The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1934
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Served by the United Press MW^fl VOL. \\.\__xo. .571 J V11T T F i TJJLUlLj I TUB DOMINANT NKWGPAPEK OF NOUTIIKAM Blllieville Dally Vaii 0 y Utylhevllle fJ^rTe Blylhevillc Herald ^H^Enniy SOVIET BALLOONIST ^-Si-™ WI ' :sl) AV.".)A\i AK •IV :;i, IO:M Extension of Time Will Permit Fulfillment of Acreage Quolu. "- Postponement to February 15 of the closing dale of the 1934-M ccltoii acreage reduction cainpiiien announced last night by Secre- lar.v of Agriculture Wallace, virtually assures fuinilmein of MIs- -Mssiupi county's quota, County A--IH J. E. Crltz said today. ' The campaign in Ihe chicka- nnvba district of the county BO* "ff to a slow start, but in (he last few days has been Ratherint' Gas At1;ick Upon I'Vathm"! Army Held Too liiskv TO EARTH •fury Will Get Touhy Kidnaping Case Today WASHINGTON, (Ul momentum. At noon loday less al-andaiii'd the id'.a nf nasshi'; ih< capital's 'stai-linK ::iniy on :i:i- i-roiimls that livtircv;yan!c vapor Architect Dav J Lynn still bought the gas uuon hi.s r. alhiTed enemies a gooil idra Liu W. l,. MC/.I.CO of the dejxiri- irrm's bineiiu r,t V..)!o«lcul sitrvjy Kvealcd that i!;r- ;.fissin« hatl Ix i-n u-iMd it. v.-ould Ix; '"<• H... deadly lor birds. for human rjeing.s J "asi Wallace Warns of " Compulsory Control MADISON, Wis.. Jan. 21 (UP) -Strict government rc-gimcnta- 'lon of agriculture may result from failure of farmers voluntarily to control crop produc- }!?"; Secretary of Agriculture W'llliicc wariied today. n an address to Wisconsin state college of agriculture Wal- incc counselled farm leaders especially in the dairy industry lo cave the ranks of "rugged individualists." ::Ulna- will; 'ilm. but we can't I the gas. it's too dangerous! inside the city." ' • i McAtce said IT .liought it i •'slit lie an c.xc..Ill-ill p!an for • lynn lo get ^cmr sharp shooters i lo lake pot shot,- at the birds, I'.-hich number son-' 10.000. . "The only liihm '• McAtee con- linuc-d, "is th 1t somcbtMly might Ii- walking atom: a«l looking njii v.nen oiic of ihe dead birds fell i" his face. We wouldn't want I'ttl to hanpen. Anyivay f.iiainsl ihe law to slicxil a in the District of Columbia u. s. SUES TOT REJEuTED than 400 more contracts were - -- "•"• V T^LTIILI ilUUl ¥.(•](• needed to fulfil the district's nuota and confidence was expressed that these would Ix obtained within ihe new time limit set by the scc- rr-rary. To fulfill the quota d^ncci ir.e Ohlckatawba district farmers ofl ,, t lie contract to reduce 7**°n aer^age by «,000 acre \vhiCn is . upproxlmatoly "40 pet" «-nt of the acreage normally in rotton. At. noon- today 4<il "con- — — Tacts, calling for the taking • of llslon "1" 12,184 acres out or cotton produc- lion. hud been approved and tabulated at the local offtep An ad- House CommiUee ^ Down Proposal by Vote of 1 7 to 4 WASKINGTON Jan 31 <UP>- 'iiie house ways and means com- Uee today rejected a proposal -- incorporate a ™:e.s tax provu,- - s .|ion-m- ; lhe tax revision bill. • er ' - A -t liJeTSaiw.'itirrie.-lhe. ^oinniit- lee rescinded pre-;oiii • ac t| 0 n and struck from the ler.tatlvc draft a l rin» joint incoma by . husban^; s an d )iniM!iiiity'^ property "Happy Birthday to You!'' SEEK II. S. HELP ons m hmcv^ency Funds lo Averl Threal- onccl Disaster Athens Government Denies 'lea of Former Utilities Magnate. .pa,, luri,,,,- „! r,. mid,,!,,),,. , 0 '"Kl'l. Hie Auier!,-.;,: l.-gntl,,,, „, inform,,, ,",., ;;lll . l"p !M ' 'and while we're nt it we'll )iav noiilie , noni of Hie c;roek Koieinrrmfs Reports of Bremer's Return Meet Denials PIIRTV , ST - PAUU •"""• :il "JPI-K'n- rH|j j ! ('"am- tienlnl was made irxluv ..f I Mil I I ;.several uuverllled reports that'Kd- Gondola With Three Sci- cnlisls Falls With '" menclous Force. re-. .MOSCOW, .Inn. 31 IUPI Soviet ticllodjilsts d h|;;hcr |j,!,, ,| U , i'Mv linn •Three w lio "'•nil had i-vc-r !»uml dcud to- M A Service Staff WASHINGTON. —within a fru- weeks, the federal Government will b,- asked to save (ho nation's - ' relu ™« Wlvfts ir > e in receiving the fun \ m . of the dCDrraslon. America's schools this .sprint: fare a crMs in which educators feel that nothing Aniri^n "dP,," •'""' - 1 " 1 f " l " rc OS Traditionally, the schools have been a - local problem - w e have not a single or even -18 state school svsterm:. but 121,000 local school systems. No\v so many of these have been curtailed that a lan. P and «nr-- sonlBlive bodv of educators is BSK- inn Congress for money to srve the schools for the children of com- V hich arn Iamn * to kcep Failure of any larec number of communities to nrnvide a decent minimum of schcolhu; heroines a notional problem, ihcv feel MILLIONS FOR SCHOOLS A. committee now is working in f^.Sr^m' 0 ^ already is M ttin^ considerable in CW^TC.%-,- \vilt of as follows: 1- Immediate federal Pl-inlioh of S50.0000M. cither in-sent funds or-bv special bin 10 or, acoortiOTied r.nionp slates where cliools have fallen down, in proportion to thn nerd nnd to "f each state to rarrv its oe 1'ea.wns. If the ratio of acres tak- ancl en out of cotton to number of contracts established in Ihe 401 contracts already tabulated is maintained, the contracts already received will provide for elimination from cotton production of 3-1684 acres, leaving only 10.310 acres needed to complete the quota At -Ihe same ratio 370 additional con- Iracl.s are necessary to complete ihe cinota. Will Ap.ic.i! Drcisinn WASHINGTON. Jnn. .11 ,ui'l- Tlie decision of -,. tederal Judge u: Florida holdi:i? the a«rlcu[- adiustim-nt net imconstiln- J. P:S jo FOR Coirnscl Engaged to Oppose Petition of "" pal Court Judge Endow Infantile Paraly-' " ;ccks for J 2W >-** sis Foundation. check for $:JM d at on co ;..- V.PmjccI Will Be Made I'nrl of Malaria Control rogram. Conitrucllon 'I'lic |x»»i;i jniidniijl - Greek lo prevent extradition to ns conniry lo M , m . fr ,., l ° (inlicMl'inrjiii. and fraud In con- i.ccton \vitli thn collapse of his Liant public uli-lnet concerns "]ade ., s . m ,n.,t, , irorts to ™ 35^ to be ased similarly.' A further anoroprialion aniouiu not yet SDeclfied. for restoring lo ninny .vhnols the heali), services, music, art. home econoai-l " and manual trainine -.d_ which Is raked' for - Ocorgia Wan:. Sprint's Foun- dnnon I,, hor.or of President Rwsevelt. it wis announced today ,, , bv Russell Phillius. chairman of^Jakc tie commit!,.,.' wlpdi kuotisornl • (lie President's Bail, held at if.- L.-ly auditoriuir. |.u- ,,(,.1,1 as .1.1-1 ol a natioinv'de celebration of President lloos-vrt;'.- S''nd IJMII- ' nay. " ' '"; The check will represent the re; ' proceeds of UK divice. which 1,300 lie Progress in K-' 1 ' , !1 <osl ' I , I , r- r ' l; •" • snr)l o Unload Expedi-S" 1 '! 1 ^™""'! lion's Supplies. '!?!',?"!':.'!•., O\VA rif/k'*Js' hnrnn bin held up i.he cltyi 'i"«Blr to f MI ni.s), materin r-f SI.Mr., win )„. nnaer- liy ihe. state health in its malaria control «yoi o-cil Shane has bull by about 400 persons. . II is undi-iM, OP WHALKH, Alllliri:llc:i I ol Ihe rnlire 'UPi—nili,ciiiue:, of tin- ', l.i-ine by tin- .-,, Ryrd_ An;:,:-ti!c expedition i mrnt which h •iom wus decorated and bov. Wo., orchestra pli, '»• dancers lisieM- lie M . Release "hools bv of local funds for refinancing district ;,<Ticulturc said Iccay. Peiifllii" review by higher courts .'if decision will not affect A. A. A. operations except in the .-'ietida judicial district, it was -- -»II.MIUC1LI[ I 1^ UUIIIptJH- tlic county qumim court lo :i'«it,itlon for r;,-. .rcalmem' u fantile. paralysis virtim... D '»l»g an in:.\ mission the Mere specialties. Srn ton ATrrn - •-• -• «• i"' i in uti'i \, , n • •-'•-1*1 i.uu j\iri,ii iiublic works auproprialions al , n ' ( , _ n " d Wo "<l'' Fisher dan s. Securine out of anv further and .,f (1, country iefly s shin I , "° U:ly "' Wll "" >s - ' cior - : ""''- •jm is lo be health ileparl- "i! CWA lalvir a v o ll IhL' end 01 .•uv.tltll.-u , lt llf!,.|,lnf' i,' .."I 1 " ,f SCPn( M (0 ft '"iniu of 12 ,)-4 ,'ilics within three, i L wn^ lr " ll ' yV "***' l "'' "'""so 'or i.n.'' O '- trnri t " l! -> Of MOSCOW, Ulltiews rsjxH-l-ri two oxplos- ;' ;• f ll ? fi™"'"'" Hit Ihe enrlh •Mil lerrlilc f-j,n>. 'I'lie impact was so urcni that le becllwj of in,., nien we're niu- •> :ind their in.Mruine.nU ruln- ' Uu't- then- caiiiiiu ach!-;ve- pKil.-iibl.y ^ ||[ fa , v |t,, mil fl« iwiiili in less written ob- i-rmtlons arc found Intact. AH iilficial commission left for scene to conduct nn Invcstfgu- ficxsJon •uliourncd ma ol rcsprci to the den;'. II wa-i voted t<: bury them \ n - ovler'noi'ior 1>IC '*"""""• n hl «" The reason for Ihe catastrophe j'S no known. Wltt-i, the bal!oon, Ii r Sir , ls . struck the ..round, the force ol tile crn-li detnchrd the - baf{. which, lloalcti nwav wli«n freed ot the Bt.-ndoia'., v 'xlu the crush "ivere cur-' Mosunv inst night ana today officials : re-' : thi' ice on Police "Got Me Too Quick," Says John Dillinger in Indiana Jail. Meyer. I!.'.' X'l 1 who Indlnna dpspcrad, Jnn . , "klll-cniry Cig iigareMe Truck Driver Slain by Hi-jackers NEW YORK. Jan. 31 (UPI Christian Hans. 3-1. a track driver. was killed at ner today when Broadway cor- he resisted the nltempted hi-jackine or his truck parked in [he shadow of Tombs prison. Hans drove to a cigar store nnd parked as crowds of workers hurried along Broadway. Throe men ordered him to abandon the machine, loaded with S20.000 worth of cigarettes. maintenance of h !f court will ™n±,' *"*"«". ™-P'03r««« by j Imsl 10 per cent' fo, r new ".whool buildings. G. A federal grant of $30.000000 '" help students »o to colleite. DRIVE CONFERENCE appropvnte funds for "";" tKt f Lt STARTS DRn ^ of L cour ,n, ,'!.."'«:« P" 1 " 5 . r ° r federal aid a V lnr "'l "[ n, Rm lads of of in :,,;:„,.,, ,| lr , ce f ,- on| , ,.,,, „ bed w,ic i1 ' l'>" toduy clung n vniilslilng .. 0 , )n for .. mlc "•"re chance- 1 lo slicol. his way '"il 01 a new i|,.| lt pl . lc( . „ ,; •mie l lie Lal:c coimlj Jail. Under the ,„„;,;,],,,; of sl|b innchliii> and riot NEW YORK, Jan. ft ,»,c p.,,,,.. at N'clson and Nv !ion -n,v and Neill Rlfd . BlpHevllle -torncy. and CorL.,, and Coston luorum fcers nr n- - cers of the tlp[e;uhnt uorum court, composed o. macjislra es " he county. Re : d . Evrard and = nderson and c. M. Buck of 1 i, force dg u, e Cl " lnln ? 1 -"" **** frie appr court ma ccurl for mandilory n bv stnte s Jury Member a Friend of Defendant OREENWOOD. Miss., Jan. 31 (U i'—The state lift' back ils iide of witnesses today r, the w-son highball nur<'«r trial ol Dr Sara Ruth r^an nnd entcrcd objections to r, ji, r0 r After accepting a tcntalh» Jury r.slricl Attorney Arthur Jordan .'ought to exeluoe John Hicks vhom Te said was bound to the uefondanl by ;ong standing fam- ••ly rrirndshlp. Nfrs. Bessie Barry Kennedy wl- t'ow of Dr. John T. Kennedy, the i ;an Dr. Djnn is accused of eiv- '.18 a poisoned whiskey highball .K a midnlghi tr;sr, entered th; "Hirtroom for thr first time this 'Horning .on the arm of the dead which it refiirtd lo nV >b January se.«ion when coun.y api.roprisvo, ls were made 'tion of the municipal court' s 'onat other to m, t e ' Otl '" p - i ^••"vii*ig L [it,' \varm SS: ^ atl °". f <» mfnntile Oeorgia. -'choo's are the upshot'"of a'"na-i tiona) conference of schoolmen and delennlcs from 32 other O r- °Tnrations. ralieci last fall George P. Zook. U. S. fioner of education, to consider Hie problem of the crumbling away of local school facilities un- dn the pounding of n fourth year ? depression. Such orjjnnirations as the A. P o' L.. Parenl-Te.irher associations! Grange. Counlrv Life Association. " W. c. A.. Farm Bureau. American Leeion. ami Catholic Wcl-. '*, s Wl fare Council, took part. A Federal! ""•"• Advisory- Coiumiuee on Emergency Aid in Education was Tormed, J. W. Cammack, assistant to to have been re or so "birthday country in honor of l^esident 1 '" sllill B si Roosevelt nnd tor the purpose of'" 1 '"' hwirs , " rm s P rln 6 s '"iin- lnc The Kuppj,L li:-i: bi'cn cruising; rjii'ch scvcrn'l' l-'-i "<«> driflin!: ii, ti.e bay for <;jjil,. northern''''^ hours before sli<- ( -o: alongside the;.•lire!. Coastru,-i : , t- llill. 1 _\ (ViiOI'Ciny. Till' Cl't'W LVfCIIl ' .'•-•H'OI' \vil1 *il r ri- I ] iL^llInjj C'lilnl .... , . l, n ,v I-... ,"i " «Ntt (I , in.' but within .L-C;, relief [ lv;1 , -rixiniiaiv con -.: f\m\ ihi-ou.;,'i n,Mons dun lo ' 'I feet beyond if Division "I Ihe new :ivm.<i of thi- Ew , s Dlllluger •-•n: ,n a Lni;e county jail cell '1-uillni! (rial -,n rlmrgrs of „„„.. '.criiiK Policeinun William O'Mnliev or East ciiic.i'0. Mrs. Lillian lluliey. Lake raim- lys woman s!rrl!< took elaborate jirecantiotiK agalii'.t alfoi'dilig Dil- H"?er annlher rpporlunity to 01 'I nut. Ti,, ]ong S0| , 1( !:>«• was ninri-H in her chiir-• ni ° hl he had been paralysis In! t-> move. fionl ami -oivcil tlu- Tins ngure was based on United le.js survey which showed that nrties held in 28 stoics approximately $1.425.000. ratio the total amount lo ap- New Ynrk Cotton S4.000.000. Official r larch not be known for sev- ,-jny ---- YOHK. Cutton closed sti open 'lupi area of tli» old |, : waier often stni-.u., 1'ienl breeding pl.-i -, c ii rii-rs oi uij'i.-ii-i. I i'i llu- sew,,- il .. , f 'i the low ; r !i-nii 'mod. .xinuaiy con- , , • ""•' "<" Had bee, low. iiiarshj'l u ' c '" shl l)ack '•" t.n, old stamp •":i bed. K-lierf f v '( ro!lni13 '" «-i airplane. ..r.fl offers an I """"Bcr enicr'.d the jail last for mosquitoes. I ! s ' u ''""' onc r °f rel—that he Imd ronMriiclloii -p 1 "" "'"We to s!:«y. \i Ol]1 wi[h uctio for (illin :noimil th State Superintendent James „. Piclnnond of Kentucky, national chairman of the committee, is In lining up conjrcs- —,..,. ,_,,,,,i. ,-.— for the committee's <™ into fees ol ! |)ro 8ram, which is backed actively " "l IMI north end of" " con?mun,tief • W0re hC ' d "' 3M °« union. ,. ••• • •' iiui LII cnc tne county and , he , a ,, ei f members of the qi,c:uni body coir^ nose he only cciinty wilh members wunldna. Judge U ° vfry SWte ° r KoOEfvrll Haiipv WASHINGTON. Jan Dec Jan IH-I 1178 rloso n:r ' Spots closed sir 1170 nan I'llLr nn? TIlfl 'ovinp cup of loday is mcre- ilesrc-iiflant of Hie prices ,„ nn . tolls ? j s eu lonninineiils. Mock Prices by cncl messages. icfsed in c:(v pays cour;. Senator Parish Will Not Seek Second Term nnd COO.OOO flf.'xxriated members In Rtcte federations. KENTUCKY. FOR INSTANCE , Cammack tells vou of the sltua-1 tlon today In bis home state of Kentucky, n situation which In varying degree Is found In everv stote. "Last year we had 17.000 teachers in Kentucky drawing an average of S726 for the year, and 10000 paid an average of $459 The whole 27.000 thus are well below the minimum set by the government for common labor under most i codes. ( UP) —! "They will run at least . . . llli') — tlKiisands of gift* President RCOM-IVM Thday as ihe hap,i;i-st of'hi.-; life. NEW ORLKANS. Jan. .1] The chler c.veuit;ve. remember-! Coll °" closed \eu .-kadi •>i .11 I0P1 ri! Slates Sleel .r.iallon issues 'r.'lured today's Tiv.d-ug ,. . v..n.i *..i,%u, ri'nil'JiiU! 1 !-: ed by friends at home nnd abroad. I,, p.' Plain citizen^ and rei?nin?: * aroh [:in0(! ii-iMm-] _ .. . . Aifif high the wound np a celebration In l-J nation honor open lli.-i 11-14 1154 IHO i;ti!> I17S 1181 i inn — — close 11.17 1I8V tl!ISb 120:!b . . -1 IIUUUl l.fM , . ii-'ght by oppcnlln-, for „ nallonai L," conscloiunes-s in the fight ogaliisi i , ff ir 3nlHe psralysis I ^^^ __ •Smself a victtn: of the dise.w. i 0Spa[s clns(>d ""^v a, lU3."up irr. Roosevelt toc< cognizanrr- of fffcrM to raise funds for in, ' ^.arm Springs Foundation. Chicago Wheat T-—UL™" 10 le ™ — .~,.ir«S's ™^T'S t : l 7S!-- nm .'?i'«'•• «ifflSS^:-2£a'asg»H«H' 1 ' cs ^ vip^r ho,,M U8 ri 00hiS ' C1 ' nl 1n lin< " li:n<:ie5 Tilis w« »"«y Uadil An!lcS,aied er Mow' Vin ° S ""' '"" ••i"- 1. 1937. I (Continued on Pa?p t\ m \ so n* uncovered them and found May 52 i.-» I 'age 3) J Mve r a l |a rw ripe lomaioes. , July M M W 3- lo-.v rlrv," f.fl !>-(< PO H-K close 52 3-8 5^ 1-B NRW YORK. . Weakness in L.I .'•nrl .slrcnstli in aiid wet stores Mtx-k markoi s . i ^i niiicler lhan yr.-icn>.iy when "more Mian 4.00I),(KIO >h»:i-.-. u-eie traded. Thr general ;:^t \ A. T. and T. ... Anaconda Copjvr Prthlehein ;--te,--' Chrysler Cities Service .. Coca Coin .... General American General Elncirle Cieneral Moicrs liiloiiintioiul Hrt Tuc.ion. Ari/.. police. «lio were no qi.ick OH thr ^.,-r.-,v i,,,- ihe notorious outlaw. -They cry me t c o quick. . couldnt use a pisiol Ihnl wns on Ihe Ureter agnmM n gang ol ••;M>s with sub-machine guns." nil- iniger compl.iiiied. "I had '. ."J"!" J " , 8I! " "' '">• grip bul that '•idn t do me mi- h goo: ] w [,, they took me by from, " Indiana authorities charged that 'ii the pan Di'llnirer has sho- -i out with police but imd all the .dvantagv such ns a bullet proof »cst a niaehine i-jn. and equally •-•ell armed companions Greene Is Reelected , School Superintendent ,,K 'Zht''?™^ ^ «"1n B »»> sixtn year us sitpoi-iiHondcnt nf Hlytheville scliopls. will remain in thn same capacity for another year At a meeting this week the »rd of education offered Mr Oreene a renewal of his-present omrac , and while the contract, "is not been signed Mr. Greene Indicated that he would accept! Regular meetings of the board ol education will be held hereafter nt 7 p. . m on the second Tliiirs- 'laj of cnch month, a was decided The board will meet In the . oflce of C. M. Buck, president of me Iwartl. on Hie second floor of First National bank building School putron.-, and taxpayers and others interested In school affairs are Invited to attend the mcelin?s whirh aiv open lo the pithn,-. Wils Davis Advocates New Bridge at Memphis MEMPHIS. Teni! (AP) - Wils 1'avls. attorney. Tuesday . rl coiistvuclion 01 n . new trairic irregular. 118 10 -K 7-a SB 1-6 31-8 101 Tank .18 3-8 22 5-8 39 41 low .i-..Montgomery Wrrn N'ew York Crlllivl Packnr,-| ' I'hilhps Peirolni-.i .... Radio Corp Simmons Ue<!s St. Louis-San'ico Standard of N. ,i Texas Co . u - s steel ::.':;; 27 5-8 Ml 1-4 5 17 3-4 8 1-8 21 1--I •< 1-8 47 l->27 3-4 M l-<! Committees Named to Lead Alumni Projects A "sweater" committee and a tuition commli'ce were named by Tred Snllba. president, ...... j,, ^.,-n\j(.|ii . ;n a scralon last nlijht of the Blv- .hevilic high s-hw-l nlunini awo- 1'iallon. ../•• O- H<'d™ii. Salibn, carl Gans>-e. Red Uurnette am u p y,- OJ _ were nanutt c-n the commit- ice to raise a .-Wfnler fund for • I'Ucrmen on -he B H s crid of tlic fu'we. Joe Craig. .. Mike SiMon and Bob Onmes were named to a commit lee to secure ti:iii on n , 0 r.ev for oeservlng student* A membership drive nf the ns- toclallon Is ur.rter-.vay. cridRe the Mississippi tainecting Arkan.w with ciown- town Memphis, as patt of the public works program Davis stiggest- <r Ihe Idea in an to' n .viiclieon club. "When potc::lial business men and women from Arkansas come Inlo MemphLs." he fald. "they have lo go through a r:'&in of railroad yards and boflte-ncck curves to in 10 the heart of the city." Slight Damage Caused by Two Small Fires A roo£ fire at the A. C Halev iTslcicnce. 1115 West Chlckasawba caused slight damage early this morning. The fire was believed to Have resulted from the falling of a spark on a dry shfagle roof Th" loss was set at $10, -. Yesterday afternoon a fen-ant house at Ihe J. H.. Smart home. H22 West Main, was slightly damaged by fire which originated near a Hue along the ceiling of the servant rcom. WEATHER .ARKAKSAS--Ral,i, warmer to- u:glu. Thursday unfcltled. Memphis and Vicinity — Rain, i-armer tonight a:i;l Thursday. The maximum m.iperauire her^ vr.-lcrray was 2? minimum 7, clear, according to Samuel F. Ferris, offlcht weather observer. i ni^lit was conriderably warm- as (he minliri,.n temperature

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