Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1967 · Page 14
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1967
Page 14
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OMMMOO* Swca Eagle Prayer Is Simply a Talk with God By Abigail Van Buren It 1M7 ky CMc««* TrtMM-N. V. Ntwt SrM., lm<) DEAR ABBY: My husband and ! have long been faithful readers of your'column and as 1 have no one to'turn to in my hour of despair, I must talk to someone. Mow does one go on when his faith in prayer is shattered and the bottom has fallen out of everything? I feel my life is over and even my prayers are useless now. ' We adopted a little boy when he was just one week old. We loved that child more than our own flesh and blood. We prayed for him constantly. Yet, between the ages of 15 and id he went from skipping school to robbery to rape! Our hearts are broken. Our son was raised in a good Christian home. We went to church every Sunday and have always set a good example. We never had tobacco or liquor in the house. Where have our prayers gone? We cannot understand it. We are numb, sick and brokenhearted. God bless you if you can help us.. HIS MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: You speak of "prayer" as tho it were the premiums you paid for insurance against all ills and evils. It is not. Prayer is simply "a talk" with one's God. No amount of praying will protect another, in this case your adopted son, from the consequences of his own behavior. Each man must do his own praying. Just as each man must accept the consequences of his own acts. I do not know where your son went wrong. But your faith in prayer should not have been shattered because he did. DEAR ABBY: Recently my wife and I spent a night in Topeka, and I bought a copy of the Topeka Capitol Times. I was amused by a letter in your column from a wife whose husband was a millionaire who went around looking like a hobo. He wore suits for months without having them cleaned and pressed, didn't change his shirt for three or four days, bought'the cheapest sox and underwear, etc. If my wife had not been traveling with me, I'd have sworn she wrote that letter. Your answer was good, considering you didn't know the other side of the story, but since I do, and can speak from experience, let me back you up. The millionaire who goes around looking like a hobo does so out of protest. All he hears at home is, "Why don't you wear a freshly pressed suit? You've got a closetful. Why don't you change your shirt? You've got a drawerful. Why don't you shave? Why don't you get some new shoes? Do this, do that, do this, do that. . . etc." In other words, he is nagged to death, and the only way he can punish the wife is to ignore her and go around looking like a hobo. ANOTHER MILLIONAIRE HOBO •••••••••••«•««•••»»•» the VFW Auxiliary collected 2489 coffee coupons and strips this year through containers left at various stores in Swea City and other col* lection methods. Mrs. Ed Blair, president of the Auxiliary, thanks all who donated to help make this a joyous Christmas for children, who otherwise would • not have gifts. , The Johnie Tobins were Saturday evening visitors at Ruessell Strayer's, Ceylon, Minn, Terry Brekke, senior at Sentral high school, returned to school Monday after 10 weeks being in and out of the hospital for a spiking in a leg at a football game. The Floyd Brekkes had a five day trip to Cape Coral and Miami, Fla., recently with some other 130s in the Travel Guild. They flew from Sioux City to Florida. The Leo Waters, Estherville, were visitors with relatives in the area. They called at Albert Anderson's, Kenneth Brones' and Johnie Tobin's. Mrs. Waters is a sister of William Tobin. The .Waters have Dancing Waters Resort on Hand Lake, Fine River, Minn, and just recently returned to their winter home at Estherville. , LEGAL NOTICES DEAR ABBY: Please tell "DOG&JIRED 1 for m her dog is a slob, there is a good reason for'it. The animal'is •' owned by a slob. And if he is unwanted and unloved by the family [with the exception of the kids who like to play with him, but refuse to care for him] she should get in touch with her Humane Society [or Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals] and let them take him off her hands. And if the dog has suddenly become valuable, moneywise, she should place a "For Sale To A Good Home" ad in her local newspaper. Just sign me, "PEOPLE TIRED" Problems? Write to Abby, Box 69700, Lot Angeles, Cil., 90069. For a personal reply, inclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. . v«- v i »«•••«- *inpt* »tt«i ftM % CONSOLIDATED GO-OP CREAMERY NOTICE OF EXPIRATION OF RIGHT OF REDEMPTION TO: JOSEPH J. RAMUS, the person in whose name real estate described below is taxed, and the City ot Algona, Iowa, the City in which the real estate described below Is located. YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that the following described real estate situated in the County ot Kossuth and State of Iowa, to-wit: Lot 1 of Block 26, Call's Addition to Algona, Iowa, was sold for delinquent taxes for the years 1957, 1958, and 1959 at a tax sale on the 5th day of December, A. D. I960 and a certificate of purchase numbered 2570 was issued by said County Treasurer to Kossuth County, Iowa, arri that said Kossuth County is now the lawful holder of said certificate of purchase. The right of redemption will expire and a Treasurer's Deed for the -above described real estate will be made unless redemption from such sale is made within ninety (90) days from the completion of service of this notice. Govern yourself accordingly. This notice is given pursuant to Section 447.9 of the 1966 Code of Iowa. DATED this 13th day. of December, A. D., 1967. KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA •«.•-'• f By /S/ Marc Moore '. Marc Moore \ A flghf of way ot the Iowa CeWfrbi arid Weiterh Railway CeChpOhy, lt» suecetscr* and osslgnt; oil dfi th* vacated east-west alleys , funrilng through BtoeM 133, 134, t35, 13?, 137, 138 and -139, all In Call'* Addition fa the City, of Aloono, Iowa, far ttw sum o< 12,500.00. ' • Said proposol will be acted upon by the City'Council ot the council rrw«t- Ihfl to be held Jon. 10, 1968, af 7:30 P.M. In the council chambers at,,Clfy Hall ID Algana, Iowa. This notice li given by authority of the City Council and pursuant . to S*c»lbn 368.39 of the CajJ* of loWo, 1966. : ;• Dated ot Algona, Iowa this 13th day of December, 1967. ' ' David A. Smith, . -.; City Clerk Published In the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algono. Iowa, December 21 and 28, 1967. ,' COUNCIL MINUTII The City Council m*t In riaulor session December 13, 1967 with Mdybr Finn and the following council members were present: Muckey, Andreaieh, Elbert, Nash, Cook and Pierce. Abterit: None. • r Minutes of last meeting were approved. ' •. i i;j Resol. approving the withdrawal of the offer to buy- certain vacated streets, in the east part of city by;. Executors ot the Smith & Frank! Estate, was adopted. . • ' Authorized the City Clerk to advertise for sale those streets and alleys vacated, except that portion of Heckart street, In Ord, 462 and set Jan. 10, 1968 as the date of hearing. Fire Chief Willey came before the council concerning the burning of houses within the city limits. After some discussion it was agreed ' that there would be no more burning of houses .allowed .within the city limits, Farm land owned by the city around the Sewage Treatment ' Plant was leased to K. Keith for lump sum amount of $125.00 per year, Authorized the City Clerk to send out bids for o pickup. Notice of Expiration of Right of Redemption of Lot 1, Blk. 26, Call's Add. from the County Auditor was read to,the Council. < i Resol. approving the transfer of $42,946.81 from the Light & Water Fund to the Street Fund was adopted. Letter from State Highway Comm. concerning lights at the intersection of Highway 18 & 169 was read to the. council. Moved & seconded the meeting adjourn. D. A. Smith, City, Clerk GENERAL Finn, Court Costs 148.00 . Finn, Salary 123.15 Smith, Salary 267.86 Sands, Salary 130.00 Iowa State Bank, Withholding 71,23 lowo State Comm., Withholding - 7.93 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec. 28.60 Ipers, Ipers 22.75 Life Inv. Co., Insurance — 39.83 Advance, Publishing .. 61.80' Arwelj, Rat Control 15.00 City Clerk, Prepd. Bills ... 9.83, Upper D. M., Publishing ... 39.14 STREET Burtls, Salary 203.02 Frambach, Salary 193,62 Giddings, Salary 179.44 Helmers, Salary 190.99 Lashbrook, Salary 47.79 Pergonde, Salary 262.73 Wibben, Salary- 180.82 Madison, Salary 160.61 la. State Bank, Withholding 149.80 la. State Comm., Withholding 23.51 ; Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec. 151.43 Ipers, Ipers ;.._ 77.45 Life Inv. Co., Insurance 74.07 Algona Municipal Utilities • ities. Service 8. Rent 27,946.81 BARKING MttEft ' . . Schmidt/ Salary , — .Id. State Bk., WholdlrTjj ±\6, Mate Cortinrt., Wholdlrlfi See, S*e., Soc. Set. *.*_-.. Iptts, Jp»f* ----..--.-.- TfUlt ft Afi*i*y, PefWtbrt i,.. Point ... 32932 59.39 59.10 9.05 6.65 5.29 •if ' ShlpferV t*p. .i.ii.ii Giel«rrf«lcT, E*p. i... B. Eg!!, Pension <.*«.:....* 75.60 Published in the Algono Kossuth County Advance, Algond/ Iowa, • December 21 , 1967i ^ UTIUTIM MOCf IOINOIV A meeting of the Board of Trust' ees of the Algona Municipal Utilities was held In the City Hall. City af Algono, la., Dec. 4, 1967, of 7:30 o'clock P.M. • Present were: Buchanan, Hormes, Bay, T. James Palmer, Supf. 8> Iro . Kohl, Sec. The minutes of the meeting of N6v. 15th, Nov. 20th, Nov. 21st, 1967, were reod ond approved as read. Motion by Bay, seconded by Hormesi that the vouchers payable be approved and authorized paid OS audited. Voting "Aye", Buchanan , Hormes & Bay. Voting "Nay", none, Motion carried. LIGHT FUND lowo State Bonk, C. D. .. $35,000.00 Security State Bonk, C.D. . 35,000.00 Algona High School, Adv. '18.00 Sunray DX Oil Co., Fuel .„ 2,947.98 Pay Roll, Pay Roll 3,117.24 iRlchofd Cobfc, E*e. i -Due** Hdekett, ExjS. iDallea Klein, Exp. '.!».*... ILaWrtnt* TNIgei, 6*0, ^... Df. M. S. Bourn*, Exp. ..... ,'Alleri Bor*l«, Exp.:..^ Ji .i i Mrl./WI Kc-hlhatii, Exp. .;. Aft ScfifowJer^Exp. ...„* FfetT Lupkei, ExpT -.--... John Hobd, E*p. ____ ..„. BnfiJy Rovn, Exp. ...^...^ John" Simon, Exp. ..i...^_ jWiia* Matffw**, E*p. .... 'David VafiGlhkei. Exp. .... C. T. Wlllidffii, EJtp. .i ____ Dwighf Cook, Exp. ____ ... Ollle Roblneulf, Exp. ._..* Trinity Lutheran Church, Exp. .-..^.........j.. WATER FUND Pay. Roll, Pay Roll ..._..*.* ,W. Peterson, Labor _______ M. Kfttoibdch, Labor * ____ M. Meehlhause, Labor. ____ Iowa State Bank, Tax ____ Trees., State of Iowa, Tax la. Empl. Sec. Comm., Tax . Id. .Pub. Empl. Ret. Sys. Tax' ........i. __...__.__ Ins, Fund, Ins. ^.. ____ .... , McKesson & -Rabbins Inc., Supp. - i .... i ..... ____ Cook's Welders Supp., Supp Waterous Co., Supp. _.^_^. Brown Supply Co., Inc. Supp. Elec. Materials Co., Supp. . Reding's Gravel, Ser. .. .County Auditor dun'i'i,''lP'ublisKeel in the Algona Xossuth County Advance, Algona', Dec. 14, 21 and 28, 1967. KELEHER & McADAMS CLOTHING, INC. NOTICI Or INCORPORATION Pursuant to the provisions of the Iowa Business Corporation Act, the undersigned does hereby publish the following Notice of Incorporation thereof: 1. The name of the corporation it KELEHER & McADAMS CLOTHING, INC. which it incorporated under Chapter 496A of the 1966 Code of Iowa. 2. The beginning of the corporate existence of the corporation it December 1, 1967, and the period of its duration is perpetual. ' . 3. The purpose for which the corporation is organized as stated in its Articles of Incorporation is a* follows: ' "The corporation shall have unlimited power to engage in and do any lawful act concerning any and all lawful business for which a corporation may be organized under the Iowa Business Corporation Act." 4. The aggregate number of shares which the corporation shall hove authority to issue is 750 shares, each of. a (Kir value of $100.00. 5. The address of the registered office of the corporation is 109 East State Street, Algona, Iowa, and the name of its registered agent at such address is George J. Keleher. . 6. The names and addresses of the directors of the corporation as designated in its Articles of Incorporation are:. Donald L. McAdams, Estherville, Iowa George J. Keleher, ~ Algona, Iowa KELEHER & McADAMS CLOTHING, INC. By: /S/ Donald L. McAdams Donald L. McAdams President and Treasurer Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, December 7, 14, 21, 28, 1967. Reminder, Vouchers ' 15.85 Brown Supply, Supplies 50.64 City Clerk, Prepd. Bills ... 2.50 Cook's Welders, Supplies .. 362.75 , Frederick Hdwe, Supplies — 15.21 R. J. Funk, Supplies ; .82. Ft. Dodge Towel, Service . 3.75, N. Central, Gas 71.16- ROAD USE TAX i Ag-Tronic Reflectors 24.55, Algona Impl., Studs 1.75 1 AM Wheel Drive, Repairs . 9.65 Bowman's, Repairs 14.50, Bradley >Equip., Repairs .. 9.46'' Gjellefeld Const., .Sewer ^Contract —--:....~'.i. 11,679.25' Gre«*erg's, > Repairs I—»H-r; 'v .'22.11) Iowa Hilton's, Repairs . 50.81 ' Kossuth Motors, Repairs .. 4.28 Sankey Sand, Asphalt 125.10. Sieg Co., Adapter .. " 8.95' Taylor Motors, Repairs ... 28.72 PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelmon, Salary 304.60 Day, Salary 236,41 Hutchison, Salary . 223.59. Jorgenson, Salary . 283.78 Schadendorf, Salary 221.15 Milton O. Bllyeu, Labor 313.19 Wilbur E. Bruner, Labor 230.33 David Van Ginkel, Labor .. 158.59 Jerry Parsons, Labor 156.64 Richard Frideres, Labor — 216.37 Harry D. Wr.ay, Labor 208.09 Marlin Meehlhouse, Labor - 128.44 Iowa State Bank, Tax 1,115.10 Treas., State of Iowa, Tax 148.04 la. Empl. Sec. Comm., Tax . 796.42 la. Pub. Empl. Ret. Sys. Tax .318.70 Ins. Fund, Ins. 312.48 North Cen. Pub. Ser., Gas .. 6,520,43 Sunroy DX Oil Co., Fuel ... 8,038.49 Mobil Oil Corp., Oil 967.72 Cooper-Bessemer Co., Supp. 456.65 R. J. Funk, Supp. 72.44 Coast to Coast, Supp. 3.34 Big Bear, Inc., Supp. ; 9.46 Cook's Welders Supp., Supp, £-18.70 Greenberg Auto, .Supp. v 5.24 The Donald Corp., Supp. .. 152.27 Fort Dodge Ind. Towel, Ser. 6.84 Frederick Hdwe., Supp. 1.93 General Elec, Supp. Co. Supp * 25,165.00 Burmeister Elec. Co., Supp. 1,841.49 Iowa Elec. Supp. Co., Supp. 4,288.45 Westinghousc Elec. Supp. Co. Supp. 568.07 The Van Meter Co., Supp. _ 249.57 Elec. Materials Co., Supp. _. 1,444.98 Joslyn Mfg. Co., Supp. 538.90 Leighton Supp., Supp. 19.65 Crescent Elec. Supp., Supp 785.38 Reding Gravel, Ser. 64.00 Miller Lumber Co., Supp. .. • 35.97 Pratt Elec., Supp. 8.82 Rural Elec. Ser., Supp 614.45 Sieg Fort Dodge Co., Supp - 6.43 Behr's Standard, Gos ..— 8.94 Wagner DX, Gas 124.20 Joe Bradley Equip., Supp. . 95.17 Algona , Impl. Co., Repairs . 9,59 Kossuth Motor Co., Repairs 22.10 Hilton's Sinclair, Gas . 3.23 Treas., of State, Tax --.._ 810.00 Advance Pub. Co., Adv.,... 109.58 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co. Adv. 159.92 The Algona Reminder, Adv. 51.55 Ready Mode Sign Co., Supp. 28.65 J. C. Penny Co., Mdse. ... 19.98 Gorrigan High School, Adv. 10.00 Charles Volk, Exp. ._ 101.42 Hutzell's, Supp. 16.51 Matt Parrott, Supp. 14.61 N. W. Bell Tele., Ser. 108.37 Petty Cosh, Misc. 20.34 Kenneth Wehrspan, Exp. _. 10.00 Clara Thiel, Exp. 25.00 Gerald Bomgaar, Exp. 15.00 Norman Barber, Exp. 10.00 Walter Stevens, Exp. 10.00 Robert Watson, Exp. 10.00 Elmer Cook, Exp. 15.00 Dick Grandganett, Exp. ... 15.00 Bill; Johnson, Exp. 10.00 Charles Hinken, Exp. 10.00 Eldon Winkel, Exp. _. 10.00 Ellis Mains, Exp, ' v 10.00 Donald Hansen, Exp. 15.00 Leon Martin, Exp. .. 25.00 Wagner DX Ser., Gas R. J, Funk, Supp. Thermogos Co., Supp. I Greenberg Auto Supp. Frederick Hdwe., Supp. Benson's Welding, Repairs . Buell & Winter Eng.; Ser. _ Advance Pub. Co., Pub. ; Mertz Janitor Ser., Ser. ..'.. Petty Cash, Misc. .. . DEPOSIT FUND Vernon Krull et al, Refund SOCIAL SECURITY AND INSURANCE FUND Life Inv. Ins. Co,, Ins. 365.82 A resolution approving o transfer of funds from the Light Fund to the City of Algeria, Street Fund in the amount 15.66 10.00 10.00 20.00 10.00 •25.00 10.00 25.00 25.00 10.00 to.oo 10.00 10.00 50.00 15.00 25.00 15.00 10.00 25.00 24.00 377.03 239.66 199.24 . 19.80 183.80 20.65 123.78 .19.24 • 53.34 252.00 123.00 105.20 82.00 12.09 562.25 24.46 5.50 1.80 2.70 1.64 4.25 11,670.86 29.45 275.00 6.54 4-AlfftM Mtwa) A*afie* THUMDAY, DtC. 51,1H7 .30.00 of $54,621.97 and o transfer from the Water Fund to the City of Algona, Street Fund in the amount of $8,324.84 was pasted, approved and adopted. Next meeting date was set for Dec. 19, 1967, ot 12:01 o'clock P.M. Meeting adjourned, /s/ Ira Kohl Secretary /$/ Allen K. Buchanan President of the Board Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, •December 21, 1967. LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the City of Algona, Iowa, has received from the Executors of the Estates of Bernard A. Frankl and V. C. Smith a proposal to buy from the City the following described real estate, to-wit: That part of vacated Commercial Street lying between the east line of Clarke Street and the west line of East Street; that part of vacated McCoy Street and of vacated Clarke Street lying between the south line of Commercial Street and the north line of Oak Street; thqt part of vacated Casey Street, vacated Metcalf Street, vacated Annos Street and vacated Doyle Stree( lying between the north line of Oak Street and the south line of Chicago, , Milwaukae, St. Paul and Pacific Railway right of way; that part of vacated Annes Street lying between the south linq of Oak Street on;:! the north line of the former railway •*^iIMI*.?«w* l, .Miuiy ... . AA I. I a- Thompson, Salary 208.12 Voigt, Salary i 223.82 la. State Bank, Withholding 237.30 la. State Comm., Withholding --. 39.19 Soc. Sec., Soc. Sec. 158.89 Trust & Agency, Pension .. 21.64 Life Inv. Co., Insurance • 144.82 Advance, Publishing 950 City Clerk, Prepd. Bills ... .98 Greenberg's, Supplies 10.41 Kossuth Motors, Service ... 31.58 Bradley Equip., Tires 116.12 Cook's Welders, Demurrage 1.50 Feld Equip., Mask 4.75 KLGA, Advert. 10.50 Hilton's, Gos & Kero :.. 48.52 Floyd's & Ken's, Gas 5.80 Ft. Dodge Towel, Service .. 1.50 SANITATION Gade, Salary 88.84 Duboski, Salary 28.68 la. State Bank, Withholding 5.10 Soc. Sec,, Soc. Sec. . 8.98 Ipers, Ipers 7.14 Gjellefeld Constr., Contract- Sewers 6,000.00 City Clerk, Prepd. Bills ... 8.94 Bradley Equip., Repairs — 48.25 J. Duboski, Stove 10.00 Jerry Elbert, Painting 45.00 Greenberg's, Fluid ,95 Sherwin-Williams , Supplies 9.79 Coast-to-Coast, Supplies .,._ 3.08 N. Central, Gas 1664 SEWER RENTAL Lemkee, Salary 307.98 Sifert, Salary 20649 la. State Bk., Wholding ... 28.90 la. State Comm., Withholding . 848 Ipers,. Ipers |6,8<T Llfe Inv. Co.. Insurance ... 31.27 ;; Benson's Welding, Service - 4.75; Bowman's Oil l 30', Brown Supply, Mops 16.09. City Clerk. Prepd. Bills ... 2.00i' Cook's Welders, Acetylene 8 75 Funk Plbg., Supplies 11 82i Gjellefeld Constr., Contract- •• .Sewers 29,578.30i Greenberg s. Supplies 2.74 M. Wickersheim, Dues Dr. Schutter, Shots Utt Electric, Bulbs RECREATION Boldridge, Salary 35% CLOSER NEW NORELCO TRIPLEHEADER 35T Try it for yourself... it's the closest shaver on wheels. Never a nick or cut or irritation. Exclusive ... 3 Microgroove™ Floating Heads, Pop-up Trimmer, on/off switch, snap-off cleaning, 110/220 voltage selector switch and coil cord. . 15.0Q'. 6.00' 2.50, la, State Bk., Wholding .. la. State Comm., Wholding Soc. Sec., Soc, Sec Ipers, Ipers Life Inv; Co., Insurance . DEBT SERVICE la, D. M, Natl., Interest .. Sec. Stole Bk., Interest ... 155.3I 1 7.50' 1.13! 15.66 I2.46 1 8.56; 77.50; 31.00 AVAILABLE AT STORES NEAR YOU NORTH AMERICAN PHILIPS COMPANY, INC. 100 East 42nd Street New York, New York 10017 ••••Ml S : : {'Frigidaire • Maytag { • ^ AA. I S mi m • • Monarch & I Phone them a Merry Christmas today! Of X rush with a warm, relaxed chat now by Long Distance. Lowest : '' ' are in effect from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. every night and gjl BEED HARDWARE [ & APPLIANCE ! OVERDRAWN? Hardly a case for alarm, but in emergencies it is gratifying to know you are properly insured. Let Bohannon Insurance Agency help you survey your insurance needs. P. S. There is no policy as yet covering an overdrawn account. Better make a deposit, sweety. INSURANCE AGENCY A great day coining for HOME FEDERAL savers SAVINGS... serving the needs of the whole community Over $540,000 in earnings r to be distributed! The cash reserves of our savers work hard, earn handsomely. They help to buy both the necessities and the good things of life. Make 1968 the year you begin to make wonderful things happen to you by opening a savings account here. A program of regular saving, along with the generous earnings we add, will contribute substantially to your future. Convenient Passbook Savings Thi» it MM boat all-around savinga plan for •vorybotV — tht boat way to kavo monoy •*ilWMt whon you nood it ,,, tho boat way to build until auma into laroo. Oividondi ara Mid rwico a year. Put any amount into your account,., any tin*. the jtf9rtJtj|J9 (WMJtoB ™^^^^M^PB s^pim Phono S HOME FEDERAL Savings & Loan Assn. ^^IP" ^^V^^^^i^^^w. w wP'y ""^wfT^^BJ ^w iP ' ffrtB^W 3*vo Item !%• 19$ w ini From it* IIMCI .111? - AiQONA, IOWA ON PAI ftOQK UVINtl AMU MIONTH WVIfTMlNT A«xwM« taHVfJl W|» te IlijiMM fey F tiffli Si

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