The Altoona Herald from Altoona, Iowa on November 21, 1896 · Page 1
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The Altoona Herald from Altoona, Iowa · Page 1

Altoona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1896
Page 1
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VOLUME VII. ALTOONA, POLK COUNTY, IOWA, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1896. NUMBER Ih. [RED HOT f) 'Jvii's, Boy 4 and 0-irls Cnj.?. « mple line, not ITT; alike, at h:-.lf thci '..', cost t'luah 0 ; ei, s lop!-- 1 line, n-t two alike, for less than tho cost of 3< -JIB u3 i >« .ib S4.9 8 ' rs.dies stud Mii-Pth Long Clonks and Jackets at $3.48, 2.98, 2.48, ] 50 and 1,25 voilh llnti 1 ;>nd four limes what we ask—thoy ore n jfTft^k. Bought them cheap and are willinii to part with them at •atio. •Boys Kute pants. All \\ ';ol suits, uono worth less than $5.00 $2.48. 60"6 Pair Mens Arctics SI.00. dies Storm Rubbers 35c. tcs Seven Button over Gaiters 21c. "en's Six Button over Gaiters 35o. eat Husking Mitten Canton Flannel luc, ,laska Store Poker straight or bent, 25c quality lOc, urge Coal Hod. ..„..,. 19c. 10 Quart Galvanized Pail • ISe. ndreds more Bimilar bargains. loteky Bros. Department Store. 't 329, 381 & 333 East 5th Street Des Moines la. L £i, -A.. JiHerrLLKLproi.* ELI*O witlL TT.RO \ GROCERY ©O^ Bondurant la. anj} 317 East Walnut Street Des Mojnes, Iowa. We are going to give nway on "CHRISTMAS MORNING" a hnnd. some dinner set of 100 pieces to the party that draws the lucky number. number goes with every 50 cent purchase which entitles you to own tho set. Come 10 Bondurant where you can do as 'well as you can in Dei 'Moines vvitr/'your produce, and remember you can get more goods for the inoney than at any other store in the county. 20 Ibs. Giannlatec! sugar for SI.00 21 Ibs. "0" nngai ' ..SI.00 J Ib, bulk coffee. 20c 2 Ibs, broken coffee i 25c 1 Ib. rice '...;.;>. 05o |3est biicon 08c. 6 to 10 bars of Soap for • ,, 25c A'tatjlet free with every pair of school ehoes. We curry a full line of fresh and sslt meats and pay the highest market prices for game and poultry at our Des Moines store, T»y us onco and we will guarantee your second order. When in Des Moines (mil at our store nt 317 east Walnut St. PKOFEHS1ONAL, CARDS, C. LANG, M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON, All profeBOloual oalls .promptly utteu dcd HP* B^O. ~/ -iPYsr |a»t 6th and Locust St. Sr Ctas had uixteeu years aotlvo practice as an ' '. »nd will fttlond to legal business promptly • Do's Moines, In.' The National trcasurery is taking in about $1,000,000 in gold a day. There will bp no need for President Cleveland to issue &ay rnoro bonds. . If Spain should be so foolish as to declare war with tho United Slates wouldn't wo delight to take our spite out on her. She has been stirring up American blood for some lime. \7' Mulberry. 'Phqne 686, 688 and 689 We give personal attention to funoials in all ' parts of the county. Embalmlug done free of ',ehavge, Wuen yon »eed the services of an „ ynaertaker,,!!all onus. O SHAFFER, Public, Insurance & Loans, ' 'OD NOTES BOUGHT. BROS. DIRECTORS The thirty-first annual session of the Iowa State Horticultural Society, will be held in the horticultural rooms of the capital, Des Moinos, Iowa, Dec. 8, 9, 10 and 11, 1896. For programs, or other information, address the Secretary of the Horticultural Society, Capitol Building, Des Moinos, Iowa. .'W. H. CARTER, - PRACTICING PHYSICIAN. '4H oal\a attended Day or Night. . r south of Henry's store rooms. .-.' Iowa.: Street, /^fg 'fslepnwe No. 105. Street, Thos. A. Edison hns made some experiments upon the eyes of blind persons, with the x-rays, which wns quite patisfactory. Mr. Edison Stty» he irjtt-nda to keep up the tests until he davelopes something of value. The extent of these tests cannot ns yet be even guessed at, but Edisou }8 the man to follow them up. There is talk of a free silver daily Des Moiueu, with Millionaire Heas=t, of the New York Journal, as publisher, and J. lielangee and Colonel Fox, of this city, as editors. Messrs Bellangee.and Fox arn ready to do the editing whenever Hearst puts up the money. Mr. Hearst isn't ex- peoted in tho city soon to look ovei the ground,—Saturday Review. the world, but when wr.-mgly used is n curse to mankind. Wo hops tluit our nation may never stoop to use her power to do n dishonorable deed. The Morning Advertiser of New York City, hud been keeping truck of the factories aud industries that have started since McKinley'n election was assured of. A few of them shut down during tho u:impnign on account of tlio silver repudiation satire but 00 per cent of. the people employed aiv put to work in mills that have boon idle for ovtr one year. Up to Tuesday morning, Nov. 10, 222,51)0 hna bean put to work that Lnrl come under the Advertisers notloo. County News MBS, — ]fi'om th<- Bondurant Journi.d. Mi 1 . S._ C. London ban returned from 1'rairio Oity und bringg the end nowrf that his aistcr, Mrs. Tlmtcticr is not expected to live A petition is in oirouhiUon to incorporate thn town. When this is accomplished, tho town will put on prosperity find grow.... The band boys will aivc on entertainment nml Biippcr, Th;inl;n- giving night tit the band hall. The ladies interested in the welfare of the band will furnish tho banquet tin-1 preside Mr. A. C. Bondurant just escaped a horrible death Tuesday, wbilo boarding a moving train. Ho took hold of the railing, but missed his looting and uas drug-red several rods before tho train was stopped, and Mr. BoiuluriMit boarded It for Des Moines. He escaped uninjured liflomc & .FoiiBt have Id their general a lore to Mr. J. T. Dutchcr of Marshnlltown, Iowa, Mr. Dutchor is a wide awake business man and ia a welcome comer to Bon lurant. — From the ty/timclls Telegram. George and Fred Miller, the men who civ.ckod Osborn's safe plead guilty and got seven years apiece... Up in Clay township where tho pco- jle are so smart they don't have to .isk questions such as arc printed in tin- Telegram, 22 votes, nearly 9 per cent were thrown out because they wero not. properly nvirked.... Name the colors of tho rainbow. Of what ire corks made? Spell out the pro innoiation ot Arkansas. What day is usually sot apart for our annual thanksgiving? By whom is it up- pointed? What is the circumference of a circle 10 feet in diameter? (The above are a fair sample of tho questions referred loo.—Ed.) Hie three girle, supposed to be Ella Miller, Lena Hcndricksou and Carrie Newhart, who escaped from the. In- •lustrial school of Mitchollvllle Wednesday night and were captured here but refused to stay captured, have not returned. They were found in a fleld south of town by J. A. Cloid and Tomp Ersklne about uoou Tuesday and were turned over to Constable McKmncy, who afterward turned them over to a young man by ihe name of Rookcy, arrived from Mitchellvillo in search of them, The young man apparently was not much acquainted with girls, or at least this kind of girls, for he stood with in 20 feet of them when they raibod a window at the hotel and crawled out. This was in broad daylight, about 4 o'clock p. m., but aside from being seen going m different directions nboul town' they wero as completely gone aa a last year's icicle or the hope of Bryan's election. Spain is having a mighty stru now with tho lebellious Cubans, predict that if Cuba comes out U victory from this battle th jig is about up with Spain. We w: gladly hail the day when we oan take Cuba by tho Jiftnd and offor her our help as a baby sletoy republic, when yre can wrap the robe of the Monroe Po^trme around her slender, delicate, forpa flnS aay w^ no^ hav? tho right to profeofc ypu, even_ aa we protected iiefti the "vultures of the «gW — from tlie Valley Express. Old Man Forbes has reappeared in Jasper county. He is a wandering eccentric man, who has for years 'terrorized tho woman and children of his nnd other adjacent counties ..... Many strangers are notleneble on our streets of late. Everyone seems to be in quest of a location for some kind of business. Our merchants should receive hero at home the sup port of our towns people ..... . Some jolly souls living out of a tow miles left their team in the street a few evenings since while they went into a sample room to "see a friend." But those horses wore wicked. We know they wove wicked because "the wicked fleeth when no man pursucth;" and these horses fled in a manner that was a caution to Benny Franklin's ightning. Th« boys walked seveiul iles eyes hnn returned home much im proved. Dipthcria is guile prevalent in this vicinity. On Wednesday Nov. 4, two of John Wartberg's children took down. Thev both died on Sunday tho 8lh. Since then Munde Gun- mn<:h:im took down but is recovering. Other* thfit Jiavn boon exposed arc anxiously wailing their turn of Ihe dread disease. The Board of Health of J'jlkliart have posted notices to hold no public gatherings of any kind any hind at present. The R.liO'jIs Imvii nil closed and quaran tine regulations am the order of the day, J)r. Cht-rrie, of Ankcny is attending 1(10=10 cases. Wo hop"3 the c.iscs will be few and far between Our sympathies are with those that have BiiU'ered from its awful work. O1TH IA Stale, superintendent Sabin has just issued n circul.-ir to boards of education warning them that certain par- tics gi'-ing about Ihe country claiming to have, his em'torsi-mont for stilii'ol apparatus, :iro, misrei'rcHcnt- ing and that the department of iu- struclion never recorjmemis iippaiu- lus under any tircumaianccs. In addition to this he f.!»yn: \\'c wish especially to caution ycu against the pracliC'. 1 of signing n contract for niupn, charts, or other apparatus under any. circumstances, presuming upon the riaHic.ition of tho puroli!i-;o at a nubsoquent mecli.jg of the board. Such practice is clearly illegal and should never occur. Governor l>ruko has issued a formal cull for the meeting of the legislature on January 19, 1897. In his call ho speaks of tile necessity for tho rebuilding of tho institute, for the feeble minded at Glcnwood, which was burned down last summer. The object of the son&ion, however, ia tho codification of the laws of the state. [l would be u great loss to tho state to have tha work already done on tho code 'lost. Considerable excitement has been created by the report being spread abroad that tlalo sciaolnry elect Dobson will change the entire force in his olflee. Thw report, however, Mr. Dobson does not conflim, though ho does not demy at. Doubtless there will bo fcomo change mndo, for "Seme must watch while some must wocp, ?o runs tho world away." Local railroad agents report freights as having fallen oil' in amount nearly fifty per cent in the last two weeks, owing to tho rise in rates; il will, however, very likely, soon advance on account, of advancing prices. The program for tho Iowa State Teachers' Association is out and is a strong one. This will bo the forty- second session find is expected to be the largest gathering of teachers over held in the state. The Iowa fire insurance companies nro going about like Damocles of old, with a sworJ suspended over their heads with a huir. Since the Blunchurd anti-compact wont into effect they hiivu been in constant danger of loosing their business, and of being driven out by a general rate cutting by eastern companies. This occurred ia California, und may occur in Iowa. By it insurers would get very low rates till our Iowa coin- panicrjBpjiro gone, mid then such rates ffirthe custom companies were pleased to give them. Lot u« stick to lowu institutions where wo know them to be sound. t ri >f ' »~ "j-i r *• ¥ ,-OV r iu ta^wfilk.TwhMi AND VIGIKITX. Albradd Mathis and. family of Des Moines are vlsitiug with J. H. Mathis this week. , Mrs. Bobert Graham has been dangeiously sick the last week, but is better at present. ,. Joliu Vice of Des Moines is visiting with ills leaant, Enos Uotzoll at the Nftsh, (Jbrners. 1 GevJy Au] t and, Fraak Woods of the r IVY, IOWA., NEWS 1TK1IS Tlioro was no preaching at A[,ple Grovo last Sunday morning na Hev. MoGorraick ia holding n series of meetings in Mitohcllvillc. Hev. Adiime (illeil hia appointment nt Ocntennuil yiindiiy inorniug »ud evening. Bohool will bouin «t No. 5 Monday morning with Mr. Arthuv Woo-1- row iia toauher. Ltindn IllcUs ia husking corn foi John C.vawt'oril. Miss Oliu'a Barnes who is attending school in Dos Moines i'ti.vquite sick. Tho Misses Leliu Glfford and'-'Dolly Sldrnborg suont Suuduy afternoon with Cora and Ollle Hibbs. ' Mr. Walter Hibbs who has been gone for the past season ruturneil homo Thursday. Bergo Piioo built a chimney for Jus. (Word 'I'uesd^y. Mies Mae tllok spent last week with her sister Mrs. Fritz Jtonautl. Mr. Isaau Pawspn anil family dined >vUh Mj's, Oree Sunday. ,Mr. and 5Jr% Ovm 1'earsoa find Master Krnjjat epont S«ndny eveuiug AUOTIONEKR. iliivinp lotiiitcil lit, Altuoim, 1 :un proiuirt'il to MuHd Cloi^iii; Out und Stock Sules In I'olk mid tllolutnir cotniticn, tint' till'or my hcrvict'S very ' A i to on a, - Iowa, Choice (tell tiBBP and pork, SMOKED MEWS AND LARD. We liny and sliip Live Stook to Ihe e^t markets caul will pay ihe hi'glies riacs /or your stock. H. G1FFORD, Proprietor. THE flLTOONfl EXClpGE -a 33A.3STK »Burs AND HELLS! u HAFTS. GOOD NOTES liOirOUT, AND A OKNE11AL HANKING IJUSINESS TRANSACTED. Hi, A. Ofinnfortl - J)ni.•!>';•>• Tliia Fence is Absolutely Stock Proof, und will be put up by the Agent, or tho material may bo pur- utiBBcd '.\itli a Crimper, tho only tool noiiessiiry which costs $3.50. For Circulars or information, call on or udilreBs D, (J.EATON, Rising Son. For Sali 1 —Wo linvc a No. 5 Riverside O.ik hcuiin^ stove foronle. We have used it in tins 'od'icii Col three or tour yearn. Will sell at moat any price to yet it out of the way. x. ARE NOT XACTLY NEGEGSAPiY Forxamlnliit'thcxtrdcilillouof Ibecve pftpor, if you X|it'U(l tho xti'tmK-Iy Kuitili uniount n[xuhc<iure ncccssiiry tjproouro u puirol' iu> xtonslrcly used mid xiu-llyiluoil «]iex. It IB xuiiporiitlng In Hid xiruiue to xi'i-ct to xtraf!t from the evcnliu: pi>|.er xlriiorillniivlly, xlluratiug news and to [all on uitcuunt of bad spox or no (i>cx nt all. -V H-®>-XAMIN'ATION HARRY P. HOLMES, JEWELER, GRADUATE OPTICIAN. Oil EualLooMst Struct. . Pen Molucs, Iowa. . E. at BRICK ancl HKMCi^i _to»..i. w£ Ki7.*< «.«i AA. hSlcrsF ^-.3i,3^«T?jCK,l These are tho cloys that keep the editor guessing for news nml Ihe different thiui;« tho papers bnng up mid re-lu'.-Ji for their readers is IfUishahlo. Since the clcciion the Omahi World Hc-r.ild hcs been pushing tin: Union depot schpino. There ia nothing funny In tlut single thing but when It is know;', tint ihe World j lli-mld ha.', had this Hibjcct rs n bracer ufter each elect! ai Cor several years pssl, it looks liku method in madness. Tlie lleirisler aud other DI>H Monies papers are iilnn bilking Union depots. The fuels are that it laken some tune lo .':et down to com monphu'ii every day oecurrcnct-H fio:n the excilenient of a political campaign. We have mndo i: nnw contract with II. E. Bucklsn & Co. to inn their patent medicine adverlisemc'iit another year. Wo know thi'SJ medicine notices OKI not the inofd Interest ing reading In the'worhl but boar in mind that it la lie.-! cash to publish u ine.w.-p;iptT ruui if il were not for the ndverliKil)"', tho papers could not bo, had for less limn three tunes their present cost. Patent medicine :idverli:-iiit; payc spot ccish raid ull papers pvibli-h it. AVegefabiePreparationfbr Assimilating UicT'ood nntlUcguta- ling the Stomachs andBoTvcis of PromoteaDigcslion.Clicc! M- nesaandRest.Contains neither Opnim,Morp1ime tier Mineral. NOT NAROO'E'IC. t Scrd. XTFO ist>m jSet Ckrtticd A perfect Remedy for Constipation, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea, Worms .Convulsions .Fcverish- ucss and Loss Too Simile Signature of &j^?&fc;&/, 1STEW YORK. FAG-SIMILE SIGNATURE EXACT COPVOF WRAPPER, •IS ON" THE WRAP MX* OF EVEEY BOTTLE OF 1 Cssloiin Is pat up la ono-tkj lottloa oalji II la n:t sold In IralJc. pcs'i M'O-.T anyona to «su yon cirytolng olgn'ouiho f.lsa or piomiao that it la "jaot RB good" and "villl answer eTcry per. pose," JJS-Bcs tlist yon got 0-A-B-T-O-E-I-A,' M. H. WEST'S LUMBER YARD IS ALWAYS STOCKED WITH Lumber, Lath Shingles, "Doors,- Win.dows Etc. R. A. CRAWFORD, Dealer in Y SHOES. GROC/:.iES ETC. AND 'FURNITURE. & DEALERS IN Furniture, Window Shades, Carpets and Oil Cloth. 83 2 E. Fifth SL Des Moines, la, « "Whiskers Removed '•& Hair Dressed In the Latest Styles. No pain. Give us a call and wa. will trout you right, Ladies wishing work arn invited to cull. We are tho local agent for Harry Miller's Laundry at DCS Moines, the best laundry in the stale. We solicit your patronage. ONLY $40 With Coupon BUY DIRECT OP MANUFACTURERS VEHICLES Shipped anywhere to anyone at WHOLESALE PRICES ONB OF OUR EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS ^ . ROAD D030BIPTION.OARBPUI.I.V:, PIANO or COBNINO BODY, END orBBEWSTEn Springs, -'. 3 or 4 bow LEATHER QUABTBB Top, Patent ourtsln t'astenots, head lining of best wool dyed cloth, corded scums uucl closed dusters iu quarters, BOXiID l } ANEIt Spume BACK, clotu or fancy leather trimmings, wiug cushions, Sarveii wheels, with 16 spokea, Sips % In. trcud, 15-1U in. double collar steel nxIeB, uwedRcd and lantail bed, 4 and cleat oil-temperea springs of best quality, Body ID 23!£ iu. wide by M in. long, made of best seasoned lumber, " • ' ------ " otouidily K'M'd, screwed and plugged. Double reach, jroned, .. bolts, oto., iiiBile at best Norway iron, fainting ftu4nni»t» throughout. Bodies painted 11 rloh black, coors Brewater ereen, black or carniillo, handsomoly strlpod. K\ia ',.u.".'y oomplutu with shafts, leather dash, boot,stormaprpn, A wriUcn warranty with ciiub, ftuggy. • 5 ' $-10,00 in our 8pEoiA.ii wiiOLKBiLE PluoE lor this flaebuggy, Never b^foro sold for less, but to introduce our -work in your locality HO bavd ileoidisd to make » epeoial coupon offer, giv^nR every reader of this pripci-an opportunity to get a strictly flrot- cl_aas_$15.ou i bUK«y at the lowest price ever offered. " No. 120 I'OP asb frame and poplar panclu. thoroughly full length. All for(;luga. clips, ss th ' " uoly carpet, autl-rattleia, etc. « Coupon No. 2077 GOOD FOR $5.OO If sent with Order for No. 120 Top Bugpy or No. 345 Road $10.00 aud ooupon we will ship this handsome buggy, "sec packed and ciatecl and delireieil oa, board oars. Pa uofrmis, oppoituuity to got a thoroBKhly JUi/fh Qiade Op-to-Pat»Bv the lowest price ever olfeipd. Kcmember we do_no.t oCfet .**.. but as a Btilotly high-itrade vehicle. _ ir joine othci etylo, writoforourlari IK 100 dlffercin-Btylcs of "-«••-«-•" -0 ROAD WAGONS-We Iiave aU styles, but this one is tlie most popular. Any dealer will ask you $45.00 for it. Ouv wUoleeaie price ia $80.00. -&m& un $88.00 and ooupon Sad it la youre. Ounrautecd to be wade o aelaoteij material tlipronglily ae host eud or side aprinw, Sarven oth or Bvtto's Ieatft«trln i} in. "cheap bu a cheaper catalogue , ,^.We can sell you a (op buggy «»'thv aa <82J nuiI upvvaids. TWouey lofundoil ifflot ast.^.^ and examination. Coupon must yoauiyclyaOj i<) obtain this special price. ~ ' OB , dcni£l,o TOBflfc ironed full langtli, drop axles, 1 p»t?nt UatKer daaa, r WM4B4 ' '-

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