Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 10, 1966 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 10, 1966
Page 8
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I-ALOONA (tewt) ADVANCt MONDAY, JAN. 10, 19*4 •••**•••*••••••••••••••••*••••••••••••••••••••••• "INK in my VEINS" BY MARIAN INMAN ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••A** With the new year fresh and clean before us, let each of us search ourselves to find the magic key to turn the lock and bring into light the special talent secreted within ourselves. Every human being h«t • gift, • talent, tecreted in the depth* of his being which it hi* special contribution to life. Through spiritual blindness we may hot know or be aware of our own gift, but it is there, ready end waiting for the magic key to turn the lock, for that moment when we will see and cry, "This, then Is my gift to life." If this gift of ours is only the gift of humble service, let's not despair, let's rejoice, for this is the gift of perfect love. This gift, this latent wealth In our lives is there if we are not spiritually blind to it. There is the story of an old couple who owned a piano. It was the feature and the proud possession with a place of honor in their living room, carefully dusted and polished. A friend asked them if they played it and would they play for him. The old man looked at the piano and replied, "No, no one plays on it now, but there's a heap of fine music in there if you could but get it out." I am reminded of this story as I think of each of us and of the heap of fine things we possess, progress, development, opportunity, charity and love, if we can but get it out. It is up to us to figure out ways and means to get it out. It is our challenge for the new year. January, the first month in the present, as it was also in the Julian calendar, was so named from Janus, a double- faced divinity of the Roman mythology. It was anciently dedicated to him, because from its situation it might be considered as looking back upon the past and forward to the opening year. "To dare go forth wilih a purpose true, to the unknown task of the year that's new; to help your brother along the road, to do his work, and lift his load; to add your gift to the world's good cheer, is to have arid to give a glad new year." Origin unknown National thrift week, sponsored annually by the National thrift committee, is held during the week that marks the anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Franklin (January 17) a great exponent of thrift. Its purpose is to focus public attention on the virtues of thrift; to encourage prudent spending and regular savings on the part of American families. Benjamin Franklin said, "For age and want save while you may, no morning sun lasts a whole day." In a U. S. Treasury Department text book on thrift, is this statement. One hundred average men start their productive life at age 25. At the age of 65, one is wealthy; four are well-to-do; fifty-four are not self-supporting; thirty- six have died. At age 73, thirty-three of the 100 are still living and of these three are entirely self-supporting, and thirty are dependent. Thrift is care and scruple in the spending of one's means. And there can be no economy where there is no effi ctency. Thrift can be carried too far as is the case of the miser. And here is another comment on. thrift. Overheard on a bus: "She has such thrifty suggestions for cooking, like using left-over champagne in the onion soup." , Today one of the most important places for thrift is thrift in government spending. Who is the government? Why it is we the people and as a people, all of us want more, at somebody else's expense. We are in an era of twisted 'thinking. Our staggering national debt does not arouse alarm in us. Rather we are lulled with the thought we have been indoctrinated with, "We owe it to ourselves." We have been given farm support, social security, medi- care subsidies and other benefits to keep us in line, forgetting that Washington gave us none of these things. Washington merely distributed them out of the money we paid in taxes. We are blinded by our inborn greed. As we rock gently to and fro in the hammock of our welfare government, it is difficult to open our eyes to our prodical waste of not only our wealth but the strength of dedication and thrift of the great men who founded our America. . r According to the National Research Council there is enough gold in the oceans of the world to make every human being fabulously rich. The council estimates that if all the gold could be removed from the oceans every person in the world would have fourteen million dollars. Right now it isn't a very profitable undertaking, for by the best methods devised U requires an expenditure of fifty thousand dollars and several years work to recover five thousand dollars from the water. What say, we stop dreaming and rocking and stand on our feet, pull up our boot straps and get to work. Work is good therapy and we'll feel better fast. Regardless of what you've made up your mind you can't do, you're right about it. Bodes plan 50th anniversary er*« (Mrt. Myrtle Zwtefel) home in Suit Mr. and Mrs. Murvin Koestler of Wisconsin were visitors in the Clyde Moore home, the Friday before 'Christmas. Daryl Sparks of Britt, Jim Sparks of Chesterton, Ind. and Bonnie Young of Traer, were house guests in the Howard Sparks home, over the holidays. They each returned to their jobs Monday morning, Daryl to Britt where he teaches, Jim to Chesterton, Ind., where he is employed by Bethlehem Steele and Bonnie to Cedar Falls where she is a Junior at Iowa State College. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bolie and family of Mallard were -book*. ThU meeting w»« the In- 4-H News MR. AND MRS. Louis Bode, former Algonans, will be given an open house at Rochester, Minn., in the near future for their 50th wedding. They were married here Jan. 12, 1916, and lived on farms in Plum Creek, Union and Cresco townships until 1947 when they moved to Elma. They retired in 1963 to Rochester. They are now at Albuquerque, New Mex., on vacation. They had six children: Mrs. A. W. Lindsley, Des Moines; Kathryn, deceased; Bernard, Hackensack, Minn.; Charles, Rochester; Donald, Elma; and Mrs. Donald Marr, Albuquerque. Mrs. Bode is the former Marie Lamuth. :••••• Irvington By Mae McLean Dolores Mawdsley, Newton, called on her aunt, Mrs. Hazel Sabin, last week Wednesday evening. She had been visiting the Roscoe Mawdsleys, Algona, the Duane and Roscoe Jr. Mawdsley families of Burt. She returned to Newton, where she teaches, on Dec. 31. The Dick St. Johns were in Mason City last week Tuesday with their daughter Julie who was undergoing numerous x- rays and tests. Suzanne Dudley, student Christmas .guests of the Martin Potratz family, Whittemore. They were accompanied by their daughter, Nancy, who was spending her Christmas vacation at home. Nancy- is employed in Des Moines. ''?.• Clarence Canaday and family and Mrs. Margaret Kent and family were in Cdear Rapids on Dec. 26 attending a Canaday family dinner at the Francis Brady home. Mrs. Brady is 'a sister of Clarence. Linda Swanson, teacher at Hawarden, and the Glea Schwarks, Whitten, were Christmas weekend visitors at the TUPPED by the ohangts in your INCOME TAX at Westmar College, Le Mars, spent the holidays with her parents, the Clyde Dudleys. The Corliss Dudleys, Lohrville, were New Years guests at the Clyde Dudleys. Mrs. Vernon Klein and daughters, Karleen and Charleen drove to Hammond, Ind. to spend Christmas with Mr. Klein. Vernon trucks tropical plants out of Miami, Fla., and was un- ab'e to get home. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Byerly and Judy, Fallon, Nev., the Oarryl Swartz family, Evansdale, Victor Applegate, Ames, and Mrs. Elmer Potter were Christmas weekend guests at the Lawrence Millers. The By- erlys and the Robert Apple- gates, the latter from Atlantic, were guests of the Millers last Sunday. Wayne Byerly, who is in the Navy has been on a 30 day leave but is scheduled to leave for Japan Jan. 15. Mrs. Byerly, the former Eleanore Kay Applegate, will return to Iowa after her husband leaves, and will make her home with her father, Victor Applegate, Ames, until August, when she plans to join her husband in Japan. Harold Colwell, who was a patient at St. Ann's hospital foi several days suffering from infection in one leg was able to return home Dec. 29. The infection developed from injuries on the leg caused in a fall while at work. The Francis Froehlichs repor 1 that the Donald Froehlichs Lompoc, Calif., are parents o a son born Dec. 15. They have one other child a girl. Donal is a son of the Francis Froeh lichs of this vicinity. The Perry Lowmans were Those who know MINNEAPOLIS Know the Carl Swansons, LuVerne. Mary Boldridge, St. Paul, the Lee Haase family, Minneapolis and Bob Boldridge, Des Moines, were Christmas visitors at the parental Wm. Boldridge Sr. home in Algona. The Rev. Ralph Hindman, new Moderator for the Irvington church will conduct the will preach at Irvington at 9:00 a.m. and then go to Ottosen where he will hold services at 10:30. Mr. Strayer has been the Lay Pastor of the Ottosen congregation for fifteen years. Guests at the Harold Sabins Sunday eve Dec. 26, in observance of Harold's birthday were the John Simons, the Geo. Olsens, the Richard Mawdsleys and Mrs. Hazel Sabin. The Ronald Sabins and Mrs. Hazel Sabin were New Years guests of the Geo. McVays, Algona. Tuesday afternoon visitors in the Howard Sparks home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wood, Jean and Randy were guests in the home of Mrs. Wood's mother, Mrs. John Von Bank in Algona, New Year's night. Mr. and Mrs. Verle Nelson and family were guests for a late Christmas dinner the Sunday after, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Brown at Garner. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. William Hauptly, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hauptly and Mr. and Mrs. Bobbie Haugland and Neal. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sparks Daryl and Jim and Bonnie Young were Thursday evening supper guests in the Guy Dimond home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Becker Richard Dugan and Trudy Alt were New Years Day guests in the Tom Trenary home. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith and Ramona and Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Veerman of northern California, were Thursday evening visitors in the Tom Tren- IRVINOTON (DIALS The regular meeting of the Irvington Ideals 441 club was held at Carol Stebbins on Dec, 18, 1965. The meeting was called to order by President Sharon Hix at 2 o'clock. Roll call was answered by 9 members. 4 visitors were present. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. The treasurer's report was given. New business: discussion of uniforms, birthday dues, and the raising of our picture money. New member was Linda Klien. The passing out of the fair money and new record books. Old business was the receiv ing of our last year record stallation of officers and annual Christmas party. 57 YlARS OF RAILROAD- IN6 — Herman C. Jost, agent at the Rock Island tines depot at West Liberty since 1948, retired this month after 57 years of service. WE WISH TO THANK THE ALGONA MERCHANTS who sponsor the Church page in the Advance. We sincerely appreciate this opportunity to publish notices of our services and meetings. Congregation of the IRVINGTON PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Portland Mrs. Victor Fitch services here Sunday. Lay and at Pastor, Ottosen Keith Strayer, will fill "the pulpits at the Livermore Presbyterian and LuVerne E.IJ.B. Churches. On January 1 Mr. Strayer by ac tion of Presbytery officially b£- came the Lay Pastor of the Tr- vington congregation and will >e preaching each Sunday, with he exception of the Sundays our times a year when the .lord's Supper is observed. On these Sundays the Rev. Hindman will officiate. Mr. Strayer Mr. and Mrs. David Fritz and little son of Rice Lake, Wis were New Years Day guests in the parental Clyde Moore home. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Schwendemann of Livermore were afternoon guests in the Victor Fitch home New Years Day. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fitch and Judy, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sohwendemann, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hix, George Hix and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grosser were guests at an oyster supper in the Edward Harms home in Titonka New Years night. The Cletus Zwiefels attended the family get together and Christmas dinner in the moth Trenary dinner Duncan ary home. Mr. and Mrs. Tom were Christmas Day guests in the Floyd home at Fen ton. Mr. and Mrs. David Stewart and family of Denver, la. and Mr. and Mrs. Loyola O'Brien oc Ailgona were Christmas Day dinner guests in the W. J. Stewart home. Mrs. Mertie Huber and Gary were Sunday afternoon visitors in the Robert Wood home. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Moore were Sunday evening visitors in the Victor Fitch home. Harlan Fitch of Rockwell spent a few days during the holidays, in the Victor Fitch home. "The man who succeeds makes hay from the grass that grows under the other fellow's feet." BIRTHDAY — Mrs. Tom Sturdy, who lives a mile west of Greenfield observed her 98th birthday recently. Most of her life has been spent in Adair county. As a little girl she re members Indians visiting her home in Jasper County. I I I I I 111 III i | | i | I I M I I I I I I I I I I I I I M M I I I IH II-H-; IcSALE on LADIES DRESSES up to S 1 50 value 1 at regular price 2nd one for only 1c "Algona's Quality Dry Cleaners" ALGONA CLEANERS & LAUNDERERS I 5-3265 'East of Courthouse' ALGONA 1 JWJSIV.WJVUW(JV.VW 1 J" fJWWVWfm WWUWAVUWWir 1 AVV«VUWVyW i! Going strong! ONE MORE WEEK! Ends Saturday Be sure you're get ting every advantage the rules allow in your tax returns. Let our staff figure your tax. Chances are. they can save you enough to pay the small fee involved! BOTH FEDERAL AND STATE LIFE *v»ry lax rfiurn. If or inttitft. gtcwrol* prtporgt.on of «oy ajrrpr* «h?t cost inltrfil. IS« a AjnffIft'I l^tM* Tw Itrvkf with Ov»r 800 Offiet$ 101 North Moore ALGONA, IOWA Wetk P»y« — 9:30 *.m. tp 4:30 p.m. PHONE 295-7031 NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY MOTOR HOTEL 1— L For Convenience, For Luxury Accommodations, For Friendliness, For Uudgct Hates, For Resort-like Atmosphere. 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