Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on November 24, 1981 · Page 40
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 40

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1981
Page 40
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REPUBLIC MAIL Tuesday, November 24, 1981 The Arizona Repuhjjc B13 TV Radio fJl KNAZ (NBC) Flagstaff KVOA (NBC) Tucson KUAT (PBSl Tucson KGUN (ABC) Tucson .it KZAZ (Ind) Tucson u KOLO (CBS) Tucson S3 KNXV (Ind) Pnoenia ff) KTVW (SpamshHUHF) O KTVK (ABC) Phoenu Q KPHO (Ind) Phoenn O KAET (PBS) Phoenn KOCH. (CBS) Phoenm B KPNX (NBC) Phoen.i u KYEL (NBC) Vuma Q) KPAZ (Ind-UHF) Ph. gg KTVW (Spamsh)(UHF)i i 3 Daytime viewing "TV" in mevia tit tings signifies that th movM was .mad for television. 5:00 Q) Receiving from God 5:10 '.(Et Meditation 5:15 - (D Public Affairs 5:20 Qj) Farm and Ranch 5:30 ' 0 Col legs Classes . 09 Sunrise Semester - B) News ' QJ Growing Years 5:45 . CD Religious ? 5:50 -GD Reportaje de Notkias . 5:55 ffi) RF0 12 6:00 O Daybreak Arizona . 8 Hot Fudge O OS Wake Up (B Arizona '81 CO Oral Roberta ffl Multiversity '(f) Took of Tucson SS Today in Farming 6:15 O A.M. Weather 6:30 O Addams Family O Tennessee Tuxedo O Captioned ABC News Q) Q) Morning 03 News CO This Is the Life Navajo Nation Report (D leave ft to the Women Hogan's Heroes Jim Bakker - 6:45 ! ffl A.M. Weather 7:00 '.O CD Good Morning America O Wallace and ladmo O Humanities Arts 03 CD Today 'CD Lester Sumrall GB lifias, Yoga and You Evening viewing "TV" in movie listings signifies that the movie was made for television. 6:00 O 0 0 0 GD QD SS News 0 Laverne & Shirley 0 Business Report GD Over Easy (Closed-captioned1.) (9 Happy Days Again Brady Bunch PM Magazin 0 0 Mundo Latino 6:15 0 Religious 6:30 O PM Magazine O MASH 0 Horizon 0 Family Feud 0 Moppets Ooris Leach man. 0 Dance Fever 0 Roger m 0S You Asked For It (4) Entertainment Tonight GD Dick Cavett MASH Here's Lucy SS Happy Days 0 0 Nonciero National 7:00 O QD Happy Days Jenny gets into trouble and aslu Joanie to take the blame. Phil Silvers appears as Jenny's father. O Charlie's Angels 0 QD MocNeilLehrer 0 Simon & Simon Premiere. Two brothers operating a struggling San Diego detective agency are hired to find the missing stepdaughter of a popular television newscaster. 0 GD GD SS Daffy Duck's Thanks-For -Giving Special Daffy devises a scheme to allow his fans to show their appreciation - for all the joy he has brought them over the years. (R) A0V 12 DAFFY DUCK SPECIAL . Pre Turkeydai Fimf est that'll quack you up! -0 Pay TV Chicken Tuesday Dinner 0n,y! 2m4.99 f4 l 1 1 eft mm At All I VaNey Locations 7:30 0 lilias. Yoga and You CD Backyard Corroicolendos (Q) Krafft Superstars 8:00 O Ftintstones O Sesotne Street 03 One Day at a Time 03 700 Club CD Praise the lord Mister Rogers Bugs BunnyWoody OS Prke Is Right 8:30 0 Open Hows 03 Alice () Electric Company GMIigan's Island Q) tSS Agenda SOSSA 9:00 O Richard Simmons O Movie "She Livesl" (1973, drama, TV) O 3D Studio See 03 Price k Right 63 GD SS Wheel of Fortune Q) Tic Toe Dough (B Love Boat (CD McHale's Navy OS Donahue B SB ChapuKn Colorado 9:30 0 Edge of Night O Electric Company 03 S) 3) Batttestars Q) Jim Bakker Why in the World? 700 Club Q) D Hoy Mismo 10:00 O Family Feud O GO Sesame Street 03 Face the Music 03 GD QD SS Password CD News (5) Richard Simmons OS One Day at a Tim 10:15 CD Religious 10:30 O Ryan's Hope O Donahue 03 Young and Restless 03 QD QD SD Doctors 03 Real McCoys CD High Adventure 11:00 O Ail My Children Q Science South 03 GD QD SS Days of Our lives 03 Peyton Place 0 Jewish Roots Movie "It's a Mad, Mod. Mad, Mad World" (1963, comedy) Spencer Trocy, Edie Adams. (3 hrs.) 0 0 Hogar que yo Rob 7:30 O GD Laverne eV Shirley Lenny and Squiggy conspire to have Joey Heafherton read one of their scripts. (Closed-copHoned.) O That's Hollywood 03 GD The Berenstain Bears Meet Big paw The Bears come to understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving in this muskal special. (R) 0 Jesus the Man GD Arizona Illustrated 0 0 Rosa de Lejos 8:00 O CB Three's Company Jack acts as bait to lure a robber into the apartment while a plainclothes policeman stands guard. (Closed-captioned.) O Hawaii Five-O 0 Omega Factor Tom begins to hove doubts about Julia's death. 0 Movie "A Small Killing" (1981, suspense, TV) Edward Asner, Jean Simmons, Andrew Prme. 0 GD GD SS Father Murphy The financial future of the school is in the hands of an orphan who convinces the odults she is the only one who can ride their foul-tempered horse in Jockson't annual race. (Closed-captioned.) 0 James Robison GD Cosmos (Oosed-coptioned.) 8:30 O S) Too Close for Comfort 0 Oral Roberts 0 0 Iris Chacon 8:55 O Artbreak 9:00 O (5) Hart to Hart Jonathan learns that his mar-fatal brush with death was no accident when an eccentric art collector is out to get Jennifer as his newest art object. (Closed-coptioned.) ov 3 Jeimffer Prisoner hi Class Cage! ! HartHart O Bob Newhort Fried Steak . Tuesday Only! At All Vfelley Locations CD Good 'n Happy QD Mister Rogers S9 Network News OS Young and Restless 6D SB Mundo latino 11:30 O News O Phot Show '09 As the World Turns 83 Network News CD Jimmy Swaggort QD Over Easy 12:00 O (9 On Lite to Live 0 Dick Van Dyke 0 Antiques 0 GD QD OS News 0 Petticoat Junction 0 Our Jewish Roots GD This Old House Odd Couple SS Here's Grade 0 0 Gnema "LoEdoddeloTeritocion"(2hrt.) 12:30 O Andy Griffith O QD liliasYoga & You 0 Search for Tomorrow 0 GD QD SS Gambit 0 Get Smart 0 Jesus, the Man AH in the Family OS As th World Turns 1:00 O QD General Hospital O Gomer Pyl 0 Street Singer 0 Guiding Light 0 GD QD Another World 0 Movie "Lock, Stock and Barret" (1970, Western, TV) 0 Dr. Gross Speaking QD Once Upon a Classic Movie The Night They Took Miss Beautiful" (1977, suspense, TV) 1:30 O I Love Lucy 0 Ordinary People QD New Americans OS Search for Tomorrow 2:00 O Love Boat O Bewitched 0 Freehand Sketching 0 Up to the Minute 0 GD QD SS Texas 0 Richard Hague Dick Cavett Edge of Night OS Guiding Light 0 KB Villa A leg re 2:30 O I Dream of Jeonnie 0 GD Odyssey A look at new dating techniques used by European archeologisfs. (Closed-captioned.) A0V S ODYSSEY: Forget new understanding of ancient metalmaking 0 GD QD SS Flamingo Road 0 Praise 9:30 0 News 0 0 Idolo 10:00 O00CDGD(9aS& O Barney Miller 0 Twilight Zone GD Duchess of Duke St. (Closed-captioned.) Saturday Night 0 0 Noch a Noch 10:25 0 America Today 10:30 O ABC News O Prisoner: Cell Block H 0 Dick Cavett 0 Alio GD GD Tonight GD MASH Benny Hill 0 0 Notidwo 10:40 0 0 24 Haras 11:00 , O Fantasy Island O Movie "Hotter Skelter" Conclusion. 0 Masterpiece Theatre "Edwnrd and Mrs. Simpson." 0 McOaud Mcdoud and Clifford launch a crusade to block the New York mob's infiltration of Australia after the Australian police superintendent is gunned down in New York. (2 hrs., 15mins.) QD Arizona Illustrated GD ABC News Movie "Double Indemnity" (1973, drama, TV) Richard Crenna, Lee J. Cobb, Somontha Eggar. (2 hrs., lOmins.) Alk 11:30 0 QD Entertainment Tonight V3T&CEHD MI i VIDEO , i; I; I 12 ; : r 1 1 Vsmft'Tt 3JTT Thanks to the wonderful response from all of you during the past year, VIDEO . is now ready for our NATIONWIDE MARKETING PROGRAM. Some areas are now available 'n NEVADA, UTAH, TEXAS and other states for your own VIDEO store. Own your own or participate in an established store for "REWAR0S, PROFITS AND FUN IN THE FASTEST GROWING INDUSTRY OF THE '80's" . . . Call immediately . . . Limited areas available. Special National Marketing . ' Office - 602 953-9280 O Villa Alegr 0 John Davidson GD Firing Lin QD Movie "Pearl" (1978, drama) Part 2. (2 hrs.) 0 0 Espejismo 3:00 O litrl House O Tom A JerryBugs Woody O Mister Rogers 0 You Asked for H 0 Ftintstones - 0 Lester Sumrall GD Super Pay Cards GD Incredible Hulk Hour Magaiin All My Children 0 0 Pelusa 3:30 O GD Electric Company 0 Entertainment Tonight 0 Batman 0 Praise th Lord GD Bonanza Scooby Doo 4:00 O Bamaby Jones O Scooby Do 0 Why in th World? 0 Merv Griffin 0 Hour Magazin 0 Superman GO Kung Fu GD Sesame Street Muppet Show People's Court (fj) Ryan's Hop 0 6D Jugos del Destine 4:30 O Gilligarr's Island O Sesame Street 0 Leave It to Beaver GD Hour Magazin (S Barney Miller Munsters News SS John Davidson 5:00 O 0 0 GD (S OS News O Brady Bunch 0 F-Troop GD Studio See Bewitched 0 0 Mi Secretoria 5:30 O GD ABC News O Happy Days Again O Over Easy 0 CBS News 0 GD GD NBC News 0 Incredible Hulk 0 Kids PTl GD Carrascolendas Muppet Show 0 68 Qwierme Siempr GD Captioned ABC News GD Fantasy island McCloud Bob Newhart 12:00 O Horizon 0 QD Tomorrow 0 News 12:10 O Th Unteuchobtes 12:15 0 Religious 12:30 0 MocNeilLehrer 0 Good ft Happy 12:40 GD Wild, Wild West 1:00 O News 0 Way of the Winner 1:10 O News Movie "Night Games' (1974, drama, TV) Bony Newman, Susan Howard. (1 nr., 30 imns.) 1:15 0 NewsNight 1:30 0 Pattern for Living QD News 1:40 GD 1:45 News 0 Prats News 2:00 2:40 2:45 0 Medical Center 3:45 0 Life Around Us 4:00 0 Book of Revelation (Followed by Marriage & Family.) 4:10 0 News 4:40 0 Westfarook Hospital in 3' an:: vox Sf'.l 'linn II 1:L1 IIS II Speculation still rampant about K00L-TV status The hottest topic of discussion in local television circles in recent months has revolved around the question of whether K00L-TV, specifically chairman of the board Tom Chauncey's majority share of Channel 10, would be sold. What triggered much of the talk was a May 13 lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court against Chauncey, Tom Chauncey II and Channel 10 general manager Homer Lane by Gene Autry and Gulf United Corp. of Dallas. - The suit alleges that the three attempted to "systematically and unlawfully'' misappropriate "millions of dollars in assets and earnings of K00L for their personal hobbies and gratification." Only weeks before the suit was filed, Autry had sold his 48.11 percent share in the CBS affiliate to Gulf United for a reported $35 million. Chauncey owned 49.89 percent and Lane owned 2 percent of K00L-TV, which he soon sold to Chauncey. The K00L-TV executives responded to the suit by filing a counterclaim denying the allegations and accusing Autry and Gulf United of racketeering, breach of contract, defamation of character, intentional interference with business and attempted theft by extortion. But the prospect of a public display of the dealings of a private company certainly could not have been appealing to Chauncey. So the answer appears to be "yes" KOOL-TV is being sold. However, a report last week that Chauncey has agreed to sell his current 51.89 percent interest in K00L-TV to Gulf United Corp. may be premature AM K0Y (550) Adult contemporary KTAR (620) Newstalk KMEO (740) Beautiful music KIFN (860) Spanish KJJJC910) Country KARZ (960) Country KXEG(1010) Gospel KUKQ (1060) Danc6 music KRDS (1 190) Contemporary Christian KFLRO230) Religious KHEPO280) Religious KZZPO310) Rock KLFF (1360) Big band KXIVO400) Big band KX AM (1440) Oldies KPHX (1480) Spanish KDJQ (1510) Contemporary K ASA (1540) Religious KNIX0560) Country 'uNCUT COMMERCIAL-FREE MOVIES , CALL 243-6688 ) 3: PREPARE NOW FOR FALL PARTIES NEW ADULT STUDENTS ThhofhrmtlwttK 4 (V4 Hr.) Private Lessons I Noon tf Stcial Dmc You wiH horn: Country Western Disco s Hustle sFei Tret eTant eSmftieCkaCkae Waltz CALL TODAY 055-3000 DANCE WORLD PHOENIX 3000 E. ONLY Thomas 0 Bud Wilkinson Television Radio not necessarily inaccurate, just premature. Station employees have been informed that a sale is pending, and several have named Gulf United as the buyer. A contract between Gulf United and Chauncey, as can best be determined, has yet to Designed. John H. Massey, executive vice president of Gulf United, refused late last week to confirm that his company has reached agreement to purchase Chauncey's share. "We have no signed, definitive agreement with Mr. Chauncey," he said from his Dallas office, adding that "until a contract is executed our only comment is 'no comment " Gulf United reportedly would pay between $50 million and $70 million for Chauncey's share of the company he has run for nearly three decades. Calls placed to members of K00L-TV management regarding a sale to Gulf United netted "no comment" replies, with the caller being referred to Chauncey's son, Chauncey II, who is a K0OL-TV vice president and company attorney. "All I can say is no comment," he said. o RADIO o FM KMCR (91.5) JazzNPR KJJJ (92.3) Country KDKB (93.3) Album rock KOOL (94.5) Oldies KQYT (95.5) Beautiful music KMEO (96.9) Beautiful music KUPDC97.9) Album rock KBBC (98.7) Adult contemporary KIKO( 100.3) Adult KOPAO00.7) Rock KHEP (101.5) Classical KNIX (102.5) Country KZZP (104.7) rock KWAO (106.3) Big band KSTM (107.1) Album rock KMLE (107.9) Gospel COMING! PHOENIX'S FIRST ANNUAL FOOD TASTING FESTIVAL THIS SAT. & SUN. NOVEMBER 28 & 29 EXHIBIT HALL STATE FAIR GROUNDS GXSER? A lot can happen in a short time. Don't lose touch with what's going on, here and there. Join Bill Close, Mary Jo West and the KOOL News team for facts at 10. 10PM 5:10 MEDITATION 5:15 PUBLIC AFFAIRS 5:20 FARM & RANCH 5:30 SUNRISE SEMESTER 6r00 WAKE UP 6:30 MORNING WITH CHARLES KURALT 8:00 ONE DAY AT A TIME 8:30 ALICE 9:00 THE PRICE IS RIGHTBARKER 10:00 FACE THE MUSIC ELY 10:30 YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS 11:30 AS THE WORLD TURNS 12:30 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW 1:00 THE GUIDING LIGHT 2:00 UP TO THE MINUTE 2:30 THE JOHN DAVIDSON SHOW George Garlin, ( John Schneider, Eddie Fisher 4:00 THE MERV GRIFFIN There is also the possibility, though, that Chauncey will turn around and peddle ' the mdtimillion-dollar property elsewhere. The lawsuit, rather than the money, might be the main factor. The suit has to be rankling to the longtime Phoenix broadcaster. It's not' simply a burr, but a large sore that might " prompt him, in a "get even" spirit, to unload the television station and leave ; Gulf United in an irritating minority ' ownership position. Axording to last week's sale theory, " Chauncey would retain ownership of KOOL (FM 94) radio if he sold to Gulf United, and the lawsuit would be dropped. The only unanswered question involves ' the status of the lawsuit if Chauncey sold out to a company other than Gulf United, ' which owns six radio stations and two ' television stations in Florida, West Vir-gina, Texas, North Carolina and Indiana. " ' - Any sale is contingent upon Federal " Communications Commission approval, a process that would take six months and-would probably result in a call-letter change for Channel 10. A shuffling of top-level management would be expected under Gulf United ' ownership. One K00L-TV employee said. he was told by management that "Tom -Chauncey, Tom Chauncey II and Homer Lane will be gone" if a sale to Gulf United is finalized. "The rest of the management team is up . in the air," the employee said. " . .. Another person close to the situation described the assessment as accurate. For the moment, the "KOOL watch"" continues. So does the speculation. FEATURES Paul Harvey on KTAR 6:30 a.m., 8:25 a.m.. 3:20 p.m. and 6:35 p.m. Mark Russell on KXIV 7:30 ajn. Charles Osgood on KARZ 8:30 a.m. and 12:25 p.m. Howard Cosell on KTAR 8:55 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Gene Shalit on KXIV 9:30 a.m. . Jack Anderson on KTAR 1:35 p.m. Dan Rather on KARZ 6:30 p.m. Pat BuchananTom Braden on KXIV 6:30 p.m. Harry Reasoner on KARZ 6:55 p.m. Larry King on KTAR 10:05 p.m. Merv Griffin on KOY midnight. NEWTON'S PRIME RIB; THANKSGIVING ; DAY MENU Stuffed Capons $3.95 Turkey Dinner $5.95 1 Choice Prime Rib $5.95 1 Reservations- 254-7268 : 915 E. VanBuren SHOW Orson Welles, Rona Barrett, James Ingram 5:00 KOOL NEWS CLOSE, WEST 5:30 CBS EVENING NEWS WITH DAN RATHER 6:00 KOOL NEWS CLOSE, WEST 6:30 FAMILY FEUD DAWSON 7:00 SIMON & SIMON PREMIERE Special guest star, Peter Graves. 8r00 THE CBS TUESDAY NIGHT MOVIES "A Small Killing" Edward Asner and Jean Simmons star m this motion-picture-for-televtwon about a unique band of crime fighters: an undercover cop and a woman college professor posing at a bog lady who trail a killer with help - . from a motty crew ; of elderly street 10:00 KOOL NEWS CLOSE, WEST Special j4-Report "Promts of the Sun" 10:30 ALICE -llrOOMcCLOUD 1:15 KOOL NEWSNIGHT : 2:45 MEDICAL CENTER Lire AKUUNL? US 4:10 KOOL LATE NEWS 4:40 WESTBROOK HOSPITAL

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