'rl from page one) ii.s . a year's earnings r "' : 'i half •> ilear iliat imcier condi- '''•'•" :liat. American children ;r : writing Ihe kind of educa- !•. "-'"i'-h •*'"»• ire entitled."' I' H'll.l. CLOSE , '• i:i-;,r npproach of the crisis ! :n Aln'Kiui'.i, sliuwiiiK Hint i lie white rural and cily •"•eliwiis of ihe enlire sia'.e will '•!':• f l-'rb. 1—only 'half a school j y-:-r for 1UJ3. i 'ilia!, would mean 147.'J2ii chil- i.'r'-ii in rural and 21.IU1 j n c i;y •''honl.s lurned out. and 422-1 more | 'f-ac-hfis out of joi)s. j Two hundred schools in Ala-1 bama already are closed, and 1MO are scheduled lo close heroic- Feb. I | Teachers' pay <jeneral!y has | fallen lo dcgiiidlngly lew levels, e, en when ihey get the pav. null Chicuuo. for inflance. siUI owes! E<iy ils teachers $28.000.000, mui (he country owes leacliers S-tO.rwo.OOO i lor a-rvlces rendered, but no: Da'd' for. ' No one ran calculate Hi in pay to teachers paid with tax warrants or scrip which thev hud to .spend ai a discount somr.times as hiah as 40 Mi- cer.l THOUKA.N'ns AIIK AFFKCTEII Despite the fact that high school enrollment.'! have risen 1 - I nrxXOOO since 1930, the number of; employed teachers in the country I ha.s been reduced by 50.000, and ihe building of new school buildings has dropped off 80 per cent since 1930. i The National Education Associa-! tion estimates that by April i | about 20.0GO rural schools will be I closed, affecting more than a| million children. Meanwhile. America, which for years has looked on her public, sehool system as her choicest jewel, is watching other nations forfje ahead while her own schools slide backward. Solicitude of Russia for training and welfare of children, wnile it is partly a ]>olitical measure, still shows the newest great country forging mightily ahead in education. Reports 10 the Office of Education, here from JvTcxico, which we tolerantly regard as backward, .show "renewed activity nad plans for more rapid development" AUSTRALIA STANDS FAST Australia reports "standard's of instruction and attendance are be- in? maintained." From "darkest Africa" comes this word: "Thouah we have been hit by the depression just as much as the United States." reports E. G. Malherbc. director of education there "\ve have to n large extent spared our system the shock of the blow." Teachers' salaries In the Transvaal, where no schools' have been closed, are reported at around S1W3 a vear. The highest average, (he United c, 1 ^ 5 C 'T rcnehe<l «'«s around SHOO, and while the present average; is not known, a clue is given by (hose thousands of s-iOO sil-ir- ies. The schools were the last to reel the depression. Commissioner of Education Zook estimate.; thai, even with rcuivntng prosperity it wi,: be two years before such pros- Sis.* 1 " '"' re " CCted '" thC "Such n highly complex civiH- ziition as we have built remiires Highly trained intelligences for maintenance and further development." points out. Secretary of the interior Harold L. Tckes "No nation in these times can hope, to •survive, to say nothing of pro-rcss unless composed of a well-educat- rd citizenry." BEMOCKACY OX TRIAL Commissioner Zook feels (hat no lew than democracy tisdj is 01 ,1 U'i- 1 ' today. 'The only reason we have been i able to succeed as a democracy is! iK-ranse ibe public has been well informed ami educated. We will irap the same harvest as have o:l:rr countries in which democracy died, if we let fall the level ot education and intelligence, as we arc in danger of doing lodav •• says Dr. Zook. That is why an official like Scc- \it:nry Icko.-. fitting in the very /nirdft of the hurly-burly ot the NVw Deal, can say: "Even ui tlvjJe days of tremendously pressing problems, to my mind (lie imiwrtant of a!! is. What are we going to ( io about our schools?" 'lns askni to :-<• thai tlry ,;el Hi '[j ! Hang Tlurt Bung! J*AGE THREE -! Makes Five Tricks on Bid of Weak Four-Curd Suit Holland A'euv? The VY. M. S. held a social mcetiiifr week av Ihe home of •M* over ihe week end "'U, r's p.ircnis. Mr. and "I Cooler iii-rom- Today's Contract Problem SuiuJi iilav;; iho iiaud r\t six Jienrts. U'e.s! (ifmris [lie aee of diamonds aiul continues wiili niiniiii-r diamond. How can d'.'dai-1'i- make his contract? AJ 10 i; :, 5 3 -1 A Q V A K(J 10 1 I 2 « .1 Jt, Q 7 0 < Sohiticn it: ae\l i^:::e. ,11 o< liiunniy's are ':!'!(' of hear.s wi-,. On what ][!o.;.,i v. iuk bid, Mis. made five oilu] (.'opyiight. 10:i4.'hf iii:in:mids and i i:(i!h foot!, like a very i I!''!fi!:eit-r ha<l' Mrs. I. L. Fisher. Mrs. Ham Wnrk-' i i ''' V '"-' 1 UI||1 . V lu Rikeslon mriii and Mrs. Ir.i Xahner wi-ic- ""•'••"•v wlinv Mr. uilcy ullendcd iS336 Contributed for ! Woman's Club Building! : In a campaign JUKI ronn'eted' • Solution to Previous Contract Problem HV WAI. K. McKENNKV i Si-cat deal ha^ been said' n. repiirchasinj us clubhouse, ihej siini of s.«o was ob:aiuod M,-s r W. Bader was chairman o'" committee in char«e of ioik-iia: . Those who (ion.ued were- I IJ.ccch. S20: Sternberc Oin Co' ; <•' Robinson Lbr. Co., M,X j' n | Harksdale. Blyiheville' cot'lon ' Oil' lua'SsriLn 1 ^;;,^^! : Jr.. W. \v. Holllpctcr 'o' w" MI- ' ..C.'tchen, E M. Terry." clarence j \Vil«oii. each $10: Hubbard Furii i .Co.. Mrs. J. w. Bader. ^!rs. A. M! i d'H. A. Coinvny, Ton) Jack son 'eMaundrf^ T'E^iP'^ 0 ; Dinners. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff,,:,! Corrrll. ''' ;: '• '•• '"upps and children \Viltard Dradfoid mil Miss l:i:o- '-'Ji-iis nf Mr. nnd MIT., cilf- 1,'fne illchlft of Cicola droe in \\:t. , ! ( ' rl '"' !: Iw' n brief whiU- Mon- Sprini;s, Ark.. Siinilny in visit Mrs.' < . liv • |: "''ii"«:i a'- they wi-re moving Lily-Michic. «ho Is ilu-re f, ): - her J." : " J '- :j1 ''- Tnm.. lo Canada liialth. They rc'.urnri! Sunday ''V'' 1 '- i night. -"I•• Vi-ia Hieliard accompanied •Mrs. Hellic nalu-ree is v'sltliv i-"'"' '• r " !ll;I1 -' ; ''hilllns. Mis,s Wudctte' this week with Mrs. Ji ;u cai'le of o[" l: '^ ! ,""' """ lil!1 " Khom-y. nil BraKiiadocio. . ^'''•'-- to Memphis Tuesday MKs Mildred F,l^ 1( !s returned ll^""" m """ r " U ' 1 ' Or l'" e ""'' Sunday to Joneshorn Ki vesumt _ ' Xr™^,, gIO |i,e^ 'n;;^ - <™^~^ a <* Smith of Sleclc visiied In Memphis Tuesday. Mr. nnd Mrs. John A^ibil of Ty- ••;:,<. l'""..-"i:ie Niiiioniu Piirl: hav <•••-• :.'. -' !-.2.l:'C acres. Will l-ol-j low S;ile lo Ren resent a- i of Bondholders. ; JIW KNA. Ark.--A rrorBanbai'un "f Ihe Clilrann Mill and Lumber Him under \\-hlrli holders '•'isiiliiiny's In i;nld «-ill surrender them for ! i -iix-k hi t|,e Chicago Mill • Timber corporation, which will t«n mid i>i)eraic the company's : J>:i>|iH(lrs. will result fnmi tin-.snl,- 111 i!:<- cdinninn .slock and pi-operly "f I In- nilriig-n Mill and Lumber :<'«!'|:':ruiliui and Us nlfilliil.-.s nt j M I|,.]enii yeslerday under n I •i'-|. uf ihc fiHli-nil dlslrlcl court! !"r i-iiMrin Arkansas. '• C-'liiirles w. Ilimic of Chicaco , Mild lo In. nrtliiB In liehalf of 91 cent uf ihe bondholders, wns' 1 »lv hiilder. He bought ,,u of ; : Ine company's property and 30770! Uw.™"' "' s m "" nm sux ' k fr)r ! .' His bid cnmahied the provision • . holders of the corporation's (I i per cent (jdM |, oni ] s rMm . ( . 0)||l| . t a l>:'ii|>ortloiiiile i>(irt of the, cash bid. or exchange their bonds! lor Mfli-k In (he Chicago Mill! i limber corpora lion at t!,e rate uf M shares of slock for encli j| ODD I bond. I! I.. McClelland of Cliieapo nre.vulem of t),e Oilmen Mill Timber corixiraiion. was pre.'eiil at Hit sale, lie said Hint [whys s<ilc had the approval of 97 per mil "I the bondholders and I bat (he reoii-aiil/nllnii would be eflcrird us >oun as the sale ha.s b-.-m am- ' firmed by 11», federal court lie Mild ibe sale will have no eflcci UIHIII the operalion (if the mills and ntlier property Involved i Hie pro[ierly .sold Included mlll.v nnd plants al Dlythcvllle and West flelena. Ark.. Greenville. Miss. I Onniell, Tnlluto}] nnd Waleiproof, Lu., and Memphis. Tcnn.. M 850 acres of limber and oilier lands In AlKllllfils. Mississippi I,,,,! 1.01,1s]. 1 ana. and limber rights lo nil ud- dlllonal CS.5H acre.s In the <ame stales. Northeast Arkansas property involved 1,1 Uu . s . llc lnc i, Hlra , m , mill and nlanl at niyllievillc limber lights to 3.M3 acres In Mis- M.'.s!]jpj county. H7 lots In Caraway. CralKhead county. 751 acres Tip- "lilt il.;,i ], : ,||.- v ,.|| . | . fjs !->|iealii-r i nlvk ,. xU . ; .,n U | U Iliiry mill mm:.,-.,,. „( ,\,,. n .. v ,.. la.1.1 Inrlliu,.,. ,,,,.,i „, ,:,.,',,,„;, lil« inns 1ms ciianp'il i,, - sv{ .., dial IHHIK." Trls' I; >»,«•' el",! f'OKPil In.ibo II,,,,,,,- MiKlm-is in ru-vrh,..]. !,.,•„ ,,,, nv ., , tlM|]|t .?...!'''•.. ! n "' 1! .w'.: wo . o: limber land In Craimicad coiin- U nnd ^,501 acrc.s in I'd, couniy. Reservations May'Siill He Made for'Play '" Olympic. ft l:ir:<« inuuli: ,• ,,f, Iccri! 'prizes i'ill Ix- fivc-n ut U:,. world bridijc "lymph: Thursday rtrnjni: t .l tin; c,.i:ntijy club M| : ,. r . j,,-| ( |, ; e players HirniiBliom norih-ru Arkansas and Mls.vju-; win coinpfte.. ' nr:- in r.rjiullon to the :.i II nVi'irk v.'llh I.'r.rry :'rid Kvcu-il II. (.1.... ji Tliciv will in- ,-,..(, yrand .*fijj: -•:vi-n 10 me h-ijiK-st «ori, in-ill. iireoKlln, '.. party nilc.i£§ iraljiiui u: ,i.. st . the,-,. .i-m-i-iil ci.t pi-i),. and <•• -.-In'!' dt i-l:-, of c.njs !"• r:lvni :u rac 1 : I rut priA-s. Wllh ...... Hi.- .same n; hind- dralt''t i rlii ran la. K -,: u . H-nK'iicd ii.s no ,s|v. i '•'•• used in . ; ,-:idii-[ „,,: , V un->. ih: HIMi-ucl inns in players, which l:ui' jus', anlvr;' iin; unusually >.m|ilr. only tije nual contni'cl, i -.ii'iiiiiK li'-.ul. lirr.t k-ail »y tle.c}jji- < ' 's Milr, ijrsl |,. n( i j,y (jqf c n4,, i-fler opening lend, first bl4>j)iy u-leiidin;: side. : ml the 1'rMit : re rtcurrtrd. ' K~y ! ficservaliims m; v yet be "mine indivlilimlly. | n mi} .]' n m ( , v .uj 0 : - K t-oMs Si cadi to'par- - i t: fcipate. Head Ooiirinr News Want Adj.! A new invisible ray. whlcb in cieiu.-e.s by 20 llmc.s the distance ou-r which (he human CM- can see nnd is equally cniclcm in fir ),as been tested. In Knijland. Blue Star Kills Foot itch Germs Stubborn foul ili-1, terms ,||,, wlirn lilue Slat- (Ililtnit-nl uii-Hs Illlli MUlliS 111. I-|,r il.-hy I'lVvHlil, rash, ii-lU'r, i-|ni:ui>riii, [ii'ni|ili-. ;,iul ollltl- slslli Iliilllili'S, yilll ran filirl ""thiilM us fim- „, |||' 1U . siai Oiul- Hieiil. Dots u.jt hum.tailvo best Colds .. y Rest treated wilhoul "dosing'! OHAD1-; A Raw Milk Mlime 14 Craig's Dairy >dem contract find .-ilficuli- to aill.ere ic anv ever, m it very' panicii- • • hat you should try ( 0 do is to-Walton. Mrs no a nt win, y 0:;; - | W , Inn . Sho:ise Little An example cf ;.(...-, Cn\^ v as 'e N ' MVS - Ruw complLslied is t: vx-:i in 'indnVs Thompson. Land, played by M: 'I'tier^ o! Cleveian:; iiaiiy" ell'cTc'd - Hcni) '' r:;o »- each S3;"j "rj' „„„„:,,. of thr •••-'"."en'-i : .,,-,ii,,,-,. -^°". decree Darham. WiRia'm >aacs. A Wcrl. Kirby newly el-cied: . "-lien's auxiliary. "'„, e l An:c -' li -" rl11 I-"r:ihc- league. .\ests iiegative c'cul-ie over the --•ic. 01 on? -lu'j informed his r-rtncr that l,e iu-!d .support in I or .si;a<:-s, ci liad a sidc : n - F. Klrsliner Molor Co.. Courier "ell Phillips. J 0 i,n today's "-™ipson. Huffman Bros ec-.h A C. Hofi.'f?-' Texaio Co.. n.-id. A -I 10 9 V J S 4 •» 1 0 3 7 I - K I A Q n ; -\ S :: Dealer A A S K ^ 2 V 1 0 5 'S 2 »QU A 10 2 * Q 7 Ci V K r, * K J 5 * A K Q 7 S Duplicate—N. anil K. Vul. Olieiiins lead—* K. 1 4 -4- 1'asa Di-uli] ITiss - 1 V I A 1'ass j-iil strong en,..,!;]-, t c permit to play the hand at two -.O'.lmtJcr in ;,, : ;.;,.; 1 .,... 1-,-iidecI win, ••-; [,, -_-,,..| ..,,,, ••"•"" -u.-!i.-;ii< ii river rro:n ""• Then. wt lu , her partner, I""' 1311 b"di;e at Memphis when 'av ihai the hands offlcm got lo ° ll01 °» "he li.-iil. v, -.iie^idecljS^A 10 ^"^ A ' ltiCC - Dins Co.. Caldwell Beamy shop *:!?: J, amcs B. Clark, Fred Mrs. II. t... Reynolds .\«r e j " Ariams. Mrs. p. K roo'-v'\r--' •Guthrie King. Mrs. Meyer'bra'ber' Ar^-Mo Lhr. Co.. S2.50 each- and -smaller donations wrvc gi ' , - m '|-j at t! ln 7 ltGi " C °' ] ">Craw: • '""I. J. H. Elfcins. fiorace Wai ' Pole. Everett B. Gee K j 0 | m , i- A Gnmner Jiedel's' Fred Sa'nde^ "n. Sam l-'lorman. New Ecoromv Siiop, Oiiy Drug Co.. L. E Haviies | R. J. Dodscn. MiHon Sternh"™ ' I »Irs. Eddie B. David. Cash. Moor^s .Or. A. M. Washburn. Aaron'n'os' :"«hal and Mre. Samuel rNr,"^. | Charge Bicycle Tlieft •, in the county jail awaiting preliminary hearing on charges of grand larceny. . Police accuse Williford of siral- iny a bicycle from the Hubhard Hardware company ,'„ December Officers sav Willlford admits hav- ng the bicycle in his pcsscssion nut claims he received it ?:.-> m 3n _ other man. The whtel war, thrown the Ml55i«ip-,i river f,-o:n NEXT: How | 01 v has cilm-alion fallen in Ilir laml whirli used to Ixiast of ils system of public education as thr niicst in tile world? :i>sed. .she :ui not fit " try ihc ind a bid i-ur-carder 'i^rling a ''••c; they aic major -and we i' -:ng r-.ule on a v.-eak' "iipiv i;i the hope nl i : » h,.- li.ii,,[. Bu . ' . mil Miliioia'jlc. the Read (,-.i-.rier NOAVS Want Ails. to bid ; t>id was • aki- ihe i partner' tiddln-!, Dogwood Items A large s-nglng nt "i-emoon. •' lr c,«| crowri attended the| New Liberty Sunday j C GOES Or No Pay! Alt, rt Payne stxmt ETOrry" Mr "''* "*' "° m;r A large crowd rflcnderl the fun- i.-at of htiie Wina D ean Wilson Saturday afleinoo'i ''i'n y\F Sprajlerry and Paul :-nd Ruth Bnrk-c were dinner nuests of Miss nolline Ounter Sunday Mrs. Berry of High (0 wcr ' vis- Hrd her datightei-. Mrs. Andrew I'nrker. last week-end. The Boys j>gric-,i;iurc club will 'i:ret al Ihe horn:- of Mr. and Mrs '' A. Ounler Th:i;-^day nig],t. __ Kvcryone is inv;icd to attend '-imday school. he::l every Sunday '-•• at 10 o'clock nt f,i c not great. It was us?!e.-.s ffr i.irce hearls--|,is :;'.oper :i jump to four | C •'ram off ihe ]n,-n as doii" „ .,,„,, cc;ii jn "•',) S1T,US. The Day "•'-pii t! 'nf C ' 1 . st ? ! ' d !l ' e '^inK and .--•-" ui ciiibs nini then, rather -an wMiie club o.iil. led a small "I course, if Korlh had —Slirddan's Salve absoliLtcly the jack of gu^r.inlcr "Your ColJ Goes or Your i u l!a '-'e won the ' v l<="cy B.ict"—.ind sucli ,\ guaramc-.- " is due entirely CO ihis rcmark.ihlc i° hi VC , r ," /f, 111 ' 1 '"'"'IKd'" ^in^Uie" i-'l't and Mrs. Hoflmeier in ( | lc :;"" m -ertruiui»ed will, (hc tc]1 •I'o Ihen led a heart ana ihe q:'ee:i. was led /-upcri in v.iti- arts, he woilrt . ace ol heaus were the Hope that t!;, hra rt s rpist. as Ihcy were The kiir: rf si-.iii-s -i:)d a small spad? led •* M]f was rll| I«l H dummy 'wjih ^™°^%^ r ™i 0 « n.cler will, tho r,v« of hearts dummy, and containing n rit-Jicir.c novci before used externally. That tncdtci:iL- when used intcnuilly ]"s knnv.-n to bo strong and powerful rnniifji to up ccrrnin micro hie mrccnon—anil when used c)ftern.i!!>-, as in ohcdd..n's Sn!vr,rtsu]ii arc nm.izl::s;. TM o Irlndc "Mifd' 1 for Children—"Strong' 1 for Adults. Sold by ,i1I druggists. <&Baby Chicks CTSTO.M UATcmxc. Marilyn Hatchery We Buy Poultry KY Strik EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON ON THE AIR Frofn lhe . -i if Ihc MrlrefrJiiait H(.ita linag in A'ra' York ^iLiJjy il IO I 1 . M.. r-''lin [,„-.,nit Uc-l J- I W ila'4Xr.(.'.UX-KYM I 1 cilcjll i; T Mrlr,.^,!nin t'unipjr.Vi.I Ke-.v ^'pTI^ i.1thccn <>r"i, "n; c Williire" 'J'Jir<>;i u ,h[ln-si-S.itiir<Liyafterni.oiibn>.icl- cssts, [llr.ri fnmillif Metropolitan () pl . r . ( us.- in Now York City, we ( -iuU-av, ir lo pay nut rrsiH-rl-; 1,1 ill,- inlier<-;:[ (rm-il last,- of America .. . tin- K ,n,,I t:M c has hniiif lit sm-h ovonvlielrninrr pairon- lc n ,,, r fine us,- alu-.iys ilic liiu-st tolwciw ami only tin- ci-nn-r 1,-avi-s.. . May vvc express the luipe- thai \, |,i!,. yn,, nri - fnjnyl,,,, , no Melropnliian tinuilcaMs y,nt a.lil to Always the Finest Tobacco TZ - mni.>|niiii.iii iiniain-aMs y,nt add to a,',- in l.,,rfcvStnl i ,....\\' ( .f cl .] J.,, cfe , h:i[ ,.„)„)„„.,„ | )y r, K } n ^ a Lucky? NOT ihc lop leaves —they're inidcr-ilevclrincri ! " ~ 77/c Cream of the Crop and only the Center Leaves NO T ihc bottom leaves — thev'r? inferior In n u j|It

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