Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 11, 1967 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 11, 1967
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By S«f>4y l.b«rt IU« Ann f<J*. dofy oUfhefltfcaffd. fof aifetfot**; o^/ uWeii to fiW wlthfrt si* IW»ntf« from th« secornf publication" of this .hoflce (unftsl othSr»l« aila«*d 6r bold) such claim sMMI thtreoftet b* 0 Com*! p Comt! To Christmas Cantata December 22, at tKe'G;H$ gym. A con- 'temporary Nativity scene will Climax the program and since the Cantata .is taking the : place of the operetta,, it's going to be a "reatty big i'sh^w!" So eVery ; ohe,come out land' get 'in the Christmas ; mood. Exam timt is crvtping ^ .again and: 'this, year, bewre ' Ohristma's. Semiester , exams will be given' on Dec. ; 21 and 22 so we'll have a WOT- fy-free, cramJess Christmas i.vacaltion. '' Doted thil '28th day of November, 1W7, H6*oW i. Seely A idOrtOf loWd M.W. Miller Algona, Iowa bafVof weond publication, llth day of December, 1967. Publlihed In the Algona Kouuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, , December 4 and'It, 1967, MOTICI or MtoaATt o> .WIIL Or AMeiNTMINT Of UKUTOft, AND NOTICI TO CMOITOM IN. THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY Deftfsn, Extra Help . Algona Locket, Rent ...... Wentfel Warwick, Mileage . Cresco L, ft P«r. C6.,Jlee. Llndiay Soft Watef, Sup- i- pflVV $t + m~mA±A~Al^A& + ~* Grow L*t Prod., Supplfc* t CrWfrtcO ,, l*tC.a SuObllM L • ^ Acm* them. Co., SuppliM N. W. §»ll, ft)., *.T7:1». DM. Schutter It tioob, Mtri. Rutk Drug, Med. ... ..... Hombruch Drug, Med. .4.. Algona Imp. Co., Imp. Part* Lalng'i Plb. ft Htg., Heat- Ing Unit lr»tolted ...^ Jack 1 * O. K, Tire, Repolri , Alg. Floor ft Feed, Supplln Alg. Math. Shop, Repair* . Insurance, Inmate ---- ... Dei Molnti Register, Sub_ tcription ..>« ---- ...... Des Moinc* Regliter, ............. Afwell Ine., sproylng ..... Ervln Emlck, Suppliei .... Spencer Grocer Co,, Supplle* Bliui'a D_k.^. t~J< • Finn's Bokery. Food ^..... 4 J. R. Hake*, Food .. M. December 8, was one of those nice-to-have lomg week; enlds since ii was the feast of • the Immaculate Conception. .'•..:: • •"•"•• —GHS— .. • The mighty Bears defeated their first opponents, Ban- •croft>a.-;John's. They also .showed' Mason' City and .Le 1 Mars Gehlen... what, they're • niade : of! ;Way ; to'gb Bears! 'i\ • • —GHS— :' .;•; The freshmen defeated Em\ metsburg, 49-42. They're pur .'future Bears and we're proud i. of them! ." •'•'.'.."' . • — GHS— Hey cool! What's cool! The varsity cheerleaders' new uniforms, that's what! The cheerleaders proudly displayed •their new gold bonded wool pant dresses at the pep rally Friday; December; 4. —GHS— Fire! Fire! This was the cry of the second period chemis-. try students as Mary Kay Miller 'tried to burn down, thei chemistry room by setting a Wire gauze on, fire. But fortunately, due to Sister Imelda's urging, the fire was put out arid the chemistry room saved! Better luck next time, Mary Kay. > | —GHS— " The annual Benefit Barber- 'stoppers Extnavagnnza was held at the Garrigan High (School Wednesday, December 6, with barbershop singers from Fort Dodge and Al- J gona performing. It was a very fine program. V Sister Iva, Sister Jane, Sister Maun, Peggy Crowley, Pat 'Dajh'lhauser, Mr. Dearchs, Mary, Eileen Penton and fthonda Sohuller travelled to .Milwaukee to tour colleges and art departments. They 'left Sunday, Dec. 9. lEGfll NOTICES NOTICI OF AMENDMENT TO ARTICLES : OF INCORPORATION OF MURRAY ELEVATOR. BANCROFT, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA ', In accordance with a joint meeting of the stockholders and directors of Murray Elevator, Bancroft, Iowa, held on August 25, 1967 with all of the holders of the issued and outstanding stock of the company being present or represented, the Articles of Incorporation of Murray Elevator of Bancroft, Iowa are amended as follows: 1. Article I of the original Articles of Incorporation is deleted and in lieu thereof there is inserted the following: ARTICLE I Neme end Piece of •mines* The name of this corporation shall be MURRAY INCORPORATED and its principal place of business shall be at Bancroft, Kossuth County, Iowa, and it rnay establish such branch offices and agencies as may be permitted by law. J! 1 2. Article X of the original Articles of Incorporation is deleted and in lieu Thereof there is inserted the following: • ARTICLE X. '': Corporate Seal ; This corporation shall have a corpor- pte seal upon which shall appear the words "Murray Incorporated - Corporate Seal - Iowa." '-'- IN WITNESS WHEREOF we hove hereunto set our hand this 25th day c* August A. D., 1967. MURRAY ELEVATOR By: /S/ Joseph D. Murray Joseph D. Murray President and Treasurer /S/ Donald W. Murray Donald W. Murray Vice-President and : Secretary Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, Nov. 27, Dec. 4, H, and 18, ' 1967. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE $TATC OF IOWA IN ANQ FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE Of Hswl S««lv Deceased. Probate No. 9236 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, ANP ^ n NOTICE TO CREDITORS J&ATF P| R 5? N S, INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF tlazel Seely Deceased: o 0Y u OUJore hereb X notified that on the 28th day of November, 1967, the lost */ll and testament of Hazel Seely deceased bearing date of the 9th day Of April, 1956, was admitted to probate in the above named court and tha> Howard B. Seely was appointed executor of said estate. - Notice is further given that any action to sot aside will must be brought in the district court of said county within one year from the dote of the second publication of this notice, or thereafter be forever barred. Notice is further given that all per- Sftps wdebted to said estate are re- 9V&5? *?. ™"ke immedjip,te payment to, Ite undersigned, and creditors hav- claims .against said estate shall item with* the clerk of W above cpurt, as prodded • by -IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF WILLIS C. PINGEL, Deceased, TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF WILLIS C, PINGEL Deceased: Ycu are hereby notified that on the 5th day of December, 1967, the lost will ami testament of Willis C. Pingel deceased bearing date of the 3rd day of March, 1965, was admitted to'pro- bate in the above named court and (that Janet te Meyer, Marlon Meyer and Otto Pingel were appointed executors of said e»tote. I Notice It further given thot any oc- tion to Mt otid* sold will mint be brought in the district court of said county within on» year from the dote of the second publication of thli notice, or thereafter be forever barred. Notice is further given that oil persons indebted to said estate or* requested to moke Immediate payment to the undersigned,' and creditors having claims ogolnst said estate sholl file them with the clerk of the obove named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance: and unless so filed within six months from the second publication of this ' iJn" (u r le *f . otherwise 'allowed or paid) such claim shall thereafter be forever barred. •" , 0 pa»«* this 5th day of December iy67. Jonette Meyer ffikgr McMahon i*^ ° f S ° id EsfQfo Attorneys for said Executor Bernard Food Industries, FOOD m .......... .^.^ Com). Coop. Creameries, ™ 0. D. Spark*, Food ..... .. S & L Store, Clothing ... DX, Fuel ..*. ........... Whlttemor* Elevator, Sup-' pile* ..4 ___ * ______ . ___ Algona Produce, Supplies . Jomes Zaugg, Labor ...... State of Iowa, ADC, Emergency, Disabled and Blind 12.00 202:45 21.60 92.76 59.25 218.23 23.42 45.00 4«.5« 488.58 1.51 589.75 Ml 2.20 9.00 2,40 1.80 11.45 21.84 27.00 96.00 288.36 130.40 151.59 15.00 36.61 127.72 395.29 44.13 14.88 2945.83 Iowa Poyroll, Poor — ......... 1312.63 Marvel Immerfall, Mileage . 34.40 Federal Food Stamp, Food, Glen Parcel 50.00; Joe Rapp 16.00; (net Lamb 24,00; Irven Eischen 50.00; John Hefderschektt 20.00; Floyd Reibsa- mt'n 28.00; Ella Govern 12.00; Bern-rd Leoocr- 3E.OO; Doris Culbertson 18.00; Audrey Frye 16.00; Richard Parsons 45.00 Louis Bartlett, Rent, Glen Parcel 25.00 Wm. Boettcher, Rent, Roelf Miller 40.00 Boughton Ambulance, Ambulance, Ray Weig 28.00 Interstate Pwr. Co., Elec,, Floyd Reib- somen 10.05 N. Cent. Pub. Serv.,Fuel, Will Gustin 1,89 Town of Bancroft, Elec., Joe Ropp 2.94 Dr. R. K. Richardson, Medical, /kudrcy Frye 10.00; Mae McLean 19.00; Helen Johnson 23.00 Welp Drug, Medical, N. J. Nemmers 36.98 M. G. Bourne, M. D., Medical, Patricia Parsons 75.00 Memorial Hasp,, Medical, Ella Govern 285.65 Dr. John M, Rhodes, Medical, Kothy Sennenfelder 6.50 Mem. Hosp., Medical, Mrs. Ed Code 366.17 Rusk Drug, Medical. Al Tlmmer 2.25; Wm. Gustin 13.01; Doris Culbertson 22.65; Ray. Weig 7.75; Tom Devine 5,70; Audrey Frye 40,30 Jos. M. Rooney, M. D,, Medical, An• geline Gustin 30.00 Horubruch Drug, Medicol, Helen Johnson 10.35 Hood's Super Volu, Food, Either De Camp 20.00 Droessler Mkt., Food, Virgil Wolf 20.83 Harrison Twp. Trustees, Burial, David Heneman 40.00 Lone Rock Coop Exch., Fuel, Adolph Pertl 35.70 Thermogos of Algona, Fuel, • Mae McLean 82,81 . Dodge House Inc., Keep, Chris Reefer 61.91; John Hennessv 3,93 Helen Johnson, Keep, Rote Westllng 90,00 ' r- rries on sw/. sec. jj-yy-zo ana Morgan Home, Keep, Lawrence Mulll- Sec. 32-99-27 SE'/ 4 . Ayes. All. Nays: ganlSO.OO Richard Moe, Rent, ROM Hohle 35.00 Town of Whittemore, Elec., Mrytle Frost 15.80 Thuente Pharmacy, Medicol, Leatha Redemske 33.20; Mary Hentges 68.20; Mary Hentges 33.00 Rusk Drug, Medicol, Doris Culbertson 13.00; Audrey Frye 16.80; Tom Devine 5.10 St. Ann Hasp., Medical, Leota Borr 40.00; Will Gustin 557.80; Pat Parsons 161.95 SEC. ROAD FUND Elmer Dole Co., Proj. 601 15,531.05 Fober Const, Co., Prof, 603 ft. 608 -- — .. — ...... 12,163.50 S f "S 01 * 1 Publication day of December, 1967. Published in the Algona Kossuth lowo ' IOAMO PMOCIEDINOS TWENTY-FIRST DAY OCTOBER 2, 1967 The Board of Supervisors mot pursuant to adjournment. Thote present •were A. M. Koilasch, Chairman, and Garry McDonald, Lawrence Newbrough, Andrew Reising, and Ernie Schmildt. Absent: None.. • Motion by McDonald and seconded by Newbrough that open ditch exemption be allowed on Dr, 90 Lot. 58 requested by Robert Hamilton NW/ 4 Sec. 33-99-27 and for Albert & Emma Wertjes on SWA Sec. 33-99-28 and on Sec. 32-99-27 J ., None, Motion carried. Motion by Reising and seconded by Schmidt that refund in amount of $37.50 be approved to Central States Theatre for -cigarette permit surrendered. Ayes: All. Nays: None, Motion carried. Motion by McDonald and secondec. by Reising that refund in amount 'of J149.05 be allowed Fred E. Kent for erroneous assessment. Ayes: All. Nays: None, Motion carried. Motion by Reising and seconded by Schmidt that Mrs. Leonard E. Heller, Curlew, la.,'be refunded $54.84 for advance taxes paid. Ayes: All. Nayi: None. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by McDonald that Class "C" Liquor License be approved for Charlie's Supper Club in amount of $750.00. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas . James H. Merrymon, Pro). 606, 1129, 602, 503, 601 Pay roll "Fund," Sec." R~ef. ".'.". Everds Bros. Inc., Pro). 569 7.92 20,790.00 19,765.56 63,672.66 Motion by Reising and seconded by (2) & 1128 (1), 923 (2) Schmidt that application for Class ''BKU^eroi-Bro.,Jy.!,Finil: Pro]. Beer permit be approved for Chor|e», : ,;,ii.553*(2)^|?H»6 (3) 21,098.47 McVay, Jr. Aye*: All. Nays: None^P,*.M.^StonfTCo. Inc., Base 12860.78 Motion carried ^George's Bo3?> Shop, Cloy Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Schmidt that the 3rd quarterly reports be approved for the Auditor, Clerk, Sheriff, and for Milton Norton (J. P.), and for Wm. Droessler (Bancroft J. P.). Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Schmidt and seconded by Reising that report of the Co. Weed Comm. be approved.-Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded' by Reising that Cat. Loader be purchased from Gibbs-Cook. in amount of $15,250. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried, ' . Motion by Schmidt and seconded by Newbrough that No. 645 Allis Chalmers Loader be purchased from Dukehart-Hughes Co. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Schmidt and seconded by Reising that International Loader be purchased from Herman Brown Co. for $24,600. Ayes: Reising, Schmidt, and Koilasch. Nays: McDonald and Newbrough. Motion carried. 'FOLLOWING RESOLUTION WAS OMITTED SEPT, 4, 1954. Whereas following property in Lu- Verne L. 8 B. 5 was sold to the highest bidder, Richard Wegner, in amount of $1620 and Q. C. Deed was signed by the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors (S. D. McDonald' and by County Auditor (Marc Moore,) Ayes; All. Nays: None. Motion by Newbrough and seconded Pit Work -. .. 3,485.20 Humboldt Concrete Prod., „ Pipe 457.14 Chas. Reaper, Labor 161.00 Alg. Mun. Util.. Util. 11.09 Standard Oil. Fuel 1,607.47 Sunroy DX, Fuel 1,652.27 Blanchard Lumber & Hdwe. Co., Supplies 957.63 Gibbt-Cook Equip., Parts .. 235.54 United Bldg. Centers, Supplies ... . 51.64 Brown Supply Co., Parts .. 846.87 N. W, Bell, Tel 50.58 Taylor Motor Co., Parts ... Rowlet Plb. & Htg., .Repairs H. E. Hemmingsen Plb., Furnace Installed . _. Elbert Chev., Ports . Schultz Bros., Parts :_ Gqpelrud Lubricants Inc., Supplies .., Miller Lbr. Co., Supplies . Schumacher Well-Co., Repairs la. Pub. Serv. Co., Elec. -Algona Mach. Shop, Repairs United Bldg. Center, Supplies Swdney Equip. Co., Parts ._ John Thompson, Repairs . Nichols Body Shop, Repairs P. R. Irons, Repairs _.W. E. Ley Motor Co., Lymon Oil Co., Fuel . irougl lesoli by Reising that Resolution on water i: ent - lc "i Ruralc Tel ; ( Tel - -and sewer development for Kossuth Co. ? owo " Corp., Supplies .... Lbr. Co., Supplies . Cent. la. Tel., Tel Cent. la. Rural Tel., Tel. .. and sewer development for Kossuth Co. be approved, Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. It was motioned that the following claims be allowed and paid, POOR FUND Madelia Walker, Extra Help 44.50 Reynolds Moch. Co., Parts . Barclay Co., Supplies Premier Autoware Co., Supplies «.__ Irvington Coop. Co., Supplies ; Crouse Cartage Co., Freight 53.91 17,84 546.75 21.20 22.13 47.25 41.00 75.00 5.00 16,50 2116.33 661.23 913.75 71.85 24.29 5.79 144.801 2.50 ! 32.55 ! 17.63 ! 37.93 109.45 35.17 136.03 203.16 46.00 4.50 ARRIVED SHIPMENT MONTANA SCOTCH FOR FRii DfUVERY TWICi PAILY PHONE 2*5-3762 EAST END GROCERY FfedeMck.HaNte,, SUppfMS . 5.61 Michael todd & Co., SuV ' pllet «...._..». lilo? Therrnagai .Co.,. Supplies . 15.00 Cook'*Wefd*f* §UW>fo Sup- '»..,plies ^.... ...... jj.06 Allort Boiling*, Repair* .. 14.14 Oooey Rttoir Shop, Repairs 21.00 fV .f. Ajajaji UlM^^el itM^fjW LnJKwTTUf l - nif^TW» I rOCTv* Co., Pdrti .4.J,........ Johwifftn AufofTwrivd^ Pttrts Hilfon Supef Sefv., Tire* . Big Beef, SuppliM Town of Bancroft, Elee, . , Gretnberg Aufd Supply, Sup- . ,, pile* *.*.....-.. 405.41 Afneld Mff. Supply, Supplies .j....... i... 30.39 Sleg Ff. Dodge Co., Ports '. 51.44 Lone Rock Coop. Tek, Tel. . 16.74 Elrrtore Concrete Prod. Co., Tile ...a............... (5.60 Quick Supply Co.. Supplies 169.40 Titonkd Tel. Co., fel. .... , 7.05 C. * H. Co., Suppliei 1147.20 Hoien Gravel Pit, Supplies . 65.00 Bowman Small Engines, Repairs .. . *„.. 16.05 Nielsen DX Serv., Supplies . 5.98 Beed Hdwe., Supplies 30.85 West lo. Tel., fel. .*.... 8.92 la. Elec. L, ft P. Co., Elee. 3.53 Adorn Heiderichedit, Labor 110.00 Sargent Engineering Corp., Parts 1005.58 Town of West Bend, Elec. . 1.00 la. Pub.. Serv. Co.. Elec. . 5.00 Peter's Auto Supply, Supplies .......:-....„. 19.90 Cert. Elec. Div., Supplies . 277,20 Helen,Boldwln, Clay Pit ... 250.00 Glenn's DX, Fuel 3.00 COUNTY FUND N, Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas . 4,72 Alg. Mun. Util., Util. 189.12 Poyroll Fund, Co. .-. 13,367.76 Post Office, Rent 45.00 Ralph Lindhorst, Bd. & Lodge of Prisoners 26.10 Humboldt Co., Bd. & Lodge of Prisoners ...... 35.00 Eppo. Bulten, Mileage 57.00 Ralph Lindhorst, Meals, Mileage & Assistance .L 310.54 Donald M, Wood, Mileage 87.55 Algona Reminder, Supplies . 6.63 Heck Ross Uniform Co., Supplies 161.58 Doris . Culbertson, Extra Help - Nurse ......„_.. 65.00 Joyce Hoyden, Mileage .... 95.00 Culligan, Soft Water, ..... 6.50: Wm. Thul, Meeting __ 4.00 Francis Koilasch, Meeting . ' 4.00 Geo. Baas, 'Meeting 4.00 Chas, Bormann, Meeting . 4.00 Elmer Kubly, Meeting—.. 4.00 Henry Hefty, Meeting . 4.00 Ed J. Elbert, Meeting .'... 4,00 Henry Hefty, Meeting 4,00. Earl Chambers, Meeting .. 4.00 < Ed. J. Elbert, Meeting .... 4.00 John Weber, Meeting 4.00 Albert Bormann. Meeting _ 4.00 W. H. Raney, Meeting 4.00 Richard Mawdsley, Meeting 4.00 Koch Bros., Supplies 11.90 Pitney Bowes, Rent . 71.86 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas . 43.91 N. W. Bell, Tel. 354.13 Hutzell's, Supplies 7.64 Hutzell's, Supplies ... 8.09 lo. State Bank, Supplies .. 11.20 Mart Porrott & Sons Co., Supplies 111.88 Security 'State Bank, Sup- • plies ...^ 16.00 G. A. Thompson, Supplies . 10.80 Advance Pub. Co., Supplies 38,06 R. L. Polk & Co., Supplies - 12.00 Klipto Printing Co., Sup- -........... Fldlot & ChamtWrl Co,, Supplies • ••*•>****••.«»*, ,«BW.vv L*A**«4*«>M»*« 1I4I.W Stofe AutottaWli (m., Inwf brs. SthiJ«er"i"V««**fiiifi Upper O»* Mofnti r«ub. Co., >tetlet* ^.i^-.i^.-iitl AoVdhWr Pub. Co., N6»lrtl . City of At##M, AmbbtofW* ' M Sefv. ..ji.*.ti...*«.4.* Co. Treoiuref, eninfy. ****.. Walter B. MoeDofwld, l*< re?. *«:« WH* "M PAYROLL FUND Wendel Warwick, Co. Hem* Alma Warwick, Co. Home . K. C, Kern, Co, Ho(r*e .»*. ftosetta Kerfi. Co. Mom* .. Richard Srtyder (Dr.), MM. *».. j.^—tj.^ ^ c«arr»?rwr *- _W4<»^^..._^ Jonite Funk, Extra Help - If.50" Kothryn MyeM, E*tro Help - • <-• L C. Rovn"~Prolia"fton''"ri ' I98.'50 Kenneth Richardson, Probo* flon 4 f6l,82 Wayne Keith, Ovil Def. .. 362.24 A. M. Kollaich, Meeting* & Mileage 743.40 L. A. Newbrough; Meetings & Mileage 704.60 Andrew Reising, Meetings & Mileage .-. 648.10 •Garry McDonald, Meetings & Mileage ...* 621.20 Ernie Schmidt, Meeting* & Mileoge i 631,20 Homer Downs, Weed Comm. 347.80 H. M. Smith, Engineer ... 1000.00 John Fraser, Aist,. Engineer 650.00 •• -Tammy Aoron, Inspector. .. 734.40. Marilyn Schneider," Clerk .. 35000 Wilbur Doege, Rodman 336.00 Wayne Christiansen, Rod, man 322.00 Mads Christiansen, Checker 542.90 John Eller Jr., Labor .-..^. 474.00 Richard Hoberer, Labor --- 434.00 Clarence Hentges, Labor ... 434.00 Earl Johns, Labor 451.50 A. J. Koilasch; Labor ---. 456.00 Ben Metzger, Labor ... • 458.00 Leo Ramus, Labor- .'.. •. •• 480.00 ' Fred Stecker, Labbr 'L-l.i.- 426.00 John Schueler ir'., Labor 1." 420.00 Geo. Weringa, Labor . 426.00 Cyril Wagner, Labor . 440.00 Gerald Wlbben, Labor 490.00 C. E. Zougg, Labor ,. 494.50. Henry Zweifel, Labor ^.... 494.00 •'John Bauer, Labor . :.:. 422.00 Raymond Boade, Labor. —. 441.00 Melvin Baas, Labor ..-. 434.00 Delain Blumer, 'Labor- ..... 438,00 Clifford Blanchard, Labor . 47600 'M, E. Blanchord, Labor '.. . 440 00 Alvln Ewlng, Labor ....... 490.00- Dale Helmers, Labor ..:.. 434.00 Clifford Holmes, Labor ... 432.00 Don Hainzinger, Labor ... 42000' George Kockler, Labor ,:..: 476.00 • Urban Neuroth, .Labor •... 440,00 Fred Plumb,' Checker' .... 422.60 Elmer Ricks, Labor -•...... 438.00 Charles Thompson, Labor _. 460.00 Orvllle Weiland,• Labor .._•• 440.00 Erich Willrett, Labor 440.00. James Walker, Labor 504.20 RETIREMENT FUND IPERS,' 3rd Quarter ._—. 2362.40 Soc'. Sec., 3rd Quarter ' 3129.75 ROAD CLEARING' ' Farmers Coop. Soc., Sup- ._ a^ a a .^a. ^. ^ M, Melting » Lot Oovtdwfi/ Mtiitlng .^. L<^i v %ZSz£!i' S!*5 •*" kowvon ntnuwufv. rlfvi A J * H«t»ll%. Soppllei ....!-; „, ' 'I .WJAINAOI FUND KOII. C» toll ConMrv., t»;,* {<**• Th6«jgion Or, 4 aL Stondord 0«r6f. 4 ..^-. ..-....., i ... i Ljon Mtfioy; Of/ 23 ,.;.... '.Xjy^EnBfnt.rlnQ, .Or. 23 John Thompson, Dr. 39 ... Shumwoy, Kelly ft Friifedt, Dr. 91 ---- .-_ ......... John Thompson. Dr. 133-.. Koss. Co. Soil Conserv., Dr. E. K. 2 __ . _____ . John Thompson, Or, PAK 1 Krus« Engineering, Dr. PAK -•••" ^.,~»i.«ii,-u/r. Tri, 84 Harvey P«derien, pf, Trl, ' . '- Sibil INSTITUTION Jos. M, Rooney, M; D., Phys. Leo J. Cassel, XrtorrWy ... Ralph Lindhorst, Mto7 James- Andreosen, Attorney Jo*. M. Rooney, M. D., • Exom. Phy». 1 Leo J. Cossel, Attorney .. Rolph W. Lindhorst, Mlg . Jomes H. Andreosen, 'Attorney . Dr. Wm. Jackson, Medicol lo. Children'* Horn*, Keep . Buff. Center Clinic, Medicol Guest House Rest Home, Keep i... la.. Children's Horn* Soc., -Keep ...•_. Quokerdole Boy's Home, Keep Helen Zaugg, Keep '.:• Tommy Dolt Mem. Hosp., Keep ................. Alma Leegaard Home, Keep „ .. „ COURT FUND Payroll Fund, Court ' -H. J. McNertney, Fees ... 79.34 77.02 5.00 59,00 10.40 25.00 15.00 1.90 381,72 10.00 113.30 163.80 27.50 4500 150.00 45,06 12,50 649.12 14.61 29.80 15.50 1550 22.09 10.00 15.50 15.50 20.22 10.00 6.00 366.12 6.00 154.00 214.93 131.33 138.35 450.00* 125.00 1817.21 13.75 150.00 •i NOW.,.wlnter tin safety Md traction at a lbw;l6wpiice. M Whitewilli just $2.50 mart per tin • JTnrlonwrdcojinrucllun eOttp inciorlypt clnii *Tu/iyn nikbtr InW f*r CMM «U -*inim«4 d.nkto _M(i t»v to klu'inf e» *» er umftttMti tee* ' BUY NOW ON OUR F ASY PAY PLAN HILTON SINCLAIR SERVICE NEW Subscription V ti * '. 4 ., * \ - ^^ 'gft^&Z ^| , l . • . " • Kossuth County Advance LMif Port Offlm. hThaltaH«| Kates. To Nw bbtcrilMn BMwbwt R»pl*r $7.00. 1. You may M nd •special r«tt ChrittrnM Qift Sub- •criptltn te enyene who WM net • fubtcrilMr •• of D«x*mbor 1, 1947. 2. You may M nd • gift subtcription «i the regular Titet to pircent net eligible for the New Subecrip. tion Specie!. 3. A gift card will be tent te the ptraen te whem yeu •re fending the Keisuth County Advene*. 4.'Une«pired •ubwriptiem can net be rmtwed at a special gift raft. 5. New aubacriptiMii will start January 1, IfM, and will enpire December 11, ItM, GET ALL THE NEWS and only the Kossuth County Advance gives it to you! AOVANCI PUNISHING CO. •0X409' '•••••'•'- ' '" :. . - -\ '•'..-.: '..:. AtOONA, IOWA - SW11 A UNCHAUf NGIO A$ THI NiWir*Aj»f i IN KOUUTH sand the KeMvth Ctvnty Advance N«wipaptn far t*t yt«r (101 leMMf) te the fellewing Name * WWWmm ^^

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