The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, June 28, 1939
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VOLUMB XXXVi—NO. 85. -----^^ BOUTOEAOT Mt ^ OKl ^ -^ ** O Blythevllle Courier Blj'tlievllte nerakl Politics In Relief Issue Sidestepped To Meet Deadline Mississippi Vnlley Under Blylhevltle Dally News r to nvoid delay m getting the relief current WPA appropriation runs oiit" Ihe polities issue was avoided *• when Senator Hatch (Dem., N M > withdrew an amendment 'he hail planned lo olfcr lo curb political activities by relief and other federal employes. Hatch's plan was approved by , the senate In a separate bill sev- erul weeks ago but lias since been i!wl up In Ihe house judiciary committee. J In view of the necessity for speed in consideration of the relief bill Hatch (old the senate he .would not • offer , his amendment because he feared it might create controversy and endanger the jobs of •>500,000 relief workers. ; Meanwhile', the senate, rushing debate on the bill, approved, 51 to 24, an amendment to , it which would require states and their political subdivisions to pay 25 per cent of aggregate costs of nonfederal WI4A projects. Brother Of Steele Woman Accident Victim COOTER, Mo.—Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Casey returned yesterday rroin Bells, Tcmi., where they had been to attend t)ie funeral of Mr Ed Freeman, age 44 years, who died at a hospital in Nashville, Tenn Sun- Agree To Negoliate Over Differences through Diplomatic Channels TOKYO, JimTlfi. (UP)-J Bpm and Great Britain have agreed to negotiate their dispute over the British concession at Tientsin through diplomatlc ( chnnnels on llu. basis of demands which Japan has formulated al Britain's request was announced today. It was expected that negotiations would start here next week with Arita ][J^^BrtOT^Oimi^^kANBAB>^ ULYTURVILhK, 'ARKANSAS, W^NESDAV~JUNB 28, 1930 Filling Station For Pups MB? w *-r*^^r™f^^^^^^^^^^, ' Administi-alion Seeks To Win Back Roosevelt's Devaluation Power WASHINQTOff, Juno 28. (UP)-' Tlio lioiKO-todny voted to send the monetary bill to conference W |"n t he scjiRie In nn admmlslralio to eliminate senulc provls" I'V President Roosc- Minister Hachiro and Sir Robert Craigie, British ambassador, as principals. A foreign office communique announced the agreement as follows"In response to a British proposal the Japanese government has decided to conduct negotiations in Tokyo with a vlnsv to solving varl- day evening from Injuries sustain- I °»s questions relating to the nres" ed In a car accident last Thursday ""' -"•"•"--• •-- •- • Mrs. Freeman and their daughter Evelyn, who were also in the wreck were not seriously Injured. Mr, Freeman, a very prominen citizen of Bells, owned a chain o grocery stores and also had an in terest in a hardware store'at Bells Mrs. Freeman is an only sister o Mr. Casey, prominent merchant 01 Cooler. They had visited here quite often and were well known at Cooler and Steele. Mr. Freeman is also survived by a son, Richard. New York Cotton NEW YORK, June 28 Cotton cloifed steady., open high' low (UP)~ .Inly Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May 950 882 866 855 84fi -8-M) 956 883 869 857 850 844 close 941 9-13 813 813 855 843 832 855 843 838 / 833 Spots closed nominal at; 983, off New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 28. (OP) —Cotton futures closed steady today, off 20 to" 55 cents a bale. July ....... Oct Dec. ....... Jan. .'... Mar. May Spots closed changed. open high SOB 9G6 891 8!16 875 8C4 SCO 852 low close 819 858 Sol dull at 951 884 8R7 848 843 950, 954 860 8G8 854 943 843 1 1-2 52 1-2 19 1-4 C8 'Stock Prices NEW YORK, June 28'. <UP>The stock: riarkel declined .to a new low level since May 23 today with volume light. ' A. T. and T. 159 Anaconda Copper ..' .. 22 3-4 Associated D. G. ... Beth. Steel Boeing 'Air Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola 125 General Electric '. 33 General Motors 421-8 Int. Harvester 54 1-2 Mont. Ward 49 N. Y. Central 13 3-8 Packard .....;... 31-5 PMlips ;... 33 1-2 Radio 5 3 . 4 Schenley ...; 121-4 Simmons - - 20 1-2 Socpny .Vacuum 111-2 Standard of N. J 41 1-2 Texas Corp ' j 6 U. S. Smelt "" so -i-4 ent situation in Tientsin. Japanese officials concerned at Tientsin will be summoned to Tokyo for the' purpose." Tientsin dispatches said that both MnJ. G. A. Herbert, consul'in the British consulate general, nnd Hi- komio Tanaka, consul in,the Japanese consulate general, would come here. The respective consuls general Edgar G. Jnmieson and Shlrenorl Tashiro, will remain at their posts to handle the situation "at Tientsin. Legion Delegates And ^Alternates Are Named Jleje'gntes nnd a\ternate_s to rep^ resent the Dud Cason Po'st No 24 of the American Legion at the De paitment of Arkansas cohVehtlon at Helena July n, is, and 19 were elected in a meeting last night n! the American Legion ilut. A paid up .membership 'of 303 members Entitles the post to' 15 delegates' and 15 alternates. Delegates are: E. A. Rice Don Edwards, j; R.' Stovall, N'elll Reed Floyd A. White, Dr. W. A. Grimmett, Max Parks, John : : Nolen Clarence Holder,-James -coition of Osccola, G. B. Carter, Earl Parker Bryant Stewart, J. D. Smith, Jim F. Hahyel. Alternates are: Ed Crouch,,-Ross Stevens; John Chapin, Ed Foster, (Vrtie Wallace, Clarence Kolwick, H' Valpole, E. Radclid, A; D. Hudson, P. Tompkins. L. H. Aulry, 117 V. Crawford, Ed Cook, Fred Wahl, 'otin Buchanan. .The house soirate conference provide, .„ mh , 10I1 , ch ,;;~ the administration to try to change lfloii wrllten Into the monetary by (he scimUi wh , C | ' strip Preildent Koosevelt of is dol or devaluation power as of midnight Friday „„„ n> . ( ,, c ^ my buying price for domestic sti- ver at 17.57 .cents nn ounce . rile measure wns orlgiimlly de- slgiied to continue devaluation authority the 52,000,01»,ooa stabilization fund and the domestic slim buying program on n 84.04 cent In the conference it was generally expected that the administration-would seek a compromise whereby the' devaluation powei would be continued and the silver [mi-chase program nvoulil be allowed to stand at 17.57 cents. Repercussions from the acK'S iSM fcret JST '""'I! ^ """ "" * U « " M " 0 "" 1 '" «»"» silver buying program were wlrto. ... !' ' Mrs ' Louls Scliuelle of llscaimba, Mich., buying program were widespread in fiscal centers. The price n New York dropped to 38.25 cents "m"' 1 " 8 ' "' e Iowcst sillec Octobcr . •The treasury'seeking lo avoid being swamped by an Inllux of foreign silver to beat Ihc deadline on the program's end lowered Its ince In conformity with (he world narket quotation. It was iixed to- My at .33.85 cents an oimce a Irop of 4',5 cents in two days. P j Sub;Atomic Energy Use For Motor Cars Predicted PHILADELPHIA (UP) _ Use of ub-alomic energy to propel auto- noblles and ether motor-driven chicles has been .predicted by Dr. P. Harnwcll of the University ot 'cnnsylvania physics department. Dr. Harnwell described work on "atomizer" under construction t the university during a meeting f the Alumni Society of the Gradate School, Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 'III., June 28 (UP)-Hogs: 7.000 Top, 7.50 170-230 Ite., 7.40-7.50 140-160 Ibs., S.35-G.75 Bulk sows, 5.25-6.25 Cattle: 2,000 Steers, 8.35-9.75 Slaughter steers, 7.00-10.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.75-950 Slaughter heifers, 7.0Q-10.00 Beef cows, 5.75-6,50 Cutters and loiv cutters, 4,25-5.50 Chicago Wheat July Sept. open high low close 711-8 71-78 103-4 703-4 n 123-4 716-8 717-8 Chicago Corn July Sept.. open high 473-8 473-4 491-8 491-2 low 47 457-8 close 471-4 49 Correction! I'm an 8-Time Bride lc,hc. feeding, built the device when she . unable to nourish her llller of 10.. No Slalemont no Uldiement coming From Special Investigating 'Committee CAHU'raERSVILLE, Mo., June 28 —Humors have been prevalent but no cfflcial announcement, has vet been forthcoming from the special committee of the city council ordered to investigate charges of misconduct in the alleged use of oily- owned materials and equipment on private contracting jobs. ^Several meetings have been "held by the Investigating committee Including a session last night W] , C1 ,' witnesses were heard behind closed doors. A report to the full' council is ikely at its nest regular meeting n July. The council ordered the investigation by resolution, rt asked the committee, with u, 0 help of outside council if deemed necessary to "thoroughly investigate any nnd all rumors ant! reporls pertaining to the use of city equipment and materials and city workers on private construction contracts and lauling jobs." Prosecutor Claims Preacli- er Officiated At His 0\V(i Marriage '« LOS ANGELES, June 28 (UP)Deputy 3 District Attorney Earnc.'j? Roll^planned cnll-AiwIci' lestlf> llml 1-| Jelters, \\ho i s on tiinl Hev with his , , „„, wife on charges of Immoral .„„duct, performed the ceremony at which he aiid Mrs. Jeffers were married. Roll said Mnrjorlc Fairchllil, dls- Irlct Attorney's Investigntcr, was prepared to testify Hint Mrs Jef- lers told her about Ihc' marriage^ ^trs. Jefters dented the allegation "Did not Rev. Jcffers perform a marriage ceremony ' without any witnesses purporting lo be between you and himself tjy reading something from the Bible and saying you \vcrc married in the 'eyes of .Ootl?" Roll asked. "He certainly did not," Mrs. Jeffen; said. Those on the committee are Obye Coker, chairman, Dick Lewis nnd ivymnn Dillman. James M. Reeves ocal attorney and former circuit :udge, has been retained as spec council by the committee. She also denied admitting In a purported confession obtained after her arrest that she had lived with Jclfcrs white iier divorce from Robert Major was pending. Mrs. Jclfers explained the alleged unnatural relations she had with her husband when they were taken into custody by been "drugged" Vincent Illggins. In story on much-married women, a national magazine said 44-year-old Maude McBee Sayles, above, of Council Bluffs, la., had been wed five times. Magazine erred. Maude, former jockey, took Bill Sayles as eighth male in July, 1938, boasting to judge that she could •> ^'handle any husband," Abandon Attack Upon Endurance Flight Mark SPRINGFIELD, 111., JUDO 28 UP)-Two -flyers, who had spent nore than six ami one half days n llie air in an eftort to set a lew world's record for endurance flying, abandoned the'night today They came down al 5:40 a.m; Wisteria Vine's Blooms Credited to Hurricane PALES FERRY, conn cupj-it s an ill hurricane (hat blows no good, believe Mr.' aiid Mrs. Albert S. Dean. In their yard Is a vigorous wisteria vine planted 17 years ngo. It had reached the lop of a large tree and climbed 20 feet along a fence, but had never, until Ihis spring, sent forth a blossom Tills year the vine bloomed and the Deans attribute it to the effects of the hurricane of last September. saying she had by Investigator . She repudiated the purported confession In which the prosecution claims she admitted having abnormal relations with her husband and also Illicit relations with other men at the urging of lier husband. Yankees Break Record For Homers With Eight PHILADELPHIA,' June 28. (UP) — The New York Yankees broke llie all-time record for the most home rims In one gnmc by hitting eight off three Philadelphia Athletic pitchers in tho first game of a double header today. The Yankees won the game 23 to 2. Big Airliner -Leaves Fo Europe With 22 'Pay ing' Passengers PORT. WASIJINQTON, N Y June 28 (UP)-^Tlie Dixie clipper Pan Ameilcan»Alrwaj3'"glanl 41 ton fijlng boat, took olf from Loh Island Ssund at 3:I2 v ji,in. (cd.t today on tho first regularly sched uled passenger flight over the At Inntlc lo Europe. The foiir-englucd clipper, 'carry Ing IS. men nnd six women pssscn jera nnd a .crew-of n, will Ily lo France by way of Horla, tho Arares nnd Lisbon, Portugal. It' is"schcrt tiled to complete the trip in 48 hours. '- • The new service links American European and Asiatic airplane routes ami makes It .passible for air travelers to circle tho globe on •scheduled planet in • 19 or [ewer days. The passengers are' traveling Firemen To See Selves At Work Through Films BOSTON (OP)-Boston firefighters will have a chance to .we themselves in nctfon when Iho department begins taking pictures of big fires. commissioner This "one will put llie up" on foot- with tiie comforts of home on the elaborately furnished and sound>roofed clipper, capable of carry- ng 74 persons. Abandon Aerial Crop Survey This Summer No aerial photographs will be taken of Mississippi County cotton fields to measure the acreage this year, as had been planned, It was announced today by II. B, nich- ardsan, senior field assistant of the Agricultural Adjustment, Administration. Weather conditions have been such that It lias been Impossible to obtain good pictures from the n ir so U has been dccldou to use reprints of the old pictures made In 1030 with amendments where nec- essa ry. Photographs will be made later In the season, when weather conditions Improve, but these will be used for next year's .measuring ns H will be too late in the season to use them for the 1939 crop, It has been pointed out. It hod been planned to use Ihe same pictures three years, with certain mod I (lea lions. '-, Portageville Man _ Fractures Shoulder ball coaches who study their "men' with films, lor a sound track will] Hoi "er Barton, 39, of Portnge- acccmpany the unit. jVille. Mo., received a fractured left Fire Commissioner Reilly thinks shoulder in a fall yesterday altcr- the sound projection equipment " OC| » at Portagevlllc. will aid In perfecting the method of nghling blazes, for it will give the men an opportunity to see how they \vorked under pressure. They will be able to sludy the pictures in a' cool frame of mind and will see whether errors were made, and note reaction to excitement and disturbances, thus making easy the correction of pos- Goshawks Fight Youth Robbing Their Nest GRAND COULEE. Wash. (UP) n .„,, --A Mason City youth, Harold sible faults. KBiizler, had to fight off two large | The various angles of the firo K*7ii i S". !lc , obtalnetl two ca » to* studied, and rocommenrta- birds they had hatched. (tlons as to the use of special equip- 1,1 ^ a ". ??,? lowe red to the ment under .,certiiln circumstances "!, 1 ' . feet down a cliff— can be made. ,. t t) lc j, ailds of two combined knowledge sdiould n «,<„„ ^ , y ° ung blrJs liati hc 'P lo brl "e l! 'e clftdency to a a wingspread of almost three feet.hlgher standard. He was brought to .the Walls hospital where he Is resting very well today. Woman, 73, Blasts Out Homer and Runs Bases BRISTOL, Conn. tUP) — Babe Ruth, time: Ochrlg, etc., please no- dST FDR IF LSI Contracting Firm Member First Witness In Gra Jury's Probe nt IIATON noiIQE, Ij\, Juno (Ui')-A «iMx;lal ginmi j llry tod bcgftn its' Investigation Inlo the tangled allaiis or Louisiana Slnlo university wlille oniccrs looked toward Canada for Dr. James Monroe Smith, fugitive foimei wicsl- dent of the school, chai-ged with cmfellng $ ,0fl,000 of L 8 . u. First witness to appeal before the rand jury which Is pledged to lenn up one of (he worst political scnndals In loulsfana history -vuis, Monte Hart, member of the con- Iractlne Una of Cnldwdl and Hntt which built mciny of (he slnlc's now biilldltig.s. Subpocnn.v )mvc been Issued for more limn u k eoie of persons to S"'.'. ™? le . tllc B " m<t J» r *. '"- , seveial vciy prominent In state mfahs. While the grand Jury delved deep Into the icnmlnl lefl by Dr Smlth-u shortage In school funds estimated hs, high n s $1,200000— word came fiom Memphis tlmt a couple resembling the missing educator mid his wife lind left that city Mondaj for Detroit— most direct route Horn Union Itoiige to Dr. and Mrs. Smith lind port-s Issued two yeari, ago when they went to Eiuopo. The sheriff's office of East Union Rouge parish said It had nikcd Canadian ofllcluls at Montreal nnd Quebec, ami othei border elllcs to watch for Dr. Smltli Galento 33 Pounds Heavier Than Louis NB WYOHK, June 28. (UP) — Tony Galento \\m have an advantage ot 33 pounds over Joe Louis tonight when they meet In Yankee Stadium for the world's heavy- Weight championship ' , At the official weighing In nt noon aalenlo scaled 23,1 3-4 pounds »nd Louis 200 3^4 pounds, „ > / Six thousaiiil "persons" wurnied into Worth Street and snarled traf- fllc In an attemtit lo get a g\\mpse ol lx)iils und Oalento, The rival fighters trade<l a cold 'hello" and "nothing more. Naval Bombers Make 2,250-Mile Mass Hop SINGLE COPIES'FIVE CENTS —• — _ German Move Agairi Danzig Anticipated In Paris And London ni #; Fulls 90 Feel From Scaffold;, Slightly Hurt •ATIjANTA, Cla , June 28. (UP;~ A small board which someone liad oH lylnif across two snw-lioMcs fnS M lc ? 1 °','' llbl 5, foi K,W, QI mm f Nashville being nllvo today, The Umbci , bioko Oilfibi's fall /esteiday after ho lind plunged 80 cet fiom tho /sixth j,toiy of Hie cw Cleoigla olllce bulldln? iu wns ivblc to get up nnd wnlk o IMI ambulanct which look him o a hospital. AllcndnnU said lie wd "' 1 °" ly b "" scs nl)1 " 'Ilio canso or Grlfttn's fnll WM .ot deleimlncd. He had been htcmd- « on Minlloldlns around the blslh lorn- level of the uncompleted Charge d'Affairs Is Orcler- ' ed Home After Frontier Incidents TOKYO, June 28. (UP)— The lEivspnpei YOmlurl reiiortcd totlay hat Constantino Smelntiln, Eusslan embas.'iy clmrgo (| amilrcs, had been Premier Daladlcr ?a)!ed a pa'r- amcntory group inlo.secref; consultation this morning -'and told I thorn flatly Ihnt-lhwgenettl nad received "confirmation", "of I deumm infiltration Mnto Danzig I and foresaw the possibility of 'aV lion during the coming week • *Sf- naladler reporUd to-the'wr- laiuenlary gioiip that, 'as he told L Iho Clmnibci of Deputies yesKrVl «ay, the situation, was more daV-T now than at. any time'In iecent years ^";\ Tim lufoinifttton received In ijoth 'ails and London appeared to have been responsible for extensive precautions taken by both the French nnd British goveuinienfji to b* icndy for any possible emergency ' In July or August. '4 In London an exchange 'tell-* I graph dispatch from' Warsaw re 4 -* ported that la the last 24 hours nbout 4,000 German officers and men had entered Danzig from East Priisiift )n connection with formation of a "free corps" for which,' | one thousand horses were' reauK sltloned. . r ' "r~, 'Hie Inllltratlpn of Germans Info ! Danzig hod been reported for some weeks and It was pointed out th«t . oxpeils did not believe Hitler J would seek to force a solution 'of • the dispute with Poland until tf- tei the bumper German- grain eiop had been harvested •late'in July. , ' Tho same sources pointed' out" j that circulation of reports - thfc* I action was nctut ittled 'intolthe I Nazi scheme of putting more "and f more pressing on Poland In 'an' ' effort to gain German objectives' In Danpl? and (he Polku corridb'r' in the snpie way 'Hitler tramped over Czechoslovakia., ,Y l,v In any eient one embassyin'' Pniis iece(vcd confidential Information rrom Germany this' taorn-' , , ,. , , -, ------ -- — > ....... rdered to Moscow Htid .would leave B lhat 1 '"' Br virtually ligd com- he The foreign oirlcc lind said that not been lotlficd of the recall order. SmeUnln liad been In charge of l ambassador, (lie |ait v^eei?, Japan and' usila had Issued tonnictlng com- unujuea each claiming ovcrwliehn- )g victories n al: piano rights on he outer ^^Ongclla-Mancln^k^lo rontlei. plan means of an internal coup>jn"thi belief tlm(\Fratice and Britain would not fight ion Poland's side in such, circumstances. t J . ' s-j, , v„ -. Morru, ZeUner ,Hurt; -; :, Wlien Auto Overturni - Morris Zellner, 31, escaped critical Injury In a ' highway accident Flftccn powerful.' navy bombers, arrylng 10D otncers and men ar- Ivcd at Pearl Harbor at. 10:50 tun. o.'s. t.) todny, completing another peclaciilar nmv, Iransfci of U. S. fighting aircraft'from 'the maln- nnd. , : The flight, .clmractcrkcd ns rou- lnt> by the navy, was made in 10 lours nnd 30 minutes—a new rcc- rd for tho 2,250 miles between San Dlcgo nnd Honolulu. • Scotia School Reverses Term Time OHEBNHEAD, N. S. (UP)—With lost schools closing for the year, lie district seat cf learning here is ust Belting nicely under way. Started as a co-operative cndcav- r, the school lerm lasts from •larch 15 to January, i o dodge the •orsl of ,thc winter weather when hereabouls is almost cot travel ni|K).islble. Truslees nko hey would save on fuel. figured slan planes wcie shot down. Club Expands Service To Jobless Past 40 CLEVELAND, O (Ifp)-Thc Business A-I-D-E Club cf Cleveland almeil nt helping men past 40 lo find Job>,, has grown so much In Iho past few months that It now has lh own ofllccs, completely fm- nlshed. Interested Clcvelandors and successful club members donated the furniture for the organization's (liiarters In tho Terminal Tower building, tallest sky-scraper 1 west of Neil- York. According to Brjan L Davlson vice president, an attorney, the club's membership now Is made up of one-third employed men, several of them employers, They util- l«c the "third person'50111118 plan" and seek to encourage employing cf men past 40. To Stage Public Celebration At Walker Park Here July 4 y, such contest. 1 ! as greased sack • race, foot race, Midget automobile races, a fish pig______ fat ens race and other games are eluded In the program planned t the Dud Cason post of the mcrlcan Legion for Hie Fourth July celebration to be held all iy at Walker Park and Mlsslsslp- County Fairgrounds, for the :neral public. There will be no neral admission fee. Thousands are expected to attend .e celebration which will begin 10 o'clock In the morning and nllnue until late afternoon, it as announced today by E. A. Rice, mmander of the sponsoring post id general chairman. Although the celebration is beg sponsored by the American Leon, with the sanction of • tho Isslsslppl County Fair Assocla- m, all of the proceeds will go to pe out the deficit of the new ort \jave police broadcasting sta- Mrs. Martha Steele, Hartford, age 73, knocked a baseball out of g Rockwell park; and loured the ran bases for 'a home women's game at an church more than n, which lias started operations. police broadcast station, be"' by the city and etle celebration for the benefit of tills peace officers project. 'riie midget nulo'noblle rari-s, which on two other occasions have Infilled audiences here, .will be tho outstanding feature of the all day program. Seven drivers of national lepute have been secured for the engagements which will be performed on the dirt track which circles the baseball diamond and whfch has been used for other automobile -ces The track is in excellent shape, according to j. Mcll Brooks, secretary of the fair association, and rated good by drivers In other midget automobile races. The continuous program, \\htch will begin with the opening event at to o'clock, will be held In front of the large grand stand which seats more than. 3000. Don Edwards Is In charge of the program. his car overturned on Highway '28 , The accident occurred shortly before three o'clock, a rrille and^-a half west of BIyUievllle. Mr. ZeUJ nor said that he wai suddenly stricken blind, with pain and that as everything went black before his eyes he lost control of the ms- chlne, Although'lie had not bee'ri 111 he had complained of having headaches recently, The car, which ovei turned In'a ditch, was badly damaged and although the driver mas pinned in the smashed machine, no bones' were broken. He has laceration? about the head and face and his entire body .is t badly bruised. , Several men working nearby and two women motcrists who saw the accident extracted him from' the car nnd took him to Walls hospital' where he r>.&i given emergency treatment and later removed to his home. .--i $175,000 Remains To V Be Paid To Farmers Checks lotajlng $129,000 for payment to farmers for participating in the government cotton control program have, been received here for tho 1938 crop, It was announced today by H B Richardson, senior field assistant of the AAA The $175,000 yet to be paid farmers of ^forlh and West Mis; slssippi county is expected to ar- Ive within a few days as between 520,000 and $30,000 worth are being received each week. •-" World Cotton Use Up r Only 350,000 Bales WASHINGTON, June 28 (UP)"— The bureau of agricultural economics estimated today that world consumption of American 'cotton for he .year ending July l will approx- matc 11,250,000 bales as compared to 10900,000 during the previous year. , The .world carryover of '. American cotton for the 1938-39 marketing year, the bureau' predicted, will be approximately H,2SO,006 bales "on August 1. W ', 10 ls to bc _ plans to Iwve fish annual of the building •— —• ,ot equipment an offered to stage the public patrl- committee. WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, local showers onlght and Thursday. Memphis and vicinity — Local showers tonight and Thursday, not much change In temperature. The maximum temperature here 93, minimum <*, Picnic.-^ playe;; o equipment and Z S> ™ S "'. ^ , Chapl " has , bcm »PPol"t-parti>. cloudy wE .Uo7« taS m 50 years old" 'offered to"ta» *to J$,*JiS !i.f?,5" gn of the «»"^<ons rainfali, according to Samuel F. tNorris, official weather observer.

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