Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 24, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER It Will Soon Be Time to Vote. \ I atn a Candidate. Ot course for, but I want to be eleated "1 discriminates against no class. I suit of clotbes to your ineaiare that fits nowpe'io' io the art ° f Tailoring bat I cheaper. It don't cost «*££* the 1 ' meVon^t^JrVamlho^kiK all The Fatett styles and patterns In Fall Woolens. TUCKER, ^''^THE* •cArapAiqN.rf^v^ Notes and Incidents Indidatintf the Popular Drift. ; Dr. J. Z. Powell, Onairmari of the Repulbllcan County committee returned from Chicago yesterday. While there he visited both of the National .head! quarters. He found the Republicans busy sending out literature, -'with a force of forty clerks and witli a. postage account of ¥100 per day. -He found-.at; Uhe Popocrat headquarters only t rwo or rec ognUe P f ^ y ^ ft , d ^^ ^ yQU< "'or course you won't order if Pearl Street Tailor. WAGES IN MEXICO. Rob Roy. The very latest in SHOES for children, See our show windows Full o1 the handsomest new st>le shoes ever shown in the city. Stevenson 403 Broadway f Klin&ict THE FIRSi NATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA CAPITAL $250,000. BIBSCTOBS: Bar-Xln.? In al. It .. Wilson. Departments promptly and 8tockhoW.r. DAILY "J6URMAI Wanted.-A good girl' at 200 North Sixth street. 1 000 dozen underwear opened for an sizes amd all seses.-Trade Palace. \ny chocolate pot to our window f 01 75c A special bargaln.-Fox & Dun The 8hoc store of Will Grams 1» be iog improved by rhe addition of new aheivln-g. • . Great dres»- goods .trade at the big store. Snob, bargains never seen.- Tra'de Palace. Merit In medicine means the power U cure. The great cures by Hood's Sar eaparflla prove it* nnequaled merit- There l» one Popocrat to five Bepubll . cans on the grand jury, while the pet I jury Is seven Republicans and five Pop Hechanics Get Fifty-One Cents a Day Under Free Silver. An interesting article on Mexico ap- ears la t?» u inter Ocean ot the 14th rom the pen of William H. Sloan for many years a resident of Mexico. Of he wages there he says: "The daily wages of a skilled me- haniic is about $1 (51 cents In Amerian money. Under favorable circum- fcaaces he may get ?1.25 and I know of few, extra mca, who in government hops and In .railway service get ?1.50 about SO cesnts in- American money). Occasionally, where men go away from heir families, or the work may require peculiar skill, or the employers are unusually liberal, >a sligh-tly higher figure will be paid. But the average is. about ;i, and'the large majority of Mexican jlacksmlths, carpenters, tailors, and other artisans receive only 75'cents per day, or. 30 cents in American money.' In my'remalnl-ag flgures.'to avoid rep- otiMon, .1.will give the amounts in United 'States or "sound" money...A policeman gets 51 cents per day, a common laborer from 18 to 30 cents. Postal carriers get from $C to $15 per month. Clerks receive from $10 to ?20 per month. , •House rent-here for the poorest laborer is from ?1.HO to $3 -per month, gold, of course. He must live on beans: and corn cakes, often without a table to eat from, almost always with no bed for himself arid family except a. mat upon the floor, with no .furniture In the •one room of his house, except, perhaps a little-box that serves for a trunk. One suit of clothes for himself, and one for his wife, and a piece or a suit for each child, and of children there are usually a plenty. At night each one must sleep in the clothes worn during, the day, unless Indeed, fortune has been kinder than is usually the .case. "Of course/there are exceptions, and frugality, industry, and tidiness, backed by sobriety and diligence, have overcome even the curse of poverty., and the' family will be found in comparative comfort. .But the statements that are being published as to the Mexican laborer building htroself a home three clerks and less than <i load of documents. Estimates ;on In diana were 50,000 for McKlnlqy!-and on Illinois 75,000 ait Bepulbllcau headquarters. ..','•"• Mr. Carter who has been dolnfe, most of the campaign work for'tho' Popo- crats is said to have made a tad break at Lincoln.' Charles Horniburg, candidate for Sheriff, luas gone with -ntm-nt' most of his meetings and has cjpnie'ln- for a send off. At t'he conclusion o*Ws-' remarks at Lincoln Mr. parterjis siiicl ito have remarked: -"I'am a 'Ejop'ulist but am going to-.vote for Hamburg for Sheriff. He is really onc'of.iis nhd deserves our support." '. ' s' ' ', ', It happened that Lincoln is the home of Ephrlam Noel, tftie Populist cnndl-' date for Sheriff, and he and twenty OP thirty of his friends were present; '•!* is hardly necessary to add thiat- ! M-r. Carter made no rotes in tihat locality. Ed Horton wlio attempted to- hold a Populist .meeting for $3.00' ntj'Anoka was given the la.ugli. Most of '-the small crowd present were Republicans) mild itlhey ridiculed his weak argument. The meeting was a decided-failure, -•• George Burkhart 'held a, meeting-'at' Youn-g America Tuesday evening: The' m-eetin-g was a failure. Not over two dozen turned out, a.nd they could find, no argument, in Hue speech. This to-one of the signs of the times. • ' ; '•'' • Rnof. Michael's of flic Business college made a free silver speech'- :af. Adamsboro Tuesday evening. 1 ! After telling tlie people how the Panhandle; employes were "coerced-," .when they: are like o'tlier citizens, for.; sound money, he launched into rlie^free coinage question. He«Ud. "We win coin tlhis silver for the mine owner, and they willl g«tt millions.- The banks-will take lit at 100 cents and loan It for ItfKem, and we wiffl tli'en nip-point,middlemen Tflho wffll loan If to the farmers at «, low rate of Interest" Prof. Mlchttel, •who Is running 'his college by rhe'eharl- ty of tlie business men of Logfansport •wtoom be is attempting to destroy, did: not make a hit. 'Plye of h*s hearers •said rth'ait flint was wlwit they bad been. told 'free Silver meant, nnd that they now would vote ngains't It. And so .t'he regular, National, Cleve= land, Democratic -rally was -a-| success wMfhout .the and ot.thte Popocrolt|IO'Pl»f- os! How humiliating this must' be to •yaiCT'imwQKjraW.^^TCu?!. >. -,-••••.. •...•. .•-. . ..... ^ntTr;'^h;6a7^1r'; : . Boy er-will ,enter"'the irtfliialtitinlp' wli'fle; Mr. ' Sedan) will 'stuttyAnedlcIne at Rush Medical college. CJtniries"" Fergus nnd wife liave re- 'tui'.uea"toKtUclr home at Chicago after n. \psit, wi!tl^fllla.m Vansteenburg and family. Miss Clara. Taylor has returned to .her librae,at Indianapolis after a four- weeks', ^Isit^with Bon Pitman and .family of tihis city. Miss Eirima'Uongart of Champaign, 111;; I's the guest of the family of Burt •Jto'sTey; -the latter having Just returned from attending tlie funeral of Mr. Insley's brother at'Chainpaign. ; W. H. A.ldrlch, wife and daughter, •are at Springfield, Ohio, again after a : visit in-the-clty. They formerly lived .^.Lagansport, and were here to attend tlie funeral of the late Mrs. .Aldrlcl). : RATIO XND APPLICATION. ja to i as Great as 16 to i«How a College Professor Analyzes i . MI! :-.. : a Problem. • Eflltov Journal: During las,t winter, in one of the leading groceries on Sycamore street, was asked the difference -botWeeii one foot square nnd one 'square 'tart.' Not belug n!l)lc to settle '-the' matter, the participants In- tlie dls- "cuskon- 1 'agreed to leave It to a college •professor'. 1 ' The professor was called alt once by telephone who desired to leave it for 'a further discussion next day at his "study, 1 bitt as Wills meeting was never ; iicld'; :: he - 'was further sought for his opinion, when it came this way: "The difference "between one foot square and one square foot is. One is just 12 times •fhatof the other." • 'NO ; 'surprise at all is felt since it is : fouiid 'that' this professor wishes to place another ratio between gold and silver nViO'to 1, which is just as falla- ciious:' " ' ..!..;.. A FACT. GREAT CAMPAIGN BOOKS lllie MONEY QUESTION is ilie theme of the hour. yourself or 'have a clear understanding is -to READ FIVE GREAT BOOKS. The only way to 'post BOTH' SIDES. We M'KINLEY AND HOBART. (Illustrated) Contains IMie lives, records and prlncW« for which rlis RopnMcan candidates have fought; the mJlita»T record of Major McKInlcy: His prcac battte for protccUoji n.ml -His record on currency. Prtoe 2o cents. BRYAN AND SEWALL. (Illustrated) Cantata the life Ufctory of William .Tennis Bryrur anfl Arthur Sewall; telte Bryan's record i-n Confess; Ms tariff .^ccch, .tell« of h,s enenwes; glveg His GREAT CtfHWTnON SPEDCH wihicb was It hi' direct, cause ot his nomination. rt'lce 25 cebts'. why GOLD OR SILVER (Illuttratpd.) One of the «M<»t books in the interest of a gold siandard: .ells' times 'are Hard; dwells on iheortes that are wmng. boomed vaUics. errors: tells the' disastrous results of free colimge, etc. Price ... co,i HONEY AND BANKING By Hor.-ee Whiti from A ^ndard iu*bority on. these -subject* of clvni,o.d Ufe on jriv<* V* "vohirioji the of money from , * . Bn-laod. • Germany. I^nce. Holland, Au.'tri.a and UK!,,, w^i fli L: md axDhlns the "Crtmo of '73:" makes clear .ho «**«„ ol Price ")0 cents. Dictionary of American Politics. o« political ami the former Democraltlc organ jof'Oass' .- ' • • • • ' ' ' i| ".n:.:-l ^! unt! • • PERSON \T. ••'••1 i yes- '.' ' :1',*0 re.hirned •"'•• you mny Tragular meeting of Charity DIv No--4 G. I. A. to the B. of L. E. will b held today «t 2:30 p. m. All member are requested to -a.ttend.-Mrs. Joseph Whlnnery, Pres. The exact amount of the net earnings of the Hosplttil bazaar is ,?S80. The la- fllesVho worked so tirelessly ;,for the. success of the project feel repaid for the energy expended. • . W C McCualg Is selling three health foods, thait are saW w be successes. He makes the ftrtlc-les at Me home on the Westside and already the products are meeting ready sales. . Mrs.'Esther Mada.ry is a believer .In tfoe IndianaH-llmnte,-and that anything can be raised to the;-State. She lias demonstrated ttailt cotton can be raised •here, aiiid haa the bloom of the plant on exhibition. .'•',. There will be sixity mlnisftera In t.ne Methoddsfclhurch, fhe wnference of •wiUch Just closed: at .Terre Haute, 'to eJininge their places" of residence and .-•tlwts lose their .'Votes'at the coming • electtoni ; - '..' ' Mfes Chrlstl'aria'Groh entertained a 'company of' friends-Monday night : at ier Kome on^lie South«tde, cards being the wnftisemerit. Those .present •werer ta large part the bindery force from Wilson, Homphreys & Co. jv set down as unmitigated bosh., In a few places men who are working land on shares are allowed a little corner somewhere where they can erect on adobe or a ba.mtooo hut In which they, crowd their ramilles and sometimes all their relatives with them; but to «ajv that, tie -:me has come when . the iSborinp classes ot Meslco are supplying themselves wltn hom<* Is simply, nonsense, in-addition to betaK false." , . ' '. Dr. .T. C. Stewart.w:i.s it t«-rday. • . - . - •' Mrs. Josephine Stone'has from Chicago. • ; Prof. J. W. Parker Is here rion fora visit. •'" -j -' -.. T. J. Stewart of Peitv ' elalle'd ton .friends here yesderday. ;-..>-:'.••..-. .Peter Walli-aith was 'at.Perp'ycstef- day on politilcal business. •;< "'^'^ : ,4. N. Dukes lias returned to Jiis Iwrue at Peru -after a sliort stay.' here/-;;'"-_ '^ C. M. Cordell. Is' back n-ftera 1 ;__Wn, tlu-oiigh Mississippi on business.' \'^ J Mr.-Owen McCarty of Perujjwas-Ue guest of Miss Nellie Krelder',yesterday. Mrs. John Wagner nnd/soniare'here from Chicago for a visit-with rrfatlvesr Mr. E. B. Overshiner went to'Wafse 1 ' ka; Hi., yesterday afternoon ion buM-' ness. • . - . • . f ,-. ••.-. --|C. M. TntHe Is here from. MuncKrrls^; iting his parents-, Mr. and Mrs.J.T.^ S. Tuttle. ' '- ! R05WELL O. HORR. iAt the Rink Friday Afternoon - - at 2:30. Hon. .RoswelfG. Horr, the ex-con- and distinguished orator, will k at the rink Friday afternoon of : 'this week at 2:30 p. m. His address 'will be deeply interesting and there .should be a large attendance. GiEKJMliVN SPEAKING, Hon. .Bi'll Bappa-port will speak in -•German it the rink Saturday evening ; nex:t. He Is a fluent speaker and should have a good audience. German cltl- J zens regardless of party are inVjted to be 1 present. 'SCHOOL HISTORY REVISED. ;-.'A< ; cireul«r latter has 'been sent to the-various county superintendents -by' Hhe' State Board of Book Comm.ls- ,'sroners, : -staici-n« ttot "Montpromery's •Facts'in-American Htetory"--has been '-accepted ne revised acordlng to the ••'requirements of the Board and that all 1>6ok's"seut out hereafter will contain Hie ^required 1 revision. Thfr" v 1miperfect histories already re- by the school officers may be itih the new mbiierlarby nr- Kih Ginn & Co.,, of Indian- It 16 proposed to seml'tue new 'material but to the officers and thai •'the 'Jenvest dwntalnlng'the-revision be lu ; t.he histories.- . B 1 -ow-n.aml Albe.1t Sn-:i ««. compnsi^ .account r« and «*a: explamtlons of -tHo cowtlhitlon;. W of the Government ^., a, state.1 ^8«u,to A most escelleiilt. book of reference. PTKO 50 ccrihs. C. W. GRAVES. Book Seller and Stationer. Successor to W.T. GIFFE. 413 Broadway. ANOTHER BIO QUN. Hon. Roswell Q. Horr at the Rink Friday September 35. Hon. Roswell G. Horr, -the.famous exponent of sound money, will speak- at the rink Friday, September 25th. He will arrive from Chicago at 1:55 p. m., and will begin 'his speech at 2:30 o'clock. Mr. Horr -was for years, the financial editor of the New York'Tri- bune, and has a more..than national reputation as a. debater and financial authority. He went Into the hot bed of free silver and debated with "Coin" Harvey, rontrng that .famous distorter of facts completely.' He .has done much for the cause-, of sound money. The people should all ,hear. him. Friday afternoon, 2':80, September 25th. Ex-County Commissioner Graves Is Sick. : ' :"•'•• . lllie. . .... .. • •• { •••:• • •}• Aiex. Boyer: returned, yesterday to the-Chicago Art'lnstlfnte for jtlie winter term. Mrs. James Pomeroy left .,,*. for n three'weeks' visit witn ^er in Detroit. ' !•..;. ,.'.',... '>Ion. 'H«n ; y U..Pe.ttH-,;reiiresen'hrtiTe from Wataisli county .was' 1ft Q^ .c^V yesiterday, . . ' S ,'. ;• .,.;,. Ed Boj-land and f aunily !;haTe 'returned after.a, visit at CrawfordsylUe withrelatives. . . ..'.'. ,,. I -."'. -...,'.. Lafayette Courier:,B.J.. Bnrn-ett.-of Logansport, spent a'few.hoursVto'the cllty yesterday nfternobn. ' ;v ^ .. _' : j"ohn Shanallian ofWatoash was; here' yesterday: to. receive, •txeatmerit 'for, hta eyes from D<r. C. - L. Thiomas,|: tl* pcb- llst. .-•"'. -.. ..- : -.'.-. V ';',.', •"'•• Mrs.' : W1llard Nash and daogmer . • _J -^i-.^Mnn^i +« +ho!r hrvmp- lit. 'Mfttlon -,-. :•<::-: -HE PAID COSTS. l< -"-David' T. Rlneliart, a veteran mem-. ; 'ber ; M the National Soldiers' Home at Mirion-'was the plaintiff in a suit yes- 'terQiU- in'the court of -Squire Walters, •ntalnst Artie .AnMre, the charge being 'that tie latter had failed to return him •$05'in'money left In his charge some "me'ago. ' John B. Smith represented -tue defendant ami the complainant Van'represented by Frank Ristler. The veteran paid the costs, as.there were ''several"good witnesses who testified -thaf the' : money had' been returned to • : nim.'' '•'•"••• OFFICERS ELECTED. •The 'ladles' 'church improvement society-of 1 the Market street) Methodist church have elected the following offi- -cers'to ; serve during the ensuing term: President—Mrs: John Cooper. •"• "First' Vice President-Mrs. Willla.m Vinsteenburg. • •' Second Vice President—Mrs. '•Bdasley.. ' ' • • •':. Secre'tary->lrs. C. H, Doolittle. Treiisurer-rMrs. Ed Kies. Elmer WAIFS OF NEW YORK. Katie Emmett, .that merry little soubrette, who comes to the Kew Dolan •Saturday nlghit in "The Waifs of Nw York" was playing an engagement in Detroit recently, andl her portrayal of "Willie Rufus" a newsboy, so caught the fancy of Hue newsboys-and bootblacks of that city, that they determined they must do something to show their appreciation of the manner in which she held their profession up to public view./So they got together, a. couple of Hundred strong, amd"; headed by their own band, they started for the hotel at whidh Miss Emmett was stopping.' Miss Emmett was at dinner at the time, but nothing daunted, their leader marched down the dining ball, and startled Miss Emmett by announcing that she had been elected a member of'their union, and that tney Dad come to serenade and escort her to the theatre. So, leaving her dinner un- tasted, Miss Emmett proceeded to the theatre, escorted by about 500 news-, boys and preceded by the Newsboys- Band. Then the entire aggregation died into the theatre, and never did an actress play to a more enthusiastic audience. . ... . • DKO!W 5 SPR MICHAEL IN TOWN. Wabash Times, (Dem.): Professor Michael of Logansport, owner and president of the Michael's business college of .that place, was in .the city yesterday afternoon and made this office a pleasant'call. He states that the sound' money Democrats' of Logansport, are loud in their praises of The Times for the bold stand it has taken on the money question, and very much regret "that their own county organ, which was a staunch defender of sound currency beforc-.the convention was held, did not have the courage to stand by M convictions. The professor Wmself, is an enthusiastic free silver main and thinks everybody else ought to be, but frankly.-adnilts that the free coinage men are nurttng their cause by mafclnpr too many wild claims. Professor Michael taught writing school in this county twenty years ago and is well known among the older Inhabitants. SUNDAY SCHOOL CONVENTION. There will be a Sunday school convention at the Ebenezer Lutheran, church in Clinton township, Oct 4vb. 1890'nt 2 p. ui. John Gray -ind Dr. Overholser will be the Instructors. G. W. WILEY, " " Township President. : THURSDAY SEPT. 24. HAMILTON'S Company of Players. fr duclng AQU5TUS THOMAS' treatest S IN fllZZOURA ,' Prices *1. 75c, 50c, 35c and 25c. ' Seats on sale at Johnson's Drugstore D OtAN'S OPEBA HOBSK William Dolun M»nne«r ONE NIGHT ONLY. SATURDAY SEPT. 26. - MERRY - •;.; KATTIE EnnETT WILLIE RUFUSl In Her ramoui PJM . '..•_ The Waifs of New Yorfc-.] With Its wealth of novelties, scenic and ; melodramatic effects. , -v The original of.-Ul plays dealing with . life'in the great metropolis. Home Seekers Excursion VIA Wabash Route -ON- have returned to theirIhome -,- , after a visit of several day.s frltti Yetti- tlves. - . . '' ... ,'•:..&„ !' '.'• ,Mr. .T.C. 'Hanson, editor of the 'ling (Mich!) -Ayalawrii; and jw.^ v-lsitlnjc Mr.'.-and. Mrs. .Tame»! "Ll pon and Mr. and Mrs. B.\P. Kees. A. B. Boyer and M. f-Sedan} le^ terday afternoon': for fMfnto t - ,Mi's, Dr.:Rugg-Busch of . Blnshnm- toii; X.Y., : will locate here. -Degree Staff 'No. 1, D. of R., will meet 'this (Thursday) evening at 7:30 o'clock 1 ' nt- their h'ail for practice.-:-'-/: Hr and Mrs. Will Fischer were piven ^elllng in v-liuorous style; Tuesday lsh't. 'Several men, youns and old, ^(ria : circular saws and clubs, a.nd numerous instruments of torture, on which • the : most "dtfflifenlg 'mantis . ware pro- without cessa.tion until the re- tuc •a'ufred'was-haBided out by the wearied • r . . - • .. . • . • ini. GERMAN SUPPLEMENT. The Journal this morning: issues a supplement with some good' German political matter. If you do not read German yourself fcaml the paper to same one who, does. Bessie, the ten-year-old danjrhter of Mr and Mrs. George Bookwalter of Bethlehem township, died yesterday morning a,t 10 o'clock of membraneous The funeral will be held this cr .'afternoon at 2 o'clock nt the residence-. The funeral will be private. SEPTEEMBER 29, Don't forget the Date. THE AMiEJRJCAN SCHOOL. About the first thing our Puritan forefathers did after build injr a'ciiarcli-; • was to'found a school. Tliat'their de-. scendants Uave not lost rtie spirit of... their ancestors 1s illustrated by the statement that the "University of Oklahoma" has open its fifth year wlth. ;; 350 students. The Oniversity of OK- laihoma is probably nofnmcJi of a unl-; ; versity, but Its existence domoustrates the aspirations of 'flic people of a com-, nwn wealth which was an Indian reservation ten years «p>. Foreipn eda-> cators find occasion for ridicule In the. multiplicity of our ^Tbillou*; ecbool. of higher learning, -but .time will bring efficiency and influence to tbero_anj._. OTd the American universities, both popular and free, will become a for?e ta'bur national,Me unparalleled anywhere else in the world. If you-want pure spicw serves you cun. getOiem er's drug store. -^ ^

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