The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1942 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1942
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 28, 1942 EPSON Ift WASHINGTON By PETER* EDSON ;:•'. Courier 'tfewi?. ; Vv&t Correspondent Arthur B. Newhall, rubber co- orumstor for the War Production Bcard, reduces the rubber shortage 'lo this simple (explanation: : A cciubat .tank with a steellrack is 20 per cent less efficient than a tank with: a rubber track. If any I'of you would rather have your cciis go to wa^ in tanks that are -enly' SO per cent efficient so that •• vcu can go joy-riding, then maybe i his rubber shortage can be solved. Bui if you want your son to fight in tanks that are 100 per cent ; efficient and better, than the ene- '.• ray's, then you'll have 10 do without the joy-ride. Maybe 'in time the arithmetic ioccks will have to be rewritten, t^ing problems that tie in with rationing, price-fixing and conservation. Here, for instance, is a r-orstinn posed by Leon Henderson's GPA: : Q.—A dress manufacturer during March sold and delivered nine style iiumbc-rs at $14.50 per dozen. Later in March he raised the prices on the three most popular style hum- bars to $15.50, but actually sold and delivered only two of these three numbers at the higher price. What would be his maximum price on tire three numbers raised? 4..—Only the two style numbers actually sold and delivered in Miurch can be sold at $15.50. The •third number raised and the other six jnust be sold at $14.50. Claj'k Gable is now an officer •with \a desk job in Washington. •And cue of the common noon huur ..sights 'jn the Army-Navy area out 'near the Lincoln Memorial is the r, umber 'of new civil strvice stenog- i. . nt;on hour stroll in the vicinity ol Gable's o.'Jice, just trying to eatrh a '.glimpse v of the ex-movie star. commander in the Navy, "officers shall be addressed both in writing and orally, as 'Mr.'" * » » Lieut.-Gen. William S. Knudsen, as production chief (or the Wai- Department, has inspected some 300 plants since he gave up his post as director of GPM. To some production men, it has seemed he has gone through these plants too fast to be effective. As long as things look all right, he does go fast. But when the old masti-r mechanic's eye catches something wrong, there's trouble. In one tank plant inspection, General Knudsen found a lot of aluminum castings that could just as well huve been made of steel. He ordered a change made, by noon. * * " BALLYHOO BUREAU paign or two to get farm workers; What's missing, of course, is a boss for all this to schedule the campaigns, run each of them for two weeks or so, then saw it off, leaving the public with only one goal and a new enthusiasm every couple of weeks. ( jjhers taking thoir lunch or the I..Next new department ncctli-d in KET.TER1NXJ Tl!K BARD Lieut-Gin. Brehon Somervell wrote a speech recently, in which IK* quoted -.several passages trum Slm:tespeam. He .showed copies of the Vpetich to four of his stall', colonels. for a check, and the only ...visicrs they made were to correct the Er.'filish of Shakespeare. If y(\i get a wedding invitation from your pal, Lieut, Joe Doake.s, saying t^ie bride is to be married to' plain \ "Mr." Joe Doake.s, don't conclude th/it Joe has been kicked out of theS service. It's just a mat- . ter of military or naval etiquetie, LelievuU supported 'by regulation, which decree;; that below a eiiptaincy in the Army aiid below the grade of Washington is an administrator of activation, a bureau of ballylico, , a cu-ordinator of campaigns, a j director of drives or something like that. For the war has reached the organising stage and the lel's-du- sc-mething-about-it-boyM are beginning to step on each other's t'jes. War .savings stamp and bund drives are here for the duration. On top of that is the war pnxluc- licn drive of WPB. The waste paper drive lias gone aver. Coming up are more scntp rubber and junk collections. There may be a campaign lo get people to sell their extra tires to the government. Not, the fifth tires, but. the sixth, seventh, and eighth tires. to be hiding in many cellars. There will be a smmtier's- end campaign to .save electric power. And a manpower cam- Professional Listener Listens To Troubles SAN JOSE, Cal. (UP)—Mrs. J. E. Bishop has opened up a new profession in the field of human endeavor. It is that of Professional Listener. I "Everyone knows it is a relief to i tell your troubles to someone," she I explains. "But you cannot always j tell your friends and relatives. I "Cur service permits you to unburden yourself to a stranger. We guarantee absolute secrecy, confidence and offer whai advice we can." JUNGLE TUPS FOR I DEFEKt Governor Wins Aryshire Pri/e | tal Spring Keri, brought $320, the CONCORD. N. K. (UP) — Gov highest price at the spring sale of Robert O. Blood of New Hampshire Lhe New England Ayshire Club. has won. a shiny pewter coffee pot because hLs .six-year-old cow, Crys- The geographic center of the United States is in Smith county. Kansas, latitude 39-50, longitude 98-35. Read Courier News want ads. PANAMA, Republic of Panama, Any enemy which attempts Necktie Objectors Seek Presidential Reliel WALLA WALLA, Wash. IUP)- Aftfr u 11 these years somebod, 1'iiuilly is fining lo do .something about those choking neckties men vvi-ur. A society of Walla Walla men has wired I're.sidenl ftocsevelt asking liim, in the mime of conserving chit!i. to "liberale mules" from the wearing of ties this summer. They siyneu the win,- SETSOCOM, which .spelled out means Society Eliminating I hi." Str:ini4lt;hokl of Convention on Mankind, Lunch Kits int Vacuun $1.79 with Pint Vacuum' Bottle Thermos Bottles pint SIM quart $1.59 Kirfoy Drug Stores m ^J For Ctish Thursday, Friday, Saturday Main at Second —Broadway — Division HNfBOTTtE E HYDROGEN ^PEROXIDE 23* f f.OO SJZF HINDS HONEY «/iJ ALMOND CREAM BUBBLE BATH ?7-Ounce Siie. . . • •••• GombaU Caustic Balsam ; $2 size $1.69; 25c SIZE ANACIN TABLETS XPOSf SUN TAN LIQUID 6-oi. 4Qc fiolt/e.r •• 50c TUBE IODENT Tooth Paste BOX 440 KLEENEX TISSUES REAL VAlflE REALVALIJE Hallmark (lards For Every Occasion Newest and Most Beautiful in Town Dr. LYONS SOc TOOTH POWDER (Limit D • . • ASPIRIN TABLETS, High Quality, Bot. 100 (Limit i> 27 Toilet Tissue FLOSS-TEX (Limit 4 Roiu) • • • • C eox soo FACIAL TISSUES SOCIETY ^1 c B/MND. Al MM JJ.OO SIZE IRONIZED Y£AST CARTON 50 BOOK MATCHES SAFE FOR 11, HOME USE. m SIZE -. MINERAL OIL HEAVY, nj:_ WH/T£ . S1.50 Lucky Tiger B1SMADIHE 5-oz. Powder & . 30 Tablets BOTH FOR 59 C w». Kolorbak "MottcTcraft" ELECTRIC FLAT IRON •Cool' Handle! 1S2 Filling Prescriptions is the Most Important Part of our Business We use only fresh, full - strength drugs of highest quality. Your prescription receives the personal attention of an experienced registered pharmacist. He -is honor-bound to follow your Doctor's instruction* to the letter. Leather Bill Folds Golden Crown GOLF TEES Household COTTON 2-Ot. Rubber FOUNTAIN SYRINGE Complete, Only JO-Oi. JUS1RITE CLEANING FLUID 27" JBHHL DEAL ALARM CLOCKS $1.59 up ^B^Kj^ny^H| 6-0*. SIZE FITCH SHAMPOO 59* 3ScSIZ£ FUEEZONE Fee Cerns 27 C FLASHLIGHTS AND BATTERIES COPPER LIGHT COMPLETE 99c Plastic Light 98c AT OUR FOUNTAIN! "Treat of • the Week" FRESH STRAWBERRY SUNDAE c 15 ry one of iheie delicious trest» todav •RAY-O-VAC' BATTERIES rr.J uafc-Awft t AC MASTERCRAFT- r BATTERIES 1 . 5 LB. TOBACCOS • VELVET • RALEIGH • P. A. • HALF & HALF • • DILL'S IEST Your ^Qc Choice /^ too. Washington, Lb.74c Edgeworth, Lb. 1.1 OUTING and PICNIC NEEDS Gallon Size for Only Keep* Itqairfl food* Kot or cold for hourt. PAPER NAPKINS Pkg - 1Ac 80 . 1U PAPER PLATES 12 . 10 ZINC OXIDE OINTMENT J7.25 SIZE Petroga/ar Laxative 98c 51.50 Sitt AHUSOL DOslt 1.29 LARGE TUBE LIFEBUOY Shave Cream Plus 10^ Federal £xcl»e Tex on Toiletries. Watches and Clocks Brownie Kodaks $1 HP Fresh Film, all sixes Route an* Lipstick V/;th $1.00 Size WOODBUflY FACE POWDER fl.35 Vmtmt C GILLETTE BLUE BLADES PACKAGE 25 57.25 AQc VALUE... %fO BORIC ACID POWDER or CRYSTALS POUND PACKAGE.. a large-scale land attack against the LsUimas ol' Panama will face a defender who i.s eager and thoroughly trained for his job. This was amply demonstrated last month • when thousands of United States Army troops participated in the largest maneuvers ever held on the Isthmus. Observation of Japanese infiltration and jungle tactics in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaya, Burma, and China have taught valuable lessons to military strategists throughout the world. No- j where has the lesson been taken: more to heart than by the officers in command of the Panama Canal Department, where steaming jungles, fetid swamps, and rugged mountains duplicate in many respects the terrain over which the swarmed to win their baLtles, thus far, in the Par East. Attack Without Warning The maneuvers made use of thousands; of men who have spent months in Ihe jungles conditioning themselves and bringing their minds and bodies to the highest peak of efficiency for this type of warfare. The men, hard, tanned, tireless narchers and fighters, know the country thoroughly. They have been trained to creep through apparently impenetrable forests, to nake long forced marches, to at- ;ack .suddenly, without warning, and in general to accomplish the ;eemingly impossible. 'Ihe maneuvers indicated that these jungle-trained American soldiers are capable of meeting a tireless, wily enemy and, using his :-wn tactics, defeat him soundly. The Yellow, or attacking, forces in the maneuvers used infiltration tactics, forced marches, and surprise attacks. When it was over, t the attackers had spent their force without, accomplishing their ob- juclive—destruction of the Panama Canal. Self-Sufficient in Jungle As an illustration of the methods employed by the Yellow forces, it can be cited that they staged a 15-hour march of 26 miles through jungles, over a mountain more than 3,000 feet high, and out onto a plateau. There they attacked a numerically superior Blue, or defending, army. The Yellow force had enough stamina remaining to march an additional 20 miles that night in another sweeping infiltration move- •niunU- Both marches failed in tfieir final objectives and this must be construed as a tribute to the jungle skill of the defending troops who also employed trained jungle fighters. During the months these troops have been trained in this rough country, they have received specialized equipment for the type of work they perform. Specific details may not be revealed, but may be said that once finished with his training, the America! jungle tighter is a self-sustaining mobile, self-sufficient; fighting vho knows both the difficultie ncl disadvantages of his territory BEEF SALT MEAT BRANDED SIDES Lb. 23c Swift's Premium and Armour's Slu BLADE STEAK...II). :j5c BLANK HOAST....HJ. 2Sc LOIN STEAK Ib. -!5c STEW BUTTER EROOKFIELD r'LOVEftHLOOM Lb. 42c BEEF FRESH GROUND Lb. 25c HOME GROWN FULL DRESSED Lb. 31c SHOULDER ROAST Lb. 275c SUGAR CURED JOWLS Lb. 19ic Read Courier News want ads. CATSUP Libby's M ox. Bottle CORN JACK SPRAT No. 2 Can 19c 15' | BEETS KRAUT ,U€K SPRAT Shoestring No. 2 Can Announcements The Courier News has been au- ;horlzed to announce the following :andldacles, subject to the Demo- xatic primary in August. For State Senate L. H. AUTRY For Representative W. F. "CRIP" WELLS W. J. "BILL" WUNDERLICH JAMES G. COSTON J. LEE BEARDEN (for re-election) County Treasurer JACK FINLEY ROBINSON (for re-election) County Judge ROLAND GREEN (for re-election) County Clerk T. W. POTTER (for re-election) Tax Assessor W. W. "BUDDY" WATSON (for re-election) Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKSON (for re-election) Circuit Clerk HARVEY MORRIS (for re-election) STRING BEANS ^"L10 FRUIT COCKTAIL , 14 GRAPEFRUIT JUICE SUMSHINE JACK SPRAT No. 2 Can 2 For 2So KRISPY CRAK- ERS, 1 lh. Ba>: KETCHUP M oz. botUc GEHBERS Strained Baby Food, o for COFFEE CANOVA 1Lb.Jar33c 1Lb.Can32c HI-HO BUTTER CRACKERS 1 Lb. Box 20c (j SMALL or w TURNIP GREENS ORANGES Florida Sealdswveel.O"f< Do/. *. • POTATOES 1.0 Lb. Sack „ NOW under-arm . Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration 1. Docs not rot dresses or men's shins. t)oes not irritate skin. 2. No waiting to dry. On be used right after shaving. 3. Instantly stops perspiration for 1 to 3 days. Removes odor from perspiration. 4. A pure, white, greascless, stainless vanishing cream. 5. Arrid has been awarded the ApprevalScalofthe American Institute of Laundering for being harmless to fabrics. Arrid is the LARGEST SELLING DEODORANT. Try a jar todayl SNftP BEANS FLOUR Mother's Best 12 Lb. Sack 52c 24 II). Sack 98c Lb. Sack... §1.91 Miss. String- Ac I less, Lb. v ONIONS Texas Yellow Lb. 5 LEMONS Do/.. CUCUMBERS ' ons G ,r 7i c SWAN FLOATING SOAP Large Bar ^ 10c Medium Bar RINSO Large 23c Small... 19s STEAMBOAT SYRUP Gal. 52 SALT 1 '/ 2 Lb. Box 3 For 10 RONCO MACARONI or SPAGHETTI, 1 JAR CARS •Doz. Mason Self Sealer Doz. PRICES GOOD FRIDAY and SATURDAY At nil More* wMing toilet goo* (•hoi In IOC «nd S9e )«•) Liberty Market

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