Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 20, 1967 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1967
Page 8
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4D Awards given 3 4-H clubs t at Burt meet 1 stopped «t the Downtown World Theatre in Minfte*> otis, a few weeks ago, to nave a quiet smoke in the <Jonv> fortabie, luxurious balcony lounge. Tfce ftl« AMJS Two For The Road, which, with the exception of some very •attractive rural English scenery, I found dull and extremely tiresome, invoivmg a couple (Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney) in a ten- round bout with marriage. Sample of the dialog, on witnessing a bride and groom emerging from a church; She "They don't look very happy": He "Why should they? They just got married". Adding insult to accident, the time honored institution of marriage, takes quite a beating. Is this an adult picture, not fit for juvenile consumption? Something for the censors to ponder. In line with my policy of "hands off" any picture which might hurt the local box Office (a practice 'frowned upon by most movie critics) I passed up my judgment until after the film was shown here. I'm not sure that this is the ^ right course. If you liked Two program;' Cheryl Kruse is For The Road, I'm glad you lporter did: 1 didn't! I passed up the Blue Max When it was being shown at road-show prices, but I did drop in for an hour ait the ilooal theatre and found it to be an exciting and beautifully photographed film of World War I. That is, if this type picture interests you, which it doesn't me! Nothing bores me quite as much as a recital of past wars (Longest Day) because it reminds me of the tragic fact that wars has never solved \aniytbhing, especially foreign wars. All 'the blood thats been shed on foreign soil has netted us very little. That's the reason I avoid such movies as The Blue Max. If you feel otherwise, you enjoyed this one. The only way to help such synthetic melodramas to a climax, is to reveal once more, the unstart- ling news that the Kaiser's forces are about to lose the war. And incidentally, to kill the hero who portrays the traitor to our cause. That brings us to Hawaii, another overlong, 3>/2 hour road-dhow production which could easily have been reduced to a scant two hours. However at the moderate local price (not $2.65 or 4.25). Hawaii is a good show, featuring Julie Andrews as the suffering wife and Von Sydon as the Puritanical parson. The theme or plot tries to reduce James Michener's 900 page tome into a neat concise package which is, of course, an impossibility. So the film wanders off in four different directions until the viewer is bewildered and completely conlPusted. However, the main plot seems obvious despite wind storms, Conflagrations, errupflions, street fights, shark attacks, luiaus, lavalavas and assorted shouts, the central theme is clear, that the islanders are more Christian than the. Christians themselves. With their religion in ruins, the Hawaiians are open to all the blessings of civilizations: whisky, syphilis and economic exploitation. By films end the nlation in only 50 years, has Withered from 400,000 to less than 150,000 souls, and the parson is forced to assume the white man's burden of guilt. That's a pretty heavy dish to swallow and S'/fe hours is •a 'long time to digest such a cinematic meal, ANNIVERSARY — Mr. and Mrs. Henry Iverson of Story City were honored guests on October 15th on the occasion of their 59th wedding anniversary. Also it was the 83rd birthday of Mr. Iverson and the 82nd birthday of Mrs. Iverson. Procrastination is our best labor-saving device. If you can put it off for a week, you can put it off forever. Burt — The annual 4-H Award Night for Plum Creek Elite, Plum Creek boys and Burt Bluebirds clubs was held at Burt Legion Hall Nov. 13. A skit was given by each Club for the evening's program. The awards were given by Galen DeValois. Awards for best record books in each club were to Mary Maiwdsley, senior; Roger Sarchet, inlter- mediate; Norman Becker, junior; for the Plum Creek boys; Plum Creek Bliltle club; Jane Walker, senior; Patricia Bode, intermediate; and Debbie Spear, junior. For Burt Blue Birds, Jean Lynch, senior; Marilyn Person, intermediate and Pam Soderberg, junior. Refreshments were served by the clubs after the re- 'porter Burt Blue Bird members won additional awards Nov. 13. Leaders are Mrs. Gerald SodePberg, Mrs. James Coady, Mrs. Florence Faber, Mrs. Art Person, Mrs. Ed Tigges. Receiving other awards were Marilyn Cherland, comp. seal, 6 year seal; Arlene Coady, seal; Cheryl Coady, seal; Cyn- 'thda Faber, comp. seal, 5 year certificate; Becki Kruse, seal; Oheryil & Colleen Kruse, seal, Jean Lynch, seal, pen 5 year certificate; Marilyn, Person, seal, pen; Rochelle Sarchet, seal;. Cynthia Soderberg, seal; Marcla Soderberg, seal, 5 year certificate; Pamela Soderberg, seM; Marilyn Tigges, seal; Sharon Tigges, seal; and Lennice Waltman, seal. igwt* (Iowa) Adtaftci MONDAY, NOV. 20, tfe? dent of UPW Mid Evelyn MawoVley wttl take lief place witti Evelyn Angui n vice president Rwe Hereto w«f AMJuimed tnuMc cMauvrtafi. HoMeMtes were 'Mitt. Roaooe iMawdsley Jr., Mrs. Geonge Becker and Mrs. H. J. Lacy, CIRCLES MIET Nine members were prea- ent at the U& 1 Circle Nov. 14 at Elsie and Neon* Junk' emneier's. Officers 'for the new year are Pres., Maxine Angus; Vice, Neoma Junkermeier; sec4reas., Marion Westftng; book committee, Adelte IJlses, Isabel Sabin and Hazel Larson; flower; Vera Sdhwietert and Gladys Haw- oott. The next meeting will be the Christmas meeting at Adolla Ulses's, a 12:30 pot luck luncheon. Each member is to bring a hot dish and, a salad or dessert and own table service. There will be a candy or cookie exchange and a. 50c gift exchange. SWM CHjf Cupfe Ar* Mart** 1 -'I ... •«, .')••' vriW * ,MI*«* ,. . ' '. . '" '-,,V .A.. GOOD NEIGHBORS A good neighbor deed took plate at the Merle Sohwiet- ert's Nov. 15 When neighbors and friends harvested 55 'acres of corn. The men present were E. C. Sdhiwidtert, August Beirnau, Michael Scott, Duane Habeger, Glen Black, Howard Salisbury, C. W. Heordt, Dean Andrews. Roland Ghatfee, Delmar Angus,; Robert Angus, Leonard Dltt- mer, Lawrence Oiitmer, Way- ine Jones, Merlin Madsen, Wayne Mann, Homer Slabin and Douglas Mechler. Women who prepared and served dinner were Isabel Sa,bin, Hazel •Mann, Lydia Schwieiteirt, Helen Sdhwietert, Lorena Roark, Emma Meohler, Myrtle Jones, Maxime Angus, Evelyn Angus, Shirley Habeger and Lillian Heerdt. Merle Schwietert tad surgery at Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge a week ago. BLUE BIRDS MEET The November meeting of Burt Bluebirds 4-H club was held Saturday, Nov. 11 at Burt Community school with Lennie Waltman hostess. Becki Kruse gave a talk and a demonstration. The 'December meeting to be held at the Sharon and Marilyn Tigges's was changed to Thursday, December 14. Also scheduled is a roller skating and dancing party at the Algona Roller Rink, Dec. 4 at 7:30 p.jn. WATER SHUT OFF Waiter was shut off Wednesday from 6:30 p.m. to 12:30 while a new hydrant was installed near the Bertha Bividge home. Some one acridently broke the hydrant. Folks who had saved waiter wdre fortunate. HARVEST CORN Friends and neighbors of Don Strayer picked and stored 25 acres of corn last Saturday and the women served dinner. Mr. Strayer had an emergency appendectomy at Buffalo Center hospital. old awt Kurt, Thttttton, vis* Ned Sttufttey * M. I* ftfr •MI'S. TtolchWiUli h** I to^a:-. -jtA-at. Ja^.uaj i ; ajLt^&i^L a^^^.w. Mnf ton BOOB HIWMU oorn <ML II, Heory fief** W i mat „* the Oman Blrthde* mwttiii «t tttidft be held Dec. 14 TURNIP! — A five pound turnip wag one of i crop of extra-Urge onM grown thii season by Ed Merk, Emmetsburg. Oscar Sharp, Corydon, grew a turnip weighing in at over three pounds this year. Appointed Horn*" • tt LUVERNE • WESLEY • TITO1 • CORWITH • RENW1CK NEW PRESIDENT UPW met Nov. 15 at the Presbyterian church. Devotions were by Mrs. Axel Carlson. The program was a Thanksgiving service held by Hilda Gross and Ethel Dram-' rrtel assisted by Evelyn Maiwd- stey and Rose Karels. Virginia Becker showed a film strip, Thank Offering, explaining how the special offering is used. Mrs. Bertha Bividge was presented a honorary membership in the Board of Na- Itional Mission of the United Presbyterian church. Ruth Patterson resigned as presi- There was good attendance at Eastern Star in the Hall, Nov. 14. An invitation to Fellowship Night Nov. 16 at West Bend chapter was received. The officers draped the altar j in memory of Maree Bahn- ison, Nettie Dorrance and F. L. Pratt. 1 , Plans were made for the Christmas party alt'the' December • meeting ; ' witftr : a ; ' White Elephant exchange, Dec. 12. Ivy and Gladys Circles met at the Methodist church Nov. 15, 13 members were present ait Ivy and 14 at Gladys Circle. Janice Circle met Wednesday with 11 present and a guest, Mrs. Jay Hop-i pus. A film on Bolivia was shown by President Frances Sarchet at the Circle meetings. Plans were made for Fellowship Night, Nov. 19 & for the Christmas- meetings in December. Carol McGuire started work as bookkeeper at the Sinclair f plant north of Burt the-first of the week. The Walter Stewards heard from their daughter Mary Ellen Miller, a patient at Children's hospital, Ward C, Iowa City. She is receiving treatment for back trouble caused by a slipped disc. The Douglas Meohlers, Ti- itonka and Mrs. Merle Schwietert went to Fort Dodge Thursday to visit Merle Sdhwietert who is convalescing at Lutheran hospital fol- Swea City: Wedding bells rang in the Imimanuel Lutheran Church Saturday evening, October 14th, for Miss Kathleen Lynn Roberts and (Mr. Lowell Lynn Jensen. ,The Revi Julius Peterson officiated at the double ring, candle-light ceremony. ; ; Music was furnished by Mr. and Mrs. Loren Larson, Buffalo Center, accompanied by Mrs. V. E. Hazelhoff at the organ.-' The bride is the daughter: of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Roberts of Swea .City and the groom is the son of Mr. Vergil Jensen of Swea City and the late Mrs. Jensen. •Mrs. Robert Qeerdes, sister of the bride, was Matron of Honor. Bridesmaids were' Linda O'Donnell of Lone (Rock, Rebet- ca Roberts, sister of the bride, and , Peggy Conway of Swea 'City. • '•••'•'•' Miss Lisa 'Beier® of Sioux Falls, Soulth Dakota, niece ;of the groom, was flower girl. Mr. Mark Geerdes, of Swea City, nephew of the bride, acted as ring bearer. *" Best Man was Mr. Paul Danielson of Swea City. Other groomsmen included Mr. Steve Roberts, brother of the bride, Tom Goche of Bancroft, and Curtis Hove of Bricelyn, Minn. Ushers were Larry Kluger of Clear Lake, Robert Geerdes of Swea City, Aaron Beiers of Sioux Falls, S. D., and Pat Murphy of Fairmont, (Minn. A reception was held in the Social Mall of the Imnrvanuel Lutheran Church following the . ceremony. Following a wedding trip to the Black Hills the couple will be living in Swea City. Both the 'bride and the' groom were graduates of the Swea City Community School. The groom is also a member of the National Guard. • ' • lowing major surgery. The Larry Driers 9 Ib. 4 oz. sonr Eu» ert born October 31 at the Britt Hospital. They hiave a r 6 year old daughter Nancy j and 4 year old son Kenneth., Grandparents are the Donald p"*™*""""™""'""' 1 ™ Ericksons and Mrs. Marie Dreyer.; , : :;•,•.•'. • •,•."•'' •:• ••.•-.; V/MIJS, "•• Hazel ..Tenney, / .,:v$»o teaches 1st grade at Bantoroft, sdiodl was a guest Wednesday evening of Mrs. Jessie Rash. Gary Sdiidntl and 3 year 708 & Phillips, Algona, Monday through iU . . Sunday 191 Guests Invited to TUESDAY NIGHT, NOV. 28 -Al Iht Alfomi Cwmlry Olib- Nearly 200 guests will b« present at Taylor's 9th annual HARVEST PARTY to be held at the Algona Country club next Tuesday night, November 28, beginning at 6:30 p.m. Over 170 invited guests will be present plus the employees and families of the Taylor Implement Co. A free trip, lots of prizes and a wonderful meal are included plus a famous woman guest speaker. Below are the guests and the program. (PURCHASES MADE BEFORE APRIL 16, 1967.) Oho of these 24 persons with their wife will be eligible to win the Free "9-diy Trip to Mexico City and Acipulcp, Mexico by Jet." . Carl Rieken, Woden Leo Brownlee, Emmetsburg William K. Stauss, Emmotsburg S. J. Brownlee, Emmetsburg Orville Wiener, Cylinder Kenneth B. Frois, Hampton Fred Kruse, LuVerne Don Kruse, LuVerne Wilbert Engholm, Bancroft Richard Bristow, LuVerne Al Fenske, Elmoro, Minn. Stan Darling, Curlew Alva Kahlor, Burt Harlan Bonnstetter, West Bend Arnold Metxger, Wmttemore Eugene Tigges, Cylinder A. C.Anderson, Emmetsburg Mrs. S. J. Brownlee, Emmetsburg Cecil Biustrom, Algona Arloii Benschoter, Algona Roland Haas, Algona O. T. Cherland, Lone Rock C. P, Bonnstotter, West Bend Jerry Leaneagh, Algona" (PURCHASES HADE AFTER APRIL 16, 1967.) n Bode TUESDAY NOV.22ml OOUNTRY FEATURES STARTS ACADEMY AWARDS! METO-GODWYN-MAYER ACWIQPOtffl PRODUCTION DAVID LEAN'S FILM OF BORIS PASTERNAKS' IN PANAVISIQN* AND METROCOLOR Hutch|n«on, Loo. Don and Adding W«gn( Elliot Skew, Rutland , Al Ftnskc, Elmor*, Minn; (2) AAarlin Schultz, Bancroft Richard Mtyor, Lon« Rock Hoonk Farms, Inc., Algona Adolino Wagn«r and Don Wagnor, Bod* Hoonk Farms, Algona Gono Kolch, Corwith Art Kolch, Corwith Frank and Richard Moyor, Lono Rock Hobarton Eloyater, Hobarton Al Erpolding, Algona Rogor Chtrland, Lono Rock . Harold and Gary Fridoros, Bod* Lloyd Gorbor, Algona r - : Ray Boatty, Emmotsburg Bituminous Material A Supply, Algona . Rogor Fohr, Wost Bond Now Farms, c/o Bill Now; Novada A. F, Van Buron, Algona Mrs. Adolino Wagnor A Don Wagnor, Bod* Jim Caposius, LuVorno Mrs. Jim Caposius, LuVorno Rogor Jonson; Lono Rock ; Joo'Murray, Bancroft Ervin Ulsos, Burt . Palmor Potorson, Bluo Earth Ervin Gorbor, Algona Edmund Fridoros, Algona. Miko Baumann, Whittomoro Phil Naovo, Humboldt Richard Naovo, Humboldt Sanford Anderson, Eaglo Grovo Earl Crouch, Fonton Konnoth Scuddor, Loon Earl Anglo, Burt Ray Cunningham, Burt Frod Asa, Algona A. F. Gregory, Rutland Wallaco Tontingor, Morrill Richard Monko, Bancroft Glon Gabriolson, Soxton Morlo Loss, Wosloy E. W. Zosch, Gilman Miko DoWaard, W*»l*y S. J. Brownloo, Emmotsburg Molvin Ellington, Ottoson Art Kadow, Burt .. THIS YEAR'S PIMWRAH •• MUSIC — By Dennis Ketchum, Radio and TV Personality, SPEAKER — Countess Maria.Pulaski, from Warsaw, Poland. DINNER—A wonderful meal, prepared and wrved by the Algona Country Club. HONORED GUESTS — Mike Behlen, President of the Behlen Mfg. Co., of Columbus, Nebr.; Vince Jones, vice-president in charge of sales for Behlen; and Jerry Joseph, vice-president in charge ef Marketing for I ; I if I * This is by far th* largest Harvest Party in Taylor's History of inviting their current year's customers to a fine banquet, an enjoyable evening's entertainment headed by an outstanding speaker and the awarding 1 of a free expense paid trip—PLUS A NUMBER OF GIFTS. Taylor's feels this is an excellent method of saying thanks to its customers, whose patronage they appreciate so much. I 1 I I I I J » j Taylor Implement Co. "Your Grain Drying it Harvesting Headquarters" | SOUTH PHILLIPS STRUT ». ALOONAf Bjustrom's 42nd Anniversary Sale Continues This Week CHRISTMAS SHOPPING SAVE 40% - 50% -60% - 70% AND MORE BIG SAVINGS BJUSTROM FURNITURE Co. Aloona ^^^^^^ ^B^g ^^^^ ^^^_ • -— , - .... --^^^ . ^^— m^—m I--MT—^•^••ie^a^aM Tl— i H1BI - ^^^ cvniBBvaBa^sam^aK^BIlVI^FT^a •"• !.,».!. ..'1 '. • • JlllB^^^BBBiBVa^Bie^B^BWi0MVC^B^B^B^SnVM l-» it -

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