Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1967 · Page 15
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1967
Page 15
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Alqona Kcmuth County Fiendish Uncle Not So Funny By Abigail Van Buren |c 1H> If CMcitt TritMM-N. V. Newt *rM\, (fill DEAR ABBY: 1 am a 15-year-old girl with a big problem. Please don't latigh, Abby, but my problem is that 1 am ticklish. And I mean like if someone just tickles me a little bit, 1 practically go into hysterics. Of course nearly everyone who knows me knows about how ticklish 1 am, but my uncle in particular takes advantage of this, and he will get a hold of me and tickle me until t am so played out from laughing and screaming that I always end up crying. ' My parents aren't much help, Abby, and I can't handle this alone. Please tell me what to do. TICKLISH DEAR TICKLISH: Being ticklish is no laughing matter, and I sympathize with you, Your uncle sounds like a first class nincompoop, who's probably sadistic to boot. When you see him next, give him fair warning that if he so much as puts a hand on you, you will clout him with a lamp, or whatever is handy. Then go ahead and do it. No jury would convict you. DEAR ABBY: I am 38, have four practically grown children, and I have a problem, the likes of which you've never heard. I guarantee you. Six months ago I married a 47-year-old man also divorced with three children. I had been a divorcee for six years. My husband assured me I had nothing to worry about because he had had an operation nine years before that made .it IMPOSSIBLE for him to father any more children. Naturally I took his word for it. Well, something went wrong because I am four months pregnant. My doctor confirmed it. I am just furious, Abby. My husband went back to the doctor who performed that operation on him, and the doctor said that the operation is 100% foolproof, there are no failures, and if I am pregnant, the baby can't be my husband's. Abby, I KNOW the baby can't be anybody else's: Tell me, are those operations on men always successful? If so, how come I am/PG? Can a blood test prove that my husband is the father of my baby? If he is, can my husband sue his doctor? v PG AT 38 DEAR PG: The operation your husband had is called a "vasectomy." If properly performed, it IS 100 per cent foolproof, but unfortunately it is not always properly performed. If your husband IS indeed your baby's father [and I believe you when you say he is | then he should go to a urologist for a "sperm test.'.' This will show beyond a doubt whether he is able to produce children or not. A blood test can be taken only after the baby is born, and can determine only who the baby's father is not ... NOT who he IS. Your husband CAN sue his doctor. Whether he can collect is another question. .DEAR ABBY: My husband is a pilot for a big air line, and on layovers in different cities the stewardesses frequently go out with the fellows, and.on occasion they go to dinner, movies- or sightseeing. My husband says this is the accepted thing. I am consumed by jealousy and tied up in knots just thinking about it. I need advice on how to handle the situation so I don't question him too much and get into fights with him when he comes home. I don't have any reason to doubt my husband but I can't rid myself of the jealous feelings I have. Move him very much, and am so afraid of what might happen as a result of the pretty new young faces that surround him. Can you help me? JEALOUS , DEAR JEALOUS: Jealousy is a "sickness." The twin germs which usually cause it are lick of self-confidence and mistrust. Don't quiz him, but let Urn know [good humoredly] that yon think he is quite a priie and are slightly jealous. [This will be his cue to reassure you. as anyone with sense enough to fly a plane must surely know.) Frankly, I don't think you have anything to worry about. The husband who swings away from home avoids mentioning other girls. Swea City woman, 90, dies Saturday Swea City —- Funeral services for Mrs. Johanna Peterson, 90, of Swea City, were held Tuesday at the Immanuel Lutheran church in Swea City. She died at 7:30 a.m. Saturday at Valley Vue nursing home in Armstrong where she had been a resident since last August. Mrs. Peterson was born on May 8, 1877 in Sweden. She was married there in 1902 and she and her husband came to the United States in 1904. They settled in the Swea City area. Survivors include two sons, Monford of Swea City and Harry of Des Moines, and several grandchildren. Swea City lady dies Friday at Fairmont Funeral services for Mrs. Catherine Abbas, 82 o| Swea Cty, were held Monday at the Imnwiuel Lutheran church ui Swea City. She died Frvday afternoon it the Fairmont Community hospital She was born Feb. 18, 1885 at OuisUantowg, Va. ana utttJ tto tops in rtpejirs Second rate doesn't A pure wajte. Let us solve your watch woes . . . economically, permanently I MWMM TMUWOAT, NOV. M, W«>, ALMNA, IOWA— married Hikke Abbas March 13, 1911 at Butler, Mo. The couple lived in Lakota until 1920 and they moved to Granada and later Trimont, Minnesota. She was preceded in death by her husband in 1980 end she moved to Swea City in 1961. Survivors include two sons, Richard of Walnut Creek, Calif., and Peter of Fairmont; four daughters, Mrs. Wilbur Bacon, of Blue Earth; Mrs. Walter Tapper, Buffalo Center; Mrs. Arlo Krumwiede of Ledyard and Mrs. Lyle Krumwiede of Bancroft. Also surviving are 26 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren; four brothers, Don of Swea City; Tom of Kansas Ci- y \ J ^^J ^^t Piwwood derby held by Cub Scouts Tuesday Cub Scouts of Pack 70 in Algona had their regular meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 21, at Bryant School Gynashim. Two events highlighted the meeting. Twenty Six new Cub Scouts were inducted into the Pack in a ceremony where Cub- master Merlin C. Davies wore an Indian Warbonnet. New Cubs 'are Tommy Rusctier, Billy Kuhn, Mark Goodman, Mark Buscher, Eddie Wolf, Ronnie Ristau, Doug Wildin, John Gerber, David Sohn, Kenny Garman, Steve Boekelman, Dennis Pentecost, James Blbert, Mark Moe, Mike Moe, Pat Shey, Tim Shey, Larry Kollasch, Shawn Reilly, Donald Ashland, Vincent Volk, Jerry Shackelford, Wayne Origan, Randy Bjustrom, James Black and Randy Sewick. Others awards presented included Wolf badges to Bruce Buscher, Brian Buscher, and Randall Snodgrass; •Bear badges to Tim Douglas and Steve Ostwinkle; Attendance awards to Daniel Thilges, Steve Mertz, David FVid- eres, 'Ricky Dodds, Steve Smith and Robert Egel. Arrow points went to David Penning. Denner Stripes went to Danny Ulfers, Greg McDonald, Joel Dahlgren, and Steve Ost- winkle, and Asst. Denner stripes to Bruce Buscher, Clinton Christian and Tod Anlderson. Feature of the evening was the Pinewood Derby, a race with hand-made oars made by the boys and their fathers. Winners in the Dens were Den 1—Steve OstwinMe; Den 2—David Frideres; Den 3— Tommy Buscher; Den 4—Ronnie Ristau; Den 5—Larry Kollasch; Den 6—-Donnie Christian; Den 7—Wayne Dugan. Grand Champion of 'Pack 70 was David Frideres. Den 3 with Mrs. Willsher and Mrs. Schlievert had the Opening Ceremony, and Den 2 V^tb Mrs. Buscher had the Closing Ceremony. SON BORN Mr. and Mrs. David Phillips, Santa Barbara, Calif., are parents of their first child, a son, born October 31. He has been named Daniel Alan. Mrs. Kitty Phillips, Algona, is the paternal grandmother. David received his PHD in physics a year ago and teaches at the University of California at Santa Barbara. His wife received her PHD in chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley two weeks before their son was born. ty; Louis of Walker, Mo., and DeUard of Swea City; plus three sisters, Mrs. Roy Harbour and Mrs. Lillie Molan of Swea City and Mrs. John Bright of Belle Plaine. Burial- was at Fairmont. CHICAGO HOLIDAY Mi. Arid Mfs. Bert Priebe 'have returned home after spending some time in Chicago at the International Live Stock Exposition. Mr. Priebe exhibited cattle and was delegate to the American Angus Association meeting. Mrs. Priebe conducted meetings as president o'f American Angus Auxiliary. They visited their daughters Mrs. David W. Earth and Mrs. G. Grant Dixon, Jr. and their families and spent the Thanksgiving noli mode o'dciy y\ I Popup u/rik... Use our convenient LAY AWAY PLAN — instantly available — doesn't cost ejttra Fill their stockings with surprises priced from 2.85 a box (3 prs.) hose... to $5; $10; $15; (more or less) for the spirit of Christmas. IQI f. itftt it. Alpona, lewa day with them, returning home this weekend. Manager of Swea plant dies Sunday Swea City — Funeral services for Lowell Larson, 42, of Swea City, were held Wednesday at the Immanuel Lutheran church in Swea City. He died of a heart attack at 9:45 a.m. Sunday at his home in Swea City. ' Mr. Larson was manager of Great Plains Supply Co. of Swea City and was a member of the Swea City school board for 10 years. He was a World War II veteran and received the purple heart and croix de guerre. Survivors include his wife, Mary; three sons, Dtiafie, a student at South Dakof^a State University of Bf cokings, S. D.: Craig, a student at Iowa State, Ames; and Bruce at home; a daughter, Marlene at home; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Larson of Swea City and two sisters Mrs, A. j. McCoy of Decatur, 111. and Mrs. Frahcis Torino of Swea City. •LOCALS' Craig Espe, ten of the Milton Espes of Whittcmore, spent the Thanksgiving holiday with his parents. Craig is •a student at the U of I. The Espes were guests Thanksgiving day of their son and wife, the Brian Espes at Wino- fia, Mirm., where ftfawi is i senior at Wifiona State fetcfe «rs College. Barb fculdMh, Deoortih, was ateo a gUett Mr. and Mrt. Bill IfMflfct* one* and girls spent Thuifcl* giving day at Gatt wttti h«r aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mf*, Andrew Peterson. They bf&> ugM Mary Christopher, Odd- fie>M, sister of Mrs. Ebenfotch* or, back to spend the weekend with them. Celebrate* Pastor A. R. Weed of Orient recently celebrated his 90th birthday and his 69th wed* ding anniversary. Health reasons brought to a close 52 years of faithful service be- lli nd the pulpit in 1964. 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