Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1967 · Page 14
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1967
Page 14
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(lows) AaVltet THUMDA V, NOV. 14, Better to Be Sure Than Uncertain By Abigail Van Buren |c W> kf Cftlctf* Tfl»»IW.N. - V. Ntwt §»»«., Inc.) DEAR ABBY: The teacher called me for a conference because of an essay my daughter had written as part of a class assignment. It was entitled "My Father," and it went like this: "My father is the worst father in the whole world. I am ashamed of him. He left us when we were small and my mother had to work to feed us. I hate him." Abby, my daughter was four years old when her father left us, and she hasn't mentioned him in all these years. She is a moody child but I think it is just her nature. My other children seem happier and better adjusted. Well, this teacher suggested I take my daughter to a psychiatrist. I don't believe too much in psychiatry. I went to one after my husband left me, and many hundreds of dollars later all I got out of him was the sage advice that I should "adjust" to the situation and make the best of it. I don't want an emotionally disturbed child on my hands, but I can't afford to pay a psychiatrist just because a teacher says she thinks my child needs one. What should I do? CONCERNED DEAR CONCERNED: Ask your family doctor for his recommendations, after telling him the background. Far better to investigate psychiatric help for your daughter and be told she doesn't need it, than not to seek it when she does. DEAR ABBY: The letter from "WORRIED MOTHER" ' who is concerned about telling her 11-year-old son the facts of life, sounds like many parents with whom I have talked. After teaching elementary school for 17 years, I have found that the parents of 11-year-olds who think they are going to tell their children something new in revealing the facts of life, have a lot to learn themselves. Sincerely yours, DAVID S. MILLS, PRINCIPAL DOW, ILLINOIS DEAR ABBY: I am an only child and have been married a few years. AU of a sudden, after 25 years of marriage, my parents say they can no longer put up with each other's "foolishness" and they want a divorce. I think they are being very foolish and it upsets me terribly, but I don't know how to help them solve their problem. Incidentally, don't suggest that I try to get them to see a marriage counselor because they wouldn't, not if it was the last thing they did together. FORLORN DEAR FORLORN: Have your parents asked for your help with their problem? I'll bet they haven't, because when two people agree that they've had "enough" of each other, as far M they're concerned, there's no problem. The only problem I see here is yours. It's the inability to solve a non-existing problem between your parent*. DEAR ABBY: Re. that late-working husband who made a habit of worrying his wife because he was ashamed to say to his boss. "Excuse me, I have to call my wife and let her know I'll be late." Most bosses admire and respect an employee who shows that kind of consideration for his wife. In fact, that is one of the qualities a boss looks for when he considers a man for promotion. How do I know? I am a boss. PRESIDENT OF A BIG CORPORATION WITH A BIG NAME, IN "BIG D." Award night for 4-H clubs at Lone Rock Sana** — The Seneca Stars and the Seneca Progressive Farmers 44! GUib members and leaders Ware hosts for the area Award Night held Thursday evening at the Lone Rock school. Wayne Lynch, County Extension chairman, presided. Galen DeVatois, Extension Director, explained the purpose of the Extension; Council and the duties of the representatives on the council. The group elected Raymond Bergum to represent Seftteca Township on the council. Entertainment was skits by the 441 club members, Fenton Forwards, Seneca Progressive Farmers, Fenton Pro- New //cense plates A symposium originally was a Grecian dinner party. ••••••••••••••••••••M •4-H News* ALGONA A OK'S New officers of the Algona A OK 4-H club were installed at a candlelight ceremony by their president Judy Berger on Saturday, Nov. 11 at 1:30 p.m. in tlhe Extension rooms. Twenty-nine members were present. New officers for 1968 are: Kathy Lallier, pres.; Judy Taiphom, vice; Dorothy Frideres, sec.; Sue McEvoy, •treas.; Barb Schttevert, histo- rian; Kim Thuente and Mary Berger, reporters; Diane Studer, music chin.; Susan Kinseth, recreation; Mary McEvoy, ohm. telephone comm.; Kim Hensley, Patti Detrick, Judy Heimers and Jean Proth- man. Talks were given by Diane Studer and Charla Walker on Personality books. Becky Meyer arid Suzanne Holtzbauer gave a review of the ydar, Looking Back. A demonstra- ition on Individuality by Kaithy Lallier and Merri Laing. Plans for the Christmas party and caroling were discussed. iHostess&s were Mrs. Farrell and Mrs. Frideres. Guests were Mrs. D. Wagner, Mrs. M. Koillasteh and Mrs. Sdhlie- vert. Leaders of the Fenton Forwards introduced were Mrs. Didk Kuecker, Mrs. Dart-el Dreyer and Mrs. Victor Drey- «r and awards went to Barbara Baxter, Donna Baxter, Susan Bierle, Sherri Boettcher, Vickie Dreyer, and Julie Wegener, seals for completed record books, additional awards went to Debbie Bterle, a pen, and a plaque for having the top intermediate record book. Evelyn Bierstedt and Kay Dreyer received seals and pen*, Diana Mills, seal, pen and a 5-year membership certificate. Jean Pompe won a seal, 4-H pen, and a plaque for top scoring junior record book. Sandra Seegebarth received a seal, pen, a 7-year seal and a 4-H plaque for having the top senior book. Awards for Fenton Pro- gressors went to Robert Bierle, pen, a six year seal, and a Sheep award; Evelyn Bierstedt, five year certificate; Lee Dreyer, pen, six year seal and a beef award; Carol Johnson received a 'plaque for top junior record, book; Lynette Johnson^ pen', a plaque for top intermediiate record book; Melba Kirause, Dilane Uthof, and Darlene Uthof received pens; Gary Lalabs received a pen, a six year seal, a plaque for top senior record 'book, also a swine award and a crop award jErnest Wolter, a five year certificate. Leaders of ithe Fenton club are Kenneth Johnson, Darrell Dreyer, Darrel Betrfcland, Ray Laaibs, Rioy Bierle and John Ruger. Members of the Seneca Stars receiving awards were Joy Andre, Carrie Bergum, Sheryl Breese, Patricia Dreyer, Rosemary Fortney, Susan Fortney, Cindy Kabrick, Robin Krumwiede, Denise Votteler and Kaithy Lynch, all completion seals. Barbara Andre received a seal, a pen, and a plaque for top intermediate record book. Catherine Bergum received a aeal, pen, and a 'six year seal. Ann Fortney received a seal and a six year 4-H seal. Becky Jensen received a seal, a 4-H pen, and a six year seal. Conine Johnson received a seal and a pen. Anna Menz received a seal, pen and a five year certificate. Debra Nyman, completion seal, pen, and a plaque for top junior record book. Linda Kraoht received a gold bracelet, the merit award, a seal, pen, plaque for having the top senior record book JANUARY 31 *t is the deadline for getting your new license plates and application for "Pet" numbers may be made during November only. After December 1st other plates may be purchased. You are encouraged to mail for your license plates to save congestion and waiting in line at the court house. An added charge of 25c will be made to each set of plates because they are reflectorized and there is a 25c mail* ing fee. There are no more steering column holders for registration forms. The state furnishes a vinyl, self adhesive, envelope style holder to put on the windshield. Shown above, left to right, holding the number 1, 1968 license are Rose Olsen, Doris Ferguson and Phyllis Olson, employees in the county treasurer's office. amid a six year seta!.' Leaders of the Seneca Stars last year were Mrs. Nina Kradht and Mrs. Robert Fortney. Seneca Progressive Farmers received pen awards for redordj books scoring 96% or above to Ed and Totoi Bergum, Michael Cyphers, Steve .Fischer, Rickie Johanneaen, Darnel Nyman, Douglas Nyman, Johnny Nyman, Dennis Wilberg, Terry Weisbrod and Jeffrey Bauer. Lee Bergum received a pen, and a plaque for having the top junior record book. Jo Ann Benuhard received a pen, a six year seal, and a swine award. Steve Oherland received a pen and the top intermediate record book award. Kaithy Jensen, pen, a five year certificate and a beef award. Brian Johnson, pen, eight year seal, and the top senior record book award. Theresa Lynch received a pen and a leather belt for top scoring 'book ,for three consecutive years. Timothy Lynch, a six year gold seal, and a pen. Richard Lynch received two* coveted awards, the Chicago award trip and the Leadership award; also a seven year seal and a pen. Leaders of the club are Raymond Bergum, Roger Jensen, John Nyman and Paul Bemhard. Refreshments wefe served by the Seneca Stars and the Seneca Progressive Farmers. Mrs. Wayne Ohnemus and daughters and Mrs. William Bruihn, Fenton and the Leo Woods, Whittemore, went to LLvermbre Monday night and aaw a film of a world tour shown by the Ed Genriches, California, at the Lutheran church in Ldvermore. Mr. GenrMi is a great-uncle of Mesdaimes Ohnemus and Bruihn and an uncle of Mrs. Woods. Mrs. Jerry Jenitz had the JoDly Jokers club Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Henry Wilberg substituted, Shirley Ohnemus, Mason C&ty, spent the weekend with her parents, the Wayne Oh- nemuses. She and her sister, Mary visited Mrs. Evert Broesder, Algona and the Leo Woods, Whittemore Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Alvin Cyphers had the Seneca Modern Mixers Tuesday afternoon. They voted a contribution to the Kossuth TB and Health Assn. Birthday members were Mrs. Everett WiUiam, Mrs. Joe Mad~den, Mrs. Alvin Cyphers and Mrs. Henry Looft. Mrs. Clifford Gangestad will be December hostess for the annual Christmas patty. Sentral School lunch, cooks, Mesdaimes Alfred Petersen, Olaf Oftedahl, Lucille Blanch- 'ard, Doris Schwarzenbach, and Rose Kraft attended the Kowufth hot lunch meeting at Swtia City Wednesday. PROMPT AND CORRECT WEDDING INVITATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS AT THE ADVANCE! Diamond Happy occasions call for diamonds-the supreme gift of love and beauty, Besides joy in your new gem, you want to have pride in your choice. Knowing your jeweler and the quality of his merchandise is one good way. Our membership in the American Gem Society is another. Only . some 2000 jewelers in the United States and Canada qualify for this distinction which is earned through professional gemological study and high ethical standards. A most important reason why you should choose your diamonds from our collection. MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY. SHEAKLEYS Women's & Children's CLEARANCE NOW IN PROGRESS IN REDUCTION ON NTH FLOORS-WE WEEK DULY! Jam* Eliding, daurfrter of Mr. and Mr*. Peter N. Ef< priding, Algona, is ott« of 20 student* of Mftrycreft college in til* 1967-66 Who's Who A* moflg Student* in American Universities and Colleges. • Janet is a junior, majoring in nursing at Maryerest. She As a member of the Student Nurses Organization and the Center for Apostolic Activity, High scholaMic achievement is a primary factor for the award.. Other qualifications 81*1 leadership and cooperation in academic and extra-curricular activities, general citizenship, and promise of future service to society. Car hits tor wist of Alfona A West Bend girl, Rebecca A. Bormann, 16, escaped injury when the 1961 station, wagon she was driving struck a deer one-half mile west of Algona about 5:45 p.m. last Thursday on the McGregor blacktop. Miss Bormann told Deputy Sheriff Don Wood, who investigated, she saw a deer coming out of the south ditch and applied her brakes. A second deer was trailing the first afld stie struck the artimal but it apparently was unhurt and ran away. The «f hid only about $& dafftatfe, ON NAVY LIAVI Chief MuMdin and Mrs. Mix n*i« ( Norfolk, Va. ( have been here 10 diys with Mrs, Flaig's parents, the Fred Meyers. Mr, Flaig hM been in the Navy 13 years and previously ititight five yean in a Navy 'musk school. Since becoming a tMe! musician he fe eligible for oversew duty ifld ift Feb- ruiry will trie Jitt tafld fw i fttx ttwfilh* teitf, ^ H* fUte teft fWdiy ftr San Dtega $»«i«J»f ** be 4*ti6Md: M«. riitg i« the former Marilyn Meyer ind they have two ftone & »nd 7. Any tool «fi ttittcte, condemn , and complain . . . and moat fools do. Thank You — —DOOR PRIZE WINNERS TRANSISTOR RADIOS'— H. W< Stobrltt, Algona Mr*. Alox Roaf or/Algona MittWaydortjAlgoM PORTABLE TV — Arnold Br.tUnd, Bodo Congratulations to the four winners of Door Prizes during our Open House the past 10 days at Electronic Specialties... we were most pleased at the many folks who stopped out to see our new 1988 model Admiral and Curtis Matties TV sets and the many fine com-' pliments on the color sets we have in stock. If you were unable to visit us, stop out anytime this week or next. . . see 'what is new in Color TV. The coffee pot is always on at... ' • ELECTRONIC SPECIALTIES Diagonal Street 5-3215 Algona KLG A Radio • 1 I I kc WILL BROADCAST THE COMPLETE PLAY BY PLAY IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY VS. UNIVERSITY OF IOWA FRESHMAN FOOTBALL GAME FRIDAY - 2:20 ALSO LISTEN FOR COACHES CORNER —SATURDAY -11 M— FEATURING • • Algona High Basketball Coach — Howie Stephenson Algona High Wrestling Coach — Champ Martin 1600 kc-KLGA Radio r •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I JlWIUft — •IMMCHTV] Algona, low* ALGONA "LADIES AND CHILDREN'S FASHIONS" ALGONA New permanent press fabrics uOVE Electric »aundry Equipment! New electric washers and electric dryers are designed to take special care of today's modern, work-saving fabrics. New electric laundry equipment is planned to wash and dry the wrinkle-free fabrics just right to help save yqu work, too. Get the most from the new fabrics for better living with an all-electric laundry, another step towards better—and easier—living, electrically! Algona Municipal Utilities <»99»^«*4**»«W99*KW«»*«*4»«4»999^4»«ir«»*-«»«*4* •MtMM!MMMMM»MiMMMtMMMftMMMMBfMMfitMtfMaMM*

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