The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1930
Page 2
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 30, 1030 Bl.YTHrcVII.l.R, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THfcRh Wendel "House of Mystery" I'.cr.e n I r i c Millionaire's! Dream o( Feudal Financial Empire Shattered. LUSE PUI IS BEST HULHLE do ihy bcsl to sec thai the con- traclor, whoever he may be, treats Ike men under his conlract In a fair and humane manner. "Again thanking you for '(his portnnlty nnd assuring yon that if elected I will continue to give my full lime and best efforts lowurd a full 1 , hoiioi and cfflcleni management uf Mississippi County nf- falis." | "GEO. W. BATlllAM." Note:—In onli-r that the voters of the, county nuy know fur whul ptllc.v re-p*i-tliiK the handling of county prisoners llicy are voting In choosing a Uemocrallc nomlnt'i- mm prize for tlie b*st Ky OIONK COHN Nl.'A Service Writer | Hr.W VOKK—Death need knock; Inn once more at the mystery door I.I Manhattan's most famous mys- |uy house, and then the iron will' old John Wendel. which ruled |i:s kin cvf-n bc-yond the grave, will • forever broken- Even now his futile, stubborn •(reams of c-siablis'.iing in the' [:eatesl city of a. mcdern world a : .umlly empire more feudal than, | ny mediaeval clan and tis clois-, |<-red as a picus monastery have '• l.ten shatt?ml by the gradual wip- . out of his line. Only a lew' lufys ago the last, but one, died.' line was Mrs. Rebecca Wendel. I'.wope. And so the hundred and fifiy, pillion dollar world of great; "which the" caentrkf jSlTrTrau*- i The Wendell horn" on New York's Fifth Avenue, called the "hou<3; Id ,'slx of his sisters to become of myster," is pictured above. Purchased ata price of $!0,COfl, it is'. Iven as the enchanted princesses i n:w sa | ( i lo ^ valued at $2,000,000. |.f Cie old myths, is tottering. ; : ; However it may fall, this tre- , liiendous fortune must be scalt ?r-, lers or such-like frivolous audi-; Id among those alien folks against • loiiums lo be built on their prop- . 1,-hcm "the old man of the tribe" jorties. Nor would they ever sane-, l,nd barricaded his walls. ttlon hotels. Once they beld up a What Will Become of Forlune? I huge building deal when 11 was! , Anil so it is lhal a ne\v mysiery j learned that one of fie occupants llses upon an old one-a .mystery .made safety kits lhat had .com- 1 to which all New York would like > partments for liquor bottles. They , |o know II:.; answer- ' »ave never owr.'d an automobile., H is simply this: what is u) be-1 and some say Miss Ella has yet to I I ome of the vast Wendel estates, i ride in one. Only two years ago ' (Continued from page one) ill. Taber l.eachvllle. A. C. Craf- I ton. Manila, W. M. Wood, Luxora, i J. A. McClenden, Whltton, ' and i U r .|> Wllmoth, Elowah. Tliese ijien for counly judge in the August I have been faithful In tlieir ef-I primary the Courier News, llrroucu : i forts to help carry out my pledge, ils «llturiiil column, Invltal bolh In Ihe women's ironing and conlesls. There is lo be a washing machine given for the best Ironing done and an electric .sewing machine Is the, dress made. The Ihree coiiuiy ngents, J. Crltz, H. I). Ciirpenler and Miss j Cora l.fe ColtMiian, arc lo 1 take. Will Have FiftV tO I 'c^lng imris in the Fanners' Week, ,-,. „ ; . : Mr. Crll/, chulrinan of the horse shoe pitching conicsl for several years, Is planning Interesting rl valry in Dun event. The deinon- slralion of tlie reunion of crops, Between fifty and seventy-five | to bs given In the p.igeant In which Seventy-Five Represen- i shoe r- ,. 'il • years, Is plai latives at rayettevme. ivairy in uuu men nud women and boys ami I everyone participate, will kt lion to prevent the starting o! flr<s, "BtcnuM of lh« continued drouth the city is increasingly subject lo the fire menace," the fire chief declared, "and citizens should exercise every caution to prevent grass fires and minor bla«s around trnsh piles and dumps which might esslly develop serious consequences 'under present conditions. Be careful to keep your premises clean and free of rubbish for'your own protection. If you notice a blaze, Investigate and look l*ice before sending In an alarm, but above all lie careful to halt small grass fires 'and rubbish fires before they get out oi control." p'hcy have visited (he county farm nnd have made suggestions betterment of conditions. Chaiue Not candidates lo stale their proijruiiis < l1uy A Ug ' us t 5 • which opens tit the University of Arkansas. Fnyeltcvllle. next Tues- for In this iuiitr...The above slul j menl by Jiidjr Harlmm was mi . len In response to that invitallo "After having given much I Tlie Courirr Nmn will welcome ai lo Shis proposilion, I have i give iiulilli-atlim lo n similar slat Tliese leaders hi agricultural and home demonstration work here will remain nl r'ajcuevllle for the sec- Imllcatlons nre thai aboul 2D' end week «hrn tlicre will be Ihe •', adults will make tile trip, and not i '• less than 45 toys nnd girls, n limn- , J ber of them winners of free Irips : '- in recent -1-H club contests, are ex- j ' nnnuni extension conference tended by approximately 125. at- MRS. 0.: Does your husband talk in his sleep? : . MRS. P.: No. He's nwfutly ex-- afcncrdtlng.' lib only smile:.- £• n anir ., rif€ Uan 6 er U M J tlM( ' .. . . . , are ex- j p. \H it. i .come to the conclusion that until , nienl bj Xal n. Harrison. 'peeled to attend. Lnst year Mis- ' Ury IT earner Increases iilie law is changed In our system -- i slsslppl county had 40 renresen- of (rial courts, I do not, neither ONE WAV OUT intlvYs. I could any of our former county! ALBANY. Ore., July 30, iUP>— | Every form of compEtltlon will. -! Judges, figure out a better plan than j Everett Shew couldn't afford to buy i | ln vc entries from Mississippi conn- ' Fire Clilsf Roy Head in a slate- i the oiie now in use. 1 now pledge, | n license for his police dog. lie : |y. , i incnl l^uud today urged Blythe ins 1 did two years teo, it elected, to shot it. r ;(1§ : Social in'.crcsl here Is centered j ville citizens to u>c every precau- . ._. __ • [OILS Ivhlch scatter throughout the city 1 they disposed of their antiquated 1 ind have their headquarters in . eld carriage. Cooking is still dene i iisloric Wendel mansion on Filth ; on au old-fashioned, huge coal IVvemie? - ! stove. Dresses, waists and such ! 'Ihe-e holdinxs skater in value | v-3re mode on nn old-fashioned I han almost anv' other in this na-;«-.ving machine. It is said by ' Remain Pavnell .Is Ele Dick and John Burns. The Burns Brothers, Dick and John on-tlieir 12th day aloft in a ion" held"bVa''single' family!" now I these" who. iay they know that | bit' tree at their home, 328 Dougan iic in the hands°cf 80-year-old ! Miss .Ella has not appeared on thej^reel. Injected a political issue In- •'liT Wendell whose old eyes know I streets in daytime in many a year. I to tne i r U'ce sitting campaign to- 'itt'le or nothin" of I-if- amazing i A few years ago. the story went, j day when they .'declared they would vcrld that rushes by just outside j she \vciild slip out at night,-but of I s ;i t j g i,t '-, m tU parnell is elected." he' shutlerrf windows lhat looks late she ha s given ?ven this,up. j Lccal supporters of the Arkan- I •ut- np-n Fifth Avenue fabluous And this, mind you,, the ml?-; sas governor, who is seeking re-i ashiciv artery of a nation. , liess of a hundred million dollars! ! £letUon> interpreted the tree sll- At 80 the span of most humans; Rtmance Came Twice lers ' c tavcmen t to mean that they s run' And even as Rebecca-j Ji'st across the street is the. his- t , vcrl(1 de ; CC ,, d - f rC :n their leafy he' one sisler who rebelled against,, tcric Union league club. For., perch immediately after August [ mp'risomneiit against life and love | years "Urolher John" was a mem- j , 2lh oihe,rs were prone to believe | -uasr.'d suddenly on, so Miss Ella i ber, but te was never seen within , |hat tl)c ^ lmd qualified them- 'nay expect cue day a rap Upon the! 'he place. Twice only has the hint j ^..^ as pci . manenl ln . e dwellers Icor which cannot b3 answered by , cf romance in Ihe lives of the sis- • by Ulejr decliration .he invariable, "No one is at' lers trickled out of the stern look- ! • Thc b - were -g lven t j lc nddrd ,ome" i in 8 buildings, the side shutters of | , u o[ electrlc - ligh t s recently Bo -he must be busying herself! wtiicii-it h sairt-have been clos- , wh=n ljEn wjggln? E1 ecinc shop, low with lawyers and wills and : ed for moi.2 than 20 years. ; inslalled a ,. e admg ii»ht above their . -lien tilings as she hart always left • Once, some 30 years ago. Geor- | . I o Ihe supremely efficient Mrs. | gianna was found missing from | »wcpe. What will she do? How j Ihe house... She was B or.e for sev- Ivill these dozens of great builu- i Eral days and was Iccated , Wrlglu who climbed „ , ycamore trce nt „,, honle 519 "« "' B"-« - i --'- - - :. „ . _ J-i-. i South Franklin street, on July 21st. ngs and vast estates be distribut-' pretty town en ^the Hudson. Latter j u . o Jaj . s after (he Burnj boys d? . stic LicLUJuv Uii.t.u lu g « . cjjrjj-jprj [iipjr V6iitni'c \vn^ busv May Itevert lo Slate ; York hotel Wheiaupou 'brother ( a ,, ernmn constructing"^ new If she were to make no v:ill; if | Jchn' caused her arrest and ac- | in hi , trce . W righl, who has .h« were to overlook distant rcla-1 cuscd her of in=ant). She va!,. t companions, "says he #r«;«r^^ •rn^^: = ™^^^r^ ^ ,«ss^ a ^^««be „, .Vcndel's dream Is concerned. . home. And if Eta does make a will, the ] Miss Rebecca had a will as 'i-eat fortune will pass outsicle the', strcng as her brother. And a for- mmediale clan to those who have j tune of her own. Finally she stag- jreughl new blood into the line I cd a personal rebellion, marrying hrou»li marriage Again John , Luther Swope, a professor related Wend'el's strange family empire | io tro church vicar. When it was j penitentmry - recently will rill fain uimorcd that they had met m ,v, ' >, , „, .h.-nrrirp nl SieZlmc r,ano» and folk in-i church. lT,c word went around that | ^. -n the. wall of the office of ercsled in the transformation of I "brother John" had forbidden the i olre "" Manhattan watch and wait and ' others to attend church. vonder. Is is iwssible, they ask, j Now Mrs. Swopc is hat after all these generations a I there is but one more visit tfendei can be approached with i death to pay to the old house. ing .high among the- trees of the c»y. . : SHERIFF'S- GRIM TROPHY LAMAR, Colo., <OP)—The noose ! that hanged Ralph Fleagle ,ai the 'Alderman of Prowers Aldrrman. of.^ ^ , • • • dead-and " ° ''' for h o ri KMn the « his oiithoril> m me . west. l.he itea cf letting go the steel R;rip on any of its holdings- For it was Ihe law of the Wen- |lels, hammered home by "Broth•John" that no piece of proper[ .y ever acquired by a Wendel And ,v,'lmt. one wonders, will happen then? SUSPICIOUS Lfuculd be sold. The prl?-: of them ill—that $2.000,000 property on i PLAN DEDICATION NORTH PLATTE. Neb., (UP)— Department officers of the Nebraska American' Leg will dcdi- cole North Plane's new $400,000 rtiich lhe V "niystery house" .stands, | high school building now jnder ust a few doors from the Public ; con tructioh. The ceremony is •Jibrary and the smartest of shops • planned for the opening day of the —-has been sought for years. Bui • Nebraska state Legion convention, me day a little sign appeared : that begins Aug. 24. eadlne: "No real eslate for sale." So, as (he Wendels acquired. BUSINESS METHODS hey clung and the empire grew,, TOMMY: I say, mother, will you And the story went that way | let me borrow a quarter for five j lack when "Brol'ier John," with | minutes? he original fortune built on furs. | MOTHER: Borrow a quarter! i wen as Ihs Aslor millions, ruled • What mischief are you up to now. . his household, he .converted his . Tommy? i .Ix sisters to a code of life strang- TOMM.Y: Well, molher, Uncle! IT than any conceived by Ihe most! joo sa id he'd give me a dollar for | pil/.arrc imagination. ; every quarter I could show him | The "Wendel Empire" was not (j,^ week.—Answers, lo be allowed to leave their hands. j.Tarriage would bring in outside jilood. So they were not to marry. l-Jor were they to participate in J he affairs of this outside world as It came an- 1 went. Might not ro- |nance touch thejn? Never Seen hi Public ' j And so it came about that right lit a corner where all the world I wings gaily by. there have lived ', i.nd died since civil war limes a |ialf dozen women who grew from i l.lrlhood into old age In another Irorld that had gone by and been lorgollen. They wore the clothes 1 f that other age and they had I Ihe Ideas and customs of thai age. | [.heir hats were the round-brim- • Ir-vl sailer hats of the Sixties. Icrched atop knots of whitening jiair. Miss Ella, the sole survivor of |he Wendels. has been observed in black alpaca apron worn over lull black skirts that, migtil easily Iccommcdalc R hoop. With all Iheir millions they have never al- Iwcd a phone to be installed. I'hey have old-fashioned gas jets, lather than electricity. They used \'j hang clothes up on the lire in Ihe shadow of the smart stores. Inltl business complaints were ! They have never allowed thea- MAIDi I'm afraid I must leave you ma'am. You don't seem to trust me. MISTRESS: But I gave you the key cf the cellar, of my jewel ca:c and of the master's desk. MAID: Yes, ma'am, but none of them fil.Faunfl Vienna. Take the Legislaturp Back to the People Dr. Ivey's VIGOR-AID The Great Atler- Medicine W11.I. HELP YOU GET WEI,!, AND STAY WELL FREE A NEW MEDIC.*-!. BOOKLET on diseases, Ailments and Disordered Conditions and their New Treatment. One of these booklets should be In every home. SENT FKKE lo any address. hey Medical Co. Memphis, Tcnn. TOM A-HILL ForLIEUTEHANJ GOVERNOR. Meeting the Needs of Millions of People i JK. • The (ino-pi-iccd mtomablie hta brought greatrr opporlunllr »aJ added kauri of recreation to millioni of men 'md ttom'rn B ECAUSE tlie automobile is such an important factor in the lives and prosperity of so many people, the purpose of the Ford Motor Company is something more than the mere manufacture of a motor car. There is no service in simply setting up a machine or a plant and letting it turn out goods. The service extends into every detail of the business — design, production, the wages paid and the selling price. All are a part of the plan. The Ford Motor Company looks upon itself as charged with making an automobile that will meet the needs of millions of people and to provide it at a low price. That is its mission. That is its duty and its obligation -to the public. The search for better ways of doing things is never- ending. There is ceaseless, untiring effort to find new methods and new machines that will save steps and time in manufacturing. The Ford plants are, in reality, a great mechanical university, dedicated to the advancement of industry. Many manufacturers come to see and share the progress made. The greatest progress comes by never standing still. Today's methods, however successful, can never be taken as wholly right. They represent simply the best efforts of tKe moment. Tomorrow; must bring an improvement in the methods of the day before. Hard work usually finds the way. Once it was thought impossible to cast gray iron by, tbe endless chain method. All precedent was against it and every previous experiment had failed. Many men hud shut their minds to the possibility of change. But fair prices to the public demanded that wasteful methods be eliminated in. this operation. Finally the way was found and old methods gave place to hew. A better way of making axle shafts saved thirty-six million dollars in four years. A new method of cutting crankcascs reduced the cost by $500,000 a year. The perfection of a new machine saved a similar amount on such a little thing as one bolt. Then electric welding was developed to make, many bolts unnecessary and to increase structural strength. Jusl a little while ago, an endless chain conveyor almost four miles long was installed at the Rouge plant. This conveyor has a daily capacity of 300,000 parts weighing more than 2,000,000 pounds. By substituting the tireless, unvarying machine for tasks formerly done by hand, it haa made the day's work easier for thousands of workers and saved time and money in the manu* fucture of tfie car. All of these things are done in the interest and the service of the public—so that the benefits of reliable, economical transportation may be placed within the means of every one. <FORD MOTOR COMPANY

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