Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on August 13, 1959 · Page 36
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 36

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1959
Page 36
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PAGE TUCSON DA LY CITIZEN THURSDAY EVENING, AUGUST 13, 1959 4:0« DIXIE LEE U fc •P^* THOMAS ABAROA PEDRO Fighting To Death 5 San Pedro Bulls! Tickets and Information n(: TRAVEL MEXICO, 8 E. PENN1NGTON, MA 2-4445 Universal Automatic Pilot Developed At Phoenix Your best week-end reading is in the Citizen, Don't miss "On The Town," WASHINGTON —art— A Phoenix company has developed the first aircraft flight control system that can be used on all types of planes. A prepared announcement, is- UFFNERS HOFBRAU Specializing In Fine GERMAIN 1 FOODS PHONE AX 8-10-16 E.O.W.SALE T V CLEARANCE • • W • EXTRA DISCOUNT WITH TRADE ALL TV SETS LISTED ARE GUARANTEED 11* EMERSON Model 1468 Blonde Console REG. $339 NOW 208 11* PHILCO Model X500 Mahogany Lowboy REG. 5299 $< 11* PHILCO 11* 240 SYLVANIA Model 4638 Blonde Lowboy REG. ^339 $' 239 Model 21T213B Blonde Table Model REG. 5299 NOW 210 111* HOFFMAN Model 2I-T-S428 Cherry Console REG. $339 $' !"* HOFFMAN Model B3421 Blonde Console REG. 5299 NOW 235 Model 1291 Blonde Table Model REG. $230 NOW 190 111* ZENITH Model 2873 Blonde and Walnut Lowboy REG. $370 $ 290 11* SYLVANIA 11* Model 501 Convertible Cusf. Lowboy Console REG. $339 $ 11* 220 PHILCO Model G4654 Predicta Console REG. $369 NOW $ 239 Model 21T8468 Cherry Lowboy REG. 5369 239 STERO HOME OF THE YEAR PICTURE TUBE GUARANTEE •DIAGONAL MEASUREMENT UP YEAR PARIS AND SERVICE GUARANTEE 1110 S. 6TH AVE. 4126 E. SPEEDWAY * OPEN 9 TO 9 * BANK TERMS * NO DOWN PAYMENT sued jointly yesterday by Sperry Phoenix Co. and the U. S. Army Signal Corps, snid the automatic system provides precise control of any type of Army aircraft. That includes helicopters, airplanes or !iigti-|jcrfurniance piioiicss drones. In the past it has been necessary to redesign the automatic flight controls for each new type of aircraft. The new system eliminates that requirement. The Sperry Phoenix Co. said the new system "surmounts technical barriers that have existed since 1912 when Lawrence Sperry developed the first automatic pilot." The system provides a set of universal electronic "building 1030 N. Park MA 3-4851 Refrigerated "Woman:" 7:00, 10:10 "Julietta" at 8:35 TUCSON PREMIERE OF ORIGINAL UNCUT FRENCH VERSION a ^ seen cln*m*»cop* nd eoloH The French Answer to "The Moon Is Blue" "JULIETTA" BENSON HIGHWAY - EAST OF PARK 2 FIRST RUNS and 2 FIRST RUN DRIVE-INS At 8 P.M. "Gang War" And At 9:35 "Betrayed Woman" Plus At 10:55 "FLAMING FRONTIER" At 12:20 "Yukon Vengeance' 1 [APACHE BEHSOII HIGHWAY 11 j. a SACK "GANG WAR" "BETRAYED WOMAN "FLAMING FRONTIER" "YUKON VENGEANCE" Admission 75c Cartoon —COLOR— Lana Turner-John Gavin "IMITATION OF LIFE" Gregory Peck "PORK CHOP HILL" *w 8:W [CACTUS ZZnJ ST. A t V i » *ON LAST NIT& In Color Stave Reave* "HERCULES" pluf Jiff Rlcnurdi "ISLAND OK LOST WOMEN" blocks" which can be installed in varying combinations to achieve any desired degree of automatic control in flight. The use of such components may produce savings of millions ot dollars by making redesign an modification unnecessary, the an nouncement said. The new system can be pro duccd at about half the cost of th most advanced systems now ii use, the Sperry Co. said. The equipment, however, Is stil in the experimental stage. The Army's Signal Research and Development Laboratories a Ft. Monmouth, N.J., and Spero h;sve been v:ork:ng on the prcje more than three years. The Army said it soon would pu the equipment through a comprc hensivc test program in fou types of helicopters and thre< types of light airplanes. SHOW SCHEDULE (Times Furnished By Theaters) •APACHE: Ganu War — 8; Bclrnj'«d Women — 0:33; Klnmlnir Frontier — 10:53; Yukon VenReancc—-12:20. •BIL.TMOHE: Imitation of Life—8:07, 12:23 (first hal£ only); Pork Chop Hill—10:30. •CACTUS: Hercules—7:47. 11:23; Island of Losl Women—10:06. CATALLNA: Middle of the Night— 7:10. 0:30. •FIESTA: Hadge of Marshal Brrnnnn —7:52. The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm—0:40: Pur«ult of the Graf Spec—11:10; High School Heli- cals— 1:13. FOX-TUCSON: A Hole In the Heart— 13:15. 3:30, 6:43, 10: cunt. Girls and Gangsters—2:15, 6:30. 8:45. LYRIC: Maracaibo—1:00. 4:47, 8:28; The Hone Soldiers—2:40. 6:11. 10.02, 'MIDWAY: The BlK Circus—8, 11:43; The Persuader—10:23. PAHAMOUNT: Anatomy of « Murder — 12. 3:10. 6:2i, 9:40. PAKK: And God Created Womnii—7. 10:10; JullcUn—8:35. FJUA7.A: Estafa de Amor—1. 5:19. 8:11; Kl Medico dc Ian Loc.ns—2:50. 6:30, 10. •PRINCE: Womnn Obsessed—8, 11:43; Compulsion—10. •RODEO: Some LJk» It Hoi—8. 12:18; The Wild and the Innocent—10:33. •22nd STREET: The Angry Hills—7:80, 11:20; The Detective—10:05. •—Drive-In theaters. CARUSO'S 434 N. 4fh Ave. CLOSED August 10-16 For Remodeling. —Citizen Phot* WHO WILL WEAR THE CROWN TONIGHT? The Future Farmers of America will choose their State Sweetheart from among this bevy of beauties tonight at their annual Sweetheart Dance. Each girl is now the sweetheart of an FFA chapter. Crowning the new sweetheart will be 20-year-old Adin Hester of Aurora, Ore., FFA national president, shown here getting ac- quainted with the girls. Last year's state sweetheart, Carol Steger, Amphitheater, is seated second from left in the bottom row. This year's candidate from Amphitheater is Rosemary Nottolini, the girl in the black dress in the second row. BUS SERVICE "" TUCSON — NOGALES L.JV. TUCSON for NOGALES 7:00 A.M. 12:15 P.M. 6:30 P.M. 1:15 A.M. 1:15 P.M. ai13 P.M. 11:15 A.M. 3:30 P.M. 10:35 P.M. 0TOO P.M. L«»v« NOGALES foe TUCSON /KM A.M. 11:15 A.M. «iOO P.M. 9:15 A.M. 1:15 P.M. »:]5 P.M. 10:00 A.M. 3:00 P.M. 10115 P.M. 4:00 P.M. Greyhound Terminal MA J-0538 Want Ad Takers Are On Duly Daily : — 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. So». &~Sort. — 8 a.m. lo 3 p.m. Ph. MA. 2-5855 Tucton W*wsf>»otrv cm PLAZA LAST TIMES TODAY ^AP Cadet Squadron Formed Here The Civil Air Patrol will have ts fourth cadet squadron in Southern Arizona with the formation of a unit comprised of children of Air Force and civil service personnel at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. The Davis-Monlhan group held an organizational meeting Tuesday, and has applied for a charter from national CAP headquarters. The squadron, which will be made up of boys and girls 14 to 18 years of age, will begin operation next week. Cadets satisfactorily completing the CAP training program will receive certificates of proficiency crediting them with the equivalent of Air Force basic training and qualifying some for Air Force officer candidate school. The 18-month cadet course Includes the study of navigation, weather and plane operation, and such practical instruction as rifleman training. Organizers of the squadron are Air Force Capt. Ronald H. Markarian (also a CAP captain), his wife, CAP Capt. Benny L. Markarian; and Tom Hoyt, director of youth activities at Davis-Monthan. Capt. Ronald Markarian will command the squadron. Coolidge High School Youth Is Named Star Greenhand Danny P e a r c e, 15-year-old Coolidge High School freshman, was named Star Greenhand of Arizona in last night's session of the Future Farmers of America convention. Amphitheater Chapter won the SIOO State Farm Safety Award, and two members received individual recognition. Henry Leiber, Jr., won one of the registered Hereford heifers awarded by the Arizona Hereford Assn. and Manfred Cripe placed second in the Creed Speeking contest. Rene Leyva, Peoria, won lirst place in the speaking contest and Tom Leivas, Parker, won the other Hereford, Pearce won his award, the highest honor the FFA can give a freshman, by raising 70 acres of barley and 10 acres of cotton on the 160-acre family farm south of Coolidge and by outstanding leadership in his 100-m ember chapter. The youngest son of a widowed mother and the only one now at home, Pearce also took on his shoulders the bulk of work for the rest of the farm. Amphi won the safety award for the extent and variety of its year long program. Choosing "Safety, the Sign for '59" as its slogan, the 54-member chapter safety checked all the bicycles in the Amphitheater School District, found 76 hazards in the school, put on 4 safety assembly for 1,142 students and distributed 6,000 safety stickers and seals. Each boy old enough to drive signed safe driving pledges with his parents. Tom Russell, chapter president, accepted the award. William F. Hendrix, vocational agriculture teacher at the school, is chapter adviser. Other awards made last night and today included: Dairy heifer awards to Morris Cooper, Mesa, and Donald Var- ney, Glendale. Presentation of a heifer to each was made by Lynn Sharp and Forrest Wisdom, president and manager, respectively, of Arizona Dairymen's League. The Phoenix Welding Supply Award went to Jerry D. Orendorff, Yuma. Orcndorff received a Hobart 180-ampcre arc welder. At today's session, Marvin Morrison, Arizona Farm Bureau Federation president, stressed the need for rural leadership from among the FFA ranks while Joy Trout, Tolleson, president of Future Homemakcrs, greeted tha delegates. At tonight's session, FFA Foundation and Arizona Bankers Assn. awards will be made and the State Sweetheart crowned at tht annual Sweetheart Dance. The convention, which ha» drawn 600 to the University of Arizona campus, will continue through tomorrow. * — PLUS - . "ESTAFA DE AMOR" Elsa Agulrre Aults 50c Only i/K , Phone 3 949 C.OOLED BV n£Fpic,e&ATlON ; DOORS OPEN 12:00 Advertisement FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT USE KERATOLYTIC ACTION BECAUSE It slough* off tht Infected •kin. Then watch fresh, healthy *kin replace it. Get in iUnt< drying T-4-L ((Quid. A keratolytic. at any drug store. If not dallffhtftd In 3 DAYS, your 48a back. Use T-4-L FOOT POWDER too —glvei antli«ptic, toothing nrotectlon NOW at Encanto Park 3rd Pharmacy. Drug; Stone •FRANKCAPRA'S # [FIESTA lzo °* aPARK AVS- Battleship thrill! in color "PURSUIT OK THE GRAF SPEE" "THE KETTLES ON OLD MAC DONALD'S FARM" "BADGE OF MARSHAL BRENNAN" •HIGH SCHOOL HELLCATS' CKMfcMM «fcMfhr Ej PLUS — MAMIE VAN DOREN "GUNS, GIRLS & GANGSTERS" m\\ MIDWAY «00 EAST SPEEDWAY HELD OVER Victor Matura Rdonda Flamlne "THE BIG CIRCUS" Plui "THE PERSUADER" PRINCE CAMPBELL AT r*.IWCf Orion Wellei-Diin* Varii "COMPULSION" Suian Hayward "WOMAN OBSESSED 1 ' 10DEO mAtts WOiiVM> Marilyn Monro* Jutk L«mmon Tony Curtif "SOME LIKE IT HOT" AudJe Murphy "THE WILD AND THE INNOCENT" Jilt feirarnitt — l»»ii»370S7 Open 11:45 AJVI. James STEWART in "ANATOMY OF A MURDER" Age IS and over! Free ;370N (omptralt In,- Utl 5 120! Open 6:45 P.M. Kim NOVAK in "MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT" Fredric March IN PERSON LAWRENCE WELK and H/s Champagne Music TV CAST—44 PEOPLE 2|/>-hour concert WED., AUG. 26 8:30 p.m. SUN DEVIL STADIUM TEMPE All seats reserved Prices: SI.50, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, $5.50 (tax included) Mail Orders Promptly Filled Send check and stamped, self-addressed envelope to Linde Box Office, P.O. Box 2777, Phoenix, Ariz. 22 ltd st. Theatre mv«ti Robert MIlchi/rn-GU Scald "THE ANGRY HJLLS" Alee Quinncis "THE DETECTIVE" AT LAST! From the Producers of "War and Peace" comes the most spectacular film ever made. "Expertly directed, acted and photographed." —Nat. Board of Review Starts Wed., the PARK Aug. 19 THEATRE at I MIDWAY SEE IT TONIGHT! Victor Mature • Rhonda Fleming • Red Burtons Kathy Grant • Vincent Price • Peter l.orr« • David Nelson 9 WG SWRS! 1001 IHRHiS! > THE BIG CIRCUS PLUS Art ALLIED ARTISTS P&Vxt "THE PERSUADER' —Citizen PhoW PRESIDENTIAL SESSION Eight Optimist Clubs of Tucson will put new presidents officially in office at a joint installation tomorrow night at El Conquistador Hotel. Shown are (left to right) Tom Roof, lieutenant governor for this district; and new presidents Sol Ahee, Uptown Club; George Griswpld, Rincon Club; Jim Wilson, Catalina Club; George Bir, Amphitheater Club; Dr. Everett Gibson, Southside Club; Dr. Harold Carstensen, Breakfast Club; and Charles Deahl, Northside Club. Thomas Chambers, new president of the Downtown Optimist Club, is not shown. DOORS OPEN 12:45 First Downtown Showing fir J>MH WT W1U.MIB WAYNE HOLDEN JOHN FOftD'S IHUHOEIIHS SffCTACU! THE HORSE SOLDIERS —Plus— CORNEL WILDE 'MARACAIBO' Read Dr. Dean for Health Fireman Praises School Safety Comparatively few fire hazards were found in- District No. 1 schools, according to Asst. Chief Howard M. Danielson in a letter to School Supt. Robert D. Morrow. He commended the system on behalf of the Tucson Fire Department following a recent inspection of all school buildings. In 33 of the district's 56 schools no hazards were found, Danielson reported. In others, small repairs such as hardware on doors and replacement of a few fire extinguishers were recommended. Maintenance on all buildings was otherwise con- sidered excellent by inspectors, Danielson said. Morrow said the maintenanca staff will comply with all fire department recommendations before classes begin Sept. 8. Police Cut Short Shoplifting List PASADENA, Calif. — DPI — Joseph Crescinamo, 26, may not have committed a perfect crime, but according to police it was a fully planned one. The police said they arrested him after he walked out of a department store with four shirts he hadn't paid for and discovered he had made out a "shopping Jist" of the other clothes he planned to steal.

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