The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAy, JUNE 27, 1939 iE, f (AHK.) COUIUMK NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION -t j. USES THE WANT-AM-;/ w .1^^...-^., ;"- y x . -v .-.- *..s.,t ... ;, • ', J ~ llj) /ate' 'per line for coiiiccu Insertions: ' One (,|mc per line. . . ....... .... 10 Two times per Jiiic per dtty.'...0& Jlircc limes per Jltie per rtny...0fi fix !|mes per line per day.... 05 Monlli fate pier line...... ...... 6(k C^rds of Thanks.. ...... 50c & 75< Mlnli'miti) charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times arid stopped before" expira lion will be charged for the mini bet of tildes tlie add appeared ant Sdjuslmeiit of bill marie. All Classified Advertising copj WbniU(cd by persons residing but- eldc of the city must be accompanied by cadi. Rate's may be easily computed from above table. . Advertising ordered for jrjegulai Insertions takes the one tjm'c jat« .No responsibility .will be taken for more than one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. For Rent 5 room house, lip S.'Franklin. Mrs B. E. Webb ioil Hcimi, 27-pic-l 5 room house with bath. 906 W Asli. call iD-P-21.' 26-ck-3Q 2 large, COQ! bedrooms, newly deed..rated. Mrs. Emma Nolcn, 310 'Walnut. 26-ck-t 3 ,ro6m UNfurnishcii apaHinenl. . Reasonable. Utilities furnished ,1129 yy. Ash. 23-ck-28 For RCTit—Three room unfurhisH- aparlinciii Private bath. Hot and cold water. 324 North' 2nd Phone 211. 23-pk-3Cf 2 room jn'o.dcm furnished apart., wont. Private entrance. 1Q8 VV. Kentucky. 23-pk30 Bedroom for rciit. Outside Intratice. ' Connecting bath. 1-2 block from Main. Call 865-W. 21-ck-28 CopV.s6ut.ii .bedroom, conveiiierit to bath. 611 W. Main. Ciill 280 2t-ck-tf Cqrhfbrialjle 'bctircom. 1017 Walnut. . Phone 102. 15-ck-(.f Cool, sputli Jxtlroom. Garage; Hea. Ko.nablc. Mrs: Simmons, 818 Walnut^ . 5-ck-tf 2 or 3 roorn furnished apartment,. •Newiy ae'cbratcd. 914 Hearn. " ' ' Modern, 3 room unfurnished apartment. Main and Second. P. Simon, phone 761 • • ' 3-ck-tf - bffice roolns, Siidnury Building, sip, - .Grafiam.Sudbury. ..'--, 2711 ,,F,or .Sale ! Cold fish minnoiys. Day aiid night. E. L. Keith, 411 No. '6th. 213 E. Kentucky, 4 rooms wllh bath. Newly papered and palnt- ; ed. ?2M Hown payment, remainder to include prlncipai, inlerest, insurance and' taxes, payable, rribntlijy like rent, Harvey Morris, phrne 128 or 506.' 24-ck-7-24 Green grapes, fine for Jelly. Phone ,062-J. Mrs. Joe Kueter. 23-ck-30 My Stucco tipine and 2 acres..'Has 5 roonis arift .batf). piotke'd hardwood floors. Phone 252 or 347. Paul Byfiim. ' 23-ck-lf Sweet p'eiis' inH cliief c'iit flowers. Lois Hooper, Phone 30G or 192. 100 dozen used friiit jars, aiiy size. Save money/ Alviii Hardy. 212 E. Main. 17-ck-7-n Wanted c °J>tes, Pf Jlie Courier News, dated June 1. Will piiy si; eiie'li. ' CASH PAILi for good 1935 1.130 and 1037 model Folds, Plynioullis and Chevrolet*;. Plioiie Howard Burton al 810. Phillips Motor Co. • 29-ck-li-M Lost Female, liriudlc Bniidog. Glljipcd ears. Baby's pet. R12WAKD. Hugh WJiKsitl. ai-ck-30 Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN Rdoiii and Bo<1fd CoinforlaWe rooms. Rcasbimljle rates. 803 W. Ash. I'hoiie 993. 22-ck-tf Minnows For Sale Minnows.and fishing canes 300 E Main. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks. 24-ck-G-24 Goldfish Minnows B. F. Brogdnn, . ' . 31» Doiigan MINNOWS ii, COCK ROACHES •»rl Damon, car. RRllrnsd * ky Salesmen Wanted WANTED: Man with car (JFpTof- liahle Raivfcigli Route .Must be •iatfsfte'd with good living aLsUi't Sales way 'up this year. 'Write Rawleign's, Dept. AKF-21-101, Memphis, Tenn. Hdspitkl Head Requests Beer for His Patients DURBAN, North .Australia (UP) —Nurses may bcccmc "barmaids" in the King Edward VIJ1 hospital for natives here, il the rccommen- daticns of Dr. Fi. is. Stevenson, the medical supcrinleiulcni, arc accepted. He has'asked the' Durban Oily Council to buy baffir ucer for pa- .ients suffei'ing from tiisca'scs due lo deficiency in (llct; f;r lie declares (hat this native lieer, con- lainj.'yaluible vitamins. -•A • 'sympathetic lialivc adminis- :ratl6n-: r eorainiflce r )Tas' "rcediii- iiemled. to the c:imcll ilittt fire gallons of the beer be supplied to the hospital daily. EACH W.JEEK BUYS NEEDED CAR '••;: REQUIREMENTS Tires, batteries, radios, licalcrs and other ji'rotlucis for your car can be bouglit on the VircMunc limlgct Plan for surprisingly little cash'outlay ami ternis so small j oii'll hardly notice them. WAUNING OKUKIt . >. IN THE CI1ANCUIIY COURT • C11IOKASAWBA U 1 S T U 1 OT MISSISSIPPI COUN'IT, AliK- ANBAS. Waitus Oarrlsoii, 1'lalnUII, vs. No. COIil l)ovlt> Leo Ciurrlson, Oi'fruiliinl. Tlic (IcrontUinl, »ovJc l.ce aiir- rjson, Is warned to upjxiur wlllilii llili-ly tlnys In the court, immnl In Iho cuplioi) Jicrcof dim limwci- (ho coinplninl of the plHiiiUrr, \v»llu« Ciiiri'ison, llil« laili day'of Jtihc, JIAltVKV MOKHis, clerk.' Ally, for I'Jtf, Percy A. \Vrlsht Ally. Ail Ulcm, C'lmtdc !•'.' Cooper DNITIJI? STATUS OP TUB iNrrauon General Lniirt Offlcc nt, WushliiB- ton, n. a., June 5, 1930 Nodce is Jiercby Riven (imt Anro'n Montgomery, of; Ulydicvillo, A'rknu- sns, who. on Dectmbrr ao,\ 10;<7, iiiiide liomcstcntl Gentry Ci. J, O No. (TOl for the E',t, H\v/, Township lit N., niingo' 10 E,, Mh -prln. Mcrlillun, Arfcmisns, bus Died uo- llec of intention to innkc llirce ycnr proof, to tslnbllslr clulm to the Inntl ubgvd doscrlbctl, before Bryant Sic\vi\rl. Deputy County Clerk, Mississippi Comity, •Ai-linn- wis, nt, nlylhcville, Aiknnshs. (in the lOlll clay of Auetist, 1830. Cltilnmnl nnmps us wlliiesscs: Fi-nnb llnll of IMytheville, Ark,, R. I. Box 3Q9; lx)ui s Robinson nf BIyllicvillc, Ark.; Clmrllc Orr n! Ulylhcville, Ark.; Marvin Ullldlnc of Blylhevlllc, Ark. ANTOINETI-E • VUNIC Assl. com. ot Registration 20-27-5-11-18 L*len la It,, Vein al Tiirslmic MatiJst ftmnttetirNJtaauultK. II ( . Knl Ketmil . f "P! 11 " 1 «^'oi<-enr ihe 1 arm ice each week durihy noon l PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. WAUNINtl IN TUB OHANCJJRV CCiUlt'] 1 Of CJJ10KASAWUA niSTHIC'l, • MISS1SSIIVPI COUNTY, Ail- KANSAS. • Otto ii/ ijolide, I'lniiitiir vs. No. lism i Aini.i Mae Dohdc, Ucfemlnnl. Tito (lefwulntlt. Aiilut Mite'Uolide tvnniMl (o (i|)|irnr>wl(liln tliiriy ' In Ilic court nninccl In din lic'ix-of and unswer the iilnt of Ilic pisiniliv OUo II. llolidt'. ated (lilfj ifl day iir' June lOJD. IIAKVBV MOKillSY Clerk. lly Etenbdh Illytlie, D. C. H. Cool;, titty, for p||f lll Kced futiy. ad 1,11cm). iO-27-O-U ol - Wcinrn It) iiiynilu jnnrlcM UKUKELEY. Cal, (Ul')-Ont [he iirsl. exclusively women h)K expedlll:ns for the Jimi'lts of Soutli Africa is ecliig , iiru'iiiilxc*! hi-'ie. it Is composed of Florence Al. l-rosl, iinherslly ti.ssoclalc In cn- tomolog.y, iimi nn;ll!i'r HTIIUIII i)r K. C, Prlstedt. They will collect, <Usca.sD-bc;irhiB Insi^cls. Tlic .'infttrl nilo Xuln Imul will be, innrto in automobile. Otic New York mow liistltiiticn lias more than 'JI names in Its kmn flics. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock C tia ran Iced He«i Price* Kirby Drug Stores Tlie -IM lypcscttlng tine. „„„„, machines of the U. s. Bovernmciil printing office set npproximiUbi,' 2,500,COO,OOfl cms, or mills, of type niimrally. The office has 200 coin- i plcle printing press uniis. RHI) .RYDKR J. L GUARD Optometrist Only (Jrnihinln irisl lii" Gl.issrs Mlfcil Correcltj SAN niANClSCO (UP) - In a beauty u>i)ltsl of Die 11 Hcslpni Milrs foi 11 'Mty, juoulilcr Bum' queen, one of the pil/c^ »ns « fico Rli|)lnnc (lUDl firm the qnccn'i, lioine (o (he Uoldui ante Inlei- imllcnitl Kvposlllon Miss licttent NoilieiK of Uiirllii'jBnic Ctvl \vDo wut, choscit by the )uiiB<"i.' lives Jnst nci«,b Krtnii-lwj liny fioin Die c\|ioslllon, und del "fiec " look ul>:\it uvc mlmilw. ll.ur VIMII . Dr F. J. Weitz '10 VV, Ash 1'Jioite mid bil(jlitest of nil slnis, actuiillv b one of tlio Miinllcsl tttu to Ihc „ ,, , , of " 1C lo!)slcr •>'« Instde Is skclekn, vlilcli is outside It* bc«y, i »-•«-, NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 I'V JVonijit I/iimidry and Cleaning Service HEMORRHOIDS Cured VVllliwit, SiiiRt'ry, and CiiM rt \ny bnfp unii imimlCM nictliod; \\llhont conllncinciil to lied, to-s of tliiiu liom ttoih nnil with vny lllllo dlwomfoi I Al) Ijpcs of plks, IKMiU'a, ibtilln!,, do, ticatcct by oin otllco ini'llicds. ' DKS. NiES & JNJES Clinic r,l | M,tn FOR • • SAFETY'S SAKE! RHAp THIS AD K<e us nncl !>,iic! Save 'ileUyl S.Uc IrmiMH Ilcforc colnB of Jtntr \.iuitlnn or.UMiig molnl (rips, let us ehcck tlic followiuji Danger Points System mid Kiin licit Now Lur.itril ul 101 North .Smnid ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON i:i)WAIil^iJ, J'roinlclor ' Mnkpi (if licljiilll T}ii('«tllfrs Aihlliic Mnrlililcii mill C.iletilaliirs—llcp.ihliiK—l'iirtb-Kllilinns i-, \Mlcry, Klcclrical System Hiiikos, lirakc IVdal fc Clutch Gear, Wheel Alignment Differential ami Transmission PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. \\.i\nu\ I'hono 810 Cans for, Jug Fishing complete with straps; Guaranteed Ivoji't leak. ••71t'..ceij i ls' .eatli. Rayinomi Brooks, Steele, Mo. 3-pk7-0 <Vc have a. uumbev pi attracUvc '. ihd desirable coiiages In Blytheville, .well located, which we can sell at reasonable prices. Terry Abstract & Really Co. Pliorib 617 6-ck-tf Dairy mmllty and service In .Dairy nr.odur.fs. Cattle free .of Pane's Disease. Jn best of phy r.onditlnn. Call Mrs. Orace ixiwpnf. !K12-.r. for Halsell's Grndi- A Raw Milk. Cream, Country Butter. H»l- lermilk, extra or holiday orders. Inspection c.ncourascd anytime. Halw-11's Dairy Promised Land. Roui« 2 ' Nolico , Fishing License fOR YOIIR CONVENIENCE, WE 4KB PREPARED TO 1SSUK YOUR FISHING' LICENSE AT OUR STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE; co. rhonc 35 Found Arkansas 1939 1-2 ton truck license. Number 2H-545. Owner may have license by paying cost, of this ad. Courier Neivs. Personal Aronse SIu ss lsh l.lycr, work "oft ihf. We, to rid yourself of constipation, gas p ains and lllat sour> feeling. Take one. box of KIRBY'S ACTIVE LIVER PIU,S «o at all.Klrby 'storei. Kiicml Tiles (o Hel|i jWuM up SA^^ AWE> YOUR ' HY I'UKD 11AHMAN IT'U, BE t>ARl< TILL MODM- ' • i GT AV n^T<.t, \_i i\ AN-D WltEM YOU NOISE--- Vo^t-U M tHE S/\M6 Riots .To WARN FATrtErt^ 6UMJBS to SHOOT H'M ort Ten thousand tons, <,f pipci arc collected .from the wnstc baskets of (lie gai'crninenj, .cicpnrtiuenls of England,' Annually. Wert Optometrist HK Over Joe -Isaacs" Store Phone: S-10 »Y y. T. HAMLIA .... . s, Eoys--wh'H WHAI I^ V 1J^DME, LAWN MOWERS Slmrp.ened,; factory method, adjiisl- d. oileH— Picked «p &"dcllvered Used Lawn Jilowcrs For Salt Safe - '-' 'AccMratc Your I'rcscripllmi Druggist Muchine Shop & Garage 10 S. 2nd I'hone 281 FovvJer Drug Co. FAMOUS SGIENf 1ST HORIZONTAL. 1 Scientist \vlto wrote ''The Origin b£ Species." 13 With might. HTrffes. 16 The whole range. IB Surface. 20 Kind ol singing voice. 22 Baker in a stove. 23 Bcnown. 24 Genuine. 25 Note in scale. 26 Corpulent. 27 Ell. 28 .Overcoat. 31 Point, AnsSver to rrevlous c-17 cam .i_»n.«»»ntc«» T M KwD s r»r en HOOTS AND HER IH/DDfKS (abbr.). 21 Chinese' nioncj'. 2fi Touciics. , 23.1'nrf. ' 3D One plus one. 31 Hole. 34 Some. 3G Midday. 37 Wing to.ycrs 38 Boisterous play. •11 Hand. To s'fuinber. fare. •!6 Cicdil. 47 Most bcricflcciii,' 1 ov- Xo ^\\Vi6\\XE 43 Mode!. 46 Taxi. •18 Chrals. 50 Born. 51 To coat wild I in. 53 Very high 3 Last word ol >i prayer. 4 Sun god. 5 Thrcadlihe. 6 To rcpresenl. 7 Leaves. ' 8 To insligale, 0 Rest. 10 To be coiKiJmed. U Island. •12 His ihcqry is called Die Ihcor-y of VAS1I TtJISfe McKEE Ocl Jacked, lioy.s HY KOY CKANK . . 55 To entangle. 57 Consumers. 59 He was nil author and -— by profession. 60 His • - is still used as a texlbook, A»0 IF t»E VMOM6N OU A WT.ZV ISLAMD JJAMED HlPpA-HbLA KWOW 7HAT ^ECRET, WE'VE &OT TO GET IT FROM THEM! W THE V«AY, 6.0V5, HOW CAVi VOU BE / BUT to SAIL f 33 To be indebted. 3'i Sloths. 35 Lazy. 38 Musical nole. 33 Yellow bird. •".0 Snc.iky. 42 Either. STUFF AUOUOMSEUSEtTHK IS VOUR IDEA AV10 YOUR JOS! AVID HWS MORE,THERE'S >1Q ot-ie WITH THE W TPOPlCM. LWJ05 BUT VOU . C1DN'T EXPERT 6EE Wfll2f\ TO GO I CAWT I SELVES LEAVE CAROL.' 13 Too, 52 Measure of lenglli. YOUTH, THM'S THE STUFF 5C Measure of area. ' 58 All right. HECKLES AND HIS'PRIKNDS CANT JOB LOOKING TRAMPS IG THAT. COULD HAPPEM To A MBCKVJIC Tb

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