Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 13, 1967 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1967
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School classes The Adult Education plan nirig committee of the Algona Community school met Monday evening, Oct. 30, The major objectives were to evaluate the adult classes conduct' ed last year and to develop an agenda of class possibilities to be Offered) during the rest of the school.year, , , It is anticipated to begin most classes on or about Jan. 15, 1988. All planning is conditional at this time subject to obtaining qualified instructors, developing course content, and securing adequate facilities. Class possibilities suggested by the planning committee are beginning sewing, advanced sewing and alterations, beginning knitting, advanced knitting, cake decorating, upholstery, speed reading, beginning typing, advanced typing, bookkeeping, investments and marketable securities, oil painting, creative crafts, general metal shop, ceramics, woodworking, gunsmithing, beginning bridge, advanced bridge, men's recreation, and exercise and calorie control for women. ; : ' ''. ; •'•'• >'. ; Also, /layman's law, red cross first aid, driver education, decorating your home, modern math for parents and other adults, public speaking, current affairs, beginning conversational Spanish, French,. dealing with people, defensive driving, mass media communication anaylsis, poetry appreciation, consumer economics, comparative religion, calculators, flower arranging, civil defense, electricity; -and sports officiating. Members of the planning committee for this year are Dick Godfredsen, Cary Lane, Leighton Misbach, Mrs. Char les Hinken, Mrs. Jack Clapsaddle, Mrs. Robert Black, Mrs. Robert Altman, Mrs. Milo Kollasch, /Mrs. Nellie Van Allen, Mrs. James Powell, Mrs. Sheridan Cook, Ed Gilmore, Bill Steele, Earl Lierley, Wayne Keith, Rev. Robert LorenZ, Mrs. Bill Becker, and Mrs. Enrique Bazan. . J 'Also assisting from the high .Jhpol staff are Richard .Sch- , neider, James Andersen, Adolph Knobloch, Mrs. Don Nettleton, Mrs. Helen Kelley, and Enrique Bazan. Dozen names to Viet list; 44 in all "Christmas Cards to Viet Nam" was published in the Advance Monday, Oct. 30, for the second year. Many relatives and friends of servicemen in Viet Nam have sent in; names and addresses so that YOU may send greetings to our boys from Kossuth County who are in the fighting area during the holidays. Twelve more names have been added to the list since the first printing and the complete list may be found in last Thursday's Advance, In addition to the 32 names printed those added last week are: Sp/4 Dennis L. Ohm, Sp/4 Richard J. Thul L/Cpl. James L. Junkermeier, A/lc Gary R. Nerem, Clarence L. Bruns, Pfc. Donald Krebsbach, Sp/4 Randolph Harmes, Sp/4 Kenneth A. Thomason, Sp/5 Kenneth D, Durant, Sp/4 Thomas J. Miller, Cpl. Dennis M. Farrell, Sp/4 Richard R. Witham. Three late additions to the list of boys in Viet Nam are: Sp/4 Jack Geilenfeld US55- .894458, HHD , 14th AVN Bn., APO San Francisco, Calif. 96374; Julius Harig, VA-93 FPO San Francisco, Calif.; and Pfc. Martin T. Becker US 54926655, G Btry., 65th Arty., APO San Francisco, Calif. 96269. Chirpi ifltr crash Saturday The Algona police department investigated an accident shortly before 8:00 o'clock Saturday morning at the intersection of Call ancl North Jones streets. John Burtis, 164 rural Algona, hit the rear of a car driven by Frank B. Baiter, who was making a left turn onto, Call street. $100 damages resulted to each c§r. . Burtis was charged with not having a driver's license and fojlpwing too closely. * Y AI q ono h o * * nth ICo unty ^^^^_^^^J^^^^^_^^^^^ *^al ..,-_.^,._'.._.. ._»m. _, *_ .........^..._ £_',-..*^.-_ J. J-fc. ... _.. _„.-.... „_. . . . . A,.. T.L-. J: ,. _ -. . -.--=.,:^..-..- - . . ^^ ^f ^BBMHIHHHHBlHHV^^r HHHIHI^BHBHHHHHMMMHHMHHHBHHBHHBHHHHMMHHBHHIBHIHHHHH^^ ^FttflMI ' • '»»• • . '- * RCtt i|UU*Jf vn nVpvfMf KHINBj 90911 pMtwfflCHllrtOV A£t Of GoflPrVV rnQrtft 0j 1879 f, t V''Vr. ; > , "s-- • • ' ' «•• NO* It «•• MONDAY* lOPAOtSIN t llttlON Call telliti* him fire WM ilt^dy out cime too late on way to •••' • Stale Historical Socletv towflPB.ity,/ iot*a Supervisors approval 1968 JLT ' •...-,..• JL ; ^ • : " • , •> road program of $715,000 _ .. . .. |. . Bulldog football i ec dined Improvements m 1 over county THE ALGONA HIGH school football team, 27 strong, plus cheerleaders, managers and coaches, were honored by two Algonans last Wednesday night at a banquet at Charlie's Supper Club. John Levy and Jay Atherton of the North. Iowa Appliance Center and North Iowa Sewing Machine Co. were the hosts to the 40 persons who attended. A portion of those attending are shown in the above picture. Levy and Atherton also were, hosts to the Algona basketball team last year. Exclusive Advance Photo by Bill Bray. County, too towns agree on N. Kossuth voters want B. C. hospital The board of supervisors Friday approved a 45-onile •wad building program for 1968. The program goes to ijhe state highway commission for final approval. Total post of the improvements is estimated at $715,300, and includes federal, farm to market, and county iroad funds. The proposal includes: Eagle twp.—4 miles on east side of Sees. 31, 30, 19 and 18, 3 inch base and 2-inch top; 3 miles on east side of Sees. 23, 14, 11, grade and gravel. Grant twp.—5 miles on ealst side of Sees. 31, 30, 19, 18, 7, 2-inch top coat; 3 miles on east of Sees. 28, 21, 16, grade and gravel. ' Harrison twp.—3 miles on eacjt of Sees. 18,7, 6, 24nch top v oolait; 2 miles on east of Sees. 16 and 9, base. Ledyard twp.—3 miles on eaist side of Sees. 32, 29, 20, ' 3-inch base and 2-inch top. Greenwood twp,—one male on south edge of Bancroft one mile in Sec. 26, base. Contracts for ambulance service for Ti tonka and Lu- Verne were approved Friday by the board of supervisors. According to the agreement the towns are to provide ambulances and at least two qualified trained personnel to operate the ambulance. The ambulance must include customary patient care' equipment, including stretcher, cot, clean linens, and back and hip splints. ' The ambulance must also carry first aid equipment, oxygen including a spare tank, have a siren and a rotating red light. The towns agreed to hold periodic training sessions for the ambulance personnel who shall have the equivalent of advanced Red Cross Aid courses. The county will make one initial payment of $1,000 to each town to aid' in setting up the service. Also the county will pay $50 per month to the towns, Persons using the ambulance service will be charged $20 plus 50 cents per mile of travel one-way. The towns must maintain liability insurance policy in the amount of $100,000 per person" and $300,000 per accident. The! contract is made for six months with renewal un^ less objected to by either the county or the town. / The county agreed to pay for the transportation of indigent patients. Titonkin win* Hawaiiai trip TITQNKA ~ Gene Krominga, Frifidairt faltiman for the feed Hardwire and Appliance store in Titon- k», won a vacation trip to Hiw*ii recently •» part of i company salei fontest. He Mt |, it Wfdntsdiy f r«m Fort Podge «nd ittted from K«nM* City to Htwaii Thursday, T j, f fr j p jf fo lift tight dayf and will in- f Me • tour o! the Ulandt With overnight ft«yi at waner one*. Hj i* typtf fed horn* Saturday of thi, wttfc ..•---. Town Houae Twp. bold* For WINNEBAQO COUNTY People HouMFcbpla bold* Against Buffalo Twp. Buffalo Center Kim Twp. Tbompaon Lineoln Twp.' Rake '•: "Eden Twp. Grant Twp. KOSSUTH COUNTY .iedyard 'Twp. - Ladytrd J •Lakota German Twp. HertornTwp. Lincoln Twp. Aamaey Twp., Springfield Totals 108 300 70 158 80 SO 78 109 78 80 140 109 74 94 41 88 1,780 898 1080 289 481 283 140 289 442 8 4 10 20 8 24 7 7 22 7 32 85 19 85 17 IS decided 8 4 8 9 8 48 4 2 Survey of 12 townships is revealed By a vote of 1,750 to 176 households, persons contacted in a 12-township survey around Buffalo Center indicated they want a hospital continued, there. The vote was In a survey conducted with C. J. Gerzema heading up the committee, A total of 1,750 households containing 5,770 persons favored forming 9 hospital district, If such a district is formed, federal funds and a bond issue could finance a proposed $900,000 hospital. "It appears from the re suits of this survey that there is a real interest in proceeding with the are* \wtJti- tal pip in an attempt to maintain medical here," Gerzema said. 297 141 380 437 239 381 191 196 9,770 2 2 1 8 10 2 24 18 176 10 8 4 27 38 9 100 88 878 3 88 1 8 2 . 11 2 187 of i hospital district went into action after Medicare officials withheld ce«rtJ&ca&bn for Buffalo C3ei»- ter hospital because it was not fireproof and because |s surgical facilities were not adequately separated from oiier hospital seryicejs, A $4j#,000 pl*n for remod- was presented tp Medj care officials several months ago. That plan was considered a stopgap for the present by Medicare officials, who would not promise that it Would be sufficient for the long run. Sincfe there was no guarantee of future certification of that plait for Medicare, the committee turned to Iowa's new law permitting formation of hospital districts. The present 18-bed (hospital is privately operated by Dp. K. J. Kroack, Harley Feldick and J. O. Moermond. If planning for the new district is accepted and a new hospital is built, the doctors would attempt to attract a fourth physician. THI HOSPITAL area plan would prevent Medicare patients in the district from- having to go far from their ihomes to obtain (hospital care. A Buffalo Center man reported today that fie Hospit*l Planning Committee is in Des Moines visiting at the Department of Public Health. The purpose of the trip was to look into obtaining a permit. BEACH SANPf 0 Tne county conservation board last week hauled 600 cubie yards ojf sand to the lake Wee miles north of Algona to add to the beach on the northeast corner of the main late south of Sea. 21, 22, 23, 24, Seal coat. Fenton twp.—1 mile on east of Sec. 11, grade and graved. iBurt twp.—1% miles OR south of Sees. 34, 35, base. Lotts Creek twp.—1 mile on south of Sec. 6; 3 miles on east of Sees. 21, 28, 33, grade and gravel. Union twp.—1% miles on South of Sees. 14, 13; and 3 miles on east of Sees. 13, 12, 1, seal 1 coat. CTum Creek twp.—-3 milei.- on south of Sees. 15, 14, 13; 3 inch base and 2-inch top. Wesley twp.—5 miles on east of Sees. 9, 16, 21, 28, 33; 'and one mile on south of See. 36, grade and gravel. Whittemore twp.—1 mMe on north of Sec. 7; 1 mile north-south in center of Sec. .4; 2 miles on south of 8, 9, 3-dnch base and 2-inch top. Prairie twp.—2 miles on east of Sees. 3 and 10; grade and gravel; 6 miles on east of Sec. 2, 11, 14, 23, 26, 35, setil coat. Garfield twp.—« miles on north of Sees. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 'base, Riverdale twp.—2 miles on north of 6, 5, base; 1 mile on north of Sec. 4, grade and gravel. LuVerne twp.—3 miles on north of Sees. 7, 8, 9, grade and gravd. Three bridges are also included in the 1968 construction plan. They are in Seneca on east side of Sec. 6; Plum Creek between Sees. 8, 9,; and LuVerne 2 miles of town' of LuVerne. Ex-Swaa Gityai its after cradi Funeral services were held Friday for Everett L. Wischmeyer Jr., 23, a former Swea City resident. Rites were it the Our Savior Lutheran church of Swea City. He died at a Rockford, 111. hospital following a car accident, which occurred 17 days earlier. He had been working for the Chrysler Co. at Belvidere, IB., near Rockford. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs, Everett Wischmeyer of Swea City. . He is survived by his wife, Carolyn, 9 daughter Kim Ranae, both of Belvedere; his parents, a sister, Mrs. John Alspacb and a brother, Cyril, all of Swea City. Jess Martin dies in crash; woman hurt A volunteer fireman from Livermore was killed and an Algona woman was injured Thursday afternoon in a car- truck crash on the blacktop highway separating Kossuth and Humboldt counties. The point of impact was on the north side of the highway and thus apparently occurred in Kossuth county. The center line of the road separates the counties. Killed was JM» Waltar Martin, 54 of Livarmora, who was alone, driving the auxiliary Livarmora. tank wagon lira truck anrouta to the Ted Hilbert farm where a fire had been reported. Ironically, the other Livermore fire truck which includ ed Maurice Olson, Floyd Raney and one other fireman, had gone ahead and had put out the grass fire. They called back to the Livermore station to tell Martin he was not needed but he had already left the station and was on his way to his death. They came upon the crash scene as they were returning. THE ACCIDENT occurred three miles east of highway 169 on the LuVerne blacktop, where it intersects the road from Livermore. A 1954 1 Chevrolet driven by Mrs. Edna E. Bowman, 56 off Algona, wa> coming from the east on the blacktop; She had been an am- ployee r off Penne/s store here for several years but for the past several weeks, had .been staying at the home of the T. L. Williams in LuVerne. She was alone in her car at the time of the accident, going west. Martin approached the highway with the red light flashing and siren blaring and was hit broadside by the Bowman car as he crossed the blacktop enroute to the Hilbert farm, which Is located about two miles north of the accident scene. THE TANK WAGON truck was knocked into the- northwest ditch and Martin was pinned beneath the truck. He died of a broken neck.' Mrs. Adolph Koester of Lu- Verne was driving ahead of the Bowman car enroute to a Lutheran Aid meeting at Livermore. She heard the accident and came back and remained with Mrs. Bowman until an ambulance from Algona arrived. The accident was reported to the Algona police department and deputy sheriff Don Wood and patrolman Tom THE LIVERMORE fire truck, a converted tank wagon used to carry water, and the car drivpti by Mrs. Edna Bowman, Algona, are shown in the above picture minutes after the accident that killed Jess Martin, 54 of Livermore, about 1.50 p.m. Thursday three miles east of highway 169 on the LuVerne blacktop. The fire truck is shown laying oil its side in the northwest ditch where it rolled when struck broadside. The Bowman car,'a total loss, had its entire frpnt,end caved in by the .impact Mrs. Bowman is report^ edly rirr?good condition-in an Iowa City hospital with a broken heel and multiple lacerations. Charges were filed against both drivers by Patrolman Tom Cogdall, who investigated, with Deputy Sheriff Don Wood. ' Exclusive Advance Polaroid Photos. Cogdall went to the scene to investigate. Mrs. Bowman was taken to St. Ann hospital, and then transferred to Iowa City by air ambulance. She sustained a broken right heel and multiple lacerations but her condition it not believed to be critical. The Bowman car was a total . loss and the 1954 Dodge tank truck had an estimated $1500 damage to the sides and top. Cogdall charged Mr. Martin with failing to yield at a thru highway.and Mrs. Bowman with failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. Mr Martin was the 8th highway fatality in Kossuth county during 1967. Dr. R F. Snyder, Kossuth County Medical Examiner, said Martin died of a broken neck and other injuries received when the truck rolled over on him. Patrolman Tom •••^••••••Ml^HMil^HVBBMMBMMMBMMM^^MMBMMiMMMMMMAMM Puppet show THf FAIT Wif 1C and continuing until the end of this week the Algona Children's Library have been staging a Puppet Show for grades 1 - 6 of the public school and St. Cecelia's. Under the direction of Mrs. Qryille Duncan and assisted by Miss LuAnn Leek the children have attended the Puppet Show during school hour§ ifter which they hive been able to look at the aid/and new books available in the library. The puppet 5ho W< wis given 46 time* throughout the two weeks. ^Mrg, feuNMTtWdl the voice* with the help of five high school students,. The puppets weye made by Mr«. Duncan as WM to Itage designed by Mrs, Piinca!» wi& tfee assistance of Miss Lfefe and Mrs, TMTO* T^ghetter. Shown abQye witeWpg the sho. w is a le class from St. qecfhj's. Sister ifyry imJUe is to Cogdall, who with deputy sheriff Don Wood investigated, said Martin would probably not have died if he had a seat belt on. 'Y. . ;'. The interior of the thick was not damaged. It wai hoi equipped with seat belt*.. • FUNERAL SERVICJ& for Mr. Martin were held Sunday afternoon in the Livermore elementary school house. He is survived by his wife and six daughters: Mrs. Henry Engelby, Winnebago, Minn.; Mrs. Clifford Sturdevant, of Fort Dodge; Mrs. Richard Sorensen, Renwick; Mni, •• James Landolt, Gilmore City; Mrs. LeRoy Hamburger, Hastings, Neb.; Mrs. Pat Vanderhoff,of Gilmore City. ' • Also surviving are 15 grandchildren; a brother, Arnold Martin, Omaha, Neb,; three sisters, Mrs. Orval Seodore, of Corvallis, Ore.; MrsVJohn tn* galls, Twin Falls, Idaho; and Mrs. George Keeder, Inglewood, Calif. , Born in Johnstoni Neb., Martin was reared and educated in Omaha. In 1930 he, married Geneva Fox in Omaha. The couple farmed near ,Weit Bend for a time. Martin has. been employed by the Liv«r« more schools for the pistil years. Farm accident victim improves The condition of "Jackie*' Roethler, 14 year old daughter of the Virgil Roethlers, who was critically injured in a farm accident Tuesday eVe- ning, was reported to be $nj- ' proving Friday noon. . She was helping ha'ul corn and was riding on the steel tongue of the wagon when it broke, allowing the wagon to coast up behind the tractor, pinning her between; Two hydraulic couplings pn the back of the tractor punctured her lower abdomen in the pelvic area, breaking, thj? pejyjs. She was brought to/Sj.' AIJMI hospital in Algona. and, transferred to Fort Dodge, wtvere she was in surgery fojr fewwi, Her §d4res,s is Mejey Hospital, Roonj §51, .... -~'

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