The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 28, 1949
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JUNE .28 •I.YTHEVn.UC (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAfiK SKVKN REPAIRS - IMPROVEMENIS^REMODEUNG Adequate Wiring For Home Urged £ Builder Must Look Ahead to Addition Of New Appliances as In avoid complete If trouble develop* on one circuit. Wire should not. be smaller than No. 14 and No. 1? is preferable. Appliance circuit* serve dining- room, kitchen and laundry; toaster, refrigerator, ironer, ere. At least two nppkiance circuits are recommended in every home. Each should be of 20-ampere capacity with wire no smaller than No. 12. Individual equipment circuits are for permanently located ap[>liance£ such 35 range, dishwasher, laundry drier, electric water heater and electric space healer. Separate circuits should be provided for such equipment, A miscellaneous circuit will include service for doorbells, radio and television and telephone, obtain ducert voltage is obtained by LIM . of transformer. Raceways should be provided for telephone, radio and television wires to eliminate later Room Areas Separated by Floor Designs Convenient, efficieiH and economical electric service if. possible only with adequate wiring. It Is advisable to plan for future additions of appliances and lo provide circuits and outlets for them when wiring is installed in a new house. [ The entrance cable should be large enough to admit sufficient electricity for all passible future nr«i*. Mo=t home appliances -ire made for 115 volls: and equipment requiring MO volts is also now wide- jnstaiiatirm of exposed wiring. ly used. Therefore, H is desirable to n.=e 3-wire entrance service which provides this higher vollase. Types of Circuits General - purpose circuits .serve lighting equipment and appliances such as vacuum cleaner, clock. Inn hair dryer, curling iron. One 15- anvpere general circuit should be provided for each 500 square feet of floor area. At least one room should be served by two circuits so With today's trend toward open planning, eliminating partitions and devoting separate areas of the resulting over-sized room to varied uses, it is a growing practice to divide these areas by floor design. Dining space Is set off by a broad stripe across that part of the living-room, or by flooring the entire dining area with a harmonious, confraMing color. Narrow tevision and telephone. To i str| P« forming pleasing borders or electricity for doorbells, re- I Patterns will mark off a corner lor voltage is obtained by -JM ! stud - v ° 1 ' desk worfc - Safety Imperative Double convenience outlets should be provided in each wall of every room anil placed so that they are not hidden by furniture. Rooms with 'wo entrances should have a wall K-.vilch at each door: long hallways and stairs should have a switch al eacli end. No switch nor outlet should be placed near kitchen sink, bathtub, lavatory or laundry trays because of tlie danger of WALLPAPER Room Lots of IJghtfast ami Washable High Grade Papers — Room lots consists of 1<l roll wall and 20 yds. border, enough (or a large room. $2 While They Last E. C. Robinson Ibr. Co. "Friendly Building Service" Phone 551 Blythevillt. Ark. Heightcned interest and an a t - nosphere to match the mood and of each room is a g°al °* ' n ~ crior designer*. Here a^ain they ely on Ihe Tlonr, devoting especial attention lo the kitchen, child's 'oom, man's cicn, recreation room aid oilier specialized use areas. Kitchen whiteness is overcome viih pure, .strong wall colors and asphalt tile flooring in bright, contrasting color. Highly interesting effects are "reated by placing floor IHes here and there which carry pictorial representations or vegetables, utensils like a pitcher or kettle, spoon and fork- or perliap-s a little aproned chef waving fork and ktillft. Pictorial tiles also are , used In other rooms: Clown faces, animals.' birds and baby ducks for nursery or child's room; game fish and birds, playing cards, top h»t and walking stick for man's den; compass, anchors, boats for the room of the man or boy with tht nautical tastes; musical notes and clefs for the muscian or music room; ivy eaves and fruits for dining area; huffleboard. letters and numerals the recreations room. Real Estate Transfers (C'hlikBMwb* l>lslr!cf| Tom A. ind Goidie Little 10 Sul- Ihan-Nelson Chevrolet Co.. Lot.s 1 and J, Block 1. Davis Second Addition; Lot 3, lust half, Lot 3 north 80, I/it «. north »] of Block 1. Davis Second Addition, and Lois 1. 2 and 3 Blo~k is. Davis First Addition. foi 1 $15,000. Bill Reid Co. ot Arkansas. Inc.. to Paul D. and Kathleen Human, Lot 4 Block 3. David Acres Subdivision, for W5T5. Bill Reid Co. ol Arkansas. Inc.. lo Otho and Lora Gainer. Lot .1, Block 3, David Acres Subdivision, for IBS 7ft. E. O. Adams to Leonard 'I', aud Virginia Martin Oklham, 40 Wesl, 20 North. r?l Section 9. Township 15. Ronse 11 East, for 515.000. H. H. and Lucy Ilouchins to O. E. avirt Bevtye Hariner, Lot t. Block B. Country Club Drive Addition, (or House of Pleasing Design FOR THE FIRST TIME! Mow You Can Set and Buy tht Marvelous Htw Jtility Room for Bosement/esi Home A 12-by-l2 foot space !« adequate for * utility room, now ao necessary in the basemen tless house. If the spact can b* larger. it can also be used as * child's play arra in addition to HA main functions of housing heating and laundry equipment and providing storage for articles normally kepi in the basement. Even ff the house ha* a basement. .• first-floor utility room saves countless steps, eliminates danger'of falls on basement stairs, and ta * v»Ui*hle »nncx to the kitchen. Utility room »s*s »re almost unlimited. But the fact that it houses work-a-day equipment does not mean its being an \inaUrnclive. ugly workshop, for it should be one of the brightest, most pleasant rooms in the house. Mrs Trnle-s Elran lo A. G. and lone B. Rnhn. lot H, Block 6. Chi- CREO MIU Second Addition, for E. R. and Lorene to William S Payne. Lot 4. Block i Chi- C?TO Mill Third Addition, for 1350. Willie B. Tedder to I. E. Paik- hurst. L~t 3. Block «. Park Addition, (or S30CO. I. E Parkhurst to H. C. and Marearet Camnhell, Lot 3, Block 8. Park Addition. $3000. WinfleM and Ada Mick lo C. C. Thompson. Part of Section 10. Town=hiD I! North. Range 11 Easl. lor J20CO. Willie B. mid Cornelin Beaslev to J. E Stevenson, Jr., part of Section 10. Township IS North, Range II Esst. for Jl and other considerations. W. G. and Maybell Seymore to Lois G«inmon Barnett. Lot 5. Block 7. Ruddls Heights Addition, for «500- Mrs. Beulah B. Lloyd to H. C. j and Marearet Cpmpbell. Lot 4. i Block 3. Hearn and Perry Addition.! (or $2803.60. Max and Annie. Laurie Lowux to j Ravmond V and La Minda Cordell. Lot 8. Block 3. walker Second Subdivision, for »700. E. B. and Rovene C. Davit! lo Bill Reid Co. of Arkansas. Inc.. Lot 3. Blrrk 3 David Acres Svibdivision. [or MOO. E. B. and Rovene C. David lo This affradive modified Cape Cod colonial is planned so that a room or two can he added to side or rear lo enhance Ihe popular ranch-house effect, Instead of » S"r»re, » carport Is provided. This can be converted into in enclosed attafhed range or an additional room without destroying the pleasini arcnileclural style. The moderate-cost home a erected OB a ZS x 27-foot concrete slab in which radiant heat copper pipe is embedded Interior features Include (lv« closets, ulililr room (or heatinr plant, oversized' livinf-dinlnn-room with complete spjce-and-Tabor-savinj: kitchen tmkrrt into one corner, two comfortable bedrooms, and tiled bath with shower. Howard A. Biirk- land of l.onj Island has designed this house. Osl witlioiit land is under S7,«(l» and Includes kitchen ranne. rtlrucraUr. ml • burner, plumhini connections for washing machine. \ emUan blinds, finished interior walls, Rre-resislant roof, tull-lnirk mineral wool insulation in roof and walls, and asbestos siilmt on •tandard frame construction. Since the Lone Island nimmiimty in which the house has been built is In the hlnhes' construction cost area of the counlrv, it is estimated that the efficlenllr- olanned house can he duplicated for less in many other sections. Double Bowl MocUl wtlh Sliding (Umovabl* Drainboaid amip.i rum 1 ills ;uul iwo on tied processed n^nn doors hjv iasin Anu'i k-;m Kikhcn SinVs! < >i»ly 4 ft. lonu— yd has 2 roomy n. ami liiii.ik'L-p- Jii'.islulctliciliHiiilHwnltofo^crciii.icr.Twn iMlcd iir:iv>crv F.niiic topis finest por^ K-kintf 01 cl.ippiny Cabinet is all sieel, e .loiiNc-nciini: Njinnp hinges for sui-i " control. This is thf"l;i-,t «oni" in modern design. See it lixluy. HUBBARD HARDWARE 21 :i West Main Mime 2lil.i 20 Ways to Beat the Heat . . . Bill Reid Co. of Arkansas. Inc.. Lot 1. Close windows and doors during mid-day. 2. Draw shades on "sunny side." 3. Replace heavy woll rugs with fibre or cotvon rugs; or use no rugs >t all. 4. Store heavy draperies; replace wilh light open-mesh material, or use no cmialns »t all. ^. Put. light-colored washable slipcovers on upholsLered furniture: 5. Cool olf the house exterior by honns it down in late afternoon: 11. Wear loose, lightweight ctolli- • Ing. ! 100% LOANS FOR VETERANS ver-work, over-play or = IB. Don't f>ver-eat, IS. Don't watch I lie thermometer '20. Keep cool-tempered; don't flv off the handle! Zl 3 WEST MAIN ST PHONE 2OIS Thrrt Building Permit Applications Art Filed Only three applications for building permits were filed during the past week In the office of City Engineer Jo* Carney. Totaling »7.000 In estimated cost, according to the applications, these permits were sought for three residences. The applications were (lied hy: Elbert Jones, for • four-room frame resldenc* on South 16th Street; estimated cost. S2.000. Norvell Lansing, for a four-room frame residence in Hollendale Ad- shock when manipulating the .switch when hands ire wet. Pull- j hain sockets should be used only In ' small closets or other locations ot j of occasional use. It is also well to include electrical ' outl«t.<; nf the weatherproof type accessible, to the terrace. «, Block 3. David Acres Subdivision, for »800. Geors-e. and Fannie Magaard to Jo.«nh L. and Elsie FMUharn. Lot II. Block 1. Ftugham Addition, for »150. Elmer E. and Maude Prilitt lo Albert Lee and Ber.sheba R. Richardson. I/ol.s 2 and 3. Block "A" of Hollandale Addition. T"r $1003. O. E. and Bertye Manner to H. H. Houchins. Lot 13 ol reolat of Blocks S and « of Chicago Mill Second Addilion. lor tl and other consideration. O. W Lewis to H. E. and Charlene Bracey, Part at Section H. Township 15 North, Range 11 East, tor UOOO. W. T. and Myrtle E. Barnett to Russell E. and Betty M. Riales. Lot, 1. Block 2. Country Club Drive, (or »665. J. D. ami Rosie Wldiwv to Max and Annie Laurie Lagan, part of la\ 9. replat Pride and Gateway | Subdivision, lor »l and other con- eratioti also wet down ddve.ways and walks. 7. Place electric fan near window, so that it blows across ft bowl of ice. 8. Hang sheets dampened In cold water In doorways with an electric (an circulating air across them. S. Make the house as much »s M decrees cooler with 4" of mineral wool insulation between roof and living quarters. 10. Do a minimum of top-of- stove cooklnu;; use the insulated ovrn Instead; plan light, simple cneals. 11. Close kitchen from other rooms while cooking, 12. Open kitchen windows while cooking; expel superheated ah' with ventHaling fan or electric fan blowing outward in an open window. 13. Cross-ventilate the «Hic 24 hours a day. or use a ventilating fan during afternoon and evening. H. Open all doors and windows in the evening and place two or i thrre electric tans in windows In different rooms to blow inward and WARNING <mm.R The defendant. Ray McWtlliam.s, Is hereby warned lo appear in Ihe Chancery Court for the Chickn- .sawba District ol Mi.^si.s-sippi County. AiVansaa within thirty days and answer the complaint of Ihe plaintiff, Hii»el McWilliams. Illed against him in .said court, No !0.:ilO. ant! U|x>n his failure .so to do, s?id complaint will be taken as confessed. Witness my hand as clerk of -Mild court and the seal thereof tills 6th day of June. 1949. HARVKY MORRIS. Clerk fly Betty Ball, D.C Reltf and Roy, attys. for plaintiff Oscar Fendler, atty. ad htem. S7-I4-21-M Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans • SW E C and Lora Mae Flnemar, "to <*ra. cool air quickly into the, house. Howard B. and Antt. Perkins, part _, - «« «'«lnc l^hU sparing y. of Section 6. Township 14 North, Range 3 East, lor $10 and other consideration. ditian; estimatrd rosl. $3.COO. C, R. Oxburn, (or a four-room concrete block residence *l 700 North lllh; estimated cost- $2.000. replace high wattage bulbs lamps of less Intensity. 16. Do the ironing in the rnormnji hour*, "W- L .* • I with I WARNING ORDER It) the Chancery Court. Chickn- .sawba District, Mi.ssi.sjstppl County, AikariAa.^. Evelvn Woorfliouse, Ptf. vs. No, lO.fWO PHII! E. Woodhouse. Dli. The del ftiidtint, Paul E. Wood- In hereby warned to apprar within thirty tlay^ in the com I named in the caption hereof and answer thr romplalnt ot the plaintiff. Evelyn S. Wood house. D»Ced thi.-i 20 dav nf June, 1941). HARVEY MORRIS, By PaL Morton. D. C Geiir Bradlei. ally. lor ptf. C. F. Coopr-v. ?if.Ly ad lUem. Just think, for ;i j-nuill rarn^sl-iiiniif.v <tt-|M)sil yttn m*y nnw ^pf^lle <m« nf llirse nrw nmiirrn Iwo l»ftrt room home*, nnw under nUKstmrllon. Many s»re m^UiiiR their selection. •• rnrnr while ytm maj choose. Bfaiilifully ilr^lenrd, !sliirdlly built, some tiavc picture win- (lnvin%. In new snhrllvislnn. Call or See MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY Holly Development Corp. ISO I West Main Phone 1145 Dirtct from Czechoslovakia Reduced For Special Sale 40 To add a gracious touch to your home you can choose nothing finer than an exquisite imported crystal chandelier.. .at almost one-half the regular price. IJoth modern and colonial fixtures styled hy Gillcraft, Halcolite. l.iffhtolier. See them tomorrow. Charley's Electric Shop South 5th Fhen« 2991 • Make your home • coot, comfortable summer r«ort under rtx welcome shade of C»n- v«« AwninRf. Over windowt, <ioorways, porchw or 'terrace* the)' assure protection and »<W cofofful charm and be*uty. We shall he ^Ud to giTe you evtt- •Miet without The LOVELIEST Bathroom For You .... That's CRANE DEAL'S Paint Store m Kna( Main Phone ttfifl THf CMNf DKfXfl GlfOUP Like to have a Ijalhroom yon will really t>e proud <>f'.' Tlipn he sure lo see Die many fresh now stylos offered by C'rstic. For unmatched finality anrl for practical convenience you will find nothing to excel Crane fixtures her?, for you to see. at "Pete," tlie Plombov's. Illustrated is the Crane Drexel Group. "PETE" The Plumber ]W X«. Flnrt . Thftnt 1731 It takes a BREEZE to keep you cool! F.njoy the luxury of Breetf Conditioned comfort when summer heat slows you down! A Coolair Kroe7e Conditioning Fan will fill your home with gentle cooling breezes at my hour ot the day or nigh;.! Patented sound- absorbing springs mean undisturbed steep to even the lightest sleeper! Builders Supply Co., Inc. "everything for the Builder" W. H. Pease J. Wilson Henry So. Highway 61

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