Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 4, 1967 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1967
Page 4
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Aliens MONDA Advsn«a Y, otc. 4, in; and Jett Everett Adterami*, Dennis, Debbie and and Mr* Viola • ' '. J? ' \ ,f'il-« atfo^iMrhi tof ui to Hva on. like to Invest $t50 a month I don't care about dividends tor five years or more. What do you tuftettt A. 1 am sending you a few recent issues of the National AssooMlon of Investment Clubs' "Better Investing" magazine. You mi^it get ideas of a stock or stocks you hke from its model poitfofio. Since you are willing to wait five years for return on your investment, you should par- ttoulffrly be interested in stocks growing at a good rate. .By that, I mean 1 stock in a company which is increasing its sales and earnings by at least 10 per cent per year. Nearty all of those in the model portfolio have been doing that. You and your husband might also like to get together a group of friends and/or oo-workers and organize an investment club. In a club you can hold your investments down to $10 or |20 a month while you leairn how to pick good investments. In studying stocks for your club, you probably will come upon a particular stock in which you might want to invest on your own. Q. My husband and I have (15,000 in a savings account from which wo receive five per cent. We also have a large holding of American Telephone A Telegraph on which we receive $1,320 in dividends every year, and around $1.000 in various other stocks. Our homo is paid for, my husband receives social security, and I shall become eligible in five years. Should we sell some of the AT&T stock and put the money in the bank at fivo per cent, or should wo invest in some higher yielding stock? A. 1 don't think you should put any more into satvinlgs accounts. By selling AT&T and putting the money in savings, you would increase your immediate income; but you would eliminate the possibility for appreciation of your «i»pital to off-set inflation you have*, with ff'A rttwftt on which you can tone your MMkmpttom of future perfonnince, where** » fee* fund don not. As for recognizing * fund With a "front-end toed", ito prospectus will indicate the Mtes charge and how It i* collected. With a "frontend load" « disproportionate shire of the sales oommisston ks deducted from your first few purchases rather than spread out over the full term of the agreement. If the sales charge takes a substantial percentage (maybe half) of your first year's payments, then you have a front-end loader. tttltOff ' «*•-- mtilxiiiHL tnmmt, IIW , ; BIVUIII m IWhet UMtir „ , OdeboW, of Adated at the nup- ttal higi tnaii. Hie new brtde is i nsece of father Often* badwr's housekeeper, Ihef' •' Uletntief,;^ IS married to Danbury girl Wesley — Wesieyans who went to Danbury Saturday for the wedding of Jim Efoen- bacher and Shirley Wimmer in St. Mary's Catholic church at 11 a.m., were the groom's father Vine Rsenbacher and family; Ed and Joe Efeenbaoh- er, the Richard Hammonds; Mrs. Norbert Hilbert, Connie and Margaret; Chuck Nelson; Clarence Nelsons and Susan; Kathy Strauth; Al lickteigs and Margaret. Former Wes- ieyans who attended were Helen and Ruth Lickteig and their 'fiances, Cedar Rapids, Mrs. Duane KeJch, Hampton; •the Joe Studers and John, Aigona; Sister Mary Eteen- bacher, Ashton; the Jerry Hrouts, BarUesville, Okb.; PAMWtU PARTY The Raymond Carlsons were given a farewett party Nov. 20 by a group of neighbors, ifiey have moved from the J. M. Kunz farm into a house they purchased in Titonka. The self-invited guests brought and served lunch and presented the Carbons a purse of money. The Herman Bodes, Lester Larsons and Art Beenkens went to Omaha Sunday Nov. 26 for the annual FeJc)o>Sta- tex meeting, They returned Tuesday. Bode and Larson are member* of the Fanners Coop elevator board and Beenken is employed there. Thanksgiving gueats of Mrs. Jo Meuer and Jim Were the N. J. Meuen, Plover; R. C. Nevilles, Anamosa; and Don Vogels, Lohrville. The Mark Studers were post-Thanksgiving guests of the Haivor Floms Sunday. Thanksgiving dinner guests at George Seaberg's were the Philip Seabergs, Madison Wis.; Robert Van Hoves and Ricky, Buffalo Center; and the Dwighlt Seabergs. Afternoon callers were the Ed Burrs and Roger, Des Mbines, and the Louis Simpson* and Janice. Saturday supper guests were Ben Valbergs, Vienna, S. D. Lavon Studer, daughter of the Mark Studers, and Patsy Green, daughter of the BUI Greens, were chosen by the Hancock county Extension Service to make the annual tour to Chicago. They left Thursday, and returned Sunday. They are senior 4-H members and are freshmen at the Mankato Business College, Mankato. The G. M. Studers, Patrick Diane. JuHu. fuaj^E^ ft**^ JA^-J sunn, i, aunoay . m Dennis VKathumj, .V therville, were gueat* at the parentel. Lee Goeti'* Thank*Day and e home of Vis* „. • — - . , _ Lawrence Bayor's were (to Don JacobMMM, Barbara and David, Minneapolis, Irving tsMOBont, Dmyton, Dl; Pete Raleigh Itanlni, Ckrisfynas needs 3-ftutys CHILDREN . . . SANTA CLAUS ... and MONEY! I think you might seffl half of your AT&T and put this into other stocks. As a possible investment, you might consider convertible debentures or a convertible preferred stock. From a well selected security of these types, you probably could obtain more current income than from your AT&T shares, and you wouldn't be losing the chance for appreciation. Q. Do you think a mutual fund that has grown exceptionally largo is a poorer investment prospect than a •newer, smaller fund? Also, how do I know if a fund is a "front-loador"? A. In theory, a smaller fund should be able to move more quIicMy and achieve greater .profits than a large fund, especially if its policy involves a great deal of trading. 'From a practical standpoint, however, you - as a prospective buyer - face the fact that a larger, older fund has a fsa? IT'S hm€L* AT *«•••• T? *r% *T'tM ***** BUY No' USE OUR -Z PAYWA' QtrlSlmtis Bonus NO PAYMENT TIL FEBRUARY |D WOLF, Owner tff. St*»f ft. Open your 1968 Christmas Club Account HOW! Children might not understand what money hai to do with Christmas, since Santa brings everything ... but you know! Wouldn't it ba nice to pay for all those gifts in cash ..'. and hava no bills in January? Here's how; HAYINIXT CHRISTMAS S2S.OO 50.00 100.00 150.00 250.00 500.00 Convenient Passbook Savings This is the best all-around savings plan for everybody — the best way to have money available whan you need it ... the best way to build small sums into largo. Dividends are paid twice a year, Put any amount into your account... any time. Weaton Gsulte, Henry Wet lands and Earl Mtz^ereMs, aMofBritt. .. ^^ The Jerry Judge*, BOOM, the Dennis Vttzthums and Kathy Goetz, who attend* Hamilton Business OoUege at iMason City, were Thanlagjiv- ing guests at the parental Leo Goetz 1 *. Guests at Ralph Weir's Thanksgiving were the Gene Weirs, Aigona, Harvey Nteh- ters, Spencer, and the Edward Otises. The Clarence Aitcheaon* h«d as Thanksgiving guests Friday, the MerriH Attche- aons, Cedar Rapids; Gary Astdieson*, Ames, and Judy ZrostHk, Britt. The boy born to the Bill Hanigs, Nov.. 16 was baptized Sunday in St. Joseph's Catholic church. He was named Daniel Patrick. Sponsors were Dale and Barbara Kunkel. Guests at the Bifl Hanig home were the George Kunk- els and Leo Hanigs. The Lou Goetzes, Britt, were afternoon oaHers. Thanksgiving guest* at Clarence Nelson's were the Duane Kelches, Hampton; Father Harold Wolf, Cudahy, Wis., and his father Herbert Wolf, West Bend, Wis.; Mrs. Thekfet Strauth family, Wilmont, Minn.; Richard Hammonds and EA and Joe Eisenbacher, Wesley. Jeanne Nelson, a student at Iowa City, who was unable to attend, phoned greetings. Sunday fueat. it A, N- mil --* • mf , t a ,a f < .Aj^gE A a^^^a^a^^a fttflMMMter • tor ev moBiea Itenksalvlnf datsfief w«re the Vine R^tametoffr^MtMsV . toftf, Minn.;. aanfey • fn|« 5rfM, Wag*** MU*;; Paul ScMnMta, Chuntan; p. V, CM* m, Dea Motnea; Mr*. tohH Dial, Ottumwa; and Mrtv Jo, Meuer Hid Jim. 1H* UtotHi" meter* were guests of her sister, Mr» Afatht Gesiafh. er in Pea Moinei. They had •pent • week rtmiMy In * North PUtte, Neb., with their daughter Jan, the Mike BMI- en. The A. N. tttohtsmesen re* cently •pent • weak in Lincoln, Neb. tt their eon Bob Richtanwier'i and saw their granddaughter Lynn Marie born October 15. Thfct If their first child. . . , The Jack VKxthuim hid as Thanksgiving gueats, her fix brothers and sister and their families; the Don, Dick Mid .George Weips, Bancroft; Eugene Welpe, Storm Lake; R. W. Welpa, Aigona, and Don 'Hixsons, Dec Moinea. •Mrs. Forest Perdue, Julie and John, Emmetsburg* were Saturday evening guests at Ralph Weir's. The Lehnd Knudtsona and Roger,'Esther- vale, were Sunday gueats in the Weir home. Ite women "ate slaters. • "" v'- / Mrs. Marie Baylor, Barbara and David, Minneapolis, was a guest of the Lawrence Bay- Ions several days recently. They had attended the funer il of Mri, Marie flay**'* bfothef, Leo Meleney, G«tti- , who enlisted in _ The tanofi we* given by Mrs. Bdna Wubben. Mr* ' Fran Paulson had recreatkm, they voted to'ejve $2 to Chrtotmas Seal* The ChrlstmM party Wftt be held in Al's Lounge Ttitfttey, Dae. 12 «t noon. The Ban J. Mark and Paul Studer* Joined relative* at a 2801 wedding party for the Roland WaWechmldU at their home at Spencer Nov. 23. Mr*. WWdeohmidt i* the • former Eva Studer, daughter of the Ben G. Studers. Others who mttended were Mrs Ttllie Watdachmidt, Aigona; the Jim Waldschmidt*, Armstrong; EUiot Waldaxnmidts,, Whittemore; Richard Lick- taig*, Sexton; Denns* Lkk* toigs and Mike, Aigona; and Roman Rickei, Bancroft A social evening was followed by lunch brought and served by the guests. A purse of money was presented to the honorees. • . • •'• ' • '• The fcvin Studer*, Swift Current, Canada, called on relative* here, in Aigona, and this area last week. The Paul Grandganetts Joined a group of Rayhons relatives at Henry J. Ray- hon's Sunday for Mrs. Grand- ganett's brother Lawrence *&*•* Of (tit Al LOtOfcg .of*™' 1 ? 1 ?,: i^J~jMtiii*ii mm i* emptped it K It M gj *SS", &**^it**y&^'&iSK sUtuted for Wm lati w«*. /"•JjWs,. 91w.gH.lMm to the Date JELiffci W..** **•' **J*gft Mtoafi Donn* tan were Mn. Melvin Efcert, Whittemore, and John Oar' mati. Guests that evening of the Wingerts were the Ray Beckers, Meivin Elberts, Glare Wingerts, and John German. / .^.wew ata» horn* «or the weekend^ , - • Thankaajving gueata at Lute YouitgwirHi'f were her .parents, the George ViU- thunst, (he Joe Kriepa tenlly and MAX Helen YounyHrtfi. AIR cnNDinr,Ni FIATURINO: • Oas Conversions a) Kohl*r Fixture* • Myers Pump* ^ R.J. FUNK Plumbing & Heating 119 S. Dodge Aigona, Iowa Phono 295^234 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8th 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Lvt'l LINDSAY r LINDSAY COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS ALL DAY FAVORS FOR THE KIDDIES HOME FEDERAL Savings & Loan Assn. All Account* Fully Insured to $15,000 §§vf From The 15tb — Earn From The 1st SINCE 1917 - ALGONA, IOWA ON PASSBOOK SAVINGS AND tMONTH INVESTMENT CERTIFICATES Accounts insured up to $15,000 by F ederal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation - FREE FOUR TURKEYS REGISTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE. DRAWING TO B£ HELD AT 9 P.M. FRIDAY i YOU NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN. • SAVE '25.00 • YES _ WE WILL DEDUCT $25,00 FROM THE PRICE OF ANY SOFTENER PURCHASED ON OUR APPRECIATION DAY, FRIDAY, DEC, 8, 1967, , WE INVITE ALL OF OUR MANY FRIENDS TO STOP IN AND INSPECT OUR MODERN PLANT, AND SEE THE LATEST WATER SOFTENING EQUIPMENT. * - ' SERVim YOU FM 10 YEARS IN JUMNA LINDSAY SOFT WATER 520 South Phillip* AIGONA, IOWA

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