Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 13, 1966 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1966
Page 6
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OUAftftftLY frMANCSAL SfAft.MtHf AM6 SUMMARY ft* f>ftQCf.t&tNt* School District Algono community Township Cresco County Kossuth I do hereby certify that this report Is o true end correct statement of the proceedings pertaining-to the financial matters of thS board of said district for the quarter ending December 31, 1965. Vaughrt K. ftisihg Secretary. FINANCIAL ttAttMtNt ScfiMlhCv** Fund Solanee' from Previous Quarter ..A--..., 33,693.78 ToMI Receipts for Quarter - oO,4?l.l8 trdWsfeirs « Investments ftet. .. 35,745.17 Total to Account for .... Total Warrants Drawn During Quarter .- 71,066.50 Transfers - Investments ^ 53,600.00 Balance at End of Quarter ^...- ' Plus Investments —^ — -_i Enrol I in Home Economic course 96,216.35 129,900.13 124,666,50 5,23363 84,598.76 Balance from Previous GENERAL FUND Quarter .. - 76,826.98 Total Receipts for Quarter 333,637.39 Transfers - Investments Ret. ' 70,000.00 Total to Account for EXPENDITURES Regular Salaries Paid for Quarter 178,336.91 403,637.39 480,464.37 Other Warrants Issued amount 58,224.17 Transfers - Investments 125,000.00 Total Expenditures . Balance at End of Quarter Plus Investments 183,224.17 361,561.08 ~T 18,903.29 125,000.00 LIST OF WARRANTS (except lalarici) Schoolhauie Fund Person, Firm or Corp. To Whom Paid For What Algona Community School District Bond Account . Algona Community School District School house Fund Security State Bank TOTAL A n*i'"*u r >*' 54,531.50 16,535.00 53,600.00 124,666.50 GENERAL FUND Person, Firm or Corp. , To Whom Paid Amount Acme Chemical Co. $ 92.94 Advance Publishing Co. 80.05 Airkem _ 18.00 Algona Comm. Sch. Dist. .Clearing Acct. .- -. 126,128.60 Algona Implement Co. 145.40 Algona Ins. Agency 102.00 Algona Mun. Utilities 3,282.26 Algona Plbg. & Htg _. 1,556.74 46.36- bg. Algona Refrigeration^ Allyn and Bacon, Inc. Alvin and Co., Inc. Am. Assn. of Sch. Administrators American Chemical Society __ American Library Assn. American Technical Society _ James Andersen Baker and Taylor Co. Wes Bartlett Ray Bilsborough . Blossom Insurance Agency __ Don Bocken Supply Co. Bomgaar's Ben Franklin Bowman's Small Engines J6"e Bradley Equipment Co. __ Mrs. K. L. Brayton Bro-Dart Industries ' Brodhead-Garretr Co. Bureau of Audio-Visual Instr. Business .Education Films _*_ California Test Bureau Campbell and Hall, Inc. \ Carleton Stewart Music Co. . Carpenter Paper Co. Carson's for Color Chamber of Commerce of the • U. S. Mrs. Ted Chrischllles _ The Chrischilles Store Wayne Christiansen Chronicle Guidance Pub., Inc. •Coast to Coast Stores Collier-Mac'Millan Co. Collins-Beier Co. Helen Comfort Congregational Church Congressional Quarterly Rpss Cook' Cook's Welders Supply, Inc. Linda Cooper -Cooperative Education Clubs of Florida Cowan Corporation Creative Educational Society, Inc. Croft Educational Services __ Crouse Cartage Co. Culligan Soft Water Curries, Inc. Dean's Decker Athletic Supply Co. __ Decker Brothers, Inc. Demco Library Supplies Dept. of Elem. Sch. Principals —NEA Dept. of Public Instruction __ Dept. Store Economist Bob Devine Diamond's Store Eugene Dletzgen Co. Directory Service Co. Dora Dremmel Greg Duncan Ralph Elbert .. Electronic Specialties Dr. Win. H. Fagerstrom Fareway Stores, Inc. Finn's Bakery .. Florida State University A-V Trust Foster Furniture Co. Alice Fox „„Frederick Hardware Stores, __ Friden, Inc. The Frontier Press Dist. Co. . Gamblies Store Joyce Graham _. Great Western Laboratories, Inc. Greenberg Auto Supply -.'.. Sandi Haag Mary Hannover Harcourt, Brace and World, Inc. Harper and Row, Publishers Hedrick Brothers Lelah Henderson Hilton's Super Service J. I. Holcomb Mfg. Co., Inc. Honsbruch Drug Hood's Super Valu Store __ Houghton Mifflin Co. Huntington Laboratories, Inc. h^utzell s Office and School . Supplies Industrial Electronics Corp. _ International Business Machines Corp. International Film Bureau, I, Vaughn K. Rising, 4.73 8.75 20.00 3.00 10.00 8.51 32.10 120.13 360.00 12.00 449.17 224.00 6.22 18.90 176.84 6.00 16.00 4.85 224.26 14.20 2.65 369.36 115.02 331.65 662.24 l.CO 9.00 658.56 67.7S 6.7J 2.98 4.Bi 2.16 15.60 60.00 27.50 370.00 490.6? 2.VO 1.50 62.68 2.3.84 196.0V 3.75 47.59 22.09 6.50 1,636.30 15.75 54.05 12.00 2.25 7.50 48.17 17.98 75.42 225.50 4.70 1.88 56.00 30.25 2.50 19.12 8.05 4.85 738.70 12.10 93.77 31.60 37.00 36.90 204.00 61.35 40.28 10.00 12.00 120.80 3.77 15.13 27.!iO 12.75 116.48 98.64 7.56 137.75 187.30 18.89 42.23 Inc 20'.46 Iowa Bus Soles Co. 7,686.10 Iowa Employment Security Comm. - 2,636.31 Iowa Public Employees' Retirement Sys. 2,476.95 Iowa State University 150.86 Iowa State University Press _ 8.35 Iowa Testing Programs 200.39 P. R. Irons 24.17 Melvln J. Kern ' 2.50 Nellie Kern 14.10 Keyboard Jr. Publications, Inc. 19.50 Adolph Knobloch 43.00 <ossuth County Ag. Assn. 862.50 Kossuth Motor Co. 978.63 Kossuth Oil Co. 1,872.59 Krafft Music Co. --- 120.50 Wm. C. Kuhn, Sr. 35.76 Otto B. .Laing 62.50 Laing's Plb. and Htg. 2.7ft Lotto's Business Systems 455.19 Mrs. Jerry Leaneagh 9.00 Library of Congress 9.99 The Lloyd-Thomas Co. 325.00 Carl F. Mahnke Productions . 6.25 McGraw-Hill Book Co. 8.40 C. H. McGuiness Co. 435.50 Metropolitan Supply Co. 6,492.81 Arnold Meyer 5.00 Edgar Meyer -J 1.88 W. H. Meyer 122.30 Midland Bindery 113.60 Midwest Shop Supplies 17.64 J. M. Mitchell Products Co. 81.71 Modern Business Equip. Co. _ 5.00 Modern Dry Cleaners and Tailors 22.00 Monroe Calculating Machine Co., Inc. 755.00 Mosler Safe Co. ._ : 101.68 National Education Assn. __ 28.35 Notional School Pub. Relations Assn.- 25.00 National Textbook Corp. 5.05 Nation's Business 4.an G. .W. Naylor 5.00 News Map of the Week, Inc. 7b.bO L. C. Nichols 2.50 North Central Public Service ' Co. _• ' 2,997.99 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co. 424.66 O'Brien Trucking Service 60.CO Arthur B. Olson 9.00 Mrs. Mary Olson 6.'25 Panama Carbon Co. 63.75 Percival Motors, Inc. 5,018.18 Petty Cash . 408.10 Mrs. Clayton Pittman 9.00 Playtime Equipment Co. 324.46' Pratt Electric Constr. Co. ._. 825.47 Prentice-Hall, Inc. 8.56 Helma Proper 25.00 Rex's Appliance Service 46.10 Paul Richardson 4.50 Vaughn K. Rising 62.!)n Mr. C. E. Rohm 6.00 Ron and Jack's Inc. 17.32 Salesman's Opportunity 3.50 Lowell Samp 4.50 Sax Arts and Crafts 315.53 Schmitt Music Co. 23.45 School Bus Fleet 3.00 School .Lunch Program ^_--__ 20.35 Science Research Associates, Inc. „_ 342.04 Scientific Products 10.54 George W. Safrit 195.50 The Singer Co. 7.39 Stansi Scientific Co. 48.07 Julian S. Steen. 32.00 Howie Stephenson 20.00 Leo Steven 9.00 Capitpla Strayer 216.00 Dennis Strayer 10.00 Keith Strayer 10.50 Superintendent of Documents 17.80 Taylor Motor Co. 275.42 Thermogas Co. of Algona ._ 15.75 Tom's Radio and TV. 3.85 Mrs. Thelma Tschetter 825.00 Charles B. Ullom 203.90 United Building Centers, Inc. 382.37 United Scientific Co., Inc. _. 81.07 U. S. Gov't, Post Office 456.50 University of Nebraska 50.5C Upper Des Moines Pub: Co. 186.16 Up-Riqht Scaffolds 162.00 Utt Electric Service 33.7J M. L. VanderWaal 21.58 Ervln .Van Haaften 16.20 Herman Vaudt 3.00 O. G. Waffle Book Co. 210.32 Wesley Warner l.bO Kathie Weber 14.50 Western Chemical Co. 52.78 Wholesale Tool Co., Inc. 34.48 Wible Language Institute ._ 15.70 H. W, Wilson Co. _-i 67.84 Wingert-Jones Music, Inc. ._ 31.95 VISITOR .« Mr. and youftg ning'rwef e the S00,00<rth<i>iu*w sitof* *t the. WMte Stotte N* tiortftl Monuhienl When: they vi^ ited the ifMMttiWtefit M. stvrgfent vacation trip in December. They were presented a plslqUd by the president of the Alamagordo Chamber of Commerce and several gifts. 1965 is the first year the number of visitors to the National Park monument reached the half million mark in one year. Native* of the Solomon Islands captured the English ship Dancing Wave in 1876 and ate all except one of the crew, who escaped and reported the inci dent. ALGONA Saturday, Jan. 15 MATINEE? AT 1i30 -CATTLE EMPIRE" JOEL MeCREA PLUS 6 COLOR CARTOONS ADMISSION 75c KIDDIES 35c A NEW COURSE in the Algona high school is a Home Economics course for senior boys and 14 have enrolled. They are shown with assistant (instructor Jane Dannewitz. Pictured, back row, left to right, Tom Ricklefs, Kevin Hoover and Dale Teeter; second row, Bill Farnham. Harlan Metzger, Dennis Breidert; seated Garry Barr and Tom Samp. At right cooking up something on the stove are Tom Fitzpatrick and Dave Walker. Exclusive Advance Photo by Mike Stillman. 6—ALGONA (Iowa) ADVANCE THURSDAY, JAN. 13, 1966 1,095.00 Secretary TOTAL --- $183,224.17 of the above named School District, do hereby flartify that this report, pages 1, 2, 3, 4 is a true and correct state merit of the proceedings pertaining to financial matters of the Board of said District for the quarter ending December 31, 1965. Vaughn K. Rising, Secretary. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 11th day of January A. D., 1966 Mary F. Agard. Notary. Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, January 13, 1966. Mental Health group plans meeting Jan. 18 The Kossuth County Mental Health Assn. will hold a meeting at the courthouse at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Jan. 18, in an effort to acquaint people with the current status .of the Kossuth County Association, but more importantly, to present the facilities and services available at the North Iowa Mental Health Center at Mason City. In mid 1%4, the Kossuth Co. B^ard of Supervisors approved lew of 1 /8 mill to finance affiliation with the North Iowa Mental Health Center, embracing nine counties in this area. Since July of that year, a steadily increasing number of Ko*- suth" residents' have been avail ing themselves of the services offered. However, many people ore still unaware of how and where to apply for consultation, examination, treatment or whatever might be indicated. To that end. several staff member? from the Mason City Center have been invited to attend the meeting. They will describe the services available, will conduct a question and answer period, and will furnish all possible information to the activities and resources of the Center. Everyone interested in any phase of emotional or mental health problems is urged to attend. Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin star in a double feature "Pardners" and "Living It Up" coming to the Algona Theatre Sunday. FROM HI-HATS TO SIX GUNS . . . That's the wild and wacky path Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis travel in a special Paramount double-bill.presentation of two of their greatest comedies, "Living t Up" and "Pardners", both in Technicolor, coining Sunday al the Algona Theatre. Co-starring with Martin and Lewis in "Living It Up" are Janet Leigh, Edward Arnold, Fred Clark and dancer Sheree North. Co-starred with Dean and Jerry in "Pardners" are Lori Nelson, Jeff Morrow, Jackie Loughery and Agnes Moorehead The hand used in measuring height of horses is four inches Sulfur changes color with temperature changes. Mercury, nearest planet to the sun, is the smallest of the nine. UV^ KOSSUTH COUNTY MENTAL ASSN. —Thursday thru Saturday "Wild On The Beach" 7.30' "The Satan Bug" 8:55 .; —Saturday "Cattle Empire" plus r: 6 color cartoons at 1:30 —Sunday "Living It Up" 1:30 - 4:40 - 7:50 "Pardners" 3:05-6:15-9:25 —Monday thru Wednesday "Pardners" at 7:30 only "Living It Up", at 9:05 only SOCIETY Zeta'Xi held the first meeting of the year' oh January 10 at Corrine Shimel's. Richard Palmer was the speaker on "Connois seur". He. talked on the quality of items to collect ajid the general pleasures received by, collecting. Fronr his own collections he showed some carnival glass, stamps, coins, currency and a wait hanging. An auction was held and other money making projects were discussed The next meeting will be January 24 at Jeff Priebes.' " CLUB WILL MEET The :Union - Township Mothers and Daughters club will meet on Thursday, Jan. 13, at the Ada Hofius'home. Marguerite Garn- ner and Julia Taylor are co-hostesses. , Roll call is "My ^avor- ite Magazine." : Doretta Plumb will give a book review and Bernadette Reilly will have Hot Line News. You'll Like The Music of the "SHY MEN January 15 DANCING STARTS AT The PINE ROOM Algona, Iowa ALGONA THURS. Thru SAT. JAN. 13 • 15 2 BIG FIRST RUN FEATURES Opinion of Editors HEALTH MEETING TUESDAY, JAN. 18 at 8 pjn. - KOSSUTH COUNTY COURTHOUSE - Staff members from the North Iowa Mental Health Center at Mason City, with whom Kossuth County is affiliated, will be present to describe facilities and services available. All interested invited to attend (Paul Smith in Rock Rapids Reporter) A lot of people are getting down right disgusted with the state administration. For one thing, county, town and school officials who have the state audit their affairs can not understand why the cost of these audits has just about doubled in the last two or three years. One reason for sure is that the state is now sending out a "Learner" with the auditor — and the unit being audited must pay the bill. We siippose putting two men on to do the job that was always done by one before is a part of the "great society's" plan to build a better world. Of course the taxpayers have to pay the bill, when all is said and done. Taxpayers generally are not happy to see their money wasted wantonly. MarfJacobs, 79 of Bancroft, dies Jan. 5th Bancroft — A former Bancroft resident, Miss Mary Jacobs, 79, died Wednesday, Jan. at the Good Samaritan home in Algona. Funeral services for her were held Saturday at the St. John's atholic church here with bur ial in the church cemetery. She had been a resident of the home since May, 1961, Miss Jacobs was born Aug. 16 1886, at St. Paul, Minn, and came to Bancroft with her par ents when she was six years old She graduated from St. John's high school in 1907. Her parents, a sister and two brothers preceded her in deatl and only close survivors is i brother, John Jacobs, of Ceda Rapids, plus seven nieces am nephews. Serving as pallbearers wer*> Bob Vaske, Joe Haupert, Law rence- Becker and Frank Bauer. RURAL CLUB MEETS The Riverdale Friendly Club met Jan. 5 at Leona Sabin's h Nina Gisch assisting. There were 12 members present. The next meeting is at Loretta Thilges' Feb. 2. HOSTS BRIDGE CLUB Mrs. v Albert Granzow wa; hostess to the Idle Hour bridge club Wednesday afternoon there were a few guests. HOSTS 500 CLUB Mrs. Mable Lee was hostess to the Eight Specs 500 Club Wednesday evening. ENTERTAINS SEWING CLUB Mrs. • Frank Sterling enter tained her sewing club Tuesda afternoon. Cobra and python skins from India are used in making shoe and handbags. See SONNY and CHER h M Motion Picture Debut! THESAME B8CH HOUSE... •', JjflKftft* 1> I'iSMwSM CEBCIT . Slimnj ^^ FRANKIE RANDALL-SHERRY JACKSON «•• JACKIE & GAYLE • SONNY & CHER THE ASTRONAUTS • CINDY MALONE • SANDY NELSON GEORGE MAHARIS RICHARD BASEHART ANNE FRANCIS LOCALS Sheila Lynn, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Les Foxhoven, was baptized Jan. 9 in St. Cecelia church by Msgr. P. P. Gearen. Sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. E. E. (Bud) Robinson. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Les Kenyon. Great-grandparents are the Albert Granzows. BLAKE Funeral Homes "Completely Appointed Homes" • LUVERNE • WESLEY • TITONKA * CORWITH • BENWICK at "24 — HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE" FABULOUS Singin' it up... ; ancin' it up... Uaughin' it up! finiFREO SHEREE „..„ OM'NffllH'Ss SUN, Tbra WED,

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