Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1967 · Page 18
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1967
Page 18
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4—Alflon* (lew*) ANITA LICKTEIG, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis' Lickteig, Algona, was married Saturday, Nov. 18, to James Gunnerson, of Schaller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Grover Gunnerson, Storm Lake. The ceremony was performed at the St. Benedict Catholic church. The newlyweds will live at Schaller. ' !• IT 11 I'l 1 I I I l-l-l-l- Around Algona by ONIETA DIDRIKSEN mint IIMI n 11 in »H Moine* Thttfiday morrtng with Mr. and Mrs Merle Webfter and wp* picked up at the home of their son Richard by Mrs. Don West Who took her to Mercy Hospital where Mrs. Wolfe had Thanksgiving Dinner with Mrs. A. D. .Lehman, mother of Mrs. West. Mrs. WoMe visited her again that evening «nd twice on Friday. She then went to Davenport for a brief visit with her daughter and son-in-law, the Clarence Dyr- lands, and returned to the West home Sunday evening and back to Algona Monday morning with the Wests who had business here. Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Poster, Fort Dodge, Bill Bartlett, Des Moines, and Mrs. Jerry Seller, Storm Lake, joined the Wes Bartlett family for Thanksgiving Dinner with Mrs. W. A. Foster at her home. While in Ames for the Thanksgiving weekend the Anton Didriksens attended •the funeral on Friday of E. Carl Briley, 67, whose only daughter is the wife of Larry Thorpe. Larry had flown home to Arlington Heights only the previous Sunday af- iter attending the last rites for his brother Russell's wife. Then on Tuesday he brought his family to Ames where they remained with Mrs. Briley and the Frank Thorpes till Sunday. The Didriksens spent Saturday in Des Moines With their son Roger's family. Roger flew to New York City on Sunday and is attending the national meeting of Entomologists this week. He willil remain for a Shell Com J Mrs. Ray Thomas and came pany meeting of employees Phone 295-2605 •M I I I I 11 I I I I (home Thursday. The three women are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Asa entertained 26 guests ait a family Thanksgiving last Thursday. Mrs. Kent Immerfall, the Guests in the Harvey Lar- former Kay Moulton, has re- gery on October 25. son 'home for Thanksgiving sumed nurse's training at Methodist Hospital in Ro- Dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brandow, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arend and Mrs. EPflie Teeter, Algona; Mr. and Mrs. John Teeter and Stephanie, Normal, 111.; Mr. and Mrs. JHarvey Thompson and John, Antony; Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Ooyd Broesder and Lu in the Development Division and return home Friday of next week.' His wife is making slow recovery from her sur- Four Algona men: Earl chester and her little daugh- Zeigler, Julie Baas, Howard ter Kimberley, is remaining Stephenson and Allan Pnebe, at the home of her grandpar- with Harvey Larson, Lone ents, the Frank Moultons till Rock, went to Wyoming on summer. Kent is a student Wednesday for deer hunting at Mankato State and will be and returned Sunday with doing practice teaching some- their five deer, where in the spring term. Kay will vacation during the sum- Mrs. Marie Lampright ar- *>*» U. m-m+VJ •*• m~m v w» v_ —•-- — ——— yy ^J|£ VtAV-WV* Wll V*U*'W1I^ »u«w «*»»•• 1 •»• ^ 1. Ann, Warren Waltman and mer an d next fall Will begin rived home a week ago Mon- for home. tfid ti«s new been in tt» Aif force fourteen yeift. Among ifHetttfttf a¥*U ito vitfted this ttme wm: a tow of the, White Howe, * vtalt to th<< National Cemetery at Gettys tail and the Lincoln Momi- metrt, • glimpse el the Elsen- hower farm, a tour of the Civil War wax museum where leaders of that struggle ife depicted, I tour of Georgetown, and the Smithsonian Institution. Mr. and Mr*. Curtlt Maahr entertained at a family Thanksgiving Dinner it which guests were Mrs. Haahr's sister's family, the Corwin Van Brunts of Truman, Minn, and Mrs. William Olson, Fair mont, mother of the women. Lt, Col, Gary Waldron with 'his wife, the former Altec Buss, and their two children were here for the Thanksgiving Holiday with relatives of Mrs. Waldron. They came from Washington, D. C. where Gary has been stationed for two years at the Pentagon. He is to leave on Dec. 28 for Viet Nam to take over • helicopter aviation battalion. He 'has been in Army Aviation for 16 years. The sixteen year old daughter, Galene, has done modeling for the Hecht Company in Washington and was selected as one of four girls to go to New York to mode 1 ! for Teen Magazine. The son, Terry, is 13. They saw many old friends here and in Des Moines visited with the Richard Websters and Roger Didriksens, 'high school classmates. They were enroute to Chicago where Gary's mother lives with her daughter Donna Liehty, and thence back to the Capitol. In June Mrs. Waldron and the children will join Gary in Hawaii for a vacation but he Witt not return to the States for a year. Bob Williams drove to Dee Moines Tuesday to meet his wile who returned by plane •that evening from California where she had been with her daughter's family, the Ben Herbsts at Santa Ana three weeks assisting in care of their new baby. Monday she went to Westchester where ithe Bob Muckeys live and they took her to the Los Angeles airport to enplane <aftd Mrs. Wendell Steveti and family, Laurens; Mrs. Orella ttottdurf «iid children, Mf; and Mr* Darrell Steven _and family of Algoftf, tHi &n> day the senior Mr. and Mrs. Steveti were guests ft the Ctofte Hulings, Bfitt, iwiefe others present were ' Mr. Steven's sister, Mrs. Ruth . Johnson, with her son, Leonard Graham and family, all of Boone. The Aliens Woman's Club held a very interesting ami informative meeting on Monday morning, Nov. 20, at the Public Library. Mrs. R. M. Phillips, librarian, showed many of the new books and gave brief sketches of some of them. Then in the Children's Room, Mrs. Orville Dun* can and her assistant put on two puppet shows which had been earlier given many times for children. There were 17 members present who answered roll call by "A Book I Enjoyed Reading". Mrs. Arthur Ben- sohoter gave a history of the hymn, Faith of Qur Fathers. Mrs. August Slagle gave a report from the Federation's Department of Education, and Literature. The Club's Iowa Stationery and Towels were offered for sale. It was voted to raise the local club's share in the Freshman Scholarship and Loan Fund of the Sixth District from $3.00 to $5.00. 'Reports were given of the Visit to Forest City Industries on Oct. 10 in which ten local women participated. Thtey were entertained there by the City Hostess and the Chamber of Commerce and were shown about at the Staltchcraflt Corporation, the Lamp and Lamp' shade factory, and Winnebago Industries. Then 'they stopped at Buffalo Center to look over the Meecham Craft and Hob- Becky Brandow. her senior year at Methodist, day, having spent two weeks i with her son, T/Sgt. Robert Mr a|M j j^ r$ R o b, r f stev- Mrs. Frances Miller and Lampright hw wife andJ^eir en , ha Va family Thanksgiving Mrs. Viva Gardner, Clear eight year^ old daughter^ at oa Thursday . Among those The Senior MYF of First Methodist Church, Algona, and Good Hope Methodist Church need used candles for a project and are asking for donations of the same. Candles may be left at 'the local church or will be picked up if donors will call either Greg Powell at 5-3259 or Pat Muckey at 5-3795. Mr, and Mrs. Tom Zeigler and two year old Lori came Thursday from St. Paul and remained for the Holiday weekend at his parents 'home, returning on Sunday. Mrs. R. 0. Bjustrom was hostess at a family dinner on Thanksgiving Day which included Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moulton, ST., the Frank 'Moulton Jr., family, the Kent Immerfalls and little Kimberley, Mankaito; and the Leo Immer falls, Algona. Susan Moulton was at home from Ames for the end of fall term vacation and returned to the University on Sunday with 'Barbara Kuchenreuther. There isn't a fine watch in this ad that costs more than $14.951 Surprised? \. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Benschoter with Mr. and Mrs. •Leo Steven drove to Iowa City on Wednesday to celebrate Thanksgiving with Mr. and JIM ST. JOHN 13 N, Thorington St, Phone: 295-5556 Ings you NFL football!: B | •y Sunday! Call in for a better! leal on car insurance any dayll SHI! PRINCESS — Classic de- COMPANION — Pay SO DOROTHEA — Rugged sign plus the stamina little, get so much! 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WILT6EN JEWELERS ALGONA, IOWA PHONE 295-3799 P-4753 SIATt I ARM MUTUAL AUIOMOUJUMNSUKANCUCUMI'ANYl Home Olhtc: Uluuniinijlun, illiiini^ cnoose from our large Caravelle selection. Each Caravelle is beautifully gift boxed. were tbo 0vWi o( * suth DiMrtd mwtttig ii MumbOltK on October 15 at whtflh ftVe kMil women wwe PTBMM. ffi« ftent meeting o( Se Ctub, on Dec. 18, • Mw- d*y evetrtng tneeUng, wlU be It the home of Ckf» Affic«- bury ittd member* will tike gitta there to be uwd.aft the Kowuth County Home, •LOCALS' , Nov. 24, liter 10 <i»yi with hi* daughter, Mti. Wflttrerf Hifiiift* Mid ***, Lyn«, Mirk ind 6ng§ it Gte* Beftd, Ktns MtMMMMMMMMMM 4. H CLUBS Mcyw. tot) ititefHKtMitef Md . swwi KuiAetfi, top Juflter MS* oixt book, TSwrtty-flve grit ti« •; ^^£»«^^ ^^jj^^jyftjj^^iijg^ ; ig^^«AA ^U^K CMVM cmnMevon MM for their record books, it ten* eumiilkiiit, Kim ntiUfMt, Judy ' Becky Meyer, Suaut K*thy,Ltlier ( Suaan ™wn, Dorothy Frtderei, Patty Det- rtck, Mary Jane and Judy Bet* Itrftr family spent Thanksgiving wWh her brother and ftonily, the Tom Uckteig* at Wesley. Mr. and Mrs. l*on Berftr, Hot-ton, la., visited her mother, <Mre. Cecelia Bepger at Whittemore, Friday, and Other relatives, Fred Plumb returned to hit home on Potter's Hill Satur- ALOONA A-OK Judy Berger, KoMuth County girl's 4-H preeideill, received the coveted Ohkago A' ward. Judy and ei£* other youth left At$>na on Thanks giving day for Chicago, and returned Sunday evening, She is. « treatiman tttudent at UNI at Cedar flails. She aim received leadership and doth- ing pins, a pen and 0 year seal, Others girls receiving a* wards were KaUiy Laltter, top senior record book, Becky following received book award* Chart* WHIM 1 / Bitb Sohlievert, SUJMI McBv- oy, SuMti Kin§eth, D»M dip- Mddle and Mary J. Berger. 'Mary McEvoy received a 5 year seal. • ' Mm. WaMet Boeokhoft re- oeived a 5 year pin for her work as a leader. Other leaders are Mrs. C. J. McBvoy, Mrs. Theresa Berger and Mrs. Wm. Detrick. New leaden and officers will meet Sunday afternoon to plan the 1968 program. Mrs. Wes Bartlett took her IlliSUctllU l\F iflUavll \slirjf y ATJI* a, T*VM ^-M» «*••«» j ^,. vv .. ~i;j.i "j »• 1 J OH- J1 Wli A'llU'lO'Ulfty • i^lIIVltR 'Vlt<\fO\j Sunday morning during the i^ & kere visitors at the SuWland, Maryland. She flew present were . Mr an< i Ujrs. snowstorm and he new from Methodist Parsonage a week to Baltimore from Omalha fyqftf Steven^and tomdly, there to Toronto for a Kiwan- , ago Sunday. Mrs. Miller was and returned from Washing- R ^ bert steven Jr>| and s^ is meeting. church secretary during Rev. ton, D. C., to Des Moines ^ 6f ^ ctoad, Minn.; Mr. William Nolands pastorate where she stopped, with rela- ^ M Q H ^^ g md there. 'Jves .before^ jonung hom^ 2ily 'Jirs Yarda Burgardt, Sgt. Lampngihit is stationed n-:.**.'*.- ainltl MJTS Rav-ittond Mrs. l ? .x Wolf. rod. to De. at Andrews Air Force Base K^^orSTSr KLGA Radio-1600kc WILL BROADCAST WRESTLING ACTION LIVE FROM THE EAGLE GROVE INVITATIONAL Saturday, Dec. 2nd FOLLOW THE ACTION ON 1600 kc - KLGA Radio * Wolaiptool when cme. cryilol ond ctown are inlocl. All prlcsi plus lax For a Gift of Distinction... TRY CHRISCHILLES' WHO ARE SERVING YOU FOR THE 97th CHRISTMAS SEASON

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