The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1936
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 1930 JSUTITEVILLE, (ARK.) COUUH3R NEWS 1 Farm News ftlltcd by J. O. PUI.LERTON County Agricultural Agent moms, according to D. J. nurle- 1111 vetrii, 30 pounds' Austrian 1 ton. extension agronomist, Unlver-1 winter pous. 30 pounds;' bur rlov- Mly of Arkansas college of anil- or, •)() to 50 iwinuls In burs 1 crlm- cuKure. Knrmers Have loin- re- son clover. 15 ixmnds; ami while imml the need lor following this or ulslke Mover. 5 pounds PAGE THREH !<>n!y 3-1 days n year. If he | pastured on the day.; when he U :iiol used as well u.s at night dur- I lug Ihc working season, II Is cs- cui m and Grain. |.:'acllcr, but they havu felt they cuiild not nironl to do fa, bran use larin juices have been so low Unit, 11 innxlinuni of «>ll-dei>let- I IIIB croijs had to be produced. i '1'liese FoU-liulUlIn^' payments j will lulj) the dinner Benr the ex™;e i peme cf tiring .some of his le t! U»H> tro'.) lo build Ma soil. Tlic new t'urin piuyrum In Hits way t-'itcournyes farmers to plant H larger acreage of summer legumes than Is needed for hay, Ihns making it possible lo plow under purl, t-i.riuon points out. 1'iH'li..', IU31, Can:nl,\ derived a taiui »)j>:rc!juK> roomie In ex- -'-f cif s:),>n.O( from farm ';i p,._ , ,\ A -| H i L>1<uls Al'C AViVllablc 10 Fanners Who Leave Legume Stalks on Laud. A fanner who leaves the vine? The cotton former who the greatest |>ossib]e use of good pasture In keeping his mules, feeds aljciil one-third less hay, as well as less Brain, per animal Hum is eaten 'by the average cotton-furm uiule, on the basis cf a survey by the United Slates Department cf Agriculture on 101 Arkansas and Mississippi Delta plantations. Feed casts for work animals CUM be lowered iti many sections by j more use of improved pastures, I :ny department men. Ill addition, pasture Improves and stnlks on the Innd,' in "<ae and saves from erosion laud re- of such summer legume* ns .soy- tired from clean cultivated crops beans (provided the seed are not fur soil conservation purposes. | harvested for oil mill crushing), The average work mule on IJic cuwpctis. velvet beans, crotnlark plantations studied by the Depart- find liegi;ar weed, will qualify for mcut in cocperation with the Ar- a soil-building payment of $1.50 kansa^ and Mississippi experiment per acre, according to J. O Ful- stations, eaU nhmit 0,000 pounds lerton, county agejit. In case he cf hay and alxmt 3,000 pounds of plows these crops ' tinder green, grain a year. lie works the eq'uiv- he may obtain a gran I of $2 jwr alent of one hundred and twelve acre. Of course, a farmer can- 10-licur days each year, most of not obtain a greater total soil- whieh is during the giming sea- building payment Iliun the amount son of about 224 days. Some far- cf his soil building allowance Mr mcrs extend this grazing season Fullerton points out. with winter-growing forage. i Legume crops when left on the On the days oil which the aver- land or when plowed under green age cotton plantation mule is not ivlll add to the soil organic mat- working he generally should be ter and nitrogen, both of which en pnstue ana" usually could be. arc usually needed more on Ar- As a matter of fact he Is pastured kansas soils than any other elc- Thc new farm program provides that fin-more may collect SI per 5>iSsra-.- acre, as a soil-building jiayment, |j-™"^ *'T seedlni! on crop land any of eo 1'ROor the locally adapted winter leg- "~ I-..IPS b..fcrf, October 111. 1B3G, stales J. o. Pullerton, county, nucnt. lie states that the most important of Iheib whiter legumes for this section include vetch, Austrian winter peas, bur clover, and crimson clover. The list also includes such permanent pasture legumes us white and nl- sike clover. To obtain a grant for seeding winter legumes, two requirements must be met. , The total soil-building payments will not be greater than the soil- building allowance for the farm. The rate of seeding and the I method of jilanting should be such as to obtain reasonably good stands. Rules per acre recommended by U. J. Burlesou, extension agronomist, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture are. hairy vetch, 20 iwmds; Hungarl- AIR-MAI!) SILK HOSE Knee k-iijvili in- full 7£c to $1.55 KIRBY BROS. DRUG CO. Low Prices for Tkurs. - Fri, - Sat. \Vo \M\\i/ r PRESJBIPTION IIEADQUARTKRS Tint Alcohol Alill< of I'lnt ... MilRTdl I'illl .. «I$«>IW» NOTIOH The following dental olllccs will lie closed every Thursday afternoon during t[,e summer. Urs. llrrwi-r, Clillil, itloori! ami Taylor There's one low-price car that's in a class hy itself Get tlmt and See! can size up some can by their "features." But you - can't si/.e up a Ford until you dricc this great new 1930 V-8. 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Dental l.:uly Ksllii-r || ''Irani !> i-r ()(.)< .. •' () Hudnut's iVlarvelous Matched Makeup Kit $1.00 Value mr im> AUSIUmioiily ' 'nft* 11 .rv Si.oo '.vusii oiiin on<; Tcnln 'V Sl.lll' (irovrs Clilll 7QO $1.20 Knl Illnlili'; I'llk IOCS Ceil I.Ivor Oil I'lul tNl I vinr Vuiui! •... ('rcoimilsliin $l.2r> Vnlno ... •Sytup IVrsl" $1.20 Viilue ... H:l)d- Aspirin -OUNCE nlUB TI^LI^U . i| fffiiUK. 'I0L' l.ii I'aliiiii U r Kiirs . Tie Dixie Ma id CiK'U'D, 1(1 fur 2l!c I'rinco Allierf or Volvol . . lOe !ic Hnidldnj; 'I'o'iitceos, li for .... 2iic Kit finiokiiijr 'r»li;icciis, ;i for . . 2oc I !')(' Slllllluil^ 'I'llljIU'l'OH, 2 for . . ZftK OCTAGON SHAPE Metal rinif, imoVfd, nmbe Ot Krern Icn i. Mail e ir _U.I. A Large iire.t^oiceof icvcr colot Unto. Made i U. S. A. ReErlgerator Bottles Utal forcoolincwjlcr, Ituii juicti, bcvcc*Ec< etc. in ihr tffnserBtoi. Approved by GooJ • I louicke'pinr. >^— 'PEAU-OOUX D0& FOOD POUND PKG. 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