Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 3, 1966 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 3, 1966
Page 4
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ADVANCE ALMANAC OiflMt Ot WMk't NIWI NEW COURT CASE Harold J. Peter vs. OLE Services Inc. and Michael Isaacson, contract, $432.81. WEDDING PERMITS Lee Lawson, Boone, Sherry Read, Algona; Lawrence J. Rahe, Darlene Grandgenett. both Bancroft; David K. Markla, Sandra K. Pingel, both Algona; Robert C. McMahon, Mary K. Knoll, both Algona. MAYOR'S COURT Thomas Fitzpatrick, Algona, stop sign violation, $5; Douglas Moehle, Algona, following too closely, $5; Eugene Thomas Weir, Wesley, improper use of muffler, $10; James E. Abbott, Algona, failure to have control, $10; Daniel L. Bray, Algona, using drivers license unlawfully, $15; Luke T. McGuire, Burt, excessive speed, $15. SELECTIVE SERVICE Inductees — Army, Thomas Senenfelder, Ledyard; Richard Cushman, Titonka; Rodney Scuffham, Algona; Roger Thompson, Lakota; David Wildin, Algona. Enlistees Miller, Clear Lake, Robert marines; Marlyn Struecker, Algona, marines; Arnold Sachs, Lakota, army; Gregory Arrowood, Algona; David Hovey, Algona, army; John E. Goecke, Algona, air force; William C. Bird, Lu Verne, navy; Larry Danielsen, Algona, army. ST. ANN BIRTHS Dec. 25 — Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Winkel, Algona, boy, 7 IDS. 4% oz.; Mr. and Mrs. Willis Woodwick, Algona, girl, 6 Ibs. 14'/ 2 oz. Dec. 28 — Mr. and Mrs. Chris Miller, Algona, girl, 7 Ibs. oz.; Mr. and Mrs. Russell Shipler, Algona, boy, 8 Ibs.; Mr. and Mrs. Warren Ludwig, Corwith, 8 Ibs. 2 oz. . Dec. 29 — Mr. and Mrs. John Hood, Algona, boy, 4 Ibs'. 4 oz. Dec. 30 — Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wilhelmi, Bancroft, girl, 8 Ibs. 8 oz.; Mr. and Mrs. Oeles- tian Foxhoven, Algona, girl, 5 Ibs. 12 02. ST. ANN HOSPITAL ' Dec. 24 — Albert Davis, Osage, medical. Dec. 25 — Delmar Plathe, Bode, medical; Mrs. Ronald Hansen, Algona, medical. Dec. 26 — Mark Reilly, Algona, surgery. Dec. 27 — Philip Lampe, Burt, T & A; Adrian Sterling, Algona, medical; Roxann Bierstedt, Lone Rock, T & A; Patricia Wagner, Algona, surgery. Dec. 28 — Lucille Beenken, Titonka, surgery. Dec. 29 — Bruce Ireland, Perry, T & A. Dec. 29 — Mrs. Augusta Beitz, Algona, medical. Dec. 30 — Bernard Streit, Bode, surgery; Mrs, Dorothy Menke, Bancroft, medical. NEW VEHICLES Jin. 6 -£• Sfcval ttolden farm closing out sale, : at farm located on the south edge of Bode. Sale includes complete line of farm machinery. Andersen and Kleve, auctioneers; Iowa State Bank, West Bend, clerk. Full sale details in today's Advance. Jan. 6 — George B. Streit closing out sale, at farm located on the corner northeast of highway junction 18 and 44 north of Whittemore. Sale includes complete line of farm machinery. Quinn & Leek, auctioneers; Farmers State Bank, Whittemore, clerk. Full sale details in today's Advance. Jan. 7 — Walter Ditsworth, at farm located 4 miles north, 2 miles west and V\ mile north of Burt. Full line of machinery, household goods and 20 shorthorn cattle. Quinn & Clark, auctioneers; Farmers & Traders Savings Bank, Bancroft, clerk. Full sale details in today's Advance. Jan. 7 — Hurlburt Bros, forenoon dairy auction, at farm located 3Vz miles north of Lone Rock. Sale includes 50 head of hi-grade Holstein cattle, plus equipment. Quinn, Clark & Clark, auctioneers; Lone Rock Bank, clerk. Full sale details on this 9:30 a.m. auction in today's Advance. Jan. 8 — William J. C. Erpelding farm auction, at farm located 2 miles west and 2Va north of LuVerne. Sale includes four tractors and 21 cattle in addition to machinery, hogs and chickens. Leek & Quinn, auctioneers; Security State Bank of LuVerne, clerk. Full sale details in today's Advance. Jan. 8 — 200-acre farm at 4-ALGONA (fov*«l ADVANCE MONDAY. JAN, 3, 1966 Jess Lashbrook ends 50 years on roads JESS LASHBROOK Forrest McGregor, Bantaroft Ford; Wiliam S. Tjaden, Burt Chev.; Dr. Daniel J. Shey, Al auction for Alfred T. Jurgenson Estate. Farm located north of Winnebago, Minn, on highway 169 to Bass Lake Road, then one mile east and one-half mile south. Sale starts at 1 p.m. Herman Wedel & Wayne Wagner, auctioneers. Full details of in Thursday's Advance. Jan. 8 ,— Albert G, & Margaret M. Harms land and machinery auction, at farm located 6 miles east of Bancroft on blacktop and Va-mile south. Sale includes full line of machinery, land and cattle including dairy equipment. Quinn & Leek, auctioneers, Merlin Madsen, Burt, clerk. Full sale details in today's Advance. Jan. 10 — Smith Plbg. & Htg. closing out auction, at Thompson, Iowa. Sale starts at 4 p.m. with complete listing of equipment to be sold in Thursday's Advance. Col. Roy B. Johnson, taffalox (Center, Babbitt and tfurra, auctioneers; Peoples Staite Bank, Thompson, clerk. Two auto crashes are reported Two auto accidents were reported and investigated last Friday and Saturday, December 24 and 25. During the noon hour on Friday, Ralph Peter Elbert was driving at a slow pace north on Thorington. Jane Faber was driving in the same direction and came over the hill but could not stop before colliding with the Elbert car because of the icy road. Estimated damage to the Elbert car was $270 to the trunk and tail lights. Damage to her auto was about $50 to the front Jess Lashbrook, a dedicated public servant for almost 50 years, resigned as Street Commissioner of Algona on Wednesday, Dec. 29 at a regular meeting of the City Council. He started working part-time for the street department in 1916 for 25c an hour. He was hired fulHime in 1920. At that time the equipment consisted of two hired teams of horses fore and the ruts became deeper and deeper. The ruts froze, were a foot high, and it was almost impossible to get out of the rut to turn a corner. Thd men used picks and shovels to clear the intersections. Jess asked the Council to purchase a snow plow or give him permission to build one. They granted permission for one of his own making. He got owned and driven by Willard a mould board from the county mefit valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are six men oh the force with a college student hired for the summer. The men Work a 44 hour week. In the '40's the men were allowed a 10 hour day and overtime if necessary. THERE ARE approximately 50% more miles of streets and parking areas in the city limits to be taken care of today than 50 years ago. Jess has loved the variety of work involved and was never bored. Grading, paving, asphalting, cleaning, removing dirt and snow, besides •planning and supervising the new parking areas were all a challenge. He also designed the Algona Street Department ga rage and shop which was dedi cated to him in 1962. The City Council appointed him Advisor to the Street Department with a salary of $100 a month after accepting his resignation. He will be presented a momento with the signa- ,ures of all surviving members of the City Cocuncil and the Mayors under whose jurisdiction he has served. THERE ARE no towns larger or smaller in this vicinity who can boast more well maintained streets especially in the winter. Hats off to a job well done and a rest from the major responsibilities well deserved. Mr. Lashbrook is an avid fisherman and plans to spend much time at the river and the lakes. Albert Pergande, on the force since 1952, has been appointed Street Commissioner to succeed him. Assistant will be Glen Burtis who also operates the road grader. Richard Frambach will be on the Michigan loader, Albert Wibben and Reiner Helmers driving the trucks and Ray Burris, mechanic. Photo by Mike Stillman Gregson and Elliot Skilling. The City owned two dump wagons and three or four old wheel scrapers plus the Fresno which was a wagon with a wide scraper which slid along the ground. All of these were horse drawn and operated by hand requiring two men on each piece of equipment. All dirt was shoveled by hand. There were five employees at that time. IN 1929 when Mr. Lashbrook was appointed Street Commissioner, the equipment was the same as when he started work for the department. However, his salary was $104 a month for a ten hour .day arid, no overtime was allowed. There was no snow removal equipment yet in the winter of 1935-36 when we had the BIG snow and blizzard. Automobile drivers stayed in the path, of the vehicle which had gone be- Dec. 15.- The Bill Helgeiis Rochester, Scholarship Ames — Charles L. Kern son of Mr. and Mrs. Lolyd Kern of Fenton, has been awarded a Consumers Cooperative Association scholarship of $400 at Iowa State university where he is a senior student in agronomy. The award is available to scholastically qualified students whose parents belong to an agricultural cooperative. er, Maftili Wiiterg, at her brother, the bergs. Mrs. Melgen is the fotm- er Lois Wilberg. ' The Henry Wilbergs were Wednesday guests of the Oie Pedersens. , . The David Loofts attended the Hoppe Christmas geUo- gether Sunday at Mrs. Loofts brother, the Marvin Hoppes. Dick Lynch, son of the Wayne Lynches, broke an arm Dec. 24 when an elevator hopper fell on him. His left arm was broken between the wrist and elbow as he was helping move an elevator into a shed for winter storage. He was taken to the Estherville hospital where he was a patient until Christmas afternoon. He is a sophomore at St. John's high school at Bancroft. His father, Wayne Lynch, who had been hospitalized 12 days for gall bladder surgery, had been dismissed from the hospital the previous day. The Julius Bolligs held their annual Christmas party Dec. 26 at the Whittemore Legion hall. Hosts included the Cletus Muel- .ers, Whittemore, and Howard Bollig, Seneca. Christmas guests of the Earl Prestons included their sons, the Howard Prestons, Virgil Prestons and Emory Prestons. The Curtis Olsens had as guests Dec. 26 the Everett Zit- shed at Wesley and converted it to a snow plow. This was mount ed on a second hand Model B 4-cylinder Ford truck which pushed it—total cost to the City, $50. He operated it himself and worked literally night and day to plow out the paving and this kept the ruts down. Mayor Specht decreed that the', graveled streets were just as important—so they were taken care of also. OFTEN AFTER he was off duty there would come a call from a doctor for him to open a road to the home of a sick person. Sometimes he spent 4 or .5 hours to get*i/through^ much of the time being spent in digging out the snowplow. : In 1937 a Ford truck was purchased and from then on the department was mechanized. At the present time we have 16 different pieces of equip- Seneca Mrs. Henry Looft Christmas guests of the C. 0. Baileys were the Oscar Pattersons, rural Ringsted. . Christmas guests of the Henry Loofts included their sons and families, the Jack Loofts, Rochester, and Dick Loofts, Minneapolis. Joining them Tuesday were Mrs. Bertha Looft, Algona. The Gerrit De Waards, rural Wesley, and Da- gona, GMC; Whittemore Coop Elev., Whittemore, GMC; Ferst Farms, Algona, Chev. p/u; Ce oil or Norma Pedersen, Lu Verne, Ford p/u; Algona Elec trie, Algona, Chev. van; Raj mond J. Hellman, Lakota, Mer cury; Billy Lee Hubbard, Swea City, Chev.; Ray P. Erdman Wesley, Olds; Angus L. Cotten Lone Rock, Bujck; Roscoe I Mawdsley, Burt, Dodge; Delia Welter, Algona, Chrys.; Audrey II. Ruby, Lakota, Ford; Terry G or Verna L. Sehutjer, Wesley Ford; Fred or Leota Geigel, Algona, Chev.; Virgil P. or Erina M. Elbert, Whittemore, Merc.; Russell Louis Medin, Whittemore, Chev.; John T. McGuire, Algona, Olds; and Leon K. Farrow, Ledyard, Merc. FARM AUCTIONS Jan. 3 — Erickson Implements at Thompson, Iowa, used farm equipment close out. Sale starts at 11 a.m. Col. Roy B. Johnson, Buffalo Center, Murra and Babbitt, auctioneers; Peoples State Bank, Thompson, Clerk. Full sale details in today's Advance. Jan. 5 — Walter Zielske farm sale, at farm located 3Mj miles south of Ledyard. Full line of machinery including three tractors. Clark & Quinn, auctioneers; State Bank of Ledyard, clerk. Full sale details in last week's Advance. Jan. 6 — Vernon Wenger closing out farm sale, at farm located 5% miles south of Titonka on highway 226. Sale includes three tractors, machinery, livestock feeder equipment, etc. Clete West and Clair Clark, auctioneers; Exchange State Bank, Wes- Jey, clerk. Full sate details in ' Advance. end. Mr. Elbert had a neck lash and was examined by a local doctor. No charges were filed. Twelve hours later at 12:45 a.m. Phyllis Rose Simons was backing out of a driveway on Lucas street and backed into a parked car owned by Ronald Dean Thompson. Estimated damage to his auto was $125 to the front door, rear fender and panel. Her car had no damage. No charges were filed. HONORED — L. J. (Dobs) Franey of Marengo was honored recently with a dinner, at which time his retirement from the Iowa County Farm Service Company was announced. Mr. Franey has been affiliated with the company for the past 34 years. vid Loofts. The Fred Johannesens have their first grandchild, a 7 Ib. 4 oz. boy, born to their daughter, the Jay (Marilyn) Fulweil- ers, Milwaukee, Wis. He will be named Steven Erik. Recent guests of the Everett Withams included the Gary J. Sapoffs, Mildrough, Ky. Gary is a serviceman and was visiting in this area while on his furlough. He left for overseas Jan. 1. The Clarence Weises, Armstrong, were Monday guests of the Hans Jensens. The Seneca Saddle Club held a meeting and Christmas party at Clark Miller's at Titonka. The Withams attended the party. Mrs. Alfred Petersen had a birthday Dec. 16 and coffee guests included Mrs. Jerry Reimers, Mrs. Cecil Baldwin, Mrs. Cecil Bailey, Mrs. Robert Lynch and the Clarence Cheevers. The Alfred Petersens visited the Jim Rasmussens, rural Ringsted, for their 50th wedding kill tftd daughter spent day with her patents, Mr. "Sri. Kenneth Adkiitt at Griiineli. ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Paul Crockett of Minneapolis spent -«Je Cjrirt* mas weekend with her paretits, Mr and Mrs. George Gaskill, and were Christmas eve. guests at the Thurman GaskiU home. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Thorn and family of Mankato, Minn., Mr and Mrs. Jim Thorn and family of Council Bluffs, spent the Christmas weekend at the Charles Sorensen home. Former Algona grocer dies; burial here Commital services for Abner L. Long, former Algonian who died Dec. 23 at Cedar Rapids, are to be held at Riverview cemetery here at a date yet to be set. He was 85 years old. The body was cremated and the ashes will be brought here. Private services were held at ]edar Rapids Dec. 26. Mr. Long had moved to Davinport some years ago, and made his home in a hotel there. About a year ago he entered rest home at Marion. He had teriches, Terril, Robert Jacobsons, Maynard, Gaylord Olsens, Ringsted, and the Howard Prestons. Corwith Mrs. Harry L. Maw Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dean spent Friday and Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Neil Johnson and Lance in Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Myron Cram spent Christmas eve with Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Cram. Mr. and Mrs. WUlard Gregson of Algona, Mrs. Ernest Bonnstetter and Jake Schubert attended the wedding of Jim Gregson at Austin, Monday, Dec. 20. Mrs. Laura Brockman and family spent Christmas day at the Herbert Webner home in Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Gas- major surgery a year or so ago from which he never fully recovered. He fell early last month and was a patient at a lospital when he died. Mr. Long was a partner in the grocery firm of Long Bros. & Henderson. His brother Chester was a member of the firm. He was married to Sarah Jackson, of Britt, who was a stenographer for the late J. L. Bonar, lawyer. She died some years ago. Three children survive: Mrs. Dorris Pitcher, Wellsburg, Pa.; Mrs. Arba Dee Taylor, Sitka, Alaska, and Jack, of Cedar Rapids. He was married to Mary Henderson some years ago and she died in 1948 at Davenport. A few years later he was married to Blanch Crawford, and she died about three years ago. Mr. Long was a member of the Algona Masonic lodge and for many years a member of the Kiwanis club here and at Davenport, He was a member of the Congregational church here. ALGONA ENDS TUESDAY, JAN. 4 PARAMOUNT PICTURES MIUNII THE SONS KHTIE ELDER Used Farm Equipment CLOSE OUT THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY! DON'T MISS THIS SALE! As our used lots are full and we want to start 1966 with a clean slate, we are holding a Closing Out Sale of all our Used Farm Equipment at our place of business at the north edge of Thompson, Iowa, on Highway No. 9, on ' MONDAY, JAN. 3, 1966 SALE WILL START AT 11:00 A.M. 26 TRACTORS — Oliver 1850 Demonstrator, gas. 1963 Oliver 1600, gas, 3-point hitch; 1961 Oliver 1800, diesel, wide front; 1961 Olivet 1800, gas, new sleeves and pistons; IHC 560 diesel, fast hitch; IHC M diesel; _ IHC M's; John Deere Crawler, model 40; Oliver 880, diesel; Oliver 770, diesel; Oliver 88, gas; 3 gas Oliver 77's; Allis Chalmers WD 45; Massey Harris 44; John Deere 60; John Deere,-' B; 8N Ford; Massey Harris 101 Jr.; 5 old tractors for parts. j" * CORN PICKERS — 1 IHC 2M; 1 2ME; 1 IHC 2MH; John Deere 227; Oliver No. 4; 2-row Ford Mounted; New Idea pull-type; Minneapolis-Moline pull-type. New Holland No. 818 Chopper. I PLOWS — IHC No. 8, 3-16 slat; IHC No. 15, 3-14 plow chief; IHG No. 60, 4-14 trip bottom; Oliver 5440 5-bottom; Oliver 5440 4-bot-, torn; 2 3-bottom Oliver trip bottom; Allis Chalmers 3-bottom mounted; John Deere No. 55 3-bottom; Massey Harris 3-14. , > DISKS — IHC No. 37 14-foot wheel tandem with sealed bearings;Kewanee 14' wheel tandem; IHC No. 37, 12-foot, 9-inch wheel tan-" clem; Colby 11-foot wheel tandem; John Deere 15-foot. /;. HAY TOOLS — Oliver mower; Ford mower; John Deere rake; Oliver hay conditioner. JOHN DEERE CORN SHELLER — mounted on Dodge Truck. MISCELLANEOUS — 2 used Schultz stalk cutters; Case chopper; Schultz rotary chopper; MM PTO corn sheller; Owatonna self-pro* polled corn sheller; 5-sectjon Melrose harrow weeder; 2 used chopr per boxes; 2 used auger wagons; 2 Gehl hammer mills; John Deere 48' elevator; Several trailers, boxes and hoist; John Deere manure spreader; New Idea manure spreader; Sioux shop furnace — 260- gallon fuel tank; Used loaders and snow buckets; John Deere 6- row 694 planter with fertilizer attachment; Glass Craft 15-ft. Boat with 50 hp. motor and trailer. IHC No. 180 TRUCK with fertilizer box and spreader. NEW OR NEAR-NEW EQUIPMENT — Oliver 6-bottom pull-type plow; 2 Walsh 135 bushel flare boxes; Paulson loader for Oliver 77 or 88; 2 Parker gravity boxes; Oliver HVa-foot field cultivator; Brady 4-row stalk cutter; Queen Bee space heaters; Walsh 3-point weed sprayer; 21-foot mounted digger; Rotary hoe cart; 5-section Noble drag cart; Jacobson 10-h.p. garden tractor and mower; Jet post driver; Rear blade for 3-point hitch; Brady Manure Spreader, tank type, 110-bu. capacity; Farmhand Mixer Mill, a super- size portable feed factory. JUNK MEN INVITED — Our trade-ins and farming operations have resulted in the accumulation of items which we would not recommend to our farmer friends, except for. parts. Operators of salvage yards are invited as we want to clean everything off our lots. REGISTER FOR NUMBER — We are selling by numbers, so be sure to register and get your number before sale starts! Sale will start promptly at 11:00 A.M. SHARP! Auctioneers: Cp|. Roy B. Johnson, Buffalo Cerjter; Col. Arne Murra, Forest City; Col. Don Babbit, Conger, Minn. ERICKSON IMPLEMENTS On Highway No. 9 THOMPSON, IOWA Peoples State Bank, Thompson, Clerk PUBLIC AUCTION As I have decided to move to Whittemore I will sell my personal property at public auction on the farm located on the corner northeast of hiway junction 18 and 44 a mile north of Whittemore, Iowa, on Thursday. JAN. 6th 12:30 P.M. 12:30 P.M. INTERNATIONAL FARM MACHINERY 1958 FARMALL 300 With fast hitch, new tires in July and completely overhauled 2 years ago.. IHC 3-14 No. 311 plow with fast hitch |HC 7 ft. No. 21 mower, fast hitch j ft, grader blade for 300, fast hitch '52 FARMALL SUPER-M Overhauled 3 years ago and fire-crater pistons put in. '53 FARMALL SUPER-H Completely overhauled last February and fire-crater pistons put in. F-20 FARMALL With stacker and manure bucket 1959 NO. 80 COMBINE With Hume reel, hydraulic control and pickup. IHC 2-ME corn picker with 4 lug rolls 4 in good condition, Super M mtg. 1962 IHC No. 21—52 ft. elevator, PTO, and hydraulic lift IHC 448 cultivator IHC 10 ft. PTO binder windrower IHC 3-14 in. No. 8 slat bottom plow IHC running gear Set of 11x38 tractor chains Single front wheel for IHC tractor 2 sets of IHC wheel weights OTHER FARM MACHINERY WAGONS, ETC. John Deere No. 494 corn planter with liquid fertilizer M-M 14 ft. wheel tandem disc Lindsay 4 section lever flexible drag 3 bottom disc plow 15 ft. Dunham land roller 16 ft. Kovar springtooth {zee Flow fertilizer spreader 15 ft, John Deere disc New Idea 4-bar side delivery rake Stalk cutter 10 ft. dump rake Galloway 32 ft. bale elevator on rubber Drive-on Stonhoist Caswell manure loader 145 bu. Hawkbilt side unloadcr spreader, with PTO Viking hammer mill, PTO 4 in. x 12 ft. grain auger with elec. motor P&D 16' SILO UNLOADER 3 years old, complete with fuse box and 75 ft. of wiring Lindsay farm trailer, 6 x 10 Heider barge box, Harvest Supreme Hoist Electric farm trailer, 6 x 10 Heider barge box, Midwest hoist Heider auger wagon with extension box Rubber tired trailer with straight box 8x10 ft. 2-wheel heavy duty machinery trailer 2-wheel trailer with stock rack 8 x 16 ft. hoy rack on rubber tired wagon LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT 10 door Jamesway hog feeder 10 ft hay bunk for sheep 6 feed bunks Jamesway steel hog feeder Loading chute on rubber Steel chicken nests Cement hog troughs 2 Tox-0-Wix cattle oilers Weed chopper electric fencer Gas brooder stove—500 chick size 1,000 Ib. platform scale BUILDINGS, ETC. 10x14 ft. Norton hog feeder, good shape (2) 8x16 ft, brooder houses on skids 12x16 ft. feed shed on skids 8x10 ft. grain bin 6x10 ft. grain bin 1 A-shape hog house MISCELLANEOUS 6-G 22 David Bradley chain saw Champ No, 120-T portable heater Bun saw e ar compressor bqrrel on **««' **and 300 gal, liquid fertilizer barrel 2x6 ft. steel water tank Windrower for mower Steel stone boat 5 T. hydraulic jack— hvy. duty screw lack 2— 2-way hydraulic cylinders 3 oil pumps 2 set* 300 Ib. cement wheel weights Basement trash burner * 36 ft. extension ladder Press drill, bench grinder, and many good hand tools 2 bicycles and many other items too numerous to mention TERMS: Cash. No property to be removed until settled for Not responsible for accidents, should any occur George B. Streit, Owner A I 14* VI 4%k.l fft%f ^mt^^^t . «*• ••*. lii _. __._* _ 4U€T!ONiiRS ^ Charley Quinn and Dutch leek CLIRK ,„ Farmers State Sank, Whirt«mor«

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