The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on July 23, 1977 · Page 79
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia · Page 79

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 23, 1977
Page 79
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v FOR SALE WSI5fiHOM" AC H I N l??SS ITS 1121. 1 Crystal la Peter. htm. tit $47$. YAMAHA Organ. DK40, , ! manual, A1 rend. tl '00 707 1141, a n. 0)9 1844. Clothing ARCTIC Walf-lacket. nir ntw. w-w. iuprb cond, value 4 1 . fi auu o.n.o. aSti.V eno aun. only, "aVn'Sr... "AL. NEW and travel goads, tic. ctmt to On. ..".'..."'sJa ''"' '" Parri. matt Rd, Petersham, $6$ $096 "rfmSISZ J""" USl8 CLOTHING. Household Cooai boujht tod Mid. Tanner. 137 moairn, use tno Th Thrift Shop, IIS Victoria St., Potts Point. 358 101 9. a ".! lull, in at. SunPex I JKV . ...hocoiate nvr. win tan .or nir.!.:'.4" WMWOI SIreet. Dairlinahupat TAILOR! MADE Sulta riraitrii. exports (rem no MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS MUSICAL' ,1 INSTRUMENTS i . Y 1 WANTED I ' TO UY . . . LANDIS MUSIC 40 Perk ItrMt, Sydney. 26 $613. II 1(41. tionea By experts orge. 4(0 Pitt St (nr. Central WEDDING Deb., i mald Gown". Ja JlrSiJ117 "47 "Our. ,5'NP B0W?. ' '2) with $60. 79 8272 WEOOING DRESS and vtlt. Be.utl w' t',"!'"-. JI,I.J?. Olaponal WEDDING brail, elegant illk Va' i'f fnd " veil. 't JUS;.'"- A"'9366 aft. hri. cleaned ii.h.5,'.. " ' M"" 400. Rata, I prict 62750 "?1J n,,cl' "'""td. pin-' V?i"stVf n,,,el"n9 ?'NO D"s- .w. onion muri lata, wnn long sat n r r a r"T SALE! SALEI SALE! folkl. have a look at the deals that we are going to offar lust to oat a beaut ntw organ into vour homo tod aw and havo veu olevina tonight. MARSHALL'S ORGANS Wallactwtv Shepolna Ctntrt, Mtio Strati, Chatswood. Ph. 41 1 378$. COM! TO CHATSWOOO SHOP TOOAV, 1 P.M. Till I p.m. And buy a WURLIT2ER ORGAN chtaptr than inyont tut In thll ntwipaptr will olltr It to you. tXSXXL WTRUMENTS ORGAN SALEt Hundrtdi of dol lara dltcount On ntw and trade-In organs. 20 $327, . a h. ORGAN Wurlltier 170" FuTT auto., p,us rnvtnm, coat aiatg, IB tall (.ream. 27 1022. 1710 ORGAN HIRI. 19 wk.. Iraa lea sons gt your homo, Hemmpnd ORGAN. Yamaha IICR. auto. rhvihni, 2 44-nott kybord, $7io (Now mdaoia now ii650). 419 34 82. (( unanawarad 41 6121. ORGAN. Hammond olactronlc' Jouajar 74., ai naw. tun un-er warranty. Ny prlca 600, will ai for $i50 o.n.o. ORGAN Hammond T312. oarfact tanoinon, pvtiuiirui ion, pull nevooaro. Lasita tpoaktr, naiuc ftiV(.1ailt"r ORGAN Conn Thaatratto 552, nv, n pnonot, appi Muile. whaou tor i Inc.. S3t00. 2t 882 LEG AL NOTICES In tha luprmo Court of Naw South Walot. Probata Dlvlaion. APTIR 14 days from tho pub. Ileation of thli notica an appK cation for Probata of tha will datirt March 8. 1978 of R09IRT ANGUS WILSON 11 10 Of 07 Brlckwharf Road. Woy Wov da- caaiad rotlrod drivar will ba mada by Ailco Cladvt Wltion axecutrlx namad In tha laid will. Creditors ra raqutrad to tend oartlculari of thlr rialmi uoon hla fit art to CUTLIR. HUGHES A HARRIS, so ic tan. IB Barrack Ktraet. Svonay, (U.A. 40 svonav), after 11 fiava from tna dudht aton of thla notica an application Mr WrttbMtm at lha will attmtt t Tiber 3 1474 Of CONSTANTINI i(.ai.uariAi lata or jo Ktmp; Avenut, Matraviiio in tna 5 tat a or NSW.- waoei Accountant, de- ceatod will bo mady bo Olmttrl Scardanaa, Executor namarf In the said will. Cradltori ara rooulrad! to tand oarticuiara mi thair cuimi LAUNCHES, YACHTS, MARINE ENGINES COLE 7.i iaa o" JhU tttata to Mauri Hit-l',,";, J".!llARS, soiiclton. 1(1 Iilaabath rnoln, til c,rM,, Sydnty, N S W. 3000. Ttl. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AT AlIX IRITTON'S. NIW ORGANS from S7SS. YAMAHA. CONN. KAWAI. GUL0RANSIN. JORGEN. Learning coupst and .HEADPHONES INClUOfO. Wl ntgotlal Caih Dtali. ALtX RRITTON MUSIC SHOPS. Shop! 2-3, Croltl Avo, HuASTVIlll. 579 3139. .Shop 7, ttvllltl Arcadt, IS Main St (opp. Rly. stn.1. IACKTOWN, 621 1006. KIMBAll ORGAN rhaaptr than wo havt tvtr elftrttf bt'ort. ma. Today I lilt SI 90S. . Modtl 300. Rttail prlct $1(99. Today'! la It SI 39. PIUS 12 monthi' ouaranttt on labour and parti. PLUS 3 months' Irtt prlvatt Individual Itnoni, ORGAN. Full.llla Rioo. IMIlt lMr, mrc. January 30. comolt. APTFR 1t itivi frnm ihm null. Mlcatln of thla notlrt an aoollcaron nimmwH.iof prooata Of Ihg will dattd it. Drr. i.n....u in , . voltti, Includina Marimba, Xvlo- kURT latt of Maridan Houit. Phono, guitar, harp tut., ttt.. Woodbarry Vlllagt. Wlmton Hllll rhythm unit. Tw 61-nott man. dtraaird will ba madt by Ian Sin. uali. IS "l. t,.'Vi-,!t""ln c,,lr Hun t.ecutor namad In tha l'..0!1,.-15400, 914 S2S' ""id will. Cradltori ara raoulrad to ORGAN Kawal E90AK, 6 mnthtjupon hli rltata to Mtlirl HUNT oid. automatic, oaraain at aiauo w iuni, solicitor, aa carrington 0.0.661 2650, , Strttt. Svdnty. 2000.. Phont ; iavu ion. PIANO REMOVALS !.,," 'aa.7.?.1i"TTjr!T.5 profaai onai Tranioon ana i : liArin. frM auatai. anvllmt. 604 7740. 727 9S26. PIANOS pianola. 4llwiirw- HOUSC. 303 Chaotl (ankttown. 707 1666. OUR GREATEST SPECIAL YET. IOWRIY Modtl H2S.3. Thll Brt.ownad organ la tha blooact that Lawrw hitllrf. In iIiia. lutelv ftrit clan condition, purchased lait ytar, but dug to hoipi talnatiorLjnuit bt sold as soon as pottibit. CURRENT RETAIL PRICf. $12,600. ' SAll PRICI S6900. Polkt. thit arlra la (h.ina, than tha ualna I ,,M afford to takt a trada-ln,, I will bt happy lo (rran'gt linanct at low Inttrtit ratts. 2 P.M. to P M. TODAY. COMI TO OUR MONA VAll SHOP. SHOP 23, 6UNGAN COURT, MONA VALE. Ph. 997 3934. 7 Pianos to chooso from. $99 to IS9S. All stcond hand, all working, furthtr Information call CHRIS MARSHALL at homt. Woman, Otctaiod. Probata orant ed by Supremo Court of Naw ouh wl-s on 14th July. 1977. PURSUANT to tht Wills Pronatt and Administration Act 1898 Main. Of In. YruttM Art 192S.1942) John Henry Charltl With and Ivy hahtlla Cox tht Enacutort of tha Will of tha laid Charlottt With who died on a-jro rnav, ivir, nertoy givt j , a,o ,,.nni Anmininraiion Art ''. u,e.,iJr0mVM- r,.lnttl (Testator's Pamlly " !?!. .iYJ'' uiicir enanct and Guardianship PIanu. modern, upright. I ,AM. aoafl aat Vtai. PIANO, small Iron Irame. good; notlrt that creditors and others order. $250. Phono 660 7276. ihavlnq any rlaim against or to PIANO. VICTOR, suit ntw piano tht Eitatt of tht said deceased buyer. $950. 646 1039. lart rroulred to tend particulars PIANO. Bralt. meoium siie.ior rnir claims rne aaio avr Comprador Marine Pty. Ltd PROUDLY ANNOUNCE THE AVAILABILITY OF THE PIIREGLASS PRODUCTION VSHSION9 Or PBIBR SUtCtsaaui, "NANTUCKET" HALF-TON CRUI6ERRAC6R and "COLE 35" THREI-QUARTIR-TON CRUISERRACER. IOTH OP THESE OUTSTANDING YACHTS HAVE 6EIN OISIGNID IN THE FINE COLE TRAOITION AND ARE BEING 6UILT WITH IMS WILl-HNOWN LRAr 1 1M AN atll P OP Triton Boat Co. Pty. Ltd. "NANTUCKET" 1$ AVAILABLE In fully fitted vartlon, orovldlnt a fina crultlni layout with moulded fibres last head Knar and shower. to Hat module, full teak lurnlture. lea box, chart labia, d) net to, accommodation for 7, complete witn cufnioni, not ana cota preiiuro water, lull aiectricai. puinpit, puliplt, Ilia linos, deck fHtlnos, 9 winches, spars, standing rigging and running gear, 2 headsatls and mam sail, sheets, wheal steering and LAUNCHES. YACHTS, ftlAKIINK KNGINES ADAM 10 Motro. Tht VocM Aultralla has haan waitlna In. Parrormanct and comfort In this amajmg 33ft sloop. Form 611.956 ready for rip. Insoect S7 s.apeiR.6, Tna 6pii 20 h i lukh Olestl. PRICE 639,600. Alio available at lock. up stage Including hull, deck, fibregtaii neadiiner with wiring loom concealed, ail bonded together rudder and tiller, chalnpietts, kttl, totraiis, hatchtl, windows and mooring cicats all fitted. PRICI 617.600. As above with 20 h p. lukh Oltstl PRICI 6,22.416, "COLE 35" For 916 9637 AMP Music ban, 45. H J, as now, S6S0 o.n.O. 969 9917. ANYONE CAN BUY my 3 wtekt oio Maawin orum Kit lor 627S. Ill 9DOS. ACCORDION, Italian. 120 bass, good order, S2S0, 631 9837. AMPLIFIER, Imlnar P A, 6 Chan.. 100 r.m.s.t 2 lot. 5tt, spraktr WW, COIC IIH9U, stll abdu. Brand new, 27 1022. AMPLIFIER HH combo guitar amp. 4 chtn., 100 r.m.s.. Celt 6960, sell 6560. Never uied. Pn. 27 1022, THE ORGAII ST0P, innMrfl line. ,7SO. M 5860 PIANO, Iron frame, good cond. S175 on.o. Pn. 649 9036. PIANO for sale, good cond. 6270. Ph. 437 6721. PIANO ACCORDION. Elect., In. tors Co E H. TEBBUTT SONS, solicitors, aa p'tt S'reet. Sydney, on or before the 2&th Caotembar. t77, at the evolution of whlrh time tne said axtrtitors win dis. tribute the a nats of tht said de ceatad to tha naraona entlflari eluding aowatt amp. near new.mavinq regard only to tht claims Firit to set win ouv. priv, aaie. or wnicn tntv men nave notica Ring Owner, 624 1047. DATED this JO'h day ol lulv. 1977. P. H. TFBRUTT A ICINI PORtAlLl ORGiN. (Ko i rnanJSd'Icltors. 82 Pitt Street. Sydney. tall 4370. Bargain COME IN AND COMPARE ORGANS BANJO Aria, gold plated, pearl! inicr. niy uio iw noun. oar Oaaln Oriro tlQO ACI 3 T AH RAEX baas speaker cabinet, one Conn. HflmiTIOnH NatinriJal WtilclAn 15 Inch. 120W. Etone. 1200. w.. . aaaviiaaia aewiaawil rn.. c-ron Pn ?7 1 ail PIANO, Stack I F, racond.i (560 o.n.o tat stua. PIANOLA. 1927. Gtrman Strad. rosewood ana stooi, natas nee Inwi 709 3111. PIANO, Carl E hitch. rt- cono.. bnaulirui tone, uroeni aaie. S00 o n o 199 Slat. 399 6904. PIANO. German, AI, 6140. Ph. S9 6149. PIANOLA, lealt. reconditioned stool, i out. delivery etc at man. DX 149 Sydney. AFTER 14 days front tht pub llcatlon of thli notice an apoll cation for Probate o( trft Will dated 2fith Fabruarv. 10SQ at CCCIU WILLIAM SCHARTL late ol 4 streatflald Road. Ballevue Hill. Englnenr. dtceated will be made hv Phyllis Maude Srhartl EaecutrlK named In tht said Will. Creditors are required to send eart -u ara at thlr r a ma iinan h S Estate to ROBERT LLOYD A 6595. ao'ri'ort aa -"irn street, Avalon Beach. 91a 3721 BECHSTEIN. action firtt clasl, brilliant tone, fair price, negoti anie. Ph. 36 7505. BASS GUITAR, Baldwin, as new. 3 plckuos, 6350 o.n.o. 631 5086. CHURCH Organ, with Mown Presbyterian Church. MarouDra. Phone 349 1312 Best o"er CLARINET5, Booiev and Hawkes. symphony model. No reasonable oner reluted. 816 1834 CONN PRELUDE. 16, 8 and 4ft flutes, string oboe and many more stoos. Leslie sneaker. rhythm unit. show cnurn ana pare, voices. A bar. gain at only S'400 on.o. 451 3160. a h. 918 2230. CLARINEIS7air of ImpeTiaTllf A grant Inst. In as new cond. complete with case and acc. Ph. 407 235S. Any time. CELLOS and VIOLINS for sale (044) 69 2417. CONGOS, Star, 8 months old. 12m and loin. Exc. conn. S2&0 Must sell. Ph. Neil, 42 2829 O New, traded-ln and deme. models. AT LIVERPOOL ANO BURWOOO NATIONAL Spinet and console organs with many exciting features. Legendary reliability and unbeatable value. CONN There Is a noticeable difference. Console and Soinet organs in stock. HAMMOND. Several models now on display. WELSON For budgct'Priced organi. TRADE-INS. Worthwhile livings on many current models. Organs. Weil known brands. THE ORGAN STOP 28 Railway St. Liverpool. 602 4120. 52 Burwood Pd. Surwood. 747 4 J5S. Always trying to do the right thing PIAMcV warv aid Imaarteal Car. AFTER 14 dava from the ouh. man Holstem. -iron frame, very llcatlon of this notice an aooll good condition. Pn. (047) ration . frr Probat ol the will 4 190 datd 11th lulv. 1974. of DORO. PIANO. Yamaha, as new. French'TMV DAWSON late ol Believue c-brlola lrn. S'000. 84 1101 Hill, widow, deceased, will be P A. SPEAKERS 2 Tvger Brag made by Peter Oscar Ramsay PA. Boxes. 2 Altec 421A ISn. Evecutor namad In the said Will soeakeri. i Altec alia Horn crrnnnri a'e reouiren to seno each. Exc. cond. 61600 pair. Ph.'Partlcufare of their claims 'upon 30 7190 hr E-a-" to Messrs FREFHILL. f- HOLLINGDALE PAGE, Solicit- PIANO ACCORDI AN. Scandalll.i5rno x flV s.dnii 129 bast, with variation kes.,J0 DX 361 Sydney, urgent salt. 1. 50 Corunnt Rd.',,, A'"".1.,. ?'yijLa" JT stanmore an day saturdav, or "-r:'X" '.' ',"' ", .I." uiVii phone 221 2599 ext. 2 business hours. i cation tor probate of the Will dated 1 3th November. 1961 of WILLIAM MAROUN BOWLF.S , latso known as WILLIAM MA-GTman. full workino onnai nnuuicc .i o.nn ....Tic - !". "". .Street cooian. deceased will be PIANO, alty'l German, new key- made by Edward towards execu. i? .tor named In the said Will. , Creditors are renuired to send rticulars of 1-e r r aims nonn PIANO. board. lovely ii I I vsrti . 142 7a"2. tone. 750 3786 IS AVAILABLE In fully fitted vtrslon providing a 6na cruising layout with moulded nbregiass htadllner and shower toiltt modulo, full teak furniture, let box, chart tablt, dintttt, accommodation lor 9, complete witn cushions, noc ana coia pres.ur water, lull electrical, pusnpit puliplt lift lints, deck flttingi, 11 wlnchel. iparl. itanding rigging and running gear, a neansaiia tno main sail witn Sheets, wnttl atttf and 20 h p. luklt Oltstl. ALUMINIUM GIVEAWAYS l ra i nriraucis. rtOMBBUSHi Gtnulnt Quality Producta. 6 Trlmcraft, with 2 h.i Maringr, 5565 ntw. Dep. 657. ..12' Trlmtralt, with Vlctl 10' Trlmcraft. unealnted, $326 Compieta 3.6 Marlntr, oars ttc, 6650. a. 12' " c,r,P- unpalnbad, now, De'Hav. Stab:rd. on trf., t h Mariner. 11620 new. Daa. 11 Used Brooktr VI 2, on trallor. Croat buy. Homobulh. $450. Used Brooker V 134 runabout, on in., as wnnr., ., aioaa, Ntw Yanket designed lund 14 runabout, on trailer, 20 n.p, mariner, tieccric, nuge saving, 62790. 16 Lund Centre Console Sea Striker, the best equipped fishing poet anywnere. price a'Pwa. 1. f). U.ulflanrf np.h... trl.. 2$ h p. Marlntr, $2650, Dtp Dt Havllland Norseman, 16 n.p. rviarintr, on ui, Grtat Buy, 61940. Used Trlmcraft 14, on trl., 33 31 Parramatta Rd.. HOME6USH. ro aauo. upon 7 pays. Wa will not bo undersold. GEORGI MOTTLE PRICE 659.500. Also available at lock-up stage including hull, deck, headllnar with wirina loom concealed, all bonded tooether. rudder and tiller. champiaies. kttl, totraiis, hatches, windows and moorlno cltata all unto. PRICI $24,600. At abov with 20 h p. lukf) Dl.ttl PRICI $29,160. CONTACT COMPRADOR MARINE PTY. LTD., Gary Appltby, Ph. 630 6600 bus., 634 5166 A.M. Triton Boat Company Pty. Ltd. (24 2771 (US. AT CAMMBRAY MARINER If you art thinking or buying or Belling a boat coma and talS to Pettr Hallttt this wttktnd we nave many power Boats and sail Hated below art lust FT 31 Compass Yacht ii Motor aallar 39 South Stat 35 Gaff Riooep 28 Cruising Sloop 45 000 10 SOO ig.vso 14.000 9.79a olfera 4 too MERAV MARIMtD 4S Cftsp Irntf A wak C apnesnatpsisai 909 1062. 90 4791 29 Oufor a ton 29 FoU boat dletel 2fi Rob Mlllsoi 1a tnn 22 $ wan ion with cabin JOHN PINNOCK'S 427 VICTORIA ROAD. GLAOESVILLE. WHIRLWIND MARINE 89 3817 Top Brands Right Price Caribbean RIGS. ALL NEW 23tt. CRUSADER Sports. VS Mtrcrulttr, 2 1M. REEFRUNNER. V6 Mtrcrulttr. 1 Btt. BARON Halt-cab.. 85 h p. trim Bvlnrude. Trlr. Hit. CATALIN A R about. B5 h p. Trim Evlnrude. Trailer, Boats 13.400 11.900 17 900 ab.srjo 17H. CRESTCUTTER Half-cab., 70 h p. Trim Evlnrude, Trlr, $5,700 u n-p. avinruoe. irir, ja!"! wi i'scff. MH V RECORDING STUDIO, before you nedah 'JPn. ICY r ).) record vour next demo. taoe. city Aoents Messrs MINTER s.nale or album check out ourlMP'OM S. CO., sor'-'ors n 66 modern, air-condltloned facilities pm stret. Sydney (DX. 117). kananora Audio Productions.. AFTER 14 da-s from tne r-uh. 610 6814. t) il-atlnn of thli notice an aoollra. RITt'HIE RlACKMODE plavs On "'on for oroba'e of tha Will dated PIC4.TO STRINGS. Tht Sound ot 11th Julv 1460 of JESSIE BEAT. " -r-s. a nice joreca iae or Miranda Nurslno Home. 268 Port Hackino STEINWAY 9ft Grand. Rosewoo-f. ' "'.. Miranda In the State of 17 It. CCUGAR R about. 16 It. CAPRICE Halt-cab.. SS h.p. Evinrudt. Trlr. ion. sArAHl ts apoui. 50 n.p. evinruoe. inr. 1 3ft. SANDPiPtR, Han-cao., as n.p. avinruoo, Trir. ALL NEW REGISTERED ENGINES FITTED. S4.900 64.700 54.600 64.300 Evinrude Outboards ALUMINIUM M AIT. sun ',-ionner or simnsr, in 2 Ples. Used once. $1,000 o.n.o. AGENT$ f57 Hc3ct Cat f7. lumbia. Caribbean. Do Havllland. Savagt and Johnson. .... . u pOWBR. 19ft Halnts, 86 Evinrudt $4730 22tt Marlntr. 16$ V" S,C $1J.9$0 28ft Savage. twin . S.nriar , $38,500 30ft Mariner, twin I0""". c," ...(SO.OOO a6 v ui mufti, twin 1 V LAUNCHES, YACHTS, MAKINE tlNCIIMfcS EC3 HOLMES AT THE CY C. Compass 28. ntw vacht. Miir illieo ssv crown. itagg, 420.000 Compass 28. 611.000 Compass 29. 122 000 lwiwii aw, piv.auo Space Sailer 24, tndeavour 30 wanson 32 Special 30 cruls. Hoop Gritlln Whlrlsgnd Serendipity In f.g. Bonekrldge 27, $anuna 22 Jog 24. Prlmaat 24 Inpro 21 ttchell 22 rolta 33. . . puncanson 34 Colo 3$ 7? Tha Sydney MotTm HotW, Saf, JuTy 73. 1977 7f LAUNCHES, YACHTS, MARINP ENGINES Colt 32 last 24,'$00 $2S.00Oi B46.000 OOO 000 17BOO 13.000 S4S00 11.750 34.000 800 00 000 637.000 631,000 OAT PLANS. GET book BUIID-A-BOAT No. Over 8011 rraft i,earr!ha Illustrated. Ply steal, f bregiais, . . swan, wnvwicn 62 60 posted or call. Inspect P'ena, auiiu-a.aua w. ra Anoeraon wood, 20(7, Phono 41 tan, inspect i(ii$6. OAT Trailers, best quality, law LAUNCHES, YACHTS, -! MARINE ENGINES est prices. 57 $139, (22.0 .4s,U llo 645 0 ast Coast 31 Miliar 14 POWER CRAPT 36ft Moonraker twin Ptrklnt 81 13.000 lUff Palrmlla stsya flon 3311 Irackan with dlesel $32,000 32ft G.G. Special $60,000 aort twin o ese cruiser 139.000 23ft Huntsman llybrldB 620.000 a 1 ri sisnorq s.runer liao.uga 32ft Halvorsen Vlkino Cruiser q tnn orc uitsti (.ruistr, 6 10.000 Foe further detallo ne In. soectlon ring 32 (991 or call pown ana set bod at tna c.Y.c. Ntw Btach Road, Oarllng Point, rinance available 10 Approved Clients. . Please note: Our office clostd on Sundays, ALUMINIUM OIVEWAYS UICK M ILLS Na MARINE, PARRAMATTA. LOOK. 12 ft. Aluminium Boata. Mr. .r 1 .. L - v P"r cent pit aimiiar oranoa. ONLY $350. Hurry, ttockg weighs only 9616. will not latt, PACKAGE DEAL, Two llfelackets. roofs, anchor ears and rowlocks, with fsmous a'a n.p. vicia jec powered by 12sr motor Inrorooratlno via atart. No exposed propeller, sale ir cnuuren, ease 01 uso, ONLY $543. Or IBS deposit and 11 weak. Iv (over 30 months) to approved buyers. DICK. MILLKRS MARINE. 11 Daklna St.. Nth. hirriiniNa (30 6061. 630 6061. OP(N 7 DATS, Volvo 113 H.-top, $20,000 $6760 macu'ate. Further details. W. G'bbs. Grand Piano Special. 1st. 645 1039. Rogers 12 piece DRUM KIT. complete with Poiste cymbals. Double base, an traps, plus siooi. cxc. cono. siouu o.n o 690 2977, Rut. tin. Ron. i - DRUM kit, black Ludwlg Super i.iaiti, i remenoo'JS tounn Zildlan cymbals. Only S350. PhoneOOjMseS; DRUM (6) Peari. excellent condl. lion. S500, or offer. 960 2679. COME TO ELVY'S THE PIANO PEOPLE SINCE 1863 Insoect 4 floors of Keyboard Instruments. PIANOS ELECTRIC Piano. WurtHtxer. S6S0 (N P. $1100) and Solina String Ensemble. S900 (N.P. $1 200). Ph. 699 9103. Surry Hill a FENDER Stratoca&ter, $450. 1 You thou I a find th olana of vour datirO at tha flrlco vou want to pay, UPRIGHTS and GRANDS. NEW and RECONDITIONED. Mton Fvrbvrd 11 OQ. 14 Fur nell St. Curl Curl. . FENDER Twin Reverb, amp.. 18 mthj, old. E-'cell. cond. S600 o n o. 6b1 S084. A FENDER B-ssman 100 speaker enclosure, 6 mthl, old. $500. . bag 57B7, atk for Alan. a) rOUR CHANNlL LottawattS CBGf 4 stereo disco unit, complete with built-in 125125 Watt pow er amp. witn z column speakers, Unit Is professionally made and has cueing raciiities on an Channels. Incl. t table lights, 2 mlc channels, tape input and line leva) output (lor recording), auto fade, auto duck, Gerard t stable. Compact, good looking unit In black vinyl finish. Full price; $1950. 412 4SS6, FENDER Stratocaster pre L Verier ex. cond,, 575. 55 7798. Outstanding value NEW CLASSIC MODEL at tha popular price or :. uy. Tha magnificent Avardwlnnlng KAWAI range from spinet console, so popular on the American market, to the European stylo ana (.onservaiorium upnonti ana granas. Agents tor BLUTHNER. CHAPPELL, MARSHALL A ROSE. DANEM ANN, RIPPEN. JOHN BRlNSMiAO. and STROHMENGER highest grade pianos with world acceptance. KAWAI ORGANS 4S- Designed to enable the beginner to olav pleasant pntertalnino music for relaxation and tniovment. Modtlt from 8670 to $3,000. You will havt fun with your KAWAI. Elvv's Teachina School Is oooratino to tnsura vou commanca with confidtnet. Our sptcial offers ara attractive. Recommendation Is tha mainstay of our business. R. H. ELVY PTY. LIMITED, 205 CLARENCE STREET, SYDNEY. 29 7222, 29 4760. (Between King and Market Streets). Parking available. FLYNN'S MUSIC for PIANOS AND PLAYER PIANOS. NEW. NEAR NEW or Craftsman Reconditioned. Buy from one Of the largest Piano Warehouses In Australia. Over 6000 so. It. fully stocked with Pianos. Players, Grands and Electronic Organs. FULLY GUARANTEED, TUNED AND SERVICED BY FLYNN'S MUSIC. 166 William St, Earlwood. 789 1688. 789 16SS. FLUTE AN6 CLARINET playIpT Mult sell. Suit collection at flutes end clarinets. Will separate. 977 5685. FENDER Twin, very good condition. S525. 74 97e9. FENDER. Rhodes, 73, brand new.! WE PROMISE YOU that after playing and or hearing a BALD. best offer. 26 5036. . IWIN GRAND PIANO, NO OTHER PIANO WILL SATISFY THE DIS- GUILD-COPY TAKAMINE GUITAR. CERNING PIANIST. Acoustic. 3 mths. old. Hard case. i2920'!'- 3J6,J27Si. We invite you to come and EXPERIENCE the THRILLING TONE GIBSON Copy Guitar. Studio rnod.lof , BALDWIN GRAND PIANO FOR YOURSELF. BEFORE YOU Perfect cond. S250. 569 8437. Sinrrmr U.I I n, uiHiuii, icu s.u.. PHONE OUR PRIVATE HOME SHOWROOM ON 631 7569 7 days till 9 p.m.) AINU WE 1.1, LET YOU TEST PLAY A BALDWIN UKANIJ WADSWORTH'S PROUDLY ANNOUNCE THE AVAILABILITY OP BALDWIN GRAND PIANOS! (Truly tht CONNOISSEUR'S Grand Piano) At played by LIBERACE. ERROL GARNER. OSCAR PETERSON. Burt Bacharach. Lawrence Welk. Dave Brueheck. George Scherrlno. Leonard Bernstein. Jose Iturbl, Jorge Burlett and MOST OF THE WORLD S GREATEST PIANISTS. BALDWIN GRANDS NOW AVAILABLE IN SYDNEY FROM WADSW0RTH MUSIC PTY. LTD. DAVIES PIANOS ORGANS Nrw Soih Waiea. W dow de 'eased will bo made bv Theima Beryl O'Donnell and Hate) Beatrice Grant. ExecMfrire. named In the said win. creditors are required to send oarticuiars of their claims tioon tni$ estate To Messrs. MAUNOER A JEFFREY, Solicit ors, 171 castiereagn street, Sydney. (DX272 Sydney). AFTER 14 davs from the oub llcatlon of this notice an aopiica tion for erohrita f the Will dAted April ii. oi wlORul WIL LIAM DUCKLEt lata nf Narra. been in the State of New South SYMPHONY KAWAI. Renowned names of quality. duality usually does. Yet vou.'V r.?uI1 hnvinO frnm m,,. - UT t . n, m save money buying from our FACTORY SHOWROOMS, FINE PIANOS and ORGANS THE PIANO CENTRE. 730 Botany Rd. Mascot. 667 3800 A H. 349 1400. Open Saturday morning. . ANNOUNCEMENT. Our thanks to Thls Day Tonight" for their TV coverage ot our SYMPHONY PIANOS. Wg still havt good stock, of1 SYMPHONY PIANOS I at most attractive prices. THOMAS Calltornlan 623. mths. old. Showroom cond. S2600. KWIK-PLAY MUSIC nuue. juj cnaptl ROad. Bankstown, 707 1666. THOMAS 2001. a months old. as ntw condition. Saara.aae ri.,i.n 7 r,Ki.. easy play features. Save $12od un new price, saauu o.n.o. 416 832S. a h. 918 2230. Winron htafcCtTtrtl THE THOMAS ORGAN PEOPLE. made br Florenca Johnson axeru trix named In the said Will. creditors art required to send nartirulars nf their claims tmon this estate to Messrs MAUNDER A IEFFREY. Solicitors, Of 17S casnereagh street, Sydnty, (0X777 Sydnty). AFTER 14 dtvt from tha pub-llcstion of this notice an appll. cat'on for Administration of the Estate ol JEAN AMELIA KEOGH late of Maytieid. married woman deceased will be made by Reo nald Oswald- Keoah tht widower ot the deceased. Creditors are re quired to send oartlculari or the r claims uoon her eitate to W. G. - CANN NGTON A SONS. Pro . I 'tors tor Administrator, 103 y;Tudar street. Him tnn. 7int n.X: 7843. Bv their Agents: DUDLEY WESTGARTH CO.. Solicitors. 39 Ma-tin Place, Sydney. 2000 D X. 133. after 14 days from tha publication of this notice an application for Probate of a copy of the Will dateif 2fith lune. 104fi ot JOHN JOSEPH COULDER late of Cronuna deceesed will be made oy Marione Evelyn taoulder Executrix named In tht said copy Will. Creditors art reoulred to send particulars of their claims uoon this Estate to MICHELL SILLAR A BROWN, Solicitors. 109 Pitt Street, Sydney, 2000. AFTER 14 days from nubile. atlon of this notice an application for Probate of the Will dated Sth juiy. 197a and rirsr codicil See our comprehensive range ,.Tra'. noTir-i aa eiieeam of new and uied THOMAS ,t?Z' f,.?',uot! URNS RtIO unuArss now trom a low S795,'.-1" ". w, w ratcommena. RODGERS CHURCH ORGANS From S7750 rec. ROOGERS THEATRE ORGANS, From $14,950 rec. tor will he made bv Joyce Alice Gordon Held. Malcolm Burnt Reid and Ian Dougiai Raid. Creditors are reauired to send oartlrtilara of their claims uoon his Estate to nsessrs All ken PLUCK. solicitors. 234 George Street. Svdnrv. 2000. O X. 178 AFTER 14 days from tht pub lication of tnn notice an apnll- cation for probate of th Will datnd 18th M'rrh, 1o?j ( THELMA GLADYS HERRING late of Ellrabnth Bay In te State heavy duty speaker boxes ......, JiT. k. 1... bu ..l.J enclosing 4 x 100 w. . 1 sln.i Chiri. ," M fK,n.l th. Mir:. "sTreet 'eha.t.'; fiSl" "l ''"ar named In -ha said Will. Marks Street. Chester Hill. -....i... ,re reoulred to send Oartlrulara rtt ,h.i. rlaim. Um. VIOLIN dealer, maker and re- her Estate to MARSHALL. palrer. pnilllp Burgess. 38 MARKS. OE7ARN AUI.D, A Chatswood. 330a Vic Ave, Hornsbv Plata. Warringah Mall. Hurstville Centra. Miranda Fair. 41 6151. 476 5S0S 938 2119. 579 5883 625 1032. 1 WO ALL NEW. SOME SUPERSEDED 1976, 2 h o. BRAND NEW 4 h p. BRAND NEW tho. BRANO NEW h p. BRANO NEW 15 h p. BRAND NEW 25 hp. Bit ANO NEW 25 h p. BRAND NEW 70 h.p. BRANO NEW SOME 1(77. 6210 Now Now Now Now NOW Now Now 5323 6499 S679 S776 S774 S774 Now $1864 SPECIALS TOO, ON BIGGER ENGINES. De Havilland Runabouts ALL NEW RIGS. 13ft, Da Havilland Mustang R about, 2$ h.p, Evln. trlr. sat, n. u.wlllan nrr.hnra B'ahour. 3, ha Evln.. trlr. ' These boats are compete with swivel teats, scrttn. steering, forward controls, manual atart angina, rag. trailer. $2250 $2830 ALL NEW REGISTERED ENGINE FITTED. Boat Trailers NEW 12ft. GAL. TILT. L. duty. Bin. wheels, winch. Ilohts. $232 13lt. GAL. TILT. L. duty. 8ln. wheels, winch. HohM. S239 14ft. GAL TILT, L. duty. Bin. wheels, winch, lights, $280 WITH lOln. WHEELS, EXTRA $40. $', DAYS. SPECIALS, TOO. ON BIGGER TRAILERS. WE WILL REGISTER TRAILER FOR YOU. CASH OR TERMS. Gorade Avenue, I 6235. Klrrawet. Ph. I JONES, Solicitors. 67 Castlereaeh . av Jireec. synn-y. m a.vv.. 4UU0. case. I4SO. ELLIOTTS. 240 Ella aheth .t. 911 1430. GUITAR. Fender. Stratocaster Olonde, Rosewood neck, Tremelo arm, immac. conomon. a mins. rj d. w th Fender casa and acces sorles. S650 o.n.o. Telephone 428 J959 evenings. lalBSON, LES PAUL CUalUM 20th anniversary edition, ntw with case. 1BQO. Ovation 1617, legend deluxe case, as new. $450. Phont otn- nis, 607 9710. GUILD M7S. solid body, excellent conomon, aauu. vo. GUITAR Amp. Yamaha 25 watt. Guitar Amp. Acrostic 140x125 watt. Guitar Amp. 60 watt. 5150. Speaker box Strsuss 4x12 E-tones. Bass Fender Music Master, exc. aound. Guitar Maton George Gol. Ian electric arch top. 651 1193. Clltfiu. LP custom, wnite hntlh. gd cond., urgent ilia, S800 o.n.o. 5 Little Cleveland St., Redfern. CnniliH Anlw GUILD. GUIL0. GUILD. Save hundreds of dollars , on tht magnificent FS0 EBL. prices! slashed on other modtls of Guild Guitars. strobtk Music. 509 pittwattr Rd, Brookvale. Ph. 936 3002. GIBSON laii lunar, only 1 In Australia, brand new. 26 5036. GIBSON, Fender, Guild, Ibanet. Ovation Guitars, Basses. Amps.. New and used. Over 60 guitars In; Jtocic. soma contctora items act arlra. In town. DAO AND ..DAVE MUSIC CENTRE, 174 Btlmore Rd. Rlvtrwood, . 534 3606, (Featured at tha OPERA HOUSE from July 29 to August 7.) viulins. lsli fts. Sum TZii 232 7000. D.X. 357 purchase anywhere. Ring New- aher ia -av irom tnt pun. castle 60 2417. llcatlon of this notice an apoll ! cation lev prnhat of the Will WURLITZER electric piano, good ISV-.v" .".u,r?:.. "f J?1 n 92 jS3. i Burwood Road. Beimore. Retired electric piano. lIGnnt'eman. deceased will be mane WURLITZER month Old, Immac. cond. 5875. by Peter ' SaTnloa. one 29 819S i Executors namd In the said vvif WURLITZER 80S as new. 4 kevl Frsnk Zantlotls In the Will hoards. $4000. Must Sell.l wronoly described as Frank Zan- utijlil- . , . , , motes) the othtr Extcutor named ",..,V'.. eis."is piano, tht said Will having is.'i.y'i . nounred Prnhata TrnHirrra Bra MITCHELL'S BOATING CENTRE McCarrs Creek Road, CHURCH POINT. Power Boats 53ft Deluxe dlestl motor cruiser. By eooolntment. 'IJ-222' aatt Motor saner, top class, Farro cement, by appointment $95,000. 40ft Timber trawler. 671 G M. dlesel. ..J'iVJ-39ft Flybridge cruiser, twin Perkins dsis., mahogany hull. $70,000. 36ft Grand 8anks, extras. Appointment. 585.000. 34ft Mariner, new with extras, two 330 h.p. Appointment, $51,000. 32tt Cruiser. 6 cvl. Perkins diesei, beautifully maintained 628.700. 32ft Halvorsen special. Twin VS. Flybridge. H18S8' 30lt Cruiser, twin Albacone diesels, very clean. $22,000. 27ft Diesel 6thlng;family cruiser. S7 500. 27ft Dble. ender Clinker bit., twin Perkins 4 Cvl. dlesel. S6500. 9xf, n.rtram Caorts with 2 Mercrulsers. c ean. S1 3.000. 25ft Nova, flybridge. twin 16S h.p. lo. fl5'2S8 24lt Fishing cruiser, tw.n Volvo diesels. Ho. i?i-S22 4X1 c p.a... Inmir.. 188 h.B. Mercrutser l-O S1S.S00. iMit -...I... tin ha tnrrt 1S500. 20ft cabin with 1 BOOc.c. Consul. $2200 18ft raited deck fishing boat. Simplex engine. .MA0,0 17tt Pride Runabout. 100 h.p. Evlnrude. tlr. and hardtop. S399S. 17ft Gamt timing Tudorcraft, 70 h.p. Johnson and trailer. $4800. Merc Cn til Pen an nuncaman SO 19 ft Surveyor, Johnscal 19ft Hamas 1 31 Mere. tSQln 24ft Reinell Imported $29,000 1 8ft Atlantic 70 Johnson $6650 13ft 6 Pongrass Husky, 4$ Jon Chrysler $299$ UU SAIL. 23ft Hood, sails and -.a.?-'"' $6650 asii snacawur, sails and o.o. $799$ 24ft Space Sailtr. aalls and l.fb. $13.99$ aorc roiKooai, sails and l.fb. $11,000 37ft f glass ketch, new $49, $00 4Stt Ferro cutter, die tel S41.000 sure rerro Keren, oiesei 549. ouo 1 9ft Nautilus Motor Sailer $9500 20ft Hood demo, sails 66960 19lt Hunter, aails and :2---. .. S46S0 3PIT DKIDLiC MARINA. Ooen 7 Dava. qan 7731 ANCHORS to windlasses, outfitting gear oner, tree cat. Kopsen v CO. Ol 0353. Mon.-eri. ALUM. , a, k.,1, . IIC army. auit s, 797 7094. 27ft. Bins, fhbreela.s) run nitnc oeCK. -SO SWtC 7. COISt rneso wicn Bimini top. inpo., din no area, sap, toilet, tee. shower, twin Volvo enoiara. Lull war. rantv.) Gam ashlnt pale, daethl wwwtr, two-way raoio, aterao. ntw carpets th'out.. blue trim, as ""f.-'ond., $27,000. Rlngl and OAT Windscreen Wipers. rsornin. wvMiinimant, Cleamiaw screens for ovary pur. pose front a half-cabin to a battleship. Rota wlptrt. pendulum Wipers, straight lino wipers ana cieor view screens, w range ol boating oquipment also available from: I, $. Rubin Marino Pty, Ltd., Artarmon. 439 4393. Open till 6 p.m. Thura. BARGAIN for winter buyer. awincrart 14ft. 6ln. sklhtn boat. 10 h.o. Mereurv. ttlt trailer Immaculata candition ond flrtati value at half replacement cost. private 7ia toaa. CRUtBlR. lift, flvhrldge. putf control REINELL. IBS Mart. Aa new. Oemo. boat, with toilet, sink, sieve, lea box, cupboards, pius many pxtrta Ot 1 rail sink, stove, lea boa, tuebearak. plus many extras at M17$ Will trade koala or cart 616 1606 and Ma 136$. CMPi$i' CARCeL l67tTl5roT piaae vecnt, riaeo peal, 4-Mrtn. toilet, Honda oulpoard. 1 sets ol aaiia. laaaa. Yta pass a a 116 1561. 4X,. . RIBMAN REEFRUNNER, llf? 1 floret lass hardtop Cruller, 186,. Mercruliee 6lerndrlve. 2-Pert n. i Rlltt. echo aounaer, tnlffer. built, , cocktail cabinet, thowar, full awning and storm coven. Marlm piatfarm. Absaluta ihowroom cond. 511 .$90. 79$ $022, a.h. 816 1116.. A CRUI5ER. 30 ft. Built By Wil. nami. Haioen va Marina engine. 4 berth, tap. toilet, shower, hot end, cold water, dinette. Itid. decks. 2-wav radio, sniffer. "1 Tremendous vtluo. 69990. PheeO 796 6022. a h. $1$ 169$. CRUI66R. Beachcombtr 13ft I nortglail. 155 O M C. $tern. I drive. Echo sounder, sniffer, I sets. toiilet. 2-berth, Immac, $7 990. 766 $022, A.H. 616 1591. as i 1 1 s.e CRUISER. Wo havt lutt landed 11 2Sft. flvhnoge luxury REINELC from U.S.A. The best finished boats to yet roach Australia In. I tpect today at winter prices. I Will trade boats and car,. 766414 and $1$ 1606. ONITO CRAFT AUSTRALIA. vri, r S.T oisisriac. Come too and test drlvg now 20 footer Flvhridae. Afready acrlalmarj ha tha Baa. Ing Press aa tha 6nest 20 footar avaiiablt. Also available, our provtn and! svopuiar tort, nan caoin cruiser. pisstth, now tor a test run. par tvat. BOAT. TRLR.. 12ft., rains over gaiv. tpo. sta aa a -aJAatsy ALUMINIUM Ct 10ft painted, new. must clear, 6359 SO 0212. A CLASS SPECIAL 11ft Fishermen only 5250. motors to suit, at reoucco prices. EMERSON MARINE 70 3260. OATS ANO MOTORS. Used and reconditioned, plenty to choosa Irom, Ring Kevin Punch. HUNT'S MARINE CENTRE. USED BOAT DIVISION, 259 West St. Carlton. $46 1324. S46 6722. Open Saturday ait OATS, new and used. MOST BRANDS, BEST PRICES. Aluminium or thraalat. Matched with Evlnrude outboards CLARKSONS BOAT HOUSI. 696 witioughov Road. Willauohhv. 95 4037. -99 6327. a. EST VALUE FOR MONEY ateicratt vis naif cabin witr 3S h.p. Evlnrude. controla and reg. tut trailer, an safety gear, reduce-! ta 13850. All brand new with full warranties. Low finance avaiiaoio. . CLARKSONS BOAT HOUSE, 596 Willoughby Road. Willouohhv. 95 4037. 9SS327 ALUMINIUM 13ft super special. brand new. deep and sturdy Only $636, dep. 664. CROYDON MARINE, 62 P'matta Rd. C don AT NEPTUNE MARINE. 20' Hartley. 12750 23' Half-cabin (2 fr.) 54500., 24' Sed. Cruiser, $7500.1 aa oeriram, t nr. s.c ir.i $19,000 23' Sed. Cruiser. S6000 26' Express Cruiser, $13,750 27' Cruiser. S8S00. 30' Diesel Crsr. (3 frj. $13,000. .' Diesel Cruiser. 615.000. 34 36' Cruiser. 40' Work boat. comm. 50' Milkratt. f or. 17' 11. Sloop. 22' Bluebird (2 fr.) 22' Kingfisher. 24' Endeavour ($ fr.) 26' Endeavour (2 fr.) 28' Racino Slooo. 28' Compass (2 tr.) 631.500 535,000 $85,000 53500 53250 S6000 S6900 $11,750. 52000. $19,000. OAT SALES. Financo avaiianit. 38ft F'brldgt. steel. $26,500 34ft F'bridge, twin Volvo. $32,600 31ft Diesel, many extras, cit tnn 2Stt Diesel, loe. cockpit. 123.800 44it Huntsman rs., any trial. $16,300 23ft Crusader, 1 86 Mercury. t-an i,ruseuer, iep ana aux. . 513.500 a i rc merlin inewj, Bia.BOO CRUISERS UNDER $6000. 26ft Timber, recond. ang, 65800 26ft Diesel, axtras, 54800 21ft Hartley. $4900 23ft F glass, s'drlve, $6600 30' Cutter, solid (2 fr.) $14,000 35(' Ferro Cutter. 521.000. bluebird. atj .usicr. a'v.auv. 37' Farro Cutter. 628.000. SALI 43ft Ketch, dlesel, 41ft Yawl, distal, 29ft Trimaran, 26ft Cavalier, 2Stt Tophat. dlesel. -i Jir riving s. ouo. 21ft Cel. COMPASS 28ft D'esel beautifully maintained. interior. IT HAS TO BE SEEN, 519.500. YACHTSMAN'S WHARP. . Plttwater Rd. Church Point. Open 7 days a week. 99 3028. 997 S541. $45,000 635.000 57800 $18,750 57000 $99-30 Yacht, teak Financo slipway. Insuranco. snipwrignt servicei available. Phont 92 7082: t h. 929 280$. ADVENTURE 7m. Tnis azrt Traitor Yacnt is superbly fitted out. with all the goodies, inciudino sumioo. radio and 8-h.o. Mariner Outboard. Only IS mths. old. can ana see this wtexena at TACHI SALts PIT. LIU., Bradley Ave. hailaana PnlnV. 22 $664. A.H. 92 S438. Sailing Craft 40ft Peter Coal. 8ft beam. Doiohln engine. Appointment. 40ft Adams Steel cruising slooo with dsl, 36lt Steel Cruising Sloop, B.M.C. diesei. 36ft Steel Motor Sailer, not rigged. 4 cyl. dlesel. 35ft Ouncanson, one of the very best. 32ft Motor-sailer, seaworthy cralt. 30lt Steel Cruising Slooo. Albin 2 cvl. eng. As new, 28't Daydream sloop. Inboard engine, quick sale. H28 Oregon on spotted gum and Kauri. Lovely kttch, 26't liltngsvtOrth, well equipped. 27!t Ericson, as new. Appointment. 27tt Pacific. Yanmar dlesel. lots of gear, 26ft Contessa. priced for oulck sale. 25ft Cruising Slooo. Completely refitted. Inboard angina. 20lt Vivacity, flbrcglats. 4 berths, o.b. 19ft Endeavour, as new. fully fitted. 17ft Red Jacket, llbrealass Traller-Sailtr, 4-btrth, outboard. $26,000 653,000 627.000 $17,500 P.O. A $16,300 $22,000. .SS.000. aib.oug 56600 $26,500 S16. 250. 510 500 57850 54600. $6100. 997 2055 997 2100 wan to, piano Pianola, any reoulred to send oartlrulara ot conoition, anywhere any time, their claims upon his Estate to a rvir p. c. HARRIS, solicitor, 144 SO fi149. WANTED TO BUY, all types of musical instruments ana ampll hers. Soot cash. 977 S68S. HAMMOND ORGAN. , , Beautiful cond, 16, and 4ft flute, 8 and 4ft strings, oboe, etc.. rhythm unit. Leslie soeaker. cassette player. A real bargain at only $1000. Phone 451 3160, t h. 918 2230. ft AMMONtl ORGAN. Fully imported, unmarked, ahowroom condition, model M splnnet. with DUIIl in toiaing cover, aiauu. 919 4684 or 909 8002. HAMMOND ORGANS. . KAWAI ORGANS AND PIANOS. RlnP ma or call and Inspect. .You will not ba disappointed: - on price) or arrangements onereo, I will Justify your Inquiry. All Instruments guaranteed. Frtp metropolitan delivery, TRADE-INS WELCOME, FINANCE, BANKCARD. 0'S MUSIC AND SOUND UP TO $1690 (or 20 per cent) OFF NEW WURLITZER ORGANS. GIGANTIC WURLITZER SALE! (Sea bottom of this ad regarding Hsmmonds and Yamshss too), WE BELIEVE NOBODY CAN BEAT OUR DEALS! WADSWORTHS Svdnev'a Senior Deafer, ara having their GIGANTIC JULY WURLIT2ER SALE on all BRAND- NEW MODELS Including the NEWLY-RELEASED "TOTAL-TONE' MODELS. DEAL WITH A LONG-ESTABLISH ED, RELIABLE FIRM. FREE COMPLETE HOME LESSON COURSE WITH EACH ORGANI THERE $ NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME TO BUYI PIANOS Modern Types. . UPRIGHTS and rGands, FREE from borer and structurally sound, ELVY'S. 29 7222. TOP PRICES. WURLITZER MODEL WURLITZER $ RETAIL YOU'LL SAVE 20 Per Cent $165 6250 S34S 5439 WADSWORTH'S SALE PRICE CENTRE, hop 4. 11 Florenca Street, 47 4727, ,48 6653. HARP8ICHWRDS. Vlrglnalt. Clavl chords. Build your own with a Zuckerman kit. N woodworking skills required. Also kits tor lutes, regsis ond portativt orpant. Brochufts and pr.cts Iom The Harpsicnora centre, a Paw 440. Manuka. IIANEZ electric guitar, good condition, with Dlsaon 30 watt . ampnncr. u.u o.n.o. bji LIEDER Piano, months old. perfect cond., with practice pedal. Rna maicning piano aeac. i,uv, lust sell owner $oing abroad. Phong 6671146, 305 $625 320 61250 360 ' t72S 375 52195 400 $2270 .411 $2779 405 i62$ 44S S2S99 655 53900 860 13399 $75 3893 575 Theitrt $4123 625 S4890 625 Theatre SS200 805 Full Organ $6410 4700 Cathedral . $8450 MOST OF THE ABOVE AVAILABLE? 1MMFDIAT DPI IVBBV BRAND-NEW EX-WURLITZER WAREHOUSE. Others next shipment. NEW WURLITZER EF270 GRAND PIANOS $13501 WADSWORTH MUSIC PTY. LTD. WURLITZER Organ, model 44$ syntsa Solo Femurs." 52080. KWIK-PLAY MUSIC HOUSE. 707 1666. YAMAHA alectono organ. Modtl DK40. 1 keyboards. 49 key manuals, 37 key solo, 26 auto, rhythms, auto, base cord. Por-tmanto synthesiser strip, 60 watts. As new unmarked cond. For sale from orlo. nurrhaaer. .... . ti ,. vjiiv j. Liurei ax aannc I. D c r"'M,V,,ar,,, c?,T.'..,.ttB8'o...of 450 Peel Street.. T. Beamish street. Camoal. AFTER 14 davs from publlr aticn of this notice an application for administration or tne tsta'e or MARGARET ANNIE HUGHES late of Katoomba in the State cf, New south waies. Divorcee and that the administration bond be dispensed with will be made by Leslla Groavanor Newllno the son of the deceased. Creditors are required to send particulars of their claims upon her Estate to ELRINGTON A ELRINGTON. Solicitors. 122 Comur Street. vass. AFTER 14 davs from tha nub. llcatlon of this Notice an Appll- r a tl an for Admlnlf rjitlrtn nf th Estate Ol HARRY PAUL DENNIS i ate or Tarn worth in the state of new soutn waies. invalid pensioner, deceased, will be mada bv Delcla Fay Dennis the widow of the said deceased. Creditors are raoulrad to sand oarticuiara ot J heir claims upon his Estate to J. . LYONS aSt BARNETT. Solicit or offer. 76 6232, Strathfleld. YAMAHA SPINET, 12040. hew, sacrifice. $1200. 772 2230. PENDLI HILL rfcNHI Tn 3 RINYA STREFT 394 HIGH STREET. 631 75S9. (047) 31 5663. NOTE: PENRITH HAVE A 15 PER CENT DISCOUNT SALE OFF NEW HAMMONDS AND YAMAHA PIANOS AND 95PN$ 7001 phonB 047 ' 0f OUR PRICE! (Sorry, no trade-In allowance it these prices) PHONE ANYTIME 631 7589 DELIVERY ARRANGED ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA) KINGSWAY KEYBOARD CENTRE. miKAniM, We have a wide range of organs to select trom. you will find the perfect organ to suit your budget. Our deals are, un-, beatable and we accent trade-ins! on any new inurnment. Excellent tuition available from Russ Springfield, Jim Godden and Leon wotton. ror personal attention by Noel Smith, ring Tor sippoimmeni now. d4iati. or can at snj ine wineiway. LOWREV Oraan. Magic G-nle 06. near new. Bargain at 3iau. inquiries phone 666 4513 MARTINS D-28 guitar Brand new. Shop price $1400, sell S8S0. 337 2863. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. TRADE-INS ACCEPTED. HALF PRICE. Guitars: Folk, Spanish. Country and Weitern, semi-acoustic bodv. A2 Drum Kits. Piano ccoro.. sax, Amouners, etc 1 00s to choose from. Bargain prices. ELLIOTTS, 240 Elizabeth, ORGAN Wurlitzer Sprite, aa new. LEGAL NOTICES In the Supreme Court of New South Wales, probate Div. on, AFTER 14 riavt from tha niiha llcatlon of this notice an appli cation for a dm In I it rat Ion or th. Estate of HAROLD DREW, late o 9 BennalOno Street. Granville, de. ceased, will be made by Mavis uoreen urew. Lrpa ion tire re oulred to send oartlrulara of their claims upon this estate to THOM- SWiN TKIMBLi Oi BtNILcT, Solicitors, 38 Reitwell Street, Bankstown, 709 B168. TAKI notice that I, PHILLIP, GEOFFREY ROIS, Of Flat 6. 46 Egaleston Crescent, Chlftev, In the Australian Capital Territory, Intend to move for admission as mn Attornav Solicitor and Pro ctor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales on the nine' teenth day of August, 1977. TAKE notice that I. JENNIFER ANNE DRUMMOND of 2421 sutneriano street, Neuirai oay, m tha State of New South Wales In tend to move for admission as an Attorney Solicitor and Proctor of tne supreme tours or new aoum Wales on the 19th day of August. is. e TAKE notice that the under- mentioned persons intend to move ror admission as Attorneys, sonci tors and Proctors of the Supreme aslltn rr.rHcfrbufr.rn a..ata. (anted keyboard. Must , sell 111 on ail at 7(1 ORGAN, Yamaha, YC250, port- on, wnn oass pea a is. Latest model. Immac. cond. 91 075., OaCa OT 3Q Court of New South W alii on the istn oiy or August, .97. sniAn PATRICK KILDEA, Flat i 4 Bin rie,mivn r s s. satsaaa, . rial A -a guv dug a Street, A rand a, A.C.T.; IAN Hume Lodge, Goulburn. N.S.W, TAKE Notice that the under- mentionrd persons Intend to move for admission as Attorneys. Solicitors and Proctors of the 5 tj ore me Court of New South Wales on the 19th August, 1977. A IN I nUIN T AKNULU tntSNET. 'Kiiiarnfy, Barry noao, Diayner, j w ntaaat naaMAon i ORGAN MUSIC, current albums, SEARSON. IB Christine Street, i eacn. f oa2 Mortnmeao, worth or to their City Agents: GEORGE A. RAVES a POOLE Solicitors of 109 Pitt Street, Syd ney. AFTER 14 dava from public ation of this notice an application for Probate of the Will dated 2 3rd July. 197'i Of WILLIAM CHARLES JOHN BALE late Of Urniria Retired Painter will be maoe bv tne public turstee Creditors are renuired to send eartleulara of their claims uoon ine filiate id jivisll, made bv the PUBLIC TRUSTEE Branch Manager. Public Trust wnice. oakcr aireet. uostora. NOTICE of Intended dls trlbution of Estate. Any person navtng any ciaim upon tne state of DAVID WILLIAM VANS late of Pearl Beach. Retired Postman, who died on 22nd May, 1977 must send par titulars of his claim to the PUBLIC TRUSTEE at the address; appearing below on or before the exolratlon of a oeriod of two (21 calendar months from the date of oubllt-atlon heroof. The PUBLIC TRUSTEE will distribute the assets or tno Estate naving regard only to the claims of which at that date ho haa notice. Eluftlnp. to Administer th Estate with the win aatea iotn juiy. 19z annexed was filed by the PUBLIC iHu.iec on inn juiy. is, a. C. SMALL. BranceWanaoer, Pub lie Trust Office, 4 Baker Street, Goaford. notice or intended d a- tnoution or estate. - Anv person having any claim upon the ESiatt OT MART LtNNARuS IfltC of Wyoming. Married Womn. vho died on 1 7th Mav. 1 077 must send particulars of his claim to the PUBLIC TRUSTEE at the aooreis apoearino oeiow on or before the epirat!on ot a period it two () caienoar months from tne oate ot punncation nsrrof, The PUBLIC TRUSTEE will dli. tribute the assets of the EtAtr navine rcgaro amy to tne claims ot wnicn at tnai naie ne naa notice, Probate of the Will dated 22nd February, 1973 granted In New South Wales on 12th July, 1977 TO tha PUBLIC TRUCTLel A. D. SMALL, Branch Manager! Public Trust Office. 4 Batcsr Street, Goilord. tFer continuation see index to PALM BEACH MARINE SERVICE PTY. LTD. SPECIALISTS IN COMMERCIAL CRAFT. AUSTRALIA WIDE LISTINGS. COMMERCIAL CRAFT, 40ft Diesel powered displacement hull, suitable for Conversion ic comfortable cruiser. $32,000, 40tt Game Fishing Boat. 2 VS Cats alvlng 1$ knots, S6S.000 $0ft Motor Sailtr, Huon Pint, Lister Diesel, $50,000 PLEASLHtl CRAFT. 14ft Kayak Ply construction. 51 00 15ft Klngfilther half Cabin, dlestl Inboard. S2.8S0! 22ft Bilgt Keel Culseing Sloop., excellent condition, 64.000! 22ft Bluebird, 2 berths, needs attention. 52.3501 23ft Fisning cruiser, z berth. Lister oieser. pi 1.750 Dragon, excellent condition. Sella and dinghy, $4,000 PALMARINE Steering Gear suitable for all vassala from 20ft. Prices start at 5375. 100 ton slipway mooring, dlesel mechanic and fully aqulpped macnino ana taorication snop, For all details contact Jim Foster at 919 4222, Monday to aaiuroav. PALM BEACH MARINE SERVICES PTY. LTD., 1017 Barrcnloey Road, -MLIVf PC "Ln FOSEVILLE X BRIDGE T MARINA AT THE MARINA. YACHTS ON OtSPLAYi AO Centre rockeit Yawl. alto suit charter. $39,950 37 Steel cruising sloop, 927.000 32 Motor Sailer. $11,950 32 Cavalier stage 2. Brand new, ex stock, $22,200 au motor aauer, sn.ayu 28 Compass, full equip. $16,400 2b r glass, 'a ton. 26 F glass Caller, 8 h.p Diesei, 26 Thunderblrd. 26 Traditional sloop, 28 Caller. 26 Steel sloop, $6,960 YES, WE ARE OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY ANO SUNDAY. TRADE-INS ACCEPTED. R0SEVILLE BRIDGE MARINA. is rsormac at, Kosevine. New. Tel. No. 406 4788. Exreotionat timber vacnt. pnone wuv 119D. OAT Haulage, w. YORK A SONS P.L.. launch and Boat Carrying Service. Trailers to suit vacnrs ano cruisers. 094119, 59 5593 After hours. 3.1 JISI. ILL ROWfLL'S NEWPORT MARINE PTY. LTD FOR SALE AT MARINA THIS WEEKEND. POWER: 20ft Hartley cab. cruiser. $2300 21ft Savago Eluefin. Immac. $11,750 nauii (in, cruiser. aO'PQ 26ft Savage Lancer. Twin. $24,000 27ft Flthlno. Tlmher dsl. $12,000 SAIL: 2ift Vivacity. Safe sailer. $4600 23tt Fly. Cloud. Neada attn. $4700 20ft Hood. Needs t $3750 28ft Triton. As new. ftd. $23,000 LIST YOUR fOAT WITH US. MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM. 122 Crescent Rd. Newport. 99 3034. 997 3880 512.S00 ' $16,950 53.900 55,300 $15,600 rRITON AT CAMMERAY MARINE. Famous Triton 24 over 170 sold family cruisa or sail away trom 514.200. 46 Cowdrov Ave. Cammeray. ALSO AGENTS FOR: Masters 34. New Cole 35. Nantucket 31. New Triton 721 BOAT TRAILERS. on sues available or mad to oroer. TU2A TRAILERS PTY, LTD., 19 Pratten St, Kernes Creak (near Liverpool), 606 1045. Closed Sunrlava. OAT SPECIALS. New f'Olass. dl- rets race, on oin. B'P.ou. sm, 6139.50, 11ft, $179. Swell! boats. 33 Shirlow St, Marrlck- BOAT Carrier. 'Truck crana trail er, launcnes. vacnts. cruisers, h. A. HONEY. 622 6582. BMOOKER. deep V. 12 alua. registered on h.d. steel trailer. ?i7'aon- "n" "' " ,0AT tri'Vaat1"'. " ,,W' " oual. 70 4156. L D. 3253. I ROOKER 12ft plus 9'a h.p.. bast .s.r:r 'ow. pap aoao. BERTRAM IS,, tmri Cl.h.. Would exchange for larger boat or Plttwater Homt Unit. Cash . am. or sell pou.puo. 4 7aZl. RAND NEW ENDEAVOUR 26 4ooo btlow cost. Custom lit wax ,ni. plus motor. Sails, HfO' linn esc. sis B09. OAT Auction August th. En. tries Include former Hobart ii wrMisinvr yacnis, i.ruisers. NORTHBRIOGEc YACHT SER floats wanted. 326 or 95 6693. RUCE R06IRT8 60AT PLANS. Beat Inflation, buitd your own power boat or yacht using our full-size pstterns and oasy-to- lOIIUW plana. FREE 72-PAGE CATALOGUE OF PLANS, Inouirles: P.O. Box 144, , MATRAVILLB 2036. 661 6448. OAT DOCTOR . COMES TO LIVERPOOL. All leading brands or uusousra motora carta tor. Make an appointment. 601 6072 or call In ta BOATINC. woRLn n. oo Macquarie UPSN ALL DAY (Mariner dealer) 5t. Mvarpooi, SAT. ERTRAM SPORTFISHERMAN. unan. auto., pilot, erna aaiina. ar. 2-wav radio, sleeps 6, game S . . P'a.'uriri, etc. aou-iop. rericcT. poo.uuu. DOUBLE BAY MARINA 8 Castra Place. Dble. lav. 36 2400 36 31S2 1AVIR 17ft Bin Stebercraft gaiv. tracer, zo-n.p. Merc, very Sooo cono. tjirr aiooo. aep. 189. CROYDON MARINE, 62 r metre wo. croyoon. BERTRAM 35: This one-owner boat has been meticulously maintained and is in ahowroom condition. Tha many extras include stereo to saloon and flybridge, 4-man life raft, Onan 240-volt generator, custom-fitted interior with bar and all-electric pallev, huge storage tpact. Inflatable dinghy, marlln platform, bikini top and cockpit Bun cover, audio vapour alarm daoth sounder, radio transmitter etc., etc. Twin 326 Mercrulser, engines with low hour reading. Price 78.000. Inspection Invited. Phono 89 6642. OAT BUILDING. Soace available wnn power, ooa gnga. pus, nrs ROOKER V134 Sports and canopy, rear lounge ana new trailer. $1490. 11 Daklng St., Nth. Parramatta. ojuoudi- oau puoi OPEN 7 DAYS. OAT, Flbreglass. handlald, 15ft o. Merc. ISO xs P. trim. Used tour limes, snciuoing gai. trail. Priv. solo. Ring Ownsr, oaa sua. CRUISER 197 Rarer 22 Marts',! n.r, 22ft fitted witn Mereruiserv J1 470 stern-drlvg, special marina ' engine, fresh water cooled. Showroom condition, fitted with ! toilet, galley with glove ,nd sink, dinette, sleeps . $ $. radio, casaetto stereo. Meruit board, Blase suaroof In canopy, full storm covers, alua full repuav -aj latlon safety eauuamant. ate. ' a J This cruiser waa owned bV Mercruisar and la not only unioue. but tno best boat of Its kind on Sydney Harbour. Total hour, leas than 100. Termo 1 P.O.A. at well btlow replacement value. Ph. . 366 1716 or 318 1 940 day or night lor deulls. PRIVATE ' SALE. . CHEAP PRjrogiaaa Runsbouts, motor on trailer, under aiogor under $2000. 631 6820. 764 2500. CAIIN CRUISER, steal labrica- tion. 1 ) yoars old, Z Bunka, 20ft. X 8ft., 110 h.p. Mercury. . Very good condition. New prico was $9000: selllnl for $3750, Must sail, owner leevlng coastal areas. Inspectlpn Narepma. For details phone Cooma 2 2627, ravers charges. CAVALIER 26, new. professional nt-out in tono teaK, customise Interior, Custom mast, new sails,- many extras. Ph. tat. (22 46121 homo 661 77. CRUISINO vacht. 33tt.. ttaal cone , struction, centro cocxpit, oiesej -a motor. Windhover design, all new, needs soma finishing. $13.600,. . Insoect In factory. 938 3176. ' GEORGI I'OIHE '.it 68 .00 as oo 37.500 36.000 34.500 26.009 26 000 $19,500) so 11.! CHURCH POINT, PITTWATER. HlwH T ON FERRY WHARF, " e.ll.d. 42 Swanson (2 fr.)a 41 Clipper Ketch, 35 Ouncanson, 36 Swanson. 40 Bermudan Cutter, 26 Top half ton, 3 at NlCnOISOn tat If., 26 CamfiaitiiGrJtfln 24 Rated. Cruiser Racer. 24 Endeavour, excl. con. 775Q 28 Daydream, 500(1 aia Aauri rawr. 3500? POWER. 47 Superb Mlllkraft. PS 006 30 Island Gvpsv. new, S4.000 25 Bertram twins, 12.000 V. 23 Fisher Carvel. 2509 1 BUY NOW. cruising &LOOP. aarta. . Immac. cond, Halvorsen built Brandlemyer design. 7 berths. huge cockpit, wheel steering, BOUNTY 43ft. 2 cabins slue. . half. cabin, 9 berths, 14 sails, iwioo7 """" 1 SLOOP $0it. perfect . day sailer. Carvel, , Halaorsen . built, t , bargain $3950. Ca to Ua E-avVM TLB. Church PC. PlUwatac. N S.W. 997 2454. .. , , 9971)71. CRUISING RACINi SLOOP, 2 art, s sans, Derm, ganev. anr. analna. 2-w. radio. iauaSar.. compass ate. Perfect family furs boat. exc. value. 512.000. Neptune Marine. 92 7082. , CEORIC WILLIAMS (MARINE).. PTY. LTD. NEW BOATS PACER 760. 4 berth, felly fitted 825.500 PACER 22, 2 berth, fully fitted 114 7.A SAVACIP Marlln. lift tai.a Johnson 70 h p. 513.61 Many oiners so cnoosa irom: ucia BriAYSt 36ft Griffin f lybrlogt Cruiser 547, S00 38ft Williams Flybrldg Cruiser PJ4.UU0 3ft Cruiser si 2 300 lia.ioo 6ft Savage lanrap 2Stt Pacer 710. 3 fa thaoaa from. $16,500 to $20,600 I 25ft Pacer Hulled $portsfiskera man t $13,500 'a- 4ft savage Ranoer. $15,900 '; ate nunuman riyBriog . - tin nan , 8ft Savage Atlantic half cab. $$750 1 6ft Savage Ensign half cab. 7ft Hainea Hunter, learta?,? 1 nabout tisna 16ft Sporttmancraft Runabout, twin Johnson OB B. 1S!00 ore aavage lasman asoo 4ft Quintrex aluminium 11330 2ft Pongrass Runabout S1200 I CEORIC WILLIAMS (MARINE)-- PTY. LTD.. 1710 Plttwater Rd. Ravvleur 97 1566. 997 1566. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK , ESTABLISHED SINCE 1907 ! COMPASS 30, top cond. Diesel rriv. as 2197. ftOWh BROS. fvlERCtOta CLONTARF YACHT SALES 919 4222 PETERSON 44 A unlqu opportunity to acquire en ol th finest Flbrtglast Tecnis imporsau insp aauasraiie. This new PETERSON 44 by world-fsmous designer Doug Peterson, features a centre cockpit. Perkins dlesel. mast and rigging by Aispar, sails by Elvstrom. and many mora extras. Haa to be seen to dp appreciates., run priv ,,,,vvui Impaction at Bobbin Head. For further particulars call, Corrie ell, Lars Halvorsen Sons Pty. Ltd. WATIHVIBVV 3IISBei. IS T UE. rs. I.W., all 14, IV, I AT BEAUTIFUL CLONTARF. MIDDLE HARBOUR. 36 Peterson. . "Dl.mond Cutter." $52,000 27 Supersonic. Dinette, dlesel. $17,000 26 Endeavour. yveu-cquippeo. i4,owv AGENTS FOR NEW COLE 23COLC 19. SOL CAT CATAMARANS, IS and 157. Inspect alt CLONTARF MARINE SERVICE, Sandy Bay Road, rLrsMTanv. 4 7312. OPEN 7 DAYS. MARINE SPECIALISTS. Mercedes OMB3S 42 h.B. dlesel yacht motor, freshwater cooled, with hvd. box. any re- auction. pnon 04 joi a II 3RX.B OAT Half cabin, 14ft F.G. tell bov. Johnson 20. ndio trans- eelver, comoass, lights, . tilt trailer. Price $3175. . (047) 34 1015. ONBRIDGE, navy hull, Yanmar h.p.. 16 mths. old. North salU, S2I.Q00. Phone 452 2534 Tel. Telex: ) ao oiltl' 2 6472. AUCTION "KURREWA IV" , "KURREWA IV'1 (torrrerlv "Morna"). Famous eld blue water lady and Svdnev-Hobart veteran. To be sold under Instructions from Tne Agents for THE EXCCUTRICES of the ESTATE OF THE LATE John malcolm Livingston. other select craft. yachts or cruisers. may be entered in the sale by contacting mr r. m. vocklea. MONDAY 2Sth. PHONE 660 7707 660 772$. Pitt Son & Badgery (Auctioneers) P.L. CNR. PYRM0NT ANO ALLEN $TRSETS. PYRMONT, ROSEVILLE I BRIDGE T MARINA ALL 80ATS ADVERTISED AT OUR MARINA. CRUISLRSi FT. . TYPE F 35 Twin dlesel 67! 41 Twin dlesel $6! 37 6 bth dlesel S3: 36 Flybridge diestl $21 32 Motor Sailer 61' 30 6 6th, twin, near new, freshwater. cooled engines $11 30 Motor sailer $1 ' 26 Flybridge. Savage S2 26 Lancer twin eng. si" 26 Ownes Top boat $1: 26 Flybridge fgiasa fn 76 Mariner Pacer $1( 21 Mariner Pacer S2C 25 F giass Fliharcrulsar 25 Halvorsen . 24 layllner 24 Half Cabin 22 4-bth. F glass 21 Suit Reef Runner, buyer with trailer 20 Stebercraft, Volvo ARE $8,800 $17,450 20 G craft. io : Stelcraft, 10$ hp. trailer 18 Savaga Atlantic, 6$ h.p. 18 Cruisecreft 18 Half Cahln - 17 Crulaecraft 100 h.p. 17 Tudorcraft 15 Caribbean 60 . h.p. O Board 14 Alum., 20 h.p. tlr, ELL BOY tofats canopy. Sid, windows, 33 h.p. Evlnrude, tilt trailer, many extras, good cond 11431). POO ttfU4. (OATS, FIBREGLASS. DIRECT FROM fAtlOST. 7ft. $110; Btt. $132; 9ft. 4ln $199: 10ft. $215; 11ft. $265. 604 2256. Open 6 Days OAT AUCTION SALE. Having trouble sailing your useo trailer boatr wny not pook is in rauvv tor tno next ttio on aacuroay, July 30. SIDEWINDER .MARINE riT. LIU. 74$ 1662, 74$ 1663. OAT REPAIRS. a ore . is. rpoa r. ana ra v, urtthtnt spraying. Quality work Buaranteeo ana o. ana o. nora (lata boat repairs. 93 4268. BARGAIN 14ft. Pride Runabout, on trailer, to n.p. jonnson. SUPER SAVING $1895, dep. $190. PETE'S BOATSHOP. 1 03 P i matu Rd.. Auburn. 6HTRAM V19 SPORTS USHER- MAN, no n.p. ana tanoem trailer. Canopy, bow rail, etc. 847 1777. BIG MARINE RETAIL DEALER-CHIP Saa Businesses far Sale. BARGAIN hunters must tea this lovely juts rouna onge stcei vacht In Ai cond. Moored at: sandtrs Bros., cabarita, A steal ROOKER, 12ft Topper, on trailer. i n.p., outooaro, oars, ic. OAT, 12ft alum. Savage, en moico Trailer, oara. ancnora, ropes, plus near new 9.9 h p. Johnson o.b., approx. 6 firs. asga, pn. penntn tu7)i $8,900 r.500 62.850 S5.S00 $3,600 $3,200 $1,650 S'.'i70$2MS' BELLBOY 14 CASTLECRAO IOATSHED; FT. SAIL. SO Aft Cab. Ketch. SO Clipper-type Ketch. SO Beamy D-endtr Ketch. 37 Classic Sloop, dsl. 36 Sti. Sloop, dsl. A1. 36 Solid Cruising Ketch. 33 Temptress. 35 Sloop, sound. 27 fllg. Beamy, solid. 22 Solid Sloop. 22 Summer savings. 30 Good Diamond. POWER: 2S Game fishing, AI. 21 Bluefln. 50 m.p.h. 2$ Roomy dsl. Cruiser. 76000 42.000 29.700 27.000 26.000 16.700 12.000 6730 4600 3500 2750 18.900 10.SJOO 9200 CRUISERS WANTfD: - ,'L. Our Brokerage Division s. , I urgently requires boats In first r ! class condition. Mariner, Savage, ' 1 Halvorsen. Griffin B.rtiam, Caporn. etc., to sell on con" t.gnment. Contact Mike Caff, km, CLIPPERS ANCHORAGE f PTY. LTD., I Coal and Candle Creek ... (via Te-rey Hills). 1 450 1366. .A H. 997 25S2, , . OPEN 7 DAYS. .Agents for TOP HAT AND BLUE6IRO. available at an. stage. New Bluebird, well fitted on top, nothing oeiow, inspsct svuer. OPEN 7 DAYS, TRADE-INS. FINANCE. INSUR. ANCE, SURVEYS AND $LIPP. ING. ano All TENANCE AND WORK. MAIN REPAIR CASTLE MARINE PTY. LTD., Rockiev St, Oastlecrag. S 0425, 9$ 2306, 95 0206. CABIN CRUISERS, 25ft. Kauri nun, beaut, built, sop. toilet. 2 sinks, good roomy family boat. Clae Hoiden marina, Inc. New-i purs mooring, aaau. vsj aoaa. CLIPPER CRUI3ERS- , s, ."1" TI DELIVERY. , S4ft Clipper. aft cabin ' Cruiser. 120 h.p. Lehman Ferd. ' d1"!- rlre Includes power . i. winch, Bimlnl top, C (. 2-way radio, comoaas, stereo, sleeps (., Twin toilets and showers, frige, J"-. Fireglass hull, only ' $59 000. New Release. 30ft Clipper' flybridge crulstr, 60 h.p. Ford: '"I Lehmsn diesei, tccom. 6, showtr' !5S,oor' "ox. ovtna.;,,., CLIPPER YACHTS A SIA PTY. LTD., ... P.O. (ox 220. Parramatta. 4S0 1666. A.H. 997 2552. USEO CRAFT: ", . .I0" Mariner Perklna dlesel $26,500. ( aarr steel cruiser, pr Lli. man dltstl. 818.000. 18tt Savage Atlantic, h.p. Johnson. 8650C dlesel, $69,000. 24ft Clipper aft cabin. 120 Jj- ..Ford Lehman dlesel. 152.000. aatt cnppar. art cabin, 120, roro Lenman diasal, I 4ft runabout with 40 h.p. Johnson, very clean and rename, si 790. 920 5267. 1 BOAT SOS all sails, soma attention; needed, must sell, bargain, $400 O.n.O. DJ6) at 1 S. COLIN ARCHER Gaff Cutter SStt --ci 1 nuiii, ra-rro nun, nmner otrtK, Tuny niiso, or, reg., priced 922 741 Q th' '"0'! CAf; Mosq. Mk. If. new boat, elv , nil,. . iiduu o.n.o. 1 BrouahtAn h Can Ca,,,i CRUISER. 20ft 6ins. Caribbean! wmmoure, 103 n.p. iviercruiser, tandem .trailer, with winch, anv motor. LU rah hurH .. vi "wrriiaf, sun new poat ouver, ti.ar4$eifibV "n"la,' RUISER. Marine airf 9Mlt 6breglass. 330 V6 Chrysler freshwater cooled Marin engine, only 196 hours use, 4 berth, aep. toilet, shower, ha mntt rlit water, dinette, 2-way radio, echo sounoer. large stamiess steel fuel tanks, Martin olatform. absolute Immac. condition. Represents 70S 6022. i n. aiatsoc v CAREEL.18 deluxe T.S.. Chrysler aauer o n.p. o.b., trailer. Every S5tu uit n-w buyer, S6600. Phone Bowral (048) CalO iitn O M.C., $10,300 21ft rarlhhaaa r.maua... 1SS h p Mercurlier. $880o" 15tt Savage Tasman, $0 h.p, . . Johnson, trails- 63500. " .. na 26ft Savago FlybrlPaa, twin Chryslers. $26,600. 26ft Savage Lancer, twin Chryslers. 524.500 , a . Exreiient finance farllltiea. i , ' CLIPPERS ANCHORAGE PTY,! LTD, J Io Coal and Candle Creek ' (via Tarrey Hllll), ' 4Si 1 Sao OPEN 7 DAYS, f CRUISE Craft. V14. Renegade, ftbregiats hull, with 7t h i.' f Chrysler en gaiv. trailer, padded-' seats, fmt. hatch, anchor well,. ' nav. lights, compass, flaret, ana thor, oars, dual tanks, sloe eon. .f. soles. Well maintained. Alaiai. . 856 3377 Sat., .or 63 6141 - 4PU-f. niwn Ft. lay, aBU, , at $3 60, , at . 64 40? a TRADE-INS ACCEPTED. ROSEVILLE BRIOGE MARINA, 15 Normac St, Rosevllle. New Tel. No. 406 4766. Advertisements) ALUMINIUM 14ft fishing boat, new, must clear stock. 6599. o 621 a. BROOKER VI 48 flbreolass runa bout, Immac. cond.. back-to-back as-aia ano ou n.p. Merc, on ga v tilt trailer, fully registered. DICK MILLERS MARINE. 1 1 Daklng St. Nth. Parramatta. 30 8061. 630 8061. OPEN 7 DAYS. BERTRAM. Caribbean 18ft with trailer, ioa ibob, 2-wav radio, depth sounder etc. Must stll, $6250 O.n.o. $71 8534. CREW opportunity far Intelligent females (2). Experienced or keen to learn to sail, both weekdays! ana weBxenos, Ring gg 4440, CARIBBEAN COBRA with ISO h.p. Merc. Incorp. power trim and tilt with Instruments and lavback peats. Available on $350 deposit. Cheap, must sell. DICK MILLERS MARINE, 11 Daklng St.. Nth. Parramatta. 630 8061. 630 8061. OPEN T DAYS. CHART6. Australian r im Adm ra tv a. postage 40 cents for 1. 60 cents rar a. nuni a DU.I NG ACCESSORY SUPERMARKET!. Hunt's .vtsrlna Centre. 629 1 Princes, Highway, Blakehurst, , 546 1124 14 S 6721 'a ' CRllHING yacHH . . . I we nave many vacnts nert ts a our prtmists. Inturince tvaiiabia at 1.45. Finance 4 Surveys.-... Ph (071) 44 1499 or wrltsT'! with your requirements to the "' Home of Crulslno Yarhts.-'.i" QUEENSLAND MARINE 6ERV. ICES , . .Mooleolebe, Qld. 4S67."t '" s . ::1 CLANSMAN 30ft FG race or ' cruise, ex. cono., 9 sis., dsl. ,-owner must sell. $16,000 o n.o. 1 1047 after noon. (Continued un Next Page)

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