The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1936
Page 6
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SEX BLTTHEVILLE. (ARK,) COURIER NEWS ;iiiit Mr - Tassos, and Knox Official Winners Bui Show Free' For-All Brawl By J. P. FRIEND Promoter Michael Edward (Mike) Meroney stole his own mat , dicw last night ' Tlic son of Erin, in (he role ' of referee, scored two falls, awarded one to one of his hirelings, • whipped another, ami had the distinction of literally running a grapplcr out of (he ring. In one of the most hilarious exhibitions ever staged In a Blythcvlllc Incidentally, it inaugurated the first open air progi-nm of Ihe year , at the American Legion bow!. During ihe evening's program there wns paraded good and bad wrestling, list fighting, nnd an attack by a fan on one of Uic principals. Officially the results were: Tom- htie 'Tnssos, Chicago, won from Barney .Lobbey, Niagara Falls. N. Y., substituting for Don • Corlc-t, I Who was suspended followng his .last mnlcli in Kentucky for socking an liu)]xictor, two falls to one; Two-Pisted the put-pat stm- from Atlanta TUESDAY, MAY 19, 1936 Th rill-Packed Prcakncss Finish liitsy rames In Ihe Australian Davis Cup tie at May 30. . : 'Jiminte-"Schoolboy" Kiiox, liiloxl, •Miss.; was awarded his match over "Wild Bill" Kiish, Nashville, Teiin.,' of lho teams an undisputed lead Bull of the Woods, for low blows. '" " lc league nice. Last week's Actually the results wore: First Knmes were the nisi of Hie scn : -match—first kayo. Lobbey; second "°»- ;knoekout, Tnssos; third kayo, Tas-1 Applebaum's aggregation anil .EOS. Winner—Tnssos. Final mnlcli " lc Nu-Wa troupe arc both nnxl- . — knockout for first fall, Rush; -second faJl, Knox and Mike Me- roncy; third fall, Referee Mike, clls to get into the win column nl 'd "'re determined to "slioot'the works." Applebaum , been _ Lobbey and Tassos, former spreading runiore around of n ,fighters, evidently forgot Ihoy/'^wstcry" soiiliipuw lie will send •were' wrestling-. Their match , was '" tlic mound tonight In an cf- "n rislicurr battle and well directed f 01 ' 1 - lo wrest victory from the 'Jilows to the chin led to all three -Nn-Wa club. fails. Aftcnvards it was an- 1 Applebaum, noimeed that they would appear ! league, lins ' president of tho teen ficxt week—with Uic gloves—In a' nicmbcrs of the shei-lll's force us ' n result of alleged activities at Haley Field last week, being charg- jifler the second knockout;* but ei ' w llh "plotting" out of season, Tifler Mike had .slammed htm a Applcbnuin has junde "bond" In cciipie of limes, he broke and ran' " lc amount of $100,000, pur-xirt- — ten round boxing match. Tassos to crawl on Mcroney Points lo Bitsy's Showing, Demands -'Rccogni t i 6 n By Committee r Ily .IIMMV DONAHUE NI-'A Service Sjmrls Writer PHILADELPHIA. — It's about lime lhat blg-wlgs of the United Slates La.wn Tennis Association took n gamble. Wilh the lie nganst the html-hUtlng Australians i-cheduled for Oennanlown Cricket Cli|b, May 30-June ). (jic Davis Cup commitlce is faced'wllh pulling Hie slrongest possible forte on the, court—for the men from down under arc plenty lough. Cognl/.ant of the fact that [he Yankee squad needs new blood Ihe committee Is In a (|uanilary over whether lo put Don nudge in Hie singles with Caplaln wil- mer AllLson, or whether lo gamble on little Bitsy Grant. Then there's the c|tiosllon of whether lo give Allison double duty, nnd pair him with Johnny Vnn llyn in Ihe doubles, or gamble on Budge and Gene Mnko who have dcfealed the velcran lair four consecutive time.') so far this season. j Bailey's Giants Defeat Dyersburg Club Sunday Harry Biilley's slate line GintHs defeated the 1 OytT.sln:rg, Tenn., C'Kami(M-'s swimming |:ool baseball team at Bailey's Park, Arkansas-Missouri state line, Sunday. Tli.' score was 7 lo 3. The slate liner. 1 ; made 10 hits cir Ihe offerings of Porch, Dycrs- b'jrg Inirler, while the Dyci-sburj-; club could gel but six blow oil Wilson, Bailey's hurlcr. Each team made four errors during Ihe game. It was tlic fifth straight' vic- lory for Bailey's team. Ik'ie Is the th/iil-iiacked finish of the Preakncss, run at Plmlico. Md., before. 45,000 .horse race eiilliu- .slns(s-n llnish so close thai (he juices dared not name. Ihe winner until they examined the ''electric eye" pictures. Then Bold Venture lln foreground above), Kentucky Derby victor, was declared the winner of [he $27,325 race. Hold Venture Is shown nosing out Oranville in the exciting rush across the finish line, Baseball Results Southern League Birmingham •), Alhinln 2. Clliu* games postponed, rain. Natlnmtl League Chicago 7, Boston 2. Cincinnati 9, Brooklyn (1. New York 4. Pittsburgh 2. £1. Louis 11, Philadelphia li. I1V AHT KItl'.N"/, NKA Sl'rvliT Golf Writer Iron jilny 111 rough Hie fairway [Jiewnls a different problem tlmn liHlln*r n tnli O ir tile .leu. Ii playing- an iron off the full-way you strike the ball while the club By Harry Grayson This department would plcki Clrant to play the singles \vltli Allison, nnd (-amble on the young-! .slcrs, liudgc. anil Mako, in thcl NEW YORK , May 10.—Robert '0 -years, althoiigli this doubles. . • I Moses Grove, olf like King Saxon,''"s third In the majors. Giant's Slyle I'u/.zles , j threatens lo repeat Ills perform- 1 * ' * I pitch some bad games. He comes through 1" the tighter spots." Uube Wulberg Is lending Ihe Doslon Hcil Sox a left-handed •inching hand this spring. Tlic liuue has spent 13 of his H years In Uic American League. Frltn Osterinuellcr, the third southpaw with Ihe Red Sox, lias been ul it is only But the U. S. I,. T. A. Is loath!'" 1 ™ of •'"•'' seiison , when he lo do this. Some oiriclals |x>lnl Wled Uic lowest earned run av- out lhat Grant Is strictly n ctny- cm B c '» tlle American League, court player, and tlmt his pat- 11 - olmconm B Lefty Is In his sevcn- Pfit style Isn't of Davis Cup call- """ Ijcr. Hut they foi-gct that bouncing llltsy went lo Ihe last four in the imllonals at Forest IllUs last year °™' '" llis fourteenth campaign, left-handed Whitehill Graybeard of Southpaws Earl Whltehill now is the grixy- bcard of lefl-handers, both In number of years at his trade and American League Washington at Detroit, New York at Cleveland. Boston at Chicago. Philadelphia at St. Louis. American League Boston 2, Chicago [j. Detroit 7. Washington 1. New York at Cleveland, rain. Philadelphia at St. Lev's, rain. Nurlhfasl Arkansas League No games scheduled. Soulliern I,C:IKUC Chattanooga at Memphis. Nashville at Litlle Rock. Kuoxvillc al New . Orleans. Atlanta at Birmingham. his twelfth on big length of time In the big show. JThis is the handsome Washington r«Tl"So ^ IvnTuVas ten °" *""*• """ ll » it '* e ™ ' "" nlnlh '" l "° "»*»>• is still, mo*.li.,i ilownv-..uil as well llBi puter-patter game- has been Tl "-"- ni ' c « (Io ™> lc "from the ring. "Wild Bill" Rush hud a chip'on his sliouldci 1 all evening, too, nnd fo knock it oir. dared the official He did. From the manner In " which Mike handled" him there is a. sneaking suspicion among the fans that the chip was not the only thing that would have been .knocked off if he Insisted. Rush took the first with a bod*,' cilly signed by himself. Bill Helm and Cllnl House. He lias promised lo reverse Ihc tables and call upon Coroner W. H, Stovall to do his duly if the sheriff or ills deputies "Interfere" at any' stage In tonight's "master mlnd- •»!!•" ; i i . , I, Between 1920 and 1933, the number of restaurants and eating pluc- , him down, and pinned him with a body scissors and spread eagle. Hush was furious and look a crack at Mike, pounding him over the ropes. One of the spectators grabbed one of Rush's legs and straddle after body slams and c- > I" Uic United Slates increased cracks oil the brldgcwork had Knox i [ . 10 "< 13-1.293 io 170.4H4. on the canvas. The body straddle I j —; : was formal Ily. The time wns 15 mlnuics. : During tlic first part of the match Rusli had -icrslslcil in the use of his taped hand on Knox's eyes : and face. After ropeatert warnings Mike downed him will; a flying tackle, clamped on a body scissors, and ordered Knox lo remove the bandage. As soon as Rush was released he advanced on Mcroney, threatening him, but Knox tore In from behind, cut Suullicrn League W. !•. Allantn .............. 20 Nashville .. .......... 20 Little Rock .......... 17 New Orleans ....... . 10 was rewarded with several slams from the referee nnd ordered from the arena. Rush was soon con-1 vinced that Mike was able lo take! s , care ol himself and retired to Ihe! dressing room. - ' [ He caine back as tough ns ever, but after minute of intermittent < wrestling with Mike and Knox he was waved to ills comer and the fall and match were awarded to Knox because of Rush's kneeing. Chattanooga Birmingham Memphis Kuoxvillc Pot. .830 .D8B .567 . .533 .452 .412 .344 .281 National League W. L. Pet. Coca Cola Plays Lavincky; NuWa Meets Applebaum Louis 18 New York 18 Pittsburgh 14 Chicago 14 12 Cincinnati 14 Philadelphia TJ Brcoklyn 11 9 .007 10 ,G43 .51!) 13 .510 15 .444 1C, .4G1 IB .381 18 .319 American League W. I,. Pel New York Bcstou Cleveland Detroit Chicago Washington Philadelphia St, Louis .700 ,C5G .007 .517 .480 .459 .370 .175 The girls Softball League will held its re-nilar weekly session at Haley Field tonight with the Ni;-Wa Cleaners meeting Jack Applebaum's store in the first game and the Blytheville Steam Laundry taking on the-Coca Colas in the second game. The games were postponed from last night because of rain. The first game will start at eight o'clock. A parade will precede the games at 7 o'clock. The Coca Cola team and the Laundry club are undefeated, each having turned In victories last week, the Coca Cobs beating the Nu-Wa Cleaners and Uie Laundry club winning over the Applebaum- ers. Each victory; was by a one lun margin. A victory tonight will give one ©AJEA us forward. The divot is taken immediately under and forward' of Hie ball, ntvtT behind It. There need bir no change In the swing between that used lo play an Iron from the tee, where you set the ball on a tec. Location of tho ball In relation . to the t'cct regulates . tlic -point, at .which ' . the club meels down-stroke. the' ball ! in 'Ihe Rebearsal Caused; Delay In .Commercial Loop Game The Commercial. Kqflball league games scheduled for loniorro'V night at Haley 1 Field-1 Hive been ordered postponed because llio ncld will be used at lhat lime by students rehearsing the Cen- lemiinl pageant which will be presented Thursday night. No definite date has been s for the playing of Hie gnmes. Marianna Ekes Out Win Over Lepanto Sunday, 6-5 good enough this year to repeat-' Pitchers in the big show who have cdly blast Budge, hts chief o- lent for the second singles jwsl ns well ns Wilmer Allison and -a much of other lopnotchers. been in Ihe thick of things for 10 years or more. There aren't n dozen more worthy of mention, nnd Vernon Gomez and other. 1 - arc It's pure logic lo figure lhat If on 'i' n >' cnv °'° • Avc> removed from Grant's .unorthodox game puzzles lllc 10-year class. Good sonth- Amerlcu's aces, It .should, puzzle' l >aws llrc fcw nn<l fn r .between, 'orclgn notters, who have •null slam-bang style of tlie Yankee attack—and plastered it all over'the lot, as the 5-0 defeat at lie hands, of the British at Wlm- aliMton In tlic challenge round lust year proves. , r Ilitsy Is In great shape. lie's plnyiiiK Ihe holiest game of his U )e but when tliey do come along they stick around for quite n spell. The average capable left-hand- er lasts longer than the average capable vight-liander nnd retains his wizardry over a longer -icrioci of time, although it once was supposed that the porl-sidcr's heart tecntli time. National Lengticrs" insist that' stylist's seventeenth season and Carlos Hubbcll Is as effecllve as thirteenth in the American League. Bill Walker of the Cardinals has been around for 15 years and j l!:ti Is his iiinlh in National League livery. Hallnhati lias, chucked an even dozen years,! seven of them in a" Redbirtl uni- Biulge, on the other hand,' 1 '''™' 11 ' was subjected to the form. Lloyd Brown of Cleveland is In ills fourteenth year, his ninth as an American Leaguer, and Brandt's record In Ihe National is Identical. William Watson Clark of Brooklyn has spent nine of a dozen years In the .National. Elon Hogsctt has lolled 11 years, six of them in Ihe American. Tills is French's eleventh campaign and eighth in the National: This is Ihe ninth year in base- hasn't rounded Into form as rap-' Left-handed longevity I? n grave greater | ball for Gome?, of the Yanees, 'jluss Van Atta of (he Browns, and Idly as the lllllc Allantan, and •Hitting him up for a singles 'assignment against Vivian McGralh, the two-handed Aussie netlcr, Or Jack Crawford. Hie veteran of the Invaders, would be a bigger gamble than banking on Grant problem to Habe Herman, for the crooked arms have been (lie bane Thornton Lee of the Indians. Gomez lias been a major league performer for a half dozen seasons. come through. to Grant has hts heart set on making the Davis Cup team this year. The diminutive Allanlan is piny- ing al lop speed every day, and is sure to give everything he has, which Is of the long-swinging Cincinnati Van Attn for llirec outfielder's cxislcnce since he only two. Ralph crushed the National League in - 102U. Same "The Old Fire E same four and Lee for Blrkofer has pitched for seven years, nntl this j is his fourth with Pittsburgh. A pair of venerable left-handers passed out with the 1035 season Iclt-liaiulcrs' — Jonathan Thompson Znclmry, Have you lips with a Taste for If you are a type who fully appreciates true luxury you must become acquainted with the great "doubles-rich " Kentucky Straight Bourbon! nre tops now who were leaders hi who spent nil of his 19 years in the National League in 1030," says \ the majors, and Waller Stewart, Herman. "I always believed Hub- who did his best to handcuff ma- bell, Larry French, Bill Hallahan. jor league hitters for nine seasons somclliing Budge was nml E<l Iir >»»lt were the best of and pitched n in all. ciis-M-etcd of nol doing in the cup M lc lolt nlul todny I still think so. 1 It was even worse for southpaw clash with England last year. j . "Hubbcll is the toughest, of. haters in Ihe old days, when ma; Uiulge and Mako give every m-' co i' rse - I think Carl is belter to- Jor leaguers looked at left-handers illcatlon of becoming the Yankees'.* 1 *' tll!l11 llc cvei " w "s. This is dueloti the order of Rube Waddcll for besl doubles team since George '° ' lis c 'u ve. In the old (lays, Hub- 113 years, Eddie Plank for 17. and Mi Lott, Jr., and Lester Stoefen ^ e ^ could get me out all right,' Rube Marquard Jor 18. not to ruled the amateur roast. It Is ^nt he never made me feel as 'mention numerous other fair reasonable lo suppose lhat llio fcolisl1 ns he did Uic other day. I country southpaws such as Nick due would give a much better i 130 *"' ' 1C IKU| n curve that made | Altrock and Doc While, account of itself than would the' mc '"'" »way nnd then broke over team of Allison and Vnn att-i" le O11 ' si[lc corner. He's not over-. Courier News Classified Ads Pay cr the former had engaged in a ' working that screwball, and may I r .- 90 PROOF-KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY COPYRIGHT, 1936, SCHF.NI.l-.Y DISTRIHUTORS, INC., NKW YORK singles clnsli Grntli or Crawford. ngi agaiiust Mc. America has five hlgh-cln.w net- have his best year yet." Hnbbcll dropped Iwo heartbreakers on tlic Giants' western lets with which to beat Auslra- ron.K,.™ , lli:l ' s tlio of Crawford, McOiath,' 2 ""' '" ] LEPAN1O. Ark.—In one of tho ami Adrian Qulst It's up to the nc(ls . l ~ a fought baseball games leiinis body to get the right com-| "French is a much better pitch- excursion, losing lo the Cardinals, nnd lo the hardest Northeast Arkansas League w. L. pet.; West Plains .. -. 7 3 ' .700' Newjwrt 1 3 .foo Osccola 5 5 .530 Paragould 5 5 .500 Jcncsboro 3 7 .300 Batcsville 3 7 .300 ever wilnessed liere. tlic Jilnrlanna. icnm dcfealed the local team, 0-5, Sunday. Wlinync Eason hurled for the Lepanto club and W. Johnson for the visitors. The Lepanto team will Journey to Earle next Sunday for a scheduled game ns part of the Eastern Arkansas Amnlcur league. ' R. H. E. Lc pa nlo Before You Hoy Any Outboard - See the NEPTUNE z n. P. e/ic Single Cyl. 'S'*'-' (Other Sizes to 16 H. P.) HimiJARD TIRE & BATTERY CO. Crescent Night Club DANCE EVERY NIGHT TO THK MUSIC OF Tony D'Moro and His Orchestra FOUR DAY FLOOR SHOW 12 High Class Acts — Direct from Blltmorc Club, SI. Louis THURSDAY THROUGH SUNDAY Cover Charge Only SOc Per Couple TRY OUR PIT BARBECUE TASTY SANDWICHES Cigarettes §1.25 Carton • On Highway 61,4 Miles North of Stale Line at Holland Hubert Utlcy, Proprietor .larlaniia B G 4 - biimtlon out ol Allison. Vnii llyn Mako and Grunt. ' ' Xalinnal League Chicago at Uoston. St. Louis at Philadelphia. Pittsburgh at New York. Cincinnati at Brooklyn. Notllirasl Arkansas League Balrsvlllc at Osceola. Jonesboro at West Plains. Paragould at Newport. Camp icr since he wont to the'Cubs," asserts Herman. "Larry lias a tendency to loaf, but Gabby Hart- nctt, a really great catcher, gets Ihe mast out of him and never lets him slack down. "Hallahan is a darii good pitcher, even now. Bill always pilches above the pcrcenlage of his Icmn. His winning percentage was better than (hat of Ihe Cards last year, for instance, though lie did 1 got started with the right Wkin's says Evan Hamilton STRA1GHTFORT1IE PlNgocsKvan'shorsc- shoc (sco below). Between throws he said: "P. A. is what every roll-your-own smoker wants. "PrinccAlbert is "crimp cut"-madi> froai quality tobacco -doesn't bile the tongMe. Pipe smokers too Hunk the world and all of P.A. "I WAS FORTUNATE-got started rollin 1 my own with Prince Albert," Evan says. That was 20 years ago. And, as you see in the snapshot above, Prince Albcrtis stillhiB favorite "makin's." "I'll back P. A. against the field any day for quicker rolling and cooler, smoother Bmokin-j," lie adds. We back up what Mr. Hamilton says aboutP.A.-lOCW Roll rounrH 30 iweil cij;irclU> from Prince Albert. If you don't find tluta iHe finest. Uitteit roll- your-oun cicK-eUri you erer tmokcf*, relumlhe pockellinwith the re»l of the tobacco inil tout at enytimewitluna moruli frocnthil dkle. And wo will refund full put- chaie price, plus pot\*tc.(Sifnt<ft R. ). Rernc!d> ToW™ Co ,l tm , N.C. CE ALBERT THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE J fincToll-your-ownciga- rctlci in every 2-ounco tin of Prince Albert easily ananged inside Nash "400" or LaFayette Sedansl first completely £C,iiiile&s one-piece all-steel Ixxly! All ol Ihese advanlagcs in the ONLY cars in the low-priced fields with all ol the vital features of the luc'iest-priced cais! The Nash Motors Company, Kenosha, Wise. "Any Nash-LiI : ayctte dealer %vill show you lio\v you can easily arrange a full-size double bed inside u Nash or Lal ; ayellc sedan in less than lea minutes. This just gives you a hint of all the extra room and of nil the extra value lhat you get in the Nash "-IOQ" ami LaFayette! Wider seats than in cars costing over S2.000! More headroom than'in cars costing two and three times as much! The largest double-acting hydraulic brakes in relation to car weight ever put on any car at any price! Tlic world's ,.. ' Deluxe Nash "-ICff' Four-Door Sedan aiOi Iran* SPECIAL TOURING FEATURESl • Sleeping Car—Any Nash "400" or I-oFnyette scdan instantly converted into a six-foot Ixxl \vithscnt cushions. • Large I'UggaijD Conip-irlmcnt — in every modM. • Automatic Cruising Gear —gives •! to 5 more miles per gallon on cross- country driving. • Ask lor a Touring Demonstration. \\\Z, ltlxuri(Hi3 Nash AmKiss.-idor scilan* with Inm'is—125-inch wlKcllxto:—SK!5 to SOTS I.o.b. factory All prices sxibioct to change without notice. Spcci.ilcquipn\cn[. extra NASH 400 ^665 * no UP ras fACTOKY UFAYETTE *59S AHOOP.t.OA .rymivr. .• NASH-LAFAYETTE C. P. POWELL MOTOR CO., Luxora, Ark.

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