Corsicana Daily Sun from Corsicana, Texas on November 23, 1963 · Page 1
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Corsicana Daily Sun from Corsicana, Texas · Page 1

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1963
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THE WEATJBER LOCAL FORECAST— fair through Sunday; colder today, warmer Sunday; low tonight in 30s, high Sunday near TO. Thermometer Readings: 8| 9 | 10 I 11 I 12 | 1 | 8 42 | 46 | 50 | &2 | 84 | — | — Complete Weathei lleport on Market Pare. HHomeof 'p* DallyS<*'and Semi Weiiily Homin* LJlMg LEASED WIRES OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS - - - AP TELEMATf MARKETS AT A GLANCE Most Securities and Commodltle* Markets are closed Saturday. CORSICANA, TEXAS, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1963 —TEN PAGES VOL. 68—NO. 145 PRICE FIVE CENTS Pale, Grim Johnson Takes Over Reins Of Nation Trr T Kennedy Funeral Services Set Monday Noon JOHNSON BECOMES PRESIDENT—Lyndon B. Johnson Is sworn in as President of the United States of America in the cabin of the presidential plane as Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy stands it his side. Judge Sarah T. Hughes, a Kennedy appointee to the Federal Court, left, administers the oath of office. In the background are, from left: Jack Valentl, administrative assistant 10 Johnson; Rep. Albert Thomas, D-Tex.; Mrs. Johnson and Rep. Jack Brooks, D-Tex. This photo was made by Capt. Cecil Stoughton. official White House photographer, who was the only cameraman allowed to record the ceremony. (AP Wirephoto) Connolly Much Improved VISITS TO BiER SPACED OVER DAYS Many Foreign Visitors Due To Attend Last Rites WASHINGTON, Nov. 23 UP}— A horse-drawn caisson, accompanied by ceremonial troops from all the Armed Services, will carry John F. Kennedy's )ody to the Capitol Sunday and o funeral services Monday. The White House announced partial funeral plans today as the remains of the late President, In a closed, flag-draped coffin, lay In repose today in he historic East Room of the White House. There a steady stream of present and former government dignitaries, led by former President Dwight D. Elsenhower, paid their respects. Press Secretary Pierre Salinger said It had not yet been determined where Kenndy wli: be buried, but further details can be expected later today. It was still uncertain whether burial would take place In the family burial plot at Brookllne Mass., or In Arlington Natlona Cemetery. The White House disclosed that the body of the assasslnatec President will be borne on a flag-draped caisson, drawn b; seven horses and preceded b; police and military escorts >om he White House to the C»i)lto Sunday. There it will He in state fo World Citizens Add Tears Check Suspects In Rice Bank Robbery Officers Saturday continued lelr Investigations Into the rob- i'1-y of the First State Bank of Rice Friday at 3:40 p.m. when n armed bandit took $3,324 in i hold-up, the second robbery f this bank this year, A lone DALLAS, Nov. 23 UP)—Gravely wounded Gov. John Connally was told today by his wife that President Kennedy is dead. Mrs. Connally talked to the Texas governor shortly after 7 a.m. (CST) and Connally's first questfon was about Kennedy's condition. After hearing her answer, he said, "That's what I was afraid of." One of Connally's aides Jull- X'an Read described Connally's ^ condition as much improved. " He said that the governor also asked about Mrs. Kennedy and was told that she had returned to Washington. Several of Connally's relatives hurried here yesterday. These See CONNALLY, Page 10 Garner Shaken UVALDE, Tex., Nov. 23—(.T) —John Nance Garner, the former vice president who may have been the last man to talk on the telephone with President Kennedy, was badly shaken up by the news of Kennedy's as nasslnatlon. "He took a nap after lunch tnd they didn't wake him up," Garner's son, Tully, said. "They lold him about 3 p. m. when he got up and it shook him so bad he went back to bed." Kennedy called Garner -it 10:16 a. m. Friday to congratulate Garner on his 95th birth day. Kennedy was in Ft. Worth at the time. Assassination Jolts World Of Business Stock Exchange Be Closed For Monday Rites NEW YORK, Nov. 23 <JP}— A spokesman for the New York Stock Exchange Indicated today that the Exchange would remain closed Monday because of the President's funeral. He said other major exchanges would probably also remain closed. The New York Stock Exchange presumably would reopen Tuesday, but there was no confirmation at this. Definite word on the Exchange's plans was expected later today. Trading was halted on the New York Exchange 26 minutes after announcement of the shooting of the President yesterday. During that time, the loss of stocks totaled $11 billion in the biggest wave of selling since the See EXCHANGED Page 9 By JACK LEFLER NEW YORK, Nov. 23 —The assassination of President Ken- ledy on Friday shocked the business world to Its roots. Whatever ill feeling may lave remained between the ^resident and business evaporated In an outpouring of grief. Only this week the President had sought to assure businessmen of the administration's friendship and to narrow the gulf that developed 18 months ago In the steel price crisis. News that Kennedy had been shot in Dallas sent stock mar- Negro Community Expresses Grief NEW YORK, Nov. 23— UP)— The nation's negro community mourned today the passing of a man many of them looked up to as the second great emancipator —President John F. Kennedy. Words of deep regret came Irom negroes In all parts of the nation from the leaders of the civil rights movement as well as those looking only to It for a new way of life. "The second emancipator of black people from the serfdom of racial segregation has been struck down by an assassins bullet," said A. Philip Randolph, president of the Sleeping Car Porters and a Civil Rights leader. He compared Kennedy with President Abraham Lincoln, the "Great Emancipator" who died almost 100 years ago of a bullet wound after leading the fight for freedom for negroes. Continued Randolph: "The call of history In this '--•..- of trial hv fire. IB for ne-i groes In particular, and American in general, to march forward towards the goal of human dignity and social and racia justice to honor the man whose place in history will be next to Abraham Lincoln, tho greatest President the country has ever known." Roy E. Wllklns, executive secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Col ored People (NAACP), said "we have no doubt that the assassin was motivated by hatred of the President's Ideals," adding: "The shocking and terrible death of Mr. Kennedy deprives the nation and the world of stalwart and consecrated leadership In the ageless struggle for human advancement." Harlem's leading negro weekly newspaper printed its first "extra supplement" today with a front page editorial by executive editor James L. Hicks. 'President Kennedy was more See NEGUOES, Page 8 liet prices reeling Stock exchanges downward, closed Inv mediately under pressure of an avalanche of trading. Some financial leaders expressed the opinion that the death of the President will have an immediate depressing effect on stock prices but that strong underlying factors will carry See BUSINESS, Page 8 Dallas Feels Anger, Sorrow Over Tragedy DALLAS, Tex., Nov. 23 (/PI— As some of the shock wore off sorrow and anger deepened to day in this city where President Kennedy was cut down by an assassin's bullets. Over and over Its citizen.* asked: "Why did It have to happen Why did It have to happen here?" "I thought Texas had grown out of its wild days, but I don't know," said a doorman at downtown hotel. "Maybe Texans are actually different." "God, what a town," said 8 man parked In an automobile 'I've lived here about three months, but I'm going to look for a job in another place." He wiped his eyes with the sleeve of a woolen sports shirt. Dallas stores closed almost as quickly as the tragic news floated downtown from the edge of the business district where Kennedy was shot. He died about M minutes later In Parkland Hospital. "We never expected to save his life," said one doctor. "He was too grievously wounded. We just did what we could." A performance of the Dallas Civic Opera Company tonight Sec DALLAS, Page 8 Mrs. Kennedy Stays By Side Oi Dead Mate By FRANCES IJEAVINE WASHINGTON —UP}— Mrs •Cennedy said goodbye to he lusband with a kiss on his life ess lips and then slipped he ring on his finger. From then on — from the emer ;cncy room in the Dallas hospi al through the sad flight home :o the Naval hospital where h tvas prepared for burial untl she brought him home in deatl to the White House early today —she was at his side. As she passed through th somber portals of the executiv mansion she still wore the pinli suit stained with the blood o his fatal wounds, and carriei herself with self control. It was a harsh day and I left Mrs. Kennedy dazed an Page 10 tearless, almost unable to show emotion. Hei' husband had been shot a he sat beside her in a gaily re celved motorcade. She had hel him, bleeding and mortal! wounded, in a speeding dash t a hospital where he never re gained consciousness. In the hospital, she bade he handsome 46-year-old husband goodbye that was so touching witness, Rep. Henry B. Gonza See MRS, KENNEDY, Page 1 Eorsicana To Close During Funeral Hours Most retail establishments, banks, building and loan asso ciations and offices in Corslcana vlll close Monday from 11 a. m. to 1 p. m. for the funeral of Kennedy, a survey by the Retail Mer. President Saturday chants association, Indicated. While an official announcement had not been received, It Is expected that all federal agencies will also be closed. The city hall will observe tha closing schedule of the merchants as will the Corslcana Chamber of Commerce. The assessor-collector of taxes office will be r.l^sert Monda; from 10 a. m. 10* 2 p. m., Mrs Ethel Still announced. Other offl ces are expected to do likewise Corsicana schools will not be closed Monday, Oscar Bounds superintendent said, but each principal will conduct suitable memorial ceremonies In their respective schools. Navarro Junior College Is closed through Monday. Walter McDaniel, district clerk, said he had talked with See CLOSING. Page 8 Japanese Foe Sends Tribute SHIOKAWA, Japanese destroyer captain whose ship almost killed John F. Kennedy in 1943 said today, "The world has lost an irreplaceable man for there is no other president who worked for peace like he did." Kohel Hanaml, now Shiokawa town chief, heard the news fron a friend who ran to his house before dawn. 'It was so sudden," Hanam said. "I have sent my condol ences to the Kennedy famil> through U.S. Ambassador Ed win O. Relschauer." Hanaml was a 34-year-old lieutenant commander when hi destroyer, The Amaglrl—"Heav enly Fog" — rammed and sanl Kennedy's PT109 on a dark August night off the Solomon Islands. Kennedy was a 26-year old lieutenant. f $9,000 and escaped. A man lanclit robbed the bank, Aug. 21, liter found dead in Oklahoma ras identified as the August obber. A man and teenage girl ar- csted near Ferris Friday atter- loon were being held in the In- •estigation but no charges had icen filed at mid-morning Saturday. County, city, state and tedera perativcs swarmed into Rice ollowlng the daring robbery by i man armed with what was lescribed as a sawed-off shotgun with a pistol grip. The ban lit had a woman's silk stocking over his face and was wearing L felt hat Sheriff Rufus Pevehouse sale hat Nathan Rawlings, RiC' school bus driver, discovered a silk stocking about a mile soutl of Rice at the Intersection o the Emhouse farm-market roac and a felt hat answering th description of one worn by th hijacker was found by city of fleer- In the general area. M Opal Wear, an assistan cashier of the victimized bank See BANK, Page in •i ». , ' Junior College Halts Activities Suspension of all activities a Navarro Junior College unt Tuesday was announced Satui day in a joint statement issuoi by President Ben W. Jones an Vice President Baston T. Gooch Their statement said: "Ou of respect for our late PITS dent John Fitzgerald Kenned' Navarro Junior College will b c.osed Monday, including even ing classes. Classes will resum Tuesday morning. "The football game schedule with Ranger Junior College fo this evening (Saturday) ha t*.en cancelled, and reset fo 7:30 p. m. Tuesday," their stati ment concluded. New Directors Listed For C-C Seven new Chamber of Con merce directors were determln ed In a tabulation of votes whic went well into late Friday afte noon before the task was com pleted. New directors, thus selecte by receiving the highest nun her of votes, are: Oscar Bound John Carlock, Tom Eady, D Louis Gibson, Gaston Gooch, C E. Mlddlcton and Lin Wartha They begin their three yea terms in January. Oswald Admits Communist By PEGGY SIMPSON DALLAS, Nov. 23 (/PI—Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry said today Lee Harvey Oswald has "readily admitted he Is a Communist." Curry said Oswald admitted to officers In questioning last night that he was "a member of the Communist party." The police chief said "apparently he was proud of being a Communist. He didn't try to hide it." Curry said he did not know whether Oswald was a card-carrying member of the party. "Last year Oswald said on the New Orleans television panel he was not a Communist hut was a Marxist" Curry said, "but actually, Oswald has never drawn any distinction between the two." Curry said police never had Oswald listed on their auspicious list. "We have another man working In that same building who has been listed in our subversive flies since 1955," Curry said. Police were seeking this man for questioning. Oswald, charged Friday night with murdering the President, insisted he Is not the assassin. But an officer said, "I think we got some good results from the paraffin test on both Oswald's hands." Curry said that there are 25 to 30 known Communists in the Dallas area. 'I understand the Communists have had some meetings here but we don't have much to do wtih them," said the police chief. There was no Immediate explanation from police as to what the paraffin tests would have shown since Oswald fired at least one shot in the slaying of a patrolman and attempted a second shot when arrested. A rifle was used to slay the President. With his jaw thrust out and his eyes Intent and piercing, Oswald kept telling newsmen: "I did not kill President Kennedy. I did not kill anyone. 1 don't know what this is all about." City Detective Charles Brown said he believed the hand tests were positive hut was not certain about results of a paraffin test on Oswald's face. Paraffin testa are aimed at By The Associated Press The assassination of Prcsi- >nt Kennedy caused shock id grief throughout the world The news of the President^ eath reached Europe at nigli ul the Far East In the prc- awn hours. Everywhere the miediatc reaction was disbc ef. Then shock, grief am iars. Stunned heads of state—some eeping—cabled condolences to ic United States, ordered flags own at half staff and declared fficial periods of mourning. Parliaments adjourned. Busi- ess activities came to a halt, ars closed. Church bells tolled nd people wept. They wept in London and loscow and Tokyo. Tears came the eyes of American GIs the jungles of South Viet n. A Russian girl cried In loscow's snow-covered Gorky trcet. A news vendor wept on Vien,a's Marlahilfer Strasse. So did ran's Empress Farah at Tehan airport, and a gray-haired voman In London, Venezuela's 'resident Romulo Betancourt, blues singer in Paris and many of the ambassadors at he UN headquarters In New York. Reports reaching Vienna roni East European Sovlet- iloc nations also told of men ind women weeping unslmmcd' y. Moscow radio played funer- mu.slc. Its English-language iroadcasts beamed to North A,.ierlca dispensed with Its Briefings By Key Officials See TEARS, Page 10 Pope, Vatican Join Mourners VATICAN CITY, Nov. 23—f/P — Popn Paul Vt prnyored toda\ for President Kennedy, gave bin absolution, and expressed th' "prnyi-rfu! wishes that hi. death mny not hinder the caus? of world peace." Ailing Father Finally Learns Son Is Slain IIYANNIS PORT, Mass., Nov. 23 <7P)—The President's father— illing Joseph P. Kennedy—was old of his son's death today, 21 lours after tho assassination. The tragic news was brought to him by one of his two survlv- ng sons—Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass. A spokesman for the family -aid the news had been with- leld because of the father's poor physical condition, described as worsening recently. The former ambassador to tho Court of St. James suffered a stroke in December, 1960, from which he has not fully recovered. With the father at the time lie heard the news was a medial specialist, Dr. Russell S. Boles of Boston. There was no immediate word how the, 75-year-old patriarch of the Kennedy family took tho news. His wife, Rose, went to earl> Mass and then had breakfas' with her husband before the sad news was broken to him. The Kennedy family chauffeui told newsmen today how Mrs Kennedy heard the news of he son's assassination. Frank Saunders said, "My wife and I heard the bulletii nf Kennedy, the Catholic to reach The death p irst Roman he White House, plunged this liny city-state, into deep mourn- In p. Its yellow nnrl white banners worn flown at half-staff, the first time that has been done for a chluf of .state, other than Pope. Pope Paul dedicated his morn- Ing Mass to Kennedy and then, In an unusual action, asked that the U. S. President also be remembered In a memorial Mass In St. Peter's for prelates who have died in the past year. The memorial Mass Is conduced annually, and Vatican sources could not recall a previous occasion when a person was not a prelate wan also com mernorated. Pope Paul attended the service, which was scheduled Ion ngo, and gave absolution over a symbolic coffin. The absolution was for all commemorated In the Mass—prelates and Kennedv. See FATHER, Page 10 Truman Knows How LB] Feels WASHINGTON, Nov. 23 t/PI— Like President Johnson, Harrj Truman received the burden of the presidency with tragi suddenness and he said then i was as if "the whole weight o tlie moon and stars fell on me. It was April 13, 19-15, the daj nfter a stroke killed Frankll: D. Roosevelt and a stunnei Trumnn moved up from th vice presidency during the cl mactlc months of World War II Corning out of a meeting witl congressional leaders he facet a group of newspaper friend.' When one addressed Truman a his eyes and he said: "I wish you didn't have tc call me that." Then after a moment he described his feel ings: "I don't know If any of yo fellows ever had a load of ha> or a bull fall on him. But las night the whole weight of th moon and stars fell on me. I fee a tremendous responsibility. "if you fellows ever pray please pray for me. I mean that." WASHINGTON, Nov. ZS tfl President Johnson today designated Monday a national day of mourning for slain President John F. Kennedy. "I Invlln the people. of the world who share our grief to Join us In this day nf mourning imd rededlcatlon," the new President said In a proclamation on tho death of the old. Johnson ordered all federal ' offices In Washington and . throughout tho nation closed on Monday, tho day of Kennedy's funeral. The President addressed hll proclamation to the peoplo of*' tho United Statos. £, WASHINGTON, Nov. 23 resident Lyndon B. Johnson ook over the mighty machln- iry of government today on his irst full day as chief executive,' >uttlng the nation's business a- lead of grief for his fallen chief. Catapulated Into the highest office by tho assassin's bullets hat cut down President John. " F. Kennedy in Dallas yesterday, .he solemn-faced Johnson: —Made a quick visit to the iVhlto House, perhaps for President's early morning session In the map bedecked "situation room" where the nation's security affairs are screened. Turned away from the executive mansion where Kennedy lay In death, leaving It as a center for a nation's mourning, and moved business to his old vice presidential quarters in See JOHNSON, Page 9 Tragedy News Brings Shock, Tears Follow By BARRY SCIIWEID WASHINGTON, Nov. 23— (.71 —The tragic flash from Dallas reverberated around the world like a clap of thunder: The young, vigorous President of the United States was dead at the hands of an assassin, and everywhere the great and the lowly mourned John F. Kennedy's passing. The deadening shock gave way to tears and then to universal heartache for Jacqueline Kennedy and her two young children. Rich and poor, black and white, .shuddered and were bewildered. Messages of condolence poured Into the White House from President*!, Premiers and crowned heads. Churches filled with people come to pray and «ob. "This is a sad time for all people," the new President, Lyndon B. Johnson, told the nation on his return to Washington. "We have suffered a loss that cannot be weighed...." In New Haven, Conn., an ordinary citizen said with a catch See REACTION, Page 10 proving a suspect has fired veapon. Paraffin Is poured o the hands or face to pick u rnicropsopic particles of gui powder residue which show u then In chemical tests. Brown said he has great fait In paraffin tests. Deputy Police Chief M. \\ Stevenson said Oswald was a ralgned late Friday night on charge of murdering the President. He earlier was charged with killing a policeman. Justice of the Peace Dave Johnston ordered him held without bond. Stevenson said questioning of Oswald would continue today. The deputy police chief said the next step would lie a preliminary hearing, which Oswald could waive and ask that the case be taken directly to the county grand jury. After the formal charges were filed, Oswald was brought before newsmen. Speaking in a low voice Into a cluster of microphones thrust Into his face, he denied killing the President. He appeared less defiant than earlier In the evening, but still See OSWALD, Page 10 GUNMAN KILLS POMCKMAX—Leo H. Oswald. 24, was arrested In Dallas, Texus, in connection with the slaying of a Dallas policeman shortly after President Kennedy was assassinat- He was also charged lato Friday In connection with the slaying of the President. (AP Wircphoto)

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