The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1934
Page 6
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/'AGE SIX Four Horsemen Rnmilcd.-and" Heady Gnme H,is Pmcressccl To I'oinf Where They Have 'Davis dm.' <lx;i>rio niui All Tlv.l S; '•llfcllVIl HI h-;ii K (> nf I. . !'•• 11 ij". ci .111 i u f i f.lJlHI'V •; iiftf ji i •• Jim C.o«-l,>. Ford! , „„,„; ,.;,„„,. ,,..,„.„. ,„.,., ^ Ll \. ^™ 1 "" 1 ;; "; l " "7 ">'-'' are. ,.,, u ,„ J ~^^^,o L ,h,^ 1J o li .^C lH1 ;r^i*;s; — nv JIMMY Xt-A Servlre Simrls Write. Th" ci[:/,'ii who un-d lo dole on il.i 1 o»ix>.sitio]i in rive no inimp": v.ith ]fa IK-PS In Ins hand, now M.'-nds his lime lookinn for u lit- l!" «!iiti- celluloid ball iimler n,,.! The rninmis 'Tour llorsi-incn" »„ |. ( , ( ,,,, .., ..,.,,, ,, , - , — -;;;;_«:.•«, s l; ,,,,,, ,, MllBS ma . ; . ri(H , flc afler tlii . y liai! nin ram ^"« *' >•• ;;,^: rf r,,^'v; 1 :i No! " "• "llx-r words, ihe K reat ,.J fl!: " L: Jmi c ' u ^. '"'"il i ™nH, : ;.- , Tf " 'I:*""" 1 :' llll(l "< TC ">^ i!,.m s|x>ri nf the nation now i-.ibi.. tennis. . Wherever you c<> you |,e :ir dls-' / - i vi'liii . ,, .. Missions ronninini. ihe merit of ( .A NKliK A K I 1 CO'VIKT >> U Die pr.nhoKHr ,,,-„,, lin»n-..spin, -. . .. - ___ l ".Ml 1 - I <Jy Km,/ .vnv nnd the .sii|x'i-iorily of r .h-' fSJafajgL —n Wnl rubber paddles ovn-'lhi-' paper .stylo. And everywhi-rr H«, [i!ipu!:'co, both ,;,(, ;,,.,| ]Kin ,. |s ! pv'.illi: that pr!h i aei-o-oi a 'ISPL, SNfl shontiu" 1 T']i.nn<:e M-I-.J,-,-••' : Th" IjlMQiy of IK-C-VIIT «•• •• fa'.'l lo 1 .'. in ;tniirntiiy hi,; ."•*.'. ilin >:ni!-. Historians po back ' Hi akuiil IK89. when one James' Ciibb. an Kniilishmnn, found he! b:ill and a paddle In „ Kaim-'he iiMni-d "Kossima." After that jiro- i>!" in England. France. Hungary! :u:d America a].", iHscovcied the' Ii:n. nnd wlicn they ai) Joined. |( b'-came known by uirious names t!ii^ latest and ben fitted brim! Imroductio.i of the rcllnlold ball wns made in 1800. and from then wi table tennis eaiichl on. Today llii-i-c are more than 2.ono.000 devotees In HIP United Slates, or- i.-.iJilml and Kovernerl by an nsso- i-l:ilir,n lhat ni'c-s an<l con- dtirts national ami sectional tiwr- i:uments. More tlinn 400 jilaycr.s from all purls of ihe counlry recently took pan in a New York tournament and at present players, are on a ; lour throuiih the middle west The lour ivlll wind up In n nalloiril! ratravaganza at Chiraso, Fi-b '3' Headine Ihe narade aie Jimmv J.icobson of New York, men's '•''ainninn. and Je^ie' 1'nrves of ))i:s Plaitics. ill.. wtKiien's champion. They will defend their ti- tii'.s against playei-s from every plly. town nnd hamlet In the United States. ^ " ttri '"' «< ; l (iiiiililv 'of t) : /)/„•- (•nmxhlr"" ''' L ""' H: ""' 1V ' :; As pojinlnr as i( is in America nils Indoor sport Is more wldc- f.preail in Hnnnary. considered the iiot-bed of the game. There the Kiddies en: -,;.:Mr eve teeth on Hie .'Plicroitt. play right on tlirout;h sclino], and may noon be given n dlplom.1 in the noble soon on uraduation from college. Some of ihe gi-cntcst players in the world Jioiably O. liarna, come from that counlry. Japan, too. must play its table if-nnis, and 200,000 of' the 11(1! int-'ii and women are said li \ «P in paddles, whaling (he bnl ••ifross Ihe iiel. hns sue .'Canadian Ihrows Indian Man o n Winner All Basis. \OiLL MAKE MIS IWDOOR DEBUT IM tie MILLRose Ch;,co m!l ,r, ct time aft-r ,u » " il:i ! "'fslasii's. in,, sayln,, ,:i;.t '"•' IS IlKC H,,b. ,.,,„ .,, „;„ •..,'.','''' '• v ' :n ""' l'.iHi'.ll LI.IVV-. '•'•'•'':)» lo hi, (ipjlo,','..,;",*" 5 "''''' I 11" lien- British lu.fivy'A. i-l't ''-imp. rei-nnt; 1,1 .j,,k liis"]>r!'i|,!"|,.^' lo "' ! '' <litf '' 1 '- If".'" .'.!;wi»,' ; . I * 1 ' l " :l . r !''"- 'iraym'-ii. ,-:-.-t.' : " MO PHIS,, jiyriii.,; " 'l-nwkecl'o • U!k '' Ilij " ' <i "''°^ •'•event!, round. ]j v ), :u | ' ( (ioiu- Einvt ihitr ..u-. . • ,.,, m I,,, rt ,, B t| . J>i in ins In- put 1-^" 'lull M.IIOO! at <:'. to .staii m 'r. t l ° Prflfil>c lasl 0 <- ln c_Can,,elo Candcl. siipyo ikn'^,a n "^ ."' !lrv ' 1 "" l «"»"''> r '" "•(•!;!. 'S|..'V'!H'"' ] ' " : '"''' :: and'^'af I'r'inii "9''"'^^ '" f '""'"" : '" "" Ml ''" and dVicTmination" li^"'' M™- V,i-,. Sll;uu11 '' '•'•"' '" 1f .-•'.ipcrlor ri! !e crnft "din. M. M'.-C-|,.,, ', „ P r ' jo In', twi,. ..xperipiii-.-. :md' M: ban '" ' :i Ins 1111,11 out |, y ,,,.. 1V ,. ,„!,„.,„.., w ,.,.,., l J fn:nm : tin- innshi!n l{ . ' :;,i,. ( . l: '..';'"'. " On V- I ,'';' •'J"- f-i "'.'l"ii".'.'. i. " un Ye.,i AKO T(xJ:iv--fJi,ri!l.i-- !||1 "' P - ( , .ones Akiiiii. Ohio. i,.,^.. 0 i J;lll [,. r K.ijced Soiiiiny Slaii.ihic,-. THTC H J'"i'-.--lirii-n i:«j rilewtiBht title." " ' ' A ' " Jlf! " ' r K'Hi-r ....'.'.'. e ,'; Rcad_ Courier News want Ads. 'oWro'i 1 '' "* ' l l rr •(!• i n I u o| o •> \ 0 IJ Papooses to Tackle Whirlwinds as a I to the cair-i;. there being more than CM clubs- In that cnnn- Ir.v. Fred 1'rrry, Bnaland's No 1 ranking tmnis player, and winnci °' tht- u. S. National slneles a- Uc In 1933. is an expert at the '"minliiro game. Up until a conple of years a"0 the game was looked t by ihe manly devotees of golf! football nnd baseball because it was considered unworthy of ihe "lawn and brain of a bif he-man "Ml tunes have chatted. Table trniii-! as it Ls played "today, with '•iii-shols. accurate playing o[ the "irners anrt twisting serves is n real test of a player's nerves eye •inrt footwork. J II is faster than tennis, be- raiM it is connned to n mnch smaller court-nine by five feet— and an expert can make a ball 'lo tricks that make you think your eyes are deceiving you The fame has progressed to n where there is even com- contests "l™ "nm°s.' Tn ^SM. Ten nations competed for ihe Swath- hng cup. which is similar to the • trophy. , , Hook Slides Braucher__ Wresiling Confusion The wrestling situation Ls hilariously confused. On the verv dny he astute New York slate ath- . letie commission gave out as ihr res.,11 of its investigation of the charges of Jake Pfefler- a son. orou.s statement to the effect thai vrestlu-gr bouk are only exhlbi l.ons anyway and not to be taker seriously—a crowd of faivs in i/>< Angeles broke out Into a riot the Savoldi-Browning match Perhaps the Los Angeles r an . are confused. Thev lake their Jv hlbftions too much" to'heart• Whe, 1™1' 1:15 P- ">• deadline was enforced, with the Savoldi-Brownin? exhibition still undecided t" e y b"? Wn to throw chairs and break things up. wisely the west rn^oIT n ^ confu «<I at all, nmt '° ^" ring and «<e lornln comm wttm'o »,„ at riiiR lhat night imlil Browi-lnif had pinned Savoliii's mnnly Mioul-j tiers lo [lie mat. .lust Fooling Jake PfeffL-r's testimony to I IIP Veiv York commission was to the icncraleireet thai U'lcstlingmatclt- e.s weie re:u : nrsed in n manner Intended lo confuse the customers. The decided (hat this Bono To Play Gmmrrs At Armory i li(l t!u , .; 0111 , stom VIM c!; on th- l|. co.n iftemonn m :i :15 ,v,. :oc . k iosl a S«inc 10 me !: ,si Jonesboro ;,i,im . • ua: when very well indeed. Inn. ],ow Ihe customers lw confused any given The Bono Huddles, one of the foremost inde]>t;ndciit case team,; in Arkansas - «»'" »* talnmem was n playful exhibition given by vaudeville mountebanks il was not meant lo l;c n match uny reuse? ( it is true that wreslllnc; is an exhibition, the recent, "war" imong ' thefe wrestlers' battle flmong booking agents The !!!!?;. T 5" 5. " 1C snngiitimry 'aflnir ' went something like this: Jim Lomtos hns been tli champion of Tom Packs f --' Louls. for several years. Ji,,,'] has been day night. The Buddies recently overwhelmed the fJimncrs on the liono film's home court but the locals hope to turn the tables or at li IJivc the nuddies a belter g; tomorrmv Monk Wriglu :ii:d G learns, will ;i ,iay tomorrow wni-W I -,i '""•' S i"" C ' followl »B 'He nation »oilrti:0 guardsmen drill ix-riod wl 6i" at 8:30 o'clock. plon of' NSWERS FOX NEWS ITZ Tuesday - Weds. MA'l'.—!0-25c NITK Your Classifie Four lines f,|- tln-r.,, i;,,,,, , ;i » ii » "uin .- S -i' ; "i, ;;? in iht »«l«' trans,H,,. t;li , ^J Ull(ls - a " « "M'-ts «n- frir i a,;'-, V M 'i™ 1 ' inlo :i iVw H ...,.' . A '^'-plK'H - 181 - CLASSIFIE Ten Years Ago Today -The u Hockey team deft-uial the I'lench sdund. 22-0. i,, Ihf . o]v !»e winter sports nl c ROXY Tues.-Wed.-Thiirs. 2:3n_in r - 2f.c ('>:•!'). 10-25C Th«.M»rison iloclors foii K hi to decreed th;il he musl tity MARIAN MAKSH I Wed. and Thursday 1 ! Comedy Plenty of Comedy Many Laughs! S e jffinK? >^-" -; tn, 1 ; °" ""'"'nviesrrcon. Did

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