Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1967 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1967
Page 2
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flljit' " *~ hnaoft SerfNiH Ckecks MUslU Wntans ratal THAIN4 IN i^-i-* *•*. Ifcwsirii* f*M> at taint «*J 1"« tefcea 9B» ejf Was tent. B«»- <3$tt of toe m* ¥<*fcer Uae be oaoxic the txin«c about hit *$ it pecwtaai letter, tow* «f fltaro tnore fe*er- ifl WrfteBg dtewsr i&aa fag fffiae pw Wtoetxw ihgir **re«*e *t*u*Jty tout Mac to* $ * *n00<t gMeMfaso bwi It- certainty doesot te&p, My & OKMB Mwrttsou Star, Jtow «»M Mr, beat hfcs of Tbe Comedian^, tKwr stowing at the GtyfosT to Mwane»> jwSis, 'jmfcRse* Sfoe wfosXte paint and ptoegs mtptoasfo us SS»e wrong places, ffis r«fer«oce to Bidjami Burton and E8tz»' fogfito Tayfar a* ""wteis names", u fruiting * JSttlte Hbe macmficajQit maoo«r in i (foe fiitn portrayj the (he terakw i»J Ml- peoftc of Utoe pr««ent jiteuation, Woniaoo towas JMs off tB^U Jy, arad fcrfuw ito reswttdle the Wbart are we reviewing — the as 1 it Ms mntrfet about Btirton's — hit irnanoer, his fuse pa tettor a week So Haiti agi>-4<K)g before "'Pa- "*. After aJl,, isn't Bart' he cacuai man* he portrays bis I didn't «ee or that lac* of vttatity in Taming of the fihrew— in fact,, I tboUjght he pas unusually virte in that particular rote, CertaBnly there was no "ettrnwHions" or Jack of "twfcaterous soergjes" that f could note in Taming of the nuiK. t> BL x&tKnA. Itey s»33M eo Ms* tl- 4tt A ^B _j BCT Brtssaw BPOUJ Duwjinw IMI-* vfid^ OcAtfiAisjr A£n fUVlvftol ifi York «a Jficwtsnbef 4, by flfee flitAtKU <n •PfttJaacn, $$fw York £tad Stoe Dwra'Wodtoitfe* of •BlafjiutdL they an- to ttue Paul and swen tfeeo ifee atmosphere of Hfoe was charged wfth Tors* ao<J mystery, Our THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPE imbolmcft and! Fvntf 01 Dtr«ctoft "^''^^a^PW •* Fwnarol May •• t*forr«d To Us Wfffi Confioonc* Mionoi ffNTON Stf-tTM UNOSTfO S44.10M •44-1001 •44-1*70 B«t to j^jt hack to the CX»f iv edaains. Before I «aw the picture in Minnftapoiw, I thought perhaps Burton's love scenes wftb hiiffi wife Khix mistress in the pkAureD would be routine and lacking fire. Exactly the opposite wo» true. Burkin made violent and pansionate to Liz and one apparent' it, cast was outstanding — wfltfj Ff>rd, Ustinov, Gish, Guinnes; Morrison gave them a abort paragraph. True, the picture xas overly long — rnoM. fwttures are, and could easily be conriensed into a two hour »how, but the "Spark of Life" wasn't missing — not in my hook, Thai about takes care of tho mtuation, Mr. Morrison will probably never see thus wvkrw ami rno«t likely couldn't care lew but 1'H get MY "2 cent* worth" in too, Getting down to the local level, I hope you don't mi»» Dr, Zhivago — another "long- SPOKANE, Wash. — Staff Siwxeant Oavfd J, Williams, utm of Mr, and Mr». Joe T, Williams of BarJCTWift, I«wa. hs« played an irnpontant part in gaining top A5r Command (SAC) for his wniil, the 92- rwJ A»rfxjrjtii« MiKJiJIc Mainfarnt awe S<j(uadron, Fairdiild AFB, V/ash. _ &er%iMtii Witt'tamx is ,;j missile sysiLwns arralyjft with 3 flight line b-rarjcrh team which received an "«»eeJk'nt" rating frorn SAC"» maink'nance «tand- ardi%ati«n evaluation team. The xenzeant n a graduate of St. John's High School, Hte wife, Stella, is the daughV; ter of Mr. -and Mrs. Melvin Skramstad of 2 191h St- WW,* Alinoi, N, T5, The couple was married in 1062 and are parents of their first child, a ton, •born Sunday, Uov. IS, The little lad weighed 7 Jbs,, 13 ozs. Above, S. Sg«. Williams cheeks over the engine of an air-to-ground missile mounted on a B-52 that just touched down from an all-night flying mission. '/y///y//y r //w^//w le" but well worth the effort. At $1,50 its a bargain. Be sure to see it. The third in the Cinema Art series, Breathless, i« scheduled for Wednesday the 29th. Following are a few comments from the criiiix: "A couple of rnurkey days in the lives of two erratic young lovers. In frenetic fashion the nerve tattering contacts of the lovers, their ragged relations with the real of the world, subtly convey a vastly complex comprehension of youth that is Join our nom FEEL REALLY HO-HO-HO' NEXT YEAR! ; SAVE 50c to $10 weekly for 50 weeks in our Christmas Club... have up to $500 for jolly, bill-free spending this time next year. Checks mailed in time for early shopping. Join up now! Convenient Passbook Savings This it th« best all-around tavinat plan for ovarybody — th« btit way to hav« monoy •vailablt whtn you naod it ... th* b*»t way to build small lurm into Urg«. Dividend* ar« p«id twico • year. Put any amount into yovr •ccount ., , any tint*. HOME FEDERAL i Savings & Loan Assn. AH Afftunlf Fully Iniurtd t* f 1$,QQO Save From The 15tb — Earn from The 1st IINCE if 17 -^ AUOONA, IOWA 0*4 PAiliOOK IAVINOS ANO MAOHTH INVfiTMiNT CfHTIFICATIS AwoupU Iflwred up to 115,000 by ¥ eder»l Savings and Loan Insurance ConwaUor WyiriDec.3 tbe Sa«rei Heart Patitfo ot rd SB barring an Open aft that ttotarch on Smtia- tfct, *, firtjan J^» maiiii 4, . Dritt be (boojodedl Mae efettreh fWKSjwr and <fee oS«tfoe«kai faa'lftitei, there 'be penam on jaaod 80 am* ' AMY (AHT**) ^ Am* frf*- ate fin* da* Nab* A. Woofeanl, M, *fid* pamiU are the iCtton R. Dettraan*. Aa^hHiA t^a^^l^Mti Mb^^a^k ^^.^^j^^i atJkM tttfiiig with fee 4th Aflftofcd DilliiiMl b*M Grtf* etwfsAf 1 ,, GcfiiMfly, Oct. 30. Hcs, and {dttfef foefolMMi of Ifae diriakmV 2nd Brftaftoo* 78lh Ar&Uety, wiH Peceire weapon* trainiAf under " ttinditiom. ! WIRING i JUT ILICTHIC ••••••••••••••I home for a viiiil and diftuow.. The reset of Jfee wedc wac <peot at IXM& iwAVliijftdfi . f&jKfaff. ai- The Wwrtonans Ml riwedl bosne Wedtoenday, White in G-ennsny, wtenc JJaey visited aft. .the Jobn Wontman hwroe "Ihey abo spraKt much Jime „ They also visited ownmunM cwuniries, Eart wfoeie three days speni and also three days in .Prague; Czechoslovakia. They also enjoyed a, drip to the Bri- li»h Isles; England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Bo »uro to romombor tho ZETA XI SOffOMITY BAZAAR Doc. 2, 9 a.m. to 4:X) pjn. Amoricon Logion BviMing Afl inviSatiwa it (extended to everyone is Ifee area •• and suy^ wwndfjug tawm to aJtend. -tMixfa wjjj be served ditring 4toe 033*0 feotoe. Servicemen •••MMMM SATURDAY — M*tiM* •» 2 p.m. — fvtninfl I p.m. Svnfey — fetter* *t 1:JO — 5:00 -"1:30 MOW. A TUf$. —OM compltt* »h«wini *» • &•*»»' ADMISSION Adults — Evenings & all day Thursday & Sun, — $1*50 Saturday Matinee |L25 — Children (anytime) 75c No p*»M* honored on »hi» tngagbmtnt vagrant, disjoined, animalistic and doesn't give a damn for anybody or anything, not even itself. A fascinating communication." N. Y Times "It is far and away the moat brilliant, most intelligent and most exciting movie I have encountered this season. 1 am confident not only that it will survive the small burden of my superlatives but that it will be revisited almost in- atantly by many of Its viewers." —NEW YORKER MAG 1*11 see you at the theater next Wednesday evening. Heritage Home resident dies Funeral services are today, Wednesday at, 10. a.m. for Al- .be^.;T}ieodore Soren&m, 79 or •Bancrb'fty" v/ho died ;?Saturday, Nov. 18 at Heritag!" Nursing Home in Bancroft of an acute coronary thrombosis. Hev, Ed-win Bersagel, pastor of the Memorial Lutheran Church iri Pierre, So. Dakota will officiate at the services, with burial in Riverside Cemetery. Garry Funeral Home, Bancroft is in charge of arrangements. iMr. Sorenson was born August 5, 1888 in Wisconsin. The •family came to Iowa in 1960 urid to Kossuth County in 1965, He was married to Helen Long, who died in 1933. .He is survived by one daughter, 'Mrs. Kenneth (Ceorgiana) Brayton of Fort Dodge; and two sons, Robert Sorenson of Mason City and Merle Sorenson of Pierre, So. Dakota; also one sister, Mrs. Edna Nielson of Madison, Wise., survives! Couple celebrates 35th anniversary Grant: Mr. and Mrs. Ma'rcial Biirtolo of Led yard Grant township entertained friends, neighbors and relatives at an anniversary dance at -Hands Park Saturday evening, Nov. 18 in honor of their 35th Wedding ALGONA Starts Thvrtday THEY'I THEIRI .WAY! STOMPERS ...in the DEADLIEST CYCLE WAR ever waged! WtTM SEVENTH FLEET (OO1JO) USS WALKE (DO- 729) (FHTNC) NOY. 14 — Storekeeper Third Class Der- aid A^ Goetz, USN, son of the Albert P. Goetzes. Ledyard, tc aerviog aboard the destroyer USS Walke in the Western Pacific. While in the Western Pacific the Walke will be operating as a unit oC the U. S. Seventh Fleet The 2,200 too rfrip has a complement of 274 enlisted men and officers and is bomeported at Long Beach, Caif. ^^ WINNER OF 8 ACADEMY AWARDS! OHKHA ARTS FU FESTIVAL WfDNESOAY —MOV. Ttth AT • FJM. " These characters are undeniable. They are ^ as accurate delin- * " eat ions of social phenomena as were Scott Fitzgerald's loose lipped sports of It is powerful shocking and realistic!" s^is ACARLO PONTI PRODUCTION DAVID LEAN'S FILM OF BORIS PASTERNAKS DOCTOR /Ili\;\< -O GERALD1NECHAPUN • JUUE CHRISTIE -TOMCOURTENAY ALKGUHNES8 • SIOBHAN McKENNA • RALPH RICHARDSON OMI«SHARFi«^ SOOMfUVBT CnBCCnOBT I ROBERT BOLT- DAVID LEAN INPAN*VISION-ANDMETBOC<H.OB Algona Theatre :•'>« *'.'j| 'M DODGE CORONET Whatever your reason for buying a car, you'll find it with '68 Coronet. Family-size Good looks. Comfort. Performance. Economy. Or luxury. Customize it any way you want it. Your choice of 17 colors, 7 great engines, 14 models and 73 options Yet its most irresistible feature is the price tag those Good Guys have placed on Coronet. Very low, in the best Dodge Boys' tradition. Htrt if wbtrt tfct «urt lit PEWff AL MOTQIS, INC. Me 10. fHlttin §T.< A409NA, IOWA See AFL Football Sundays on NBC. ChecK your local listings for exact time and station.

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