Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 13, 1967 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1967
Page 10
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»* A f& r— •» IT ~H X" 'N. I A f 7 B 1 [ If" —I . »n^i(s)\wuK-u:-js N*A*f if lo* <M From various rsfwrto teach* n"ftaiar shar^iftto&y oi di* it* thi* column ws seem to feottori and performance;" "A be "in" for anoiher mlW Wave smashing Job." • of censorship affecting the lo- The Servant won three Brij cat theatre. Without wishing 4Wh Academy Awmrda, wk to be Involved in this discus- Bogftrde as be» awor, wet sion, 1 have checked and find black and white. photography and best »creen|>ky. There you have it, folks, thin the eyes of the professional critic*. If you attend the movies solely to be entertained, -^tj.— • wtf that Manager Rieb is doing everything possible to limit "aduH movies" to adult audiences. 1 have seen him per- sonalty checking all question- Able Juveniles at the door to make sure the picture being Shown is for adult consumption. This ift more than most theatre managers are doing in the larger Cities. I asked a Minneapolis manager, when 1 noticed what were plainly teenagers, buying tickets how he diecfced and he replied, "All we can do is take their word for it." { ' Censorship is always an ugly word and even the Su- >reme Court of the United ites seems unable to cope wu'"-. the problem. Getting back to the local level, it is strictly .the duty of the par- entts to see that their children stay away from "adult" movies. It has never been definitely proved that any book or motion picture has affected Hhe morals of any minor. However, our present society is geared to this notion. THAT WE ARE "in" for a cycle of so-called adult films, is definite. We cain't expect itheaitre managers to ignore (this trend since it is plainly a money maker for the box office. Boycotting the theatres wont help. So why not use a little parental authority and keep the youngsters from the itheaitre when adult movies are 'being shown? And if you're an adult and of a sensitive nature, stay home yourself which you're probably doing anyway. Then we'll all be happy. No adUll wants to read books or see pictures which are geared to the juvenile mind. AMSe is the type of picture which is difficult to review. To some, it may seem to be an utterly worthless portrayal of a heartless^ philanderer who thought only of his own pleasure and enjoyment. To others, myself included, it was a sharply and beautiful honed performance by Michael. Clai- ne,,wiith a rather sympathetic ending. After discarding various "birds" (women) our hero finally realizes Ms useless quest with these words, "If they aifllt got you one way, they got yoU another." In another 'jjstide ;<He. concludes, "I wish for once I could do good in me dreams — new must come from the in- aide." If you missed Caine's expert performance and Bill Nautfhton's. wit and iritelli- feno0 in writing both the play and the screenplay, you probably gave Alfie a poor Hating. But there was more to it than meets the passing eye. you were probably disappoin' ted, but if occasionally you •like something different and thought provoking such films are important. the mother of Bancroft and feode resident*, Mrs: FTed Antoine, §1 of Ayrshire, died there last Wednesday. She had been a patient for two, months. . Funeral services were held Friday at the Sacred Heart' church at Ayrshire with biiriv' al there. She Was the mother of James Antoine of Bancroft and Mrs. James Schade of Bode. There are also 2 other, sons and five daughters, plus 33 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. chaplains with the Bytd E*< bedition was the gueat ipe*^ er at the 6*1 CMito CJubon Wednesday aftenwrtv Nov. 12. "> • N ",^ Cub Stevh MfMMl as «3 young boys join at,(ft* Sep. tembef Pack meeting, in the Bryant Auditorium. The C**b Scouts are sponsored by the Mi>Mia (i MONDAY, H1IU tUitfSt ott-tot. IM/lt a«tl». iam flunk. Oircie MA. Afl Ageiu. Haute* MS; W»Her Mo|ft. D—Ho*te*i MM. G»ey 19 at 7:3U p.m. fteui Study, Joe and fidfti Skow, Martin and Ruth DJNNlft OUISti ' •' Mm & fl. Brundas* and daughter, Mf». MeJtin* Be* ,. r _ gets 01 tittle ROckf' An.« Klwanis club. Eugene Hutchv were dinner guealtt TuMday the is the Cubmaster Den evening of Mr. and Mrt. John mothere are Mewiamw H. E. " -•--- — Lamplight, ' Merle Griggi, C. McMahon, A. E. Lauritzen, D. E. Dewel, and B, R. Yeoman with other parents • • POTATO — A3 lb;lozpo *ato was grown in the garden of Mrs. qyde Webb, Prim. ghar, this season, It was one of a harvest of extra-sized potatoes, ^ 10 AND 20 YEARS AGO Dutton. Mr*. TwiUtf Bartholomew and MM, Lloyd Muckey 'gave coffeea f for them ThurfUy morning and afternoon? Mrt. Fred Geigel entertained them and Mr..and Mrs. E. B. Carlson at break' laat, ' . .. * HOMCMAKERS CLUB M1ET The Plumcreek;Homemak- ers Club meets Wednesday, Nov.15. Hostesses are Phyllis; Kuhn, Clara Keith, Millie D.A.R. Milt Tfie D.AR, will h*re lit «vettmg meeting, Tu**d»y, ^dvetrtbef 14 proceeded by dinner at the johnftm Hou«. HNteaa* witt be Mra. MAT- an*t Hof muter » Mrs. Bertha Newbrou^i Mid M». Donald RUTH CIRCUI ME1TS Hie Ruth circle meete at 8 p.m., November 14 with Mrs. Ted Smith, co4ic«te«, 'Mrs. Willis Marshall. Program: Mrs. Robert .Bomgaars, devotion*; Mrs. Bert Baldwin. CIRCLfSMEIT Oircles of the Presbyterian dhuroh meet November -16. WJBS K J UWP 81,. -. TliV SoroptirniM club r Sunday, November! 2 Aete j^ f cf § t^M evening No *t*-& ( P * iU **&£*** vembef 14 Hostess* are ohurth family pt*-luck «u> Alma Pearton and tteten Mr, and Mrs. Alfred Hubef, IIOHT SPICKS MM. fieeehet Lane Witt be hosteBB to the "Bight Specks" 500 dub Wednesday evening, ENTERTAINS CARD CLUB <Mrs. John Thuente te entertaining her card club Tuesday evening, November 14. ; ENTERTAINS BRIDGE CLUB Mrs. Ann Hanson entertained her bridge club Tuesday; afternoon;. , . henck wtil fhow »itde* and comment on their recent world tour. Low. • DfLPHIAN 50CIITY MIITS Hie Delphian Society meets Tuesday afternoon, Novenv her 21 with Mrs. Elizabeth Lowe. Debbie Laws, AjF.S. will give a talk on her exper- lencea abroad. MARINf RS CLUB , """ The Mariners Club of the Presbyterian church meets Eleven inches snow here 10 years ago ^^ . I, . ^^^^ A LARGE .audience atl(end- ed The Servant, second in the Cinetna Art* Series, wilth mixed feeUn*gs 'and reaciions. I vriXL not attempt to review the picture but will place it en- tttfely in Che ihands of my professional critics. Well begin with Brendan Gill, motion picture critic for November 19, 1957 A movement for 'fluoride- tion of Algona drinking water which, has for several years been urged by local dentists has been recommended by the League af Women Voters.'..'.'. ' < •' . A November bliixard, ranking with the famed Nov. 11, 1941 snowstorm blanketed Kossuth County Monday and 'paralyzed traffic for a time Monday, night. A total of 11 inches of snow ,fetll for over 24 hours. Seven Kossuth County schools were closed due to the severe driving con- 'ditions. From Mainstem: . Someone deposited this little item on this writers desk the other day. .it; was entitled "Teenagers Code" and might sound a little like- a sermon to the youngsters but.-ten years later, you'll say it has sits merits: • • 1. Don't let. yolfr parents down, .they brought you up/ . 2. Stop and think before .you drink. '.-.-• . • ;• -••;. 3. Ditch dirty thoughts fast ior theyill ditch you. 4. Show off driving is juvenile... .don't apt your age. 5. Be smart; obey. ..you'll give the orders some day. , 6. Choose a date fit for a mate. 7. Choose your friends carefully. . .you are what they iare. '•••''• :• --•'.• '8. Don't go steady until you're ready. . ,, . , ff . ' 9. Go tp church regularly. . God gives, you- a week, give Him back ah hour.' Coach "Champ" Martin has 39 'boys on the < wrestunig squad includiftg-^sev.en, letter: men this year, tetrermeri are Jason Btiierington, * Arnold Braun, Don Patton, Francis Bjuatrom, Richard Olsen, Gairy Jennings, and-. 'Mike Seller. Nov. .27 the Wrestlers will begin;. the season with Briitt at the local gym. . Sixty-one from Kossuth County are attending the University of Iowa at Iowa City: There are 23 of these 61 students from Algona. Queen camMetes for the school carnival at Swea C'ity are Margaret Verbrugge, senr idr; Sandra Beck, junior; Shelia Osgood, .sophomore, aind Judy, Pulver, freshman. November 13, 1947 A "Date With Judy", three£•?£"&«£ •- -»*«« *i»x« ness. My readers will recall my argument with Mr. Gill following his down-grading of the picture w'hioh was so pop- ulair, How The West Was Won. Here is Mr. Gill's review of The Servant — "The screenplay is by Harold Pinter and a smashing job he has done of it. A perfect match is the dkection of Joseph Losey; tthe subject matter has the richly dark and elegantly spooky quality with which Henry James upfiols- tared his tales." Bqatey CA>wther, celebrated prttk for the New York I, 'has this to say — Servant is a picture •that carries implications so profound and so darkly re- flectovfc of a creeping sickness in »oiciety that seems sheltered and secure that I can understand how it might stagger a man." And finally Judith Crist, of the New York Herald Tribune, comments as follows — Tanatomy of corruption I,in brilliant detail. Dirk seifVaint is a tarilli- pojrtrait. Sarah Miles is fat devil's assistant extroord- as Vera, thead b»ck and teeih bgred in sex- ual'appettte." Hiii ARi a few thurab- " review? — new champion — fas- ;" "Anaipmy of p»r- in briUJiWit detsjilj" by the jurtioT class of Algona' High School Nov. 21. The cast will .include .the ; following: Jairiice " 'Bartholomew, ' Pat Brand, Dick Weber, Louise Presthus, -Jim'- HoltdoTfi Leila Rutledge, Howard , Schoby, Mildred Jones, Jim Holmes, Laura Jean.Baihr, Ruth Ann Reiliy, Marilyn McGuire, Jer? ry Lauritaen, and LilUan Bennet. '•' -."-•••••;.,• .•.'. -: v , Mayor, Poole, Fort Dodgt, has .Deceived -a letter from Erich Heinzl, ''_ 'Wurttenburg, Germaniy former prisoner of war here, seeiking donations of food and ctothimg. Helinzl explained that during three years.of imprisonment he became somewhat acquainted with Fort Dodge when passing-through the city -on.blip's from the camp here, to a branch work damp at Eldora. The Heinzl family is in desperate need,, the former prisoner wrote. He. said his whole family works hard, but does not get enough money to live on, All their property in Czechoslovakia was lost. He supports his parents, a 23 years old sister and a 4 year, old niece. ', A Kossuth unit of the National Guard is expected to •soon ••become a reality. Last week the Algona post of the American Legion went on record after a brief discussion as favoring establishment of a ;unty of the, guard here and agreed to sponsor. the organization work. Thfe unit consists of 70 enlisted men and four, officers and would be a field arti^eiry service', batltery. At the Legion meeting a committee consisting of Dr. R. C. De\yel, Harry Greeriiberg, Jer- anje'iHardgrove, Walter Fries- hijjr. and" Gordon Schmidt waS named to develop plans. , : Faustine Haetiand, Lakota \V^as one, of four .attendants of. ithe que.en at Drake University in Des Moines at its 61st annual - homecoming Saturday. •;"..'•• ..,.>;.-..•.. : .". '*• Ardis Kresensky, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Kresensky was, pledged to Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority at the University of Iowa ait Iowa City. • • ••••••. The Drake, University Times Delphic, collegiate newspapers, announce that Gardr ner Cowles Jr. will be iniaited Nov. 25 as an honorary member of Drake's Alpha Iota chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, international commerce fra- 'ternity. Father William J. Muenster, VVofheir$& Starts MONDAY "1? BM REDUCTION ON BOTH FLOORS-ONE WEEK ONLY! » Ladies COATS Misses-- Juniors — Half Sim —MINK TRIMMED — FtEOUCED ; \.... .^.—— » • FALL — Junior and Mistet— Vs to Vi'O'FF CAR COATS Salactien of SO* Car Coats, All Naw This Y*arl REDUCED SWEATERS — SLACKS — SKIRTS '/2 PRICE CompItU Stock VAN RAALTE HOSIERY 99C pair — OR TWO PAIR $1.80 — Dusters $ ll98leach PRE-TEEN "An Achievement Of Mighty Prppp^ipns! POST v L I I Dresses wear Fall Millinery Va Price KAY WHITNEY iWEpls *"^' *2.09 Wrangler JEANS and CUTOFFS PRICE SPORTSWIARI Co-ordinated Groups—30 fo 50% Children's Department SECOND FLOOR I JULIE ANDREWS MAX VON SYDOW RICHARD HARRIS | | ill THE CEOWE ROV Hia WALTER MIIUSCH PRODUCTION of" HAWAII" • I * THE MIRISCH COKIVRATIOM rRESI.NTS MM4 DRESSES «itl 3 to .* 4 7 to U f /3 f /2 Off GIRL TOWN Sportswear Houses — Slacks Suits — Skirts Va PRICE CURITY DIAPERS Per Pofen '3.29 a, '2.79 Limit one box per customer FREE Pair of MittHi with purchase tf any Boyt or Qirli Coat or -emtR hERNSTON • WNAVIS10N COWWbrllrUM FOR WiPNiSpAY * J On* CAmplf!* Shewing St«rting *t 8 p.m. A<irni$$ioA ^- Adults 11.50 Childrep,?^ NO PASS^ HONORED ON THIS ENGAGEMENT ALGONA 'LADIES AND CHILDREM'S FASHIONS" AtOONA

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