Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1966 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 27, 1966
Page 10
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••••••«•.. **••••«•••••to ALCOIJA (Iowa) THURSDAY, JAN, 27, 1964 first robin spring. for ' promise of IN THE FIRST place they can't sing, so the Old Goat is much intrigued by such female yelpers as infect the airwaves in tight "gowns". They look pretty awful, and wouldn't do a gal a bit of good if she had to run for it. However they do have a slit up the back of tihe dress so the girl can walk, a bit tippy toe, but actually get around. They looked like the thing was painted on or put on wet and let shrink. Anyway, the Old Goat is advised by some of the trade gossips that the girls wear nothing but nothing un derneath. Seems even a wrinkle would show up and damage the image. This is certainly true if they did it would show. The Old Goat is embarrassed in seeing these tight pants the girls wear today so tight that the imprint of the unmentionables is shown clearly. There certainly isn't anything too pretty about those long gowns. In fact they look pretty silly. PURELY IN THE interest of science probably, but anyway a scientist got a wondering and clamped a pedometer on the skirt of one of the go-go girls to see how far the movement would take her in a straight line Seems he figures she would have traveled a mile and three-fourths in a 15-minute period. That's the rate of seven miles an hour. However if the Old Goat's eyesight isn't failing him the go-go kids wear pretty short skirts way up to almost here. Now if the pedometer were attached to a skirt at knee length it would travel farther and hence make more than seven miles an hour. Then taking the side swaying into account and the ring around the mulberry bush also it would seem the girl goes at about a mile a minute. That sounds reasonable to the Old Goat but maybe that scientist wouldn't take the Old Goat's figuring. THOSE DANCED outfits that send you a numbered disc or something saying you may already have won a trip to Mexico, a new car, a colored TV, or some other big gift makes the Old Goat mad. Phooey—a million of these or maybe ten million are sent out and only one number gets the big deal. Of course under the law the company must not require a purchase but the nagging thought is always present that maybe there's hanky panky going on and only those who fall for the bait have any chance at the goodies offered. * * * PHOOEY TO THIS idea of teaching kids how to drink. If there is any justice in the world such teaching should be for some of the older jokers who haven't learned. GOLDFISH SWALLOWING oldsters probably take a dim view of the new fad in college. Seems the new champ is a Tennessee Tech student who downed 14 bottles of pop in 3 minutes. Bet he did the Tennessee waltz for a while. Oh well, it's better than the goldfish deal of the college kids of the 1930s. :|: * # HEY NOW—there's an idea! A smart railroad man figures to put hostesses or stewardesses and Bunny girls on commuter trains and buses to entice customers. Seems the trains are in competition with the airlines in this. However maybe the railroad unions would demand an engine fireman instead, an ugly thought isn't it? Anyway it might liven up an old sourpuss to have a howdy stranger happy girl on the train to cheer him up after leaving the wife in curlers and the kids fighting as he leaves for work. Not only would ho have a nicer journey but also would be in a better mood when he gets to work. And maybe he wouldn't hang around for another snort bo- fore the train left for homo after work. * * * THE NEW SEED catalogs are mighty pretty, but only a dreamer expects his garden to even halfway look like the pictures. But with these umpteen below (lays the catalog beats the •««»•»>•«»•••»•*»»»«»>» Wesley Viola Studer Annual meeting of loan group held at Burt ; Three hundred farmers and hospital, wives attended the annual meeting of the Federal Lank Bank Association of Algona Jan. 18, at the Burt high school gymnasium. Burt Bandmothers served dinner and musical entertainment was by William Watkins at the organ and by the vocal and gui tar music of Cathy and Tom Ma lek. Garner. E. E. Evoy. senior vice presi dent of the Federal Land Bank of Omaha, spoke and named several problems facing a rapidly changing agriculture and how services of the Federal Land Bank are geared to help solve the problems. Plans for celebrating 50 years of service by the Federal Land Bank system in 1967 are being made. Shrinking farm population requires concerted action by all farm groups in presenting the cause of agriculture to urban groups and Congress, according to McEvoy. Supervisor LeRoy Hansen presented two plaques to the manager of the association, E. H. lutchins, honoring the working taff and directors and members for making more than 100 new oans totaling over two million dollars in the Algona-Forest City Associations during 1965, helping to boost the total outstanding loans of the Federal Lane Bank of Omaha to $570,000,000 by the end of 1965. Marvin Junkermeier, Elmore was re-elected to the board ot directors, and Hugh Black, Al gona, was re-named president Hold-over directors are Douglas Wildin. Algona; Leander Menke Swea City; and Robert E. Deal o Algona. In addition to Manager Hutchins, Helen Haas and Larr> Severson are on the staff of em ployees. The association make, long-term farm real estate loan in Kossuth County. The Herman Bodes were Sunday guests of their daughter, the Kenneth Prohaskas, Garm er. The Leonard Prohaskas, Garner, were also guests. The Ben Wagners, Fort Dodge, spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. A.1 Wagner. The Dwight Wagners, Algona, were callers Sunday. They visited Al Wagner, patient in the Britt Lael Root went to Council Bluffs Saturday to visit the son, the Tom Roots. They have a boy born Jan. 16. He brought his wife home Monday. She had been there one week. The Lawrence Baylors were Sunday guests at Henry Weiland's near Britt, for Mr. Weiland's birthday. The women are identical twins. The Tom Vitzthums, Laurens were Sunday guests at the par ental George Vitzthum's. They also visited other relatives. The Dave Kleins recently urchased 16 lots west of their lome from Bill Hrubes. Four government grain bins will be emoved as will several farm heds. The Oscar Wagners, Mason City, were Sunday guests at the >arental Mrs. Emma Olson's. The 7 o'clock high mass in St. Joseph's Catholic church Wednesday morning January 26 was for the 50th wedding anniversary of the George Himers. Burt Methodist R»«. Merlin Daviei 6urt Wednesday, Jan. 26 2:15 p.m. — Fidelis Class. 7:30 p.m. — M.Y.F. Saturday, Jan. 29 W.S.C.S. Bake Sale at Mitchell Electric. The proceeds of this sale will be used to ship bandages to Mission stations in Africa for use with lepers. Sunday, Jan. 30 9 a.m. — Worship Services Sermon, "No Place to Hide". 10 a.m. — Sunday School. Pastor speaks at Swea City in the evening. Monday, Jan. 31 Pastor speaks at Emmetsburg Tuesday, Feb. 1 8 p.m. — Official Board meet* ng. Wednesday, Feb. 2 2:15 p.m. ~- Regular meeting of the W.S.C.S. Sunday, fob. 6 Youth Rally at fcmmetstourg. First Prtsbyfrerion Keith itwtr, toy Pastor Irvingten Thursday, Jan. 27 7:30 p.m. — Choir practice. Sunday, Jan, 30 9 a . m . _ Worship Service. 10 a.m. — Church School. First Methodist Rev. frank I. Cemldlne, r»ai»or Corwith Jan. 24-27 Iowa Methodist Pastor's School at Indianola-Simpson College. Your pastor plans to attend. ' Thursday, Jan. 27 3:30 p.m. — Jr. Choir. 7:30 p.m. — Chancel Choir. There will be no Confirmation Class this week. Sunday, Jan. 30 Youth Sunday. 9:45 a.m. — Chufch School. 11 a.tn. — Worship. C-W School of Mission at Cof- iVith. Politick supper *t 6 p.m. rlrs. R. ft. Jongewaafd will be he guest missionary speaker. MYF on 1st and 3rd Sunday nights at 6 p.m. Official Board on 1st Wed. night each month, 8 p.m. Tuttday, Feb. 1 7:30 p.m. — Comm. on Evangelism meeting at Corwith. WcdflMday, F«b. 2. 2 p.m. — wscs. 8 p.m. — Official Board at orwith. Wedntiday, F«b. 9 11:30 a.m. — Florence Circle Noon Luncheon serving the public. Friday, Ftb. 25 World Day of Prayer. were the Richard Srlstows, sec-. ond, Harding Hailsens, and tra* vel, Mrs. Robert Nielsen. The John Vossei Jr. attended the funeral of Mac Wise, Sexton, at the Wesley Funeral Home. Mrs. Clara MeClellan had the 500 card club Tuesday. Mrs. Frank Gronbach received high and Mrs. Clara Wolf, low. Mrs. Chas. Mini was a guest. Mrs. Albert Schneider had Ca- M9ta club Thursday. Mt». ttef- ftfafi rtifiz nigh and . Mrs. Melvln -Kitbly, low. the John Vdttei Jr. vilited Wednesday with the Old .fetgertr sens, Eagle GroVe. the Merfli H*f»is, Oftoten, vi* sited her aunt, the Lee Witt- meiers. The Jack Guys, Mrs. Chas. Meinkel and Mrs. Ray Guy are spending a few Angeles, Calif. weeks ih Los Was held Mrs. Date 2etith*f with SO present, bevolfotis* were by Mrs. Duane son by Mrs. Bill . hostesses were Mrs, LeRoy bef, Mrs. Percy Brink, Mrs. Cur Bjustrom, Mrs/ Je|s iindgbak and Mrs. Clara McClellin. TK4y will hold a special meeting nem month. -to discuss ptans for the anniversary banqi'st in Lu Verne Fern Bigings The Clem Stripling* had their 500 card club Saturday. High WINTER TIRE SALE CLEARANCE OF NEW "TAKE-OFF" TIRES, ODD SIZES, DISCOUNTS IN USED AND SLOW MOVERS —UP TO 50% OFF! P" "^ LEGAL NOTICE Kossuth County Agricultural Extension Education Fund receipts and expenditures for the period, January 1, 1965 to December 31, 1965 RECEIPTS: ' Balance, January 1. 1065 —-. - ~$ 5,702.78 County Extension Fund - - - 22,930.0( Receipts from other sources 135.0C ; TOTAL RECEIPTS - - $28,767.78 DISBURSEMENTS: Salary: : County Extension Director $ 2,550.01 County Extension Home Economist 1,366.6' County Extension Assistant - — 2.350.0C Office Help — - - 4,137.1 Federal Social Security — Employer's Share „ - 149.32 Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System — Employer's share 137.09 Travel: . County Extension Director 1,121.23 County Extension Home Economist 530.25 County Extension Assistant - 1,213.28 Rent, heat, light, janitor 4,288.56 Communications: Postage, Telephone L 655.36 Office Supplies , — 669.64 Equipment and Repairs 469.56 Project Activity Expense 512.21 Insurance, Legal Notice and Bond 221.44 TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS — .$20,371.79 Balance December 31, 1905 8,395.99 State of Iowa ) ) SS. Kossuth County ) I, Karl Erik Kiilsholm, Chairman, and I, Verda Brandt, Treasurer, of the Kossuth County Agricultural Extension Council, being duly sworn on oath, state to the best of our knowledge and belief, that the items included in the foregoing Financial Report are a true and correct statement of the receipts and expenditures of the Kossuth County Agricultural Extension Education Fund. (Signed)—Karl Erik Kiilsholm, Chairman (Signed)—Verda Brandt, Treasurer Subscribed and sworn to before me on this 28th day of December, 1965 Edith Welter Notary Public SIZE Titatat IWCHWAUS 6.00-13 6.50-13 • 2nd Tire J 15.80 17.15 fcBttU&fe) 20.45 23.10 25.35 28.85 »- M '.V.E ,mn I »f«!!«i »7.90 T«MM WHITIMUl lit Tin 2nd Tlrr $18.65 8.57 10.22 11.55 20.05 23.20 25.90 12.67 14.42 28.10 31.50 99.32 10.02 11.60 12.95 14.05 15.75 •All prictl PLUS TAX... NO TRADE-IN NEEDCOI MCM mn LOWCM on TUK-TVK TkM NO TRAPE IN NEEUED Phone 295-2421, Algona To SENIOR CITIZENS (65 YEARS OR OLDER) The SECURITY STATE BANK OFFERS A SENIOR CITIZENS PERSONAL CHECKING ACCOUNT PLAN • There will be NO CHARGE ON ANY SENIOR CITIZENS ACCOUNT If you qualify we invite you to stop in and open your account as a Senior Citiien. No charge, regardless of size of account or number of checks written. We welcome you. OUR REGULAR POLICY ESTABLISHED JULY 1, 1965 REMAINS UNCHANGED. THERE IS NO SERVICE CHARGE ON PERSONAL CHECKING ACCOUNTS WITH A MINIMUM BALANCE OVER $300. WJW.VJVfJVJ'fJ'J'JW.V, FEBRUARY 1 Starts Another Quarter in our savings department . . . PAYING 4% COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY wvvv»v.vwvwvvi The SECURITY STATE BANK ALGONA With Office in LyVerne, Iowa f ric«d at shown gt Firttton* Storti; competitively prlctd at Firtiton* Dtaltri and at all ttrvic* ttationi displaying th« Firiiton* lign. Joe Bradley Equipment South of Hotel Algona NOTICE TO CAR OWNERS 1966 CAR LICENSES MUST BE PURCHASED BEFORE FEB. 1, 1966, TO AVOID PENALTY License fees become delinquent after January 31. After that date a penalty of 5 per cent, with a minimum of one dollar ($1.00) will be added each month until licensed. Please bring in your last registration certificate when applying for new license-this means all motor vehicles including trailers. SPECIAL NOTE: If your car isn't on record in this county, see that it is done promptly by writing to the county of record to have it transferred. A license cannot be issued to you in this county until your car is on record here. ALL TRAILERS Must be licensed each year — at the County Treasurer's Office. NO FREE TRAILER LICENSES. Wagon Box Trailer used by farmers for own use — $5.00. Trailer with gross weight of 1,000 — $3.00. Trailer with gross weight of 2,000 Ibs. — $10.00. All trailer licenses will be delinquent that are not licensed by Feb. 1st. STORAGE Owners wishing to store their cars or trucks for 1966 may do so before February 1, 1966, thereby avoiding penalty if they wish to obtain a license later in the year. Cars in storage before or during the year 1965 are still in storage unless otherwise taken care of. Plates must be turned in to the treasurer's office while car is in storage. JUNKING In order to junk a car, both the license plate and registration certificate, also title, must be turned in to the County Treasurer's office, together with a statement or affidavit for junking. TRUCKS Truck licenses will be issued on the gross-weight — that is, the combined weight of the truck itself plus the weight of the load. 3 TON - - - - $ 25.IX) 5 TON $ 40.00 6 TON $ 70.00 7 JON — - * 95.00 8 TON , $120.00 Rosella Voigt TREASURER OF KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA

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