The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1966 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1966
Page 11
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OUR IOARDIN<J HOUSE — With Mojar HoopU ly J. R. Williams OUT OUR WAY BARr QCJUW>K* W VW1K T HERE/ 1'MdURE OLAD J. YBO THOUGHT TO / TAKE AW UMBRELLA 'TO SCHOOL; CAKRVWS WQS6 BOOK* FORME,PAU'JPOW'T I MINP GETTING A LITTLE PAMP MYSELF; PUT IP HATE ID HAVE MYSCHOOl. «'< NO U«,MM<MMSt3UCOULOMB <S6X THE BOV6 AWAY FROM TWE 6AR WITH A Flfli-HOSE —AND CRUMVtettS COMIN 1 UP W6 STAIRS NOW.'COME C(J i3V6« AND HELP MB SHEET HIM— WAY8E VDO CAN THINK OF 'SOMETUIMO TO £AY^ t ALWAYS HEA«D YBUCOUUg. TALK A SORIUft/^-rjrrjr , ,.-,- sv vr nCA ffipe >^l MA3OK, COMe BAC OUT O^ H Klre j^J^ nr.™.. * AlAInO I BANANA.' / iV-UERf.' MAJOR f JU6T REMEMBERED I LEFT THE BATHTUB RUNNING,' •< tm MY SE&R6TS TO THE fOLJNSELOff. THE COVEREPWAV3.0U *M!ft!f Uxx, tens op PEOPLE THE 'HAVES' AMD THE 'HAVE-NOTS'! WHV? WHAT ARE THIS WORLD DIVIDEP INTO TWO GROUPS! Blythtvttl* (Ark.) Court* Km - Tuesday, April 11,1«W - Pip BItni"' "Look, Lady! I turned Mrs. Bergin's roast and brought \-« ».V»^I***-N*^».»~VV,»IV«*JU^*A)I^«J»*K.T..*/:. her laundry in off the line, but I'm not jotting down "That's the point! I have lots of clothes but none of my recipes for her!" friend* consider I have anything worth borrowing!".: T«l«viiion—T6,iight, Tomorrow—WREC Channel 3, WMCT Channel 5 and WH6Q Channel 13 i; Channel :-, TU«B Apr 13 8:00 Amos 'N' Andy 6:30 Daktarl 7:30 Red SkcltOD e::20 Petticoat .Junct. 9:00 CBS Reports 10:00 Ten O'Clocfc New* 10:10 Weather i 10:15 Late Movie i 11:55 News <t Weather J2:00 Sign OtT Wed., April 13 «:« Arjote cioticu 7:00 Good morn Men 7:50 CBS News 8:15 Capt. KankeroO 8:00 I Love Lucy 9:30 Real McCoys 10:00 Andy ol MnvbMTj J0:30 Dick Van .Drift 11:00 Lote of Ulf 11:25 CBS News 11:30 BMIO& roc Tom 11:45 Guiding IJIIM I 12:00 Dec*rnber Bride 12:30 As trie World T 1:UO Password 1:30 Houseparty 2:00 To Tell the T. 2:35 News 3:30 Edge 01 Night 3:nn fiecret Storm 3:.m Early Movie 5:00 WREC-TV News 5:25 We»ther 5:30 Walter uroufctt* n:(ir, ftmuf. n A.nds 6:30 Lost, In Space 7:30 Beverly Hillbillies 8:00 Green Acres 8:30 DlcK Van Dyke S'.OO Danny Kaye iO:00 Ten O'clock News 10:10 Weatfier 10:15 Lbte Mane 11:35 News & Wf.ifier off WVICT—Channel 5 Tues Apr 12 6:00 News wpuort B:10 Trt HtatB Report ,8:15 Wetittiet,. Jt«p»rt 6:20-SportS Kcpon. 6:25 Camera S ^ept 6:30 My Moth., the Car 7:00 Flense Don't Eat The Daises ' 7:30 Dr. Klidart 8:00 Tue, **lta 'Movie 10:00 The'Reporter 10:15 Norm Brewer 10:15 Today ID SporU 10:25 Weather 10:31) Tonight Show 12:05 TV--Chanel 12:30 News Wed., April 13 6:55 TV Chapel 7:25 Today in Mld-S. 7:39 Today 8:25 Today Wltfc Peg 3:30 9:00 Eye Guess 9:25 NBC News Rpt. 9:30 Concentration 10:00 Mornlnc Star 10:30, ParaCtse Say lliOO Jeopardy 11:30 Let's Play P.O. 11:55 MWrtJ.- 12:00 Looncy ZOO 12:30 Lei's Make A Deal 12:55 NBC News 1:00 Days or our Lives 1:30 Doctors 2:00 Another World 2:30 You Don't day 3:00 Route 65 4:00 Mike Douglas 6:30 Hunilev-Bnnfcles 6:00 News Report. 8:10 Trt-State Report 6:15 Weather Report 6:20 Sports Report 6:2.1 Camera Report 6:30 ViiKlnV»n 8:00 Bob Hope The. .9:00.1 Spy 10 id E.SSH Reporter. 10:20 Today In Sports 1U.-20 WcaUici 10:30 Tonlgflt E£OW 12:00 News 12:05 TV Chapel WHBQ—Channel l3 Tues Apr 12 5:30 MavencK fi:30 Combat 7:3D McHale's Nary 8:00 P .Troop 8:30 Peyton Place 9:00 The Fugitive 10:00 Mldsoutn Newo 10:15 Moving Weatnei 10:20 Late Show. Wed., April 13 7:00 uartoou Time 8:30 Jack Laianne 8:00 Town & Country 9:30 Father Knows Best 10:00 StipcriflXt. Sweep 10:30 Dating Game 11:00 Donna Reed 11:30 Mr.&Mrs. North 12:00 Ben Casey 1:00 The mirses 1:30 A Time For u» 1:55 News 2:00 General Hospital 2:30 Youne Married* 3:OU Funhouse 4:30 Adventui* Tim* 5:00 N*w« • 5:10 WeaW»«t 5:15. News 5:30 RiavcriCK 6:30 Batman , 7:00 Patty Duke 7:30 Blue bigiu 8:00 The BlE Valley 9:00 Long. MOI> auta. 10:OU Mld-fiwuth WCWB 10:15 Moving weather 10:20 Late Show Continued From rreceedlr.g Car hops wanted. Must apply in person Kream Kastle Dr.-Inn. Corner Division and Walnut Sis, 4-1 c)c tf HeipTWa'nted Many listings in m» -Male" or "Female" columns are not Intended to exclude or discourage applications from persons of the other sei. Such listings art> tor the convenience of readers be- c*use somt occupations are con- cldered more attractive to per- 3G2& or oatj se< than the other. Discrimination-" tn employment Cftcause of •«> is ptoblbitifl by 1064 Federal Civil Rights Act With certain exceptions. Employment Afenc*os and employers covered by the act must Indicate In their .advertisement whether or" not the listed positions are available to both set- Designation as to. sex In our Help . Wanted and Employment Agency columns are made only (1) to Indicate bofia fide occupational qualifications for "employment which an employer regards as reasonably necessary to the normal operation of hl« business or enterprise, or (2) as a convenience to our reader* to let them know which positions th« advertiser believes would be ol more interest to one sex than another because of the work involved Such ties- ' ignfttions should not be taken to Indicate that the advertiser Iftr tends or practice! any' unlawful preference, limitation, specification or discrimination in employment practices. . . . Waltreea for nelght work. Apply »t Red Rooster Inn or call Mrs. Henry, tO 3-8715. 3-31 ck tf 3»lMUdy for Saturdays at O'Steen'a new Jewelry & Gift Shop Mint have aalee exp No phone calls 10$ W. Mam. 3-8 <* tr Dl«el truck drivers, . age 21-45 Must be in good physical condition. good salary. Equal opportunity employer. FROZEN FOODS EXPRESS. 1755 Proctor St. DnllM, 3-2« Pk 4-27 Store for Rent We will Invoice •lock. New Air Base, po .1-9902. 3-29 pk 4-20 We buy & sell used bricks, O.S Rollison Lumber & Wrecking Co. Hivy. 18, West 1 ml. 3-21 pit 4-21 Attention New Car Buyers If you are thinking of trading your present Oftr or buying a new c'ar, pick up your phonfc and call me now for the best deal In town. Ted Maxwell, Bob Sullivan Chcv,. PO 34578 day. PO 3-1900 night. 4-8 pit 5-9 Open For Business. Bill's Auto Salvage. Used cars & Parts. '.', mile out of city limits on S..Elm,"PO 31783. 4-H pK 5-6 BILL'S COIN SHOP new hours 10 A.M. to 9 P.M.. 1 flays » week \Ve buy and sell coins. Supplies of all kinds. Located In Hotel Noble Lobby. 3-23 cK tl Kitchen Aid Dishwashers P st Form cabinet & Vanity Tops In Stock lor Immediate Delivery Henry Woods Cabinet Shop 1033 W. Moultrle Dr. PO 2-J717 • FO 3-6176 «-3 ck J-9 Linda TUlittan Sherwood- -li'- »t Betty's Beauty Shop. PO' 3-3878. .. 3-30 pk 4,30 LEDBETTER6 DISCOUNT SHOES AIR BASE HIGHWAY 3-1J clc U The Mississippi- obuhtj" nnion- Mission needs your surplus clathlng housebom itenur narawtte,- rum- Iture. etc. Ple»i«. ctli :PO-3-S380 or iirlne to 410 £ ..vialn:- 4-18 ck tr Expert repairs on al] makes ol sewing machines. The Singer Co. Plaza Shopping Center PO 2-2782 2-1 ck tt Wheelchair - adjustablt legs Call after 1 p.m. PO 3-8100. 3-II dh tl 12' Arts. Tr»». boat. O'Steen'e. PO 3-4522. .. 3-8 ck tt Inaian. Tjllci, irrowheadi tomahawks, 'pottery, etc. or will tradt. BbVTHBVILL!! IRON k MITAL CO. 1200 S .Elm, PO 3-8886. 3-4 ck tt WAN71)t>: UMQ tumitufe Mattel) & White. "Ph.TO 3-B09S or PO S-201S. Personal Receive Presnell Courtesy it 9S) S. Division,. Oroc., * 1208 S, Division. -Shell-Station. • 2-26 ck tl Private Roams Room & board. $17.50 week. Men. 115 W. Ash. Mrs. Cassidy. 3-18 pK 419 Comfortable bedroom, adjoining bath 901 West Ash. PO 2-2209. 3-31 pk 4-31 2 BR's \v/pvt. bath Davis. PO 3rOS43, . Nice warm rm,, pvt. »ht. Ill E. | Davis, PO 3-4050. 2-17 ck tl LOST: in BIy. ere*, dart red bone hound. Mile. FO 3-7489. 4-8 P* «-U Lost...BlecJt, brewn, white ,B*&tie puppy, wearing red collar with •hot tHi- Call FO 3-8755. Reward. 4-12 pk 4-15 Nolle* Arksnsts Ouzette - For larly . «« «. Cherry. PO 3- ALIEN PETROLEUM CO. 2604 W. Ros« — Blytheville, Ark. — Phone PO 2-2005 DISTRIBUTOR • Shell Petroleum Products • Anhydrous Ammonia • Clark Ammonia Applicators • Applicator Tanks, Valves & Equipment Remember We Give You Complete Service From Storage Tank to the Field. Ammonia Field Tanks & Applicators Available At No Charge When You Buy Your Ammonia From Us. TPPAY WELL,! DON'T KSK6 MUS6INS VlOIIMS, HOW A KNOW DO you ra. ABOUT HOW THESE ., PUNK5 SET Off WfTH LISHT SENTENCES JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE TEEfJ-ASERS? YOU'VE GROWN PRETTY BUT FORTUNATELY MV LAP HAS SROWN ijOdfcJsutigfViSVeasasj ; EVEZYBOOy WHO WANTre TO WATCH THt5 HCXKe/0AM COMB IN HSZe EI&HT NOW \VHBTHr3a W5 WATCH THERES TEN FEET OF WATER OFF TH 1 DOCK,,;WHy DON'T Wi PROP TH'BAG.lNi AN' RETURN IN A FEW WEEK*? GREAT SU5IE1 BV GUPPIgS, V VES.llIlU ttU.e,; EASY,,, WE SOf I WHEN IT BREAKS, YOUR A SIS OetVEL ROge'RY 5TORV RI«HT OUR HOSES/ HEAUH.FARM WILL SET NftTIO«AL PUBUCITYl ANVCHANCe W6 HAP Of= » SURE LOOKS 1^' \ACCIPENT3 IDENTIFYINS THAT BIS . / LIKE ff..WHATATOO BAP \CAN HAPPEN BESPECTACUEP SAXON /WITH OOP ; ALL I I WAS SO TO ANVDNE! is aoNE NOW.' _/THE WAY B«£«. ^ CLUMSV; WEU..WHAT BRING DOP POWE PO /BACK AMP jjrvyl* ^i^TX&T f>\/ce START OVER AGAIN; . HE A MENTA1. PROBLEM 3UST LONeSOME AND H£ WANTS S i SOM'EBOPVIO HERMIT IS V1SITIN5 ULT.MTUW.W Wanted to Buy .Walter Palmer, Rt. 5, Paragould. 160 acres land £; equip, including livestock. : »42S acre for quick sale. Reason for sale: 111 wile. 4 -A British monarch must .ob-1 tain'the, consent of Parliament! before he can abdicate. Yellowstone -.National ..Park contains the largest lierd of buffalo in the United States. t ,\

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