Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1966 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Monday, January 24, 1966
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State Historical Society Iowa City,,Iowa- - - - - Algona girl performs in Washington, D.C. "Tiw ADVANCE ~ the paper with the OROCtRY edi AI gong Ko* tilth CPU •^ jf . . ' I', . : Entered as second clou matter, Dee. t, 1908, at Algona, Iowa, 50511 poitofflee under Act of Congress.March 8, 1879 VOL, 66-NO. 7 MONDAY, JAN, 24,1966 — ALOONA, iOwi& - 8 PAGES IN 1 SECTION taxes are lower on new s report soon At the meeting of the Board District by July 1966 they may Karen Lierley, Algona, was one of the ballet dancers in the special Christmas season program in which Tchaikovsky's Christmastree ballet, The Nutcracker, was presented at Washington D.C, Eleven performances were given within an eight- day period in Constitution Hall to audiences totaling 38,000. Each performance was a complete "sell out" and was by far the largest audience ever assembled for one ballet production in Washington and the second largest audience to attend one in the United States. The Washington Ballet joined the Washington National Symphony for the production. Mar jorie Tallchief, one of th< world's great ballerinas, was among 1 stars of the Harkness Ballet and Paris opera permitted to appear in solo roles. Miss Lierley's part was that of the 'lead mouse'; she was) chosen from a group of 12 girls who danced as mice. All Nutcracker productions, by whatever company include a large production of student dancers. Karen is a senior at the School of Ballet. The girls live together, dance together and also do their school studies together. They have a basic college preparatory cirriculum. Classes are small so rapid progress is made with individual instruction. They have four hours of academic work a day. Dance and its related subjects take the place of any other elective courses. Karen is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lierley and attended AHS last year as a junior. Mr. Lierley is General Manager of Universal manufacturing. There are three other children: Kathleen, a senior at Buena Vista; Patrice in 6th grade and Michael in 4th grade at Lucia Wallace. Photo by Poundstone Coffaa Break . . . The Sage of Locust St. thinks the TV screen is usurping Dad's role in the home: "Nobody listens to him any more!" (They don't even look at him.) . . . With 2 professors from Iowa State U liable to run for governor, maybe Evy should schedule that football game with ISU even if he has to cancel an Oregon game. ... I have grudgingly admitted that our new electric can-opener is working nicely. But I warn my wife: Don't tonians to defy King George III. Do we condone this phlebotomy? Will the tax collectors continue ruthless? of Education for the Algona Community Schools the staff and architects were directed to continue their studies .on the needs of the school building extension program and to present a preliminary summary at the next meeting late in February. A Citizens Committee will be appointed soon to meet with the staff on the expansion program. They will review and discuss all phases of the program to date and find out how the preliminary suggestions were arrived at. Members of the committee will be representative of the entire Algona Community School District. Selection will be made from a geographical as well as an organizational standpoint. Government approval is anti cipated within the next few days on the four projects under the National Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The Board directed Supt Laing to invite the parochia school to participate in "sharec time" courses in the high school for students who are residents of the Algona Com munity District and attend Gar rigan high school. Parts of five townships are in non-high school districts—^Sherman, Riverdale, Whittemore, Lotts Creek and Pralre. If they are in the Algona Community Whittemore man give me an knife! electric carving "—710 bon bans for a bygone dream?" It's time to think of Valen tine Day, when we pay tribute An Iowa coed has confided to friends that her first phone chat with the collegian who "pinned" her lasted from 10 p.m. till 4 a.m., or 6 hours all told. (And probably they didn't get it all told, at that.) * * >!> I am flabbergasted by a gar- ageman who offers to do 18 different things to our car, at a cost of between $100 & $250, with a saving (to me?) of $150. This wizard doesn't seem to realize that our car is in excellent shape & doesn't NEED a new engine. to our long-term valentine the unforgotten valentines of long long ago. I'd go broke if I sent flowers & candy to all my beauteous loves of yore. Anyhow, some of gets new post participate in the "shared ime" program. Courses being considered for the project are vocational agriculture, industrial arts and metal shop. This year's Adult Education program has an enrollment which breaks all previous records with 601 persons attending. There are 196 registered in the Farmers Night course and 405 participating in one of the 25 other courses. Kossuth schools to Band Festival Ledyard — The East half of the State Line Conference schools will have a Music Fes tival January 24 at Thompson Bands from six schools Thomp son, Rake, Lakota, Ledyard, Ti tonka and Woden Crystal-Lake take part. Each school will send members for a select band in addition to "the high schoo band. Ledyard will send ten for the select band, Gretchen DeBoer, Barbara Schroeder Bonnie Udstuen, Ranae Lloyd Phyllis Wallentine, Cynthia KUnksiek. ;,Claudev Mark McCoy, Vicki Thilges and !raig Klocke. Twenty-eight members of the high school jand will take part in the fes- ;ival. The concert will start at 7:30 with selections by both the select band, and the massed band. Robert DeYoung directs the Ledyard band. em "—calf to a college prom? At the State University there's a legend that students in animal husbandry at ISU like to take their pet calves to the college dances. It'll take at least a leopard or * crocodile at an SUI dance to approach that! Or should the legend-starter get busy at Ames? shouldn't be eating candy any more than I should. * * «! In a mass formation for a family holiday picture, one piquant little DM blonde managed to get her eyes crossed three times out of five. Our town is after all only an overgrown country village & such things happen all the time. * * * I have been asked to name the 7 girls in Polk County I'd rather accompany to a desert sle than Brigitte Bardot. This could be embarrassing. Shan't we wait at least until they fill up those two big art! Ficial lakes to the north & south, and perhaps discover i small desert isle in one o< them? ••'.; * * HER HIDDEN TREASURE Hers is a silent love, A stormy mixed emotion. She keeps it tightly bound within; He knows not her devotion. —RAE DAVIS ' Clear Lake Whittemore — Russ Harris, assistant superintendent of the municipal gas works,.the sewer plant and streets here, resigned at a special council meeting last Monday night. He will take over as manager of the municipal gas works at Emmetsburg Tuesday, Feb. 1. The family will re main in Whittemore until schools close in May. FATHER DIES Whittemore — The father of /Irs. Larry Twedt of Whittemore died Jan. 15. He was Hary Thovson, 62 of Forest City nd funeral services were held or him Tuesday there. His wife, a son and one other laughter survive. At the holiday parties I met 2 lovely Iowa girls home to visit their families. One had marriet a man who carried her off to Albuquerque. The other hac been shanghaied clear to Kala- Swimming pool al Titonka gels boost Titonka — Early results of a poll to test sentiment for a new swimming pool here indicate a favorable vote on the project. About one-third of the questionnaires have been returned and the favorable vote has been running about 75%, according, to the Community Swimming Pool committee. Those who have not returned their cards are urged to do so in the next few days. Lone Rock youth wins free trip Rodney Jensen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Jensen, Lone Rock, has been selected to attend the 15th Annual Grain Marketing Conference and Tour "three ' ^aftour Only 2 districts in county show tax increases Kossuth County taxes are down in all but two of the 98 taxing districts in the county, according to tax assessment figures released this week by the office of County Auditor Marc Moore. One of the main reasons for the drop in millage throughout the county is the fact the county road levy and the levy for state and county purposes were both lowered. The general county and state levy dropped from 9.135 mills to 8.167, near a full mill; ant the township road levy dropped from 10.053 to 7.766, nearly three mills. The general county and state levy affects all taxing districts and the township levy affects all areas outside incorporated towns. ONLY TWO districts tha have a tax assessment increas or 1965 taxes payable in 1968 iompared to 1964 taxes paid ast year are Titonka Inc. and Whittemore Twp. The Titonka area tax levy is "0.3 this year compared to 68.0 ast year. And in Whittemore fwp., the levy is up from 28.3 to 32.9 this year. The increase at Whittemore is entirely in he general schools division as is the Titonka increase. Tax levy for Algona is down A day at the rink! Teeter still needs 285 for record Algona's Dale Teeter still has 285 points to go to break the career record for Algona high school a check of records by the Advance revealed Friday. Full story in today's Main Stem. GIRL IS ADOPTED Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frambach have adopted a girl born December 7. She weighed six pounds and has been named Lisa Kay. Grandparents are Mr and Mrs. Herman Leeck anc Mr. and Mrs. Harold Frambach three other Iowa delegates will spend a large part of their time observing and .earning the wprkings of the Chicago Board of Trade. They will watch the opening of a day's rading and totr the General Mills Plant. The? boys will also visit Don McNeill's Breakfast Hub and be given chances to take five optional tours of Chicago. Rodney's trip is being sponsored by the Chicago Board of Trade. Rodney, 17, has raised twelve acres of corn on an experimental basis. This past year he planted 30 inch rows and drilled each kernel of single cross corn seven inches apart; applied her bicides. As a result the plant population increased from 16, 000 to 21,000 at harvest time For the past three years Rodney has had the highest corn yield in the county. At the crop show he exhibited the top 10 ears of corn and the largest ear. He has increased his corn yield from 114.4 bushels per acre to 146. He hopes to reach 150 bushels per acre. Cut ribbon to new store SKATING IS .FUN and two of the children of Dr. and Mrs. Dean Koob of Algona took their turn at it on the recently flooded athletic park rink last Monday. Six-year old Kathy takes younger brother Tom, 5, by the hand and they start out ... : Alas, the sport stories continue to omit data I'd like to know: How many colored athletes played in the bowl games & in the pro challenge rounds? How old are the players? How mazoo. And one of them named I many of them come from the state of their college? How many from faraway? How many are married? How many children. We need a more complete box score. iji * $ . . . They need a new gimmick in basketball: Lower basket* for under-4-footers, higher ones for the giants, a total of 4 baskets, to complicate the game, Mary Beth Larson was not only beauteous, but also a Mortar Board gal in college. These depredations must cease. * * * I hear muttering among Iowa taxpayers of a united revolt against the double income tax in 1964. Why isn't there a TV debate on the subject? This is as brutal an impost as the Tea Tax which drava sedjte Bos- DUNN'S SURE SAVE Market was welcomed to the business community of Algona last Wednesday morning as Mayor Bill Finn, third from right, cut the ribbon opening the new store shortly before 10 a.m. Owner Bill Dunn called the opening a trenmendous success and his sup' ervisor, Nate Chase, said it was the ''biggest grand opening of a grocery store I've ever seer from 88.0 in 1964 to 85.2 for 1965. The drop of 3 mills is slightly lower than the average drop of about 5 mills in many taxing districts. One of the largest drops is in the Burt Inc. district, which dipped from 85.0 mills in 1964 to 73.1 in 1965. The decrease came primarily in a nine-mill drop in city taxes. Lone Rock showed one of the smallest decreases, a mere .116 mill drop from 59.227 to 59.111 West Bend Inc. and Whittemore Inc. both had healthy six- mill dips from a year ago Many other rural sections hac drops of about five mills in the levy. ALGONA'S general city levy is up from 29.6 to 30.2. Bigges increase is a 2.3-mill increase for Recreation. Street levy is down slightly as is public safety and sanitation 'but not enough to offset the increase in the Recreation department. The Recreation department includes moneys spent for the swimming pool, playground, band and city parks. The increase is due to increased expenditures to improve the athletic park facilities. Twin Rivers school districts in Garfield and Riverdale townships have the highest school tax levy of 43.8 with Sherman township having the lowest of 5.4 (excepting Greenwood twp. which has no levy whatsoever for schools). Highest school house taxes for bond issues is in Ringsted CSD Seneca with 5.7. The Al gona district which include Whittemore and Algona has a 2.5 mill levy for a special fund to build up money for a nev high school here prior to it 1 construction, rather than late when interest money woulc have to be paid. ALGONA REMAINS with the highest tax levy of 85.2 mills with next high at Swea City Inc. with an 81.1 levy. Lowest taxing district in the county is Greenwood Twp. with a 17.5 levy. Algona also has the highest city levy of 30.2 although Bancroft is a close second with 30,0. Lowest in the county is Lakota with a 16.1 levy. Algona, Lone Rock and Ti . . . things went well for a few seconds and then — boom — down went Tom, who is just learning. Kathy was doing a good job of teaching though and then . . . in a town the size of Algona and even larger." Shown left to right are Gerald Bomgaars (owner of Bomgaars Ben Franklin which has a large section of the new store); John Dreesman, owner of the building; Dick Chase, store manager; Mayor Finn, Bill Dunn, owner of the store; and Nate Chase, Dunns supervisor. Photo by Pete Poundstone. are the only towns in the a higher levy this year than last while Bancroft, Burt, Fenton, Lakota, Ledyaixl, LuVerne, Swea City, Wesley, Whittemore and West Bend are all down from a year ago. . . . boom, down went Kathy too. But brother Tom was on hand to give his sister a helping hand and the two got lots of experience during their skating spree — both in skating and learning to take the bumps that go with it. Advance photographer Mike Stillman was on hand to catch the action. Besides the newly remodeled and heated warming house, there is supervision for youngsters every weekday from, 4 to 6 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m.; 9 to noon, 1 to 6 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. on Saturdays: and 1 to 6 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. ou Sundays.;

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