The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on May 10, 2001 · Page 44
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia · Page 44

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 10, 2001
Page 44
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Mlf jSibnqi JflominCI jfrnlb Thursday, May 10, 2001 43 LAW NOTICES JURIES TODAY 12noen: Inqram; Hulma: Starvro t 2002. 11.45am: Certification: Western (in Administration) t 4 ors. Court 8A: evidence of real estate value when need is 9.45am: Report Back: NSW TAi"E Cmsn Marley Plastics PU VaMes. a Goninan t Eberle; Mickle t Coleman; Scamarcia i Personnel Management PI Certified Hearlne; 10am: Zaharopoulos, Marqaritis eipressed for alternative accommodation. Discipline Awd; Dispute MEU fc Co Ltd: Maiorana. Tessauro, Ok: Trient: Trkulja; Evans d Eastoe; London; Agreement. & 3 ors. There will be a sittmo. of 2 Masters in Parramatte CC re breach of Agreement. Reinforcements PL. Hunter Marketing PL: tLmMrmi r.iiui t-aart- a PAMri LUC '' s?Af Conceives. 2.15pm: Commissioner Redmond: Court Justice Brvson: Court 9A: Haartratp Newcastle on the week commencing 9 Justice Boland: Court 2: Floor 3: Jehani, S S V Co PL; Warsame, Skilled Eng i. iiToi .. T- .r..V Bell; Wright: Orton t Horvath: Krummer Room 10a, Floor 10: lOafre Arbitrations 10am: Gabiepath PL, Murdoch. July for a Running List of Family Provision 9.30am: Directions: Public Hosp Nurses Ltd; Gray. Australia fc New Zealand nunow.. rm.? l Z uonrtl. A a,!i Fr'.n Ragona: Carrig; Cunningham; Dickins And Ansett Australia Ltd Re Justice Windeyer: Court 8C: and De-Facto Matters. Any matter in (State) Award - Notice of awd review. Banking Group Ltd; Sydir. Ametek Ltd; jooi V no. ?.-u,J I ,!h.d i Tu,"l Juur", DowM"' Termination Of Employment. Judgment: 10am: EMS Ouarries PL. which the parties require a Newcastle list- 9.30am: Report Back: Public Hosp p,,er w. Schaffer. Kelly Srvcs Ltd; PANEL jVors tuvrnon-o to iom 5 .""o.. ,.. Commissioner Latum: Toronto Beaumont. Orders: 10am: Mecrocom PL. irtq can be listed in that week. "a- . . , . . Athanos. Snack Brands Australia DaVimohursl STTmoIMb aS-JVc.,.? Courthouse: 10am: John And Tomago City West Centre PL Hearing: 10am: Registrar For the wc 28 May 2001 ,v,Pr"Wn'C,v,?nL? Holdings PL; Boijavtc, Tuta Laboratories SooTSTnoi fVH.TlHS Frldav I ha?,?Ir," l ZZL ait?. 'u""nium PI Re Termination Of Stonewall Hotel PL. Presdate PL. the Registrar s Corps List win be held at '"" "J"" L"M"U " PL Hearing: Aguirre. Tempo Srvcs Ltd; Ha? mi r,'u", ",of F,ld " CnK,"c- "" Athanassiou; tmo.oyment. Justice Santow: Court 8B: Hearing - 9am in Court 70 in lieu of nam in 7 A. behalf of Fabling Oueens Club Ltd. Catnrft i Clutch Spares PL. Cathro. mmy wr. VMW. nil... uu r-... ..u.... fu..wa.a..4. a........ r iMCTDirr rrMinT -Caia-aita a i DVMitV Industrial RMIStrar D...a. n L ru . i. DOWNING CENTRE ina Jli" uuZrJrZJL, thicuH Lkjuoc Supplies PL, Sing arm Australia PL i iLicoonrM tTorrr lOam. Mention: WorkCover Auth of NSW JIT .J. t . .I t: ' . r . ' UnnMNith Rjw FwIt (N fiir ATHLETICS BANKSTOWN SPORTS at The Crest: MEN 600m: Wilson 1.36s 0 Drake G Wormsley. 2km: G Wormsley 736s J Fletcher. 5km: B Pezzutu 17.07s J Scully R Kokxfciej. WOMEN 600m: C lewis L43s 1500 walk: Bitezmk 9 03s L Renton. 2km: K Rent on 833s K Bitezink. 5km: J Montague 23.01s J Eisenhuth 0 Oiscoll. 80: m Court 110 at 9.30am. LAW rfwr i-bwiv item, jwuii hi inf - jri ejngee tyvjwui nvrvt sirar. rtwr a- T F , r . . r . ... , . ,- heard matter of John Sykes v The 8: 1.55pm: Case Conference List: ;,",7'; 'ZZ, "J PP'"" . ... . ........ j r.L..,. i-. o-.,. t .. Termination Of Employment.. Justice Hamilton: Court a.aupm: uooin; Hicn: sio. " . J ;.. .VJ:. r:"' r . . e "-r. J'LZ:7.n' uu .' of NSW (insp Keenan). Faveiie: WorkCover ' "L "V . .r A Court Counsellor Floor 8 9 40am: wwu u iKn r-i ni viminnK t-jvuh; nfnni; LDinN) n aiw wwimi"wii. wn.nmi. ha Auth of NSW OfiSD Keenan) Lirdores -oa nrea nHiin arvc. .K Case Conference List: Me'moon Termination Of Employment.1.30pm: an or. Short Minutes: 9.30am: Schmierer Juj', Finnane: Court LG1. Lower c d R,gging (Aust) PL; WorkCover Delueries PL. Vranic Skerma PL, Jiang Monawar Gleeson And Ac & P Auto Smash Repairs - As Liquidator of Nick Knthores Holdings Ground Floor, Downing Centre: 10am: A(Jtn 0 NS(( (sp Keenaii) Lindores Newnham, Western Sydney Area Health WOLLONGONG SUB-REGISTRY Termination Of Employment. 2.30pm: PL ). Gatsios Holdinqs PL Hearing: 10am: Cechlios. Crane and Rigjino (Aust) PL: WorkCover Srvc. Justice Cohen: Floor 1 Level I: lOem: Mander And Parjay PI Re Termination Of Salisbury. Edqar t anor. VT?, . 1 V Jl'r..l!7r: Auth of NSW msp Keenan), Lindores Judge Walker: Court 60: Floor 6: Sparring 4 Wonson; Mulqueeney 4 Employment. Justice Einstein: Court 12A: Hearing court LGZ, Lower Ground Floor. Downing Crant irC f)iqvnq (Aust) PL; ; Workcover H)am: Hearing: Vickers. NSW Police Srvc. Mitcneii. urni iuui ur nsw - fart-neara: luam: looport vi ( jmg ), "-v't- Auth 0f NSW (Inso Keenan). Melbet Pu LommutationHeoemption: uaiey. Niw FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA COURT OF APPEAL National Australia Bank Ltd & 6 ors. unoieia, uay. nsnnar, jemey; worum, ns(. Marsn4 johnston Waste PL: Insp Police Srvc. 1-3 GEORGE STREET, PARRAMATTA Acting Chief Justice Mason: Justice Justice Austin: Court 108: u1nw;u;L ?; Mc'a"; Lon; 0unn: Lancaster. BHP Steel (AIS) PL; Insp Mayo- Judge Hughes: Court 5B: Floor 5: Justice Waddy: Court 8 Floor 2. Handiey; Justice Powell: President's Judgment: 9.30am: Australian Securities , . r. i r Ramsay, Rail Srvcs Australia; msp Mayo- Warn: To Be Mentioned: Dewsbury, the teurt: rtoor 12: Hearing: lo.isam: a investments Lmsn. parkes. Directions: 71. Hamsay, Hail brves aust - pros s.icmi) university of Sydney. Hearing: ii .... l.i B&MiavvB . .hi. .. . i. . virrims nn. n mr u ii.n unn I . . n wmwuwi iiavainMMnK immhii) u i Mnnm . BTVH.l'n,,' 5S!- """V.:: . 1 "SiJ!"'"" jSt. D.d: CHr. LC4. Lower FEDERAL COURT OF AUSTRALIA QUEENS SQUARE, SYDNEY listing Enquiries - Contact the List Clerk on 9230 8538. Justice Ryan, Justice Market, Justice Allsop: Court 230: 10.15am: ,0m: Bltrk Gooa;; tor Immigration d Multicultural Affairs. Directions: Brown, Communications n.-i... i r.'.....u... Justice Handiey: President's Court: ors. Hearings: 10am: Henny, Ebimq PL r ... ri X! 7' --.7' Contracting PL - Pros s.160) OHS; Insp 0 Malion, Porter. Williams 4 Nash. Booker Floor 12: Judgment: 10.15am: Jackson 4 anor; Spathis, Hanave Investment Co PL: TKomoson- BaVtiVFrv Roberti- Di 7m- Sharpin, Bovis McLachlan PL - Pros 8 ors. Ten Channel 9 PL. McMillan, Hammer 4 2 ors; lama uemftrev Vlif mini viivsi tiin Ann iip, niji muiinris r-i., nuiaw, lama Centre: Kam: L!T.C."kiJ!.iT!:"2nk Ir,Tr,v ln,0.,m?,"n Conference 4 Directions: Window 6 Floor Acting Justice Rolfe: Court 12C: Agribusiness PL, Camm 4 Co PL: Ross. Ground Ftooc Downing post, wneien. Drown 4 ors. v.juam: .. . . .. ... . . n h. k. , m ,k ..... ...... m . . . 2 t r. ! Bonney 4 Ouayie. 11.30am: Norford. Board. Williams 4 3 ors; Segal. Young. 4 2 ors, Ross 4 19 ors. 2pm: Derwent judge Shedbott: Court 0.2. Ground 2 '. ii in nif?- ta.n Ilrt bmp rUnr 9: 45am: To Be Mentioned: :. -"-- . . --- Deoutv Registrar Cameran - justice Hovdon: Acting justice ventures Ltd. sagacious investments PL Floor. Downina Centra: loam: Kami: ; .r , ' :.. .' ' .. rr; X Turnedoe. Berecrv. Cremona Bros PL. . - - ... . .. . . . - - - t Kirirw insa mpmii. nwr . . ... . 0HS; Insp Mayo-Ramsey, Rail Srvcs Seremetkoska. Prestige Property Srvcs Australia; Insp Sharpin. Christie Civil pl; Seif, Woolworths Ltd; Capral Aluminium Ltd, Rogelio Unabia; Santos, o pl Thomnnn-RArtio-Frw Rniwti-ni-Fn- ""'p'"- Airpon lenuai pl; amos. japan Mffrey ,6(,, 0HS: ,nsp B"Ley' Fr",h, R4il Buil,,ino Pro)rt Hels PL: Mu5' Blue Judge Flannery Adci: Court C.I, ,', ". ti7, ill OMfct into s,r Woolworths Supermarkets; w ik. rvi. r1 in.- Access Corp - prw s.170Ha) OH4S. Insp core. Dillon. Bavline Contractors PL. 5T W- Fr"a.m R' corp - pros s.TS(l) Astrt Registrar 0 Dowd: Court 9: BASEBALL US MAJOR LEAGUE (Home team in caps) AMERICAN LEAGUE BOSTON 12 Seattle 4, CLEVELAND 8 Kansas City 4, DETROIT 5 Texas 4, Minnesota 2 NY YANKEES 0, Oakland 8 TORONTO 5, TAMPA BAY 4 Baltimore 3, CHICAGO WHITE SOX 2 Anaheim 0. STANDINGS EAST DIVISION . . V nvuiaiiai Wtt - vviawti. nvi vvmhitij kiu, Mumvui iiifciiiimiii w r IWWI. tyuwilllia WbTlltil . luam, fll1ll. -1 a,:i ni . i e- A n tan rr.l7u ,. ; Direction Hearings: Court 11 Floor J. Davles: Court 12: Hearing: 10.15am: 4 2 ors. Kami. i pi inn i!LJt ulrJZ Orchards: PL. Nightingale Bros PL; imm gretion 4 Multicultural Affairs. ,.45.m: Tolley 4 Cranch, Borg 4 Carter, Bo.n. Justice Palmer Court 8E: Mention: Judge DavMson: Court G.3. Ground Sto M. - StTI Thorley. Tilse Building PL; Burgun, Boral Coleman, Jawas 4 Pane. Bruyn, Joennou, Registrar irwHC court TO: Directions loam: Hubbard. Barton. Hearing - Part- floor. Downing tentre: loam: Pigott; vierow Rail Srvcs Australia. Timber - Hardy s PL; Hoithuis, Central jusitco Braninn' caurl zia: - . n . . . .. , . . . . . . . . .. , . r. , . ... i7,iaii 8 45am: Motion: Commonwealth B.nk of "SZPTl?1?? .?""'. JOnno.u' "Tl". U'L?."L" J'''" i :"?".. 'uo"' Vierow. Rail Srvcs Australia. . B D a . m i . nimw r-itauu, raiiTis, mansour a nosm, v'iuwi. mam. (.uniinr. win, oyuuni nwg. ivflm. mii.uiiui'1. rnn oiiw. jnntu,,, w- n.Hfv Industrial Australia, Riqg 4 Riag. 9am: Directions: c4M,gnini Samuel 4 Watts. 11.30am: PL 4 anor, Mckenzie: Edser. Bab'lis: Walker Acting Justice Smart: King St Court Judge Moore: Court G.4, lesne. oranam 4 anor. 9 30am: c,h,w a n.i rrmn n,.rtom Civil Enn PL. Coastline Plumhmn (Autl Mn i iriiiateth St EMrancal: Hearina - Floor, Downing Centre: I Oam- H Ground Direction. List: Sh.reef Minister for Cno;n t Mitthflli Bjrbrr t Sibly 4 Del Carmen. Burford, Krucler, Civil Eng PL, Coastline Plumbing (Aust) No 1 (Elizabeth St Entrance): Hearing - Floor, Downing Centre: I Oam- Hodges. 10.30 am: Mention: Vitullo, Sybase Aust Ml,n- Oiong. Lee. Indra: Lunney, Boyded BuiP Coast Area Heatth Srvc. North Gosford Musgrave: Hearing Room 1Z: Floor 5: Z r "! Immigration 4 Multicultural Affairs. m..,.!. LlB'rTB: '5rt c' " Direction Hearings: Dubbo Sub-reglstrv. Grimi S u. lr""n,rP,P4i: ",lls. T"' C"r"V fields, Nickl. Directs List: Spy 4 anor, Cuddies N t n Ad, Mason 4 Accd PL; Mutnica, State Rail Auth of NSW; Part-heard: 10am: Carter 4 2 ors. Judge Price: Court 1.1, First Floor; P1 , ,, c.-.,,,,,. c--uritv Industries Ltd; Kennedy. 6 4 M Ellison PL: n.n..u Baal,,,., at laaiaa.a.ala,w - MArmiru Haiailth Srvr Fnmn Ifl fiaim. T.i.r ilir pi Downing LtnT T.: lUam: MearS. r . a i.j i,.i. ni . . . . i , Cfnia Amn r.anar.l I IH v.a,..r - -. - - - - --, 'w - - j.a.. aa.v.... ... t cl.a n.. ui uuy n , wkiti, laii nuin tl , nan - . . . . .... urimson a anor. Mariason; Mayne Master Macready: court rn: -,wv- ' r " ' 4 anor. Woolgoolga Beach Reserve Trust Christian Curtis, Nomack PL: strong. Sara Nickiess Ltd. Symen 4 anor: General Judgment: 9.30am: Lawrence. Public Downing ceitre: 10am: Bransdon; Lc & KKX. Hammond. Maniidra Flour Mills Lee Bakery PL; Nohra, Selleys Chemical naa U.m irralMl Inaiaanra itia I M (ahr A ? nrv T, i . , ... Unhat Dnhlir Trutlaa nwi.apm rwai D. rtMn.u r ...I r... ... C r, Dl - T. .r.l.r Uli rnaiaiarrlal n.uIH.IIlnCr PL.', or!: '3?.m: Wakefield. Kirwan 4 Smith, Wieqoid 4 Nthrn Suburbs Rugby Football Blub Ltd. Referrals: 10am. Court 7B: Hearing: tJrJSl Newspapers PL : Michael Anthony Construction Pu'Bonsu. St Catherines ? J!!!M,,Tt . , S" . ,0? Nicholls. Johnstone 4 Bryant, Fitzpatrick Enqel; Mammary, Pepsico Australia; Pavy, 10am: Lawrie. Lawrie. jucihiaCairt Je''V Enterprises PL and anor. Aged Care Srvcs Ltd, the Daughters of 215s rnt.rlutJ; j ,??ul'.0-So'"ra: Murphy Reed 4 Jc-nn f.irta. Public at.ons PL .m: Reglstrgr Downing Centre: 10am: Sew.l. Haddad KS,.0.a PI; f.1":.. L'?": "l',; ' 5t V"' P'; S",n,on' - ' a . . ..j wiiieTI, oyrnes fa DUIiey, jarreTT, aoams, awvti. wy. cienu. najjai aa uts, uiiniigni. T.juam. iihivs, nriu. Jaidoa faiaaaart Adrl tawart 71 ji""om wiwnaiiwiiai aiu, nan inorougnureu tracing Doaru, r!r.., i! f . . i ; Greenaway, Bennett, Powell, Edwards 4 Supreme Car Repairs PL. Elaro 4 2 ors; Corp: Wong (Deceased) 4 5 ors. sXjJJ lyS JSnino Centrr 10am: S1"'""": Holdings PL ; Blair, The Hatton, Southcorp Wines PL: Hoy. Eling state Han Autn ot Nbw, pniiups: wyn Teo 4 3 ors: Deme. state Bank ot Niw Ltd u,,,, universiiy ot rasw; mcvaee, oipna pl; Tyler, AAA Communications PL; Products PL, Grono; Geary, Geary. - As Trustee of the State Bank j,,,. ;,.. Sax-ana lecholoqies Corp Ltd: Hirsch Gardner Missirlis, Fred Clark Australia: Nicol, r...- .a ? . .. .. . J Greenaway, Bennett, Powell, Edwards 4 ?aT..?,.iU? tlV.K'.ni ,I"'YlLnCT. :"' "" Fo'fl'O" Wann. Co., , "-.- .,.,, - wu. ,.m. pwa Nnttnfi & :aatn n'Kana proaucTS pl. crono: taearv. cearv. - as irusree ot tne siare Hana a.., . a, ' . -"v" ""- wunderiin. Miller 4 Clayton, Bond, ii.juem: navanaqn 4 anor, enssen 4 superannuation uenent scheme a anor; rioor Downina Centre-lOam: Nicola. waterways Construction PL; Oxford. Stonhem. Clowes 4 Wvatt. anor; Gill. Kertesz; Bar Mordecai, Health Marquette. Byrne 4 7 ors; Membery, judoe Karnin: Court s i. Sacand y""!r i?u T.1""?"0"1 Tc- a's?n: Coies Supermarket Australia PL: Allen, Care Complaints Cmsn; Blacker 4 anor, Ranier PL 4 3 ors: Lewis, Mortimer 4 Floor. Downing Centre: 10am: Hage ,'" "711 1 Li. S!?Si ctdIHi t Envirocivil; Thomas. Sir Moses Montef lore National Australia Bank Ltd: Howship anor; Ranier PL, Membery; King 4 3 ors, Hassan. 2? ! .' M T. ' Sr. . 'Nursing Home. Motion on Notice: VV L So GB Boston 20 12 .625 Toronto 19 13 .594 1 NY Yankees 19 14 .576 17, Baltimore ' 13 20 .394 7'h Tampa Bay 10 22 .313 10 CENTRAL DIVISION W I GB Minnesota 22 8 733 Cleveland 2V 9 .700 1 Detroit 13 17 .433 9 Chi White Son 11 19 .367 11 Kansas City 11 21 344 12 WEST DIVISION W I To GB Anaheim 15 17 .469 8 Texas 12 20 J75 11 Oakland 12 20 375" 11 Cmsner of Taxation. Justice Tamberlln: Court 20C: 930am: Directions: Ship Carina'. Ship FEDERAL MAGISTRATES COURT aaniiigi , wouywf, IOWPT srvcs ft at ors; Sony Computer Entertainment 4.1 r-rnorf iTDrrT BABDAuATTI Unlrlinnt Dl Cr- la - la Dl - I vhlu kmn- A..rxi.ars Camntu rt Dl l.. ui -a r. A -1 at . a ' ' rOf nWUCMl ITUI, narOWfCH, WieirOfTIIX AA T Dl . A I. r.vMamr.i ftJaumltttr.. Duw riu.r 4 UJit. PI CinfiAirt- Dnrllltl L. C ft re. RlnArrMtt Unlrlinnt Dl at. .nrv- U illn n, .M Ck.u OruneiTf, Inieqitlt tneTQV AUSltdlla, UnKu-kmxi Cru-e V UCUI- Austral. PL i anor, FoMnzzo; Cgu Level 2: I0m: Matheson. Deguar. Administrative Decision Tribunal Appeai Killen; Bluecrest Holdings PL,' Karren Tat. tJaddT' i?tfAu Cawe- Tourism Employment & Training " "'""t w aorM MMiitirna rarxmiw i MitT r vanaki aW innf iv'nm- wnriiri. k. nrt Hnninn mi av. mnrr- I iiAnar rit xrrjtra Yim. lflAai Alaif DAaiirau rtr 1 1 """""mi, im" , Biaiiuaiisr, r. . trt. rnrrHI. International Shipping Corp Berhad. i.i 2, OASm- Maiiei in.m- I annan in,..),.. n...a,. n a a,nnr na ci.. i.(i ia,. 'rn,.,nri. bi r. raiia. Hun, TKira riauvr' n.iaa Campbell 4 anor; Kmsle, Lowe Lintas PL; U,J1 An.. di k. il.n....... ri. 1 1. a. 1 ....a . . 1 r I . . . .... " w - ' , : ' -""-" Gouliaoitis. Howe A ors: T7ort7is. 2pm: of NSW, "T"; RN J Sicame (Australia) PL. Wu & 4 ors; Ting. Wae & 3 ors: Wu & 3 ors. Centre: 9.30am: Hadad; Logan: Taylor; c,,,aid Eiiesdorfer 1 xnui- Coto Reo Collieries Ltd, Ground Consolidation PL; Moss; Parry i anor, Reynolds; State Rail Ting; Oliver & aror, WorHcover Auth of Bourke: Roger 10am: Franklin-Bull; iJTL tofipL i anor - s.106 aooliv D9ani National Foods Milk Ltd. Auth of NSW, Watkins; Simpson fc anor, NSW; Bartlett As Administrator of Est Zantiotis; Director of Public ynch Mudaee Dragons Ruobv League Summons: Kheiruddin. Central Coast Ivanhoe Colliery PL, the Wallerawang Directions List: Leggett. Atlas Copco Braiding. Andrews; Tang, Australia Staff Superannuation PL a anor; Svmons. Nol. Jiliatft ntaMiana UnHnlaia Dl llrrinla, .nuiuiaan.rma anarai a ; - wiainia,nfl,r,a Uin OT H5TT, WaTXinS; SimpSOO A AnOT, NSW; DdTTien S AOminiSTraTOr OT LSI ."l'Vl!a, wurMUl Ul T-UUlll I w-a. Mllrtne Drannn Runhv I ejinil ao"T.v.ompuier imeTiainmem tribunal Beonall k anor: Mousa. Marsh: Scharer. Bartlett. Rvan: Arrow Asset Management Prosecutions Michael: Deans: Lever. F' ,k;ii r7.7K i. .'d..7. Area Health Srvc. Australia PL anor Williams. Motion: 5S MARKET ST. SYDNEY state ot NSW. 12.30pm: Mammary. PL. Owners - Strata Plan No 53158; DISTRICT COURT CIVIL Subien Prtgrim i anor WeMyTsupa 85 GEORGE STREET Son. Computer Entertainment Australia The Hon R Purvis OC. Deputy Pepsico Australia. Countryside (No3) PL. Best t 2 ors: JOHN MAD0IS0N TOWER SundaesPL a ors Halley IBM Global PARRAMATTA PL A anor. Horvoth President Registry: Floor 7: Publication COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEAL Countrvside (No3) PL Lawson i 3 ors: 88 GOULBURN STREET cr,. a...tri 1 m- iana.u Judoa Davidum Ccuirt SH- Flnrar m . !f L 0B: V . ?,c.''.n:aa Diw ,,l (l,",: Chief Judge At Common Law Justice Countryside (No 3) PL, Lawson & anor; . Notice to Practitioners: The District Markets Australia PL and ors; Singer. AG 10am: Hearing: Herat, Sydney Water v.joam: Directions: Rodney Tongue, Confidential, Minister for -imig A maa- Jumra Kirhv Artino j,ii,r n peiiiv Harr A anor- Rrr A ? r Court Is Currently Allocating Hearing 1 iiKiau uanananuni di . xnrhna, na,a rm n r.i.. aiK,w r...r JU" Plumbing srvcs PL A ors; Chandler, House: Dean St: lOem: Hearing: Merkel, The District Court is conducting a pilot Fletcher Constructions Australia Ltd; Woolworths PL; Angus, Munrak PL; program on mediating long or complex MEU on behalf of Robinson & North Leetham. Goldsmith Family matters. As part of our pilot program, the Sydney Council; Awad. World Best Supermarkets PL; Harmer. Giles As .. .... n., r rmir tc nrainarawa tn n.u tnr fh. .aawvaa U.abMH I M- C ajcuw n.n v . ... ... .. . ... . Preston, Natform PL Directions List: . Senior Memtw Lew s. Rear Admiral (Commonwealth) Frv: Dirertor ot Public Johnstone t'anor! Huiirie Srhaerben! of a mediator up to a fixed sum. The Education A Tno: Gilmour and ors. Tior- unara rnar, riai,nn rwa Immigration k " ' :"""""? 0'Z. :;l!zrZ-Z: Prosecutions (Commonwealth). Lee: Crane Distribution ltd. Lawrv & 3 ors: mediator will be provided through the Law Caterpillar of Aust Ltd. PL-Motfitt. Bunoe Meat Industries Ltd. smetVis ComcareT Director of Public Prosecutions Lutman, Brown; Yarrangah PL & 2 ors, society s meaiaTion scneme. also otner um smtii, tuhct Acting Judge. Judge Begneil: Court . . . , 11 nmnvmaanni H.Ian,., aaia, I ,im. NAtmnjai auTri,a H.nt atria,n ina iiieuioiia a nia, ur Liaiaiunni. .aLn imi i, ...... .....w... ......... . , , . -am. a 1m. a- II lam- In u. uufuuuH- Atlairs; Ayyoub Minister for immigration RVmed Hariri,: Cmsn, Deiig.anms Deigianms. lines Pl. Petrw (Timor Sea) PL t 2 ors: will be expected to contribute to any Floor 9: 8.45am: Mention: Club WaD4cfw, Ybeck, Workcover Auth of -ui.-aunu... nniin, jucutiiiui, r-iMH.ici a- -a. a. ..An i - MaatrlfWItk llirttftnr nl tt .tllir Vrnur 1 it inn HrAatirla r.irrlafil iiainLnnrnant Tn H &. cIUUII lUtlell Linii OT inaa mPaidIIOn. IIW morrmcn "vv Areimn vi uusn Aicu NATIONAL LEAGUE MILWAUKEE -4 Chicago Cubs 1, Philadelphia 3 HOUSTON 2, ST. 10UIS 8 Pittsburgh 2, COLORADO 12 NY Mets 4, ARIZONA 4 Cincinnati 3 (11 innings), SAN DIEGO 7 Atlanta 1. Florida 7 LA DODGERS 6, SAN FRANCISCO 9 Montreal 1. STANDINGS EAST DIVISION raiuiraaimarilunlTiauutrlh. Inl.Uina U, ilf ir , ,lt i.ral At.a, Ihif Ualla, . Matnews: Aourr ija: Hearing: luam: Macoonaio A 1 ors; Austrattecn ing Eng PL, Rohiig a COS Expeditie - En heardin pri1e Murreil. Regina (NSW). Technology PL, Sengman PL i 3 ors; Scheepvaartbedruf B V a anor; Teac rs",0:.M' "BJ ""rin i01" COMMON LAW DIVISION Hatsatouris. Hatsatouris & 3 ors; Rez Australia PL, Cmsner of Taxation; J Floor i Hearing. 10am. Sec . pept of JuJtk, suiiy: Court IOC: Directions: Corp PL. Hughes: Pioneer Construction rtauorm r . JDnn Lltminr rTMIOn ni""f n vu""mi'"ii jhh, "nvmri, as rv a a i-i. rs. a;.- ni r.oh ItTinittar Inr Multicultural Affairs: R Merhabi i anor, S: Resumed Hearing: Minister for Immigration and Multicultural isesmewis. Lomcare. for immigrate .MEU, A., 'straV Aiam. MiniSier TOr immigraTIOn A o . ntciwi Dauanu narlinn HarhAia- luth t nrt t on uenaii ut Duan a ajciai l. 1 .. 1... , .' . aa aa. Y.ii.a. ININI Mirholl' Thief fnitnai nf Ctata, annr Mlnrvrl A 1 nra. frana nitr,hnt:nn COUrt Will not PaV the COStS associated WOOnona-Bulli RSL Memorial Club Ltd. rarn' Vm.ah.u rai.nlr al Onlira- Ui.aa !, raM,vi. ,ia.iuii . . . . .... ...'. . . . . , ., ... lOam: Conference: Transoort Industry - . . i.m r nancac Lin a, annr- aaonairc a,ii aiicniaiu wi aniw aran,. w'i" T .7 . , . a ninniiti uiarjitTinna Ml Tnunn - - - ' . . , .1 . : . . I nn.f.r. Han ana rnnlrarl , - 1 Ltd. wiuiTicuiiurai ATiairs. a- ispm: part-nearo: I0 ,5wB. Kr, w.Ut Cor0 Ltd 0 45am: Justice Hulme: Court 10D: Hearing - Campbell & 6 aa r."'"" "'""'U'"""" " Smith, Ccmcare. 11.15am: W ors; Valentino. Walters; o, JKff'JI 'TJ0'"'?":." Determination: TranstXrt Ind Eincrife 'opoulo 4 Ale.opoulos; Navarro. ors. Amor a o ors; Miles. huu kuvii.mi ito nrruioiiuii n.uai j..,,,.-. r.,,, n-l. nnrai D.n,r Fredon Manp TTffTiang, rw rimaia, iw,ia. avara, vwriiiiianiwvaun rainiuai r-L ai ui , aaiirui tQW),3iiTi, ..... . .... . , .... r . . . . . Cmsner of Taxation. 12pm: Cletrl, Aust of Australia. Vaughan: Siddons Investment Co PL, Place before 30 June 2001. As . r " U. i'Ji r-i rl. .. larticipating in mis ,-';..--- ;-,.-- .z Floor 2: 10am: H carina: Cashel. Westoac Justice Greg James: Court 90: Perry Ure Superannuation PL & 3 ors; consideration tor participating Manpower PL. Commissioner Wright: Court 2A: '.'"" . .fnor' ,or ,mm,9 Multicultural Affai. 2 45pm: Judgment: 10am: Stanley. Farlow; Satellite Group Ltd t anor. R G Young PL program, the Court will reguire the parties Council 4 30om- PreUmirlare Haarhsa: Banking Corp; Sykes. Sydney Training and i ors 10.15am: Maloney. Sec Dept of Family & Duncan. Crews A anor. A 4 ors; Valerica PL, Global Minerals nd their legal representatives to ro and Freiohters "earing: Empoynwm Uq, Co(jnJ 'Hornst)y, sc. mm w f0"""""'' Srvc- 3 30pm: Sara, Justice Rlrby: Court 10E: Mention: Australia PL & 4 ors; Bougas. Chambiras complete a guestionnaire on the Commissioner O'Neill: Room t Floor Garcia, Grocon International PL; Hearing: Demirol Immigration Judgment: Thirunevufckarasu, Minister Faysal, Sec Dept of Family A Community tor Immigration A Multicultural Affairs. Srvcs. Conference Room F: Floor 7: . Justice Hely: Court 23E: 9.30am: Judament: Industry Ratearrh and n.a.innm.nt nnarri Phai .aa Government Solicitor. Investments PL; Mamstar One Holdings . Conference Registrar Richardson: di inrtii.tra, Da.ari, a n.u.ioa.m.o. Telephone Conference: 11am: Hoard K,.rk Mmi.t.r for immior.tion Confidential. Repatriation Cmsn. This anr MumruuVr ATfairV OIctf.n2 Matter is to be heard ,n private. 11.30am1 Registrar Jupp: Court TE: Hearing: Erasmus, S C.U i- l ?! ". !?!: Dart, Repatriation Cmsn 12pm: Harwood, 29am: Vassiliadis. Law Society ot NSW: Fabricate Multicultural Affairs.,,lti ..tmmiM: c,ur, 20t: Postal Corp. 12.30pm: Wid'iaja. Minister Australian Federal Police fc Directions: F Hottmann-L New England Biolebs Inc. Pt Hr New Comcare. 4pm: Johnston, Comcare. 9am: Gazal & anor. Vanreid Industries PL fc anor; Jomar Investments PL. Alan mediation process. This guestionnaire wiH 930m: Prelirrvlnarv Hearing: Sioos Moutzouris. Southcorp Australia PL. ' u2,nSj! n -m"" OI r"nI t-omerence woom a: Moor r. em: j j orJ; palmer, Roads & Traffic Auth of Segal; Donohue. Timmer: Pelglen PL. ist tne court to refine and improve the ,d Grange Furniture PL. 11.30am: Commissioner Hunt: Court 2B: Floor anor V910D0. Conference: Gelvin, Aust Postal Corp. sjew a ? ors- Camnhaii Reoional rwinrita of Australia Pi - Huoter vaim.w mediation process. To participate in this u uu. c inH...ri ri n. 9. in.m- uaariaa, ra n,a lannaaai Justice Rati: Court 23B: 10.15am: Conference Registrar Shepherd: Publishers PL: Nikoiooouios A 10 ors. Restaurant Management Srvcs PL A 7 Pilot, the consent of all parties to the travnixmi a k a rr.;nh,.r pi ?ai- 1 in- nioia iirnim..m 1 m- '.a ,. . aa, c. .7. ...... a i T.7..V. r .7a ii Vx iree neraio -l a anor. npiKaIWI; orli niei i-msner ot state Hevenue tor inmntii. i uaot " narper a froprint Aust fL. i.jupm: tnanoier, state Ran Autn ot nsw; Multicultural Affairs. JtOienoVSkl, leiStra LOrp Ltd. IC.JUpm. Q.m. Rosa MrFlhona A i or IRjaoloo As klCW- Rnoowrioo Turkih llmir riiltural been Obtained. Please Contact Jack Petrnniiewir- A Attiki Pl Inin- Cnntaina Rai.lkhara Uill. .cr- n... W.C. Taylor t Scott Solicitors) a 3 ors. Assoc & 5 ors. Abdullah A 12 ors: Kriticos, Sandon ot the List Office on (02) 9287 Preliminary Hearing: Turner & Australian Ludowici Ltd. lO flarn- C nnimrmnrm- Toctaillo ""i aaiiwwiy. aaw tie., nwm iitb - aaiijc a. ui . v.iiiu), nci nri uiif tun, - rwai jiniri., urammTSSKirier nogg: T.OUTT t.: T WOr I D.'o.,rTino ro,.o ii ai? a, .' Part-heard: 10am: Simpson . Diamond i Falkingham. Falkingham; Bonnyrigg Judge Graham: Court 21A: 10am: Commissioner McKenna: Room 3: 2: 10am: To Be Mentioned: Kha. Janzilk II ;'Df!'''lor.c.?'us,m- u" anor. Turkish islamic Cultural Assoc inc. A 5 Hearings: Stuart Bros. PL. Presbyterian Floor 8: 9.30am: Mention: Love & Sachin pi M..nt Oo..nias m Master Harrison: Court 7F: Referrals: ors, Abdullah I 4 ors: Friehart PL. cnurcn property irust. nominees pl ; Dispute psa a waste K Mart Australia Ltd; Duong. Goodman luam. a,ouri rr: Hearing: luam: Dicer, uexpiain pl: Liarenoon Lorporate srvcs ww piwiwa wm w.wmm. "'"ii -,a j.v u i. j. tielder Ltd; Holder, Banbury Eng; Mcdonaids Australia Ltd. PL, Chief Cmsner of State Revenue; "earing: "noerson, oignoio. iwarru pan "u" ;ir'm. zuiaPnoski. Woolworths Ltd. Moorebank Registrar Jupp: Court TE: Hearing: Erasmus, Erasmus; Leemar Metal Heard: Lianacnan. cassidy, Hownn, s-swsi L Dn r ""Shopping Centre; Single, Shangri-la Danalrialmnrman lnn,. u.r.nnn Vassiliadis. Law Society ot NbW: Fabrications PL. Twintech Holdinas PL: uioson. apm: neservea juoomtra; r1--"":-" "". ' ' "J - "-yv ,..,..,. a Ena nerr na PL: Taia. Mhs .............. ...... .. ....... . ... ..... .... .- .... . - -a ... . . . . . m ioc t ariw I aarmnfl I antra llxnii-a - . Comcare. Conference Room D: Floor 7- omespie. port Mecguarw Lonservation viacnos A anor. irving a an.or: sayce, -i..-.-u. m. v - ,"1 Employment Agency PL. 9.30em: Conference: Confidential. Sec1 Society & anor; Perkins. Harris; Pollack, Gavan & anor: Noss. Smith; Hill. Manekent Judge Freeman: .Court 17 A: 10am: ai laa-"sfa-, i t t!! CNR SCOTT & NEWCOMEN ST Dept of Family A Community Srvcs. This Harris. 9.30am: Maitco PL. Creasy's Grain PL i 2 ors: Bosaso Holdings PL. Cymien Hearings: Athanasopoulos. X'"10"-".! !!' 'r o...;7.. tJ;".. - NEWCASTLE waller is TO dp neara in privaip. iriiTiiiiwa r-i.. ltiisi aaiu vuiiii'ii--iuiii, t-l, iwrru su, iwrro enwavour uruises ..."'--- Barrtiitment- Teller A Dawirl Mlaroar -Juoge Mrmrcage: LOUTT IT rioor 41: AUSTRALIAN INDUSTRIAL Rhind. Insurance Exchange ot Australia PL; Butler. Gourmet Food Group PL A 3 Juoge pnegan: tours too: luam: V,V,V7. pi Akri--o t V.ilJ irvri Kam: Motion on Notice: Kibble. R W RELATIONS COMMISSION PL 4 anor Final Conference: 10am: Hore. ors; Estephan, Saad: Matejuk. Zieiinski t Hearings: Smack mc. Saroukos. Australia Ltd-wi I A Butterrun BakrVes- Miller & Co PL. Hearing: Katte, Dylable 80 WILLIAM STREET Dertbrook Coal PL i 2 ors. 12pm: Hart, anor; Kolahdouzan & anor. BB Group Judge Puckerldge: Court 16A: 2VU "Z "behaH I of McEwen A Sth West PU Covre. Lismore & District Workers EAST SYDNEY W.ihs i 3 orA 3.30pm: Law Society of Finance PL A 2 ors; Lamerton 9.45am: BuildingEng Direct: Westfieid 5Vfmev tegai Centre- Cash & Rooer David Club; Mason, Henny Penny Holdings PL; Full Bench: Justice Gludlce. NSW. Kington. Investments PL. Balmoral Island PL. Concrete Co PL. Martin; SJP Formwork c, p ina- uaarw uaru-rLi a Paul Caiien. Newcastle CC. Newcastle: President, Justice Munra. Commissioner Assistant Registrar Howe: Tweed Perrett. Bishop; Deierc PL, Corporate PL. Garden Development PL; Resdential oeavm A Featherstone Austin, Busways PL, Leslie's Omnibus; i ... . .... a n ... r i . ... Uaaa ra..rauu,... r,alarfLw r.M. i.. hi,.,,..., i n. ... .. o i t 1 nr. - I ifacuac Pl Kovarfi: Sitaraoa pi . , , i,..: n .. C ni i ,n.. . ... i i -.w-a, a nvain " . r ,ww, ' ' - . .... ........ ........ .... .. ...... ni.ri..iuioi j . , l v J via, ' -,- ummjinntT rVVOi: rTOOm 3: r TOOT O. Ji L r iu,,,,,,u,ai,u,, naur'MUllVTl. IT 7. .. la. i ,o .k a. . c 2 2pm:Vehide Industry Repair And Retail Law Society of NSW, Smith A anor. Cavalieros. Tsamaidis; Bradley. Paraplegic wiikie: vourakis A vourakis. candaiepas; 9.30am: Preliminary Hearing: Crosby fc Caiman, Caiman Hire Cars PL; Multicultural Affairs. (By the Next Friend Motor Industry (Act) Award 1996 Re 1999 Deputy Registrar Siva: Court 70: fc Quadriplegic Assoc ot NSW & anor; Project Building & Design PL, Patterson; Blair-Beth Transport Cons. 11am: Hungerford. Target Australia PL. ouoaov)souoaiiov a anor Minister tor And 2000 jaf.ty Net Adiustments - Return of Subpoena: 9am: Walls, Lance t Terandy PL, State of NSW t 6 ors: Ultra Flash Bricklaying PL, Ghosn. 10am: Compulsory Conference: Dispute Club Judge Ouirk: Court 2: Floor 4: Kam: wimigroiion A Muiticuiturat "a'rs. cnen. Rf).r,nc, To Full Bench. 2pm: Vehicle anor: Salinas. Kovacevic fc 2 ors; Tune Australia PL. Marsmark Auto PL & 2 Hearings: Biythe. P J Ryan's Hotels PL. Managers' Assoc t Woy Woy t District Hearing: Barnes. Hastings Council; M.m,ter tor immigration A Multicultural aury Raipir, srvc, And Retail Award Caroutas, Murray a anor; Mathews (an ors; Baidini, Fennell. Corps List: 11am: Judge Williams: Court 16C: 10am: Rugby Leagues Football Club re alleged Duggan, Lorn Constructions PL ; Puru. Baai a Meats rt tn- ai-u 8J Extend Tne Award m its Entirely iniann a i ors. Mccatrey A z ors; seidei, Becner Holdings PL, Biairoma PL A 3 ors; n earing; raior, ueorge a narry -.nnsiora awo oreacnes. j.jupm: Mention: ine Nova Scaffolding A Rigging PL; Krpan, yyp )na aC . Rererence 10 fun Bencn. Laoaco pl a anor: peimer. poaos a irarric Deputy cmsner 01 Taxation, cnardieign r seamens union or aust od nenneoy a Broken Hill proprietary Co Ltd. JTai'lE : PP"" ,'n:m ',ou1," 2pm: Vehicle Industry Repair And Retail Auth of NSW a 2 ors; O Hara. Graham A 2 Proprietary Ltd; Deputy Cmsner of Judge Gibb: Court 16D: 10am: Hegarty's Ferries. 3.45pm: : Last A G 243-249 CROWN STREET IT1 a i- BoummmTD'7ru-"c'J' 1J: Motor Industry (Act) Award 1996 Re ors; Ouinn, State of NSW: McMaugh, Taxation, Saw Rawnsley PL; Hands-on Commercial List Directions: Chun & Lee. Penny Aust. 4pm: : Williams & Central WOLLONGONG Deputy cmsner of Taxation, Bryett: AB0lcior, To Srt The Above Award Adams fc anor: Renes. State of NSW; Management PL , Mcaieod & anor: Canbet Huang; Capital Brake Srvc PL, Sparke Sydney Area Health Srvc. Judge Nellson: Court fc Floor 2: !tT. T .. L L a 7 .. . 'de - Reference To Full Bench. 2pm: Proudman, Nthrn Sydney Area Health Ltd. Reality Cinema PL: Moraitis Fresh Heimore: Applied Business technology i-ornmissioner .amonoge: noom ir. 10,m. Hearing: Ogden, Patrick the (Referred to In the Judgment BNotice Application By The Motor Traders' Assoc Srvc: Eiazzi. KAN Enterprises PL; Packaging (NSW) PL. Mm PL; Kid Crew PL. Chesterton International PL; Wilke & Floor '"- Preliminary Hearing: Austr-ian stevedore. BHP Stevedoring as nobson: Deputy cmsner of Taxation, 0) N,w rof A rjaC)at,on That The Perkins, Commonwealth Bank of Express Pl. Vinogradov: Rapid Metal Comapny PL. South Pacific Design PL; Scott A r,UDerf RVClirg. 'Oam: PL. t Port yvaratah; Pranic, BHP Steel oregory Batten: Deputy cmsner of viacie industry Repair, Srvcs And Retail Australia ltd; Dowsett. Varley A anor: Developments (Australia) PL, Trepcha Jarre PL, Constantino Stamos; Sydney Hearing: pellew A Koraovan (No.3) PL. pL; Ma$on, BHP Steel PL: Hanger, Taxation. Orel. Motion: commonwealth Aard 198 A Common Rule in The Act Gould, State of NSW; Kan), JAM Waste Construction and Civil Works PL; Loveils Olympic Football Club Management PL. -"'IViofi!'- Liguorland PL: Clarke, Hosps of Australia Bank OF AustraiiaRobertson A anor r Th vehicle Industry - Reference To PL A anor. Springs PL. Deputy Cmsner of Taxation; Sydney Olympic ltd Sydney Olympic V,?.?"h TJ ;?,V?LbF - Salamanovski, BHP Steel PL .,..,. ..... Fun Bench. Deputy Registrar Siva: Court 70: Gazzard PL. Amp Lite Ltd: Australian soccer rootoaii ciuo; steico pl. loeai r f " ..J YZJZ: nin..,. CommutationRerJemptlorK Thomas leatMn: Crossroads PL ors. Chegue ru Ju,tte ciudica. Return of Subpoena: 9am: Batiste. Steel Co PL Trading As Welded Meshach. Australia PL: Wykotf Investments PL. luiTSlf.,Sl ?ll Gerovassilis. Kembia Auto Repairs PL; lainaniiainmiiaxaii-Lsiifi. President, tamar Etaoutu a,iaaiil Columbia Nursino Homes PL A anor- Ft Cnntrartinn Pl fw I trt Primetwla Pl - Newlino: National Mutual Life ASSOC Of -- - - - - DrvKa Caw-.a-itw Dl Uartlnn- c nm aaiatrar Mawallapiar flaer 1A- ' : . . w. ' "- . . I " . - -- --- . . T .T.. . . ...... ... .. n . . , CO-OP LtO re casual e ees. . .... . - a. .. ..... ... u'caiiaenarL Lammiiiianar smit n- in ware, nrerora Lnerov Looiamunara ureoor. Hnrisn-israei-wor a reaerarion aauuajiaiai liu, wiustiiaii nmriviMi W L GB Philadelphia 20 12 .625 Atlanta IS 18 .455 5't Florida 14 17 .452 57; NY Mets 14 18 .438 6 Montreal 12 21 364 8'A CENTRAL DIVISION W L GB Chicago Cubs 20 12 .625 Milwaukee 17 15 .531 3 Houston 16 15 .516 37i St Louis 16 15 .516 37t Cincinnati 16 16 .500 4 Pittsburgh 12 19 .387 77i WEST DIVISION W I GB Los Angeles 18 15 .545 San Francisco 17 15 .531 Vi Arizona 17 16 .515 1 Colorado 16 16 .500 17, San Diego 16 16 .500 17j Jewellery PL I ors. Justice Cent): Court 23A: 11.30am: Motion: Elias a anor. Cmsner of Taxation of the Commonwealth of Australia. Registrar Ouinn: Court 18D: 2.15pm: Directions List: Sivasubremaniem t ors. Minister for Immigration A Multicultural Altairs: Ng. Minister tor Immigration A Multicultural Affairs: Buksh, Minister for Immigration A Multicultural Affairs; 30arK Settling Incite Appeal Papers: chambers: 2pm: Appeal By GH Components PL. Cable Management NSW Branch; Deputy Cmsner of Taxation, Centre PL; Chen, Lin. Lee fc Lee. Yip; Ly. Jenkins A ors ly. Jenkins A ors. FEDERAL MAGISTRATES COURT LAW COURTS BUILDING 0UEENS SQUARE. SYDNEY Federal Magistrate Raphael: Court 10C 9 30am: Telephone Directions: Oeite Liverpool CC AriJ01 HEININGER STREET, DAPT0 NSW Haiiam, nm a tr uowiing. waters; r . . u . 1 . . Wollonnono Untvercitv AH Caterina Pl Operations Against The Decision Of Systems (Aust) PL 2 ors; Knckovic, Cemsons Trading PL. Collins Thomson Pl Brambles Nominees PL. Commonwealth o,3oam: inspection: Dispute Belmader Girgetsos. Cmsner Tolley On 23 October 2000 Re Lyie; Ag-exports (Australia) PL a anor, (in lig), Clayton; Bbc Hardwerd Ltd, B A Bank ot Australia; Fairs, Fairs t Hifum PL, constructions PL & CFMEU re industrial Acting Judge. Judge Burke: Court 2: Termination Of Employment - Decision. Export Finance A Insruence Corp (E F I Cr; F isber Builders PL: Fai Traders Insurance Lewarne: Negus. Climax Management PL; action. Floor 2: 10am: Judgment: Chetcuti, BHP FuN Bench: Senior Deputy President Spruill. Dept of Community Srvcs: Co PL; Hih Insurance Ltd: World Marine & Forstaff Australia PL. Email Ltd; Getina AMP CENTRE 90 CROWN STREET, Stevedoring PL Hearing: Crothers, Tycan nerrison. senior srepury presioeni "rtneseni. isnanoer; nan, sraie or nsw; uenerai insurances pl: pin unoerwriring r- "--t. raiaaiw, wu,iai .l aaiiy, WOLLONGONG Australia PL, Dewiodge; CO, a L A L J Cartwrlght, Commlsslener Ratfaelll: Dalamangas I 2 ors. Star City PL I 2 ors; A Insurance (Australia) Pl; United Body Funari; Phermenet Online Ltd, James- Commissioner Murphy: Room 1: Floor Crisp. G J t K Glover; Ivanoski, BHP Steel court woom lata, rioor tat: luam: Appeal uiescoTi , puTieoge a ors; nerrernan, wnrxs luidl pl; Laniex no bs PL: t-ai tuipeicT, unet-i n-reii 9; ri..som: Hearing: uispute Belmader PL; Shelton, PAO Food Catering Srvcs PL; Registrar fge:CMrtl8II: 10.19am: Bv lfrry A(K,t a Decision Of Senior Nthrn Sydney Area Health Srvc. Bankruptcy Application: Heaiey A King. Buttigieg: Canon Australia PL. Sharma: Leasing Finance PL. Fai Insurances Ltd: Environmental Srvcs PL; McLane Constructions PL fc CFMEU re industrial Letich, Spotless Catering Srvcs Ltd: Deputy President Duncan On 25 January Senior Deputy Registrar Robinson: Cic Insurance Ltd: Fai investments PL: Fai international inc. Metcasn Trading Ltd; action. Warwick Leftley, BHP Steel PL; Donachy. 1 ..a., r.i. I a...... a...... , , .. w ' r wai'iaa nnwaa a.(W ni ... ...... .. .... . -.. ................ . a. .. i ..... it -. kiu r a, J r' ......... . , - . . " . ' 1 . . . . . t?i3ainjw SieeiS PL. RnureW, SniDDie. . uu.". -"f Termination Ot Employment. 10am: NSW Crime Cmsn. lahood. 2pm: Investments PL; Hih Casualty A General pl: signboard co PL, Claude Neon PL; Deputy President Harrison: Court Gaftev. Pet Trading PL Insurance Ltd; Hih Overseas Holdings Ltd; rujnsu uenerei pl. rtarris scarie Lice mum: v.isam: conciliation eng CommutationRedemption: Kwikfprm. tai financial SrvCS Ltd: fai Overseas 3l, rnmux, wryingrn ru, roewserw wfiarfcinaira. nuns aa ia,rv wrfiwiaxi Terry. Holdings PL: Fai Reinsurances PL: Hih PL; Ceputo, Ceputo and Caputo, Pawley. Club. K): 0 AM: Hearing (Pt Hrd): Encarto NSW COUNTRY CIRCUIT COURTS Underwriting A Agency Srvcs Ltd: Austin. Hearings: noidovska, vouros. D"'T" seaiuous pl. epic nearmg: judge Ashtord: Bateman's Bay Court Betterdavs PL t 2 ors: Boral Resources Judge Gerllng: Court 15B: 9am: Towers SRodney Manning House. Orient street. Baraman's Bav: r ........ . kialkra Ian., narlifwihamt faal 7- l" n.,nt, 1 Dl ai . 1 1. unmM 01 . IK. Directions HearifM: ROWO. Wilson: MrriaCnil SIKLLI DKURtll TIILL ia. u i a a . Travtl UdPottirCA(J.ttJ eent 2C-30. 10.I5.W: Summer. TH - Part-heard: 10am: E.ston; Au,tr.l,anStee Co (Operations) PL. i 'tSJ.J'' 'ZZlTTiLnXSl 9W P.. . David . Ion, . .. a r . Bl ,a a f uft laie. rtvvw afina ' 111.,.'! 1 V 1 w uwu,?, Jitn n, im 1 11, , . aa,ua " a. -r- - - ........... ....... ' '" ""'"' " r-- ' ' "' V"T" . Agreement 2000 - for Certification. Justice Dunror Damngnurst court Sub-branch Morenong Sf George Bank ltd A enor. oorai resources (country) pl. wyue; Dmly ntaMt 0rmM. ,n NSW Crime Cmsn, Lahood. priTcnerg. reno; oora. nesources Chambers: 10.15am: Teleconference: COMMON LAW DIVISION T ' Via IV " , n ! "'"''K" " Tn Wheelchair And Hardware Ltd a New line Frames A DlMbied Assoc For Determination 01 TIT. . Oesigneted Award Re Summeriend House Trial Pl. Seiameh aka Salameh International Supported Employees BAILS CRIMINAL Justice Grove: DerMnghurst Court 6: Part-heard: loam: o Haiioren. Club. Cepu And Telstra Corp ltd Re Telstra s Dmh. Workers' Compensation (NSW) Ltd, Shire Labels PL; Wily, Chris's Sightseeing IjaT-JaJrtravwIaa Failure To Apply The Correct Justice 0'Keefe: St James Road Bellscepe PL; Farrow Mortgage Srvcs PL Tours PL; Jackson Simpson, Ansett LAn0 AND ENVIRONMENT COURT iiuiiaiiim 10 certain aiarr ano aawi. .. ,wn. nawama. m liu', vivm oajinou Tuunu as . ........... m. ..,..,, Justice Simpson: King Street Court Representative ot the Australian nmotny 0 Bnen PL. Clipsal Vision PL; Trial - Part-heard: tOem: Daley. Partnership Known As Accenture. Mansour. Gunler; Towler, Bielefield; Payments And Entitlements To Customer Justice Hidden: Dertfnghurst Court Sherman Premier Ailianz Austral FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA 97-99 GOULBURN STREET, SYDNEY 9 30am: Allan Justice O'Ryen: Floor a Court 60: V 30am: Blyton Sereni. lOem: Minshull Justice Rose: Floor Court 68: 9 30am: Stewart 10am: Francis; Wilson. K)V, A:Vra,TndV tnle'ror,1,0. "Vo! 2' Justice Lawrie: Flee. 7 Court 78: fS.T.Tl'.. PL. "" i"". an,ii,aic r bl r.IH.a aiH. Dl : Club Leemar Metal Fabrications PL. 9.15am: industrial Supplies PL 12.45pm: Mention: JJ (megrpl Eriero Pene Harris .7.1 . MrMahon Middieton o iDanr Maih. pi Broken Hill Commerce and Industry X . V; J.. Ir v' .ne- "arris M.cM.ah0n' 7rll.t3,"?.Sh.PLJ Aoreement (Consent) Award 1998. The - Daishowa PL; Clarke, Fountain Caravan Part PL: Date, Integral Energy. DUST DISEASES TRIBUNAL JOHN MADDISON TOWER WINDEYER CHAMBERS 225 MAC0UARIE STREET. SYDNEY Justice Pearlman, Chief Judge: Communications S: Trial - Part-heard: 10am: Bikic. Zealand Bank a anor; Australia and New Deenng. Withers: Coll.ngs, Haertsch; Court n0 12 J Hearino 10am: CartTer anking Group ltd. Panabo PL; Deering, Withers; Cianter. Nuiubi PL; " p. Not ice Holdings PL. Newcastle CC. Justice Bignotd: Court No. 13a: Duty Judge 9.30am: Biacktown CC, Wiikie & 88 GOULBURN STREET President Judge O'Meatlv: Sydney. Court 4 A: Floor 4: 10am: Ruuska. BHP Steel (Ais) PL. Judge Magutre: Sydney: Court 4C: Floor 4: 10am: Athanasatos, Bradken Sellmarch Hearings: Snodgrass. Oliver; Snodgrass. SM,- Toam- (Part Heard) Consolidated Ltd (Formerly Bradford Carlson: Oliver. DonneMv Tross Minino NL Kenaall Ltd), Cockatoo Dockyard PL. a .1.. Actios Judoe Downs: Court ISA: uonneny, NOSS Mining N.L. a...... rwa.... a r. ...J Justice cowdroy: Court No. 5b: ""l"f-"' pl. the Field Workforce Terhnicians. Justice Barn Darnrnnurst Court 2: Kellv-snrinafield Australia PL. Green A 4 Wilson. Wilisher. Senior Deputy President Duncan: In Trial - Part-heard: lOem: Gallagher. ors: Warrarra PL. Sheinutt; Deiduca I Judge Coleman: Court 150: 10am: Chambers: 9am: Teleconference: 9anv Justice Grea James: Court 9D: Associates PL. Wily; Bel ..aaiai a..,..u iaAa.aa. ,ua a Steele And Umversttv Of Wollonaona Re Directions: 9.30am: Popovic. Developments PL. David Court SA: 10am: Cutts. Termination Of Employment. 9.30am: Justice Bell: Wollongong Court: Trial Shipwest PL. Aerosol Industries Australia Acting Judge Downs: Court ISA: Judicial Registrar L-sughnen: Floor Closed Hearing: Referral. - Part-heard: tOem: Penrusi. PL; Risban PL. Thomas Hughes Homes 10am: Hearings: Winn, smith. Hearlna lOam- Pernetual Trustee Commonwealth of Australia. Bradken Court SO: lOem: Harvey, Solomon. Commissioner Harrison: At Newt Justice Howie: King St Court 5 PL; Cssl PL, Commercial Nominees of Acting Judge Certoma: Court 15C: roniolrw Ltd VG Consolidated Ltd (Formerly Bradford Registrar wersbech: Floor 4 Court Ltg. Holt street. Surry Hill And imieoetn t tntrance): Trial - part- Australia Ltd; a h. Beard Pl, Han Price nteinsi: ino, siamon. canior rnnnkilnnar ..,... r,rt Kendall Ltd). Cockatoo Dockyard PL. 4A: 9 4Sam: Registrar's Duty List: Chullora Print: 9.30am; inspections. hear lOanv Masson: Symss. Warehouse PL 11.01am: Loveils Springs Judge Ainsiie-wanace: court 14A: . M ... IM iiaarai Judge Curtis: Sydney: Court 7A larati Stubbs: Hutton; Brown; Starmer; Commissioner Jones: Hearing Room Acting Justice Newman: Court 1A: Suspension PL, Deputy Cmsner of 9. J oam: Reserved Judgment: a.trw.actura! Proifcts PL Kooarah ur Floor 7. tOem: Nielsen. CSR Ltd, Seltsam Maioof; Paraskeva; cnuardi A bazoli: fib. Floor II: 9.30am: CertifKatlon: Glen Ball Application: loam: Damirdian; Taxation: Deputy cmsner ot Taxation, xiuuieion. campoeuiown cc. luam: noiideus. Givnn A Coiiis. Arnold A Atterd- Street Theatre And Performers Certified Warburton; Deianey: Diiarks; Moutrage; United Food Brokers (NSW) PL; Zurich Mentions: Dyson, Haociirte. Hearings: MMr(ng ioam: Ouffin Hornsbv SC L,d- Seltsam PL, Boral Australian Gypsum aiMuiq, nam nuang, vaootu nunier agreement c :u - zuuz. v.asam: Mayne curry: nostecogiou; sear. Australian workers compensation Ltd, nwii,nniiinnviuiriiirL. Commissioner Riw Na Ltd, (Re: Royal) Babcock Australia Ltd, logistics Fa5nion - 6 ieenslend Deputy Registrar Siva: Court 70: Stylish Security PL; AMienz Australia Juoge Naugnton: court 14B: loam: M , lo Wheriaod ;r- Eraring Energy (Formerly Sued As Pacific r t!TSi T?J '"r,. T''H"U. Enterprise Aqre,-nen1 20oO. 10am: Return of Subpoena: 9am: See: Ky. Workers' Compensation (NSW) Ltd, Hearings: Gereysus. George. s""" ftil ' .' , , --- terminals r . 'crt Dotan irti orocaroon) cummuw lw uivisiun centrecourt care pl; pl, Deputy cmsner "'-" wi ivxm. Commissioner Murreil rau F .. ii-la'-. c iZl 7 a , terminals re-ans- agreement ADMINISTRATIVE LIST of Taxation. Hearing: 2pm: Cesstex PL. Hearings: Armstrong. Damstra. judoment 9 15am: Mouratklis kooara T Energy (Formerly Sued As Pacific Power), fai Ahmed; Baildon a White: Basiie: jnnijnni .aaai- i-.- ri n- aiiim u.- raan tr- Aaniina- n.aa, rn ciraia Dun inns l n,. Judoe Ba a: Court 14D: 10am: Juogmern y.isam. Mouratiois, nogaran. ,K,"",. .,..1..,,. , .a o.k i 'in '."ITT' P"IL'1", B"9h: 10 15am: Vldeoc ifaren-e: Terminals pi 10am: King. Greyhound Racing Auth Deputy Registrar Siva: Court 70: Hearings: Hadtield, Commonwealth Bank ........ - r, 'f- Osborne (Bulk Ligvd.. Terminal (N5W A anor: Howe. Rosier A anor. Return of Subpoena: 9am: Deputy or ausiraiia. Agreement 2001 - For -'tif ica'-on. EQUITY DIVISION Cmsner of Taxation, Yates Security Srvcs Acting Judge Gamble: court 13E; Commissioner Murreil Court No. 5a Hara,e Industries Lta Amaca PL. Eraring energy trormeiiy sueu 5 pacmc poweri, A( c. oaocock Australia Ltd, Babcock Reoistrar Dafkovski: Court No. la: All International Ltd. James Hardie Mattar. Rw Canaan O OClam Caantaaal Industries Ltd, Amaca PL. Matters Not Before 9.30am: Caltover . Registrar Martin: Registrars Court, Hodgson: Court 12B: PL: Agricultural Equity Investments PL, 'Oam: Hearings: Bennett, Hunter Area ! u-7j atLrTcr- aarLr. Floor issues and Listing Conference: Holdings PL. Sutherland SC; Drougas t '"am: ine: oennem nmaca PL, nsw Coqhian; Comber: Mead; Grogor: Ei- aimon; worne, spirer A t omonoson: , ramoaoies Award 199 o. . , .ne Mention: 9.30am: Lewis. Lewis A 2 ors. Mecouarie CorDorate Finance Ltd A S ors: Health Srvc. A Kuoch Burton- Chorafios A P"'d Allowances. .1.3Ga Cht Judo, m Egutty Justice Youn Finlav, Mack A anor; Vickery, J,p Acting Judge Hog.n: Court 130: TurrtvinV CcTca ArcM i-raTommak,,; Rasmuss P.r"ck A Certlfkrtks-: Ensemble Proa.ucl .or. 1 Cc jrt 8A: Menthm: 9.30n: National Custodians PL t 2 ors; Deao-yanicocks A 10 Heisrlngs: Baxter, Council of the u "aV PL Parramatta CC; &bMn, PL. D.D & P.J Bennett PL. NSW Land A Peto. Novello A Bienchinl; Boddeus. viu..v "V"'"' ' auvv- a.. a..u, P"a -. .u..u . - "''l'. '...a. . .all o-.:... ...... .... Mosman MC: Russell. Pittwater C; Kovel. Housing corp. nam: DOizan, aiargarnis j ors; sraie ot mshx, . V. . "j .7 . Pittwater C- Wolff Architecure PL Admimsrator AO Cltem ot tst Cantarelll, BRIDGE Grand slam contract proves to be a "rare bird" Denis Howard South dealer; neither vulnerable. NORTH NORTH --V A8 A65 4 A 3 ors: state of nsw Judge the Registrar Court 11 A: 1 Austrian Family Assurance ltd t ,anor: ';"S?S r'"t C: Castiereagh 70 pu NSW Land A Housing Corp. Amaca PL. Amp General Insurance Ltd; Brightwell fc 9.45am: Randall. Mutpcic: Wilson, New J rTcdon Svd'n C? ADMINISTRATIVE DECISIONS 4 ors. Rfb Holdings PL I 3 ors; Anz England Trading PL: Hotere. Stonehenqe ?jfn.V SSSSuS Ptv Ltd Svdnev CC TRIBUNAL Banking Group Ltd. Akai PL: larkey a S Properties PL 10am: Martin, Moon; Xwrks Areh tecVs PL RwTck CC ELIZABETH STREET. SYDNEY orv Darby PL & 6 ors; Huynh A anor. Wai.el. Leenne Facer; Wade We.ssel. Evita fl?, B-S. rr- ZS-ZZ GENERAL OIVISION Helieh Holdings PL a anor; Anz Banking Nataiua casin; Bastord. Buroett. lo.ibam: CamDbeiltown CC- Mar'rickvTlie C Registry: Available After 10am Group Ltd. Peiasty A 32 ors; Byrne. Lee - Conf- Black .ell. Stace. 10.45am: Jones, "mp T fitment; Pi- iluth Decision: Lai, Oirector General Estate of Sidney; Luc an Wohl; Bonnyrigg woose: Jensen, print; jones. Kooke. nam: rr j... . ... r-. -. Qr Department Of Transport Turkish Islamic Cultural Assoc t 5 ors, turkmen. Mallei; Sampson. Hart ma nn; . ' pmirc'i.crara Penrith rc: President, Judge K O'Connor Ms P Shefiq Rk Abdullah A 12 ors; Starr Carver Tran. Dinh. 11 1.15am: Xiao, Angelopoulos; cnetrEnrneering PL Bakstown CC Goode. Ms A Hennessy: Hearing Room 1: A anor, Wespac Banking Corp Retail Ghamroui. Martin; Savicic. Dobras; "7 Hiimarf a0d,na p, 12pm: Hearing: Chief Health Officer, Hennessy Stay Hearing: al rianartmanl investments PL; Hyhonie Holdings PL, Quittner; "mfre S?"T'h7. S Anor. WoollahrJ MC; Cabonne C. Of Trading. 4.30pm: Directions: Overseas Marian Hart t anor; Direct Home Loan Jug. 12.15pm. Godwin-Groves, Thorn, rawweii-rvrii Smith t Anr Pi Travel Services PL, Chief Executive winsatri, nori sci msrtiiai iui 1 ruiiu. 75 A8642 A0653 4 WEST 92 V J10953 82 9863 EAST J1084 V 7 J1074 0J52 WEST -- 109 9863 EAST J -- J10 0J5 SOUTH AK063 KO K9 AKt07 Contract: 7NT by South Opening lead: HJ The question asked yesterday was whether South could make seven no-trumps, and if so, how? Given the heart lead, the answer is yes. There are eleven top tricks. Since none of the relevant suits breaks 3:3, declarer must search for two extra tricks. The play to the first seven tricks will proceed along these lines (the precise order of tricks may be varied, provided the position shown below is reached): 1 Win with the queen of hearts. 2 King of hearts. 3 Ace of spades. 4 King of spades. 5 Queen of spades, discarding a heart. 6 King of diamonds. 7 Diamond 9 to the queen. With the lead in dummy, this will be the position: SOUTH 63 -- - AK107 When the ace of hearts is cashed, East is squeezed. Forced to guard both spades and diamonds, he must discard a club, thus setting up declarer's ten of clubs as the twelfth trick. Declarer will throw a spade and West a heart. On the lead of the ace of diamonds, it is West's turn to be squeezed, being obliged to pari with a club to guard hearts. Declarer has meanwhile discarded his last spade, and after playing a club to hand, the club 7 will now be the thirteenth trick. Commenting on this outcome, Terence Reese, one of the great technicians, pointed out that when two tricks are needed, they can usually only be obtained by subjecting the same defender to a progressive squeeze in three suits. But here both defenders were squeezed successively in the same suit, Reese labelling this deal as a "rare bird". Analytical footnote: seven no-trumps cannot be made on a club lead, as this prematurely cuts communication to declarer's hand in the club suit. " " - . ' Hoaaran ML smim aw.Ttr Sarwirt pi Centre.: Hands-on Management PL. 'anqcnanacnaipong. Long, ii.juam. ' Deputy President N Mcaieod A anor; Maqrath. Maqrath; ionomou Byrnes, wanner, rtemmins: R Ep. Canarit:. warrinaah C Hearing Room t 2pm: Martin Re: Hunter Vallev Communitv Fairfax, Sarno. 12pm: Komaromi. E?: '5,., 7.' rarmiini n.rartor r..o.r CorpPL,AthwA3ors:EI-SayedK,r, Ward.. Pavlou,- Shinner, Pham; Roberts, rrulr.r Ahkm Co PL & 4 ors; Caraco. Caraco & ciastkowski; cnannouzi, Rant lat.jopm: .' ' : w"-,a RETAIL LEASES DIVISION .... vannirnrr iiamania- Naanniii a inc. . . n w- ,, , n . . newalnomeo & accat Maoaoamant n rox: neering ixoom a: iu.4sam: Botany Bay CC; Sharpe. Waterways Auth; f Y Hearing: Fridge Life PL, Davis. 11am: anor. Woolcott, Diamante; Nakhoui, Ellis. EQUITY DIVISION Callover Court 11A: 9am: Mcdonald & COMMERCIAL LIST Brookair PL, Sauvan; Mcdonald A Justice Einstein: Court 12A: Hearing Brookair PL. Miller. National Australia Bank Ltd & 8 ors: Z: Van De Berkt. Brigden. Idoport PL "Jmg" A anor. Argus. John Boston Arbitrator: Room 3: SC; Kenney'i Anor, Leichhardt C; Kenney 3 nJ'a?n: Parro,t fc Anor. Leichhardt C COMPENSATION COURT 88 GOULBURN STREET, SYDNEY Chief Judge, Justice Campbell: Court 8A: Floor 8: 10am: Hearing: Blackmen, Pacific Portraits PL; Mccamley, Star City PU Vaea, Union Cooperage PL. juoge Mor an: court tB: Floor f: 3.50pm: Murphy fc Orv Sindel. Caporale DesignsPL, Hurstville CC. ''"V Hearing: fsaprazis. Micola. 11.30am: - Part-heard: 10am: Idoport Pl fc anor. 9.30am: S.A.Fontl Arbitrator Room Yl.llI-IjTZ' cTTo, 5 Gewargis. 12pm: Hearing: Macs PL a, .. i a... n ... , aa t o .... 7- Van I lo Mark I Rrinnan .. ............ .... ........ wv ... i . PI Dwlrtam newaloomeots Pl Raiilkham caiyuso nunaiia PC. interview Room a; i.:,, . r- r n. .. n ,, P nrt' Directions: Hairhouse Warehouse a...-. .....,.. ' , a a.,, taln. I aiulih rnnclu-l,nnt Dl nilU SC. IPX, l-tlUimeil UOWeil CUOSIS. "7", -'' I ; a." a... . '"'"' "-T"". . "v Jar- s-kTiT a ViVr.a pr ai- f Aust) PL; Vella. Wollondilly SC. Notice Of """" "" Hearing - Part-heard: 10am: Eguitilink Mary Field Arbitrator Room 4: M.lkl. LiIt. a,.am Homes PL Sutherland Marino. 3.10pm: Bestani. Cremorne Town aausiiana ciu, cnaiienqer neauniina w..,v, .t, . uu . ... Management Ltd fc 2 ors. Geoffrey WooNey Arbitrator: Room 5: Deputy Registrar Siva: Court 7G: Robinson, Glebe House Ltd. Return of Subpoena: 9am: Idoport PL fc Paul Schroder Arbitrator: Room 6: anor. National Australia Bank Ltd & 8 orv Millinqton, Wiikie. Gio Australia Holdings ltd. Stettey; T.J.WoH Arbitrator: Room 7: Harris, Kvaerner E fc C Australia PL. Hih Casualty Price. fc General Insurance ltd: Obe Insurance Reserve Matters: 9 30am: Menzies Ltd. Hih Casualtv fc General Insurance Property Srvcs Ply. State of NSW; Al- Ltd; Enterra Pl. Adi Ltd. Sattouf, Mcdonaids Properties inam-judoment- Lamoarelli Cmsner of Senior Deputy Registrar Robinson: (Australia); Homecare Srvc of NSW. pjl Hear's Michel Court TG: Return W SuOooena: 9am: Michael. Please Announce Your :'I-.r:.fL.'.Jl Enterra PL, Abigroup Ltd fc ors. Appearance to the Arbitration Clerk. Justice Barrett: Court 11B: Hearing - rioyce, cronuiia-auineriano Leagues ci; VICE REGAL Pr-hrd 10am: Allied express Wrslaoq, Kogarah MC; Canuto, Boyded Bou,JWOOd International, Nuance Australia PL; Reaie, Reale Brothers PL; Siqaia, the University ot Sydney Union; Jansma, Hall Hall, Industries PL; Jual PL, McElwame; Kumar, -M-a-ia D.a4w-.iaL. .twisT m I J Centenary Comrnemoration Cerernony at Rniiltiasii-inH-CmitK 1 1 Frru i r-L. mpitii MtinuTttciures Liu. CONSTRUCTION LIST Transport PL. 10am: Gibson, ceriUalSvdrwy Area Health "ikutti' Deputy Registrar Siva: Court 70: Commonwealth of Australia; Ballin. SC, :'SmaIf.Vdney H""h Return of Subpoena: 9am: Cor dukes ltd, Salgram 11am: White, Duggan: Chaffer. " JV w- court 4B- Floor 4- DS Park lane Development PL. ""'n"'. Homsi. Mcdonaids sorctoiiX BaJt CircuhWeeli Part-heard: 4 orv tOUlTV DIVISION PROBATE LIST Deputy Reqittrar Siva: Court 7G: Return of Subpoena: 9am: Rothner, Oppenheim. NOTICE TO PRACTITIONERS On Wednesday, 9 May 2001 at the Royal tinibition Building, Melbourne, the Governor General, Sir William Deane, and Lady Deane attended "A Nation United" - a Joint Commemorative Meeting of the Parliament of the Commontvealth ot Australia and the which Sir William delivered an address. Later, at Government House, Melbourne, Sir William and Lady Deane attended a dinner to celebrate the Commemoration of the first Parliament of ittce Hunter Court 11A: Hearing - Australia Ltd; Gibbons, Lunavich. Please Cimncma ?soaoi- Simntot Antral. tn Cormnonwealth of Australia, jointly tear Kam: Optus Networks PL & Announce Your Appearance to the pTTSstate nosted the Cownw Vtctona. John Please to tne Di Enterprises (Australia). Announce Your Appearance Arbitration Clerk. MEDICAL TRIBUNAL DOWNING CENTRE Court LG2: 9.30am: Directions Armstrong PL; Picker, Skene, Raintree PL; Gee, Victoria. Mr Steve Bracks. MP. Wontame Nursing Home; Barden, Boc r ';.. t.; ai.,Vi.. Gases Australia Ltd: Piper, B fc D C -1 u!o" - 1 ZlZ Manchester, a R fc D M; Piper PL; Sloan. 'm!! of ?o- tZZ"!-j!IX P.nTa.'.',.h.Mc'ommnw,.h Duty Roster: Common Law Duty Hearing: hi Re: Davis; Kharra; Loi; Zaidi; Sian.ture Securitv Groun PL- Parsons' otralia and the Centenary a i..... en., r ir. r . HoMou f ,anIurr ecuriiy tafoup KL, , r-arsons. Commemoration t-aramooai at the Boual Judge: Justice Sully: Court 10c; Common Hobday. Law List Judge: Common Law Harrison: Court 71: Eourrv Dutv Judoe: IN COURT SESSION Justice Austin: Court 10b. (Including 50 PHILLIP STREET, SYDNEY Urgent AODlications Of Commercial FuN Bench: Admiralty And Construction Lists) Eguity Hearing: Mitchforce uuty Master: Master Macreedy. Court 7b. -"pp . rrecinioners wisnang to contact a Duty A ' V, I, ZT k . Simolat Australia PL- Barnes Judoe after hours should contact the La. 30am: Mention: Yendle, Rockwell ,m?' L.."'' IKO sully: court luc; common "T Email Ltd- Bowen Inohams Enterorises -"""""-' vmrm-iy ai udge: Justic. hirby: Court We; INDUSTRJAL RELATIONS (COMMISSION Hhd Mrn STeV wXoc E" BrJ' Law Duty Master: Master ,?5XiJrc?." Auth of NSW. R W Wellv Brian; Staines, U!.,!!J!!IJ Angus, Bamora Holdings PL; itorc. PL . Starkey fc ,or - SZrTSX, raSSSSS Vtor at a St. Dinner a D.-Ha., di. oi.H Government House. Jlseiwvei; fasiew neri-SarCY flHJ r i, DlBlllfiail, Mid Melbourne, to celebrate the Cornmemoration of the First Parliament of the Commonwealth of SHIPPING JUOge erier nOUrS SnOUW Contact tne Law . . : . J , , : . . Wadarn inu MuKh W- Marina Rrirk r-aiuamri Courts Security Desk on 9230 8025. Automation Australia Ltd. 10am: f' 'faH!f . .!LTC."!l:,ori.L'f! Australia. Circuit Caurt Notices: Suprerne "ro,,mr. KL . T.JI.ZZ. ' j rT,' t. " The Governor and Sir Nicholas Court Sittings at Wollongong and o.7...c.r T'' i ivrt r khnn f ai p7 ThnTar remaird overrmjht in Melbourne. l tJ tq?n?!, Rentokil Initial PL - Pros s.!61) OHS; Insp Damilcrest PL. Midwest; Mufflers and l-irT: ,! Mitchell. Crown in the Right of the State Mechanicals; Ingwersen, Dept ot Courts Wolloron, and Gou burn w.11 cwnrnence of NSW I Depart of Comm Serv): Morrison. Administration; Srvc; Luckett. Centra On r O May, rUUl before JUStlCe O heete narthrrarak Coal Ol - Drna alAall CWaC- UUa.t I aaa Cria- 1-ha.v C. ... D..1 a..aa. for two weeks. The venue for these Morrison Terrete nnWrax CM triaa.: l MCav Bail Car., a....'..,... a.. a. EXPECTED ARRIVALS TODAY Sittings wiH be at Wollongong. Supreme Haarlna- anrarnaaa a,.,k n4 ajQai 7 01 . r....'.. a . r 1- n, : 7am. KUR3. BROADWATER: 1pm. 5BD. Court Sittings at Central West (Dubbo (inspector Carmody), Consolidated Newton. Email Ltd: Flint Sitesess PL: BLTP"M TRADER; 2pm. BLB1, GOLDEN VaaioaRathiaratV f Kb Cinrama raiir, a- . . . ' "T . . . ' airTOI- ?nan Rl Rl Ul Rf Co-, o, ni Sittings at ' Central West Justice Botend: Court 2: Floor 3: saaaS? "-'i.J??!!..'!. GOLDEN MICHI: 6pm. 3BD. XIANG BIn (OubboOrangeBathurst) wiM commence 4pfK Judgment: WorkCover Auth of NSW c cn n 'imi. 'u.i. J ucm. a,.,.a 7pm, ABO, EVER ALLY; 10pm, 2ABO, GLB2. on 18 June, 2001 before Justice Barr tor (Insp Tucknott), Corns; WorkCover Auth Meekm Fntarnria ii - r.ana ' ru. r MAERSK TRIESTE; 10am, . a Th. a k. Ihaa. Ulinn. nl UCaV Ham T,.la.l tlnW , tWIl W W) .., ruiTC It IHam -ZZTLrJ." " " Lavn ' Loonor. cowraAbatto Ltd. Piiians. .r.Tn7i.." arr1. au' Egurty Division: Master A CaH Over I Justice Marks: Court 4: Agurry I" Vision: wMTVr: a can uver ijusiict aiam: cevrx w: rfoer mi: pa.,,.- n,ialon 1 trt c, rha., , Aoarf cure RRMll win be held on Wednesday, 30 May, 2001 'Oam: Report Back: Ice Cream Makers re Fecim? Bathurst Ltd- HodoeY HIGHWAY. Western mstrtute of Tafe-kthgow; H1y. f!h,r7iZlJ1i at 915am before Master Macready in Redundancy Awd - Not of Awd Rev; Ice EXPECTED DEPARTURES TOOAV 6.30am, 5BD, KAPITAN SERYKH: 7am, - . ' a- . . . . . . . . nereonrv naroware n. u csinson. Court 7B for the purpose 01 allocating cram aieei remny Leave r-rov nwo - ,-.,.' institute of Tafe - I ithnoa. 6.30am, 5BO. KAPITAN SERYKH; 7am He-" dates. The rang, ot date, ot of A-d Rev; e Cnjam 1 Maker, (SWC Tb Wool 4 Sams ft ?B.? ..M.s.f . -1U.RI .P l m Julv and Auausf oeneranv. family c. . c. .. r ., n... , r . auicimudic acl; 11pm. laLdr. p UNLtK. Provision matters .ill he ksted in a one Makers (State) Award - Notice Of Award . r .' .7. V , provision matters win oe nsteo m a one R lOaym: Haarkwc Veoetahle Oils Turner, Skilled Eng ltd; Breun. Csr Ltd. veeek runnmg kst commencing Monday. 24 Judge G-rty: CwtSCFkwS: mlZVJZJrZ:.Z?. Maker, Awd-Nc4 of Awd Rev; Marcsarm. JL.: June. 2001. MAILS 'bTrJXl''itlrT' rlT? Makeri super A-d - nci oi awi "Jv NSW Div. be represented by solicitors or counsel cwu,. r, uai c a a . mi Judoa FuN surface mails are published each CWa. r . . u.M a-..a . . . .. JaaaVaa Traaaa- Cmmtt XLT "" at.. Unnria, rLnaiawi rlataa Lata. thaa. one ' . "7- - - " - awd review: vegetable Oils E ees Super ruam: Motion en Notice: Barghouthc week m advance are approximate. irwcouri t want Tne pracjmoners to Awd - not of awd review. Piestel PL; Prthyou. Westpac Banking Variations on last week's list are mL loeftiiTv areos ov evioence. tor Obuitioia. ieaAa.a. - a a&. ars a a.a a . , , . nmc eMBiesArW aw-veeeintlfA. taWI Wi T tK V.Uf i, MLWgWI, UnBZVDO fTUlgTI llw, tUITOmOI fngUtTIVS (VtVfalfMMIV T9M TlUtt 05106 BASKETBALL NBA PLAY-OFFS (Home team in caps) EASTERN CONFERENCE: Semi-final: MILWAUKEE 91 Charlotte 90 (Milwaukee leads best-of -seven series 2-0). WESTERN CONFERENCE: Semi-final: LA LAKERS 96 Sacramento 90 (LA Lakers leads best-of -seven series 2-0). BOWLS TEST SERIES at Wollongong RSL: Third Test: NSW 99 bt ACT 67 (R Johnston 16 lost to T Mclnnes 21 S Glasson 34 bt A Taylor 10 B Dupre; 24 bt G Willis 23 S Anderson 25 M A Monfnes 13). U-25: NSW 58 bt ACT 35 (M Cronin 19 lost to R Palmer 26 J Dtmopoulos 39 bt D Owen 9). NSW 3-0. U-25: NSW 2 L HOST OF THE COAST at Sussex Inlet: Fours final: P Brandon S Milovanovic A Jones L Such (St J Pk) 5w plus 40 A Johnston R Clayton D Horne R Shearer (Dapto) 4w phis 56 R Urquhart A Watts C Lucas M Bull (Sussex Inlet) 4w plus 26. PACIFICGHAN DUBBO MASTERS PAIRS at Dubbo: Sec winners: Sec 1: P Hobday (Narrabn) M Beesley (Beresfield). Sec 2: 0 Leslie (W Eppinq) G Webster (Merrylands). Sec 3: 0 Samuelson G Morns (Lightning Ridge) Sec 4: B Johnson W Hughson (Merewether). Sec 5: J Ertsby (W Dubbo) F Thompson (Dapto). Sec 6: B Fowler K McCarthy (S Tamworth). Sec B Nolan (Mudgee) N Baudinet (Glenbrook). Sec 8: H Gordon J Rodis (W Dubbo). STATE PENNANT: Zone 10: Post-sect semi-f: Merry 59 The Hills 40, Rydal C 54 Toon 53. F: Rydal C 57Merryl52. NSW WBA PENNANT: Rd S: Macquarie: No 1: Roseh, Denis. Rd 7: Lower North Shore: No 1: Neut B. Lansdowne: No 2: St J Pk No 4 sec 2: Chest H (1). Sec 3: Smitnf Rd 9: Manly-Watnngah: No 1. D Why. No 2: Seal. No. 3 0 Why RSL, Curl Curl. No 4: Mona v, D Why RSL St George CentralCanterbury St George: No 1 sec 2: B le S. No 3: Oat, Earl Ex- CRICKET THREE-DAY TOUR MATCH DERBYSHIRE v PAKISTAN In Derby, England Stumps, day one DERBYSHIRE -1st Innings L SUTTON c Farhat b Mushtaq : S.STUBBINGS c Inzamam-ul-Haq b Younis - S.TTTCHARD b Razzaq . M.DOWMAN b Akhtar . CBASSANOIbwbAkhtar . D.CORK Ibw b Mushtaq ..... DIVING: Luke Jones, Matthew Cooper, Christian Brooker, Lynda Folauholan, Shioban Stephens!), Nicole Boukaram. Officials: Sect Mgr. Andrew Heath. Coaches: Wang long Xiang, Matthew A damson. Physio: Kathy Mitchell. FOOTBALL: Men: Louis Brain, Shane Cansdell-Sherriff, Joey Di Iorio, Gareth Edds, Ahmad Elnch, Michael Ferrante, Brad Jones, Joshua Kennedy, Patrick Kisnorbo, John McKain, Scott McDonald, Ljubo Milicevic, Jade North, Greg Owens, Lucas Pantelis, Franko Parea, Wayne Srhoi, Michael Turnbull, Daniel Vasilevski Luke Wilkshire. Officials: Sect Mgr. Peter Kelly. Head Coach: Ange Postekos. Asst Coach: Steve O'Connor. Gear Steward: Nelson Delasio. Physio: Stan Ivancic. Masseur Kevin McLean GYMNASTICS: Men: Ian Bartlett, Damtan Istria, Adrian looney Justin Ng, Phillipe Rizzo, Dane Smith, Ashley Mullin (Reserve). Women: Valentina Barabach, Alexandra Croak, Jacqui Dunn, Elizabeth Wong, Jessica Zarnay Officials: Sect Mgr: Karen Myers. Head Coaches: (W) Peggy LKtdick, (M) Sergie Chinkar. Asst Coach: (W) Misha Barabach. (M) Vladamir Vatkin. Physio: Leanne Taig, Chris Brady. HANDBALL: Men: Drew Arnold, Christian Bam Nathan Cheung, Vernon Ciieung, Creton Costas, Russell Garnett, Boian Gaspar, David Gonzalez, Zlatan Ivankovtc, Darryl McCormack, Taip Ramadani, Lee Schofield, Sasa Sestic, Milan Slavuievrc, Brendan Taylor, Jim Varkamtsis. Officials: Sect Mgr: Peter Cama. Head Coach: Dragan Mannkovik. Asst Coach: Jean-Claude Ziade. Masseur Knstof Frankowski. Physio: Jonathon Harris. Women: Alison Bentley, Raelene Boulton, Katia Boyd, Anne Ferguson, Karly Finlayson, Sarah Hammond, Amanda Holland, Jana Jamnicky, Michelle King, Jovana Milosevic, Kirsten Nicholls, Shelley Ormes, Rozita Petrevski, Lucy Robinson, Amelia Wallace. Officials: Sect Mgr Sheldon Pozmak. Head Coach: Geoff Latta. CoachStats: Stephen Harbort. Masseur Toni Moynihan. HOCKEY: Women: Louise Dobson, Peta Gallagher, Nicole Hudson, Alex Lupton, Cindy Morgan, Brooke Morrison, Bianca Netzier, Katnna Powell, Megan Sargeant, Karen Smith, Ngaire Smith, Carmel Souter, Justine Sowry, Kristen Towers, Melanie Twitt, Kim Walker. Officials: Sect Mgr. Judith Laing Head Coach: David Beil. Asst coach: Desmond King, Torn Cumpston. Physio: Kingsley Gibson. Doctor Carmel Goodman. Video Technician: Evan Stewart. Men: Dean Butler, Adam Commens, Jamie Dwyer, Paul Gaudoin (capt), Bevan George, Robert Hammond, Josh Hawes, Mark Hickman, Jeremy Hiskins, Andrew Stewart, Ben Taylor, Craig Victory, Lachlan Vivian-Taylor, Scott Webster, Matthew Wells (vc), Zain Wright. Officials: Sect Mgr Ray Dorsett. Head Coach: Barry Dancer. Asst Coach: Larry Mcintosh, lan Rutledge. Video Tech: Jeremy Davy. Physio: Mark Stokes. Doctor Peter Baquie. JUDO: Men: Tom Hill, Daniel Kelly, Gavin Kelly, Martin Kelly, Adrian Robertson, Heath Young. Women: Catherine Arlove, Carly Dixon, Sharon Milligan, Maria Pekh, Angela Raguz. Officials: Sect Mgr Kevin Knox. Head Coach: Peter Herrmann. Coach: (M) Steven Hill, (W) Kerrye Katz. Physio: Adrian Schoo. ROWING: Men: Deon Birtwistle, Trent Collins, Neil Dennis, David Dennis, Joshua Frichot, Steven Kuzma, Michael McBryde, Ross McLeod-Carey, Cameron Muir, Tim O'Callaghan, Luke Pougnault, Luke Pritchard, Mitchell Punch, Daniel Stewart, Stefan Szcurowski, Greg Taylor, Julian V oiler, James WilmotL Women: Megan Campbell, Kyeema Doyle, Lisa Farrelly, Livia Laborczfalvi, Donna.Martin, Kate Mercer, Rose Wyllie. Officials: Sect Mgr: Pierre Pougnault Asst Mgr: Michael Smith. Head Coach: Uwe Bender. Coaches: Remhold Batschi, Greg Howell, Bob Bleakley. Deborah Fox, Kate Dearden. Doctor Steve Hinchy. Physio: Michael Heynen. SWIMMING: Men: Andrew Affleck, Andrew Burns, Jarrad Church, Shane Fielding, Stephen Goudie, Beau Mannix, Leigh McBean, Stephen Penfold, Jim Piper, Burl Reid, Greg Shaw, Trent Steed, Robert Van Der Zant, Nic Williams. Women: Jessica Abbott, Francis Adcock, Georgina Bartlett, Chtoe Bennett, Lara Davenport, Sophie Edington, Felicity Galvez, Melinda Geraghty, Sarah Kasoulis, Kate Krywufycz, Brooke Martin, Melissa Morgan, Yvette Rodier, Rebekah Rychvalsky, Tammie Smith, Kelli Waite, Jordana Webb. Officials: Sect Mgr: Cliff Harris. Asst Mgr Kerrie Andnolo Head Coach: Leigh Nugent Coaches: Paul Sansby, Rick Van Der Zant, Don Watson Brown, Stephan Widmar. Brian Wilkinson, Gary Winram. Doctor: Dr Brian Sando. Physiologist: Willem Portier Massage Therapists: Justin McEvoy, Peter Wells, Ms Lesley Yeomann, Ms Myvan Vuong. Media: lan Hanson. TAEKWONDO: Geoff Kelly, Jake Ryan, Justin Warren, Adam Wright, Kim Dalton, Helen Donoghue, Rosslyn Faulkner, Kylie Treadwell. Officials: Sect Mgr: John Kotsifas. Head Coach: Jin Tae Jeong. Doctor Rod Guy. Coaches: Alt Dell'Ors, Charlie Rawlins. VOLLEYBALL: Men: Brett Alderman, Vladimir Baltovskl, Luke Campbell, Troy Goodman, Ben Hardy, Robert Hoey, Nathan Jakavicius, Matthew Jones, Steven Keir, Beniamin Loft, Adam Maskell, Timothy Welsh. Women: Tamsin Barnett, Louise Bawden, Maiella Brown, Tammy Curtis, Beatrice Daly, Lisa Herron, Anna Maycock, Renae Maycock, Christie Mokotupu, Priscilla Ruddle, Magdalena Rybicki, Melanie Tregenza Officials: Men: Sect Mgr Emery Holmik. Head Coach: Mark Lebedew. Asst Coach: Dan Ilott. Video Analysis: Kieran Cranley. Physio: Andrew Hughes. Women: Sect Mgr Wanda Sipa. Head Coach: Mark Barnard. Asst Coach: Susan Jenkins. Video Analysis: Boris Georgieff. WEIGHTLIFTING: Women: Natasha Barker, Debbie Lewis, Deborah Lovely, Amanda Phillips, Caroline Pileggi, Meagan Warthold, Saree Williams. MEN: Craig Blythman, Robert Campbell, Sergo Chakhoyan, Corran Hocking, Alex Karaoetyn, Anthony Martin, Yurik Sarkisian. Officials: Sect Mgr. Bob Hemery Coach: Luke Borregine. Coach: Jack Walls. Massage Therapist: Deborah Ashton, Jim Stevanovski. WRESTLING: Men: Freestyle: All Abdo, Brett Cash, Igor Praporshchikov, Masoud Sadgepour, Farshad Tarash, Eoghn Tivoli, Justin Turtle. Greco-Roman: Nikolay Goranov, Stephan Jaeggi, Vitaly Ogulev, Plamen Tchoukanov. Women: Freestyle: Catherine Arlove, Kylie Augustinsen, Kyla Bremner, Amanda D'Rozario, Jessica Forbes.Lila Ristevska. Officials: :Sect Mgr: John Saul. Coaches: Sam Parker, Alex Sher. Doctor: Ray Petersen. K.KRIKKEN c Latrf b Mushtaq N DUMELOW c Farhat b Mushtaq . T5MITH not out . T.LUNGLEY b Mushtaq . L WHARTON Ibw b Mushtaq . Sundries (b-5 lb 10 nb-6).. Total .26 -8 .11 .36 .17 .27 0 .-6 .14 0 .0 ... 21 .166 Fall: 17, 44, 61, 103, 107, 114, 131, 158, 158. Bowling: Waqar Younis 7-1-25-1 (nbl), Shoaib Akhtar 12-0-31-2, Abdur Razzaq 11-2-36-1 (nb2), Azhar Mahmood 7-1-21-0, Saqlatn Mushtaq 21.1-9-34-6 (nb3), Imran Farhat 1-0-4-0 PAKISTAN -1st Innings MWASIMnotout 1 I FARHAT not out Sundries (lb-1). No wicket for Bowling: Cork 1.3-0-1-0. Smith 1-0-2-0. 1 4 CROQUET WIN DICKINSON MEMORIAL TROPHY at Tempe: V Coulthard 25 bt C Statham 11, M Fernance 19 bt F Stove 12, P Roach 22 bt V Coulthard 17, F Stove 26 bt M Burke 13. Overall: P Roach V Coulthard. CYCLING DUNKIRK FOUR DAYS RACE Leading placings in the first stage 164.8km from Dunkirk: 1: Jaan Kirsipuu (Estonia) AG2R 3hr 46min lOsec. 2: Baden Cooke (Australia) Mercury. 3: Chnstophe Capelle (France) BigMat. 4: Laurent Jalabert (France) CSC. 5: Stuart O'Grady (Australia) Credit Agricole. 6: Paolo Valoti (Italy) Alessio. 7: Bert Htemstra (Netherlands) Bankiroloterij. 8: Didier Rous (France) Boniour. 9: David Millar (Britain) Cohdis 10: Chnstophe Moreau (France) Festina all same time. Overall standings: 1: Kirsipuu 3:46:10s. 2: Cooke 4sec behind. 3: Capelle 6. 4: Jalabert 10 5: O'Grady. 6: Valoti. 7: Htemstra. 8: Rous. 9: Millar 10: Moreau all same time. TOUR OF ROMANDIE Leading placings in the 6.9km prologue from St Urban to Ptaff nau: 1: Paolo Savoldell' (Italy) 9mm 00.63sec. 2: Dano Fngo (Italy) 0.83sec behind. 3: Bradley McGee (Australia) 1.15. 4: Felix Garcia Casas (Spain) 5. S: Andrei Tetenouk (Kazakhstan) 9. 6: David Plaza (Spain) 1L 7: Rik Verbrugghe (Belgium) same time. 8: David Montcoutie (France) 12. 9: Vladimir Belli (Italy ) 15. 10: Yoann Le Boulanger (France) same time. GAMES EAST ASIAN GAMES AUSTRALIAN TEAM: to compete at the East Asian Games in Osaka, Japan from May 19-27. ATHLETICS: Men: Luke Adams, Stuart Anderson, Peter Bate, Paul Burgess, Andrew Curtis, Troy Davies, Aaron Fish, William Hamlyn-HafTis, Clinton Hill, Rhys Jones, Clinton Mackevicius, Matthew McEwen, Jacob McReynolds, Scott Martin, Mark Ormrod, Timothy Parravicim. Women: Soma Brrto, Sharon Cripps, Rachael Dacy, Katenna Dressier, Bronwyn Eagles, Michelle Haage, Amanda Heath, Kym Howe, Nicole Miadenis, Jacqueline Munro, Monique Nacsa, Christy Thiel, Suzanne Walsham, Kylie Wheeler. Officials: Sect Mgr Kathryn Lee. Asst Mgr Larry Wicks. Head Coach: Dianne Barnes. Coaches: Gary Bourne, Nikitas Hagicostas, Robert Medlicott, Agostino Puopolo, Ernest Shankelton, Peter Van Miltenburg. Sports Scientist: Margaret Galloway. Massage Therapists: Vince Cavallo, Christopher Jones. Physio: Theodore Kavieris, Shane Lemcke, Doctor Katharine Rae. BASKETBALL: Men: Daniel Egan, Beniamm Knight Brett Maher, Darryl McDonald, Scott McGregor, Beniamin Melmeth, Derek Moore, Mark Nash, Matthew Nielson, Paul Rogers, Glen Saville, Luke Schenscher. Officials: Sect Mgr Edward Coten. Head Coach: Philip Smyth. Coaches: Stephan Breheney, Gordon Mcleod. Doctor Peter Harcourt. Physiotherapist: Michael Woodcock. Women: Suzy Batkovic, Tracey Braithwaite, Alexandra Douglas, Michelle Griffiths, Natalie Hughes, Narelte McConnell, Emily Mclnerny, Alison O'Dwyer, Natalie Porter. Eleanor Sharp, Deanna Smith, Belinda SneH. Officials: Sect Mgr Marian Stewart-Hudson. Head Coach: Jan Stirling. Coach: Mark Wright Massage Therapist: Warren Lowry. Doctor Bridget Sawyer. Physio: Annette Tonkin. BOXING: Timothy Bed, Shane Braslin, Jarrod Fletcher, Daniel Geale, Christopher Hamilton, Justin Kane, Ben McEachran, Paul Miller, Mark Quon, Cheyne Tindall, Peter Wakefield, Justin Whitehead. Officials: Sect Mgr Anthony Hill. Head Coach: Bodo Andreass. Asst coach: Geoff Peterson. Masseur Neil Pestana. Doctor Mark Porter. GOLF PYMBLE: CCR 72 2B: G Mullens (10) P Chegwm (23) 11 up. Ind iv: P Chegwln (23) 10 up. RAE: CCR 67 2B Agg: K Hayes (27) R Oliver (28) 76. Indiv: G Partem (Cumberland 13) 42. RICHMOND: CCR 71 2B Div 1: R Woldhuis (8) L Beechey (17) 48. Div 2: N Stoves (24) R Johnson (28) 46 Indiv A: G Jacobsen (5) 41. B: B Brian (15) 38. C: N Stoves (24) 40 cb. RIVERLANDS: 2B: B Seldon (11) A Hookkee (Ashlar 17)47. Indiv: M Green (8) 42. TERREY HILLS: 2B: M Booth (18) K Dunnett (20) 47 Indiv: M Booth (18) 40. THE LAKES: 4B: V Hatton (8) S Ellery (3) 43 cb. Scr: N Pohas J Nazmi 36 Hole-in-one: W Chaplin at 9th. WINDSOR: CCR 70 2B: 6 Beasley (7) B Burgess (10) 9 up. Scr J Catania G Serhan (PGA) 4 up. Indiv A: R Pfertfer (12) 4 up. B: M Norman (13) 7 up. C: C Fitzpatnck (27) sq. WOOLGOOLGA: CCR 71 Stableford: R Miles (5) 41. WOMEN ANTILL PARK: Stroke div 1: A Pike (19) 71 Div 2: E White (28yi. BERMAGUI: CCR 73 Split six: W Chaplin (28) L Phelps (21) F Burco (37) J Cotterell (35) 106. CAMDEN: CCR 77 Stableford: S Collins (20) 33. Scr S Collins 16. CARNARVON: CCR 73 Stroke div 1: D Cragg (10) 69. Div 2: L Brooks (26) 75. Div 3: J Tyrrell (36) 76 Premiership Cup: J S Youm (27) 143. C'ship f div 1: K S Kim 331 D Cragg 335. Hep: D Cragg (10) 295 Div 2: H e Choi 382 K McCarthy 386. Hep: J S Youm (27) 292. Div 3: C Mills 451 J Rickard 459. Hep: C Fama (37) 321. Snr J Clarke 186 F Butcher 188. Hep: M Issett (30) 140 CASTLECOVE: CCR 64 Stableford: J Damp (34) 37. LEONAY: Ambrose: C Fitzpatnck M Smith (15) 65. SPRINGWOOD: CCR 75 Medal div 1: B Blair (26) 71. Div 2: T Stuart (28)76cb. WALLACIA: Ambrose: M Fowler E Baker (13-12) 6512. HOCKEY SYDNEY WOMEN at State Hockey Centre: Div 1 rd 3: Esquires 4 bt Parramatta 1, Evenays 3 bt North Shore 0, Glebe 3 bt Uni NSW 1, KSC 7 bt Strikers 4, St George 3 bt Western Districts 0. Div 2 rd S: Baulkham hills 0 drew Strikers 0, Esquires 2 drew Gordon 2, Evenays 2 drew Moorebank 2, Glebe 3 drew North Sydney 3, KSC 3 bt Sydney Uni 2, Uni NSW 3 bt Ryde Hunters Hill 0. NSW BOYS U-18 TEAM for Australian C'ship at Tamworth, July: A Devendge (c) M Naylor (vc) M Banning D Baxter B Booth D Bourke L Campbell R Campbell R Drabsch P Kelly S McGlinn E Matheson G Pearce M Phillips J Reeves A Rix. Mgr R Matheson. Coach: S Barr. Asst: B Marler. TOCUMWAL SENIOR PRO-AM (par 72): 139: M Willsden. 142: C Tickner F Conallin W Dunk. 143: T Dolby P Connell. 144: H Dolan. 145: J Ballard. 146: 1 Brander E Booth 147: P Firmstone. 149: P Hay. 150: P Hardy T Box. 151: G Bell P Murray M Kelly E Alexander. 152: N Bell R Taylor C Johnston D Reiter J Hogben R Paine. 154: G Lester D Galloway L Allan. NSWCHS & NSW ALL SCHOOLS C'SHIPS at Camden Valley: Day 1: Boys: L Sturt 70 M Hanly 73 G Welsford 73 M Brown 74 N Flanagan 74 M Johnson 74 J Lethlean 74 S Myers 74 C Bleasdale 75 B Jonas 75 C Ritchie 75 A Simpson 75 M Tniskett 75. Girls: N Garrett 74 S Kemp 75 J Camarsh 81 K Thomas 82 S Oh 82 J Fox 82 J Boland S3 S Moon 83. Matchplay semi-f: Boys: L Sturt bt S Burrow 1 up N Flanagan bt A Hatch 3-2. F: M Flanagan bt L Sturt 3-2. Girls semi-f: M Garrett bt J Camarsh 2-1 J Fox bt J Boland 2 1. F: J Fox bt M Garrett at 20th. WGV: AMATEUR COUNTRY TOURNAMENT: at Londsdale: 36 Hole Scr Stroke Ruby McKenzie. Trophy: T Hyett (Commonwealth) (74) 150. Hep VI Teesdale Trophy: T Hyett (Commonwealth) 146. Scr B: D Hinneberg (Trentham) 195 cb. C: J McKenzie (Elmore) 211. Hep: Div 2: L Powell (Warrnambool) 153. Div 3: T Coon (Yarra Yarra) 154. 18 Hole Scr. A: V Uwland (Anglesea) 73 (course record). B: L Powell (Warrnambool) 94. C: T Coon (Yarra Yarra) 1(32. A: T Hyett (Commonwealth) 74. B: J Smith (Rich River) 98 cb. C: R Hynes (Rochester) 105. 18 Hole Hep: A: V Uwland (Anglesea) 71. B: L Poweli (Warrnambool) 73. C: T Coon (Yarra Yarra) 73. A: T Hyett (Commonwealth) 72. B: H Larkin (Queenscliff) 77. C: H Trevena (Rochester) 74. Teams Hep: V Uwland D Rix M Tricks 229 cb. M Parton V Uwland V Brenner 243. WGNSW ACT MEETING: Foursomes at Woodhaven Green: Div 1: C Sorenson (Woolooware) N Cullen (Camden Valley 13) 73 R Williams P Glock (Warnngah 14-12) 73-12, C Manson K Gibson (Kareela 17-y2) 75 M Jensen B Burke (Royal Canberra 19) 75. Scr C Gorman (Yowam) K Quinn (Woolooware) 82 C Sorenson N Cullen 86. Div 2: C Cuthbert S Josephson (Vincentia 28) 73 K Bushnell (Bankstown) P Norman (Nelson Bay 36) 74 E Anderson B Hardy (Woolooware 29-12) 74-12 K Gibbons M Hore (Camden Valley 25-12) 7512. MEN ASQUITH: 4B: D Morgan (2) D Newton (11) 44. Indiv: S Eastman (4) 41. Agg: D Morgan (2) S Eastman (4) R Druce (10) D Newton (11) 140. BANKSTOWN: CCR 71 2B: E Frrtchley (22) R Jankowski (14) 45 cb. Indiv: M Thompon (27) 39. BEXLE Y: CCR 61 2B: G Ringstad (11) D Gannon (PGA 1) 40. Scr S Capuano T Graham 42. Indiv: K Milham (15)42. BONNIE DOON: CCR 73 4B agg: J Cole (17) M Schlink (24) 67. Indiv: G Williams (scr) 40. Scr P Welden (PGA) 35. BONVILLE: 2B: R Pryce (12) D Gam (9) 46 cb. Indiv: B Cooney (9) 43. CABRAMATTA: CCR 69 2B: A Tibbins (16) T Ingrey (21) 48 cb. Scr M Nagy W Park 38. Indiv A: B Gascoine (Camden Valley 10) 40. B: C Park (Rosnay 17) 43 C: J Houston (23) 40. Team: J Buckley (Riverlands 12) J Simpson (12) C Collins (10) W Foster (10) 111 cb. CAMMERAY: 2B agg: P Watford (U) J McGuire (10) 76 Indiv: JMcGuire(10)40. CAMPBELLT0WN: CCR 72 4B: T Pringle (9) D Collard (2) 68 Indiv: P Pringle (4) 40. Scr I Barry 35. CASTLE HILL: CCR 74 Team: K McCorkell (13) C Soo (11) Sidhu (18) 121. Scr. feardetta D Beck B Fasher C Milson 105. Indiv: T Loot (4) 36. CUMBERLAND: CCR 73 2B: A Power (7) P Diiworth (17) 48. Scr M Reilly G Scott 35 cb. Indiv A: A Power (7) 41. B: B Cusack (13) 41. C: D Cullen (24) 39. Scr: M Jones 33. DUNHEVED: Veteran Stableford Div 1: K Cross (12) 34 cb. Div 2: A Green (18) 35 cb. Div 3: G Henderson (25) 32. EASTLAKE: Stableford: C Lam (22) 37. Scr S Gibson 30. EVERGLADES: CCR 69 2B: D Hensman (26) E Russell (27) 46. Indiv Div 1: A Kerr (3) 39. Div 2: D Hensman (26) 39. HIGHLANDS: Stableford: L Wallace (18) 43 cb. Scr A Denholm 31. KATOOMBA: 2B: T Cox (1) S Murphy (6) 47. Indiv: M Robinson (11) 41. KELLYVILLE: CCR 72 Stableford: B Bobart (19) 45. KILLARA: CCR 72 2B: E Stedman (plus 3) D Stedman (27) 45. Indiv: J MacPherson (7) 38 cb. LANE COVE: Stableford Div 1: K Barkway (PGA plus 1)41. Div 2: K Pin (26) 32 cb. LEURA: Stableford: J Taverner (19) 43. MOSS VALE: Par A: S Murray (16) 2 up B: R Callaway (22) 2 up. MUIRFIELD: CCR 71 2B: P Williams (21) P Sharp (26) 45. Scr A Bratz B Macdonatd 42. Indiv: P Kellaway (26) 39. NSW: 4B: W Finley (20) K Taylor (13) 42. Scr D StitsteadBScortis30. OATLANDS: Stableford A: 0 Foreman (4) 38. B: B Dickerson (14) 36. PENNANT HILLS: CCR 71 2B: F Loneragan (15) M Brangwin (16) 46 cb. Indiv: G Slough (15) 41 co. PENRITH: CCR 73 2B: C Holmes (9) T Ferguson (7) 44 cb. Scr C Moore B Hansen 37. Indiv A: C Moore (4) 39. B: A Caspers (19) 36. C: J Lee (21) 37 cb. ICE HOCKEY NHL PLAY-OFFS (Home team in caps) EASTERN CONFERENCE: semifinals: PITTSBURGH 3 Buffalo 2 (0T) (best-of -seven series bed 3-3). RUGBYinilON QUEENSLAND REDS TEAM: to play the NSW Waratahs in the Super 12 match at Sydney Football Stadium on Saturday night: Chris Latham, Ben Tune, Daniel Herbert, Steve Kefu, Nathan Williams, Elton Flatley, Jacob Rauluni, Toutai Kelu, David Croft, Matt Cockbain, John Eales (capt), Nathan Sharpe, Glenn Panoho, Michael Foley, Nick Stiles. Reserves: Ben Wakely, Shane Drahm, Junior Pelesasa, John Roe, Mark Connors, Fletcher Dyson, Sean Hardman. SAILING AUSTRALIAN HISTORICAL 10FT SKIFF C'SHIP at Brisbane 18ft SC: Ht 3: Query (L Heffernan NSW) Ih39m36s 1, Unique (H Graveson Qld) 2, Nina (D Notley NSW) 3, Commonwealth (G Ferguson NSW) 4, Republic (I Smith NSW) 5, Viola (R Priestly NSW) 6. lmls 5mSSs. Final pts: Query 45 Unique 17 Nina 11 Commonwealth 5 Republic, Viola 3 Dove (L Todkill Old) 2. Overall hep: Nina 1, Query 2, Republic 3, Unique 4. Dove 5, Viola 6, Commonwealth 7 Classic 18ft Skiff Interstate Challenge: Ht 2: Mystery (F Palm Snr Qld), Hart R Tax (R learner NSW). 24s Ht 3: Mystery, Hart R Tax (D Lehaney NSW). Ilml2s. Final pts: Mystery 4 Hart R Tax 5. RANSA: Div 1: Akela (Akela Synd) Weapon, Silky 31s lm Fastest: Taurus VIII (A Lee). Div 2: Tiarme II (G 0'Shea) A-Bus, Amms Celestial. 15s 12s. Fastest: Mange Bay (G Daven) Div 3: Desire (J Lenehan) Windermere, Tsoona. Im35s 4m4s. Fastest: Tsoona (G Ilic). RPAYC: Div 1: Hat Trick (M Cooper) Tassie Two, Reflex. Fastest: No Options (Cormack-Halliday). Div 2: Athena (S Hart) My Girl, Sunflower. Fastest: Flying Colours II (J Bacon). SNOOKER HSS TROPHY: Rd 6: Roseville (1)) 9 bt Leagues (2) 6. Chatswood (1) 11 bt Roseville (2) 4, Hornsby (1) 8 bt Hornsby (2) 7, Chatswood (2) 8 bt Fishos 7, Kirribilli 10 bt Leagues (1) 5 HB: P Hanley 41 S Balzer 75. NORTHERN BEACHES: Rd 3: Narrabeen 8 bt Norths 5, Forestville 10 bt Fishos 3, Builders 9 bt Harbord (A) 5, Pittwater 9 bt Harbord (B) 5, Belrose 9 bt Avalon 5 MWLC 8 bt Masonic 7. C: Narrabeen 7 drew Masonic 7, Fishos 11 bt Pittwater (2) 3, Belrose 10 bt MWLC 5, Pittwater (1) 10 bt Avalon 4, Builders 8 bt Forestville 6, Due 8 bi Harbord 7. SOCCER CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Semi-final, second leg VALENCIA 3 LEEDS UNITED 0. Scorers: Juan Sanchez 15, 47, Gaizka Mendieta 52. Red card: Alan Smith (Leeds United) 90. Half-time: 1-0. Note: Valencia won 3-0 on aggregate and will play Bayern Munich or Real Madrid in the final on May 23 in Milan. ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE Liverpool 2 Chelsea 2. STANDINGS P W D L F A Pts Manchester Utd 36 24 8 4 77 26 80 Arsenal 36 20 9 7 61 35 69 Liverpool 37 19 9 9 67 39 60 Ipswich Town 37 20 5 12 56 41 65 Leeds Utd 36 18 8 10 55 41 62 Chelsea 37 16 10 11 66 44 58 Sunderland 37 15 11 11 44 39 56 Aston Villa 37 13 15 9 46 40 54 Charlton Athletic 37 14 10 13 50 53 52 Leicester City 37 14 6 17 38 48 48 Newcastle Utd 36 13 8 15 41 50 47 Tottm Hotspur 37 12 10 15 44 53 46 Southampton 36 12 10 14 35 45 46 West Ham Utd 37 10 12 15 44 48 42 Everton 37 11 8 18 43 57 41 Derby County 37 10 11 16 36 58 41 Middlesbrough 37 8 15 14 42 43 39 Manchester City 37 8 10 19 40 63 34 Coventry City 37 8 9 20 36 63 33 Bradford City 36 5 10 21 29 64 25 Champions relegated ENGLISH THIRD DIVISION Southend 3 Mansfield 1. NORTHERN IRISH PREMIER DIVISION Glentoran 0 Coleraine 1. IRISH PREMIER DIVISION Kilkenny City 1 Longford Town 1. HUNGARIAN CUP Semi-final (II denotes second division club): Videoton 1 BKV tlore (II) 0. SLOVENIAN CUP Final first leg: 0LIMPIJA LJUBLJANA 1 NOVA G0RICA 0. Scorer: Sebastiian Omerottc 20. Half-time: 1-0. Attendance: 3,500. Second Leg: May 17. TENMS ROME MASTERS SERIES In Rome, Italy (Prefix denotes seeding) Rd 1: 1-Gustavo Kuerten (Brz) bt Ivan Ljubicic (Croatia) 6-7 (4-7) 7-5 6-4, 2-Marat Safin (Russia) bt Jonas Biorkman (Swe) 6-2 3 7-5, Alex Calatrava (Spn) bt 3 Andre Agassi (US) 6-3 6-3, Harel Levy (Isr) bt 4 Pete Sampras (US) 7-5 2-6 6-4, Michael Chang (US) bt Fernando Vicente (Spn) 6-4 7-5, 6-Yevgeny Kafelnikov (Russia) bt Andrei Pavel (Rom) 7-5 3-1 (retired), 7 -Lleyton Hewitt (Aust) bt Bohdan Ulihrach (Czech Repubic) 6 1 2-6 7-5, 9-Tim Henman (GB) bt Albert Costa (Spn) 6 2 3-6 6-1, 10 Alex Corretja (Spn) bt Carlos Moya (Spn) 5-7 7 5 6-1, Federico Luzzi (Italy) bt 11-Arnaud Clement 6-2 1-6 6-3, 12 Sebastien Grosiean (Fra) bt Andrew lite (Aust) 6-4 6-2, 13-Thomas Enqvist (Swe) bt Gianluca Pozzi (Italy) 6-26-1, Guilermo Cona (Arg) bt 14-Jan-Michael Gambill (US) 7 56-4, 15-Franco Squillan (Arg) bt Max Mirnyi (Belarus) 6-1 7-6 (7-5), Wayne Ferreira (Sth Afr) bt 16 Domimk Hrbaty (Slovakia) 6-2 6 4, Nicolas Kiefer (Ger) bt Cedric Pioline (Fra) 6-3 6-1, Hicham Arazi (Morrocco) bt Vladimir Voltchkov (Belarus) 6-2 6-3, Jacobo Diaz (Spn) bt Mariano Puerta (Arg) 6-1 6-2, Albert Portas (Spn) bt Nicolas Escude (Fra) 7-6 (7-5) 6-4, Julien Boutter (Fra) bt Todd Martin (US) 6-3 6-3. Marcelo Rios (Chile) bt Oavide Sanguinetti (Italy) 4-6 6-3 6-4, Roger Fedei er (Switz) bt Thomas Johansson 7-6 (7-3) 4-6 7-6 (7-5), Felix Mantilla (Spn) bt Mose Navarra (Italy) 6.3 7-4 (7.5) ser0J Brugera (Spn) bt Filippo volandri (Italy) 7-6 (7-2) 7-6 (7-2), Tommy Haas (Ger) bt Andrei Medvedev (Ukraine) 7-5 6-3, Nicolas Lapentti (Ecuador) bt Gaston Gaudio (Arg) 6-3 6-2. WTA GERMAN OPEN In Berlin (Prefix denotes seeding) Rd 2: 1 Martina Hingis (Switzerland) bt Tathiana Garbm (Italy) 6-2 6-3, 8-Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario (Spain) bt Ai Sugiyama (Japan) 6-3 6 3 Rd 1: 9-Magdalena Maleewa (Bulgaria) bt Kveta Hrdlickova (Czech Republic) 6-3 1-6 6-2, Anne Kremer (Luxemburg) bt 10 Kim Clusters (Belgium) 6-2 61, Jelena Dokic (Yugoslavia) bt Cara Black (Zimbabwe) 6 2 3-6 6 4, Angeles Montolio (Spain) bt Knstma Brandi (US) 7-6 (7-4) 6-3, Nathalie Dechy (France) bt Virginia Ruano Pascual (Spain) 6-3 61, 14-Sandnne Testud (France) bt Marlene Weingaertner (Germany) 7-6 (7-4) 6 2, Karina Habsudova (Slovakia) bt Syria Schmidle (Germany) 6-2 6-3, 16 Barbara Schett (Austria) bt Asa Carlsson (Sweden) 6-1 3-6 7 5. Iva Maioli (Croatia) bt Ruxandra Dragomir lite (Romania) 6-1 7 5, Denisa Chladkova (Czech Republic) bt 12-Chanda Rubin (US) 4-6 6-4 6-4, 17-Meghaim Shauqhnessy (US) bt Elena Likhovtseva (Russia) 6-1 6-4, Jana Kandarr (Germany) bt Minam Oremans (Netherlands) 1-6 6-3 6-4, Silvia Farina Elia (Italy) bt Jill Craybas (US) 6-0 5-7 61. Paola Suarez (Argentina) bt Tatiana Poutchek (Belarus) 61 6-1, Martina Mueller (Germany) bt Anne-Gaelle Sidoi (France) 61 6-4, Miriam Schmtzer (Germany) bt Francesca Schiavone (Italy) 7-5 6 1, Ludmila Cermanova (Slovakia) bt Gloria PizzKhiru (Italy) 6-0 7-5.

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