Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 4, 1967 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1967
Page 6
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'INK in my VEINS' •y MARJAN INMAN '- ' 1 have been visiting the scenes of my .childhood in Moofhead, Minnesota and Fargo, N. Dak. and one has to search into the^ past to revive those scenes because many years have passed and many many changes have been made. The house where 1 was born and the homes of children 1 grew up with, have for many years been torn down and the acres are a part of the campus of Cortcordia College. The little feet bridge that made one of the biejest tteries el my childhood to my children is gene and the entire area so changed it i» a* If it never wa». The old wooden walk* ing and railroad bridge has long'since given way to a modern tteel structure and only memory'can picture the little Marian and her brother who loved to cross it to visit Grandmother and to whom It was a thrill to be able to walk from one state to another, (wonder if children today have as much fun as we did with whet was there plus our imagination. But I am sure they do in their way and times must move along. • Now we are in the Christmas season, lights and color and dolls and sleds and rustle of tissue paper and secrets and play practice and mothers busy making angel wings. 1 love this pre-Christmas rush and it makes me think back to the Christmases of long ago and the many lovely traditions my little German Grandmother Remley gave to us. I still love dolls and doll dishes and I am glad I have never lost the childhood expectancy of Christmas and what it means to all of us. I think it is good in the midst of this mad rush of a world to go back to our childhood dreams, our rainbows and our stars.. It will make us more amendable to take up our present duties and time out for a bit of a dream will not spoil us one bit. You just try it. Today as I write it is snowing and I hear the little birds as they happily eat the crumbs and grain that I have put out for them. They are a countless measure of joy for me. The world looks lovely and peaceful and it seems good for a moment to pause and forget tj?e trials of daily strife and hope it can be as peaceful as it seems. As Christmas approaches and I make plans for my Christmas entertaining for my grandchildren I hope that I can help them as my mother did with her example of courage, integrity, alertness to opportunities and honesty, topped with faith in God. She gave us love and security but she taught us that life does not hang its gifts upon a Christmas tree and invite you to help yourself. To get these things she told us you must get out in the middle of the stream and face the dangers, the hardships and the uncertainties of being pushed around by the force of the water. She taught us that gaining a place because of our natural talents and abilities is not easy but not to be discouraged. Keep at work, she said, and develop yourself until you have so much to offer that it will be taken note of. She told us always to put more into whatever we did and we would be rewarded not only with recognition but a deep inner satisfaction that money cannot buy. And so along with the material gifts let's make note of the gifts of the spirit in our Christmas giving. I hope you do not forget books as gifts when you are shopping. There are so many books that help awaken a hobby for our children and we all need a hobby of some sort to help us put away the cares of the day for awhile. There are so many gifts of traditions we can pass along. A precious heritage. Let's hope we can help our children see the importance of eliminating from our store of knowledge old prejudices; hatreds, jealousies and misconceptions. We have to do this first, before,we can hope to help OUT children see the ••. light.. We should .start JiiQUse- deanfng now so that the future generation will not beThandi- capped. It is time we paused a bit and look up to the stars. If we do we'll see the greatness of God and it will be easier to shed all of our hatreds, jealousies and misconceptions. Remember the wonderful missionaries of Kathmandu, - who said, "A man needs a far look once in a while to bring into proportion the little things that trouble him." And the things that trouble us are little, its just that we give them greater porportion because we are not looking far and high enough. Keep me safe till day breaks And the shadows flee away. "A man's heart is the tablet of God, Who writes upon it what He is willing." "God give us sympathy and common sense, help us act with courage high 1 God give us calm and confidence and please, a twinkle in the eye." ONCE YOU INSTALL A JOHNSON STOCK TANK HEATER THERE'S NOTHING ELSE TO DO BY HAND (Unless you want to applaud.) e—Algena (lew*) Advanee MONDAY, DtCU, Ife? Good neighbor* plow 125 acres atOttosef. Ottesen — Ray Frieden, who has been a heart patient at the University hoBpttils, kwa City, for a couple weeks returned home Thanksgiving Their son, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Frieden and son, Revere, .Mass., are here visiting for several days, and their eon Terry, a senior at the univer- 'Siity of Iowa, was also home. They also have a daughter Nancy at home. •Tuesday afternoon 30 neighbors and relatives came Ho the Frieden farm to plow 125 stores. Those helping were Philip Fisher, Delano Grimm, Charles Schmidt, Artie Banwart, Archie Ban watt, Jerry Schmidt, Paul Banwait, Jr., Mark Thilges, Benjie Banwart, Melvin Ellingson, Law- fenoe Schneider* Arthur Ban*«*, Bob Benwert, PttUt Ben- wilt, ST., Levt Banwait, titt< «M flaiie*, flify Btttwift, frvjftjtogiifv Loutt SdjfteM' eryAohard Danwart, Kenneth Traub, DonaM BrueMman, Brvin Benwtrt, Jam** Ban- Mart, Alton Watnem, Hartey Bruellmaiv, fiufene Bruell- tmn, Art. Friideft, Eddie Grimm and Walter Banwart tile Farmer's Cooperative elevator at Ottosen tarnished the fuel, , Those who furnished and served the lunch were Mrs. Arlie Banwart,. Mrs. Waiter Banwait, Mrs. Hartey Bruellman, Mrs. Rueben Anlker, Mrs. Brvin Mogler, Mrs. Melvin BlUngson, Mrs. Philp Fisher and Dick Fish. TEETH KNOCKED OUT Craig Kinaeth had three teeth knocked out Tuesday night in the basketball game with Rockwell City. The dentist placed them back again 'hoping they will again become attached. Over the weekend Craig was one who sang in the all state chorus at Des MoineB. NEPHEW IS KILLED Kenneth Henely, 17, of Ayrshire, nephew of Mrs. Ooopif wit. totted Stturfey night tear but* ki * one ear < fllifealT^jtav.! ^^^tjK^jubJk ^y^_j|^ •fULWm fWfll^W «!•" — day He wi* one <rf * faMly *T 18 children «f Eht Lie Henleys. •.__.: v ,- .-v The Hans Kamr*m, Ltur- ' e**, Mte, Mefel Hid**, Rut- la** and Fred KaJiipSn at- fended funeral services for Henry Kampen sA Cedar FaUs .TUeeday. - •-• ' • • -• , .- -i The Conrad Johneone were tiets «t a oanl petty Saturday night. There were- six tables. Mrs. Raaph Jaoobson hid high for women and Mn. OMn M»ug tow, Victor Meyer had high for men and Dean Telford low. M». Alkui Went- spann had travel The Ctan Ludwig* and Ed Kemnas attended the golden wedding dinner for (he Nick Schmalene at St. Peter and Paul's Han at Weat Bend Sunday afternoon. The Sch- malens are uncle and aunt of Clem Ludwig and Mrs. Hem- Mr*. Etaine KtaMsetti and children, Algona, and Mrs. TOhe Ketelsen, Weat Bend, were Thursday night visitors at Olvin Haug's for Calvin's lath birthday. The Cletis Hundeitmarks attended the neddm* of Shirtey Swenswi and Doug- tm Mi* 'a*' the LuUMrati ; Adi m tank Bamm a* Marcy «*ajaa t> ^r!?*'^r^*'^* Waiitui 1 , Iowa fiys, Mr*. Oaft Sosberf and Ollvar Chrtattaitson were Pri day aAarnoon visitors tt Ijajph Richard's. WW attier Hvmboktt was a Friday Mgit The ^ AJatii Wehrapanns Sunday afternoon ni§> at ayde Ginferkti's, y/ast Bend. .,.^^. Roy Kteaeth and Mrs. Lorraine Upton, Fort Dodge, and Mrs Matvina Bergum, Hum' boklt, ware Sunday guesta at Oliver KkiaelnT^ ^Ttta Donald Wehrings, KMhy and Dougtaa, and La- Jean Qiquist, Dai Moines, were Friday visitors aft Sam Kropf*. Mrs. Wehitag is the Kropf daughter Viola. Oscar Bllingson, Buffalo Center, visited Sunday afternoon at Ivan Evenson'v. •Mrs. Roy Telford, Mrs. Ed' ward Ziiuiei, Mrs. W. G. Cooper and Mrs. Essie Cooper visited Mrs. Mary Hansen at the Good Samaritan Home M EWherviile Tuesday. The Donald Coopers visited Mm. Frank Henely at H«y. ^^^^•.^^^ igj^^isi iA^^BkiA ttj( ttnl1MulaaaEi%z bur« Sunday aAertwon, Mrs. tteMiy k Uri. Cooper's moth' The Frank Banwarts, Lake MWa, were Thursday night rtatton at James B^wart's. The Victot Meyers were Sunday gueato ait George Bel- geman's at Bmmetsburg. The Jake Khutaoiif, Bode, were Sunday night vtostors at .Tom -Bennett's. The Roger Madaens, Shel< field, were Thanksgiving weekend guests at Cheater Akne's. Thanksgiving day the fiajte Me Clem vine; Llidwlp fue*- tt .lidiiie ,* the Al- Usher's ** , and Kenneth Weaver ett, Kai»., and Sera Getti* the univeirtty at ' AmoB. Ntw Eltctric Up-Bruth l»9" HOST .Sruthei the pile upward, re- Imove* deep dirl and eliminate* •mailing. No wet eoipet, BO Ihandwerk. Price quoted In- Icludei Hoit Cleaner to clean 1300 tq. ft. of carpet plus uie I of Electric Up-lraih. READ'S FURNITURE Call M21 na The Johnson Stock Tank Heater is the no-work way to keep yQU^stOcK tank ice free all winter. ^Jinsop made the first LP gas stock tank heater. They khpyi hpwlo build them so they'll work. Prpve it to yourself. Try the Johnson heater FREE for 3O days. If you aren't completely satisfied, simply return it. AH you pay is the smajl gas cost. THERMOti AS CO. OF AIGONA *«-«« ALGONA STORES will be open f III ¥ p. m. 12 NIGHTS IN DE ion: ; ,V IX' t>? -i^"-v-- ''".^L-^-'i ^^^.^ft^uaiv^iAi.^ fcfc , - ,™ , », ,, *-^.V** «, /,««* ' -— f*"** -"-V '**~^ -"• - ^ ***** *" ' CBMBER 1967 A/C.H WcJ •r j 1^' 243 i 25 26 27; 28 ,29 30 .•;'"'*.'"''•< ' THIS MESSAGE BROU8HT TO YOU BY MANUFACTURERS Universal Manuftcturinf Ce, FURNITURE - OFFICE SUPPLH* •(ustrem FurnltMre Ce. Reae v s Furniture A Carpets, Inc. Fester's CLOTHING A SHOES The Chrischiltee Store Grahams Department Stare levtheM Williams (Hub Clethier.) Kirk's Shoe Store J. C- Penney Ce. S A L Ce. Sheekleyt SMH« irewnWH SHee Here KtlflierAMfAJemt Henabrv«h PVf ik Pruf A ENTERTAINMENT AleenTTTtaTHte^beetres. Tall Feuft PRY CLEANERS • LAUNDRY Medern Dry Cleanere AUTOMOTIVE Vlkinf CHI Deu'r Gerate Jack's 0. K. Tire Service KeMutfc Meter Ce. Teybr Meter Ce. APPLIANCES i mEVUIOH HARDWARI Ceait'te Caast Stares Gambles Fredtrick Hardware ftere lewa State tank The Security State tenk Heme Federal Sevinfs A keen Assn. VARHTY STORIS •emfeert ten FrenMbt HerrUen's Variety SPiCIAj, JEWILRY Sharp's Jewelry Wlltfen Jewelers Dean's •UllPiNO Alfena Plumbing A HeaHnf C«rsan'» fer Celer Cewan Carp. Punk »lum»inf § Heatin . R. Irani He««n t 4 Uini Hettinf A Pl Miller Lumber Ce. Ititer'f Otvlt Paint Stere Iherwin-Willitnw Celer Center United twiWinf Center., Inc. Mart* l Aifena Oreenhevees Ctntelieated Ce^av Creameries Merth Centrel PuMf Service Ce. Pest Trenffer Ce, The Smeke ihap Ludwia'i Csfa RaWa LauAaVv A flaanlna Vlliaae ^f'i^^f W W-T TP^PHW m «PF W-^W*"^*W*JBjf w ^t^^f^Kf . ^ * •••fhV^RL.

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