Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1967 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1967
Page 12
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VWtftfWWWrtArV^Mft^^ fcy OMITA DIMIKSiN Algona Ph~dn0 N«Hie Van Allen •flirted St. Ann Hospital on Saturday ft* diagnosis and treatment of a leg difficulty, • Or, and Mn, P, 0, Dor wet Ier had the last of their household goods moved to Port Dodge on Friday and they are now settled in the home bought some time ago. The Tom Prankels, Who have bought the Dorweiler house here are doing some work in it before moving. Tha ThimbU Club mat for a Holiday luncheon at the Johnson House Monday, then went to the home of Mrs. Howard Platt for a Gift Exchange and played bingo. •AV.SVW, holding a meeting at the Me- mortal Union in Iowa ,CSty from today through Saturday. •fudge G. W. Stillman, of Al* gona t is in attendance and was accompanied by his wife. Mr». Marguerite Gardner .had her children home on the weekend of Nov. 26. They were: Mr. and Mrs. Jo'hn Gardner and family, North* brook, 111.; Mr. and Mrs. Roger Blackman, NorwaJk; the Leon Gardners, Wesley; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Tobin, Charles City; Gary Gardner, Caltforn> la, the Jim Camps and Curtis Gardner, Algona. All had dinner together at Van's Cafe and spent their visiting time with Curtis. Mrs. T. C. Hutchison arrived in New York on Monday >to begin the last leg of her trip by air to South Africa, on which she embarked • early in September. Notes were received by local friends •from Greece and Spain where •dhe stopped enroi.te home. Mrs. Frank Vera flew from Minneapolis to Phoenix, Ariz., a week ago Sunday. She will spend the Holidays with iuJr daughter Elvie's family, the Don Johnsons, and remain in the southwest for a time. Mrs. Cliff Bowman, Spencer, came by bus Friday evening and was a guest at the C. R. Sohoby home till Sunday evening. Schb'bys entertained. at a pre-Ohristmas Buffet dinner on Saturday evening when other family members present were: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Oakes, Mrs. Martha Nelson, the Cecil Christiansens, iaill of Ringsted, and Mrs. Don Cash, Algona. Mrs. Bowma'n is an aunt of Mesdames Soho- by and Cash. The District and Supreme Court Judges of Iowa are LJ1.LJ Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Asa visited at the home of his brother, Frank Asa in Rutland on Sunday. Frank and his wife will go to Marshalltown early next week where he is to have eye surgery done at the Wolf Clinic. Friends of Major Richard Wheelock, a former Algona boy, will be interested to learn that he recently completed thirteen months in Viet Nam and was flown back to San Diego. Now 'he has been assigned to Hawaii and the family household goods and their car were sihipped there before they left California by plane. Richard has been in the Marine Corps 14 years and had earlier service in World War II. He and Mrs. Wheelock have five children ranging in age from lour to fourteen years and all are delighted to live in Hawaii for two or three years. Before leaving they spent a few days at Reno, Nev., with relatives of Mrs. Wheelock. THURSDAY, DIC, 7, 1967 companied him but returned in *he ambulance, then drove 'her oar to t)es Motnes on Sat' urday to remain for a few days. She found her husband improving but did not know how long he would have to stay this time. Miss Huy Rae Rhee tame from Rochester cm Friday land remained till Sunday afternoon with the Dr. L. L. Snyder family On Saturday evening she cooked them an all-Korean meal induding a famous dish of that country called Pulgogi. it consists of very thin slices of sirloin •steak, marinated in a combi- naition of soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, onion and garlic. It is then broiled & the juice is saved and poured over the accompanying rice. A beef soup was also served With the meal. Sunday morning Miss Rh.ce visited" the Methodist Church School and talked to third and fourth graders •about life in Korea and then sang them Silent NigM in her native tongue. Mrs. Snyder also learned the words so that she may teach them to 'her Korean daughters. Miss Rhee 'graduated from Nurses training in Korea whore slie also is a certified public health nurse. She is one of nine children all of whom 'have college degrees. At Rochester she is earning her way by nursing while in training as an anesthetist and hopes to remain in the States two years or more longer before returning to Korea to serve her people. Burt "Mrs. George Hawcttt Jim Burns was taken by ambulance to Veterans' Hospital on Friday. His wife ac- •Mrs. LeRoy Davis had a shower Thursday at 'her home for Prances Truismami. The Frank Ryersonls were guests Friday of Lulu Hawcott and Selina Clifton. The Walter Stewards and Ray Millers and Joyce, Esth- ervllle went to lorn City lo visit Mrs. liny Miller, a patient for three weeks ait the hospital. The fttchari Bring; mans, Kalona, met tittffi and alt had dinner together. MfsV Miller wa« released *nd will return in several weeks for a tiheckup, She is wearing a steel and leather brace Be< cause of a slipped dis«, Cadet Girl Scouts met Sit* urday with Susan Angus, fhey decided to work Mr the 'hostess and first aid badges. Dues were paid. Plans were made for caroling with the two other troops. Hie next meeting will be after school 4 to 5 p.m. Dec. 15 at Cindy Sill's. Lunch was served by Susan and her mother. Scribe is Cindy Sill. U & 1 Circle Christmas meriting will be.held Dec. 8 at Adella Ulses'. Roll call is What Christmas means to me. This Will be a 12:30 noon pot luck luncheon. Each member is to bring a hot dish and dessert or salad and own table service. There Will be a 60c gift exchange. Each member is to bring candy or cookies Dor exchange. Guests Sunday at Ray Dremmel's for his birthday we're the Leonard Stenzels, Bert Baldwins and Duane Dittmers. The Burt Women's club Christmas meeting will be held Dec. 11 at Lefie McMullen's assisted by Helen Smith, Janice Troutman and Rowena Ryerson. O.E.S. Past Matrons dub will meet Dec. 14 at Lillian Fredrickson's assisted by Ethel Dremmel. Roll call is a Christmas decoration made. Program is a Christmas poem or thought. The gift exchange is a 50c handmade gift. 'Fortnightly club will have a 1 o'clock luncheon Dec. 15 at Ethel Dremmel's assisted by Genevieve Graham. •LOCALS* Otto Laabs left by plane for his home in Florida on Saturday after spending three months with his daughter, Mrs. Florence Brown: Minutes of lost frfeeflrtg wtfe dp- . a Cloii ft M*r pffrflrf i.ii 179.54 .,,- 158.96 i'»i ,' 154,0 Lernkee, Sotofy ;*_„». ..i.^. 321.50 Slf*rfi Solory ..i....-^. ---- „ 158.33 d. State Bk., Ihfertsf ., ---- 22.50 ar,. Statt Bk., WH6MM0 To* * , 23.50 ate £6ft% VW»Wi«5 fa* * ', -6.« *.<: Set. sw.'.: **«.*.» i [5.53' IptH *.•**.«**»«*»*.* '.12.36 Id jar , st ' ,s*tvji*.<: IPtW, 2. TFM bejlrtrtif* et . existent* of Th* edfpofaftert u txt 1, 19A7, ond th* (MflM of Ifi otiorl it p*rp*tu?»t, . 3. The purpon jfof *Weh W« tof^ poratloh U dfgdMiM « ifafed In iti Articles of Incorporation II tJk foltewi: "The corporation Iholl hOv» unlimlftd pow*r to ingoQt In and do any lawful act ton- cpfnlna any and all lawful buslnwi fof which a tofpw- atlon may b« orgonltcd und«r the Iowa ButihtM Corporation Act." 4. The aoaregote number of ihorej which the corporation iholl have authority to Issue I* 750 ihoret, each of a par value of $100.00. . . 5. The address of the registered office of the corporation li 109 East State Street, Alaona, Iowa, and the name of Its registered agent at such address Is George J. Keleher.. 6. The names and addresses of the directors of- the corporation al designated In Its Articles of Incorporation ore: Donald L. McAdams, Estherville, Iowa George J, Keleher, Algona. Iowa KELEHER & McADAMS CLOTHING, INC. By: /S/ Donald L. McAdoms Donald. L. McAdams President and Treasurer Published In the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algono, Iowa, December 7, 14, 21, 28, 1967. COUNCIL MINUTES The. City Council met in regular session with Mayor Finn on Nov. 29, 1967, with the -following council members present: Muckey, Andreaien, Elbcrt, Nash, Cook & Peirce. , _ , tobMd tfnd th* city cMrk >wttl Outbbr- Mtt AA jttUMhljrf A^^^A g^^A a^ bA^UK *O TO OppOtnT TnfW flWn To MfffTlft Meraitat f« the vocottd ithMtt to th« eounell. i Auttwited th* Mayor to i«fid a letter of approval of fht propMM lmp»ovem*nt of Htohwoy tl intM Northeast port of th» »tat« fof th* public hearing to M held 12-14-67 by th* Iowa state Hiahwoy Camfn. Moved • icconded th* m**tlnQ ad- |oum. D. A. Smith, City CMrk Finn, Salary ..i.^.^.^i ..... 12l»5 Smith, -Saiafy ...... . ...... 2$2.0I Sand*, Salary ... t ......... 130.00 la. State Bank, Withholding . 71.23 State .Comm,, Withholding .._ 7.93 See. S*e., Soe. See. ...:.... 28.60 IPERS, loan ..„.., .......... 22.75 E. Brodiky, Supplies ^..+.. 4.40 Collaghan ft Co.. Book Add. . 45.00 Corsten Prod,. Bicycle Reg. .. 40.00 Herbst Int., Premium _______ 115.96 Koch ^Brps., Off. Supplies .... 12.55 NW Bell, Telephone ...... ,. 35.96 Paymaster Corp., Checkwriter 119.50 Treos. of Kossuth Co., Civil Defeme ............... 1,140.40 Finn, EKP*«. .„„„. ..... 47.50 Burtis, Salary ..... ,. ..... „ 165.67 Day, Salary. Sfitofv ' ,82.25 915.00 33.32 . 12.16 ,97./5 '53.16 1,638.50 481.68 , 455.99 Id. W lMMaMtfiU «• ' I llBK IfJpnOTW aa»*m*a , r '1L'" satory ^......-L-' rss.li *., WhbMinS TO* , \ 7.50 108.50 oty . Wilfcy, Salary ...»...*.» la. Start Bk., WhoWIng . Staf* Camm., WhoMino Soe\ S*c., See. Sec. .".. Tfutf & Agency, Pension * Heiman Equip., Bodges . NW Btll.Wljph^r:... J, C- P*nn*y Co.. Blanket Fire Deportmnt, Service* . ' SANITATION God*, Salary ... Courtney, Salary .......... la. State BonkrWholding Tax So*. see., Soe. See. IPERS, Ipers Bowman Bldr»., Labor & Mat. Del Chemical*. Weed Killer .. SEWER RENTAL 237.14 273.15 273.63 241.12 245.52 276.49 47.80 254.20 42.28 172.54 22.68 15.00 22.16 6.99 431.00 338.16 71,10 Grain, Satajy la, State Bk.fwhofdinj fa* . 61.50 Stot* Comm., WhOldlng Tax a . 9,25 Sot. See,, Soe, See. ^......-_ , 8.02 IPERS, Ipers ^^.^.. .6.38 Trult & Agency. Pension .... 14.00 Croft Reody Mix, Concrete . 101.85 Iron* Htg, & Plbg., Supplies.. 6,48 Published in th* Algona Kossuth County Advance, Alaona, Iowa/ Dec. 7, 1967. 17 DELIVERIES IN 1M7 up to 520 bu. per hour NEW BEHLEN 4-COLUMN CONTINUOUS FLOW DRYER! W«nl fa«l .(rvini' 'llns n.-» It witt KanHIr up I" V.ti Im f«*r h Ihr •ii1«ntalH'.ri>n1ri>h („ mirwl miH*liifc, in i-mntitji-t rtrvrr rt«llir |»rtnnm- in nm*A. ^ rffinmrv awt nrnvrnwnrr S#* IM «•*> fur full • information. ' MI*NOtUT«T Taylor Implement Co. AiOON*. IOWA DIRTY ,,, Silt ear? Go ROBO and your car stays new-lookIn longer. S, Phillips St., Algona - • 94-101 88.84 105.91 5.10 19,10 15.19 609.00 450.00 Sheakleys "Women's and Girls Fashions", , holiday *<»|*«r«!«'* or IIIri lime*.' ,. v SouffU", vn«ck golfer «yl* with roller border edging. yellow, turquoise or navy. I? 7. "Max! sweater", lambswool pullover with funnel neckline. White, navy, turquoise, buttercup yellow or mushroom green. 36 to 40. 3, "Lambswool", v-ncck pullover. Red, brown, navy, olive, mushroom green or turquoise. 36 to 40 ..... • ............... Sit 5. "Shcltie cardigan", semi-boxy with ribbon inside. White, vermil- lion red, brown, navy, olive, buttercup yellow or mushroom green. 36 2, *T»(>«»«<1 PWt" i» fully-lined »I fl«nnel with narrovy »nd tidf zipper dosing. . 8 to 16.. 8, "No waist", A-line cone skirt, fully lined with back zipper closing. Red, navy, olive, buttercup yellow, mushroom green or turquoise. 8 to 16 ........... & I J •4. "Plaid kilt", side tab closing. Mushroom green, buttercup yellow, turquoise, navy or red. 8 to H. Slit 6. "Plc.ned skirt' 1 with no waist band in crossblock plaid. Navy wuh red or brown with olive. 10 to 16 . Solid color pleated skirt in vhiic, led or navy. 8 to H. . . S I !f Classic Sheltie", semi-boxy with crew neckline. Red, brown, navy, olive, buttercup yellow or mushroom green. 36 to 0. . ........ BIG BEAR'S "Money Saving" IS OPEN Creat selection . . . treat savlnasl But, shep Big Bear's teyland new while steck Is complete. Yeu'll find all the popular leys en our shelves. Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Daily — Friday Til 9 p.m. TIGHT SQUEEZE By Mattel No. 5430 4 TEA SET By Irwin N.. TRAIN CASE by Mattel I]" A must fer little •>!*. Ne. SMI •• I.H.C. TRACTOR *2 29 by "Ertl Mff." True realism. Ne. SM • E.S.P. by Milton Bradley lO 78 Fun fer veun* ar^ eM. Ne. 4711 • Fun fer yeunf «r«d eM. No, 4711 ANIMAL TWISTER By Milton Bradley No. 4790 $O89 "SUNBIAM" ELECTRIC KNIFE BIG BEAR WGHWAY II

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