Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 24, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1896
Page 6
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No one but a Veteran can Realize the Sufferings from Army Life. It Often Makes Our Able-bodied Men Helpless In- Yalids-The Story of one who Suffered for Twenty Years, Due to Hardships when in the Service of His Country. fnrnHu IHtrmnri- Votce. Chicago, 111. Wyoming County, in the Stnto of York, titty years a.i-o, Edson A. \voud first symptoms of locomotor fttaila, nnd I believe they were right, also lust summer J hncl a very hard time with an attack of ton• i!.i' A _,,...—nlmit. fVmti' \i*mptl I Ulfl IIOt to-^h^^Srm.--oT n ,,-,»h^ «»!l!L^"^'€^^ C V' dW "^ this from Ills parents, he r sickn«»« till lie bcenmo of nft'e, when fct was stricken with sun-stroke one hot •rorocr's day, and six years later, hail 1111- •tixrr sun-stroke. From this lie attributes hi* bend troubles, from whieli lie hits sul- ftred more or less ever since. Lik« many ' other yotm'' and active men, lie hcoiinie dis- Mtnficd wit.h life in !iia native Slutfi, anil aoved to Illinois. The wur of the £rn\t, rebellion brrnkinc Ml shortly after he (jnino litre, he enlistcu fm tb« 57th Illinois Volunteers, doing tfotxl «rrice' ftir hia country in his regiment for »»«rly two years, vhen sivkncmt produced In the miiny hanlsliips and sulltriiifpi lie b»rt patsctl throii?li Circetl upon him an' fcononible ilLichnrRC. IJiMng o\i\\w>>.\ to enve the nrm'y lie cftniu hack to lllinoiii, deter- •jnmg to take up life where he hiifl left it h his native State, the life of farming. Hut B»»oon found that his constitution hail l>een taore seriously uni'leriuiucil in tlie.army, than h« helieved or renliwil. Amons other •amentshe had eontnicttd while in his re.e- iieent he found thnt bronchitis htul iLssuineil • chronic state, and with it he found timl •BT more tha:i ordinary exi-rtion hroiigbl nJpitiition of the heiirt, short hrratliina and Jbunqe feclins in the head. Then to mill to , Ife distressed condition he fniiiirl thnt In; also ' mffered from kidney trouble directly caused ftnm exposures durins; his nrrny days. lie qnve up fnnuisis and fnine to Chicago *»seitledoivii nnd remain. This WHS twenty- two years ngo and lie 1ms lived here ever •BCC. \~or eitrht years ho wius in constant m-rice of the West OliiciiKO Street Car Co., lefore-the time of cables or trolleys. He was » driver of a West Madison Street car in •ootl and bn'l weather, driving One week day-times and the next week dnnns nights. ibis h.-ird service 'he wns capable of per- ftrminR, f.>r the reason thai no physical ex- Mtiora was required, hut in the course of thno had the tendency of increasing ttie •enterress of his troubles, especially bron- Aitis anil asthma. Deeming it more than •dvistible on account of his health to seek •mplovment not so wearing, he left the •trect "ear service and became nn-employe of tot Plin . Handle Railroad. With this rail- iwid'com-pany he remained for six years in diffcrent cnpticities. For one period he was f watchman in tho yards, »t another period k« became a flagman at different crosamgs, «nd. ia all these occupations he found it «ore difficult every year to perform his du- tks as the heart trouble Iwiioine more ar.d nrore utonounced, his head grew worse dozy nnd strange spells came over him, and a-tJummcr he knew that if something was not done for him miickly he would be ob- lk»d to eive up all active employment. It SEtften thftt he first heard of br. \Villiara B '. Btak Pilld for Palo People. He took them ' and found immediate and great relief. ±le fei told every one he knows how well he thtirfcir. of these marvellous little pellcti Bnd •hubthey did for him. . , Ha now lives at 990 Washington Boiile- «Brdt He is well known, respected and Trido».hiroself on the fact thnt the house he i to-day he moved in when he came. city twenty years ago; Mr. Wood M fine, portly looking ma.:, rfith white hair, idlnUfty tlie picture of health. In »peak-. of sime of the greatest physics dij- - h« ha. sxpericnced, he gays, "what ,ia about me in the foregoin»is all true, rvcrvthing I notice has not been mcn- " It was some time about a year ago 1 was very poorly, that my head ww me a. great, deal .nf trouble dizzy aches and queer feelings, and then I > Md a strange feel ing of uncertainty in one of my lower limhs when walking. •Phy.lcian, examined my co n d.t.on co,c ( "Pyscans examn ty ud were of the opinion th»t I had all the recover for some tame. It was then that T mmnioneed to take these Pink Pills,, and had only taken a few boxes .whcr I ducoy- ...... ^ j „ ,},„ \,nttiir ,n „ TUKfll n 1UW UU.VUT> .>,.".. * ,...^-. ercd a remarkable change for -the better in every way.' The pills teemed to relieve mo of aches tiud pains, the symptoms of locomo- tor ataxia have left me entirely, awl they have made me strong anil feel like mysclr. "I am K"i"K to continue with the use ot the pills for the reason that having relieved me of the ailim-nt* I thought had come to st«y having been caused thirty years ago from hardships in the army, I am prao- ticallv rid of them and will lose no ellorts -when' I have the remedy at hand to keep th.;m rid. • I am only too glad to tell a 1 my friends what experience I have had with Jir. Wi]liii"isTink Pills, and when they sec tho pond physical i-omlition I am ill now, r. - thoiiL'h 'neiir sixty years of age, they will i-omi- to the same conclusion as myself. "Tlie above is a correct statement of facts conci-rning myself. - - - .... „ (.Signed.) EPSON A. WOOD." Siibsi?ririi'<l nnd sworn to bciore me tlm 22d day of January, ISHG. Mr, .Bryan Finds I Work Less and East More, Chills and Fever. From the Comincrctitl, Vifksburg, Mieh. Jir. George Wandcll, of this city (Vicks- burK, Slichigun,) whose recovery from serious illness a short time ago was the talk of Ins friends nnd iK-ighbors. wns accosted by a reporter the other "day and nsked for a statement of liis illness iind cure; • . Mr. Wandell is a carpenter by trade nrd is well and favorably known in this locality, having resided here for several years. His' storv as related to the reporter is as follows : "'J was taken sick with fever and chills in the Spring of 18H2 and was siek all Summer, beine able to work only a ptirt of Ihe time. The following Winter of 1892-'93, I was confined to the house from the first of Iso- vcmlier until the first of March, being so bad aner the fever left me that nervous prostration followed, and I was unable to sleep at night and was nil run down physically. I had taken all sons of patent medicines nnd was treated by several physicians but all to no avail. I steadily grew woree and finnlly abandoned medical attendance. "About the middle of March I saw an article relatim-'the cure of a person similarly affected by the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, and I at once sent to the drug Ptore of Mr. 0. B. rjunniiig,.hy one of my children, and purchased a box of Pink Pills, determined to give them-a trial. " By the time I had taken half a box of them J was able, with the aid of crutches, to be out doors. I grew- steadily better from almost the first dose nnd was able to go to the drug store myself for the second box, ami in about a month, discarded my crutches. Before May 1st I was able to resume my •work at my trade of carpentering, and have been able to continue ever nince. I supposed rny disease to be rheumatism, but the use of -the Pink Pills disproved that theory.. I am now able to do a good day's work and ray central health is better than for years before taking Pink Pills. . "My oldest daughter also had troubles of the blood nnd a few doses of tne pills did her m i>r! Williams' Pink Pills for Pole People are-now given to the public as an unfailing blood builder and nerve restorer, curing all forms of weakness arising from ft watery con. dition of the blood or shattered nerves. The pills arc s.old by all dealers, or will be sent post paid on receipt of price, 50 Cents a box or six boxes for $2.50, (they are never sold in bulk or bv the 100), by addressing Dr. ™' 1 Hams' Medicine Co., Schencctady, ft. Y. F*grg*T" IN THE WORL.C3. For k..plr.« tii* 9y»tem In * Healthy Cor ^°^^ p"rfflffiS» JJO»88 Conrtlpjjtlon. ^^J^'^J^'^L^ th . c o *rr>pl«xl6n an* I CURES _n*y*. Purtfl«» „ ..._ Complexion an* SoLo mr *u. onuaoisrm. wj Book ri*M to-eterjt fcrckanr ** (.«* Umcaui Tm* C«_ r«rt-ffirM. M *:•> For sale by B. F. KEJ3SLING. A GENTLEMAN. th» Trae Knightly L«»on In Coarteiy. • - Sbewas an old Germrm woman. No •me hnew where she wns going, but evl- BentLy some distance, for sne carried » enormous bundle .wrapped innews- moper and containing her personal effects. Supernatural gifts of second JCb» last'fact, for hardly had the old .woman entered the train before the •entente of her package were exhibited to' the view of the other travcl- '•rs. Newspapers have their uses, but Hbeywcre never intended for _wrapping parcels, The strain and tfio teat •f tlie poor old creature's arms had been too much for it. There wns a sound : Bke the outburst of a long pent-up •jgh, fc'.lowed by a shower of neat but plain garments of feminine wearing ap- fpnrel nlong.the olsle, nnd a, ripple of . laughter which traveled rapidly down the cur. Everj-one was interested. That I.1SBASE3 OP THE SKltf., , TTie iulenso itching and smortinc iuci . .'da»ftirsc«!nia, tetter, Balt-rlieutn, and othe:. dBcaacs eftlie skin is instantly allayed bj anpl-ring ChiiruberlainV ! Eye and- Skin Ointment. Many very bad oases have been permanently cored by, il. - It. is equally Jfficicht-for itehinj; piles and n favontarura- »dy for .tore-nipples; clinuped i-ands, chilblain*, t'roef bites, and chronic sore eyes. For sale fajrihoggists at 20 cents J.KT box. j TryW. Oath's Condition Fowlers, they *' »re ju»t what if rK»«w needairhen in'bail conu j- ioo-- TdmivJ^6*r pm-in<;-nn(j v.tirinifiig^ , Mr. Daniels, of . artri Carolina, Takes Him in Charge-Trip from Philadelphia to Brooklyn. newspaper was gone, trie contents 01 the pacltage were scattered. Whutwos the owner going to do? Shc.did not know any better than the other pas scngers; and it wns,no laughing mat ter for her. Just then a man, who hoc been inten,tly reading his paper, looked up and took in tlie situation atn glance He arose quietly, put down his paper and stepped into.the aisle. One after the other he took up the different arti cles, rolled them into tight little bun die's, took his own paper and wrappee them neatly in it, tied together t.he broken string and handed the woman her package in many times better con dition than it was before. She was no' diffusive in her thanks, but her groti tnde was shown.in her face. ."Oh, tank you, sir; tank you, sir," she 'said, a she sat down, smiling happily, her re Juvenated bundle cloaped tightly in he nnns again. ' The Blbla In Yarloni'XangiiaBOf, According to recently compiled sta< tlstics, the Bible Is now printed in 38 languages, 52 versions Saving been add ed in the last five years. •< Forty-two o .these versions arc credited to English and Scotch societies, end 5 to Amer- Philadelphia, Sept. 23. — Daybreak etarts fire things of the past in Mr Bryan's itinerary. Hereafter he will leave places where he has stopped over night-at reasonable hours nnd endeavor to o-et the rest he needs so 'badly. The change is due. to Josephus Daniels, national coinmitteeman from North Carolina. While Mr. Bryan w^s in. the latter's stole he asked the latter to ac- compnny him to' Xew England. Mr. Daniels soon found that Mr. Bryan was too obliging towards local committees who wanted-him to start out-nt:sun- rise or thereabouts. He sinv that that ,',ort of 'thing was likely to result dis- -strouslv for the candidate physically, lincl has'informed those In charge o£ the i'.rynn receptions at various places on ihe candidate's schedule that Mr. -iryan- must be allowed to get more .•ost in the mornings. It has been the .-I'tstom of Mr. Bryan's supporters-in -'arlous places to start him out asi early s possible through their particular i-ctions and keep him going- until late t night, Mr. Daniels is not-Mr. Bryan's man- ver, nnd does-not-nccorr.pany the-lat- T in that capacity. But lie j-eulizes ;,at the candidate, needs some one to -ok nfter the details of his journey ins: ; •irough Ihe country, ;md while with • >: Bryan will do what he can to help !m in that way. Mr Bryan and party went dircrt -om the Lnfayette hotel Wednesday -orning to the Pennsylvania railioail Iroad street station, imd left nt nine: •dock on n special train attached to ho Bclvidcre division express trniii. Trenton.' > r . -T-. was the iirst pkiee at vhicli the train stopped. Cro-irrt DlKiippolnteil at Trcnlon. Elision, Pa., Sept. 23. - William J, Bryan reached Trenton nt 0:50 a. m. \ bi" c'rwd was awaiting him at the Varren street station,'but the train 1 did sot stop long enough for the candidate o make r. speech. He was cheered ns he came out on. the platform of the mrlor car in which he made the jour- ley to Mauch Chunk,'nnd was bowing his acknowledgments na 1 he train drew out. Tho.crowd wn.s disappointed, for Mr Bryan was expected to remain in •renton lor nn hour. Mr. Brynu wil-1 be accompanied to New York by Josephus Daniels, national fommittee- man from North Carolina, and. Willis Vbbott, of the Xew York ' Journal, whose guest he wa-s nt night at the Hotel Margaret in Brooklyn; Congressman Snlzer, of New York, nnd others, -. Lambertville wns reached at 10:15 'clock and that place gave Mr. Bryan quite a stirring reception, considering ts size,' A' large proportion of the town's population turned out and heard the candidate make a speech of a mm-' lite. Mr. Bryan saidi "Ladies and Gentlemen: They ask us how the free coinage of silver la going to help the people. Let me tell you. ",£»'' more money In circulation and when there is more money In circulation there Is a better chance lor each man to got money.tnan here 13 when money is scarce. Money is tho creature of law. Scarce money Is n good -thlng.for the people who have money, to buy 'property with and have money to loan. Scarce money Is a good thing for the money broker and money changer, but acarce money Is a bad thing for the people who ho-ve property to.sell and wish to realize what they can on their property. Scarce money makes dear money and a dear dollar Is -a bad thing -for those: who labor, because It makes It more difficult for a laboring man to get hola of a dollar. ' When money rises, tho people flnd more profit In hoarding dollars and gain the rise in the value of dollars than they do In Investing It In enterprises and giving employment to labor," t There, was also a small gathering at Stockton. ' • ' At Byrum several hundred persons heard Mr^ Bryan utter about 50 words before the .train started on. Mr. Bryan reached Uoboken by the Delaware', Lackawanna & Western railroad : at 4:40 oclock and, then proceeded immediately to Brooklyn. In the Unaker City. Mr. Bryan was gteetediin Philadelphia Tuesday night by a crowd which, according to -the police and other authorities, exceeded any outpouring of tho people on a similar occasion iirthe history of the : clty. He spoke at the' Academy'of Music to''an audience estimated at0,000. -.•:•. . J i ' "Tho jrold-stanflard papers ttsfc why 7 'come to Pennsylvania.' I have nothing to conceal. I como to.tell the people of Pennsylvania that the agitation -for free coin-, aco will never cease until the BOW standard Is driven >bnck to England. •> You say too craze Is dying; out. You may. apply to It. such epithets aa you will, but the.silver cause will not die, because .truth never dies. You ask why I know this causo IB true, I could give many reason?, but 6ne Is sufficient, that every enemy of good government Is against It. Your city Is called the city of Brotherly Love. I come to proclaim to you the gospel described by tho name of your city.. And yet, you .say you will give 100,000 majority against tho doctrine I como to defend financial Independence In a city which declared national Independence more than 100 years-ago.. "In this city'the forefathers 'gathered when .they j( .were willing to defy all foreign powers, and you say this city Is afraid to have financial Independence. I shall not believe tho descendants of 100 years Ago have sunk so low, unless you write It so in your ballot* .'In November, Tho Issue raised now wan raised then. Pcoplo ; then •aid we could not get along unless *ome Sladness Comes \a/itha better understanding of the Vo transient nature of the many phys- mlills, wlwuh vanish, before proper ef' —n-ontlc efforts—pleasant efforts— directed. There is comfort in knowladgo, that so many forms of ankness live not due to any actual dis- j,.3e, but simply to a. constipated cond''- .',an of the system, which the p)cn.sai>c uoiily laxative, Syrup of Kigs. prcmpt- , removes. That is wliy it is,the only •Vmedy with millions of families, a'.idis rtarywhere osteeme<l so highly by all devalue pood liealfi. -Its beneficial o-JJIflcts are due to tlie fact, tlyit Jtis'the «.« remedy .which promotes internal vteanliness without dcbililat'nj,' the !?;rans on which it acts. 31, is therefore f.j'taportant, in order to.pnt its bene- 'c'll effects, to note when you pur- ' js.*se,' that you have the Rciuiinfi itrti- .it, which is manufactured-by UicCali- .Vrnia Fig Syrup Co. only and sola by •:.3 reputable draffffists. it in tho enjoyment of good healtn. ad the system isreguliir, laxatives or vslSer remedies are then, not needed, .it ;d<Ucted \vith any actual disease, one •-*y be commended to tlie most skillful *,ysicians, but if in need o£ a Insntivc. <a« should have the best, nnd with.the :?.nn-informed everywhere, Syrup of «3«l stands highest n nil is'most largely i£& and gives most, -rsnural stitisfactioa .Financial The physician, looked troubled; "Do-you know anything about the Turners?" he asked, at last. "What do you want to.know?" inquired his wife, "I have met Mrs. Turner a number of times, nnd .she seems to be: a very i:k,asant, well-bred woman, who 1 —" "Oln I ' : don't care anything about that," interrupted the'physician, quickly.. "I was thinking about Mr. Turner's financial condition." "I think he pays bis bills very prompts ly.'V . ' v; i. '. • : "I know-he does!" exclaimed the physician, Impatiently. "But is he really a wealthy man, or is he only moderately well off?" '•-.-'• "I don't see what business that is of yours," suggested bis wife. /J "I wnnt to prescribe for his -Wife." ;he matter with her?" That's just the difficulty, HOW Is Your Llver?, 1/1* I Little Liver Pills i aclgently yet' promptly on the Liver, i Stomach oud Bowelt. Thcydisp«15lck I Headtches, Fevers and Colds; cleanse the system thoroughly; cure habitual 1 conitipatkm. They are sugar-coated, 1 don't frtp«, very small but great In 1 roulu. Recommended 'by Pbysldani I , For Sala in LOGANSPORT, IND.. by lien Fisher, 311 Fourth Si,, and John F. Coulson. 3M Market St. torclgm .--nation looked^ 'after us. to-day stand In the same position. , Those who 100 years kuo were In favor of foreign supremacy wero the people who had business dealings and drew their support from foreign Intercourse and acted as the agents of ' ' - those; who. destroyed them. ' You-af- them. You have, your banks to- "fluy \Vhlch ''are -controllftd by London In, ., - - -.I'umccs^nd-r have,no .more respect-for societies. Twenty-three of the cn African •^ffi^ih^'&SS languages and dialects belong to the < [^^^^y^^^o'^Skbf, patriotism African Bantu family and 4 belong to ' f r0 m. the aarn« place." . .. ; each of tb.9 Malayan, Chinese nnd Mi Inn-i eslan, 3 are in Indian languages, 2< •. each belong to .tho 'iiiegr.o, Turki, r -^ Druidian and Hamitlc groups, and 1 K-'M each to the.Thlbeto-Burrean, Aryan and .j . Mlcroriesian families. ; , •• ;'..,'• .,...'_ ' •" ' • ' i i ' lov«: t,. Spoiled ny.f B»ln. ; *j>ort Woollen by.fiutin.; Scotland,. Sept .23.'-fRain !i<?r.'e Wednesday, and ,the' :i,K trip 'of tite czar arid Wales' was consequently GOLD FROM CANADA. Received l>y » New Vo.rk Hank-Yellow Mo Mil fruin Anntralkn. New York, Sept; 23.—The Bank' of Xorth America haa received $100,000 gold from Canada. The Bank of British North America hns an additionol $500,000 go.'d on'the steamship Teutonic, which left Liverpool Wednesday. This makes their total on that steamer $1,000,000. J.&W.: Selipman,& Co. .also have $200,000. gold on the steamer Teutonic, Washington. Sept. 23.—Mint Director Preston is advised thnt $2,500,000 gold has'reached San Francisco from Aus- trulia nnd will find : its lyiy into the' treasury. The gold is in English-sovereigns, and as foreign coins are not. a legnl tcjider in-the United States the, gold.will,be sent to the United States, mint at San. Francisco to. be reopined . into United States eagles. ' .THE QUEEN'S J.ONG REIGN. „„.., Celebrated ln'1-ondon 1 by Tolllnr- Brlli .and Singing: JXutlonul Anthem. • London, Sept. 23.-.The mayors of London and other English .cities wired messages to the queen at Balmoral Wednesday morning congratulating her majesty upon having occupied the throne longer than any other British sovereign. The church bells throughout London and in other cities, were,rung in honor of the event and t!.e national anthem was played in the theaters in the evening, but, in accordance with the desire of the queen, the,.occasion will not be celebrated officially until 1897, when her' majestywill-have completed •the sixtieth-year of her reign. - ; ..• , At noon the members, of the stock exchange ,a'nd. the merchants nnd. their employes in'many salesrooms, suspended business while they sang the notional anthem. "_^ BIG PAYMENT OF INTEREST. Baltimore « OhlVWliTpay Off Its Serai- Annual Obligations. Baltimore, Md., Sept, 23.-Uecelvor Cowen says that interest amounting to $385,550, due October I, 1 on. Baltimore & Ohio securities, will be' paid. The nnvment will consist'of semi-annual interest as follows: $34,190 for four per cent, loan of 1853; principal, $1,709,500; S90',000 six 'per cent. ' Parkersbuig branch, loan of 1879; principal, $3,000,000; $361,360 4'/, per cent^Philndelphia branch loan of 1883; principal, Wl,616,000. Coupons of the loan of 1853 will be paid at the office of the treasurer of the company in Baltimore, J. P. Morgan & Co of New York, will distribute the interest on the loan' of 1879, and Brown, Shipley 1 & Co., London, England, the interest,on tlie loan of' 1883. ^- . GIVEN FULL POWER TO ACT. i,eudvIll'e/Cot, Practically Vlaced tnder ' " Martial Law.'• Denver,'Col., Sept. 23,-A't six o'clock Wednesday morning Gov. Mclntiro senf-a telegram-of instructions to Gen. Brooks., at Leadville, giving, that officer full power' txj act as Ws representative i» suppressing the riot in that city and district. Gen, Bropks IB;specifically instructed to permit 'no -interference from any source whatever and to act with or without tie cooperation of the local.authorities, as he may deem wise. This gives the military all the instructions they need, and practically places the camp under martin law so far as is required to compel tho uheriff to do hla duty. Vasnington, Sept. 33.-A telegram was Wived at army headquarter: Wednesday announcing the" death pi Copt. Addison Barrett, military storekeeper, quartermaster's department, at San Francisco,,pf pneumonia,.,He is the last of the military storekeepers in-, the quartermaster's department, congress 'Saving provided for the abolition- pf this grade with the'death' of the Incumbents. Capti-Barrett was a brother- in-law of-Gen.-Breck,.,assistant adju^ ''.ant general. • . , •• ' : .•,-.;. .- ••-.,.'. i [•• - •••: ;;• -Xlorljett.Ar:™*** -. ;.-,'•' '!' '' Few York, Sept. 23>~rugilist James J Corbet t was arrested atAsbury.Park Wednesday afternoon by Chief of.Po ^ U WiUJa* A Hi* W O JU.TU uu^ »*Mi*.»— - ' j She complains of a feeling of lassitude and all that, and I must humor her or lose nil the family as patients." "I don't just sce-^-V "Oh! of course you don't. You've been a doctor's wife for'ten years, and you.don't know nrything about,the profession yet." "But what effect can his wealth have upon your prescriptions?" "Why, the whole thing depends upon that in a case like this. If I have no idea what he is worth, how am I to know whether to advise a visit to the south «f France or simply a little exercise?"—Tit-Bits. BLIND SISTERS IN BUSINESS. Two Unfortunate "California Girln Bnn- nlncr n Notion tetore. There are two blin-d girls in Oakland, Cal., who do not believe that, the state owes them a living, and will not accept- anything- in the shapeof charily. They prefer to be independent and earn their own livelihood. Hiss Fra.uccs Jln.leigh and her sister Grace, both 'entirely blind, hove gone into business and will endeavor to make their way through life on l.hcir own responsibility. These two g-irls who are orphans. l:nveopened a g(>ji.eral notion stored: S13 Snn Pablo avenue. They wait on their customers end can pick out any article in the store without the slightest inconvenience. Sometimes the blind girls are imposed i-,pon, but it is not. often. When it conies to selling a yard of cloth, a pound of candy or package of pum they never make a mistake. The sisters have been blind from birth. Early in life their father died, end their mother struggled nlong for years to make a living for herself and'children. Some'two months ngo Mrs. Ilnleigh' died, leaving the two blind girls toshift for themselves. Thus far they have made a success of their venture. The. sisters seeme 1o have a horror of becoming charges upon the state or inmates of any public institution. They' say that so .Ion-gas they can run their business they will never ask odds of anybody. Ctalei in Engltah Channel. London, Sept. 23.—Fierce gales prevailed in tho English channel Tuesday evening and the passenger and mail >oats plying between Calais and Dover were greatly delayed in consequence. A number of fishing boats at Cornwall were.badly damaged,»nd ; 5solated cases of drowningare reported. x-o jneec in Toronto In. '07. Liverpool, Sept. 23.-The British association, wiich has been sitting here 'or the purpose of discussing economic nnd scientific -questions, adjourned ts session Wednesday, after voting to meet in Toronto in August, 1897. QNt-HALf tlZEQT td*. pozzoNrs COMPLEXION POW5ER! I bus been the standard for forty years ana' ' l« more porular to-<lar lhan over before. ' } POZZOM'S I Ii ilio Weil complexion powdcr-bc»iiUf3ln«,| 1 rcfresliinit, cleanly, healthful and harmlcw. , | A delicate, Invisible protection to too lace. [ With every •»« "W^ ' nlflcent Sco»1ir» . BOX i» KiT«n free of 1 AT DBUQGISTS AND FANCY STORES. PCFF THE Munson Typewriter Is a Good Machine. Grain, Pirovlilonn, Ete. .. . Chicago, Sept. 23. -Was quiet, but firm. Quotations v ,• > Wmter _-pa.tents,- J3.400 £6003.20; clears. t2.50®2 : CO; i high standard of excellence. ,Manj ol the "MuneoD" conildet It THE BEST. You will flnd It a valuable usstattnt In jout of- Doe. «<I«ITPS« f nr pMtlcolare THEMUN30N TYPEWRITER CO MANCFACTCBEBS. 840-244 West I.»lc« St.. Chicago, III. Going For A Lake Trip? all of to dcUghtJ You'll fully it you take one JUCHIGAN AB» LAKE SUPERIOR TRAHSPORTATIOK CD'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS. Sailings between Chicago uid M«ckln»c Island lour time* «v*ry week. reading., matter.^ frpc. or ask your nearest -agent ^Address/Jos. jBcrolihelm. §!§ii« K -^ 17%c, wo. t_ _ No.--2, 33©33Vic; No. :; December -In cood request, .but demand " Common thin, 220 cash; •.WWA to, October. andJ7.00«i7.10 for January. T ATtrJjTradlnk fairly act ve and feelinff '*a.' • SCPKBIOBXKANS.CO. ! Ruth »>id Hi Water »^; ' Chictso ILUDD POISON loured in 16 to 85 daya. Yoq ctnbotreitedi. •lioiBoJorsmneprlcanDaerMme|Hi«rStt>' Ity.HroaprofprtooomBherowew IcoD. mve aohei and coebanm. if wo f nil to euro. If yon b v EuryTroildo potash, wid nlU hi pnlni, Macoa8lP»tche«tn montb.fi-. ria>i>«e», Copper Colored Spot*. »uy pwtoi thelwdr, IlalrorE»*brff_, _.___ nut, 1' '• ' hli Secondary BLOOD FOISOB 7rCT«r»iiteetocur«.WBSOllclttbon)o«tobilS alo care» and clunllence tU« world top » jaw v~ . 1( ,j, lllg (jkjg,,, nM alwan Intfapo Madda u well M«nof - Steady on the for hlghwlnes. ^ ___ New York, Sept, 23. . 2 red advanced %®lc; active September. 67%<S!«8Hc; Do- 6* ^©700'; May. mem* ' CORN-Moderately active and nrmer. No. 2. 26K@27T4c: October; 2G%c; December, 28® steady. Western. 19@25c; ' 8; LARl)- L Flrrn ; ; nominal. 'Steam Rendered, ;, BUTTER— Fancy.' '.flirm: fair demand. W^tern Dairy; 7%®lleV ElSlna.lSc; State Western do., llgllBc; Im- .9®llc;.,do. Factory. 70 ••• ...... . . -'CHiEESE^-Qute't; PartlSklroa, .• . ..• .'Chicago, Sept iS, BATTLE— Market - v iodise ...lo.wer. than " ' Beeves. $3.2005.00: ,; t2.'40aS.85V Mixed and- S 00 ' . . ff. -.Light J2.M. r, «.55@2.ro; Mixed and HMMOMIKDV. »imii>ovc ilies in the Cotintqr «.lw»Y« keep BrwilUn Balm on the doctor in th. tou.e, i ud relinWe.: For coW,, coughs croup, caUrrh,; asUini*, $***£• rheumatism, constipation, female troub.e. and all kinds ot fevers it acts like n»po and saves many a doctor's bill and many »long sickness ••''"-"- e- tor of, Brazilian uaim UJ..KIIU -.".a dollar bottle. A few^eeks afterwardrth* doctor ..id: "I"« d ? co . u P ltl * old Cough on;>huid; that . baffled m*. I TuA- 'etritfc.' But the B StStfe both case*. "It IV «medy."" ; -^ ••.'-•::••:'•'•"•'.•

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