The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1930
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20,1930 lilA'THEVILLE. (AUK.) COUR1EU NEWS PAGE FJVB ANNE AUSTIN aut/ior of '• . "THE BLACK PIGEON* THE AVENGING PARROT* "MURDER-BACKSTAIRS* 1930 IthX:iX LI Kit R '1'ODAY JUAMT.l if K MAI ii Kbut HinmKh fhr heart »* »*i« i>uwdcr« fccr 1m r ^l her drcAJiliic luMr, the liudy by KAHKX MAU- Kiimi rumra (o It'll IIP! »ff luuiMl KILAJ.Ii i\lK'ii IV I in the IjrI JIO.VMi; J>LN[)i:i;, re, n.cvinl In- vrMlj;n1or, ronlt-m» (he lb*ory Miaf she MJH nhoi liy a RUM inn n. Mm ivrni tnin her In-dnuim MhtU 1 ihmniiv nt iiliout riiUT. nClcr mU- inK TK.U I-:Y *HM:S. wiui nmi Jiisl arrived. (o uuikr ciirklnlls. \\ lu-n I hi- Juid y l« dlML'ovrrril, mi lint- U *vri. In Hi? rjum or in Ilir fajrer <iiit*f(le. I'C.WV CKAI\. *i.rtelr KtH nnd fcri-rvl:ir> fci (Tir ilMrk 1 ! ulliirm v. irlk Diindn- ihtif I'UMA UKM>H vi:iu nil >; fcln p. fruni lum'ti, unj l!i:it Mia »v:i* :mr.n>i-cl nt lu*r unr.\- [ilafnCil iitixi-iicv. Dundee note* th:<l Ilir vYLiuK'ij. \iJtfi ihi- cst'i 1 ]!- ItoM nf I. (US IUJM.Al'. im- IiuslH? fuvviirtt Ml:i. Mlii*x m:iht. I.VIMA. IK *!ou In nnM\rrln;r. v. tilth liiry rtNrrtlir I<» flu- fan thnt Khi- linn h:id a lunlli rxiracri'ri MJIII iiiuniJnjr. Mln rails lij-Jfn tnlo lu-r lu-droiim. Imr mint »r Ilu- KIK.-MH en In. Dunrii r finally n;il:s crit-h <mc In trikr the IJ).IITA tin 1 v fuHMiiilr-il rti tin- i»I:iy- In- tit (hr "Jt-ntli tiruiil." XOW CO 0,\ WITH TIIK 5TOEIY CHAPTER VII tiCHAMl-J on you. Bonnie Dun <lct>!" cried Penny CraSu. lior small lists clenched belligerently. "'Death hand. 1 indeed! You talk like a New York tatiloid! And if you don't understand thnt all of us have stood pretty near as much aa \v? can without having lo ii'ay llic linnil at liridue— the very hand wo pinycil while Kita was he in;.; nnir- dcred, then yon haven't the tieccnty and human fcsHngs I've credited ynu v.-ith— and told my friends here that yen have!" A piumnr of Indignant approval accompanied her tirade and buzzer) CKI for a moment after she had fin- •s-icd. tint it ceased abruptly as Dundee spcke: "Who's conducting this investigation. Penny Grain— you or 1? Von will kindly let me do it in my o'.vu fashion, and try to \K content v.-lion m-:i:tr< •Il'AMTA Sia.UI "^ tin- hlti lit Ner il *'lillr »Lr U dummy l>:u-|y llufftllmilnic TOIMV In iminlerri) (ho Him ullb IIM.rjl HAMMOND. Ill lu Mm. l> nil.«t.i K . Iliinrloc', ziflcr tr>hiK I" Ki'l a **<ninrrTrtl »(<»r}- uf Ikr ttrirrnnun, rmnll> n»k> lilt* KliraU Id l:>Kr Ilir |N-sllh>iife iliry Lrld from Ilir ili-nl. I»K of Ilir "flrnlli hiuul" inilll Iho ilLM-ntiT} i>f Hit* lJi)d>, l'i:\\V (I!.\J\. Ihf ilMil.'i ul- lnriit>\ »rrrrlrir>l KAII|:.\ JIAII- ••liM-l.. "lui illifnvrrril lln- II.H!) . iiiiil'C 'AUDI, V.N DKAKi: Inl.f Ilirlr l>!:u'r< jil Ilir lirlJiCf Ililiti- tu jrr- I'l^iv I he litmil. I.OIX IH'M.AP, VElii'A only \voinnn frlrnil, »lniul« Ijl-slllc Ik.'l.l, ri.oiiA .MII.I:M. \\h« im iii^ ri>i>rn livntrr Ilir di-tlllni: nr the l'~m!, iini'x EL> Ihi' tvlrlkhtnir hi Che t"!tr OLilitilr MlnV lit-tlni ...... -HMrr IIAV^IOVDisiir^iii ....... hr ri"'. t imrfii. 1'iil.l.v in: ill:. <ih» I^HN ltir\[i]li-nlilx iiTikriit fruni Itiiu-Lrikii. i;iirj, in lli r xilnrliini, Urr [lullpi-. rl.lvi: II.VN1- llumlvr iioiidi-r^ nhy lul ,11.1 nul <-iutir III In t« lici^t^AN. 1'liry tiruln tn Inc s ilrclurrr. Mm. ICn nj renii]r ni'l- ' l fur ivlt imrlncr, "Ld's see your hand, partner," Karen quaverc made Captain Strawn understand that Flora Miles' movements were to bo kept under strict observation. "Now," be was answering Tolly Bealo's question. "I should like the remaining three nt you to behave exactly as yon did when your last | hand was finished. Did you keep 1 individual score, as Is customni y in contract?—or were you.playing auction?" "Contract." Polly E?alc answered , curtlv. "And when we're nhiyirj* 1 icll you tnat. in my humble opln-, among oursclvC3 likc this _ !onse £ toil, what I propose is absolutely cac i, t^ble is usually elccd In Ihc solution of case!" "Itcally, Mr. Dundee.'.' Jud^'e x?san [:oin|!ously. nns wife prolcct- iiisly. "1 jnust say tliat n-ilii Slits Grain. Tliis j score. Janet was score keeper for | us this aflernoon, but we r.'.l waited, 'after our last hand was played, for Janet to give us the result for our tally cards." Dundee drew near t!i« table, f agree nicked up the three tally cards— an out- i ornamental little affairs, and rotlicr sir-au outrage lo all ot us." "pensive-glanced over the points recorded, then asked abruptly: ."Where is Sirs, lilies' tally? I don't sec II here." There wos no answer to be had. -r _ .'Take your places!" ck-i'ci! curtly. Dundee or- Penny led the way to the bridsc (allies, the very waves of her brown so he let the matter drop tempo l»b scorning to bristle vdlu futile i rariiy "On on, please, ot Mil tables," Dundee commanded. "Vour ta ble—" lie nodded toward 1'cnnv anger. "Vf/'HEKE s'.iiill we hosin?" Polly *' Henlc demantlcil brusuucly. "Kcinenihcr. Ibis (able had tinis'ned jflayi::^ wbe-n Karen bc-^an to deal \s-hat you call tbo 'death band, " she I'ifjniuiled him scornfully. "Anil Flora wasn't here at all—she had been diminiy for our last hand—'' "Ar.d bad sone out to telephone," Dundee interrupted. "Mrs. Miles. will yon please leave the room, and return exactly when yon did return —or as noarly EO as you can 10- m?niber?" Dundee was sure that .Mrs. Miles' sallow face took on a grayish tinge o IniiiBliic that It is now—if 1 can | "Cliallenyc!" quavered Carolyn rust Mr. Milts' apparently excel- Drake, next on the left lo tho ent memory—exactly 6:25—" iilcalcr, and managed to raise- her "I'retly bard to do, considering iL-yebrows meaningly to Penny, her t's now a quarter past seven and [partner, who had not yet changed here's still no dinner in eight," fracey Miles gvumblc-0, then places, i'enny, throwing herself Into th« brlgliteued: "I can come right bad; S pt r i t of t[ , c thing, scowled warn- u then—at 5:27, can't I?" '- That point ijltlcd, and the men who was already over her flnrc of j teinpfr. "will please select the cards eacli held at the conclusion Oi -Mrs. Marshall's deal." "Ocoh. I'd never remember all my cards In Ihc world," Carolyn Drake wailed. "I know I had five clubs—ace, king, queen—" • * « AT last It was threshed out. largely between Penny Crain and Karen .Marshall, the latter proving to have a better memory (ban Dundee had expected! Both Judge -Marshall anil John as bhe staggered to her feet and | Drake started forward to inspect wound nn uncertain way toward the linll. Tracey Miles sprang lo his wife's assistance, but Sergeant Turner took it upon Mmself to lay a detaining hand on the too-anxious husband's arm. With no more than the lifting cT an eyebrow, Dundee the cards, which none of tile play- era was Irving lo conceal, hut Dundee waved them back. "Please—1 want you men, all of you, to take your places outside, anil return to tills room in the order of your arrival Ibis afternoon. Try sent away, to lie watched by several pairs of '"•^i'arcnlly indolenl police eyes, Dundee turned lo the bridge table, Vila's leaving ot which "Tad provided her murderer wilh opportunity. "Tlie cards are 'dealt,' " Penny. reminded him. "N'ow I want you other three to scalier exactly as you did before," Dundee commanded. Lois Dunlap rose, laid down her (ally card, and strolled over (o the remaining table. After a moment's hesitation. Polly Ilealc strode raan- nisliiy out of the room, straight into the ball. Dundee, watching as the bridge players certaiuly had not been earlier that afternoon, was amazed to see Clive Hammond beckoning to her 'frou the oi«n door uf Ilia solarium. So Clive Hammond had arrived ahead of Tracey Miles! Had somehow entered the soiarium unnoticed, and had managed lo beckon his liancee to join him tliere[ Hut things were happening in the living room. Janet Raymond, flushing, so that her sunburned face outdid ber red hair for vividness, was slowly leaving the room also. Through a window opening upon Hie wide front porch. Dundee saw the girl take her position against a pillar. Gut MIR l:iildlng was soing on, Karen Marsliall piping up in tier treble voice: "Two .spades." Dundee lr,ok his place behind her chair, then silently beckoned to Penny to shift from her own chair opposite Carolyn Drake to the chair Nila Eelim had left to £0 to her deal! 1 .. She nodded understandingly. inely. N'o exchanging! Illicit signals for I'etniy Crain! Uut the in- slant she slipped into Nita Solan's chair her whole face and body took on a different manner, underwent almost a physical change. Sho ;ca» Nila Seliin now! Sho tucked her lic-arl. considered her cards, then cried triumphantly: • • « '• AND 1 say— five s/wries! What •" do you think ot ihpt, part- er?" Then the girl who was giving an amazing imitation ot Nita Sellm changed as suddenly into her own character as she changed chairs. "Xiln, I don't Ihink it's nuil» Ijridge lo he so jubilant about, the strength of your baud," she said in her firm, husky voice. "I pass." Karen Marshall protended lo study her hand for a frowning in- slant.-then, under Penny's spell, ac- uounced in as firm a treble: "Six spades!" Carolyn Drake Hushed and looked uneasily toward Penny, a bit of by-play which Dundee could see had not figured in tbo original game. Then sha bridled and shifted her pbimp body in her chair, aa she must have done before. "Double!" Then, still acting tho role she bad played in earnest Ihac afternoon, she explained importantly: "I always double a litlla slam on principle!" I'enny, in the role of Js'ita. redoubled witb an exultant laneli. then as herself, passed nlso, with a murderous glanco at Carolyn Drake. "Let's see your hand, , partner," ICarcn quavered, addressing a woman who had beea dead nearly two hours. <l<nil)K-<] and ifilnulilnl. xow «o n\ WITH TIM: srnnv CIIAI'TKU VIII "QM. Ilils is too hoiTlbtc!" Knrcii -Mai'sbnll moaticd, us I'cnnj Crain aj;aln 6liii]:ed inlo Nila Sellm's cbalr and prepnred lo la> Jo«n her hand. And It irit horrible — even If vl Sally necessary— for these llirce lo iinve lo go thrmjKh the farm o nliiylng a brldgt, h.inil while on [>f the original pb.vera \v;i3 now ly Ii^ on a piarblc co: at tbo ir.orfiue Hut he said nothing, for Trace} Miles wVi:; already hovering in 111 doorway, rcaily for his cue tc inter. Penny, or rather ".N'Eia," as sh seemed miraculously to become, j FJUNDKE'S keen aural memory r.-ns r-ayia;;: registered the Blight difference "I low's II, is, Karen darling?" n? she laid duwn llic ace nnd deuce uf sijades— Karen's trumps. "1 hri|u' yon remember |/oii nre vulnoahje, us v-cll rs wo arc," t.'arolyn Drake rr:-'.»rl;>'d In n sorry imiiatioii c-f her o; iiinnl cocksureil- •nc-.-'s. "And how'g f/ils, partner? A sin- Sletou In clubs!" .Vila's imilatoi dc-mauikd liinmphnnlly as she continued to lay down her dummy hand, limiting Iho Ion? nine of clubs ber.idc Irnmps: "aud /,'u'j III- lie collection of hearts!" us she illsnlayeil ami arranged the aco, Vli: = -. oi;;i:t and four uf henrls; "end r,l::o thi^!" as a length of dia- inoiidF— ::(•'?, jae!;. Icn, ci;lit. seven and i-ii i-ljlhcrerl down the jrhissy black surface cf the bridge table toward Karen .Mai'sball. "Nov.- if you don't make yonr lilUe clam, infant, drin't daro tay I slionliln'l have jiir,i|itu you lo live!" "This in where i enter," Trace; 1 Mik-.i v.bispered tiDitr.scly tn Dnti- dce. Him. at a nr ; d fiom the "And tin dummy sitting llicre TtlUi a tiring oj six diamonds!" Penny retorted. "Oh, veil. Play brldlel" ., . The glrl-wl(» (brow him an upward glance of gratltudo tbrougli . r ey«, then led the. six ct cB, Sir;. Drake contributing ths four, dummy Uklng the. trick wlta . tho ace, and Penny relinqulehlni! her tlirco. "Let's see—that makes fire o! !em In, elnco I trumped ono trick," Karen nald, as ebo reached across tbo tablo to lead from dummy. As If tho words were a cue— which they probably were—Judg« Marshall entered the room at that moment. Judge Marshall, making a great effort to be as Jaunty, . dcboualr and "young for his age," as ho must hare thought be looked when tlio real ganio was being ,' played. At his step Karen lifted her head, smiled tremulously, nnd greeted her . • elderly husband with a childlike : Joy and n womanly tenderness: "Hullo, darllngl . . . I'm trying '. to umk6 a little slam I may have bccnfoollsh to bid, but Nlta Jumped mo from two to llvo spades—" "Let's have a look, sweetheart," tho retired Jmlgo suggested pompously, and Dundee Ravo way to . make room for him behind Karen's chair. But before the judge looked at his wife's cavils, ho licnt and kissed • her on her Unshed, fair cheek, and Karcu raised a hand to twcek his' Bray mustache. . - : "I'm getting out my trumps, : darling." Karen confided sweetly, as sho reached for tho deu,co of :• spades—tho only remaining trumu • la tho dummy. • ". "Good Lord, child!" her husband ejaculated. "And spoil your chance to ruff clubs in the dummy? , ." . Lend tills!" aud pointed toward the six of diamonds. In Iho wording of the greeting as reported by this pscudo-Nlta nnd tho man Ebo wan running lo greet. Hut he made no comment. Ills eyr-n were busy—taking 1 In the mounting flush on Tracey Mllea' florid, round face, tbo Involuntary glances of repugnance exchanged by Karen Marshall nnd Carolyn Drake, anil the sudden briimniiiK of tears In Lois Ditnlaii'ij kind eyes. But Penny, as N'Jta, was already straiElilcnlnB Tracey Miles' neck- lie with ruiPeaslYo, coquettish lingers, was coaxing, head tucked: "Tracey. my oira«! Inmb, won't yon shake up the cocktails for your poor .little Nlta? Kverything'ii ready on the sideboard, or I don'l know my precious old Lyilln, even if her poor jaw docs uclio uiosl horribly." Then Penny wns on her way, or rather on Nila's Journey, to raeel death, pausing In Iho doorway to blow a kbs from her fingertips to the fatuously grinning hut now fpillo pale Tracey Miles. "Miilitrusively. Dundee drew |I!F waloli from lib pocket, palmed it as ho noted the exact minute, then commanded curtly: "(Jo on!" As Tracey Miles passed the first . bridge tablo Lois Dunlap llnkci delecttve. Iho jiudEy little blond jbc-r arm In his. saying In a voice man strode jauntily Into the living i she- Iried to make gay and natural: room, monil of himself in the role "I'm trailing along, Trncey. Sim of Ml ° r - ply dying for a sip of Scotch! "Hello, everybody! How's Iricks?" Xila's is the real stuff—which Is he called Kenially. lomlly. lint there inert! than my fussy old I'clo cai was a nuiver of horror In his voice get half the time!—and you know 1 as well. Penny was quite pale when she sprang from her chair, lint her voice Ecomcil lo ho Nita's very own, as she sang out merrily: "It eaa'l be 5:SO already! Thank heaven I'm dummy, nnd can run away m:il make myself pretty- prcliy for yon nnd nil tho other lop.the cocklails." The two passed on Into the din ing room, the players scarcely rais ing their eyes from their cards which they held as If tbo game were real. Dundee, his watch still In hi naiul, advanced lo the bridge table Karon's band trembled .is sb great b:s men. Tr.nccy darling!" Idrew tho lira of clubs from tin ntnmy, but Penny's fingers were nlto steady as sho followed with bo deuce of clubs, to which Karen ddcd, with a trace ot characterls- Ic nnd rather charming uncer- nlnly, Iho eight. "There's our book!" Carolyn )iaka exulted conscientiously, but ;hc cast an apologetic glanco at .'ciniy, "If we tnUo 0110 more trick ve set them." "Fat chance!" Penny obligingly responded. • • • oniULIXG and with a great show of triumph, Carolyn Drake then oil the dcnco of diamonds, to which Karen added tho Jack from the dummy, and upon which Karon shruggingly ylaccu her kins, lo nnd Che (rick, as uho had suspected In the original game, trumped by the Pvo ot spades, since ICarcn had no diamonds at all. "Ho thai se'Ules vs, Carolyn!" Penny commented bltlngly. Her parlner roso lo Iho role she was playing. "Well, aa 1 told yon, I always double n llttlo slam on principle. Besides, how could 7 know they would have a chance for cross.rHfrmg In both clubs nnd dla- monds? I thought you could at least hold the nco of diamonds and that Karen would certainly have one, as I only had four of them—" "And the dummy sitting there with a slilng of sU diamonds!" Penny retorted; llien, with a shrug, "Oh, well! I'lay bridge!" for Karen was Hilling slaring at her cards helplessly. "I—1 guess I'd betlcr get my trumps out," Karen—now almost a genuine actress, too—breathed tremulously. "I rfo wish—wish Nlta wcro playing this hand. I Jjnoio I'll muff It somehow—" "Good kid!" Dundee thought, and took the liberty oC patting Karen on her elim shoulder. 44T *• WISH you'd got a puncture, Hugo, and hadn't butted In before this hand was played," Carolyn Drake sputtered. "That was our on 1 1/ chance, I suppose, to have set them—" Tlcaso ilon't mind," Karen begged. "Hugo juet wanted to heln me, becausu he knows I'm such a dub ut bridge." Smiling iiooringiy at him again, Karon took his suggestion and led Iho six of diamonds from the dummy; Penny covcrcil It with the nine; Karen ruffed with the seven -' of spades, and Airs. Drake contrlb- ' ut eil the four ot diamonds. "I can go on getting my trumps , out now, can't I, Hugo?" Karcu quavered, and at her husband's smiling permission, she led tho king, Carolyn had' lo put down rfliat she must have foolishly thought would lako a trick— tbo jack of spades; tho dummy gave up tnp deuce, nnd Penny followed with her own last trump, the eight. " ' Karcu counted on her fingers, • her eyes on the remaining trumps In her own hand, then smiled triumphantly up at her husband. ".Why. not simply tell us, Karen, that the rest of the trumps are In your own hand?" Penny suggested. "I — I didn't mean to do anything wrong." Karen pleaded, aa she led now with tho jack of hearts, which drew In Carolyn's queen to cover — Carolyn murmuring religiously: . "Always cover an honor with an honor— or should I havo played second hand low, Penny?" — topped by tho aco In the dummy, tho trick being completed by Penny's three.' At that point John C. Drake marched into the room, strode . straight to Dundee and spoke angrily: • "Enough of this nonsense! I, for one, refuse to act like a puppet for your amusement!" (Tn Tie Continued) Crash Halts Purple Machine At Goal Line CHICAGO. IUP>— The Chicago elevated lines carry in CO minut:s n. number of persons greater than the entire \>opulntio:i of Pcorin, (he i second largest Illinois city, accord- i ing to the Illinois Committee On S Public Utility Information. Here is graphically pictured the climax ol Nort'.iwestern's magnificent inarch asainsl Notre Dame in the early moments of tho Eame. and the tragic end of Hank Bnider's hard luck career as a foott-ill i'-:ayer. With the ball on Notre Dame's three-yarc! line, Brudtr (Number 13) tore into the line. There was a terrific crash r.s the wet. Bruder firing throujh the air from fie force COMMISSIOXKirs SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in comrjliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery ;ourt for the Chtckasaivba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, on the 23 day of September, 1930. wherein East Arkansas Lumber Company was Plaintiff, and Eliza No. 17C8 vs. Bryant, el al. were Defendants will sell at public micllon to the highcsl and best bidder, for cas'.i en a credit of llirce months, at-. (Seal) Ihc frnnt cioor of the Court House, IN THE .MISSISSIPPI CHANCERY | COKNWAl.IJS FUNDS IN SIGHT COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT American Building fine! Ixian Association, and W. L. Drlonv, ns Trustee. Plaintiffs. No. 486-1 vs. J. J. Gillcss. e: al.. Defendants. WARNING OltDElt Tlie defendants International Dank cf St. Lcnis and Proctor ft Oambil are wjrncd to a;)|>car in Mils court within thirty day.s from tins date and the ccm- plaint of the jilslr.tlfls. American Building and Loan Association and W. L. Delcny. as Trustee. In Witness Whereof, I have herc- WILLIAMSBURG, Va., IUPI—A tentative budget cf $600.000 for Iho Ycrktoiviv celebration next Oc- tcb?r ol Cornwallis' surrender to live secretary of the Yorktovm, S;s- riiiicsntennlal Association, lo trustees cf organization. One- third of '.fro monsy is expected to come from Congress and the re- Georjo Washington has been re- [ malnder from a natlon-wlds mem- ported by Eelwin Conquest, execu- 1 bcrEhlp campaign. unto set my h.iud ar.rt Hie seal of the above court :his 12 day of Nov., 1930. \V. W. HOI.MPETEH, C!er*K of tiie above Court. By Haney Morris. D. C. between the hc-.irs prescribed by Ivy W. Crawford. law. in the City of Blythcville.' Atty. Ad Litcm Aikansas, 0:1 the 18th day of De- ccmbur, 1030. the following veal estate, to-uit WARMMi Lot Ten i lOi rt'.ock pour (41 Sunnysiric Addition to the city o f Blyllicvillc. Mississippi Countv. Arkr.r.faF. 12-10-26-3 CHANCERY COCP.T CHICKASAWBA D1STKICT MISSISSIPPI COUKTV. ARKANSAS. SAID ?:ilc will It- bad lo satisfy said decree in the sum of $535.53.1 with 10 coin interest from September 23rrt. 1330. THE purchaser al saiel sale v.-ill be remiircri '.n cxrcuie bond with approved srciirity. to secure Ihc the impact, rnrl tlroppin" llic ball. Yarr. the No'.re Dame ctntcr. is pictured (Nunkcr 70) braced ajaitibt the onslaught. Under I payment of the purchase money, Alicr Brudcr fumbled. Nolro nnd , a lic « «"' *? " t . aille , d " llon .":uel proper^- as additional security for the paynunt ol such purchase money. Iho pile, C!CEC to Yarr, Is little Bert Metzaer, the tiny guard who lirlpjil lo mere up the opcialicn. Dame recovered and. kicked o;il of. danger. American elation. No. 4853 \ I. J. GiP.cs>.. <The delenti::: 3ank of SI !.'>:. ir." & Loai1 Ass °- arc Ganihlc, within thirty named in il'.i' p.nsivcr tl'.r eoi tin", American a!. Defendant. International iiucl Proctor ..:,;:u-ti to appear si..-.- i:i the court f..'.::iou hereof and ;:•.-!•:•.[ ot (he plain- r>:...n:ng and Loni Association. CITY CUP?— A siKCial Bliicatirn announccmciU. The POMKROY,.- O.. rapi— A loc.r,. ail her life fT wca\ir,g fine linens! WITNESS my hand and the s?at Dated Nov. U. , c:i.',:ii!s-u;n is now Ltticivine the vis:-t cf prlv.itc schools to B iv e re- relic of p:oi:ter cays, taid ID be .il I a'.iil itill pref:r. it lo Ihe patcntod of "id Court, on tins, the 26th. W. \v. i:OL.,.l r,it.<. ueis ' ' day of Nov.. i!KM. | By H.-.:VI' Mem;. D. C. W. \V. KOLL1PETER. -Ivy W. Cr,v,-.. ! o. : CcnimUiiioner In Chancery.: Atty Aa Lv.:..". . r.dv!«it:!:iy C | pnval't ; lijlcifi lirtr'.iclioii VRS on; cf tho me,.-'. S'- : l y-:avs eld is s'.illbpins n«- ' '.cn!s of mcrtcru make. Tho Irom j ijiouf instruc- i:ni."J.ta!it pcii^s in Ihc re- £;! bs Mio Herny tj?irt3:iaW-.', CO, L. j .us cngmaily liom RutUul lown-| NOTICE Banks Closed For Thanksgiving The banks of Blythevillc will be closed all day Thursday, November 27lh. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Farmers Bank & Trust Co. tic:i, accordiiij t-, a Department of) cent religious conflict. Pomcros. She has mcd H nearl; iship, here. 11-26-12-3 l'MO-25.3

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