The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE V I "V Cotton 1030 Mentor of Coast Champs t Tomorrow -.'inal Game for Coach Hudson and Nine Players in the Maroon and White. . The Chickasaws cf Blylhevlllc !jli, with one defeat and nine vlc- Orles bttimd them, will play the "rial game of their 1930 season al •'> j'tton Plant tomorrow with tlw :'Tmidable OiHon 'plant Scrappers! : -, their opponents. In invading "ittoii Plant, the Chickasaws will' '••> departing from Uicir custom of ?'ie past several years of closing ; lelr season Ivrc at Haley Feld. Nine members of the Maroon and " 'hite varsity will wear the mole- ! •;-lns for Blytheville high for 1'jc! '-& time tomorrow and Coach mry Hudsco, who becomes a stu-i ;'out-profess:? at Louisiana State, i Diversity next fall, will be it (hei •••'ad of the tribe for the last time.I '.'lie Hudsonnien who will play th;ir| •t gam* are: Capt. Rayder, Pet=; r -nig, Dub Colston, George Mat-i ''•cwa, Frank Luckett, Gordon. I KJbby Burns, I. O. WestbrocsV, K.I V Nelson. • j If the Chickasaws are to finish I ••:tlr season: with .but a single do-' ''at chalked up against them, they • '11 have their work cut ouL for (•sm tomorrow. The Scrappers. V:>ast a rec<cd of but one defcatj l.i two years. That one mark "^ranut their record was chalked •>. by the same team that defeat- 4 Blytheville, the Jonesboro Hur- cane. The Jonesboro team turn- I In .a two touchdown, victory over '•lie Scrappers nt Jonesboro about! t-.vo weeks after,the Cralghead cap's! eleven defeated the Ohlckasaws :-.xe on Oct. 10th. Defeated only by Jonesboro in a 1 ird fought game, the Chicks have :-irned in victories over Porlagc- • il!e, Mo., Earle, Newport, Humes l.igh of Memphis', Paragould, Os• oolai Tech iiigh of Memphis, Ccn- ral high of Memphis, and Wilson. The Scrappers have built up a tang reputation in then- section ?nd have routed all'opposition but' .he Hurricane in decisive. lashlon Che dope sheet rates the Scrapp;is ;nd Chickadaws on a par and the ^udsonmen lace probably ti;c hardest battle of tha year on the Jtiton Plant field. In the Proctor brothers. Cotton Plant has two of the; best backs iver.'tp'' play in north Arkansas. High Baty Proctor has few equals on the gridiron-in-hlfh-school circles. In. two years hq has not failed to produce on? or more rims of 50 yards cr more for touch- dolwns. Cotton Plant has the fillet half-back, Weed, an all-state ace from Florida. Cary and McGregor complete a backfleld combination that has few equals. Grady Arthurs at center has played four years and never had time taken out for him- He his 38 consecutive gamea to his credit! The Scrappers are generally rated to have the fastest bacWleld of any team, in the state' and the Chicks speedsters, J. T. Craig and Tom Short, will flnd pbnty of use fcf their sprinting. Cotton Plant fans.are •anxious to gel- a glimpse-of Pete Craig, all- Btate fullback, and there is no'doubt but that. Colon Plant has molded its. defense to stop the hard running .pqwertul Chick back BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Luafer LUKO^IHE DIAMOND'/ inO Mr\\JpP. iT^Tilpr .Wr\-7llWA\ '• DID YOU KNOW THAT— Jce Siwoldt leaves ft brother at, Notre Dame . . . among the fro..:i . . . Will Wrlgley told the lads'in California 'the ether clay that Jce McCarthy wasn't fired; lie quit.. . . tfcs same, gees for Joe Savotdl. . . . Sam Brcadon, boss of the Cards, has the old college spirit. . . .lie snys "I don't think, a better fhrvtstop than Charley Gelbort could be obtained, but I'm ahvayr willing to trade a strengthen" my club and If I thought a trade Involving Gelbert would ' help the Card.5, I v.-ould net hesitate to make tl:o deal." . . . When Marchmciil Schwartz started playing football, In New Orleans, he prsnlfcd his family that he wouid give up the' game If he got hurt. . . . Hiighie Mulligan, business agent of tb; asbestos 'workers' union in Chicago, gets • job's for flip summer fctr several of Hie Notre Dame players . . . after .wrapping asbestos around baltrs all sunmi2r, is it any wonder those South Bend boys are.BO hct? Al -America Ociilcchnce, Oa- "Stribling has cnly knocked out Von Pomt, Scott, nhri;tUer am! a- couple of others this year, and simply becnus" Arthur Da Kuh, the kins of clutch, stiyi the distance with Strlb all the hammers are busy again. Even; though Slmrkey's pugilistic effort 1 for the year, consisted of. hitting. Phil Scott and Max Schmcling be-1 OiiaHcrlmck. Notre i>amr low the hii)5, -his grandstand offer Striblln<* in New York is ' It on all slc",:s, and the Eosto'n gob becomes the |»l of the pusills- tic prattle. Sharfcey, praised, has made/two .'tarts this year nncl fnll- miserably in both; SMbling. criticized, has knocked nut five men and Kemiett Indians To Invade C'ville , With Glean Slate J ""•"«.'""•' "'".i pionshlp • bouts decisively. | T1 ™ ' f ;ure it out?" The ll £* -J CAnUIHliRSVILLE, Mo. _ The Kennctt Indiniu have but, to hurdle one remaining barrier Thanksgiving Day to gam a. tio for: U" uiythlcnl SouOieast Missouri ciiam- won three rth Hc\v can yc:i flfi u .v. „ „„,., !,,„ . answer Is Hiat we are net figuriiiB j oiit-anything conceniing heavy-' Weight fighters any more. '• » « Ancthcr Lilllc Worry Tliere are lots and I't.s of football players, so it shouldn't CHUM; to lo;e a groat deal of slumber anrt the Caruiliersvllle m Kiij barrier. Tigers, decided undcr-dogs but, with a reputnll™ of i:,Mform- ing the unexpected, will iinve the advantage of playing en their home grlrtlrcn ngiiinsl the Inrtiatis L-ia the visitors will rate easy favorites to defeat the locals. Tiie Indians have won Only- a Hif ; h School Grad ftul iloll'ngsbery Knows His Football. ' >^-JG' ; S- \^™>'-" v --^/ r-, . ^fj. • ; " -- gv^i- '^W^f t^i- \ V A-^- "-;', '&&$\ i> \'', $>£/• <f>-^S '^-~^~ l -r^-v ^&:,-, ''nnXaN^-- '.r~r-v llV VYII.UAM RRAUCHKR NKA Sr-rvlcc Sports Editor Eastern toatball enjoyed UDth a treat niul a backset when the Galloping Gaels ol St. Mary's, California, crushed a mighty Fordhain machine. liul lhat Isn't all. Another entertainment of a sjm- nature, with every likelihood of the accompanying backsee, is In store November 25, when the Cougars ol Washington State move In on VII- lanova. The Cougars happen to be the football team that recently beat California, and California, strange as it may seem, actually beat SI. Mary's. Not only did the Cougars beat California, but lliey met what I some of the California people re- | cently referred to ns "the best professional team in the country," Southern California, and sent the afore.satd team home on the aforesaid team home on the short end of a 1 to 6 score. The small item of bcallng California and U. S. c was accomplished on successive Saturdays. A. D. 1930. It's pretty hard to believe, hut those arc ihe .scores the papers carried. The craving for conquest hasn't been confined to California teams. The Cougars have roamed up an'd down the coast, taking them as they came. Including Ihc University • of Washington. The tull name of the coach of this hogivlld crew is Orin E. Fellx- the-Cat Elght-for-Ten Babe Hol- llngbery. Whenever the writers along the western jumping-ofl place happen to have a shay nickname on their hands, they fasten it to Holllngbery. Of all the coaches on the coast. Babe Is the only young man who never had a chance because he never went to college. Oregon has Doc Spears. Dartmouth; Washington has Jimmy Phclan, Notre Dame; Oregon State has Paul Schissler, Lombard College; California has Nibs Price, California; Southern California has Howard Jones, Yale; University of the City .of Los Angeles has Sapulding, Wabash; Stanford has Pop Warner, Cornell; Idaho has Leo Calland, U. S. C.; Mon- tana'has Major Mllburn, West Point. Hollingbcry Is just a high school boy, trying to get along. The Bnbe used to manufacture teams on a mass production basis. Back in 1920 in San Francisco lie was coaching three teams at a time arid operating a couple of battery and gasoline service stations. The three teams were the Ltck-Wilmcr- ding High School, Bates Prcu School and the Olympic Club. From 2 to 4 p. m. lie coachrd Lick; from 4 to 6. Bates, and from G to 8, the Olympics. Washington State became interested in the young man when his Olympics in 1925 beat the "wonder team" that played as the California varsity in 1925, after the Dears .had gone undefeated for four years. Earl V. Foster, graduate managers of the Cougars, recommended Hollingbery. When he was approached for the job at Washington State, he asked the committee who the Cougars were, please, and where Pullman, Washington, was. Newspapermen dubbed him "Eight-for-Ten" because whenever he was asked for 10 passes he sent j&W Hints? That's Nothing Because Spanish giua,.^ have been holding somewhat indiscrim- T? *„ ri0t f IaMy ' tne Camera- U7cudun bout in Barcelona was p-Htponed. Riots? The Spanish' government officials ought to hav» ! seen the students committing mayhem upon one another after the recent Princeton -Harvard gam 3 . Or, before the Carnegie Tech-New York U. game. Or, before and after a number of others. * • • Justice to Gil Legend hath it that of all the sour coaches of the western heml sphere, none is more tour nor morbid than Gil Dobte of Ccmcll when one pate marrird "nd leaves stl ' al f l11 « nmes t"ls sca=o:i. Jackson I eight. Another time they hung the dear old Pimplcwash But how 1 ^ thc OIlI> ' c/ - her So1 "^^- Mis-1 nickname of "Felix-the-Cat" on about these tennis rlaycrs? Ocorse SOUri tcam *° havc n clcau record-him because he used to wear a Hl'ii inaiTlctl. .tohnnv Van RVII'S in conference and it bo'.h Ron-1 heavy overcoat at the games, fold married and thcv sav'johnm- ri-pcr il c « and Jackson mlh their Turkey his hands behind his back and v say Johnny D'es ' k going to br Of course Ilicri e i ' fii n n football today. Doble can smile even in defeat, and he is a, sports-' man of the very highest caliber. He Is a friendly man, with always a word of praise for players who nis own way or not. • * • Suckers? Why Not? We are in receipt of a bulletin from the -board in control of athletics at the University r.f Michigan. It .states: "The nickname Suckers' as referring to toe athletic touns of the University of 1111- noli la no longer being uswJ in de- alumni . While this terra has long and often been used in this connection, It la requested thai its use be now discontinued.' 1 Very well, board • but Isn't this mhefl n.bad y.'ar to! shelve that monicker? reason why marriage tlioiild interfere with an athlete's deeds except that it does. And hew that Davis Cup? About 5,000,000 snails lire eaten in France every year. JEOPLE UJHO ARE SrtoT IN CHICAGO/ • DIE A NATURAL. DEflU- Imvc to n post season contest to decide the chnmpi'i.ishlp. ' State Title at Stake In Game at £1 Dorado In "The wtlling will is wet again," Is the comment coming from thc prm «ne* «| w. U Stribling of CAMDEN, ArX. — Camdeiv high school, iinrtefca'.cd and untied, faced a rcrious obstacle In El Dorado Thursdy. Tills annual crldiroii classic r.f south Arkansas will ce plajvrt a I El Dorado. El Dorado has been defeated by Little Roci and tied by Fordyce tut Ihe team has ccme through in great style for Coach Bill Watscn. The Camc'iMi team provided the! niaj-iT upset cf the c?a:on when ilj defeated Fordycc In a game that eliminated the RM Bugs from tl-:' championship and was the firit de • fep.-.ecl fcr Fordycc since \9'J3. i nervously stride up and down in front of thc bench. They callc-3 him "Babe" for the same reason they gave George Herman Ruth Hint name. | Hollingbery, Nibs Price and Leo Calland nrc the only westerners ] coaching in the Pacific Coast Conference. Kufricane Will Play Paragould PARAaOTJLD, Ark.-The Para- gouSd Bulldogs, after six straight years of defeat hope to turn thc tide at Jonesboro tomorrow when they battle the Golden Hurricane of Jonesboro high. The Bulldogs have only 'the crushing 16 to 0 defeat at the hands of (he Blytheville Chicks chalked up against them and have defeated seven other teams, scoring 152 points to their opponents 17. The powerful Blytheville squad appeared, to reach the peak-of its power-: in the Paragc '' ' the . Bulldogs started. On the Outside—Looking In Annual Clash. Is Feature Game in County for Holiday Crowds. WILSON, Ark., Nov. 2G.—With the Mississippi county champion;, the Blytheville Chickasaws, play- Ing their Thanksgiving game cut of the county, paramount interest over the whole county will coaler here tomorrow when the Wilson Bulldogs and the Osceola Seminoles clash in their annual gain?. Both teams have tasted defeat more than once this season Lul when the Seminoles and Bulldogs battle, all other games are forgotten in anticipation of a victory in this annual Turkey Day event. On the never convincing dope ilic-et the Wilson warriors rate to hold an edge over the Osceolans. The powerful Maroon and Whll-s machine from Blytheville rolbd over the Bulldogs 20 to 0 and gained a 34 to C triumph over the Seminoles. But comparative scores mean little when these old rivals i meet. I The Seminoles will invade V/il! ron with two of the speediest back? | in the county. Nichols and Lapid^i • flashed some fast running again;'. i the hard tackling Blytheville d;- j tense and are expected to prsvj ' dangerous against the Bulldogs. The Wilson eleven has been comln 1 ; along steadily all season, and although defeated, has always given opponents a hard battl?. The Bulldogs have turned in victories ever the Seminoles for the past fev; years and they intend to keep ::i the win column tomorrow. The game will be called promptly at 2:30 o'clock and a record breaking crowd Is anticipated. Probable epeninj line-ups for ll'c tilt follow: It Won't Be the Same It will'hardly seem like Thanksgiving Day tomorrow without a football game at Haley Field. With the high school gridiron nohtin" but: a- vacant Held, local foolbafl enthusiasts will hnve to go else- whereifor the holiday menu. Games at Wilson, CaruthersviUe, Jonesbboro. and Memphis .will attract some fans from here while collegiate games at more distant points will also find a few.Blythe- In 'the .stands. Several will watch the game at Birmingham between Alabama and encounter-.while | Georgia, which may determine an could never • get, opponent 'for Washington State in „. „ . . , the Rose. Bowl classic.- The Hurricane, unless the Para- . ' ' • - • • • ; >uld boys can upset the dope, will '. Thankstivine Menu 1™™° !™' B ", to * northcast Ar ' 'With the Big .Ten conference Kansas championship. The Hurri- seator. completed, and a number of fSh? " B! ^ he ^ le in a hard collegiate tesrns through withtheir fought game earlier m the season ! 1930 seasons. .'Thanksgiving Day lllat definitely eamo^T ^:»(^:_* j_-_- J L *.. , • a a ~J settled district,does' not. find, as many " games i can rat- (scheduled as might 'be expected. nore the holiday for games Saturday. However, games Thanksgiving Day are backed by traditional rivalry that makes up for the small number. . Here are a few predictions: Thanks»mni; Day Blytheville to beat Cotton. Plant Duke to beat Wash. A Lee. Georgetown to beat Centre. Florida to beat Georgia Tech. Alabama to beat Georgia. Olc Miss' to beat Miss Aggies. So. Carolina lo beat Auburn. Tennessee to beat Kentucky. St. Mary's to .beat" Oregon. Tulane to beat L. S. U. Texas to beat Texas Aggies. • Saturday • ' Notre Dame to beat Army. Stanford to beat Dartmouth. 1 Vanderbilt to beat" Maryland. Wash State to beat Villanova. .Carnegie Tech to beat W. & J. Baylor to beat Rice. • S. M. U. to bcat.T. C. U. Osceola Chiles Rubenstein Caldw,?ll Jacks Behrens Koontz Pope- (c) Ttoomason Hampton Lapides Nichols Pos LE LT LG C RG RT RE QB HB HB FB Wilson P.-) r. Ma--ey Frazicr Davidson Williams Mead''vs Smith Gray Bealb Montgomery Perkins .1?) Delaware, first state in t!i; Union to- have its.illiteracy, figures announced by the Federal Census Bureau, shows a decrease of more than 33 per csnt in Illiteracy over the figures for 1920. Adhesive tape, lint, bandies, splints arid surgical stltchings nve all'mentioned in the world's fi'.'st medical text book, written by a physician to the Egyptian Royal Court about. 3000 B. C. The normal daily consumption of water of an oyster is aboiit five gallons, and a colony of less tiun a million drink more water in the course of a day than all the people of London, England. tie the dope bucket'turkey Day. easy Starting Atbie Booth Captain | of Yale's 1931 Team N'KW HAVEN, Nov. 2G (UP)— Alblt- Booth was elected captain of Vale's 1931 football team todav. | Cooler Wins Twice i From Braggadocio; COOTER, Mo.—Ccoter high E c:c: 1! toys and girls basketball teams won! a rlotibleheader from Braggndcclo: • hers Ian nl[(h'~ The local fe i r ; s ' ! triumphed-17 to 10 whih the b:\sl emerged victorious 17 ti 5. | Tlie boys' game was especially; : hard Jought with thc Cooler quin- ' let f erg ing ahead in the last s'.ng- j cs of ttK ,game after both teams 1 i had demonstrated stubborn defen- ! sivc work In the early periods. | James Terry of Coctcr way thei I outstandin? defensive star of t>ric> . game with U points to his credit. I I Thc Decring boys and girh teams! I will come here Friday night fry I games with the local, cagcrs. Wont CLASSIHED .... ,c. always in vaporforr^ .'.-.:• vyhen^it reaches your mottP • '". ': *•' .""rH •'? ' •.'•• ."'."•-'-- • • ^s«i'- THE/CASOLINE OF^< CQNTROLLE D VOLATllLiW — *•••---- - , - -j( ~* _ "Listen In on the] Phillips 66 Flyers every night esceptg Sunday, 6 to 6:30 P. M., Central Standard 3 Time, Station KMox, The Voice I of St. Louts." BAY & NIGHT SERVICE C. J. CRANE GRO. J. H. ROBINSON MID NIGHT INN 5. SAM BAILEY, Yarbro 6. K. SANDERS, Slate Line Arch 7. VI SERVICE STATION, 408 Nth. Glh. 8. B. H. SECOY, Dell

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