Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 20, 1967 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1967
Page 6
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tO ANB 20 YEARS AGO 'INK in my VEINS' First football team organized in 1899 •y MARIAN INMAN The petals of toy birthday roses are drying rticely and soon will be added to my friendship Potpourri. This is a delightful fragrance bowl collected over the years from corsages and other flower gifts that I have received. 1 really am Hot a perfume person but I like the gentle fragrance of my Potpourri. I like to open it whan I am dusting or some evenings when 1 arrl reading or watching TV. The fragrance is pleasant. The ancient art of making a Potpourri it one you can practice today. You can follow an old recipe or create your own fragrance of romantic ingredient*: rote petal* and •andalwood and spices and herbs. When I first decided to make mine 1 had quite a time finding a recipe and when I did find one it seemed so complicated. So I experimented and improvised and achieved one that is pleasing to me and to the friends to whom I have given one as a gift. It is hard to believe that a custom as delightful as the household Potpourii could have become almost a lost art in a matter ef 150 years. These spiced flower mixtures first came into fashionable favor in the modern Western world at the fabulously luxurious and sophisticated courts of French and English kings of the 16th and 17th centuries. The spices of course then were rare wonders from the farthest corners of the world and they were valued highly as jewels or precious metals. Believed to have special properties, to! ward off plague for instance, they were carried around m little perforated, bejeweled boxes by kings and priviledgedi courtiers. But by the 17th century the use of Potpourri was! extended to the household. Just as every gentlewoman was expected to be deft at needlework and knowledgeable about' a fine table, so was she apt to have a favorite very personal recipe for making Potpourri. Basically a Potpourri is a mixture of fragrant dried blossoms, spices, herbs and other aromatic roots, leaves, bark, < grasses if you choose. Various supportive gums, oils and or I tinctures serve to blend, preserve, intensify, prolong and otherwise extend the medley of fragrance. All summer long! I dry flower petals, rose petals being my favorite as they seem to make the Potpourri more sweetly fragrant and long-1 er lasting. Any one of these mornings now I'll spread out my • sacks of dried petals, spices, cloves, cinnamon, lavender, orris root, and oil of rose geranium and the containers I have chosen for gifts to friends, a few chosen ones each year. To my friendship Potpourri I give an annual stir and add the new memory petals, in this case those from My birthday roses from my daughter Mary Fran and family and a drop or two' of the rose oil and close it to ripen and refreshen for, the times I'll enjoy it and dream of the nice occasions I received ' the flowers and the people who gave them to me. I like everything as dry as possible so it does not become moldly and the orris root helps to absorb moisture besides lending a fragrance. Gently stir the petals and spices together, spoon them into your containers and add a drop or two of the oil of rose geranium or a perfume oil that is your preference. Close tightly and let ripen a few weeks: The one I make now will be Christmas gifts so they will have time to ripen nicely. Occasionally I open them and sometimes I add more spice or oil. I think each of us gains in experience as we make them and achieve our own special recipe. If you wish you can make your entire mixture in a large container and later when-it has ripened spoon it into the individual containers to be gifts. I keep a record of what I put in so I can duplicate my better efforts and improve them if necessary Once you know a few basic principles it is almost impossible to make a mistake. Now I just mix a little of each ingredient and sniff and enjoy and you'll have fun doing just that. I suggest that you try drying almost any flower you can get your hands on, just to see what happens. Some will have no fragrance, but may retain their color or formation, some you'll use, some you'll discard and while rose petals are my preference I do use other flower petals for bulk. You will soon learn what you value most and can use. The prefume essences are a luxury but generally less than an eyedropper full is enough to impart character to two cups of Potpourri. The ordinary spices and herbs are available at your grocer's and druggist at nominal cost. Perhaps it is too late for you to make Potpourri's this year as you should have been drying petals, but make a resolve to do so another year. You'll enjoy this art from the gentle past. When you have filled the containers that you plartj; to give as gifts, make sure that on top you put some of x your most choice and colorful petals so the person who receives the gift sees this lovely color immediately upon opening her gift and this along with the delightful fragrance will make a gift long remembered. Have fun. When you read this I'll be returned home from the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation meeting and repacking my suit case to spend Thanksgiving week in Fargo, N. D., with my little Aunt Barbara, I am travejiny with my friends, the Andrew Berens, of Bancroft, who have a neice in Moorhead with whom they plan to spend the Thanksgiving holiday. Happy holiday to you. November 24, W7 Gary iofnau, Algona high school scniot, Was awarded an $1800, four year scholarship at Fairfield, Iowa. Out of 100 entries, Gary was chosen one of 120 to go to Fairfield where he placed third of the five winners. Grading of the land for the new Garrigan high school here began last week, Actual ground-breaking and construction will start next spring. Football is now 68 years old in Algona (that would make- it 78 years to date) and an interesting story of the Atgona's football history appeared in this issue of the Advance; The story was toid by Chuck Nteoiittn, football coach in 1927 at the AJtfma high school, to the dinner guests of the Kiwaflfe dub. Mr. Nicoulin told this story; "Back in the eighties of the last century Chuck had an older brother Claude oti> the Minnesota "U" football team. Claude had fired Chuck with enthusiasm for the game and when after one of the Mint*, esota football games Ctaude took Chuck down in the big city and outfitted him with a complete football Stiit. When Chuck got back home with these proud togs he was the envy of all Algona boyhood. There was then no H. S. learn 'here, in fact few local ddraofs hid teams ihefi, but some school* hid 'tenths, id Chuck Ofgatrited one, and tfii team played in other tewni, This team played* to (mi game a^in*^ 6a#« Grove team and wa* beautifully nck< ed, but the Algofrtan* meant' business and they, really 1 ' learned the. game under the instruction of {Claude who was now home., From then on the, boys wire winner*. This all happened in 1889* 68 years ago. After Chuck was applauded and,sat down, Josh (R. S.) Blossom was introduced as the Midget Flash of early Algona football. It seems that Josh made a lot of bother for other teams. They • would get him located for punishment, and then he would suddenly be somewhere else. Josh was flashing around as quarterback in 1901. Supt. Overmeyer who was also a guest at the dinner and spoke briefly saying he retfiembefied when Hie A.H.S, leaift was ptfetly much made Up of Kfttehskyl and Nug- *Hfft. Alf Kfcs&tskft nil broth* Arnold and Df. L. C. Nugent, a dentist who sttef moved to California, Olltaf Carton, Akjona firm manager, was elected chair- matt of the Kossuth Republican Central Committee at a meeting Nov. 12. Carlson will succeed , Angus Cotton of Lone Rock who has served, 'nearly 6 years. It. Cecelia's opened its basketball season against Presentation, Academy of Whit* temore on Sunday with a 5845 win. Mark Seeley led the Knights scoring' With 22 points for 'the afternoon. Teammate Jim Cink pumped in 17 and Paul Goecke added 13. The St. Cecelia team is coached by Jim Geelen. Jim Cowan, star halfback on Algona high school's football team was given honor- able mention Sunday by Jack North in his aiiflUal All-State selections. In 1DPA seteefsofis list week Carl Johnson, Swu Ctty back was given honof< ta the fofttiw SoPctisofl (jfwwty building oft State street appeared in this issue of the Ad- vatkSe. the Sorenson building for many years was occupied by. the grocery operated. by Mabel Sorenson, and for years previously was also a store. November .11, 1947 Pheasant hunting didn't attract the crowds of former years, Some of the older boys are getting too wise for that business'-of clambering over cornstalks just for the heck of it without any assurance of getting anything, but a ninny nose out' of it. .The young hunters have been taught to see what's in it for (lawi) MONDAY, NOV. JO, W7 them before they at for anything now days. Hodgepodge Dtttite D«wei. fti&SBi fcs1<ii*(hi*SB^ Isisil^oajVtlSftJi Ji.s1 VVV nVI tnivlJffff MVJfVTVw tJT Mr. and Mrs. Theodore €. Hutchison; has been accetted kw Ah* 1lfar»l ftiJjiiftdiJ tthliLlLiil •oy me wanMMsinoiK JWHUUI fw Girls in Nashville, Tenn. for the year 194*49. ;i Pictured in today's itsua \A the Advance were six young ladies one of which on* Swill reign as queen at tfte annual Lone Rock school carnival to be held Nov. 20. The girls are Deletes Mallow* Joan Zwie* fel, Helen Sprank, Marvel Schmidt, Kathryn WillreU and Helen Schmidt. , Mr. and Mrs. D. A, Tamer of Bust and Mr. and Mrs. Will IQngsdorf also of Hurt Were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries on Nov. 23 and Nov. 30. Picture of Both couples and stories were featured on the front page of this Nov. 28 issue. " DECEMBER 1967 S M T W T 3 4 567 10 17 24 25 26 27 281 31 SHOP TILL 9 P.M. ON DAYS CIRCLED FRI DAY i / i X ^ '•WHAT DO YOU MEAN COUNTDOWN? I CAN'T COUNT UP Let Lloyd Bohannon at the Behannon Insurance Agency count up all the advantage* we offer you in complete insurance protection. Friendly tervice, free turveyt and competitive price* are ju»t a few, INSURANCE A6ENCY Sc^nta will be on the street Every Saturday afternoon in December ALGONA WILL GLITTER & OUT Welcome Santa at 1:10 P.M. 1 • - •. ' • . • '. AS HE ARRIVES AND PARADES DOWN STATE STREET ON A BIB RED FIRE ENOINE TO HIS BRAND NEW "SANTA GLAUS HOUSE" ON THE SOUTHEAST .- * \ . j ' CORNER OF THE COURTHOUSE LAWN * • ' • ' • (••SWiakMnaKSMIKSWiaKiajniaKASXIHBWSMBWI^ FREE MOVIES FREE CANDY Santa will give away 2500 bagt of candy until 4:00 p.m or until the supply runs out. "FLIPPER'S NEW ADVENTURE" and 3 color cartoons will bo shown at 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. There will bo NO admittion charge. IS£lSM|SJsWIISJflS>IIHiyKlMf|l DAY-DON'T MJSS IT! MANUFACTURERS Universal Manufacturing Co, FURNITURE — OFFICE SUPPLIES ijuttrom Furniture Co. Road's Furniture A Carpott, Inc. Factor's CLOTHING A SHOES The Chrischihes Store Grahams Department Store Leuthold Williams (Hub Clothier.) Kjrk't Shoo Store J. C. Ponney Co, S A L Co. SHiikloy* Shilti irownbilt Shoo Store Kefehor * McAd«m* DRUQ STORES Hentbruch Drug Rusfc Drug A Jewelry ENTERTAINMENT Algona A Starlito Theatres. Tall Pawl's DRY CLEANERS i LAUNDRY Modern Ory Cleaners , AUTOMOTIVE Deu't Garage Jack's 0. K. Tiro Service Kottuth Motor C». Taylor Motor Co. APPLIANCES ft TELEVISION Electronic _. , . North lows Appliance Center SEWINO MACHINES HARDWARE Coatt-to Coast Storos Gambles Frederick Hardware Stara FINANCIAL lews State Dank The Security State lank Homo Federal Savings ft Loan Assn. VARIETY STORES North Iowa Sowing Machino C§. •omgitri Ion Franklin Harrison's Variety SPECIAL SERVICES Algona Advance Aigena Greenheutat Cansolidttosj Co-op. Creameries North Central Public Sorvka Ct. Post Trfniffr Cf. 1 fm P^wWili 9*NP»P Ludwig'i Ctft Raid't Laundry I Cloning VUUfo JEWELRY Sharp's Jewelry Wiltgan Jawalars . Dean's BUILDINQ Algona Plumbing A Hoatinf Carton'* for Color Cowan Corp. Punk Plumbing A Heating P, R. Irons Hotting A Plumbjng Laing Heating A Plumbing Miller Lumbar Co- Saiter'* Davit Paint Stort Sherwin-Williamt Color Confif United iviNNng €ontori« ln«4 FARM EQUIPMENT Algona Flour A Food Co. JsB^EI BBBitfASBllSfttBl ^I^PW BW wWWP |f Hg\MlL. iWw^Pt iJE r*f wff FWW Iv

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