The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1930
Page 3
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\VKUNKSlUy, JULY ;W, 1930 BLYl'UEVI LIM, (AUK.) COURlM PAGE FIVE .CLASSIFIED ADS •nvo cenw n word ror lltst Insertion and one cent a word lor each fubsequtut Insor- tion. No adwrtlwuieut taken for less tliin 6Dc. Count the wordi and send, tho cash. Phone 30b tffo I'TPTinVJ VllU* COPYRIGHT I93O NEA SERVICE //zc; / by ERNEST LYNN OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahetw I'OH SALK FOR- SALE— Baby Chicks. Custom] hatching oacli week from now n:i. ; Marilyn Hatchery. 2iick-tt| Extraordinary Used Car Sale [•'IIP Houscwivi's, IJusintws nhtl Professional Women or Men, who tun spurt' jusl a i ! jit ouch week from income. All niiikt's anil models to from. ! in:ui.\ HUIIB TOIIAY l).t.\ linillMTvll Imd liren In Illlll) WllOli IUO \VrL'li* Hhm Nc %(H [i Ifllrr frrin un ult] nf\v»- imiirp frirnd In Xl-iv Ynrk, y.KitJV VOUMi. irllinu hi 1,1 (u linik up a jounK girl named A.\M: \VIVII-:i(. wlm limj come In lli)1]>\voiiil friini TilUa, Oklr;.. In -vr:iftli the ijuivlfA." linn N 1.111111-11 |I:LI .tuuu}fi] al Ilir loiu 1 "t /!(;>;>'* Jrlirr. Tin- Inlll-r li mie \vlin inlir* riiyura (or Kr:nilrJ. Hi. muip!n!n» In I'.uu. Cd!.- I.IKEl. \\lto K prupul ndrn lir r.t'l 1 " *h? lollpr. t'nlllor, **l>u \irluv* :i dulls iniivle culuinti Tur [i fcirlnK uf ill- uiilKilu'rs, Is iin- fiM-lliu; in 111? iimtlrr nnd Irlln ......... •, ilntj lei -f.lKKt l» cl'-V. ^u Dim lieu In Courli vvllh Atinc ^ Inlrr — nuil i^ Illrrfill) 1 (pkca oft liln Iff) liy tirr clinrni. Mnu l.nkcA lirr In Jlnncr and mlvrcrnln 11,111 Ihi-y rinni't Inlcri linj al lirr rciiitc.^I Iiv li'll.^ lirr nljinn liln^rir — ln)\v Eir hnil t;lM-lt ULI i,r^^>|in|irr Murk nliDiil n >rnr IMU Merle; I'tui Cuiiiie ..... S20.">i /1930 .Model Tudor Srilan ---- S1SJ5 | ns^.a Moiki nuicfc si-iian ..... $ns •• • IM!) Model I-'nrcl Stand. I'oiiric S-125 | 19ia Model Ford Sport Coupe S3U5 ] 11)23 Model Cliryflcr U Sedan, S37;> . 1529 Mcikl Tudor Si-dan ... S350 I 1929 Mcdel Fcnl Stand. Coupe S325 1928 Mod. Ford Uu.incss t'ouiw S293 | 1920 .'Model Dodge Panel Truck S 95 19>8 Model Ford Tudor Sedan S?95 I92G Model Chevrolet Coupe S 84 (nvcslieatc cur New S5.CI) Down and S5.00 Wci-kly 1'iiin, ccvering cvtry Used Car in stoek. Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers 1'IiUNB bil TODAY ne iu-(r: nl Lli lu l licr i-irrmii rlrcr l-'OK KENT FOlt KENT—August 1st, one of- HL-e, Uiisram Jiuilclmg. nittuivc '. Parkhui'Si company. yc-ti. ; iCR DEN"!'—Two or itscre furnish- ; ed rooms. OH 1 learn St. UOuk-i : I-'OR RENT—5 rcoin bungalow, hot : :-.nd coltl water attachments, | ncwiy painted. 115 Dougan, apply : Ike Miller, Phone 8S9. 28c-u, MIW c:n o.\ WITH TUT: sioiiv CHAl'TKlt 11 SINCE comiim to Hollywood Ann •' Winter had worked one day as an c.itr.t. Rorimcr Eiud said, as they left the Hrown Derby: "Tell mo now about yourself. I've been very good, L think, lo wail all through din- nci 1 ." "What did ?.\z?,y Voting tell you alont uit?" she asked. "Ho said you had conic oul here to work in pictures. . . . You've bad sla^e experience, havcu'l you?" "Did Zlggy Young tell you lliatr Rorinicr said no. "It's in your voice; Zlggy didn't have to tell me." Dill her voice, lie told liim self, was not all. There was a dulinllo rolse about her, an assured <'sse c-' movement; and certain lit- Ue mannerisms, like her trick of listening niul the eloquent use of licr hands, bespoke her Iraintng. ' _ ' She laughed. "Vou'ro very oil j "Slid/ dost to "1C in Inc • son-ant, aren't you?" "Perhaps." go home. . . . That's fair, Isn't IU" It certainly wan. Dan agreed, and 10 ton ml It a iileasant thought that ler slay (n llollywcod was lo Ho guaranteed for a nilLiitnutu ot a yeur. .Her futlicr, sho Inlormed him, \vaa n buyer. "Ho used lo bo a Judge, but ho went back lo tirlvato iMicu 6oitio years aso," His decision," Uorliner said solemnly, "docs hltn credit as a jurist. Solomon couldn't have dotio heller." lie, said, "Vou'ro hound lo go a lout; way with a (alhcr llko Ihot bjlilncl you." "You'ro ntco to soy that. . . , Well, that's llio cud ot my story." Hitrhnrr said. Eiiilllny al licr, "I'm bine It's Just tho hegliinliiB." "Ynu'ii; bu kind. I'm sure \vliul you u;c really thlnltlng Is lhat I'm a n:jvle-n;acl. rattle-hralned Rlil and liir.t I've no business oul here, else did ZSi:&y Youny or you'll gel run over oj; a soiig They turned into llio narking lot beside the restaurant and Hoilmct. tiving ihc attendant his llctet, .iskcd her If Fhc would like a little riiie oeforc dancing. me tiiat stock company experience was just aboul the best preparation a girl could have for wotk In pictures. And believe me. Ulcl: Charles knows— he ivas an extra himself n few years ago. He says lhat about tlie be=t advice he could FOR RENT- Front bedroom with . bulb, private entrance, 127 Dou- i dan. 28pk31 ! " I'.H'n I can hoar your life story orfcr a pcrEon looking for exlra without Hie competition ot George lvork atl(1 an eventual career In pic- Olsen s baud." It was decidedly U]res ' is to , VO rk r. year or two In thought, with Anne slccll ani] t | ]Cn collle out lo Holly. \\c'll go back on Hollywood Uoulo- vard. Meanwhile how aliout th story of your llfo'f Tlio IHo an loves," lie added, "of Anne WlDler. Anne shook her head. "Life only, she mid posllivcly; "and that's s uneventful I'll have liuislied bcfor we reach llio Boulevard." r>!ca«iiit. lie \Vlii:cr In-side Am:e \\'inler': liij tar. say iiSjuui uio in his letter'.'" , renienihcrlne Hint letter nnd o i!ii:iB5 lie had aald to Paul Color, hushed, "/lily's a rotten re- irtcr," he said. "Ho to!d me you EIL> freckle-faced and stubborn." "Well, 1 can bo stubborn—and '. sed to have freckles. Thai's uoi ail. coming from Zlssy." "lie's not cxaclly what you'd call oinplimoniary," Uorliner admitted. o nld you were bull-headed." 'He did! Wall till I lily ray yes on h'.ji again." "There's danger Iu them eyes." aid IJau. "Da you linow what 'o'Jns's lirbl uainu Is?" Auuo Winer asked, Ignoring lila remark. "He never would admit that bo lad any besides Klggy." "Well. It's Clement, Whenever ; makes me mad 1 tell on lilui." "You musl bo perfectly furious," said Dan. "Unt he's a drar," Bald Anne, "and it was awfully nice ot him to ask you to look BIO up." "I Ilionght of lhat a long time ago. He's an ornery red-headed runt, but he's a mvi/ll guy. [lo you know vshal 1 Uiongiil when 1 met you toai'lit?" She lifld no Idea. "V.'cll. I lotd myself I'd tend 1 Xlssy a conplo of tlie swollen lici In Hollywood. /i ihlnl< | really ^r ^... ^-.t^ 0 -fHeR LAPS fo BE REAPV MQKlPAV, ALL we weep is A PAIR or'-TROPICAL.' Mi* APMIRAL, ARE . Kiaaep ap Like HAS BEErA LQAUEP tc, ME VACATION ! •B&AR IM MI^P -TWA-f BE MAM, SlfcRMS PAT" USE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES *f| OPAL IS IMPRESSED By Martin scar FOR RENT or SALE— 7 room cot- Uiije, comer lot near high school. ' Has 3 u:ci rooms. Shady yard, j ::a:-as:C, servant home. LauJ Co. Tliomus swung WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. I Wiished ar.d ironed by compe-', tent, white woman. Mrs. Brown, j 704 s. Lake St. 17ck-U in iu the car nud ', wf)ol i voice in | | iv | ng expen5cs •1 "':.,"'"• ' ' iuiore. e a st on Sunset I -They'll tell you tlie same thing." The ccol hrceze thai ! llc zf.Hul "at Central CnsLiug Gu with the evenius suns | re;lll . Havo you been lliere?" , ri;f,,^, ru "::i,.•••»» «***« ">-••• ***« ... . -t-^jiHi.nyil tov.-ai'd-tiio iiky.-"Ilollywond'! ." 1 - 1 ' ' •.'•-. hones, and to persuade niy father 1" "&iaFs,""iic ESiil wiili a smile. ' "Well, that's soiriellilns in your against IMS belter iudpment lo lei j EucouraKe 'om and they'll toddlo j K!ie nodded ilioiightfully, her ' favor—they're not registering I mc coruo (0 Hollywood lo s=ee if 1! right ovnr and warble, llieir liilcst •ud ciiiin^ios. "Tlioy iirc far everybody that's looking for extra Wa3 ,; 00l i cllou gli for picture:.." jlill Iu jcur i;ir." my. artn'i tiiey? . . . I've worked j >1 ' orl! -" ... | In the lllostora lioom Ihe lights it one d.iy since I've lieen here."! '.'They lold me there that I'CUE went on lo say. witli a Ewltli wovc . 6U . l)llllcl1 alul Kay laughlcr [toriinor nii^iu have loltl her thai ;should have euougii money to Insi O phn could count herself fortunate ' 'fie, without work of any sort, for Me deliberately slowed dow Auue Winter laughed joyously. "Rnru iu Tulsa." Ehe Eaid. uilm-loiiglit 10 i:ial;e It half a doz:n." cilal. "raised iu Tulsa, went to j lo u.v.v," she said, "hut llio scat school in Tulsa. . . ." doetu'i permit it." "Tliai's one low you owo mo tl.'ji:," iaid Dan. "II^io v.-c uro; all oat. Stick closis lo me in tlu I'jhby by "Aud llien Ihe stock companies (]1() wc[ , C]|0|lgh lo rn , so r;1J . or you'll get run over by a s writer. Hollywood' 1 ) full ot them. AT ONCE—SOUTH AJIEU1CA OR I UNITED STATES. Permanent | positions: cbvical. nieclianical,, •salesmanship; experience unsieci-s- j eaiy. Salaries s:5-S100 weekly, j transiicrtiilicn iiirnishcd. UOX 1175,; CHfCAGO, ILL. 30pk31 i ounds prc-tly lough; hut if you're irc-jlookius for a career ll'a different. Fof Sale .condition Phillips Motor Co, for that. Instead, lie said. "Hut! at least orie year and preferably you've been ill. and you've lieen | three." heio leas liian [wo weeks. You'll ; llorlnier nodded. "1 kiio*'. If get yi/ir clianre." J you're ;L;SI lociklng for a job, It "Ho you really thi;i!i t:n?" "Sla^e experience hel[i nienrlnii;ly, now that the pii lalk." • • lint her sta^e expert c:;ii.f, sh'j informed liim, hn/i liaiiied lo blouk company euca^t- meals i.i Tuliit anrl Kar,?as City. *Tjn not from l!;rjadwny." "Tiial isn't necessary." I you gave "I've hccim lo think it i.q riuile j asked, important-" J1IE went on lo say, with a swlflj rush of enthusiasm, that her floated abtiVG the steady murmur ot tnnny coicc-s. The orchestra swung fatlior was "perfectly adorable" and I | Dlo action as they wcro being lhat E|IO was crazy about him. j shown lo their lahle, and Dan lold "Mother's a dear, too—only. I ]>er " iat il " ;1S ln honor of her Father seeins 10 understand me bet-, entrance. , "They knew yon were coining," | he cald. "l)n you like to havo ler. He's moro tolerant of whims and enthusiasms." ictures) You Fort of expect to have to make! R or j mcr nodded and made a left ! celebrities pointed out to you? It sacrflices. 1 suppose." I turn, reminding her as the cari>"P. u tlQ . there's Charlie Chaplin kno^ something about that svrnns under brighter light thnt l ovc r there. Sec llifi Inblo with four " ! Winter Hollywood Boulevanl had yourself, don't you? said, smilias- reached aod sho had tiot yet. tin Uorimcr looked nuzzled. lished. "Don't you rememher tho lime I Well, l( wria nboiil liiiishod, bccl ,;uien al "But 1 lhn:ishl Charlie Cbaulln had gray hair!" "Ho did. . . . Tlie man opiioslto c^liug Eho.Auuc \Viuler said. Abniit all that I reiuaincd lo lie told was that she him Is Irving llerlln. The oilier two arc Joseph ^chcnck Jcaso llo cliiicUcd. "Oh, yes. I did lay was on probation for one year. "At j Lasky. I'retly good for one table, something oa (!:e altar of Art, i Iho end of tliut time my iiarcnls are I Isn't It? . . . Shall we danco? Tho "O 1 "' co " l£c ' a rojiiitatioa means didn't I?" . . . (Joue fur cnoug!r.'" coming out lo sco me, nnd It I'm imusic's.fn my bioad— 'Happy Days ^ a sToal deal. JJut not qnilc | "Just as you say. I do feel like] making real -r-ogrcss I'm to be nl-1 Arc Here Again.' . . . Hupjiy days, a!l. 1 u;is talking with llio casting daccing. though." !lowed to stay. If not"—she made! Anno. . . . Gangway, folks, for director at Continental the other: Rorimer swung the car to Hie'.an cjprcsslvo gesture with her t Aiiae and Dan!" d;;y : " hes.iiij <- : -,;-:iily, "and he told , left at Ibe ne.\t streei. "All rlghl. 'hands, palms upturned—"I have lo I (To iie Continue;]) fctt.JJ. < JAT.Off.l ai.»» V «4 «*»)?«, "«•.. I W^ '. WtU —KOI* WOOX.O 10H6 VOBS "00 RtCXON 09 WEN j! W> ftNJV ^ f-Jl Iri 'S»A ? f I r 1 ^-—r"-~-f NOTICE Froir. M;:y 1 to September 1 )vi r don'.al oflices will be closed Nich Tlmrsduy afternoon. Dr. L. H. Moore. Ur. H. A- Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis- NOTICE Why wait ur.lil cold weather? Book your coal orders now, lor future delivery. Get my prices and save money. Sec or call JOHN J1UCIIANAN 103 N. R. it. OfTicc 107 riione lies. 717 J Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T ................. 211 Avir.ticn ................ 51-8 Ciirv:,le:- Citi*. Service ......... 28 1-8 Cca Co:a ........... 177 3-1 V. n. WA5II.VM—Transfer Daily Irips to Mcmplils. Will ptcic up and deliver freight and pp.cli.iges anywhere. Special rales on carload lots. Lecsl Phono 651 Memphis Phone 3-D315 Omeral L'.ectric Gtr.ctfi! Mc:4r» Giivsby Grunow I. l" fi T Montgomery W;.rd A J1YSTKIUOUS UIDBll RKCKLKS AND HIS FHIENDS \ME\A-..VIS MAD O02 &5OAS...SAV/ A LOT OF CovJBo-fS-.-SoT TM£ p>v- RSLL Foa UIOCL6 CLErA W n.t,r> A 6000 TlW.c... T.4A.TS i CALL A BIG DAY :: Or WEETW AHY RG3B6QS, YO'J, FGS A COOPi.6 OP \UOS To <Si AMY DID OF T«!s p.i.6 o AFTER. Sor.i6.SCDY ELSE'S WOTWU' QMS FOR OU2. UoCSS New York Cotton NF,W YORK. July 30 iUP) — Cottcn clCEs'd bai My btcaciy. Open High Low Cics,e OI> IS UNDKR SUSPICION! •ROLMID HKQ 1 WtyE 511A9LY AGUP.ST V-JHEN VJC ?KVV J51NNCP Tin) IH YOUR vf\Bi>\Gr CC/JRSC we 1HM YOU THLDOGHftY UfWC BE.LOUGC.D 10 vjoyus ticvc.^ n^vc V/HCII OUV! \_\TTLC. Grev. fOUUD wm wi IHC STRCC.T. XOU'TiC PERFtlCTLY TO HC.Pt . BtOJ TRYVUG "TO GtT RIO Of ftOL.M-IJXV.rv at ou O^JR so OBVIOUS - THtY WCRCTBYIUGTO THAT TV/0 STRWIGCRS FIND 1HDR EOG TIED UP TV1C GVJHH'S PUT3 POP OM i S[Wts closed quiet «l 1215, off 20. UTTV.C. G\RL.? New Orleans Cotton lie Makes 'Em Scc ! M;\V OIU.KANS, July 30. (Ul'>— Cut tun <-IOM-<I steady. Opi n Ilii-'h T;ow Close ln^cil quiet Ht 12JO. ell 20 Roy Public Accountant and Auditor 5|)eclali?h'.a In Income Tax, B-jcVckeepins Systems Vhono 5i tr.grain I!!0?. RlylitcvlMc, Atk OINKR: Waiter. I'll have a iwik <:hi.;i with fried palalocs. anil I'll I hs\c the chop ! \VAriKH: Yo. sr: .<nil I »ay?—Til-Bll-s.

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