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The Age from , · Page 12

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Saturday, January 3, 1931
Page 12
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THE AGE. SATURDAY. JANUARY -3. 1931. 12 eiiirihi. with half a lumlh between Mcoud tnd Ton Saturday at Pirron Yalloc-k: Lndv' SWIMMING. MILE CHAMPIONHHIP TO-DAY. , Tho Victorian mile chmii:-inthlp will bo d. MENTONE RACES. Garonwy Wins January Handicap. Plate Won by Spouter. SPORTING NOTES ilENTOXE RACES. WINKKRS' STARTING TRICES. 15 to 1 agst. Coolnn. ADELAIDE RACES. S.A.J.C. Meeting. , Selections for Morphettville. The S.A.J.G. ia to hold a meeting to-day nt .Morphettville. Six events are to be decided, the chief of which is tho Now Year C! if of ono milo and a half. Selections: Novar Hurdle Race. PI liNAIDKS , i ST. TETIT S JAN0S1AGNE .. 8 Helmsdale Welter. 0 4 The Abbot. 7 i Gudroon, U 4 Karrabce. 7 4 l'rinco liayton. 0 1 (jaronwy, 5 4 tjpouter. Country Race Meetings. BRIM SPRINGS AND ROSEBR00K. HORSHAM, Friday. The annual rucei of Brim Springs and RoscbrooK Race Club were not a well attended as previously, but the racing Was Interesting and well up to thu atandmd l (urnier jears. Resulti: , - Handicap Hack Ha.v, ftv lurlong. L. How land's Flying Ned (Fit-uiUu Nwlda), 0.10 (L. Evans), 1; Miss G. Duncan' Pcnaiius, VM (l. Fux), g; J. Landrigan's Fi'ivcr Uvt, 0.13 (J. audrigan), 8. IKtting; ll'si on Flower Seller, even money aguinkt Flying Ned, 10 to 1 tit bora. Won by two lengths, with a length betwcvi. second and third. Time, 1 mm. 0',-j src. Novelty Handicap Pom Rare, tour furlongi. Mrs. A. T. Kelly's My Boy (Domination Elsie), ser., 8.7 (A. Agiiew), 1; J. Landtii;ana Reinin, 20 yds. bhd.. 11.2 (J. Landrluaii), 2; D. fook'i Obliife, 20 yds. bhd.. t.7 (L. Mutphy), 3. Uetting: Even money a'ulmt Remin. 2 tu 1 My llio, 4 tu t Oblige. Wun ly two length, with lulf a length between Mnid and Uurd. Time, W 2-5tb lirini Springs and Rosobrook Handicap, one mile W. G. TauVa Ballosluniu (Amanus Juniper mare). 0.0 trt. lati.), 1; S. D. Evans's Tieniach, 10.10 (L. Evanb), 2; R- Duncans I' lying Ace, 0.8 (L. Clarke;, o. Belling: 4 to 1 on llernach. 2 to 1 each agalnt-t Itallyglunln nnd Flvlng Ace. Won by two lengths; three length between second and third. Time, 1 mill, tibft "Trlal Handicap, three-quarteri of a mile. A. C. Ijnuiilgan's MuiTaway (Amanu-Mtirrawuli). 0.10 (A. Lmdrigan), 1; J. Landriair Flower Sx-I1er, 0.3 (It. Agnew), 2; L. Howlaud'a Hying V...I ii o 1 1. Un.iiGi. a. H.-tllnir: (I to 4 on f WARWICK FARM RACES. Eight Events for Decision. Selections and Programme. Sydney racegoers will to-day be catered for by the A..I.C. with a meeting at Warwick Farm. The principal event is the l-'arm Stokes, of ono mile, which promises to attract a good field. Hecent form points to Rimilo n'a ft likely winner. Trcepac, Greeumuntlo, Valentino and Pro Note ahould also run well. Selections: Maiden Handicap. First Divhion. HCRRY SCURRY 1 VALHOND 3 CENTURY .. 8 Second Division. 8WEKT YALAIS 1 THE MDYA S CHASE MARCH 8 Maiden Nursery. First Division. FINANCIAL v 1 DERM ID ,j .. .. 3 THE AMAZON ., ., 8 BAcond Division. LADY RL'ECO 1 TOWN TOPIC) a MARINADE 3 Farm Stnkos. SAMITE .. .. 1 TREEPAC S URKKNMANTI.E .. Ii Sefton Handicap. KILLARNEY 1 KAN WORTH , HIGH DISDAIN Warwick January Handicap. DON MOON EXACT NAG It A DA . A .. . Bcrala Handicap, cost PODON ico, , ... TKAYMOUILK N'OI.ENsi VOLE.VS THE PROGRAMME. 1. Maiden Handicap, six lurloims. First Division. Centurv Tire, U.;t; Vaimo:.d, H.IO; Hurry Scurry, 8.4; Arolhi, Wapiti, Ethel Mh, Aravini, Ciwpiette, 5.0; W'ullarobbn, 7.12, o.-lk, 7.11; Royal Top, 7.10; Alienor, 7.0; Grattiin, Ortelle'a Son, 7.7; Jock Mclvor, 7.5; Texila, J.; Cyruuda, 7.2; Imropid, Lord Lucltit, T.'i. 1.S0. Seco-.d Division. Sweet Valals. 8.12; The Muya, 8.7; Lady Cannes, $.2; Snowlioiiiid, Cami-lec, Chaca March, Walhcu, Sunrise, Tameta, Uta-w, 8.0; Goorabul, 7-12; ltoyal htjtus, 7.10; Ainanul'ah, 7.9; Ranpura, 7.i; Scottish March, 7.7; Tlie One, 7.5; Mount 'bank, 7.1; Wallace Dal by, 7.3; Golden Coronet, 7.2; Rridgc and Dow, 7.0. 1.55. Maiden Nursery Handicap, five furlongs. First Division. Dcruild, H.0; Dogwood, $.; Rodondo. Jlagnltas, 8.5; Ardeen, .2; Miss Ouantock, 8.1; Our Choice, 6.0; The Amnion, Financial, Happy Leader, Tom Tell, 7.12; Air Streamer, 7.11; "McKurnev, Toby'a Choice, 7.10; Opinion, 7.0; Clartrcsi, LieLcben, 7.7; Sliirvan, 7.4. 2.2S. Second Division. Head Chief. 8.10; Salient, Segovia, Mnrinade, 86; Olihrate, 8.2; Dollar Princess. Hello Trlez, 8.0; ftaisino, I.idy ttucco, 7.13; Spenrfoot, 7.12; Fair Australia, lorcian, 7.11; Mcrrygocn, 7.10; Polly Ann, 7.; Town Topic, J.ij Collage, 7.7; Franconla, 7.1; Abstract, 7.2. 2 50. FARM STAKES. Ore mile. st lb. st. lb. 0. 0 Whiicpce 7 11 Valentino .. ,, Kaytoun Pro Nolo .. .. Solitaire What Abiut It . lxiringi Treepac Urcennrintie.. ., Heiclit-r Sweet Music .. , IJonawe 8 12 Niinlfe 8 11 K'd Dntt .. . 7 11 7 I Glass Un Noun 8 7 8 7 Kut a 7 7 1-eila New King . . , Prince Cnrduy Pepper's tihust Sheauu .. .. . 7 2 7 2 7 13 8.20. Sefton Handicap, sis furlongs. Killar-ney, IHuh Di-daiii, 0.8; Casmie d'Or, S.0; Green-bird, 8.7; Cleave. 8.2; Greenlo.h, 7.10; Erbie, Ramvorth, 7.3; Nlckujay, 7.4; I-idy O'Clare 7.3; Loiigwood, 7.2; Myle, till; CarucIIa, C.10; liaiouna, weet oration, vtorkman, o.y; ueit, ti.H; Income, Twinkle Sui, li.7. 8.45. Warwick January Hand lea p. one mil? atm a iitianvr. ien, v.z; u.m Moon, .iu; Western Uss, b.4; Kdurada, Esj. Stormy 7.10; lltack Douglas, I.'J; Antiocliu?. 7 8; Fran cm Cyllene, ".3; Bogmina, 7.0; Stock, Rowan llorrr. Sackbut. 0.7. 4.15. Hernia Handicap, one mile. Compon- donico. n.u; Leisure Hour,; Mrenctn, b.v, Wa met on, Salvador, 8.7; Gbaner, 8.o; Gemlight, S.s; JSolPiii olens, o.i; UaimoDiie, b.d. Intcr-S(a(e Itace Meetings. NEW SOUTH WALES. Handicaps. A.J.C. ANNIVERSARY J1KETIN0. third. , , tl . , Novell v Py KaW" miT lunong. Ulna H.'aven. f-2 (Adliiiif), Ji T. Connelly'f Walla On (Litllr), ; W. mithen'a Misa Won-der, 8.2 (Poiter), 3. Betting: S to 3 on Blue Heaven, 8 to i ' it-.... i.t. iao b-inr hi. with a length between aeruud and third. N.iveltv Punv Race, four furlongs ana a half.-P. Chi Istf. wn' Field Play. 7.10 (Adkins), 1; H. Sawyer's Cl'-iker. 7' (Little), 2; A. Wat- and 11 Us Timoii aluo Marled.' itetHng: Even money against j-ean iuj. j . i . ' 4 lo 1 Clinker, 10 lo I others. Won by halt a lenirlh. with a similar dirtauccj between aecond ".J ,h!rd: i . l,,lr Iliverioeu iianuira . r , , .ii . vi.,: vv..i.llrenek. 7.7 (Little). 1; P- Chrlsteiiseu'i Torr, 7.7 (Merandcr), 2; F. ..... ,., iii.l. -I 'Ilia Indlnll. Cen- wulf, l..ild Waller, and Warolla also slarled Belting: a 10 i on 'ai, m -to 1 Weathercock and Terr, 10 to 1 others. Won l.v two lenaths. with a length between second and third. , . Open Novelty. (J. Jto-evenr a dicci r.r, o.-(Adkfni), li H. Sawyer's Clinker, 7.7 (Little), 2; W. Hltcheii'a Ulil Wonder (Porter), 8. liciung: r.ven money uii..v 'v. 4 Mint Wonder, 4 to 1 Clinker. Won by half a leiigtll, wun a itrau MERT0N PICNI0 MEETING. II Kit TON, Friday. Merlon annual picnic races wun held on New Years day. Results; Maiden Hark Rare. W. Free'a Star Lyn (Creih'liton), 1; Mia M. Allen b Glengcda (Moore), 2; J. Slinlair's Mary Olido Claylor), 3. Mm- .... Ii..(tlnr.- in 1 ni'ninirt. Winner. NovoRy Pony Itaee, four furlongs. J. Fink's Empress (Fink), 1; R Mnnwell'a Star Welkin (Bnriifis), 2; J. H. Fink's Hshermnn (LrciKn-ton), 3, Five starters. Betting: Even money n-F:iincl I tin u llltirr. Flving Stukea, six furlongs. T. Maxwells Apurc ( ), 1; W. Fret's (ilen Aiifsie (Creiuh (on), 2; Miss M. Allen's Bright Dream (Hur-nets), 3. Six slurU-rs. Betting: 3 to 1 against the wfnmr. Handicap Pony Race, five furlongs. J. II. t-'ink' Fi, 1: J. H. Fll.K'i Empress (Fink). 2; It. Maxwell' Star Welkin in ur nest,;, a. netting; a io i auainsr. winner. Memorial Handicap, one mile. T. Lonergan'a Noiievniak (BurneiM. 1: W. Froc's Glen Aussie (Creighton), 2. Betting: Even money against tlie winner. thick Rare. Blue Duchc, 1; Cambrian Kin; 2; Dub Dtan, 3. HANDICAPS. WOODEN I). (Wednesday, 7th January.) Hurdle Race. Salwicb, 11.0; Sir Gleam, 10.12; nureary, 1"-V; Staiilord, 10.0; Melton Bur, 0.12; Vnrokn. IIU- SavId.i. 1.S: Calera. 0.4: W t!. 0.4; 1'alriile, O.'l; Voco; 0.0; Un.cady, 0.0; Boo taiiian, 0.0; Bright 1'atrol, I'.d. Maiden Plate, live furlongs. Erattan, 0.0; Xa Jeune. 8.12; Myrm, 6.10; Cvauus, 8.10; Cvkanne, 8.0; Metaphor, Festival, Royal Bob, 8.7; Arbitration, e7; Dyavuleen, R.7; Cairn Times, 8.7 ; Etalon, John Roland, 8.7 ; Marshal I'll--mdskl, Miwiile, I'rieewinner, Buanya, 8.8; Tona-l.nii t.t.ll....p tf l.l.i.l I nrli- 8.4: Prinrt All, Weilgo, 8.3; Poltreux, Truolennfs, Captain Hob, 8.0; Rew-rve Fund, 7.13; Asl.mond, Sally Ann. 7.13; Murray Glen, 7.10; Kashmiri, 7.12; Ladv Devltei, Tiiviol, Alicante, 7.7; Wings, not c-ligitiie. SUMMER CUP. Nine furlongs and a hnlf. Prince Don , 0 0 Leeor 7 10 Wambldct-o , .. Vcloeette .. .. Donaco Treuiolit Hyde Paik .. .. fouthriowu .. .. Bangkok .. .. Seventh Heaven . S 12 Borrodale .. , H 10 F-isby .. , 8 10 Lombardia , 8 0 Wee Jean .. . 8 7 Eucrate .. .. . 8 4 Hctbeus . . 8 4 Quick Reward 8 0 Mt-nauder .. 7 10 7 8 1 6 7 4 7 8 0 12 e io o 7 Mavfleld Unildh-Jp, five furlongs.-Euston, 0.5; Zanibar, 0.3; Antotwllo, ft.10; Nisht (Hare, 8.0; Spcuter, St. Flavian, 8.4; Shady Nook, fc.2; Lost Kev, 8.0; Chaeiie, 7.11; Cloister, L10; Pro-in I-m I. I:i ' T-.S; lloval Raven. 7.7: Knanouc Itei'iuena, P'.ionic, V.O; Present Again, 7.5; Rudio- Htope, invletua, 7.0; lvanmn, n.u; la.rowe 0.12; El leader, 0.1O; Bonnie Jack, 0.0; Mi Mnflil. (M; ii one. Lciiwell. 0.7. Novlee llandi ap, nix furlongs, Amenr.-i, 0.3; liit-Kdaw,; liieciiesi, jiyiuni,; Miirpno, ti.7; Clear Ice, 8.0; Ijurnbee, S..'i; Sweet Joy, tU; Ib-d Bur. M iltfus. 8.3; Indian Force, 6.1; ArlAti'ornev, ti-0: Ejctenf-lve, 7.13; .Mongann. 7.o; StntiL'hledae. Crowtlowcr. 7.7: Silent Raven, Scrrn No. '7.5; Wavward, Farouche, 7.4; Ever more, Go:-sipcr, 7.3; Puleheiia, 7.1; llattb-diu, 7.(1 ; Dv.ivalecn, 0.10; Marshal Pil-Midi, Mips MufTW,; P iiui s Bib-s.'rt, Ascrai, John il-lnnd, llaiigluiiieh), Triviol, G.i. Hitrh-weight one mile. Silver Billy 10.0; Foutuif. 0.8; Milhr.n. 0.7: Buekeen. !'.:!: Bnirodate, I.cenr, 0.2; Oiiirk, 0.0: Wee Jean, 8.0; Spear Kitur, St. Chad, 8.8; Soitnica, S.0; Pimble, New Hope, 8.4; Milbra, 8.2; King Poa, Clear Ice, Wayluck, Del Riccio, K.0. GISHOliNE PONY RACE:'. (Tuesday, 13th January. ) Novice Handicap, five furlongs. Pulclicrla, 0.10; (Jueen Jlalka, 0.7; Yallonrn, b.0; Lyle Boy, Limeriuk UVs, 8.5; Flying Croa, 8.3; Oil linive. :.I1: K.isJern Gold. I He Youth. Lvsiin, sir Ataikhope, Mist Print, 7.0; Dyavlecnu, 7.8; Pen eel ul lies.1", 7.7; Cuviawii, Alexamlnis, 7.11; Ladv Asp, Gracrtlc, White Anton, Monnll, Aderack, 7.; .irto S'iccn, Triviol, Bali Hope, Welter lhndlcap, five furlomr". Pulcherla, Iron Hark. 0.11): Master Trillion. 9.S; Moouana, 0.7; I ureadv, 0.(1; Pteon-in, 0.5; D")adtre, 0.0; Claude Duval, Jetta, 8.12; Yallourii. H.0; Krr. 8.6; Flving Cross, 8.3; Mis Mullilt, 8.2; I.u I mi', r.igan li:u-i, .o; iviwn, .u; ia-uih, 7. II; niii-i'v. Akniak. Peaci-fuliie.ifi. 7,7. 14.0 Pony Race, lour furloniis. Satinet te, 0.12; Marv Welkin, 8.; Krnciie, a.u; iiurnie, tinner, 7.7 : Caini nnis. 7,.i ; hi -icht Put tire, Goiii et- Hermi'S, 7.4; Prince . Caire, Possibility, 7.3; Mhs Olive. Deposit, 7.2; W allin-tte, W uilireil, Cold Toy, Golden Future, Queen Pos, Fire Bob, 7 o. 14.1 Ponv Race, four furlongs. Precious Gold, 9.1.1: K. vrak, Little riv. HreoSiiinua, 7.11 IjuIv Vein. 7.H: N-il-hcO. 7.7: Paisv Star. 7..1 Ristine, Sinsyln, 7,:i; Jack's Dream, t'arwell. 7.2: Puie Gold. Mirv Welkin, .0; Baraiiduda 0.12; Odd Socks, 0.7. 11.2 Ponv Race, four furlnnss. Red if-irlev S.7; Precioiw tlold, 8.11: Iige'la. 8.10; Sl"ii.t Kise. 8.5: C.imie. 8.n: Merrv Mab. 7.11: Ara tunus. Doclln, PoyreDe, K'-yrak, 7.7; Shi Clo, 7.S; Divine Choir, 0.12; John Marsh, patsy Mare, 0.7. Novel Iv Poor Rnc-, four furlongs. Winning Star (13.1", scr.. 7.;i; nrnken omi (.w.o). ncr., 7.3; Finite (1.1.1). 10 vJ.. 7.10; Hoynk (13.1V P vde.. fl. 13; Satinetle (t3i, 20 vd.. 11. P: Laen (13.2), 20 vrts., fU: Cvgnett II. (13.2). 2 v.l 7ff I ifti- f'-.Fivdlrln ifl:l'. 90 vii. T't' Merrv Marg (t3.2), 20 yds., 7.0; Ball's Brew (lite Nemo) (1.1.3). 30 vds., 7.7; Gre-n Tov !.::), 30 vdn.. 7.3; Bright Future (1 1.0), 40 vii'.. 7.4; Deposit (11.0), 40 vds., 7.2: Queen piis (14.(1), 40 vih., 7.1); Golden Future. (14.0), 40 vds 70; wiiiiinetlo (14.), 40 yds., 7.0. CYCLING. Amateur cypllsls are reminded that entries for the two-lap handicap and the hrfit clam three miles snatch. In be held bv Melbourne Carniva h on Wednesday, clotu with Mr. Uur-nd to-day. Club wrrelarles nrp recpiested lo have I heir club handicaps Indeed with Mr. llarrod on Min-day for Ibe first V.A.C.U. carnival, to be held on tho 12th. Entries f-r tho half-mile, mile nnd hilf mile Indies' hat.dicapa to lo held at Pakenham 2bth, cIojc with Mr. Hnrrod on the 12th. In nil. fairness to yonisclt you elded to-Juy at Weirlbce, 'Jlie vent will carry 'PLlonal interest ironi 010 lact mat me inter Statu selectors, who will have to come tu a d ciiion within a lew days for (hi State's reprs. sanation at (he Australian champiunsliipi, uuy Iw greatly Influenced by these cuinpctllloni. Tin team will icuvo Melbourno wxl VU'ibu-uhy r Sydney In tliuige of Mr, S. Carey, who will act a manager duiing the visit to Qut-ensland alio. 'to-day's race IjoKs iiko uting a match heom-a F. D. Walter, bidder of the title, und Ken jn. ner, who lu clrjwu rewaikaUlo iHipiouuKut sine lust season. WATER POLO COMPEHTION RESUMI3. After th holiday interval water polo nutehfa will ba resumed on Monday night Ht Balmau.. avenue baths with the follow inn D u'Jt mat dies: South Melbourne v. Wist St. Kildi. Melbnuriie v. Northcote, Middle Park Surf v. Utv, Faiiiield v. Albert Park, Sunshine v. Ah. iMitstord, bouth Port v. St. hilda, Railway V( Kuw. Alphiiigion and Middle Park will pUy ou Thursday at North Melbourne, TESV EVENTS FUR VICTORIANS, The teat events for women und men, to bo held on Monday night at Footscray baths, will consist of the following; Women: JoO yards junior (ret stylo, 100 yards sailor fret style, and diving. Men; 100 yurdi Junior freo style, 100 yards back stroke and 220 yards lucutit slr-tke. For ilia women's diving thu iIIvcb will bo tho same ai set for tho Auilrulluu title, vis, : Three- me Irs Board: Running plain hu.itk'r, backward sutaer-aauit, hackvaid spring and forward dive, and llirea voluntary dives taken from throe diilltrent coup. Miwt llelty Forilmn, Slate 10U yjtiii titlo and record holder, will piubably be an al. tcuicc from the tesij. AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS. Mulnlr in order to assist Quevusland to r. tain tho Kieran shletd, Reg. Oiler ha decided to compete In the mile and hnlf-milo title events in Queensland Ibis month. Should ho lie taili. Hid wilh his form he will also probably delmd his titles in tho 220 yards and 410 yutds in tiJ. liey oil 10th and 14(h of Ibis month. NAG AM DIE INTER-CLUB CARNIVAU The fourth annual carnival of the Nagainlila club was held on the local hlko On New Yvai's day. The chief nice, over 1500 yards, was woo by J. Parker (Melbourne) oil the thrci-mbuia m.iik. Parker's win was u hlphly uu-rlturinui one, as until last wagon hv wus uuuiilo to swim, but lull inadi) rapid strides under the Coac!iiiii; of G, Mori Is, Muibourue club'a honorary coacii. Results: 60 Yard Open Handicap. R. Bennett (Melh.), 0 sec, 1; O. Saggers (Heyuiolir), 13 aec 2; (1, Morrison (Sejinom), 18- sec., :J. Time, 20 3-Mb sec. Sprlngiinaid Diving Handicap: U Warner (Y.iLC.A.), 7 points. I; A. Stieckfusa (F'erii)( 6 points, 2; If. SIiikox (Y.M.C.A.), 0 points, 3. . Pain; Relay Handicap, PH) yardv: T. 1). Mur-lis and R. Bennett (Melo.j, 4 see, 1; (1. Roliim and E. (Melb.), scr., 2; K. Mathertoa and C. Welch (Nagnmblc)i 10 sec, 3. Time, 1.1 2-5th. High Tower Diving Handicap- A. Strockfun (F'craj), 4 o1nti, 1; T. II. Jbrris (Meili.), twr., 2; L. Warner (Y.M.C.A.). 7 points, 3. 1600 Yard? Hatuilcap: J, Parker (Mejh.), 3 mln., I; T. Goat ley (Carlton), V,i min., 2; ti. Gujatt (Seymour). 1'i min., 3. 'lime, 5.:2. E. Cormack (cr.) rtioided faatcst time with 23.M. 0 Yards Wonnn'it Open Haiidicup: Miss A. Schuler (Ilawtho n), 1; Mis F. IngK man (Nagumbie), 2; Miss E Lindsay (Nagambic), 3. Timii, 30 tec. Local Div-u; V. biggers, 1; D., 2; J. Sullivai'. 3. Local Boys, under 10: W. Forbea, 1; W. Furlong, 2; A. McDonald, 3. Time, l-:lh sec. Local Girls, under 1U; E. McDonald, 1; J. Sullivan, 2; V. Abe), 8. Time, 60 3-h see. M Yards Loral Wi-m-n's Handicap: Mlxa E. Gardiner, I; Mlrti It, Mcl.vud, 2; Mir& It. Ciiapm.111, 3. TlinJ, 41 1-,'uh see. 60 Yards, local Men: C. Welch, 1; C. Callaaliaii, 2. Time. I'd see. Gouibinn Valley 200 Yards ilGn-licap: G. Guyiitt, scr., ; G. Saggers, 6 e,, S; V. Saggers, 2 see., 3. Time. 2.53. Lucd Woineii'd I )h lug (liiimplousldp: Mm P.. Murdoch, 1; Mi. R. McUhiU, 2; Miss J. Mur-Wli, NA HANDERA CARNIVAL NAttANDERA, Fricwy. The uiiniiul suiiuuiliifr carnival was held venlenlay. Renulla: Girli' Ch.imiiio,i?hip, M yards: V, Mah-olm (N:ir:iu ilera), I; Irene J.iini mou (N.irandcrn), 2. Rinrina Pack St like Championship, KK) tarda: p. Jjrls (Ali'Ury), 1; R. Wynnck (Aihuiv), ; G. pjt-rln?oti (Va;atiiLr.i. ;t. Gills' liundbap, utnl-r Id. AO yaidi": V. .Uil.-idm, ,'i evt:, I: E. M.ili'-.lin, nr., 2. Dots' Spiinabtiarn Dite: S. (Alburyl. 1; It. 'lolsh'-r (Saraiid. r.i), 2. (J.ili' Dive, under B: Irene Paiiiunoii ( Naianl,-ra , I; Joan Coueh. 2. IHvi-rlna Championship, 1'0 yanls: F. Jacobs ( AIi.ii v), 1; L. mock (Al-bury), 2; D. Weir (Nuinnd.'ial. 3.. IjuJii-s' H.m. dti4p. 0 yards: E. Nmteolm, wr I; . P.itnn, wm, 8 sec, 2. Riverinn Junior High Diving I'humplonshlp: S. Wyiuck (Alhury). Narantlua IlaiiUi'iip, fill yanD: j. Terry (Naraud -rai. 2 m-c. S. WyiincK and D. lh:ie:iin.'oii, who llmOte, liret nnd cecond, wero iliijirilitieil. Men's Din-: L. Vynack. I; J. WiUIams (Alhury), 2. Like Handicap, PKI yards: S. Bohr (Alburyl, 4 sec. 1 : F. Malcolm. 10 see., '. i.lveihm .ChnnipionM.ip IIIi Dive; J. Williams (.Albury). 1; A. Fl.-d (Naian.lcraj, 2. Inter .-lub Relay ilicv, 40Oyaid: Alburv. 1 ; N'lrindei.i, 2. I'f'verlnj Champi n-ship, hm yards: F. Jucot.s (Albury), 1; R. tty-nack (Albury;, 2. TWO RECORDS BltOliLN IN NEW ZEALAND. WELLlNlil'ON, Friilaj.-At WelbTjUon Mercedes Gl iie 'fMablhtil ft BiiiiMi . ndur-inei Mvimnilng recm-d of 42'. hours. At Hamilton, Lily Copp'est an! swam 33,a mile di-w.'i I In) Waikaia Rivtr in S1 i hours, breaking tho A.,t trjlatilan recoid lo miles, ENDURANCE TEST IN SYDNEY. SYDNEY, Frld iy. A record rnliy Is expo, id by the proun'ti nt of tlie luli riiiillniial cnoir-nuce swimming, which will be hi l! t Manly ill the end i4 the limnih.'1- Men hi 1 Wiuum are eligible Ut (-umpete, and :-i piiws will ln divided. The swimimr renMii,ii; (iilinumi?1y in Hie water foi the l-tu-,M p-ii.J under (V cordltiuns ft down wilt lc drbi-. the winner, and will receive 'H. M'-di.-.d men will eupervlfv (he welfare r the conies. In ills Second priA will l- XI W, and l--nr prizes range from 50 to 10. FOOTBALL. Appllcatloi-a fjr a co.n;h nml a . head tm --i f,T St. Kfldn Foollmll Cbib. whieh were ..ill-l recently, will closo on Mondiy, nnd' will It considered by Hie club on the following evening. PORT MELBOURNE FOOTBALL CLLB. ANNUAL MEETING, 7th JANUARY, TORT MELBOURNE TOWN If ALL. Nominal loos Close 4th January. F. GRIFFIN, PrtMideiit. Musical Programme. WANTED, PLAYING COACtf, Tor ARARAT FOOTBALL CLUB, For Senioil, lf.'t. Stat age, salary and qua) location. Clearance must tie truarantei-d. Application close 1Mb Jamwy, 1031. A. J. OLDHAM, Secretary. 7t Queen-street, Ararat. i should have copy ot this A r ASPENDALE PARK RACES, Six Well-balanced Fields. Selections by Tasman. Kacea are to bo held to-duy at Aspendale Park, where a proKrnnune of six event will be decided. The 11 rut went, ii hurdle race, of two in ilea, in to a tart at 2.20 p. ni. There are twelve ac-ptoia, and Holzacb, who was cucceaefnl in a like event at tho aame course last Saturday, uppeuri to pohkcgi the best chance of sue cean. Wakurife won a trial hurdle race at Caul field on 10th December, defeating Cherry wood and Appellant, and on that form is deserving of respect. Har lton Jia been place! in hurdle company, and with Komeo and Calera may light it out for the minor plncinx. On her second tu Bautoi b in the January Handicap at Klein-itiKton on Thursday, Influence looks the bcrt of those eiinnjted in the Thrce-Ycnr-Oltl Handicap. She, however, may meet with Atern opposition from Golden Arrow, who ban run prominently in recent events. I'tidica, Comic Prince, Gosfiiper and Sustr-a by are othars with fair chances. Of the nine acceptor for the Aependalc Pluto Ideal Prince, who after winning two racea run third last eeaaon to Pnrh-wood nnd St. Lucia in the V.K.C. Hoy a I Hnndicnp; treat Thought and Lady Vnr-horoutih linvc the beat credential, and if they run true to form should tight out the finish. Star Warden is speedy, while Antonello Ima tdtown nu Jiii-i cut pace in his races to Biifi-nc-wl that he has fair prospects. lEonetia nnd Hynina look the best of the other, linn over n course of n mile ami a quarter, the Anpendale Park Handicap proin-ifi:n to attract a Rood field of middle-diKtniK-e perforiuurs. Glaive has been i-ii mil site toiiFiateutly but unluckily of late, but if rthe reproduces the form whi.-h enabled h'r to finish immediately behind Sartarcfs in the Fund Handicap at Moo net-Valley on IStii December hould lake 1. lot ot" bc-atiiiR. Prince Don, Dark Dnwn and Sealliabt inny prove her most formidable opponentp. The Asiiendale PurRe bears an open appearance, but Walter Scott, who won n similar event last Saturday, may apain be expected to run well. Tragedy King and Pen!lishei ave both good gallopern, and with Ilea u (Jeste. Vaneae and Sabtah should provide an interesting finiah. The eoiicluding event, Welter Handicap, is t be run over nine furlongs. Kedale is folccted to win. while Tarns. Silver Billy. Lyndcn. The Graphic nnd Otir Alex are mentioned as a likely group to supply the placed horses. Selections: Hurdle Place. salzacii i tVAKKIHFE 2 NAR HON 3 Three-Year-OltJ Handicap. INFLt'ENCB 1 C.OI.DEN AAUtOW 2 PLDICA 3 Plate. IDEAL PRINCE l LADY YARIiOROUGII 2 OR EAT THOUGHT a Aspendale Park Handicap. GLAIVE i l'RINCK DON 2 DARK DAWN 3 Purse WALTER SCOTT J 'IRAtfEDY KINO 2 PEAKLFlfcHEIl a Welter Handicap. KEDALE 1 TAR AS 2 SILVER HILLY 3 PROBABLE RIDERS. HURDLE RACE. Salzach, R. Inbcn; Triplex, K. aorll; liiulied to, L. Fux; Romeo, A. Lrouii; Wakenlv, it. Hcwboii; Trusluck, E. ltantau.; Nar-Ron, H. Turner; Red JJlade, 1. V rajnl ; Talmud, J. Sfclialioti. lUrw Year-Old Handicap. Lith IJiruu. T. Lewis; (Jonuc Prinuf, k Llcmusey; Sasuiby, H. Evans; Uoldeii Arrow, J. Itatiaeic; 1'udica, U. Pliillilis; tiossiLr, P. Kt;aii; ilcull, O. Coiliiiaii; InllueiiL-e, A. ucwliurst. ASPENDALE PLATE. Star Warden, J. Daniels; Lady Yur borough, F. Demiisey; Deau-liutiiu, 1'. Muscldalli; Itoetta. J. Rallaclc; Ideal Prince, A. Couper; Great Thought, JL Hall; Fuirv House, O. Callinun. ASPENDALB PARK HANDICAP. Prince Don, E. J. Morris: Glaive, H. Reed; Southdown, J. Daniels; Sea (light, ii. Morris; Lowik-ld, O. l'liil-lifi. ASPENDALE PURSE. Beau Oeite, J. Winks; Waller Scott, W. Duncan; Vanese, H. Moiru; Pearltisher, G. Eaton; fcabuli, O. Callinau. WELTER HANDICAP. Silver fllllv, H. Tomison; Wainbidscc, F. 1 1 an nun; Taras, J, Rail'aelr; HoniNt, W. U Howson ; Lynden, A. Reed : Priiiee Dayton, W. Duncan; Our Alec. V. MuschtuUi. ASPENDALE PARK RACES. SATURDAY, 3rd JANUARY, 1U31. Special Trains direct to Racecourse Platform will leave Fiinders-btreet Railway SUtiou aa under: 12.S p.m.. Passenger bpccial (No. 10 Platform, East End). 12.27 p.m.. Passenger Special (No. 10 Platform Eaet End). 12..tS p.m., Pjknenger Special (No. 10 Platform, Kiut End). 12.50 p.m.. Passenger Special (No. 10 Platforin, East End). 1.3 p.m.. Piisscngcr Special (No. 10 Platform, East End. 1,12 p.m., Passenger Special (No. 10 Platform, East End). 1.33 p.m., Piisscnger Special (No. 10 Platform, Kant End). Ordinary Trains will leave Flinders-street Railway station (Platform or 7) at 12.11, 12.20, 121.5, 12.f2, 1.0, 1.10, 1.30, l..")0 and 2.8 p.m. (Jaullield jiasKetiKers will rctiuiru tu travel by (rains leading thiie at 12.22, 12.211, 12.40, 12.44, III. Hi, 1.1), 1.1, ,7, 1.16, 1.16, 1.20, 1.2. 1.40, LIS, 2.S and 2.20 p.m. a special iram lor norees only leaves Hem' Inirlon 11. 15. Newmarket Station at 11.40 a.m. Plitiders-titrcct Ht 12 noon, stooping nt Ciiultield 12.UU p.m., arriving Aspendale at 1.0, leaving on rciuin m u.uu p.m. irom ispenoBie. The 5.5 li. ni. train from Flindeni-iUreet u-H stop at Rnctcourso Platform for Frankston line imsscngtrc T CHARGES. Grand Stand uentiemeii 12 (iitchidln Feibral and Slate Amusement Taxes.) iirunu .-iij mi i jo ma ny (Including and State Amusement Taxes.) Klnt 30 (including Federal and State Amusement Tuiet.) Ilfrd face 30 cineiiioing reui-rai ana state Amusement Taxes.) jioiurm JtAILWAY FARES. From Flinders-street. Iht Return to Platform 2I1Vj iiu netuin to I'laiiorm .. 22',b ri-oni Laiiineld. 1st Return to Platforin 110 , 2nd Return to Plnlform 18 2.20.-HURDLE .RACE. About twu miles. St. Hi. Raltich (12) .. .. Hi 0 Nar-Ron (2) si. lb. .. 0 iripl'-x (a) .. ,. io tl Coleia () .. ., Hiifdud Up (C) 10 A Sargent (0) .. . Hoinco (A) ,. , , 0 12 Red made (1) . . 0 S I'liKejuu i ., .. v lit Jk I mill I (10) ., . Tiutlock (11 . a u liootutlinn (4) . 2M. THI1 EE-YEA R-OLD HANDICAP Seven tu i lons und a half, st. lb. Lith nenii (5) .. y o Pudiea (2) .. .. Comio Prineo (4) 8 6 Gosslper (0).. ,. Sassaby (fl) .. ..8 3 rcctill (7) Gold- u Auow (3) s 3 b-.i SIuwos (U) ., 1Iual lllafo (1 . i 1 li.fiueiice (10) .. :t.20. ASPENDALE PLATE. . 0 0 t. lb. 8 1 7 18 7 10 7 7 7 A Six furlongs. St. It). Antom-lld (U) .. a 5 Ro-ella f5) St. III. 11 Star Uuiden ((I) . 8 2 Id-al Prince (I) 7 Udy Yaiborough Urcat Thoiiglil (4) 7 I (fl 0 1 Hysma (2) .. .. 12 llvjuliiinla (6) .. 7 11 Fairy House (7) u 10 4. ASPENDALE PARK HANDICAP, One milo and a quarter. . . it lb. it. lb. iTinew uon (a) . 8 7 Coromandel (fl) . Glaive (7) .. ..8 0 Dark Dawn (4) Southdown (,')) , 7 8 I bin ni (8) .. S'urtlghl (2) .,7 0 The Happy War- Luwllehl )1) ... 7 6 rior GO 4.80. ASPENDALIfi PURSE. 7 I 7 i 7 1 One milo and a quarter, it. lb. Peaii (leslo (I)) . b 11 Firebreak (3) st. lb, . 7 8 rem i ins (ii) . . o i Sfimail t) . Waller Seott (II) 8 7 Jenny Costullo Tragedy King (0) 8 i (10) Viiiieo (I) . ,. 8 0 HeHcoi-tPP (2) , Pantoiii (4) ... 7 12 Notary (7) . .. 7 0 fl 12 0 1 0 i) leiirininer i.'i . i ii 6.0,-WEI.TEIt HANDICAP. Nine furlongs, st lb. it. lb siuer inny (5) u a nonalbaln (10) , 8 1 Wiirnbldgra (7) . 0 5 Our Alcr (8) .. 8 1 Taraa (12) .... 8 8 Kedabt (21 .. .. ? II HeiitflM (1) ... 8 8 The Graphic (4) 7 V Luolcti (8) . .. 8 8 Conmielo (!).. 7 7 ITllico Da) toil (ll) 8 A Tlrnde (tl) .... 7 7 J. D. PATER SON, Hon. Brc. MOTORDROME. The programme at the Drome fo-rdght con-fists rnlin-ly ol motor event cm the diit or concrete tracks. Arrufgeinoiita lum been mide for a fnrlliT aipeainnea ot Jack Uhamaii, Die internadoni! idler, who will ine't Md. Mryant in a sjMi'lal straight-out match. On the hi-lr sneril riiiictete Hack t'lt-ro will ba h speclnl threc-liest match on side cats between ltiirney Jones and t. Gminh, and a bigli-spml solo inaicll nl tliree lieata between Hii(hle McKay and Jim WnnsJilL Cidrt rata will again race a handicap on Hip dirt truck, and thu following lintidl cnj'S hiivfi been dwlwred: I-S. Drown, aer, J 1PII Alinllelil, sir.; Dave Howard, scr.f It, Pearson, H see.; (1. Ileavls, 4 (tc. ; F. Ilemlle, .1 pee. ; Il. Medllcott 4 lec.l Kill Ain1irsoli, 4 see ; C. CdlilMUt' 0 nt, K. MeKenrJe, 1 c.; A-lionuliic, a feci U Keny, 7 see.; I l)nl, J e. hi the dM-trnek handlnip then- an' i vir :fi sturleu. and (hp folloMlng l id' is will contest thi1 "Flying Aic-slci": .luck Cimpinnn, bid Ilryant. Hilly Pilarfm, Jim Walker, If. ibimnT, L. Wllrnore, 0. Dickson. Errol de Caen, Tommy Tompkins, J, O'Urlon, O. Mason and 0, XIaj. i waverly. doyzeiie, y.ij; conster, in tho Trial; and Joyzelle, 7.10, in the Puny Race, The first race is to start at 2 p.m. Kntriei for the race meeting to be held at Aacot racetourae on lldh January close at 3 on Wedncndnv next. Amid tlie excited plaudits of his nu merous admit crs, W. Duncan pilotetl Prince Dayton to victory in the Purse, of one mile two furlongs and a half, run yesterday at Mentone. The fact that Prince Dayton was a 7 to 4 favorite had un doubtedly something to do. too, with the enthusiasm displaed. The withdrawal of Rud)uid left only seven starter, uiid of these Distant, who had the aerviccs of R. Lewis in tho saddle, and Head-hunter, who was ridden by I). Crcighton. were the most favored or those opposing, Duncan's mount. Ciravelincs acted as pacemaker, end wns followed along and out of tho straight by lleadbunler and Lord Nelson. Prince Dayton was lat of a bunchrd field nt the five furlongs mnrk, where Distant had run into second place. In the straight Hcudhunter took charge, but was unanle to answer a challenge by Prince Dayton, who,, closely pursued by Distant, reached the front inside the furlong pout. R. Lewis rode one ot his most vigorous races on Distant, but tho Foitrel gelding wan no match tor Dun can's mount, and sullercd defeat by a length and a quarter. Head hunter Nttug-glecl on into third place, but was a length and a half behind the second horse. 'I he race was really between the place-getters, Gravelines, who proved best of the others, alone of the other four showing disability to test them out. The programme for the Nurnargoon Pony Racing Club's meeting to bo licld on Thursday, 15th January, is advertised in this issue. Kutrii-s close on Wednesday next with the secretary, or with Mr. A. J. Gray, 430 Bourke-street, city. Freight (10 1 will be refunded. Tenders for booth rights will close the same day. Attention is drawn to the advertisement of the Dnylesford District Hospital carnival. Ln tries close for the' horse and pony racing events with the secretary, or with Mr. A. J. Gray, on Thursday, I5th January. An excellent race was provided by the nine candidates who sported silk yesterday in the January Handicap, of one mile, nt Mentone. Following on three successive victories, Keiniey had to curry j D.12, but thiH did not deter his admirers, , who installed him u u to 4 favorite. W.j Duncan, his rider, loBt whatever chance of vietory there wns when, after waiting, lor nil opening at. the home turn, Ins mount nroved unable to take advantage of it before H. Jones, on Rex Aurantie,, had closed the passage. 1 Ins left hen-nev in a pocket from which he was mi-1 able to get clear until far too late foi j him to make tin lust around. Wambid-I gee got bis head in front ct the ton of the straight, out. was quicKiy ien ueiuim . bv Mural Crown, who. like certain can-! didates iti preceding races, appeared cer-i tain then ot victory. i ne Jtossenuaic filly had the bad luck, however, to have first prize snatched from her grasp in the Inst stride bv Garonwy. who developed one of those brilliant late runs that en abled hi hi to win the DniKionald Welter nt Moonce Valley from Wise Force, Cla-rius and fifteen others on 25th October loBt. Garonwy made up fully four lengths from tho distance, and won by half a bead. Kenncy also finished well, nnd wns only three-quarters of a length behind tho second horse. Klnrby, who finished just behind Wantbidgee in fifth place, shaped like a coming winner. Tho Foundation day meeting of Kcmiir Trotting Club, on tho 20th January, tor which entries will close with the secre tnry or with Mr. A. J. Gray on Saturday next, pi onuses to attract a large entry. The club will pay half railway freight of non-stake winners up to a ra-.lit.3 .f inn mil Owners having horses engaged at tho Bunyip pony race meeting to be held on next Tuesday enn obtain tickets from 4;i0 Bourke-Btrcet. V.T. and R.A. and V.R.C. trainers' licences will admit at the gate in tho evrnt of the trainer having one of his charges engaged at the meeting. A feature of the concluding: event yes- terdny at Mentone was the manner in which Kambull "stopped" alter appearing to have fa:r prospects at the lop of the straight. Attcr his sixth in the ntnndish Handicap the Magpie gelding Snouter was a firm favorite nt 5 to 4 in a field of five in the Mentone Plate, but there were in- oiiiricM at 3 to 1 for Knmbull and a few for Propaganda, 'Hie last named showed a lot ot pace, and hung on surprisingly wen when Snouter tackled him in the straight. Kxpectations were that once caught Propa ganda would be easily passed, out a. itoeu bad to putili bis mount out to the Inst ounce to win by a short bund. Spoke wus two lengths away third, -and hnmuscope. who had been last, separated from llu others hv n full seven lengths, finished fourth. The whipper-in was Knmbull. He followed Propaganda, attended by the winner, until the straight was entered, nnd from thence to the end continued to lose ground until he was a forlorn last. ANTON GAG LOSES RACE. Failed to Carry a Winner's Penalty. BALLARAT, Friday. Further consid eration was given by the stewards of the Burrumboct I'ark and Windermere Hoe ing Club to-day to the protest lodged ngninst Anton Gag being awarded first prize in the Flying Handicap, run on ihursday. The protest was bnsed on the ground Hint Anton Gnc, who finished first in the race referred to, had won a race buicc the declaration of weights for the lturrum-bcet meeting, and had not curried the penalty ol u lb. provided lor in tho conditions. The stewards upheld the protest and disqualified Anton Uag for the race. They then iiwarded first nliice to S. W. Binning' Mulntn, who finished in second place, and placed bunwisc second.- . Falling Off in Tasmanian Betting. HOB ART, Friday. Indicative of the strenuous times through which racing clubs m Jasmama are passing is the fact that at eleven meetings in December the amount that passed through the totalizators wns 41,045, coin pa red with 04.811 during me corresponding period in iv-V. RACEHORSE DROPS DEAD. L'UltOA, Friday. Whilst working on the L'uroa racecourse this mornnm the well-known performer Silent Kniglu dropped dend. The loss is a heavy one lor the owner, Mr. V. Brodie. JIOHXJMiTUN It AC 13 CLUB. OOl.D (TP SIKKTINfl, THURSDAY, tstli JANUAHY, 1IW1, IKS Kiitrlf. 1S5 Kntrk. Arci'puncei tin JfuniJ.iy next, !IU Jiiniuiry, 2 I'.ni. Trainer and Jockeys' llrkrts avnthihV frrm Mr. Uordoii Iiiklugl'in, vo V.H.U-lun Mings, Jicilvouiiic. Ju JU.t-LMJS Will 1M gIVHI. JOHN IIUL KK, Phone, Moritington i:t. .Nx-n-Uiy WARHNAMUOOL SL'MMEft RACE MEETING. Ulii, Illli and lAlh JANUARY, 1101. TRAIN AllRANGEMEXTS. Monday. 121 h. Hones and iiiiteeniri rs fintn Milboniue will be conveyed by ordinary trains. The 4.4. p.m. train from Melbourne will be extended from Caini'erdown to Warrnanihool, Holi day Excursion Fares by Uidinnry liuln. Tuesday, l.'Uli Speeiul leave Camiterdown 10.40 a.m.; Terang, 11.10; Ganoc, 1 1 .Jo ; Pan-mure, 1 1 .33 ; Cudgee, 1 1.40 ; Alia nford, Arrive Wurrnambool 12.6 p.m. Returns at C.30 in. Special leaves Hiinitltnn P.ffli a.m: Prnhiirt. 10. la; llnwkesdale, ID.fla; Korolt, 11.1)0; lllowu, 11.40. Arrives Wnrrnainiiuol ll.Cifl a.m. Uvtunw at 0.0 p.m. to Kornft only. Thurfdav, Kith, Spec la I leaves Camiierilown smnn as rurpdny, Reltirna at U.o p.m. lor .Mel- oourne, in King pnm-ngers alio liorsrs, stopping i.s retpunu in v.oiai:, ineiiee al uceiong only. Arrives ISiinicer-sIreet 11. HO p.m. Snrcinl leaves Knrnit II.J.'i Illnws 11 .,., Arrives WflnnamlKtol 12.10 p.m. Returns, at O.IJ p.m. to Hamilton. rim race, lui-Mtay and Wednesday, at 2.0 in.; miiTMiay, i..iu .m. lannanil"il (lain W..k, 10th lo Ifth Jniiii. y. Holiday Kveumioii Fures. Loosn Uoei reserved on applk-ation. CHAfj. T. AI.EVANDEH. Seeretflrv. I11TTERN RACES. WEDNESDAY, 14th JANUARY, 1031. i.-nirmiN handk ap. i mile. 12.-WKIIKR HANDICAP. 6 liirlnngft 1U. NOVM'K HANDICAP. 0 10.-14.(1 PONY. 4 furlongs. 10.-14 2 NOVELTY PONY. 4'$ furlongs. jijiiii.,1 iwir.. ii innuilg. ENTRIES Hh JAN. Freie),t H- fund. IS. II. DOWNWARD, Hon. fectr. KYNETON TLUF CLLU. 10th JANUARY. Rail Prtlght Taid, Winners Excepted, Milo. nauius. CM. SUMMER HANDICAP. tM furlnnirs. 20. HANDICAP MAIDEN PLAT NATE. 6 furlongs. att-WBLTKIl 1'I.ATK nnd I'I'HMB, equally 2fl. HANDICAP PONY RACli, 14 a.u. i'lur C2f.-N(1VCR HANIiICAl'. ft nirlnniri. All Nomlimtionn. in, ehmd wtih u t r,.n. Hdlne, V.H.C.-lmildlnHs. Melhournr, or with Bee- tenry at jiyneiotl on Mondav, Mil Januaiy, u. urAnnr.iju, hecreury. Aleiander Hotel Eyneton. rhoni 9. Murrawiiy, cvei. money against Flying N-'dij to 1 Flower Seller, nun ny mreo icngiiii, wn two lengtlia between second ttnd tlilid. Time, 1 min. 2u 1-Mb sec. Handicap Bmth Hurdle Race, two mibn. H. 1. Duncaia Flvlng Ace (Crown Point (1 5 (L. t.'lnrki. t: R. MtaJouimn'a Fashion, t'M (W. Faux), 2. Hrtllng: 2 lo 1 on Flying Ace, 2 to 1 against Fashion. Won easily, 'lime, 2 min. 241 sec. Distance Handicap Trot, one mile and a iiuarier. W MeGluueskln's Gay Child.-( Won ga Willing Cliilde), ir. yds. bhd. (McGlni.eskiii), 1; L. Howlaiida Dim 1L1I scr. (It. Evaiik). 2: W. FortiiiK- ton's Major Wilkes, 105 yds. Lltd. (Forllm:ton), H, lletling: to I oil Uim ij.-iis. even mni.- ugainkt Hay Ciithl'. 4 to l ti;ii:tkt ulhi-is. Wo;i pii.ilv. Time. 3 mln. tec. W'cUrv Handicap, six f'lrbw," L Lndriaan s Karveroon (Emmirsnti Hnva ). iS.h (It. ApneW), 1; S. D. Ev.ii.s'a Tifrnaeli, 11.13 (Evimsi, 2; Miss (l. IlLit.enn'a Clover Kiii'r. (Fitlix). ii. Bitting Even money eacii ugiinat Kai verm and Tier nsrh, S to 1 Choom, ft to 1 Clover King. Won by twu lengths, lime, 1 mln. tec. CHILTERN. CIHIiTERN, Fridav. Fine weather prevailed I v fur 11... .eroud (1,1V of ClllltTII (.1111 nice. Then? wa n largo attendance, but Ileitis were not uit to the average. Results: Encourage Handicap, Ave f:irlon:(S. A. J. Gib- crn'a b g Boiicar (Carwelkl-i La Belle), Ay 7.10 CV. Trimble). 1: H. G. Granfs b if Yenon Cy.. 0.J (Downes), 2: T. Connor's b ni Kale tie. a. (H. Foster), a Morell, 7.0 (D. J. J-mdlay), iilso started. Belting: 7 to 4 against Venom, V to 2 Falette. 3 to 1 Morell, 4 to 1 Dellcar. Won by four lengths. Time, 1 rrln. 4 sec. Flvinc Handicap, live furlong'. L H. Burrow b m R-'d Tin ( Bernard Red Bird I. 5v.. 7.3 (cd. 7.10) iff. Jones), 1; cli a Shil, 5y.,' ".! (al. 2 lb., cd. 7.7) (King), 2; W. White s b k Bolides, a.. 0.0 CCurelis). 3. Ucttinc: 7 to 4 on Bohdes, 5 to 2 against Red Tip, 5 to 1 Shil. Won by four lengths. Time, 1 mln. 3 sec. Club Hand ico p, one mile. (1. Gullfoyle'a b g suspension (.iiurrauaticcn lenicruooio, a., e.t (al. 7 h., cd. 7.12) (II. Wilson), 1; N. TunibuH'i Ii m Tiiurles, a., 8.S (Findlay), 2; P. Martell'a u e Choir By, a.. T.lrt (cd. 7.13) (Trimble), 3. Green Murrhv. 8.3 (Foster), also started. Dot ting: Even mony against Green Murphy, 2 to l l mines, 4 to l bUNpen&ion, & in i t.uoir Jioy. Won bv a lencth. Time. 1 min. 41 ee. Novice H.mdirap, five furlong, It. Ritchie's b a Plum King (King's Treasure PI mnpickt r mare). 7.10 (11. Fosttr). l: A. r . (Jullln k Ii hi Nut ice, 4y S.10 (W. Trimble), ; C. J. Thompson's b m Flybury, 7.8 (A. OiifIow), 3. Retting: D to 2 on Plum King, 2 to 1 cacti against Narice anil r i.vuury. on oy tnrco jcngins. i imt mln. olb hoc. Second Novelty Tonv Race, feur furlnncs and a half. W. Beit's h m Ghera (Robinak-Bonwell mare), (ly., 7.7 (H. Foster). 1; N. Tuniliull's Mannemi n. 2v.. 7.7 CD. J. Findiav). 2. Bet- ling: 10 to 1 on Ghera. 8 to 1 against Manne- ipiin. vton uy a couple oi jengtn. nme, i min. i sec. Indl Ilandirap, six furlongs. C. O'Brien's oli g Matlnn Dook (Hnrmattan Jean I look) a., f.T (Trimble), l; W. White's br g FMng Aidon, a., fi.7 Cnllisl. 2: n. G. Grant's b l- Lrdse. .. 0.0 (Carter), 3. Isle of Skyc, 7.10, and Algerian Pr nee. 7.1. a1o startei. B'-tlinc: 2 to azainst IL-e. 3 to 1 each .Mittnn Dotc nnd Algerian Prince. 4 to 1 Flying Anton, 20 fo 1 Me of. Skye. Won by a neck. Time, 1 miiu 15 see. DARLINGTON POINT. HAY, Friday. Darlington Point Jockey Club racea iook place yesicruny in nnn weatner There was a good attendance. Reiiulls: Trial llnndirap. Arthur Tvson's Saltbrnnk SaltjiRh Cavlcv). 0.3 illv'ar.dl. 1: C. IVarce's Mi liberie, 0.5 (Whi e), 2; Mrs. M Rae's Sir Belo, S.0, 3. I)ndrl)aiig also suited. Belting: 0 to 1 on Saltbrnnk. Darlington Point Cup. J. Curphey's Dubup (Niiam I'hncolate), e2 (Lnwsim), 1; L. G. Frosfa Dananeng, 7.12 (V. CotnlnirtonN), 2; Udy Analogy, -3. Solo. Flight nlsu started, lletling: 0 to 4 on Dubup, 2 lo 1 Damanng, Grand S and Haudicip. W. JI. Collingion's Ginty (Trillion M ins Zenobi), 10.0 (Lnddimr), 1 ; J. Curphey's Halcoin, s.2, 2! It. II it well t t'ryptal (Jtieen, 8. Gay Derby nnd Extort also started. Dettlnc: O to' 4 on GInty. even nioncy against Gay Derby, 2 fo 1 nsalnst Halcom. Flvlng Handicap. D. Mclnues's Clectrac (IL.tno Comedy ChoeoLile). 0.5 (Hylaiidl, 1; .1. E. Warby- Tinwald, 0.0, 2, Only ' sturlere. Betting: 2 to 1 on -winner. Noi lee .Handicap. Peter Tvson's Analogical CAnnlocv Menimbri). 0.2 (Lnddlng), 1; Mrs. McRae'a Sir Vela, S.0. 2; R. Hatwell's Crystul Queen, 8.2. 8. Biilcarre, Mytota and Nestles alo Harted. Welter Handicap. W. Ccttlnctnn'a l.idy Analogy (Annlogv Lrdv Trafalgar). 8.3 (Hyland). 1; J. K. Warby'a Tinwald. 0.1", 2: 1). Miln-nea'a Clectrac, 10.0, S. Halcom oLo started. Bet'lng: 2 to 1 n gainst Tinwald and Clectrac, 5 to 2 Lady Analogy. INVERLOCH. INVERLOCII, Friday. Tne Inverloch Race Club held its nniuinl race nieeling on the Iii-vi-iloch racecourse on New Year's day. The weather was tine, and there was a largo Results: Maiden Noviltv Ponv Race, four furlongs. F. Benbow'B Mailer Several, 0.0 (Allan), 1; W. Hltchfn'i Lady Keyver, :.0 (Pmlnrj, 2; II. Sawyer's Fa try, 0.0 (Little), 3. Miss 'limon. Miss Key, Jaws and Alice Seynrwr olio s iii'ltd. Betting: 2 to 1 on lidy Keyver, 0 to 4 Master Several, 4 to 1 Miss Key nnd Fairy, 10 to I others. Won by halt u leiiu'ili, with three lengths between second and third. Publican a Purse, live furlonrs. J. Wil'lam-son's Brown Slar, 8.5 (Adktim), 1; J. Pyiin's U-uridlaii, 8.4 (Iteiitley), 2; Mw. J. W. Webb's Original, S.7 (Tlmms), 3. I--iurH:on, Lord Wal-lee. Manly, Farcella and Wara'lu u!m startnl. Betting: Even money agnlest Brown Star, 3 to 1 Original, a to 1 leueadian, laiuiiclon, 0 to 1 lird Waltce, 10 to 1 others. Won by two No monei) no stamps asfc "name and addiess No Freight To Pay Not Even On Tenuis Orders A liiir econoniv nolnt In w;;'.rut-,6 There's hints for n copy t- SPORTING FIXTURES. SATURDAY. 3fd JANUARY. RACING: Asnen Oil Park ma ting; Warwick Farm, H A.J.C., Q.T.C., W.A.T.C., Duvcnport (Tss.) inclines- L'uranfjamlt, lirtilah. Kcrang, Unds-borough and Ifcilrnidale infclius; fiiUirs, Kaniva tnprlirin ll'th January). CRlCKETi bh-tneld Hhbld match. Victoria r. bnuih AutlriUa. it M.C.O. (third day); second Test match, Australia v. West Indies, at Sjdu (third da)'); Inter-State colls' matches, it Adelaide. GOLF) Purtsea oi-n meeting Continued; flub mitches. TENNIS: Cm-tbmatnp and Wirraokuabfal lourrumrnti. ATHLETICS: Pakfiihum spurt im-eOnR. 80XINQI roiito-ti t Fitttoy Stadium. MOTOR CYCLINQl Events at Motor-drnma and Exhibition Fpcfdway. THE GUN: Melbourne U.C. mt-ciinu, at Totten-ham; Xnrthcnte and O-iklcigh meetings. RIFLE SHOOTING: Contcits at Williams-(own and Port Melbourne. COURSING: Speed coursing nt White City and Craigie-)..rn &wiMMihjn U' i.i.p-milo cliam- iiirtnahip. BOWLING: VILA, championship (air finals, at Carlton green. Races are to bo held lo-tI.iy nt Aspendale Par-k, where a programme that will appeal to many racegoers is to be preaented. Selections bv Thsiiioii appear ia ouother column. KnciiiR opened ycttcnlny nt Jlcntone with a fire furlongR race for two-year-olds. V. Duncan was posted as the rider of Patrolman, and immediately thin ecu of The Night Patrol was installed favorite. The colt's chief claim to notice was a second to Staidoin at I'akenliam. and on this occasion the betting showed that be was expected to turn the t utiles on bin conqueror. Ho did. but only to the extent that be- ran third and Stardom fourth, but he was well beaten by both C.'oolnc, the first to win of the progeny of Mr. It. M. Hawker's imported sire Dunottcr, and Anomalous, who both finished fast from the distance. Nanaanii was quickest to begin, and led early from Captain Starlight, Patrolman and Stardom. The last-named took the lead after entering the straight, but Patrolman passed him, and below the diftanco seemed to have u lien on h6t prize. Then Coolac, on the out-tude, put in telling work and, followed closely by Anomalous, left the favorite behind, to win by a length, with a length between second and third. Brown hut, who bad backing, was a long way back early and never got near the leading division. The winner is owned and trained by A. J, Scobie. and wav cleverly handled by the apprentice rider R. Bones. There will be a settling, as happened hint week, ovet( three meetings at both Victorian and Tattcreall's clubs on Monday. Win. C. Yuillo and Co. Pty. Ltd. have been instructed to sell the well-known performer Glenmlight nt their sale at New- market on Friday, 'i.'ird just. Lileamliglit, by Comedy King from After Glow, by iSunstnr, has been a good and consistent pet-former, nn;i is now only tx years old. iSaiclon. a wii ner nt Am-oI recently, and Cure All, nre additional horses to bo offered nt Ibis side. lilenndiht is a full uroiner to inc Dimmer, wim as recently as Thursday wm the Perth Cup. One of L. Robertson's "surprise paefc-tts" in The Ablot, an imported son of Abbot's Trace, was produced at Mentone yesterday in the fit st division of the Novice Handicap, of seven furlongs. The eciduie had had three ou tines this season without coming under notice, but betting on yesterday's racing had scarcely opened before it was palpable that lie was expected to do much better. Weight of money was responsible for sending The Abbot otit a 0 to 4 favorite, and be rather easily justified the' confidence of his con nection, it. lindRer roue a comment race, and did not rush his mount in the early stages, during which Indian Force. John Runs hi, Jackdaw, Mnltatis, Straightedge mid War Signal fought for leading positions. Rounding the homo turn The Abbot nude uit mound rnnidlv. nnd was followed nt practically rqiml puce, but some lengths behind, by Wirrate. who bad been third Inst at the five furlongs post. It did not take The Abbot long to reach the front when the run-ill was entered upon. The Abbot was not troubled afterwards to win In lo until nml a lin t from Jackdaw Unit a length away came Wirrate, who tired a little as a result of the big effort he bad to make over the last three fur longs. Straightedge wns three-quarters oi n lr-mrtli behind Wirrntc. and fourth. Indian Force, who was sixth, was having his first race tor ttie season, ami stitmui be orentlv improved bv the online. Mr. A. 1. Wade, an Adelaide sportsinnn, owns both hirst Arrow, who Inilctl in the Blandish Handicap on lliursibiy. and The Ah hot. nnd wns present nt both meetings to see his representatives run. Mr. W. CnhiU's himdicaiis for the Gis- borne races to be held on 10th January The Summer Cup meeting of the Wood- end Race Club will he Held on weunes- .l-.i. nnvt ntirl nil excellent OlltrV nlltturs wcdl for 'a most successful meeting. As iirfiinl at this popular course good metro politan class ih represented, aim ncms phould be of fnir size. Acceptances are due with Mr. G. Lockiimton, V.R.C.-buildinc. Rnurke-street, at 2 p.m. on Mon day. The list ot handicaps wm ue tounu in another column. Bad jumpinc was responsible for the dc-fn:,t f Hiirsnn- iti the Brush Steeple chase at Mentone yesterday. He was M-iit out a better favorite than Honoriuin, whose position in the market, in view of Ins pronounced detent by Appellant at F.psom, was uuexpecteii. yn inat occasion Honorium wns only slinhtly fancied, mt on this-nrc.-ision !- started at 5 to 2, Appellant nt 4 to I. The four candidates mentioned were, however. Iicatcn by Oud- roon, who had fallen at his two previous starls. Gudrnon led from the first fence to the end. The only times he seemed in dancer of drfeat were when Bursary vat- rapidly gaming on him Hearing the six-furlong mark, and when Appellant got within n le nn Ih nf In in in the straight liutiiiirv imt nuiv hit there, bill Hccliied to get on the heels of Little River, causing him to drop back several lengths. Bursary clouted other fences, nnd it wns Appellant who chased the leader in the straight. .Momentarily it seemed as n (iudriKHi wns tiring, but Appellant could make no further (rains. Jnncad, Oud-roon was Koing away nt tlie post, and won meritoriously by a lcnirtli and a quarter. Bursary, who did well in the cir cumstances to get as close ns he did, was four lengths nway third; but Honoriuin nave a isnnnointimr display. ile did not appear to be putting much heart into his task. And the switcluue ot Jus tail when H. Swectman, his pilot, applied pressure told its own story. At their Kile of racehorses, to be held nt Xrwmarket on Friday, lfith January, Mnckinnoo and Cox Pty. Ltd. will offer nlematic. lsocrates. Mithras, and the V.R.C. Grand National Hurdle winner hemic. Mr. A. J. Grnv's handieuiw tur the race meet ins to be held nt Richmond racecourfc on Win ilanunrv appear in this issue. Acceptances arc due before 3 p.m. on Tues-dny next. Durum the prnRrePs of the Inst Allmry Cup moot i us the Bernard sehting Lnr-rnbee impressed so fnvorably that successes for him in metropolitan company wee predicted. But it was not until yesterday nt Mentnno, in the coud divi sion of the Novice Handicap, that he gave metropolitan racegoers a tnste of his quality. Canberra nnd Mirndor were most spoken of in the early singes of the bet-tins on thi? race, but, while Cinberrn Shortened to 7 to 4, Jlirndor drifted from (1 to 4 until fl to 1 wns freely offered. Meanwhile there developed n strong demand for Lnrrabee. who started nt if to 4. The rhance of Conbcrrn looked cood until within n furious from home. Warpoo led nloriff the bark from Mirndor. Cnnberrn wns a length nwny third, nnd Larrnhce next, with Jteceivo and Ostrov within measurnble distance. Approaching the iiiru usirov moved tip in promising ins inuit. mix ue was on the outside nnd me nui, wneieas Lauherra got a nice opening on the mils nnd secured what looked like a winning lend. Jt wns then that 1'. Demnscy on Lnirahec made hi jvcii-i med run. Kepponding Pplendidlv. Jntinbec moved up on the lenders veiv fast, nnd bent the favorite homo bv n length nnd a hntf. Wnrpon was two irimuis awny tinm, nt nhead of Ostrov. Mirndor. who ia evidently not as good as thought, was fifth. Jim TOllowilKf lli.t-nn I...... I.. tii. t from the weiKhts for Corangnmite rnces I" The Meutono Turf Club held a meeting jesterday. The weather was fine, but cloudy, and the attendance large, Seven events were decided, and the racing proved interesting. Details: nVO-YEAH OLD HANDICAP, of accond. XlSi third, 10. live furlougi. A. J. Scold" tik e :IUJ,AU (Duiiuttar Di.niu Udy), b.KJ (tl. 7 lb., cd. & (It. llonm 1 C. V.. N'to and 6. 0, rervutoti'i b o ASUMAIXH, 8. (A. L'ouprr 2 llrt. J. b. Uunbar-a bk c I'ATItoi.MAN, 7.11 , (W. JJuncaii) i Nanamul, 9.0 II. CoHVyJl UwnwatUe, fl.P) (.1. tldle); L'ri-liito, s.T (r. Jeniiingsr ui-Lvncum, P7 (O. I'liilliiif); Slanlum', S.7 (nl. 7 lb., cd. (?.? til. Hall); Miown Kut. 8.2 . Ihmyicv); CuytAn Murllglit, 6.2 tal. 0 lb., cd. 7.10) (U llrally); Milky Wny, 0.3 V. IU-nolilf,): ,i lis Kookulmrm, (al. i lb., cd. 7.t) (K. M-rcdith); Flight Patrol, 7.H (a). 0 lb., cd. 7.2) (U. CalliiMii), and (Jynutlar, 7.5 (cd, 7.0 (L., alw aluiHcd. Petting: 6 to 4 against Patrolman, 7 to 2 Ktunlutn. 0 In 2 Nan.Kiml. 8 to I Hmwn Nut, 15 to 1 f-aca COol. AC uiid Anomalous, 20 to 1 rach CrtOile and UyaolUr. Won by a lontli, a Klmilur tllstunco'io cum! and iiiipI. nuirlui w iwti knllm furt In r back fotntli, follmu-d ly N'snaoml. Clyituttar uiid t'roUitc, wit Ji Itita Koukuburra lukl. Time. 1 ndn. I c. (IV in nrr tmlncil by A. J. Scoble.) rOVICR 1IANI)'1', of frm 03; KCCMid, 10; third, ti LS't. -ven lurluiiga. Flitt Di.lflioii. A. P. Wad-!! I.r v TUB AIIHOT (fmp. (Abbt Trace Fairy Iasn), ilv., 6.10 (II. Illdg-T) 1 Mix A. Mjcdonald'a br g JACK DA W, by., B.8 (F. Iluiinnn) 2 V. O'Neill's oh g WIKItAIK. Hy., K.l (al. 7 ll cd. 7.8) (1. Crt-igbtuni 3 MaltatH, flv., fi.J (O. llownnlj; Indian Ftirc. 3v g.l (J. Danii-lii); Slrafstttlge, (H-Morris); John Koiiald, Sy., 7.12 (cd. (O. I'ldllij'?); Wlnw, 3v 7.7 (al. fl lb., cd. 7.2) (A. Itliodc-R); Prince Sibt la, 4y 7.1 (I,. Lott); War Signal, fiy., 7.2 (d. 7.5) (S. Tomison), titnl Pagan, 3y., 7.0 (al. 7 lb., cd. (i.7) J.U. liuiiGK), jlfo btnrttd. Itrlting: 0 to 1 aa.itmt TMK AHHOT, t to 1 St might edgf, fl to I Uultatix, 7 to 1 Jaekdiiw, 4 to 1 Wirrate, 10 to 1 Indian Force, V to 1 War Signal, U to 1 Wing. Won by a length and a half, with half a length b-twePii second ami third. Straightedge w.n fourth, followed bv Wlnsn. Indian Force, Msltatis ai-d War bignal, uitli l'rincc balutis iait. Timi', 1 mill. 7 tic. (Winner trained by L. Robertson.) DlttTSH STEEPLECHASE, of 125; cecond, 15; third, 10. About two milt- and a furlong. S. C. Kennon and H. K. latteron'i br if CUDROON (All Black Ct-orgia), fiy., 11.4 (I). Wraigbt) J P. W. McCabc's b g APPELLANT. y., 11.5 (W. Nelson) 2 J. Saunders's ch g IIURSAKY, a., 10.13 (J. Venn) 3 Honor him, a., 10.11 (II. Sweetiuitn); Canard ly, a.. 10.5 (It. Scanlon): Kinu Aura. 6v.. ail (T- Lynch): Little River, a., I.2 (V. Foley), and Luckrarn, a.. 3.0 (H. MJormaek), also hlmted, Ui'ttlnir: 7 to 4 ugainsL Uiirsary. ft to 2 Honorium, 4 to I Appnllant, 7 to 1 (1UUROON 11! to 1 Canaidlv. 'JU to 1 Kins Aura. W't.n by a kn-lli and a (juutur, with four icnziiui net wein scronu ami mini, iiononum was fnirth. folio well by Luckiniii, Lunardly and Liltlo River, with King Aura lest, lime, i oiin. 7 tec. (Winner trained by E. J. Wlllmott.) NOVICE HANDICAP. Seven furlongi. Second Division. M. Crossi-y'a b LAKKAUKR (llemfird Sunny Jane), -ly., 7.12 .. .. (F. Dumpsey) J A. Murray's b g L'AMiKKKA, Ov., b.H .. (H. Ikidgcr) i C. V. Luncatter's b e WAHl'Otl, 4y.. S.0 (J. Nichulsi ! Mirador. 3v.. 8.1 (W. Duncan); Kalasliie. Cy. 8.0 (J. Wt'im); Iteci-mc, 4 v., 7.7 (S. Dudd) Maunne, 5y., 7.'1 (cd. 7.7) (O. I'ldllii'S) ; Oittuv 4v., 7.2 (It., and I'icturu (ilas, tiy., 7.1 tt-d. 7.11 (I,. Lutt). also slatted. Petting: 7 to 4 ugaiuu Canberra, 0 to 4 LARItAlIKK, C to 1 Mirndor, 10 to 1 each HVwini-, Mazannc and (Jitrcv, 12 to 1 Waron, la lo 1 Kalashie. Won by a length and a lialr. Willi two lerrgtm between second mid thin). Ostrov was f out til. followed lv Mirador, ll.irnniii-, Kalmliiu und It--cemi', with Picture Glass luct. Time, 1 uin. 23 tec (Winner trained by 51. Croaiey.) 3IENTOXF, I'URSK. of 125. Second. 15; third, lo. One mile twu furlongs and a nan. J. Iturlry'a b c PRISCE DAYTON (Cyklon Tola), 4y. S.ll (W. Duncan) A. J. Levin 'a ch g DISTANT, fly., 7.T .. (It. Lewis) C. .1. O'Ncill'a br ir HEAD HUNTER. Sv.. 8.0 (a!. 7 lb., cd. 7.U) .. (D. Croightvii) 8 Oravaliiiefi, 4y., B.O (O. l'tiillips) ; Nimrod (lv.. 7.1U (cd. 7.13) (A. R 1): Kooernl-.i. a.. 7.4 (S. Tomison). and Lord Nelson, tiy., 0.12 (cd. j.i l lb. urn i. a no sianeu. ltetliiiL': 7 to 4 aciinst PRINCE DAYTON, 0 to 4 Distant. 3 lu 1 Henri Hunter. 10 to 1 Koo.Tnbn, 20 to 1 each (Jruvcliiui, Nltnrud and Lord Nelson. Won bv a length and a Quarter, with a length nnd a half between second and third. Kooembn avaa a close fourth, f"llowd by C-mvclines hiu l.'-rd Nelson, with Nimrod List. Time, 2 mln. JANUARY HANDICAP, of Second, 15 third, 10. Otii mile. tt. J. Felham'a ch fiARONWY (Quaestor Udy UiUy), liy., S.0 (al. 7 lb., cd. 7.7) (R. Hibbs) A. T. Creswiek's br f MURAL CROWS. Sv.. 7.1 (A. Dewhurst) 8 J. IIuluKft's bk o KENNEY, a.. 0.12 .. (W. Duncan) Elarby, a., 8.10 (A. Reid); Chariot, tiy;, S.0 fj. Daniels); WamWdece. a., 7.10 (ui. 7 lb., ed. 7.3) (F. McMahon); Jt.x Aerantic, By., 7.1) fed. 7.12) (II. .lonesi: Doniie", iv 7.S (N. I'rrcival), and Imparl hit, 0y., 7.2 (cd. 7.4) (F. Demi'sev), alco started. Uetttnc: 6 to 4 njnlnst Kennry, 4 lo 1 Res Auiantic, S to 1 Mural trrown, 7 fo 1 Inipurlhil, 10 to 1 GARONWY. 12 to 1 Elnrby, la to 1 Wnmbldjree, 2(1 to 1 rach Chariot nnd Donnce. Won hv half a bend, with three-quarters of a length between second iiid ttilrrt. Wnmbidet was fourth, followed by Khirby., Dmince and Rex Annuities with Chariot last. Time. 1 mln. 4tVi see. (Winner trained by P. V. Hoystcd.) MENTONE PLATE, of 12.1. Second, 15; third, 10. Six furloiiL'K. C. Y.. Miller's b g SI'OCTER (M;.pple Llndru), 4v., 7.0 (,T. ltitlaele) 1 n. Cameron's ch c PROPAGANDA, n., 7.1 (S. Tomison) t Mrs. V. M. Hann-r'a b K SPOKE, a.. 7.2 (al. 7 lb., cd. (i.0) (II. H-edl 3 Kamhnll. 5y.. 7.t (If. Halll. and It .i die-scope, flv.. 7.0 (R. Evans), nw slartrd. I!-Itiii!;; 5 to 4 flffiinft SJ'OCTKIt. S to t Ramhul). ft to 1 Propajatida, V lo 1 S;nkc, 10 to 1 Radioscope. Won bv a short head, with two lenrths between second and third. Rndioteope w:i four lenr;tIiR further lurk, fourth, and Kambull la.t. Time. 1 mm. ll'i sep. (Winner trained br II. Kliij:.) STEWARDS' REPORT. On payment of 1, H. TieV wm per-! niitted to amend the entry of Honorium by substituting his own name as owner, in lieu of F. O. Drevoiinanii, in the Brush Stpcpleehnse, iiie stewards held un innnirv into the caime of Miss Kookaburra loninp ((round niter voinff n little less limn ii tiii'long in the Two-Vcnr-Old llnmlicai. It was found that the trouble wan duo to the iilly Ret-tiim on the heels of C'oolne. No blame could be nttached to nnynne. KARNARGOON PONY RACING CLUB ( V.R.C). THURSDAY. l.Mh JANUAHY. 7 lo. NOVELTY PON HACK, fl fur. 1:1.1 to! 14.2; 10 yfju. to the inch. .vm ft; ucc. 2 U. 12 10 -NOVICE HANDICAP, fl for. For all liores which at liJit' ot staitliif; li-.d not won a nee on the flat the value oi which to the winner was .t or over. Nom., ft, ;Hec.. ft. 7 lu. ia.3 and 14.0 PuNY RACE. 4 fur. Nom., ; ucc, 2-0. 7 10'. HANDICAP 14.1 and 11.2 PONY RACE. 4'.2 fur. Nom., 5,'; a.-c,, 2 0. IS. FLY1NO WELTER HANDICAP, ft4 fur. For all horses; min. Iiai.diiajt weight, 7 at. 7 lb. Nom., ft; ace., ft. 7 10. NOVELTY POXY n.V( K. 4 fur. 13.0 to 11.2; 0 yards for each inch. Nom., 5; ucc. Nominations elnfo with A. J. tlrav, i'. llmirke-slrept, Mclb.. C.l (Cent , l",;7nt,' or up to 0 p.m. mi WedncMliy, Till January. Handicaps about Saturday, ldt.i January; in trelulit refniul, winners excepted. ( 'ert iticites of tnea- siiveiitents of imnles of CD, It. A. und I he V.T. .inl It. A. accepted. V.I I.e. lilies slrletlv ad tiered to. TLiidilB for UooDi riihls eloso 7lh Janimry. 0. ( I'NMNGHAM nnd W. J, CARNEY, Joint Hon. hrcrt-U: iea, N.imar).roon, KILMtlKK TritF CLUII. M'MilEll .MEETING. TUESDAY, 2 lb JANUARY, lfl. HANDICAP HURDLE RACE. 2 miles, HANDICAP MAIDEN PLATE. 5 IiuioiiirK a- 4U. It RF CLLU HANDICAP. Aboui b',4 fui-lona. JC12.-M1YICE HANDICAP (nut won 10;. furlonzs. 20. HIGH WEIGHT WELTER HANDICAP Imfi-iniiim 8 slnne). 7 fur uhil's. 20. ENCOURAGE STAKES (not won a race ex- rerflinif sis fiirloius). 7 luilnin:. Nominations, !( each (except Maiden Plate nni novice, of ciicm, cino on jki.miai, rin JANUARY, with Mr. fl, H:kiii;:t-n, 4:)1 llonrlo-ln-et, M.-ll nprii". or Kertftirv, Kilmore. TEN SHILLINGS REFUND FREIGIII (exce.l prl7C WUllKTSf. Tend'Ti for Cntcriiiir Right only rloi with tho Seeretarj, Killnore. Hinie d.iv ns entries. P. F. EG AN, Secretary. Phone, Kilmnre, 12. YAHIMWONOA TURK CLllll. SATURDAY, 17th JANUARY, llMI. jCin, PiCMC CUP (trophv). A Hirlonus. 2.V HANDiCAP. One mile. 1fl,-NnllCE HANDICAP (20 limit), ft fur. (i. NOVELTY PONY, 11.2 n. II, N. E D. II. A. cell. nnlv, 4 furlotijf'. 7,-KNnn RAGE HNlr!CAP fl'.'i limit i. fl fur. K-v.H,rrH HANDICAP, (mln. hiap H A-). " furli'ims. NUM.-IUcaii in. Encourage, fl; Others, 8. Entries Cloie Tilefdav, ftll January. DON V. FORUK, tkcrelary. Pbone 209, j. AMAI.FITANA GRECIAN FIHR SoaclffI Handicap. SKYSIGHT TOR LUCK .. .. SPEAHFLIGHT .. Cowandllla Handicap, LADY PRESTON AN IMA TO .. LA PETITU New Year Gift, MADSTAR SPA KZ AM) A TATIARA Marino Handicap. amiiah DOUitLF. IT VALAISANN'E THE PROGRAMME. Nuvar Hunllc- Racc.-t. Tetft, 10.18; Runuiclen, 10.12; Juiiomague, lu.fl; Wemhly, 0.10; First Test, 0.1; Lucky Day, 0.2; Gelcbck, 0.1; Laurelmond,' V.l ; llnnyadi, 0.0. 2.1u. Helmsdale VYctler, one mile (lowest handicap 8.0). Phoenix, 0.0; Dasher Dean, 0.5; Grecian Fire, 8.1); Paul Strange, 8.1U; Wondover, H. 7; Lucrasla, 8.0; JelTier, 8.4; AmalfRana, 8.3; Una ii v, 8.1; Clurulong, 8.0; Great Chester, 8.0; Royal l.nn,, S.0; Star Venture, S.n. 2.40. Seat-lift Handicap, one mile, Jet R'mok, O.U; Dcllc of Richmond.; Tor luck, e.0; Uir-ter, K.7; SkysK'lit (imp.), 8.; Master Pier, 8.5; Spi-mflighl, S.2; Encluuiniriit, 8.1; Pelops, 8.0; I. udy llaiiktield, 7.1J; Ust Report, 7.12; Sturgun, 7.12; Acre Shot, 7.11; Two Miokc, 7.10; Cherry Rliibons, 7.0; Argosy Lad, 7.3; Ijidy Murlviton, 7.2; At bury Queen, King of Song, Taonui, Wood- lace, iterlumy, i.O. J.'M. Cowandllla Hand lea o. Ave furloniis. Animuto, 0.0; La petite, 8.11: Udy Preston, S.S; RaiiMim's Gate. 9.2; Don Mihdl, 8.1; Prs tonlen, 7.11 ; Doruntoii, Vermonlous, 7.10; Tri-tliorue, 7.0; Yano, 7.8; Gooldsome, 7.0; Ran-gala, 7.5; Prince-"! Lodes, 7.2; Lady liltham, i.l ; ivoununga, i.u. J.loXYw Viar Gift, one mile and a half. Leahcim. 8.6; Tatlara, 8.4; Madstar, 8.3; Glu cose. (Jreek ;ifr. 7.4: Trireme. 7.3: Snarianila 7.2; Uarter, Dlack Gang, Killara, 1'rince Ra-marco, 7.0. 4.00. Marine Handicap. Taurus, 10.5; Amatit, 9.1; Ambah, 8.10; Double It, 8.0; Valalsanne, 7.12; Steel Guitar, 7.10; Lord Brixton, 7.0; Sonneteer. 7.7; Diikera, Pioua Kate. 7.0; Ruzuini, 7.4; Flvinc Two, 7.2; Uelle of Richmond, Cis tercian Maid, Librettist, 7.0. Metropolitan Race Meetings, HANDICAPS. RICHMOND. (Monday, 12th January.) 13.3 Handicap, seven furlongs nnd a hnlf. Tnisiv uora, ,ia; ungni uaie, w.iu; iran jmc. Miss '.Margatet, 8.2; Ncne Mac, 8.1; Tiara, 8.0; Undtreree I.-iks. 7.7: Rio Rita. 31 err i 1'ei.s. i.u. 14.0 Handicap, sewn furlongs and a lialf. uoiuen Jioue. u.i; rusieieiie, v.a, oni;oi uaie, Little IiHI, 8.0; I sou Avon, Lianoia, .a Hum Inn ltnh Arrow. 7. S. 14.1 Handicap, seven furlongs and a half. Sir Money, vi.ii; ran-n-i'oo, u..i; umrn treasure, .4.11 : Little Flv. ViircoFanna. 7.11: Jim's Pet, Lonely Hobby, Runaway, Jaik'a Dream, Some Win. 7.G. 14.2 Handicap, seven furlongs and a half. Jt-a Jnney, u.; aumon, u.a; uuai tflun, v.v Irish Mold. R.A: The Ouesn. Creasy Vale. S.0 Pak-a-Poo. 7.12; Pearl Jck, 7.11; Little Vaico. 7(1- Soeinak. Davbrenk. Carnulla. 7.A. Plate, seven fu'rloiiRS and a half. Salukl. 8.10. Ownie, Bachelor's, .7; hiaonia, B.u; wormr tpia. Free Will. 7.0; Opetadio, 7.7; Lubrig 7.5: Prolicient. PnnH-rnick. 7.3: Hob Sir, 7.O. Purse, seven turlrmgs and a half. Christmas Tree, .I3; Ijidv Craig. 0.10; N'ophale. Royal Olfa, 9.5; Glcnrak, Lokohu, 9.0; Don Cilais, 8.12; wiect, e.iv; uay iawk, renun iving, 8.8; Kathainn, Captain Desm-ind. Thespla. 8.7; Yarrawee, Tripod. i.C; lJing Siuirk, VaHl5te, S.5; Dark Hope, Mary Sols no, Rumning, 8.4 Pollvtnine. 8.S: l'reeioua Pearl. 8.2 Ellcry, War Signal, fc.l; Morton, S.ii; Maid of Sierra. Carlawn. Broadfrorf. D-didies. Amauus Queen. Maztoot, Slindy Sun, 7.10; D.i-maris, Clio, Orvonfa, 7.0; Chloris, 7.8; I-idy Emnii-raon, Ijietilioii, Itdy Riuink. Lady Lnng- li'ii, 7.7; Emerdale, All Wed Re, 7.a; Irbti Mahl, Fa fry Court, 7.,'t; Ltewah, Ari-sba, 7.2; Tlie Queen, .t.mioiia. I'riiicess narciina, i.o. VICTORIA AMATEUR TURF CLUB. SATURDAY, 17lh JANUARY, MEETING, 10J1. ENTRIES CLOSE AT P.M. ON TUESDAY NEX1, 6th JANUARY, 1031. HAWTHORN HURDLE, JJOM. Two miles and 03 yards. HOLIDAY STAKES, 500. Five furlong and t half. ANNIVERSARY HANDICAP, 050. One mile nnd three furlongs, ROW EN A WELIKR. 4"". For steeplechase jockeys only, (l-owest Handicap weigm, ml Sf.v.n fiirlolliff. KOAKARIBI) TRIAL. :0. Apprentice riders. (Niwest Handicap weignr, i a.), wno roiic. TOORONGA HANDICAP, 400. Six furlongs, NOMINATIONS, 1. A. V. IIISKENS. Secretary V.A.T.0. 4S2 Bou: kc-street, Melliourne. PAKENHAM RACING CLUB. THURSDAY, 22nd JANUARY, 1531. (Summer Meeting), r-io iii vine- ti iAlltKN Pl.ATR. A furs. 20 HANDICAP PONY RACE, 14.1 a.u. i XlOtM'AKKNHAM GOLD URACELET, about tjv. Hint. 30 JUVENILE HANDICAP, furs, (for two- 20'No'vicE HANDICAP, 0 furs. (50 conditions). 30 WELTER HANDICAP, 8 fnrs. am .,. in. ExeenL bracelet. 1. Nomina lions with Mr. G. Lockingtnn, 4"3 Boiakt-Klreet. on Monday, 12th Jniiuury, and the secretary, Pakcnhiirn East P.O. Free carriage lor horses, staku wlnuera copied. M. J. HOUHKE, Secretary. H. DOWNWARD, Assistant Secretary. Phone, Pakenham East 07, ' CAMPERDOWN TURF CLUR. THE POPULAR IRRIGATED COURSE. MONDAY and TUESDAY, 20th and 27th JANUAHY. FIRST DAY. 3. HANDICAP TRIAL HURDLE RACK, two miles 0 condltn-iis). Aom. iw. W. NOVICE HANDICAP, Ore furlongi (15 com It Inns). Mill. Weiatit. 7 SL Nom. Ol. 1UU. McARTHUR HANOICAP, one mile. Num. io. 12').-11ANDICAP STEEPLECHASE, about two miles. Norn. pi. .15. FLY I NO HANDICAP, six furlongs. Nom. 10. :;o. HANDICAP PONY RACE, flva furlongs, 14.1 and under. Nom. it). SECOND DAY. 100.rHAM)ICAP HURDLE RACE, two mile. Nom P', 25. HANDICAP TRIAL STAKES, six furlongs conditions). Aim. weignt, 7 st, Nom, 10. JEM. LADIES' URACELET, Including trophy value 10 to winner, one mile. AmutOMf rider. Alio, we ir it. 10 at. Nom. 10. 830. CAMPERDOWN CUP, including Cup vii! no 2.i to winner, una mils and a halt. Nom 1 lu.i.-1lANDICAP STEEPLECHASE, about two l0.-FARi:WELL HANDICAP, flv furloniis. Nom. 10. Entries close with Mr. M. P. Cnnsldllie, Mel-lurnc; Mr. C. T. Alexander. Warrnamliool. nnd the Stent wry, on Tlnrsday, 6th January, lOKI. Weights declared on or uhout I he 10th. Feitil laid up lo a, for all surttra that are uot stake camera. E. R. UINES, Secretary. Phone, 148. , ROCHESTER JOCKEY CLUB. RUMMER MEETING. MONDAY, 2ltli JANUARY. J031 (Public Holiday). TRIAL HANDICAP. 6 ftnlongs. 10. HANDICAP NOVELTY PONY, i furlongs. lft. MiMASI'ER CUP. One mile. 15, wllh Cup, 10, If ANDiCAP HAt'K RACH. f. furlomrs. 0. HANDICAP NOVELTY PONY. 4'i fnrlontri. 10. rttiiu siiiii-., o iiiriMigi. xiitt ENTRIES CLOSE SATURDAY, 17th JANUARY, Root bs Bold Tlinrwhiy, lfith January, Spnrbl train, Hemligo nnd Ecliuea, Full pnrHcubiri, . 0, LAMB0RN, Secreiary. Phone 14. DAYLESFORD DISTRICT HOSPITAL CARNIVAL. POXY AND llfiRMK RACINQ EVENTS Fni'VDATlON TiY. 20th JANUARY. 7.-OAHNIVAL HANDICAP (Horses), ft fur. Nom.. Rf. ,C0. JI-! no. PONY RACE. 4'4 fur. Nnm.. V. 7. NOVELTY PONY RACE, 14.2 a.u. 4& 1. TRIAL STAKES (Horses'). 4i fur. Nom., ?. Entries close Thiliftlav, lflth .Innunry, wttn 'if Secretary, or A. J, Gray, 430 Itouikc-ilreel, Melbourne. Davlesford. F. W. lIoRSNRLL, 8ec. HANDBALL. Tltf final of tlie Vldoihn lfniidl1l Assorla- llon'" haiidi-d (J Rrnil ehnmolonhtp will le held to morrow al, lb.- South Mellourne com l at H p.m. between F. Frater (South Melbourne) and II. McAlten (llruuswlck). 1'hii npi-iiliig mumis ot tne mute cnnmpion- alilpN will commence nent week end. OAKLEIGII GUN CLUB. To-day, Siiiurdny, 8nl Jnnunry, at 1,M p.m. Moc la I i.l no. i rovriien vaineo pmd. Visitors welcome, Cartrldgea and, Mfreih-mcnta obtalfflblp. FRED (OS, linn. See., ll.HMHT. NrtllTHcVTrK GUN CLUB. t.M TO-DAY (SATI RHAY), al RESERVOIR, AN ALL-KTAHLLSG PIlOGltAMMB of POOLS, FOUR and SIN, BIRD bWEKPSTAKKH, etc, free motor front station, V ill tors Invited, JL E, Siinil, SecteUry. CHALLENGE STAKES. Nine furlongs. (Run 21th Juiuiury.) M. lu st. lb. flreenltnc .. .. 10 M Rati worth .... 7 0 Holdfast .. .. tl U Niekaway .... 7 5 Killamev . , .. 0 d Priin-c Vcrdcrer 7 5 Hich Disdain ..0 0 Rhointu 7 5 Pavilion .. .. 1) 3 Veiioer 7 5 Waugoola .. .. V 2 Ki nil's Anns .. 7 5 Gay Kalicrina ..0 0 Circulfnu .. ..7 5 Panola 8 12 Jotilliu ; 7 4 'en"tiaii .Lady . 8 12 Longwood Lad ..7 8 Rutllcr b lu Frontier 7 2 Remora 8 8 Gladioli 7 2 lirascn Face.. ..8 8 Dear March .... 7 2 Don Moon .... 8 7 V a less 7 1 Royal Tunc .... 8 7 Roteal 7 1 Golden Voice ..8 5 l.adv ci' Clare ..70 lleekwith .... 8 5 Rosebramh .. .. 0 13 Roscndo 8 4 Aud.t 0 12 Citamoti 8 2 Sunlit Reef ... 1 II Sir Chrystophvr . 8 2 Legislator .. 6 P Cas'inc d'Or ... 8 2 Form-it tl 10 Credence .. ..8 0 Cohort 6 10 Cleave 8 0 Income 1) Caravel Doy .. 7 13 Caniella O S Vertoy 7 12 howt Patrol ..6 7 Ticitio 7 11 Chase March ... 0 7 Halifax 7 10 St.irliko 0 7 Him Boy 7 0 llludalc 0 7 Rovu! Park ... 7 7 Tnraka 0 7 ANNIVERSARY HANDICAP. One mile and a Half. (Run 20tli January.) st. lb. st. Ib. Jeypore . . . . lxio.1 laciiius ., Spearman .. Dub ton .. ,. Valparaiso .. , Pavilion .. .. . Comanche . . . Stjir God . , Ilawn lift Gins . Royal Flavor . Nagrada ... . Cave Dweller . John I Indian . Mar d'Or .. . Rosendo Mabel Vet man , New Sweet .. . Eton Hiuo .. . IMiT Gun . . ., . Western Lass . . Voleuse . . . . Roynl Smile . Compcdonico . . Inducement . . ft 0 Adrian a, March 0 0 Wallace Sunri?e Zee hi ml 7 4 8 0 Welora .. .. 8 S Chriwic Yet 8 (1 Potent .. .. 8 4 Exact .. .. 8 2 Hem- Vale .. 8 (I Wartieton .. 7 13 Sackbut .. .. 7 12 AchcnMen .. 7 12 Tressfllan .. 7 12 Main Shaft .. 7 It Kite Hawk .. 7 Pi Sun Eacle .. 7 10 Dark Isle .. 7 10 Perot med 7 0 Rowun llerry 7 0 Speartlp .. ., 7 B Iliiverwnti k . 7 0 Drenmdale .. 7 8 Karakura .. 7 7 Leila 7 7 7 8 7 2 0 13 f. 12 (I 11 fi 10 fl 10 0 10 r, io n in o 10 o 8 0 7 6 7 fl 7 fl 7 SCRATCHINGS. WARWICK FARM RACES-TO-DAY. Sefton I lain! (en p. Income. Maiden Hnndhap. Wallace Dalby, January Handicap. Sackbut. MOTOR CYCLE RACING. To-night's Evonts at Exhibition. Throe inatrh luces helwee- Reg. West, tin Ain-tmlian champion, and Clem, Unit, the Eng HnIi rider, will he Included In the iirnirriiinnm c twenty events nrriingel lor to-iitiiht's dtit-truek motor rvcle raelntr al thu Exhibition Sneedw.iv. Crl has won the rllit to meet W?.t, who imiin me oilmen c.aimiiet, wiiteu is run earn Saturday night for the nine fastest riders In Viett.ria. In the Sliver Gauntlet, Fred Truecy, the pi sent holder, will meet 'lorn Wood, the international ridr, and other. In a match race Fn-d Traeev meets Con. Cant welt, the famous international rider, who defeated Reg. EXHIBITION EXHIBITION EXHIBITION SPEEDWAY. SPEEDWAY. Sl'EEDiVAY. TO-NIGHT AT 8. DIRT TRACK MOTOII CYCLE FACING, Australia' l).'it Riders in tho World's Most Tin il ling Spoil, Over 20 Events, Iiichlding REG. WEST (Champion nf Australia) V. CLEM '"in (r.ugianus uin rniui, unaeiciicu in Amtinlla). CON CANTWEI.L ffamuin liitornat Immt rider) v, i-unit iit.vii.i (iiuicicr 'ol tne hiivcr Ununllet), YACHTING. Several yachts from various clubs returned yesterday from the holiday rruisc, but some uro inn down m iiiu foutinrn p-nts of the titty., Svlious rating will start next Saturday, v-heit the Hohon II iv Yaclit Club's I'vgalta will be held at Willlamntowii. A raca Will he he d this nllemoon for H class yachts by the Royal Riiahinii Yacht Club, and sHipiHra are In lie mm who hats never sailed a winning race. The race will bo over the dentil club course. The rniti" ate: Soitia, Violet, The Rip, Vi-udelln, R.yalii-I( Windrra, Al.irie luie, Jarkdnw and Corel in. Hi; Nut t hole Cup i-lmlb lyt-r Toi-gooIooWiio II I'Tivca lo-dny by the Kiirola (r Sydn-y, winr.1 ilie will compete nil bih.ilf itf this State. 'I he rmes will In- alb'd on Sydney Hfirlmr on 14th, I.Vb and Villi U,r. Mr. A. T. Crick will he skipper, and (he owinr, Mr. W, S. Dung, will hi nt thu mnfnslnet, with Mr. L', llaney fo'nud. FIT.1IOY HI'ADII'M. TO-NIGHT, TO-NIGHT, ' JACKIE I ROSS Ti TOM MAI.ONEV. JAt K DAItl'Y V. I.E. ANTHONY, 12 ROUNDS, Ami 0 PIIELLMLNAUIEH, 0 AIMIiSsloN. V. 3. 2 and 1. Hox Plan, Federal lulacco Co., 3 doura from Titvll Th-alr. Klcclrlo Trami stop at Door First Uout, 8.10. .'.; 200-piiRo illustrated production. You'll glenn so innny valunt lending to money-saving you'll sco so many mithcnti reproductions of tho latest in Furniture design. Your application free copy will in no way obligate you and you'll receive your enclosed in' a plain wrapper. . t. e i VV.h. policy in tho nty0Ximtir mint of Victoiinn rilv.-MV-SfS?Btl'i' ficiglit on both cmIi i"'lSf5-Wflj) tci ini order. i V&Mwb&VT; 4 ' ' lixenange xour .fm Popular And No .Wonder at 9-17-6 Knhoily rolllil mlMnlic (Ilia offer for oilier than whnt it inlllil, ! K?lU;a,",...1-'l'''''.'"l0'iVi '" lll""""k "r . tP"try. nny ilonirnl rlm.lo no.l !l I t 1 10 1 Un,, 'oli'1 iiome-vvorn Furniture. Hing Ji it i or Cent. 1829 173, 175, 177, IM, l&l C 179, 131 Simlh-atreet, FITZROY, N.S. PRICES ARE LESS FOR MEN'8 WEAR during the .Jmtunry Knle, which commenres on Mondny nt THIS MUTUAL, op. Flinders-street Station. Take advanUgo of this genuine opportunity to secure high-quality Mutual Men't Wear at less than the cost of inferior grades. (AdvtJ C ' Eourkc - ctrec.', MELBOURNE, C.l.

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